Common yoga supplies have some uses_1

What are the common yoga supplies

Yoga mats: Yoga mats are aids for yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground to prevent injuries to the spine, foot fractures, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

Yoga mats should be non-toxic, tasteless and flexible.

Gently push the surface of the mat with your palm to have a dry feeling. If there is too much foaming agent on the surface of the mat and there is a slippery feeling, it will easily slip and fall when you practice on it.

Those who are new to yoga can choose a thicker mat, such as 6mm thick; if you have a certain foundation, you can choose a thickness of 3.

5mm-5mm yoga mat.

  Yoga clothing: A type of clothing worn when practicing yoga in a yoga suit.

When choosing yoga clothes, you must focus on comfort, looseness is the best, and at least there is better breathability.

  Yoga brick: It is an auxiliary product when doing yoga exercises.

When doing some basic yoga movements, you can use bricks to make transitions when you can’t reach the ground with your hands. When you are doing half-moon, you can use bricks to make sure that the balance is not stable enough.

  Yoga ball: is a modern and popular fitness product.

Through exercise, you can improve people’s flexibility, balance ability, improve their posture, and enhance their cardiopulmonary function.

Generally, you should choose yoga balls of different sizes according to your height and needs.

  Inclined belt: It is an auxiliary product when doing yoga exercises.

For example, in the half-face style, when the two hands cannot reach each other, you can use the segmented belt to transition; when you are in the king dance style, you can pass through the staggered belt when you can’t reach your feet.

  Towels: Towels should be used in conjunction with yoga mats. The tops of the mats are soft and sweat-absorbing.

Men face all kinds of thoughts of old lover

Men face all kinds of thoughts of old lover

In the face of the old lover, what do men’s psychology think?

When the man met the old lover, did he think about any development with her?

Is it to continue the frontier, or has Xiaolang been a passerby since then?

In the face of the old lover, just a familiar stranger, goodbye, she was very strange to me, and all my memories of her stayed in that clip yesterday.

After breaking up, we formed our own families, and we have never even seen the same city life.

I accidentally met her in the street today, and once she left, I was heartbroken.

But as Eason Chan sang in “Ten Years”: Ten years later, we are friends and can still greet, but the gentleness can no longer find a reason to embrace.

After greeting her and me, I said politely: contact again.

Through the years, she has become blessed, wearing a plain dress and an untouched face.

I wonder why I was so desperate like that?

I did n’t find any contact information after walking. Maybe this will be the last encounter. Who knows?

She is now very strange to me, so don’t shy away from a stranger.

Psychological analysis: We can call this type of male cooperative, with a gentle and introverted personality.

When I saw the old lover, there was ripples in the calm heart, but I didn’t express it recklessly.

The original breakup is still fresh in his memory, but everything is a thing of the past and he will not look back; a relationship will eventually become a permanent memory.

In the face of the old lover, I almost derailed an accidental opportunity, and I met her again. When I met again, I felt the constant attachment and unforgettable me in her eyes.

We all want to own each other.

Any sensitive topic will make her and me jealous.

After her ambiguous expression, I couldn’t control myself close to her, not from love, but from a man’s victorious possession.

The marriage in recent years has brought me relaxation, and also brought me a sense of burnout. An important part of the emotional bond, the “mystery”, has disappeared and exhausted . but the phone call from my wife still made me jump from reasonThe boundaries with traditional morality are back.

I almost derailed, all I could do was to escape quickly . I love my wife at home, but I still don’t want to hurt this woman I used to love.

I know I still long for a new flame-like love, I don’t want to grow old in this habitual marriage blandly, but I depend on my family, and I struggle conflictingly between temptation and moral . Psychological analysis: Pioneering men dare to do things, dare to love and hate in the emotional way.

The past love brought him excitement and pain.

Meeting again, evoking the passion when he was in love, he impulsively caused a transgression. Fortunately, his wife’s phone awakened him.

However, the next time he had to escape the temptation, it was really difficult.

Facing the old lover, do I want to have her again?

Many years ago, I gave up her for my so-called career and future, but after I had all of this, I felt that it was not the whole of my life, and I became suspicious and more lonely.

When she met her again, she was still so kind and charming.

