Recommended six blood supplements

Recommended six blood supplements

Chinese medicine treatment of blood deficiency syndrome.

Also known as nourishing.

Is a tonic.

Blood deficiency syndrome is a symptom manifested by the loss of internal organs due to lack of blood.

Blood supply can make the organs of the viscera get enough blood support, and make the functions of the organs return to normal.

Here are six medicated meals for blood supplementation.

  Peanut Jujube Porridge 30 pieces of peanut rice, 10 red dates, rice porridge.

Each amount of sugar.

Peanut rice is peeled off, and boiled in six mature human red dates. The red dates are peeled, peeled, and pitted, and the peanuts are ground into a porridge.

Stir in sugar and serve immediately.

The function is to nourish the blood and nourish the spleen and lungs. It is suitable for anemia and thrombocytopenic purpura, and is immediately used as a usual health food.

  Chinese wolfberry steamed hen 20g Chinese wolfberry, 1 hen, proper seasoning.

Stir the wolfberry in the abdomen of the chicken, add the shallot segments, ginger, clear soup, salt, cooking wine, and pepper in the container, cover with steam for 2 hours and remove, add ginger, shallot, monosodium glutamate and other spices, drink soup and meat.

  The function is to nourish blood and nourish the liver and kidneys.

For dizziness, dizziness, dreaminess, forgetfulness, waist and knee weakness, and nocturnal emission due to liver and kidney deficiency.

  Angelica Boiled Eggs 9g Angelica, 2 eggs, 50g brown sugar.

Angelica decoction, take the juice, boil the eggs, cook, brown sugar and mix thoroughly.
2 times.

  The function is to nourish and regulate menstruation, especially for women with blood deficiency, irregular menstruation, or physical weakness.

  Chinese wolfberry Tremella tremella 20g, Chinese wolfberry 25g, rock sugar or white sugar 100g, 2 eggs.

After truncating the white fungus, remove the ditto head, wash the wolfberry and drain, and beat the eggs to clear.

Add water to the casserole, add egg white after boiling, sugar is evenly mixed, and then add wolfberry and white fungus when boiling, and simmer for a while.

  Function is nourishing and strengthening.

  Turtle for stewed turtles?
Two, slaughter and wash, remove viscera, head, claws, tortoise shells, and tortoise meat in a stew pot, add water, simmer in water, season with oil, salt, and other food.

The function is to benefit yin and blood, and is suitable for auxiliary treatment of yin deficiency, night sweats, hot flashes and other syndromes.

  Oatmeal Sesame Sugar 100g Oleum, 300g black sesame, 300g honey, rock sugar or white sugar.

Wash the black sesame seeds, stir-fry, and pour out the cooling and crushing.

Ophiopogon is washed, add half a bowl of water, and soak for 1 hour.

Add Ophiopogon and its infusion, sesame, honey, and rock sugar into a porcelain pot, cover, and steam for 3 hours under high heat and leave the fire.

  Function This sweet diet nourishes yin and blood, can strengthen the body and prolong life.

The four best men tonic in winter

The four best men tonic in winter

The four best tonics for men in the winter This is basically the best tonics for men in the winter, so that you can be a strong man in the cold winter. In fact, these two are the most nourishing and tonic, and the water fish (commonly known as Wang *(8) It also has the effect of soft and firm dispersal.

According to legend, the famous Ma Jiajun took the water fish as the treasure of the town, allowing athletes to drink water fish blood and draught fish stew to strengthen the body, which caused the national water fish fever. There is a restaurant in Guangzhou that exclusively sells water fish.Yet.

  In the book of medicine, it is also known as 鳖 or Shanrui’s water fish ”, which can enter the liver meridian, strengthen the liver and nourish the kidney, nourish the blood, and improve the deficiency of the kidney and yin.

“Traditional dishes such as Shuangdong and Shanrui are delicious and beneficial, but unfortunately the side dishes of mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots are not enough tonic, which wastes the nourishing ability of water fish.Cordyceps: can nourish yin, strengthen the spleen, and nourish blood.

  Water fish with Sichuan Fritillaria: Fritillaria Fritillaria, Anemarrhena, Almond, Bupleurum, and Silver Bupleurum each 9 grams, cooked for 6 hours on an open flame (per person).

Cough tuberculosis and yin deficiency.

In fact, the whole body of water fish is treasure, which is useful from beginning to end, don’t believe it?

  Aquatic fish shell: the beetle in Chinese medicine can be soft and firm, and modern medical research has proven that it can cure liver and spleen enlargement, thyroid and lymph gland enlargement.

In addition, it can also help patients with aplastic anemia (ie, bone marrow does not produce blood).

  Shanrui skirt: It is rich in mucopolysaccharides, which has a strong effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, which is in line with the “ruling waist and knees” stated in the medical book.

