“father,It doesn’t matter even if you tell Zorina,Besides, that person is obviously related to Uchiha,Maybe Uncle Sasuke still knows the person just now。”The blogger interrupted and said。

“Blogger!”Naruto rarely looked at Bo Ren with a stern look,The blogger who always likes to talk back to Naruto was also persuaded at this time。
“I know。”Zoryana gradually released her hand holding Naruto’s Naruto robe。
【Knock grandma li chat room】
Uchiha Instant Fire:Hey,You seem to be in trouble just now。
Uchiha Itachi:Ok,Met Naruto。
Uchiha Instant Fire:I told you not to mess up。
Uchiha Itachi:I don’t want to cause trouble,But wearing Akatsuki’s robes can’t help it,So can you change clothes。
Uchiha Instant Fire:No way,Akatsuki’s robe is your fixed form,Can’t cover or replace,In short,Be careful in your future actions,Don’t mess up all day,remember,The most important thing now is to make money。
Uchiha Itachi:.Then my true identity is likely to be guessed by Naruto。
Uchiha Instant Fire:It’s ok,As long as it doesn’t involve me,One last reminder,anytime,Don’t reveal my information,And the carrier you host is under my control,If you don’t want to be controlled by me one day and let you kill Zorina by yourself,Then make money for me,In return,I allow you to contact Zorana and Sasuke while making money。
Uchiha Itachi:I understand。
【Uchiha Itachi exits the chat room】
When I saw Uchiha Itachi exit the chat room,Shun Huo continued to work hard to make ramen。

Fortunately, Wang Yufei’s embarrassing appearance,In Han Qian’s eyes,I thought it was probably from Old Han, it must make this shy boy embarrassed,No love at all, careful thoughts……

Ok,Good misunderstanding!
038 Conspiracy theory
In Wang Yufei’s opinion, a thrilling dinner,It ended in Han Qian’s babble。
The teenager was worried that Han Qian was annoyed by Guo Xiaoyi.,I will forget the agreement with myself,Reveal that little secret。Okay,From beginning to end,My sister maintains a minimum of sanity,Did not betray him。
It’s just that when he and Guo Jianfeng are leaving,Guo Xiaoyi looked at him with a smile but a smile,Let Wang Yufei be frightened out of a cold sweat。I’m afraid that this weird girl would say something messy to Han Qian after he left。
I’m afraid to go all the way。
But when Guo Jianfeng turned on the computer for him,And told him the addresses of the professional documents in the favorites,All the distracting thoughts were thrown away by him,At this time, all of Wang Yufei’s mind is occupied by the massive knowledge provided on the Internet。
First, clarify the concepts that are not clear,Then began to supplement all kinds of financial knowledge。Then began to study papers in various investment fields。
Although Wang Yufei’s reading speed is very fast,Do it for yourself,About four views per minute、Five thousand words content,And imprint the content in my mind。But relative to the complex amount of knowledge,One hour is obviously not enough。
So he began to download various papers in a targeted manner、Information journal,And then synced to the phone lent to him by Guo Jianfeng,It only took half an hour,He already has a general understanding of social finance,Ninety percent of various financial concepts can already be readily implemented。
For the stock market、Bond、Futures and other markets also have a basic understanding。
He is still free,I downloaded one with my mobile phone and I can watch the stock market at any time、Software with the function of simulating stock trading。
Guo Jianfeng just glanced at it when Wang Yufei was focused on collecting information,He ignored Wang Yufei。
Speaking of,Guo Jianfeng is still depressed。
At first he was fancy that this kid could inherit his mantle,Who would have thought this guy was so obsessed with numbers?
At this time, he didn’t know that Lao Gao from junior high school had the same sigh as him,Otherwise, I’ll go to Lao Gao for a drink,Look at this trouble。