Faced with the slight smile she cast, I felt really ugly and embarrassed.

At that time, for the easy matter, she betrayed her young love and abandoned her woman . Did she still think about me?

She can smile at me so easily, it seems that she is completely without me in her heart.

In the face of her happiness today, I still have no way to give selfless blessings, maybe men are selfish.

Now that we have our own family, can I continue an extramarital affair with her?

Men are selfish animals, and I still cannot escape those thoughts about sex.

I can’t suppress the desire hidden in my heart, walk towards her . Psychological analysis: Leading men take the initiative and self, and can easily give up love for the sake of career.

But not cold-hearted, but he knew that love is not all, and bread can keep love eternal.

This kind of man, once his career is a bit small, will often look back for what he gave up to satisfy the emptiness of his soul.

Six notes for college students seeking employment

Six notes for college students seeking employment

In a job interview, most interviewing examiners will ask candidates to introduce themselves, and then gradually understand the general situation of the candidate, change the ability to check the candidate’s eloquence, resilience and psychological tolerance, logical thinking and other abilities.

Do not underestimate this self-introduction. He is both a stepping stone to the interviewer and an excellent opportunity to sell himself, so he must grasp it.

Candidates should pay attention to the following points: First, after receiving the interview notice, it is best to make a draft of self-introduction at home, and then try to feel it.

  Second, when introducing yourself, you should first make a very short opening politely, and tell all interviewers (if there are multiple interviewing examiners), if the interviewing examiner is paying attention to something else, you can wait a little, wait for him to turnIt only started after coming over.

    Third, pay attention to mastering the time. If the interviewer specifies the time, we must pay attention to the mastery of the time, not too long or too much change.

  Fourth, the content of the introduction should not stay too much on a certain name, work experience, time and other things, because these are already on your resume, you should talk more about some jobs related to the position you are applying forExperience and achievements to prove that you are indeed competent for the job position you are applying for.

  Fifth, when introducing yourself, don’t look away, look away, suddenly look careless, this will make people do things casually, causing a sense of distraction.

It is best to keep your eyes on the interviewer, but you can’t keep your eyes on for a long time.

Another is to try to add less auxiliary movements of hands, because this is not a lecture, after all, it is also important to maintain a decent posture.

    6. Don’t forget to say thank you after you have introduced yourself, sometimes it will often affect the examiner’s impression of you.

5 Detox Yoga Practices

5 Detox Yoga Practices

Go home from work every day. May also take 5-10 minutes to do 5 strokes detox yoga.

Although it is hard work, I believe that perseverance will not only become more energetic day by day, but also become more and more daunting!

  STEP1 is sitting on a chair, holding the left side of his back with his left hand, inhaling, extending his right hand backwards, opening five fingers, looking at the middle finger, maintaining 5 breaths, raising his hands up and back to the original position.

  STEP2 first sits on the chair in 1/3 position, puts his hands on the chair, then inhales, leaves his butt, leaves the chair with both hands to support the body, and tilts his head back.

  Related: Does Someone Need Detox?

Modern people need it!

What poison does modern people have?

Because of environmental pollution and the food that is eaten is too delicate and usually processed repeatedly, unknowingly eating many substances that are not easily metabolized in the body.

  STEP3 maintains 5 breaths, and then slowly returns to the original position.

  Related: However, the most effective way to detox is to help the body defecate and sweat through normal diet and exercise.

Modern people are prone to “poo” due to abnormal diet, and they do not like sports. In the long run, the body will inevitably accumulate excessive toxins.

  STEP4 then relaxes, bends down, maintains 5 breaths, and then returns to the sitting position.

  Related: Recently, have you been constipated, tired, or even dry?

Be careful, this means that you should develop the right lifestyle and exercise habits to help your body detox!

  STEP5 Finally, suppressing the junction of the index finger and the tiger’s mouth can help suppress appetite.

Interpretation of the eight most common doubts about cosmeceuticals


Interpretation of the eight most common doubts about cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals have always had a different category in the beauty industry.

Maybe you have visited a cosmetics counter in a pharmacy, maybe you are a lover of cosmeceutical products, or you are just wanting to recommend your favorite cosmeceutical brand to your friends . And, at this stage China is still in the cosmeticsDo you really know enough about cosmeceuticals in the gray area in the middle of medicines?