  Water fish blood: with fresh lotus root juice or rice wine (such as rice wine) can be eaten, can cure tuberculosis and cough blood, hot flashes in the afternoon.

  Water fish eggs: can be soaked in wine, is a secret recipe for longevity.

Specially cultivated king * eight * eggs are usually not cheap, and 30 pieces of wine cost nearly 1,000 yuan.

  Water fish whip: Many people love water fish, remember to keep pills and water fish whip when going to the internal organs, so as not to waste their hormones.

  Shark fin and power: This food, shark fin, is famous both at home and abroad.

Today’s shark fever, what shark cartilage, shark balls (actually officially called squalene), are all the rage.

The therapeutic effect of sharks has been documented since ancient times.

However, it seems a bit exaggerated to say that it can cure all diseases.

  China has a long history of edible sharks, and medical books call it “the nature of Gan Ping is non-toxic, return to the spleen and lung meridian, can reduce swelling and stasis, and nourish the five internal organs.

“This sentence coincides with modern research.

According to research, shark cartilage can cure some people’s advanced cancer. The reason behind this is believed to be the amazing immunity of sharks.

  Sharks are not only disease-free. Even if a person is implanted into a prostate cancer body for research purposes, it cannot cause cancer or even disease.

Shark is so strong, what health food does it eat?

Nor is it that sharks are called “scavengers in the sea”, and they usually eat “junk” in the sea.

  So what’s the secret in its cartilage?

The answer may be that the rich mucopolysaccharides and vitamins are good for bones.

In Chinese medicine, there is a so-called “replenishing every gum”. The mucopolysaccharide in shark scales is just a good gum, which is good for cartilage growth.

  Some shark shark powder powders have been shown to cure rheumatoid arthralgia, so you can understand from this perspective.

However, how much the powder can absorb is quite a problem, because the protein molecular structure of the shark fin is very large, and it is not easy for the human body to absorb. Even if it eats a large amount, it may only be absorbed and absorbed, and the rest is wasted.

  On the other hand, the Chinese people eat boiled shark fin for at least five or six hours to liquefy the protein, which is good for absorption. It is very clever.

  Sea cucumbers and sea cucumbers: The large-scale sea cucumbers commonly known in the market, commonly known as “pork ginseng”, need to be immersed for a long time before they can be cooked, due to the sandy abdomen and the immersion and release of water for several days.

However, this does not matter. The most important thing is that the well-used P. ginseng uses the chemical sodium hydroxide (called Causticsoda in Cantonese) quickly. The nutrition of the sea cucumber itself is exhausted, and it has to be refreshing, completely.No tonic value.

  Liaoshen is another good choice.

Liao ginseng, also known as “prince ginseng”, is stabbed all over, and is smaller than the ginseng. It is produced in both the mainland and Japan.

If you eat Liaoshen, you only need to drench it one morning and one night, remove the sand and fiber from the belly, rinse the water and cook.

Basically, you can cook any kind of sea cucumber, boil chicken broth, and stir-fried pork ribs.

In terms of value, sea cucumbers are much cheaper than abalones (genuine ginseng only costs more than 500 yuan and general Liaoshen is about 400 yuan).

Regarding food benefits, the medical book said: sea cucumber can nourish blood and remove yellow qi, tonic deficiency, strengthen kidney, strengthen knee, urinate, remove edema, and regulate diabetes.  Compared with abalone, sea cucumber has the advantage of being more peaceful, and will not appear to be empty.

Because abalone nourishes yin, it actually belongs to both yin and yang, and it is not suitable for those who have sore throat and hotness.

  In clinical applications, the elderly or women can eat more sea cucumber, because its gum can abrasion of bones, and it is also effective for excessive menstruation.

Most people cook sea cucumbers with scallops, which means that scallops nourish yin and kidneys, but according to my clinical experience, it is not suitable for people with impotence fire, yin deficiency, internal heat, and sore throat, otherwise it will be more difficult to sleep.

For people of this constitution, it is best to add 50 grams of Yuzhu when using the above dietary recipe, or with lean meat, Cordyceps (one serving is at least 9 grams) or lily. As for sea cucumber, the amount is not too much, and 3 small Liaoshen can be used.

  Sea cucumber, abalone, cordyceps are also suitable for blood pressure of yin deficiency syndrome, as well as those with diabetes.

Postpartum or severe illness, if it is symptoms of yang deficiency, stewed sea cucumber with black chicken or sea cucumber with abalone to strengthen the body, or even eat Buddha jumping off the wall (that is, abalone wing belly) is better, because this famous dish nourishes yin and kidneyTwo supplements are very helpful.

  Abalone banquet “medicine”: Since abalone says “medicine and food are homologous”, in daily life, every kind of food can be a medicine, no matter how expensive it is, it is as expensive as ginseng, and even as radish, it has its own medicinal effect.