The new guy named Wei Mu held oneipadReport to Xu Xuan。

Young man with high education,Do things very practically、seriously,Xu Xuan is considering giving him a reward when he waits for a full year。
Pacers return home to face Boston Celtics。
Like the eagle,The Celtics also felt a bit bitter when they saw their opponents were Pacers。
Triple kill,Just one game away,They are just like the Atlanta Hawks,Swept by the Pacers season。
to be frank,Pacers this season“Rob the rich and help the poor”Really disgusting。
If it wasn’t for this mess,Whether it’s the Celtics or the Eagles,Where do I need to worry about these things?
Who will hit who。
But now,None of them want to meet the Pacers in the playoffs。
Not afraid,Is not necessary!
When warming up before the game,Celtics head coach marshal looks at Xu Xuan drooling.Do not misunderstand,Xu Xuan’s talent really makes people look greedy。
second grade,He is in second grade,His peak period will be a long, long time before coming,His peak period will be a long, long time before finishing。
Can imagine,In the future10During the year,As long as nothing happens,Xu Xuan is the master of the alliance。
This is not a compliment,Not to exaggerate。
The young marshal is confident in his vision,In fact,If Anji was willing to listen to him,How can there be so much trouble?

“Wang Yufei,Your Weibo is so domineering,I love you!”When the one in class he knows the name,Girls who have never spoken are doing exercises between classes,When I suddenly turned my head and said this to him,Wang Yufei is really confused。

“What did you post on Weibo yesterday??”
“Just let the apple bite you!”
“Oh!”Wang Yufei nodded,Did not go further。
Anyway, the contradiction between the two parties is irreconcilable。
Ok,Actually it’s not that serious。
But now that a lot of energy has been invested to accomplish this,Of course there is no reason to give up,Not to mention that it is extremely happy that I am still studying the vulnerabilities of Apple’s system with Lu Yuxin every night.。
The only thing that surprised Wang Yufei was,His Weibo influence is quite big。
Only applied last night,I saw it together with my studies。
It seems that the homework assigned by the math teacher is still not enough!
Even Wang Yufei’s classmates can read this message on Weibo,Conceivable,Guo Xiaoyi’s random actions have caused much waves on the Internet。
In fact, the penguin group saw this Weibo for the first time。
After all, Ma Huaide explained before that he should pay special attention to Wang Yufei。
When I saw this Weibo,to be frank,Many people inside Penguin are also considering,Did the recent propaganda offensive on the application treasure business group misunderstand this smart enough to be called a monster?,That’s why I dare to provoke Apple so arrogantly on the open platform of Weibo?
Especially for the senior management of the group,They really have to consider that after Apple receives these messages,Will there be any misunderstandings about the Penguin Group??I thought the Penguin Group gave this individual developer what guarantee?
It is very possible,Also very worrying。
It’s not that Penguin Group is afraid of Apple,But the market is not a pure zero-sum game。

First Spirit Ability!Space folding!

Only saw Xu Sheng’s space and Tang San’s space begin to fluctuate in divine power……
Tang San cautiously looked at the nine million-year-old spirit rings at Xu Sheng’s feet,Then blinked……
Don’t know,But it’s just a few tenths of a second……
When Tang San opened his eyes again,I was surprised to find that the positions of him and Xu Sheng had changed strangely.!!
And at the moment!!
The three highly poisonous Yama Tie were stabs at three parts of himself with tricky tricks!!
Tang San couldn’t help but exclaimed“Oops!!!”
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Four Resurrection Light!(Subscribe)
In a hurry,Tang San hurriedly grasped the Shura sword and slashed towards Yan Wangtie,however,When it is about to collide with these three Hades posts……
These three Hades posts are strangely sideways open by an arc,Dodge the Shura sword!Stabbed Tang San fiercely!
Seeing Yan Wangtie turning,Tang San, who was defeated by the Shura sword, was shocked.“what!!”