May wish to have a professional opinion.

  Questions to Derm: My skin is particularly sensitive. Will it make my skin unbearable?

  To Dern: Does the cosmeceuticals all contain medicinal properties? Will there be a substitute for long-term use?

  Send it to Derm: Recently, several new cosmetics counters have been set up in a drug store near my house.

  To Derm: I and the old man are planning to have a baby. In this case, there are a lot of cosmetics and skin care products can not be used, it is really a headache.

I don’t want to become a yellow-faced woman who has no one to watch after the pregnancy in October. I wonder if it is suitable for pregnant women?

  To Derm: Before I was young and ignorant, I used a lot of messy cosmetics and also had a skin resurfacing operation, but the skin was getting worse and worse.

Can cosmeceuticals help me solve my problems?


What is cosmeceutical?

  ★ Cosmeceuticals are products recommended by dermatologists. They are neither medicines nor general cosmetics.

  ★ In general, the formula of cosmeceutical products is completely public and does not contain recognized allergens.

  ★ The active ingredients contained in cosmeceutical products have passed dermatological clinical tests.

  ★ Produced in strict accordance with pharmaceutical standards, the quality of natural products will also be better.


Is cosmeceutical cosmetic with medicinal ingredients?

  ★ In advance, cosmeceuticals do not refer to cosmetics containing medicinal ingredients, but skin care products produced in accordance with pharmaceutical standards.

  ★ Most cosmeceuticals are sold in major pharmacies or specialty drugstores.

  ★ Different cosmeceuticals replace different ones according to their different positioning and characteristics.

For example, Yiquan’s products with hot spring water as the core formula and Ou Cuibi’s products with plant as the core formula.


How to distinguish cosmetics from cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Cosmetics are generally sold through supermarkets, shopping malls, and chain stores, while cosmeceuticals are mainly sold in pharmacies and specialty drugstores.

  ★ The formula ingredients of cosmetics are not completely disclosed, while the formula ingredients of cosmeceuticals are completely disclosed, which can be seen on the packaging.

  ★ Cosmeceuticals have a clinical test basis, verified by a dermatologist, more effective, professional and targeted.


Is there a substitute for long-term use of cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Cosmeceuticals do not make skin dependent, because cosmeceuticals do not contain hormones that make skin dependent.

  ★ Cosmeceutical skin ointment for the long-term and short-term treatment of skin diseases. Its active ingredients have passed clinical tests by doctors and are safe and gentle.

  ★ Long-term use of skin ointments can cause damage to the skin, and can be used in place of cosmeceuticals and skin care products to reduce dependence on hormones.


They all say that cosmeceuticals are safe. Why are they allergic when using cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Any product may cause allergies, which is determined by various factors such as everyone’s skin condition and sensitivity.

  ★ Even if the cosmeceutical is very safe, it is not possible to completely eliminate the allergies of individual products to individual products.

  ★ If your skin is very susceptible to allergies, pay attention to avoid replacing products with strong fragrance and alcohol.

Can cosmeceuticals really penetrate the skin’s cells and improve the skin?
  ★ Yes.

Cosmeceuticals and skincare products contain a variety of effective ingredients, which can penetrate the inner layer of the skin and solve the corresponding skin problems.

  ★ Cosmetics mainly only work on the skin surface, but cosmeceuticals can really improve the skin cells or skin condition after acting on the skin.

  ★ The key is to choose the medicine and skin care products that are suitable for you according to your skin type and the skin problem you want to solve.


Can I use medicated makeup for sensitive skin?

  ★ Skincare is also suitable for sensitive skin, but it can avoid vitamin C, A acid, fruit acid, salicylic acid and other irritating ingredients.

  ★ Try to choose a product with a simple formula and more ingredients, so that people with sensitive skin may be allergic to certain ingredients.

  ★ Cosmetics greatly reduce the risk of allergies, so that sensitive skin can also experience a safe skin care experience.


Are cosmetics containing traditional Chinese medicine ingredients cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Containing traditional Chinese medicine ingredients does not necessarily mean that it is cosmeceutical.