  Treasures on the Chinese table: Abalone, in itself, is good food and medicine, both delicious and nourishing.

  The real abalone has the effects of calming the liver, nourishing yin and strengthening the kidneys.

Frequent nocturia, those with qi deficiency and hypertension, those with weak limbs, and those with difficulty concentrating, are more likely to eat more abalone.

Even people with diabetes can use abalone as an adjuvant treatment, but it must be formulated and stewed to be effective.

Seeing this, I wonder if anyone would suspect: Since abalone helps lower blood pressure in diabetic patients, shouldn’t those with low blood pressure not eat it?


The role of abalone is not to lower blood pressure, but also to regulate blood pressure bidirectionally. The reason is that abalone can “fix the kidneys” and can adjust adrenal secretion.

(In fact, the “kidney” referred to by Chinese medicine does not refer to the kidney, but to the reproductive and endocrine systems.) Although abalone is good, it is not suitable for everyone.

Some people have stomach pain every time they eat abalone because of its high protein content, which makes it difficult to digest.

People with high uric acid (ie gout patients) should not eat meat, only drink soup.

There is also abalone for diet. Which kind of abalone should be replaced?

This can be based on personal taste, because valuable dried abalones such as Japanese net abalone, Jipin, Wo Ma, top Middle East and South Africa bobs have similar food effects.

In terms of taste, each type of abalone has its own characteristics.

In addition, the frozen Bob in the supermarket and the cheap abalone in some places are not genuine products, and the inevitable benefits of eating, be careful to lose money.

How to buy your own yoga mat

How to buy your own yoga mat

Don’t dare to think about it . Well, look at our article, it’s easy to own a yoga mat.

  Question 1 Thick, thin, rubber or towel blanket thickness . Which one is the most suitable?

  Choosing TPE mats according to materials The most environmentally friendly TPE refers to an environmentally friendly yoga mat that mixes natural latex and hemp. It is currently the best material and can be recycled without causing environmental pollution after disposal.

  Features: Soft, conformable, and grip-overcome-more reliable when placed on any floor.

It is about 300 grams lighter than a PVC mat, which is easy to carry around.

  Reminder: TPE-based yoga mats are expensive.

  Low price and good quality PVC materials are currently commonly used in China. The chemical Chinese name is PVC.

The new PVC material has no odor and is harmless to the human body.

However, if products made from secondary materials (recycled materials) are used, they will be toxic and harmful to the human body.

  Features: PVC material is affordable, can be bought everywhere, quality is guaranteed, and cost-effective.

  Reminder: Avoid buying inferior yoga mats made from secondary materials!

  The mat is difficult to buy. Sometimes, we saw someone in yoga class use a kind of yoga mat with bright colors, like an Arabic flying carpet. It is said that this is an Indian yoga mat.

This cloth mat is imported from India and can be hand-dyed and can be used on ordinary plastic yoga mats.

The original reason was that plastic yoga mats did not make good contact with the skin, and the cloth mats were also softer and could be carried with them to provide isolation when using public yoga mats.

But I don’t know if the anti-slip effect of the cloth pad is ideal?

  According to “thickness needs” to choose the thickness of the yoga mat, the most basic one is that beginners can use a thicker, such as 6 mm thick yoga mat, in order to prevent sports injuries.

After having a certain foundation and experience, you can use 3 instead.

5mm to 5mm thick yoga mat.

Of course, if you are very afraid of “pain”, you can always replace the relatively thick yoga mat practice.

  According to the type of “Yoga” you learn, if you practice yoga through soft training, you will often encounter the action of sitting on the mat. At this time, thicker and softer yoga mats will make you more comfortable.

However, if you are practicing a more pulsating yoga type such as power yoga, flow yoga or ashtanga yoga, then you need a thinner and harder mat. Too soft yoga mats are not very convenient for movement.

Some more sophisticated people will feel that too thick yoga mats prevent them from contacting the ground, etc. In fact, the thickness of the yoga mats depends mainly on personal preference.

  If the movements you do are not so static and not as sweaty as running, it is somewhere in between, which should be called a mat?

I will answer, “I’ll choose a little bit.”

Thick pads (more than 5 mm) lose the feeling of contact with the ground, and many actions will feel “distorted”.

Most foreign yoga practitioners love to use thin mats. This is the reason.

If you feel that the thin cushion corrects discomfort while doing some kneeling motions, you can pad a towel under your knees.

  Question 2 Yoga originated in India. At the beginning, did ancient Indians also use yoga mats?

  This question is no longer answered by the ancient Indians, and it is not known whether the modern people have conducted a tangible research.

  It is said that the Indians who first practiced yoga did not use yoga mats. They communicated in the simplest place, physically and mentally, and between people and the universe.

However, the practice of yoga by modern people is completely different from that of ancient Indians.

Yoga mats have also become an indispensable aid.