“Row,Then you speak。”Nangong Yunxi nodded,Reluctantly agreed。

Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Nangong Yunxi,Because of Zheng Fan’s face, he said slowly:“Mr. Ni,According to Miss Nangong’s symptoms,You propose the treatment plan of five poison thunder fire moxibustion,It can effectively cure the damp and cold poison under her skin,But have you considered,If Miss Nangong has a special physique,,I’m afraid it will have some side effects,Although far from fatal,but……”
“Ha ha,Little brother,I think you are too worried,No one out of tens of thousands of people with special physique,And I just got the pulse for Miss Nangong,Make sure she has a depressed physique。”
Before Mo Xiaosheng could finish,The blind man interrupted him,Confident and calm。
On the issue of physique,He thought of it a long time ago,But Mo Xiaosheng can also consider this aspect,I really admire him,It seems that this young man has two things。
“What speciality?What do you mean?”Nangong Yunxi is said to be in the cloud,Don’t understand at all,Can’t help but frown and ask。
For his sister,He is very loving,Even if there is a slight risk,He can’t let her take the risk。
“Oh,Young Master Nangong,Chinese medicine divides the body’s physique into nine categories,Special and depressed,Are one of them,Qi depression physique,Means weaker body,Easily sensitive to depression,Easy to get dirty、Plum cough and other diseases,I just heard the lady cough slightly while she was talking,What should be suffering from is plum cough。”The blind man said with a smile。
“Ok,What the husband said is,My sister is indeed more sensitive and introverted,This cough has been a while,What is Mei??”Happy on the surface of Nangong Yunxi,I feel more and more that this blind man has superb medical skills。
“Mei cough,You can understand it as chronic pharyngitis,But it’s different from chronic pharyngitis。”The blind man laughed,“This is a minor problem,As long as I have a recipe,Slight conditioning,Healed soon。”
“That’s great。”
Nangong Yunxi said excitedly,I didn’t expect this time to come to Heyang.,His sister is not serious,Good times and bad,The whole family never took it seriously,I haven’t found the big doctors in Beijing to show her,I didn’t expect to come to Heyang and the symptoms worse,A blessing in disguise,Have a chance to get rid of the root cause。
“What does Mr. Mo’s special physique mean??”Thinking of Mo Xiaosheng’s words,Chu Yunxi is a little worried,Listen to Mo Xiaosheng’s meaning,If his sister has a special physique,Use this five poison thunder fire moxibustion,Will have side effects。
“The simple point of special physique,Is allergic,At the same time may be accompanied by some congenital diseases。”The blind man turned his head,Asked:“Miss Chu,I don’t know if you have had allergies before。”
“No。”Nangong Yunwei recalled,Then shook his head。
“That’s it,It seems that the diagnosis of the blind old man is not wrong。”The blind man said with a smile,The tone is quite complacent。

Lin Yu who heard this,An expression of disdain。

Anyway,I’m not this kind of person,No matter how much。
Just make the other person so angry with these people,Fight desperately,Just do。
In this case,I can have a chance,Secretly rescued sister。
“you,You bastard。”
“I will kill you first。”
“You all get out of me,if not,I killed your senior sister。”
The health post with Li Yuyu,Heard what Lin Yu said。
Anger put the weapon in his hand,To Li Yuyu’s throat,Cold road。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Two Eunuch
People around,Never expected,This person threatened him with Senior Sister。
See the Weapons of the Guard,Put it on the senior sister’s throat,One after another。
“Kid,It’s all you。”
“If not you,My good,It won’t be discovered。”
“Die to me!”
Weapon in hand,Change direction instantly,Attack towards Lin Yu。
Lin Yu standing still,See the opponent attacking him。
Pretending to be scared,Hurriedly turned around and planned to run away,who knows,Just when I am ready to run。
An accidental,Stepped on a rock。

Paused,Cui Zhongyoudao,“You also know,These two releases《love letter》with《Gift in Room 7》,They all know that we have a good relationship with Teacher Chu Liuxiang。After finding the mysterious Chu Liuxiang teacher,They want to buy《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》Copyright,Naturally come to us for help。”

Shen Huan suddenly realized。
Those foreign film and television circles are naturally connected。
Everyone knows the relationship between Shanhai.com and Chu Liuxiang,Naturally, I must come here,I want to ask them to convey their opinions。
Shen Huan immediately remembered the unfinished one“Overall return5Billion”Task,Feeling refreshed!
Just say it,How could I not complete the task?
I was waiting here!
First496chapter Eccentricity?
Next,Cui Zhong gave Shen Huan a detailed account of everyone’s sincerity。
The most sincere is of course Tai Chi country。
Crazy Tai Chi fans,Now I am very infatuated with Teacher Chu Liuxiang。
As long as it’s Chu Liuxiang’s stuff,They will like it。
《Xiao Ba’s Story》Has been co-signed by thousands of netizens,I want to get Tai Chi country to publish soon,They want to see。
《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》This record-setting TV series,Also because it is the work of Mr. Chu Liuxiang,Their five major TV stations are scrambling to buy the copyright,Conditions are higher than one。