  ★ Traditional Chinese medicine is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, some of which are skin care recipes passed down from generation to generation, and sometimes appear in medicinal makeup.

  ★ Judgment whether a product is a cosmeceutical or not is mainly based on whether it has disclosed formula ingredients and passed dermatological clinical tests.

Several foods that can suppress postprandial blood sugar rise

Several foods that can suppress postprandial blood sugar rise

Researchers have observed an interesting phenomenon. Vegetables containing a lot of sticky substances can suppress the increase in blood sugar after a meal.

These foods are: okra: When okra is cut, there will be some mucus. These mucus contain food fiber such as pectin and mucin.

Pectin can promote intestinal peristalsis and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, while mucin can inhibit the absorption of sugar.

In addition, okra also contains potassium, β-carotene and other beneficial ingredients.

Potassium promotes the excretion of sodium and stabilizes blood pressure.

And β-carotene can prevent free radicals from being oxidized.

  Yam: Yam can effectively improve high blood sugar: The sticky ingredients in yam are also formed by mucin.

Mucin can wrap other foods in the intestine, allowing sugar to be slowly absorbed.

This effect can suppress the sharp rise in blood glucose after meals, and at the same time avoid excessive blood glucose secretion, so that blood sugar can be well emptied.

  Yam also contains active ingredients such as magnesium and zinc, which are essential for insulin secretion, as well as vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

These ingredients promote the metabolism of glucose in the blood.

In addition, yam also contains amylase, an enzyme that digests sugars, but sugar is no longer stored in the blood.

Yams with more sticky ingredients have more medicinal ingredients.

  Taro: Taro is most suitable for people who need to limit metabolites: Taro contains mucin, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B1 and other active ingredients. It also contains galactose feed, which can effectively reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Most people cook boiled taro before eating it. Although it is easy to damage mucin, other active ingredients have been fully absorbed.

  Otherwise, it is very important that yam is transformed into 10,000 yuan.

Taro is the most suitable food when you have to restrict your diet due to diseases such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and obesity.

In 100 grams of taro, only 58 kcal.

There are many traditional Chinese medicine methods to deal with chronic rhinitis

There are many traditional Chinese medicine methods to deal with chronic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is a chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa and submucosa.

Presented as chronic congestive swelling of the nasal mucosa, called chronic simple rhinitis.

If it develops into hypertrophic hypertrophy of nasal mucosa and turbinate, it is called chronic hypertrophic rhinitis.

  The main points for the diagnosis of chronic rhinitis are simple, with intermittent alternating nasal congestion as the main symptom.

Double lower nail congestion and swelling can shrink after vasoconstrictor.

  2. Hypertrophy: The nasal congestion is heavier and mostly persistent.

The inferior turbinate is hypertrophic and insensitive to vasoconstrictors.

  Treatment of chronic rhinitis with traditional Chinese medicine 1. Differentiate and select prescription 1. Exogenous wind cold treatment method: Shufengsanhan, Xinwentongqiao.

  Recipe: Cang’er Zi San (“Ji Sheng Fang”) addition and subtraction.

Cocklebur 9g, Xinyi 9g, Zhihuo 9g, Fengfeng 9g, Zhiben 9g, Chuanxiong 9g, Baiji 15g, Asarum 3g, Cimicifuga 9g, Bentong 6g, Licorice 6g.

For those with severe cough, add asters and coltsfoot flowers; for those who are wet, add fragrant incense and Pelan.

  2, exogenous wind and heat treatment method: Shufeng Qingre, Xuanfei Tongqiao.

  Recipe: Sang Ju Yin (“Distinguishing of Warm Diseases”) and Canger Zi San addition and subtraction.

12g chrysanthemum, 9g eustoma, 9g forsythia, 9g almond, 9g mint, 9g mulberry leaf, 9g cocklebur, 9g white mandarin, 9g scutellaria, 9g licorice.

Those who have sore throat and shoot dry, Ma Bo; those who have yellow nose with blood, plus birthplace, silver flower.

  3, lung and spleen Qi deficiency, evil stagnation nasal qi treatment method: warming the lungs and qi, Qufeng Tongqiao.

  Recipe: Wenfei Zhiliu Dan (“Interventional Medicine”) with flavor.