Because yoga mats are made of special materials, the usual mats or carpets can slide to prevent injuries to the spine, toes, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

There is also a more mysterious statement: Yoga mats can integrate insulation to prevent the energy accumulated in the body from being taken away by the ground air during practice.

  Question 3 How should I take care of a yoga mat?

  Well-purchased yoga mats will be your best friends for yoga practice from now on.

It is natural to take good care of your good friends.

If you buy back a yoga mat, you often use it but never maintain it. The dust and sweat stains accumulated on the surface of the yoga mat will eventually endanger the owner’s health, so it is necessary to wash the yoga mat regularly.   To ensure hygiene, it is best to clean it every other week.

The easiest way to wash is to mix two drops of dishwashing liquid with four bowls of water, spray it on a yoga mat, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

If the yoga mat is already dirty, you can also use a cloth dipped in washing powder to gently wipe the yoga mat, rinse it with water, and then use a dry towel to roll up the yoga mat to absorb excess water.

Finally, just dry the yoga mat.

  It should be noted that the amount of washing powder is as small as possible, because once the washing powder remains on the yoga mat, the yoga mat may become slippery.

Also, don’t leave the yoga mat in the sun when you dry it.

  In fact, there is still a lot of knowledge about yoga mats. How to choose some yoga mats at first?

Where to buy cheap yoga mats?

These need further study by yoga enthusiasts.

But after all, the knowledge of yoga mats is dead, but it is alive when applied to people.

What suits you is always the best.

  Tips when buying yoga mats: 1. Don’t open a yoga mat made of PVC before smelling it. Smell the top of the mat with your nose.

If it has a pungent taste, it is likely to be a sign of poor quality.

  2. Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the yoga mat to see how pressure-resistant it is.

  3. Wipe the yoga mat with an eraser to see if the material is easy to crack.

  4. Gently push the surface of the mat with your palm to have a dry feeling.

  5. In addition, the length and width of domestically produced yoga mats are basically 173cmx61cm. If you are a tall man, you always feel that this size yoga mat is stretched, and it does not prevent you from buying a 183cmx61cm or even longer.

Proper exercise helps prevent depression

Proper exercise helps prevent depression

Recently, American medical researchers have suggested that people are suitable for different sports under different emotional states. When you are frustrated, it is best to choose simple, able to operate, exercise with a certain intensity, and run and play tennis easily.

When you are worried, jogging, yoga, and swimming are all good choices.

When you feel nervous, playing football, basketball or volleyball can bring unexpected results.

When you are angry, you can do some expendable sports, such as: equipment sports, mountain climbing, fast running, playing tennis, the negative energy is vented, and the anger naturally disappears.

Super sleep method is good for sleeping less

Super sleep method is good for sleeping less

How to sleep every day is not enough.

Even if the alarm sounds to Earthquake, I still cannot wake you up from the bed.

I slept my sleepy eyes every day, dragged a heavy step to the company; constantly yawned during the meeting; I basically did not get up in the afternoon on weekends.

How to improve the quality of sleep so that you no longer sleep on the bed and face your work with freshness every day?

Starting today, you can get perfect sleep by correcting some habits and thoughts!

  Every morning, I always dragged my feet to the company with heavy eyes, and kept yawning during the meeting. I did n’t sleep on holidays until noon . Is this you?

  A research report by the University of London in May this year pointed out that the ideal sleep time for adults is 7 hours per night, less than 6 hours or more than 8 hours of sleep, and there will be a significant decline in understanding and vocabulary use.

Of course, no one doesn’t want to get full sleep and get stunned every day. The problem is that there are too many things to do.

  Can’t you sleep well if you sleep less?

In fact, as long as you correct some ideas and habits, you can bring significant improvements.

As long as you start today: 1, 15?
A 30-minute siesta with a habit of “quick sleep, eye-consciousness, and good habit of quick sleep, refreshing and refreshing”, said Japanese medical doctor Satoshi Tatsuta.
4 o’clock is the highest peak, and the second peak is at 2 pm?
4 o’clock.

He suggested that after lunch, you can take a nap for 15?
30 minutes; if you have the habit of drinking coffee, you can accept it before taking a nap, which will help refreshing in the afternoon.

Because after taking caffeine, it takes about 30 minutes to reach the brain for refreshing effects, so I fell asleep just to face the work in the afternoon!

  2. The temperature of the person who increases blood circulation before going to bed will gradually drop during sleep. 4?
After reaching the trough at 6 o’clock, it began to rise slowly.

Studies have confirmed that only those who have a “significant drop in body temperature” during sleep can obtain quality deep sleep.

Therefore, by bathing before bed and relaxing exercise, you can improve blood circulation and sleep better overnight.

At the same time, heat dissipation in the body is through the blood vessels at the ends of the hands and feet, so pay special attention to the warmth of the hands and feet.

