The beauty of extreme skydiving

The beauty of extreme skydiving

There are many ways of skydiving. The skydiving was initially from a hot air balloon, and then developed into a skydiving by an airplane, a parachute, and a traction skydiving. People who love adventure sports today invented skydiving from cliffs and skyscrapers.

  At present, in addition to the traditional stunts, fixed-point, aerial modeling, aerial paragliding and other items, the skydiving project has also added aerial freestyle skydiving and aerial skateboarding, which has evolved from a purely competitive type to leisure, entertainment and extreme sports.

  At present, skydiving has become one of the most popular aviation sports in the world.

This skydiving in Shanghai Jinmao Building is called BASE jump abroad. It consists of the first letters of the four English words: tall building (building), high tower (antenna), bridge (span or bridge) and cliff (earth)., And these are some of the fixed locations for this sport.

  As a type of extreme sports, jumping from a high, vertical and relatively densely populated city height, extreme skydiving does have its own unique and exciting features. It is used in parachute stacking, parachute opening procedures, and parachute equipment.Different from the traditional aircraft skydiving, it can be summed up as “quasi, positive and stable”.

  In the aircraft skydiving that everyone owns, the skydivers are two umbrellas, the main umbrella and the backup umbrella, while the extreme skydiving has only one umbrella, there is no spare option, and the parachute can only be successful once; because of the height from the groundLow, the athlete did not use the correction rod to adjust the direction of time, so at the moment when the umbrella is opened, it must be straight toward the fixed fixture; how to safely disengage during the rapid landing, avoid surrounding buildings, and stand at high and low levelsLanding safely in the environment is another difficulty of extreme skydiving.