Ginseng 9g, Huangmao 15g, Atractylodes 9g, Glycyrrhiza 9g, Asarum 3g, Baiji 5g, Cocklebur 9g, Fish Brain Stone 15g, Bellflower 9g, Gardenia 6g

  4, spleen Qi deficiency, evil stagnation nose qi cure method: spleen and dampness, Qufeng Tongqiao.

  Recipe: Shenling Baizhu San (“Taiping Huiminhe Bureau Prescription” with flavor).

Codonopsis 9g, Poria 159, Atractylodes 9g, Huai yam 30g, Stir-fried lentils 9g, Lotus seeds 15g, Coix seed 30g, Stone calamus 9g, Cocklebur 9g, Chenpi 9g, Wet weight person Jiaze diarrhea, plantain; cold likeAdd nepeta and asarum.

  5, evil poison stays long, Qi stagnation and blood stasis treatment method: reconcile qi and blood, stagnation and stasis.

  Recipe: Danggui Shaoyao Decoction (“Traditional Chinese Otorhinolaryngology” edited by Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine) with flavor.

Chinese angelica 12g, red peony 15g, chuanxiong 9g, peach kernel 9g, safflower 9g, dilong 9g, Xinyi flower 9g, white chrysanthemum 12g, mint 9g, scutellaria baicalensis 9g, Poria cocos 15g, azalea 12g, atractylodes 9g, licorice 6g.

Lung Qi deficiency adds Astragalus and Gardeniae; Heat-strength adds Huanghuang and Fritillaria; Headaches add Amaranth, Astragalus root and Vitex negundo.

  Second, other therapies (1), external treatment 1, nose drops: ① Xinyi flower nasal drops: Xinyi flower 100g, 300ml decoction once, remove residue, filter, add an appropriate amount of preservatives, bottle for 3 times a day,1 each time?
2 drops.

(“Chinese Medicine Otorhinolaryngology” Guangzhou Medical College).

② Compound Goose Breed Nasal Drops: Goose does not eat grass 90g, Scutellaria baicalensis 90g, Honeysuckle 90g, Xinyi 90g, Paeonia lactiflora 90g, Chuanxiong 60g, Asarum 45g, 300ml glycerin, formulated into 1000ml liquid, bottled nose drops.

  2. Biyun San blowing nose: 3?
4 times.

Biyun San (“Yinzong Jinjian”): The goose does not eat grass, Chuanxiong, Asarum, Xinyihua, and Qingdai.

  Acupuncture treatment for chronic rhinitis (1), main points for acupoints: Yingxiang, Yintang, Baihui, Hegu Acupoints: Fengchi, Shangxing, Ruler, Likui, Tongtian, Zhuzhu acupuncture (1), takeThe main points of acupoints: Hegu, Neiguan, Zusanli, the inner court points are divided into 2 groups: 1 Fengchi; 2 the first and second cervical vertebra lower ear acupressure pills (a), the main points of acupoints: endocrine, lung, spleen, kidney,For the external nose (2), take the upper points of the treatment method, and only choose to replace them. Alternately, press one piece of white mustard on the points with adhesive tape on both ears, and prescribe the patient to knead each point by hand, each time press 20Circle to local swelling with mild pain.

4 times a day, 1 change a day, 7 days as a course of treatment.

  Moxibustion (1), the main points of acupoints are divided into 2 groups: 1 Yangbaizhu bamboo fish waist; 2 Sibai Yingxiang matching points: Zusanli, Yanglingquan; head pain plus Baihui, Taichong; frontal pain plus inner court, OKPillow pain plus jade pillow, Houxi, Kunlun, Fengchi (two), the main points of the treatment method are taken one group at a time, used alternately, with garlic moxibustion.

Acupoints are used according to the symptoms, and conventional acupuncture is used.

The operation of moxibustion is as follows: choose single head garlic and cut it to 0 thickness.

7 cm, put the garlic slices into the acupoint area, knead the moxa into a cone-shaped moxa column as large as peanuts and place on the garlic slices.
Moxibustion should not be too hot, the patient feels comfortable and tolerated, and the patient is prescribed to close his eyes.