  3, do not sleep until noon, usually go to work early to get up, can not sleep late on holidays?

Sure, but Pingtian advises that it is best not to get up more than “2 hours” late. Then, if you get up at 7 on workday, you can only sleep up to 9 on the weekend.

  Because the human body’s physiological clock is about 25 hours, and it is still within the adjustable range of about 2 hours at night. Once it is exceeded, the physiological clock will move backwards, and on Monday, which must rise early, it will surround the unhealthy hell.

Therefore, on the holidays, avoid sleep supplements until noon, and do not play all night at night, in order to build energy for next week!

  4, sleep well!

Improving quality Step 1: Insomnia on weekends is not a common problem in today’s society, and the scope of insomnia covers mental, emotional, memory and physical health, so how can we effectively help insomniac patients deal with their insomniaThe problem of improving the quality of life has also become the goal of the author’s continuous efforts in sleep medicine.

  目前临床常使用的失眠治疗仍以药物治疗为主,不过药物易造成替代(不吃不行)及纠正性(愈吃愈多)等问题;在失眠的非药物治疗法里,临床上以‘认知-行为治疗’为主,此法结合了睡眠医学以及心理治疗原理,包括:“睡眠卫生教育”、“腹式呼吸法”、“肌肉松弛法”、“自我暗示催眠法”、“冥想”, “Stimulation control method”, “Sleep restriction method” and “Psychological cognitive adjustment”.

  In addition, the author also uses other sleep aid techniques, such as: “environmental adjustment”, “sleep position”, “diet conditioning”, “bathing”, “aromatherapy” and “music therapy” and so on.

  The following is a preliminary introduction to the basic chapter in the treatment of insomnia-“Sleep Hygiene Education”. I hope that readers can learn basic sleep aid concepts to improve sleep problems.

  Sleep hygiene education: The most basic part of non-drug therapy is the so-called “sleep hygiene education” concept, which is mainly to discuss with patients the lifestyle habits that may affect sleep, and tell patients how to change their lifestyles to have good sleep quality.

Some common sleep hygiene includes: First, sleep-related habits1.

Sleep time is regular, go to bed at the same time every day, and “get up” at the same time.


Avoid lying in bed for more than an hour during the day or napping after 3pm.


Do not sleep during the weekend to stabilize the physiological clock.

Make sure you have enough time to relax before bedtime. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to sleep.


Avoid forcing things in bed that are not related to sleep (eg don’t watch TV, watch documents, read).

Woke up at midnight without looking at the clock.

  Second, daily habits 1.

Develop a habit of regular exercise.


Avoid caffeinated beverages (eg coffee, tea, cola, refreshing beverages) six to eight hours before bedtime.


Avoid gravity exercise three to four hours before bedtime.


To avoid frequent urination at night, get up in the toilet and avoid drinking too much beverages before going to bed.


Avoid smoking or using other nicotine products before going to bed, because nicotine is a stimulant, which can make people more energetic and make it difficult to fall asleep.


Avoid drinking to help sleep, because although some people want to sleep in a short period of time, after falling asleep, the quality of sleep is poor and the sleep structure is destroyed.

Old Chinese medicine recommends: “Always can’t sleep” Teabag link: http: // www.


com / products / detail / 34

Beware of high nutrition induces breast cancer in girls

Beware of high nutrition induces breast cancer in girls

Vitamin candy, fruit-flavored calcium tablets, amino acids, cod liver oil, iron, Duobao, protein powder, vitamin C, vitamin B and other health care products. The target consumer group of nutritional products is elderly living patients, and children are now the target.The group’s nutrition began to be dizzying.

In order to ensure the healthy growth of their children, many mothers especially favor a wide range of children’s nutritional foods in the supermarket, and can even buy them as snacks for children.

In fact, the protein, trace, glucose, vitamin, cellulose, and trace element nutrients that children need for healthy growth are mainly obtained from ingested food. As long as the nutritional structure, intake and intake time are properly supplemented, basicallyProtect the nutrition your child needs to grow.

The nutrition products on the market are supplementary items for children who are unreasonable in the structure of nutritional supplementation and incomplete nutrition, and cannot be used as the main source of nutrition for children.

According to the random inspection results released by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce on March 15, nutritious foods are not “nutritive.”

There are 9 supplementary nutritional foods whose actual content does not match the product’s stated value. Items include ginseng total saponins, total flavonoids, DHA, trace elements, etc.

For example, the measured content of vitamin B2, taurine, iron, zinc and other indicators of the “Green Jianyuan” brand multi-dimensional element tablets produced by Beijing Green Jianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. far exceed the product’s stated value.

In addition, a 2006 inspection result released by the Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine showed that inspection of 114 products labeled as “Children’s Nutritional Food” found that one-third of the food had no nutritional ingredients at all, The food of 3 has nutrient content but cannot reach the target indicated on the label.