Find a middleman to talk about items,Want to give something good,Let them forget it,Stop making trouble。

Cui Zhong is resolutely unwilling。
He is carrying the task given by the princess,He also admires Teacher Chu Liuxiang。
I didn’t know he was wronged before.。
Now I know it’s a nasty thing done by Mavericks,How could he let them go?
He is not the same as Lai Haijin,Lai Haijin is alone,He is leaning on Shanhaiwang behind Cui Zhong!
Compared with Lai Haijin,Just behemoth。
But compared with Shanhai.com,That is the little brother is not as good。
Shanhai.com also knows that there are actually black hands with shining technology,But for now, I can’t tear my face with Shining Technology,Then you can only vent your anger on the weakest company, Mavericks.。
Cui Zhong can also call the resources of Shanhai.com,Use the power of these networks to kill the popularity and reputation of Mavericks,This is a very poisonous move。
But Mavericks Film and Television is helpless。
Lai Haijin,I was so humiliated by Mavericks before,Where is he still willing to reconcile with Mavericks?
if that’s the case,Is everyone hitting him Lai Haijin in the face?、After stepping on him,Can you be punished by apologizing afterwards??
Lai Haijin doesn’t accept it at all,Even more frantically started all kinds of attacks,Wen Fan was so angry that he wanted someone to wipe him out。
Lai Haijin also has no fear。
Buyiyi is now the most famous female star on the land of China。

The crisis scene just now,They almost thought the two were going to die together。

After the two staggered and separated,Neither Xiongba nor Li Chenfeng made another move。Because they know,If you continue to fight,Then it’s really a fight between life and death。
This is not what either of them wants to see,So the two ended up very tacitly。
Xiongba looked at Li Chenfeng holding a long sword in front of him,The complex expression in the eyes flashed by,“did not expect,Ao Zhuangzhu has this kind of strength at such an age,In time,Must be a giant!”
Li Chenfeng stared at Xiongba,He now has to admit that this man is indeed a hero。
Before there is no absolute certainty to suppress the whole arena,Even if he is eager,No matter how ambitious,Can also bear the temper,Develop your own power step by step。
It can be seen from the TV series,When will Fengyun fully grow up,The disciples that the world will cultivate are enough,That was when he swallowed the entire martial arts!
Thought of here,Li Chenfeng suddenly felt a little wanting to laugh。
Now the criticism given to him by the mud bodhisattva is only the first half of his life,Waiting for him to gather together,While preparing to fly for nine days,Suddenly heard“Cheng Ye Fengyun,Defeat。”This sentence,A hero who believes in his life must shout“I control my own life”Words are coming。
This has to be said to be a great irony。
After all,He only believes in himself!
“After this battle,The battle between my worship of Sword Villa and Tianxiahui will be cancelled for the time being。I worship Sword Villa and all forces will retreat to the south of the Yangtze River,Within five years,Won’t take a step north。During this period,The world will belong,Nor can you take the next step,Otherwise, worship the sword villa,I will never die with the world!”
Li Chen’s sonorous and powerful words echoed throughout the Tianshan Mountains,Make everyone present clearly and audible。
If Li Chenfeng said such things before,,The warrior who belonged to the next meeting must think that he was insane.,Whimsical。
But after seeing Li Chenfeng’s strength,Everyone present has a different mind。
After all, they are not a hero,No one dares to say that he can block the opponent’s fierce sword energy,If Tianxia and Baijian Villa really continue to fight,Then they are likely to face the young killer star in front of them。
By the time,Maybe they will become the dead souls of each other!
For Li Chenfeng’s five-year agreement,Xiongba also thought about it slightly。