Acute patients with 3 moxibustion points?
5 strong; chronic moxibustion 5?
7 strong.
Moxibustion once a day, 7?
10 times as a course of treatment.

  Chronic rhinitis massage for acupuncture point yinxiang: the midpoint of the outer edge of the nasal wing, 0 on the side.

5 inches when in the nasolabial fold.

  Yintang: The midpoint of the line connecting the two brows.

  Nasal pass: as far as the upper end of the nasolabial fold.

  Wind pool: the depression between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the trapezius muscle, Pingfengfu.

(Fengfu: 1 inch on the straight line in the middle of the rear hairline.

Hegu: The back of the hand, between the first and second metacarpals, about the middle point of the second metacarpal, that is, the horizontal joint of the thumb and phalangeal joint of one hand, placed on the axillary edge between the thumb and index finger of the other hand, when the thumbUnder the tip.
  Zusanli: 3 inches below the calf’s acupoint and a lateral finger at the outer side of the anterior condyle of the upper bone.

(The calf nose: the lower edge of the sacrum, the depression of the lateral side of the sacral ligament.

) Hong Leong: 8 inches above the expected height, and 1 inch outside the slot.

(Strip mouth: 8 inches below the calf acupoint.

) Treatment method 1, the thumb and food, the middle finger is relatively hard, high and low shuttle the sides of the nose, about 30 times.

  2. Wipe Yingxiang Acupoint 60 times with the side of the index finger.

  3, Press Kneading Hall, Nose Tong, Fengchi, Hegu, Zusanli, Honglong for 1 minute each.

  Cautions 1. Keep heat and avoid air cooling.

  2. Pay attention to nasal hygiene.

  3. Strengthen physical exercise, strengthen body resistance, and actively prevent and treat colds.

  Therapeutic conditioning1. Loofah pig lean meat, heat and anti-inflammatory, detoxification Tongqiao, treating acute episodes of chronic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, rhinorrhea, pus snot, severe brain headache.

  Take the loofah vine near the root 3?
Wash 5 grams, cut 60 grams of lean pork, cook soup in the same pot, season with a small amount of salt, eat soup and eat meat, five times as a course, use 1?
3 courses of healing.

  2, Xin Yi boiled eggs: Tongqiao, pus discharge, eliminate headaches, nourish and support, treating chronic sinusitis, pus discharge.

  Use 15 grams of Xinyi flower, put into the casserole, add 2 bowls of water, and fry 1 bowl; 2 eggs, cooked and shelled, puncture a few holes, reheat the casserole, pour the medicinal sauce and boil, add the eggsCook for a while, eat soup and eggs.

  3, Bai Ye pig nose soup; anti-inflammatory Tongqiao, nourishing yin and replenishing, treating nasal runny nose.

  Take 66 grams of pork snout and scrape it clean, put 30 grams of green cypress leaves, 6 grams of golden dendrobium, 10 grams of Bupleurum into the casserole, add 4 bowls of water to fry and 1 bowl, filter out the residue, and pour in honeyGrams, 30 grams of rice wine at 30 degrees, and drink well.

  4, yellow flower fish head soup: righteousness and dispel evil, Buzhongtongqiao.

Indications for chronic atrophic rhinitis, alternating colds.

  Take 100 grams of fatty fish and fry it on both sides with hot oil for a while after washing.

Remove 15 grams of jujube and wash them with 30 grams of yellow flower, 15 grams of atractylodes, 10 grams of cocklebur, 10 grams of white peony, and 3 slices of ginger. Put the soup in the casserole with the fish head and cook until the meat is cooked.

  5. Sheep flour: Take a pair of Yangshen Pills for treating chronic rhinitis. After washing, place them in the initialization or roast yellow in a casserole (do not fry the charred and stir-fry the black).

Each pair of spinal pills is taken twice a day, and it takes effect for 2-3 consecutive days.

  6. Astragalus porridge: Astragalus 400g, Baizhu 230 g, windproof 240g, lisianthus 120g, licorice 60g, rice 20g (for one day), in addition to rice, grind other materials into powder, mix well, put into a dry container (haveCover) Save.

Put 400cc of water and rice in a pot, boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.

Add 10g of milled powder from (1) to (2), boil over low heat, and put on the lid for 5 minutes.