Therefore, children’s nutritional products are not as high in nutrition as we inferred when they were released to the public, or even no nutrition at all.

Experts believe that the quality of some of the nutritional products in the market can indeed play a role in regulating some children who are malnourished or lack certain trace elements.

However, many nutritional products now claim to supplement multiple trace elements at the same time. In fact, it is not necessarily what children need.

It’s too late. Once a certain amount of certain elements is excessive, it will cause imbalance and “make up” health.

In addition, some children’s nutritional products contain hormones. Improper absorption can promote girls’ precocious puberty, and may even disrupt normal human hormone levels and cause complications.

Some aunt Gao, high-protein Western fast food, is also an important cause of cancer and obesity.

And blindly ingesting nutritional products, the consequences for us are far more than the loss of nutrition and waste, and the loss of money, and may even seriously endanger your child’s physical health and life.

If it is not necessary, please try to avoid large-scale and long-term substitution of various nutritional products for children.

If necessary, you should also consult the relevant doctors and make reasonable substitutions under the guidance of professionals.

Special attention should be paid to ginseng, royal jelly, bird’s nest, velvet antler, growth hormone, sex hormones, and other traditional Chinese medicines with kidney-reinforcing effects. Do not give them to children.

Five senses can reveal men’s health

Five senses can reveal men’s health

From a person’s face can reveal a person’s mental state, but also can judge whether a person is healthy or not.

  Obvious points ①: Nose discovery: Nose peeling, abstinence, abstinence, secrets: If the nose is red, and the nose and the nose are often bloated and sore, it means that the spleen and stomach in the body are hot and humid, smoking and drinking, and spicy men often have these symptoms.

Excessive mental stress can sometimes make a man a red nose.

  If the nose is purple, it may be high blood pressure, or excessive salt and alcohol.

  In addition, the rosacea suddenly appears on the nose, which is due to lung and stomach heat and blood stasis. This is to remind you that male sexual function is decreasing and deserves attention.

The dark nose and dull peeling are a reminder of excessive libido and the body has consumed too much fluid and righteousness.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Help him measure his blood pressure once every morning and observe the blood pressure.

  2. The diet should be light and not too salty.

  3. To help him massage, use the middle finger to gently massage the left and right sides of the nose, each of the left and right three times; then, the finger is pressed against the nasal sulcus and slowly moved up and down 6 times.

  4, abstain from intercourse, nourish yin and recuperate.

  Obvious point ②: Eyes found: drink less water under dark circles to reveal the secret: Chinese medicine believes that the eyes are related to the liver, and liver dysfunction can cause male reproductive dysfunction.

Therefore, here we must remind male friends who are under great pressure and often feel tired. If there is sudden eye discomfort and blurred vision in a short period of time, they should go to the hospital for examination and consultation in time, and follow the doctor’s advice to fill the liver.Or clear the liver, reconcile qi and blood, and moisturize the muscles, so as not to affect the sexual function.

  In addition, if he wakes up in the morning and finds that his eye circles are dark and his face is dull, it means that his kidneys are too burdened, so that the body can’t drain the water, which forms a “panda eye”.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet to avoid excessive intake of water.

  2. To eliminate dark circles, you can eat more favorable food, cook chestnuts with duck meat, burn Chinese cabbage, etc. for dietary therapy, and also use red and white radish to cook broth to drink.

In addition, pork loin soup is also very effective.

  3, red eyes, swelling and pain can be treated with wolfberry, chrysanthemum, lily water boiling tea.

  4. Eyelid edema is mostly edema, so sleep should be prolonged, while keeping feet warm, complications, and stomach warm. Because there are many acupoints on the heel that are in contact with the kidney, avoiding cold, it can strengthen the function of the kidney.

  Observation point ③: The ears are found: The ears are black and the kidney is deficient: Chinese medicine believes that the ears are related to the kidneys.

If the ears are getting “skinny”, mostly because of kidney deficiency, then men will often be accompanied by hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness.

The darkening of the ears is also the phase of kidney qi failure. Most of the people with darkening ears are about to show signs of cold, and usually have problems with premature ejaculation.

Red ears indicate poor circulation.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Take Zuogui Pills (over-the-counter medicines), and stop intercourse during the medication.

  2. Urge men to drink less alcohol, eat fine foods, and less sugar; exercise more to promote circulation.

  3, before going to bed every night, do an ear massage for him. Remember to not just press the ear outline, the ear around should also be pressed one by one, until it is appropriate.

Don’t apply too much force during the massage, it should be from top to bottom.

  Obvious point ④: Lip discovery: Red lips are not necessarily all beautiful.

  Demystified: When men’s lips are bright red, it may remind you whether your liver has become too hot recently, your temper is too fast, and your mouth is often dry.

If the lip color is black and red, it is mostly due to a problem with the large intestine, as well as a poor throat and ear and nose problems.