Guangzhou Yama Yoga Club: He Zhiqian

Guangzhou Yama Yoga Club: He Zhiqian

Holds National Fitness Instructor Certificate and Advanced Yoga Instructor Certificate.

He has been practicing for many years with many famous yoga instructors in China and India, and has been focusing on the practice of traditional yoga and the promotion of modern fitness system.

The teaching style is professional and rigorous and full of change. He has extensive experience in using body exercises to control weight, burn body fat, shape the body, improve physical fitness, release stress, and regulate the human body.

He is good at various traditional and modern yoga systems, and is unique in Pilates teaching.

In the years of teaching and research, the popular fitness elements and traditional elements have been combined to form a mature yoga and Pilates teaching system, which has been welcomed by conference halls and scholars.

And served as a special yoga instructor for large units and enterprises such as IBM, AIA, Nanfang Daily, Guangdong TV.

Natural tonic effect of garlic chicken soup

Natural tonic effect of garlic chicken soup

Garlic chicken is one of the best-selling products in the roast restaurant. The crispy chicken skin and chicken with garlic are very popular.

It is more troublesome to make garlic chicken at home, but using them to cook soup is delicious and convenient, with high nutritional value and nourishing the body.

The humid and warm weather in spring is when the germs multiply, and garlic has a strong bactericidal effect, which has a good effect on colds, diarrhea, and gastroenteritis caused by bacteria.

  (For 2-3 persons) Practice: 1.

Wash the chopped chicken pieces, simmer the water, lift and rinse; 2.

Peel the garlic and wash; 3.

Boil water, add chicken nuggets and garlic, cook for 20 minutes on high heat, turn to low heat for an hour, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: Detox, sterilize, stimulate metabolism, help restore physical strength, prevent flu.

  ● Gourmet Science Hall Garlic-Natural antibiotic Garlic is a very common and commonly used spice seasoning. It can be used for seasoning, cooking, and preventing diseases. It is called a natural antibiotic.

The bulb of garlic is usually called garlic. It has white skin, purple skin, multiple petals, and single petals. It is relatively small in nutritional composition and efficacy. The garlic leaves are called green garlic or garlic seedlings.

Garlic sprouts and garlic moss can be eaten as vegetables. They are usually fried or fried with meat. The taste is not as spicy as garlic, but it is better than fresh.

  Garlic contains protein, trace amounts, sugar, vitamin B, C, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, but its medicinal function is mainly in allicin essential oil, referred to as “allicin”.

It has a strong bactericidal effect, can kill all kinds of hidden bacteria, and can delay the aging rate of cells.

Consumption of garlic also enhances gastrointestinal and heart functions, weight loss and anti-cancer effects.

  To give full play to the effectiveness of garlic, it is best to eat it raw, mash it into mud, and leave it for 10-15 minutes to allow allicin and allicinase to combine in the air to produce garlicicin.

But garlic is the source of the special smell of garlic. Many people do n’t want to eat garlic raw because they are afraid of the garlic smell in their mouths. Therefore, some health care drug companies have developed garlic concentrated tablets, garlic extract and other products.The problem of garlic smell has been solved, and has been favored by many people, especially white-collar workers.

In fact, there are many ways to eliminate the odor left in the mouth. Some people will chew gum or tea, but they cannot be completely removed.

At this point, you may wish to drink a glass of milk. The protein in the milk will interact with the spicy ingredients in garlic. Pay attention to the small mouth and slowly swallow the milk to stay in the mouth for a while.

  ● Beautiful soup heart water 1.

The garlic will be rotten and taste faint after being boiled for a long time, so it does not take too long to cook this soup.


It is not advisable to eat more garlic. If you feel that your stomach is hot and thirsty after eating, it means that you have consumed too much.

The dead point that women cannot offend

The “dead point” that women cannot offend

We men can’t offend women’s dead spots, there are the following, please brothers pay attention to these taboos, please refer to them at any time: (1) Only care for gentle accommodation.
  Most men think that as long as they are considerate and obedient to women, they can win their favor. In fact, this may be a very, very big mistake!
After reading the analysis of many psychologists, it turns out that even the most normal women have a mentality of being attached to men. Every woman must have an opinionative and energetic man to be her messenger.
Because they do n’t love, they will give everything when they are in love. Just think, they will be stupid enough to support themselves on a weak person?
When treating women, they should give orders when they take the initiative; when they are tough, they must be tough.
  (2) Do not pretend to be capable.
  When women ask men to help them, many men will applaud, but in the end they do a mess, drag left and right, so they can’t get their understanding.They would rather do it early in the morning, and they would refuse to know that they were incompetent. Maybe they still feel it?
Sworn fresh?
Keep a good impression on you.
  (3) Should not be shabby.
  In fact, most women are preoccupied, but they do not like men to pretend.
As a male, you must have prepared mentally, knowing that when you go out with women, you should spend money more boldly, at least you must not show shabby.If you do n’t have money, do n’t pat, you know?
  (4) Don’t be absent-minded.
  When dating women, men should focus on their conversations and intentions.
If she has been absent-minded for a long time and is ignorant of her questions and topics, it will be very disappointing to her!
Next time you want to date her again, she may ask you to eat a ton of lemon.
So let go of things that often disturb your mind!
For example, if someone often dials your mobile phone, just turn it off!
Listening to a few calls will not die!
  (5) Avoid asking about age.
  You may have heard this in the morning, but I still feel the need to tirelessly say it once.
No matter how honest and sincere a woman usually is, when she mentions her age, she always tries her best to dodge, hide and even deceive!
A middle-aged woman who starts with white hair will tell you that she doesn’t know what “Star Wars” is, and ask if you know the sequel to “Sky War-Earth Strikes Back”?
In short, only women below the age of eighteen and over sixty will hold a low attitude towards their age.
So in the face of a woman, you can ask almost any question, but don’t forget to implicate her age, understand?
  (6) Be kidding carefully.
  Of course, it’s okay to joke with women, and there are familiar methods of joking, and those who are not familiar with it have another method.
If it’s some fun joke, it will also have a great adjustment effect on the whole atmosphere.
But when the joke is over, the effect will be bad, and your end may be terrible.
Therefore, you must be proportionate, observe their reaction to you, and avoid being disappointed, so as not to arouse their resentment and anger.
  (7) Don’t be ridiculous.
  Never, never, ever Never think about the weight of a woman!
Even if a woman says that she doesn’t mind her weight, she still cares.
It is better to praise a woman who is fit and good-looking than to ridicule a woman who is not in good shape.
  (8) Interested in her.
  Women hate that men treat her well, while paying attention to other things.
They wonder if they are completely unattractive to you, and then they want to get worse and worse, feeling that you don’t respect her at all.
When you feel that way, you have failed more than half.In the other half, she will also doubt whether you only like her figure, so she will associate with her!

  (9) Don’t be too frank.

  Do n’t be too frank with women, because women do n’t like being too frank, most of them like to talk to funny people, sometimes even diametrically opposed, but they do n’t love too much outrageous and explosive witty, so in fact, all the playful words andYou don’t have to say it to your wife’s understanding. Let them spend a little bit of thought chewing on what you say to guess the meaning you hide between words, and then they will smile proudly like guessing a puzzle.

Therefore, what is said in front of them must be subtle and naughty, so she will be happy to be close to you.

  (10) Try not to talk about (sex).

  Unless you and them have become so familiar that you can drink a glass of water with each other and reach a point where you can understand each other clearly, in the topics you are talking with, no matter how derogatory and derogatory, you should not notice in front of womenWonderful, let ‘s share it with your pig friends and dog friends!

What must be known is that when talking to others, women have a strong interest in each other’s private affairs, including relationships, friends, and marriage issues, but it must be clear that it has nothing to do with sexuality!

  (11) Flattery.

  Women prefer flattery to men.

Because they like to listen to the words of flattery and are used to the words of flattery, they are quite sensitive to grandma.

For example, if you praise her tight-fitting skirts for their good looks, they may have heard them three hundred times, so even if they are still happy, the effect is not great.

But as long as you say further: (You are really well-dressed, you will choose this blue skirt, which matches your body perfectly!

) She will feel that her compliments are full of realism, and your flattery is not like flattery, her happiness is from her heart!