People with dark lips often suffer from digestive dysfunction, and even secreture, diarrhea, headache, and insomnia.

The pale lip color is mostly due to nutritional disorders, poor living or chronic diseases.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1, pale lips, you can eat some animal liver and red foods, such as tomatoes and fresh red peppers.

  2, dark red lips for cold syndrome, more common in cardiopulmonary insufficiency or hypoxia, you need to check as soon as possible.

  3. The lip color is deep red and dry, and most of them are hot evidence. Empirical, you can use raw land, small thistle, Zhimu, Ophiopogon boiled water for oral administration.

  4. If the lips are swollen, it may be due to cold stomach or the tip of gastric ulcer, you can eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnut, potato, lotus root and other warm foods.

  Obvious point ⑤: Forehead found: Don’t think that the sudden increase of forehead wrinkles is a gift of years. Sometimes, it may be a warning to men.

  Demystified: The forehead is different from other parts in that different regions represent different organ functions.

  The middle of the two eyebrows is the brain reaction zone.If there are 1-line, 11-line, 111-line patterns in the brain area, this is an excessive use of the brain and poor brain circulation.

Over time, hypoxia in the brain can cause headaches, migraines, and memory loss.

If there is a depression, it is a lack of blood supply to the brain, which is actually directly related to the poor blood supply to the heart.

  The heart area is located near the hairline. If there is an abnormality, it means that the cardiovascular function is poor or the mental stress is high.

The appearance of small acne or color on this part above the normal face can be concluded that short-term mental stress is relatively large.

If pimple or redness occurs, blue, purple, black, dark, spots or pigmentation appear, it means chronic cardiovascular failure or chronic mental stress.

  In addition, if the forehead wrinkles suddenly increase, it indicates that the liver is overburdened.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Combing your forehead properly with your fingers can reduce wrinkles and delay aging. Replacement can also relieve stress.

It is recommended that men who work for a long time at desk or armed mental work should massage their foreheads more, and long-term adherence can reduce the probability of cardiovascular disease.

  2. To eat less animal feces, you should eat more light foods, such as pork liver, spinach, tofu and fish.

Otaku ends acne face without passing on cheats


Otaku ends acne face without passing on cheats

In winter, women’s sebum secretion is relatively reduced, the skin becomes abnormally dry, and at the end of the year, the food is greasy and easy to get angry, and a series of acne scrambles out.Dear, what can we do?

  Q: Why does acne break out every year?

  A: There are three major reasons for the outbreak of acne at the end of the year.

First of all, the gradually increasing overtime and the overall summary at the end of the year have caused mms to burn their heads, put too much pressure on them, increase their anger, hormonal secretion disorders, and of course acne.

Then, the end of the party surge, too oily, staying up too late, how can acne not come to your door.

In the end, many mm skin care products are too greasy for moisturizing, resulting in poor pore breathing and acne.

  Q: How to apply makeup so as not to aggravate the acne crisis?

  Answer: First of all, before applying makeup, pay attention to the cleanliness of your face. It is best to choose cleansing products that have the function of controlling and cleaning grease.

Then, choose a foundation without a fat formula.

In addition, you should also pay attention to make-up, absorb oil with paper beforehand.

Finally, makeup removal after the party is also the key to preventing acne from getting worse.

  Q: What should be paid attention to in the makeup of acne that has been inflamed?

  A: In fact, you can apply a layer of erythromycin eye ointment on the top part, and then use a concealer specially for acne to cover it.

  Q: Why aren’t the anti-acne products on the market very good?

  A: Actually, most of the cause of acne comes from itself.

Maintenance can only temporarily control or improve the problems that have formed, but cannot solve the problem of acne from the root cause.

Although medicinal products are fast for acne removal, they cannot be used continuously.

To get acne completely rooted, conditioning your body is the key.

  Q: Are products with strong cleansing power effective?

  A: The acne-prone skin is generally oily. Actually, it does not mean that the oil is washed away, and the acne is completely eliminated.

Because the surface of human skin has a layer of water and lipid film composed of lipid and moisture.

If you simply wash off the fat, the water and oil in the skin will be imbalanced artificially, and the sebaceous glands will secrete more oil, making Kiev more greasy.

In addition, products such as scrubs can stimulate acne to worsen and stimulate sebaceous glands to make the situation worse.

Therefore, when acne appears, try not to exfoliate.

  Come and learn how to lower the fire.

  First, Shu Runzhi, use water to extinguish the “dry fire” “dry fire” performance characteristics: blush, pimples, dandruff, itching.

  In fact, when it comes to Qiudong, the most troublesome thing is to do it.

A lot of friends will be frustrated around me. When I stay in the air-conditioned room, my face becomes hot.

People with thin skin or oil are the most sensitive to air conditioning. Thin ones will become very red and oily ones will be even more oily. In fact, they all serve the same purpose and warn that your skin moisture has been absorbed and is now very dry.fragile.

Many people even get a small pimples, a little itchy, red and small, often born on both ends, this is a sensitive signal.

  Solution: Choose those skin care products that are used in the summer to repair after the sun, because the internal principles of the two injured skins are similar, both dehydrated and fragile, so they can be treated the same.

For example, Herborist repairs and repairs ice cream and sherbet after treatment. These products are often extremely mild and contain calming ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, witch hazel, and calendula.Suitable for painting in air-conditioned rooms.

  Second, relax and calm the performance characteristics of “heart fire” and “heart fire”: no acne, slack, and dry yellow.

  Have you been unhappy recently?

Not working well recently?

It ‘s all written on the shells. People who are in high spirits often make acne without pus, even small particles, and touch the sides of their noses. Is it not smooth?

If so, it means that you have been under a lot of pressure recently. If you don’t clean it well, these small and uneven particles will probably grow up.

  Solution: A depressed mood will cause the skin to be dull and slack, just like when you first got off the plane. The skin is actually closely related to the state of the entire person. You are weak and tired, and the skin must be a gourd.Yeah.Actresses always say that the secret to beauty is to drink more water, sleep more, and maintain a good mood.

This is the truth, a woman who is in high spirits will never be beautiful, and it is difficult for the skin with poor sleep to complete self-repair.

  Third, Shu Shunzhi, clear the “internal fire” “internal fire” performance characteristics: with pimples, dry.

  Many people find it very strange. Why is autumn and winter coming, but the peak season of frequent acne?

This is probably because the internal fire is too strong. It is not a problem of the skin itself, but a portrayal of the physical condition on the skin.

  Solution: Generally, the fire is strong in autumn and winter, and it is often related to diet.

Because it needs to keep warm, it will increase the meat’s appetite, especially lamb. The meat itself is hot food, and if you eat it greasy and thick, it will likely cause gastrointestinal burden and constipation.Acne is growing around your mouth, which means that your stomach fire may be a bit strong.

Cook some clear soup.

If it is sweet, you can boil mung bean, lily, white fungus soup, and if it is salty, you can boil some seaweed, radish soup, etc.

Get up every morning and drink a glass of honey water before eating.

Now there is a situation that is particularly noticeable for girls. They are hot and cold, cold hands and feet, and chills, but the anger is very strong, and they always get acne. Girls of this constitution are not easy to “make up”.If it is bad, it will be hotter, if it is not good, it will be colder. It is best to look for Chinese medicine, but remember not to eat seafood, because seafood is “the sun in the yin”, which is the most inappropriate for this constitution.

Strong toes prevent small twists and sprains

Strong toes prevent small twists and sprains


Socks with feet: Sit on a chair, pick up the socks on the ground with your toes, and move them to a place 12 inches (about 30 cm) away. Two feet take turns, and each pair has 5 pairs of socks.


Scratching towel with feet: Sitting on a chair, spread a towel on the floor in front, and then scratch the towel with your toes to make the towel look like an accordion.

Do this twice for each foot.


Balance: Fold the towel, stand on one foot for about 30 seconds, and use the muscles of the body to maintain balance until the calf and joint joints become sour.

Do this 3 times per foot.

Don’t do these six types of white-collar workers

Don’t do these six types of white-collar workers

In today’s increasingly specialized science and technology, a “baby infant” without a skill can’t be achieved unless he is very talented and diligent.

Therefore, elders who are neither “talented” nor skilled are often candidates who are first considered for layoffs.

  The “shark type” that lacks team spirit is refined through social division of labor, and a job can often be efficiently and successfully completed only with the cooperation of the crowd.

Therefore, if individuals are not good at collaboration and have no team spirit, the individual can only be abandoned by the team.

  The upheaval of the stubborn “shell-shaped” society has determined that it is impossible for people in society to play a fixed social role forever in a changing social environment.

Those who are self-contained and do not think about the aggressive “shell type” will eventually lose their advantages in the fierce competition, and even out.

  Nowadays, the “machine type” that follows the rules is still more and more popular with employers who have pioneering and innovative capabilities.

“Machine type” talents who have a command to move the button will find it difficult to adapt to the rapidly changing social environment in the future, and they will be more crowded into the ranks of the unemployed.

  Some people who just say “no horn” do not seem to be full of money. It seems that as long as he says it, everything is changing.

In fact, nothing has changed.

Elites, these “speaking giants, action dwarfs” are distinguished from those who “do less and do more” and are more likely to lose everything in the competition.

  The tortoise with low efficiency is unknown, and the seemingly faithful and reliable tortoise can indeed arouse people’s sympathy.

However, in the already high-tempo and high-efficiency brutal market competition, those “turtle” talents who are slow to move and inefficient in work will undoubtedly be drowned out by the fierce competition.