Maybe some kind of magic method to enhance hearing?

“Hey,Ya Ya,time to eat。”Zhao Ming knocked on Yaya’s door。
“I’m not hungry,You eat first。”There was a cold voice in the room。
Zhao Ming smiled,Naturally won’t believe her。
Push the door gently,The door is not unlocked,Squeak,Zhao Ming came in。
At this time Ya Ya is wearing an ice blue robe sitting on a chair,In a daze in the mirror。
last night,Heard Zhao Ming and the others,Where can she sleep?
I was angry and sour in my heart,There are also some strange feelings that make her blush。
Zhao Ming went to them when he came back last night,Never came to her。
Simultaneously,She is also asking herself,Is it time to change。
She doesn’t know how she looks like Zhao Mingxi doesn’t like it,But she knows if she stays indifferent,Zhao Ming will definitely be taken over by them。
These things made her bored last night,Can’t sleep。
“Ya Ya,what happened?”Zhao Ming walked to Tu Shan Yaya’s side,Because I feel a little flustered,She didn’t notice。
“It’s nothing。”Tu Shan Yaya opened Zhao Ming’s hand on her shoulder,Cold voice。
“Then why don’t you go to dinner??”
“I’m not hungry。”Tu Shan Ya Ya said coldly。
“If you are not hungry,Just eat with me。”Zhao Ming was talking,Grabbed Tu Shan Yaya’s little hand。
“All right,I know wrong。Zhao Ming’s intimacy surprised Tu Shan Yaya,Subconsciously want to take it back,But when I think of Zhao Ming and the two of them yesterday,It’s not a feeling in my heart。
“Do not be mad,Come back next time,I’ll come to your head office first。”Zhao Ming smiled,Comfort road。

The two are originally from the same brokerage company,No one feels weird together。

All the foreign stars who came here are arranged in that hotel,So they two went back to the hotel together,No one finds it strange。
But the two of them are also a little worried about the rumors,Not leaving on their own,But went back with a few celebrities who lived in that hotel。Love Chinese Network
Several people go back together,Even if it is photographed by the paparazzi,It’s hard to take it out of context。
In the car,Qu Wan’er only had time to take out her mobile phone to read the online evaluation of her live singing。
She didn’t read the remarks made by her own brainless fans,Those people have idol filters,There is no way to look at her level objectively。
She still has this self-knowledge。
She is watching music criticsVViews。
This time the awards show has more than a dozen singers and orchestras singing,Still have some big musicvConcerned。
Watched a few musicVEvaluation of the scene,I’m sure she is really singing。
On this point,Has exceeded the flow of those fake singing。
As for singing skills,This song by Qu Wan’er belongs to the kind of song that pleases the public,Not so easy to get those big musicVPraise。
but,The evaluation is not low,At least they think she sings well,There were no faults in the live performance,For a traffic singer,Commendable。
That’s fine。
Qu Wan’er didn’t expect the music to be bigVWill praise her for her singing skills。

next moment,A spirit ring under my feet lights up,Disappeared in place,Escaped the palm of Xu Sanshi’s attack……

Xu Sanshi’s mouth curls up,“Nan Nan,Did you escape?”
Third Spirit Ability,The power of basalt!
A strange cyan power appeared from Xu Sanshi’s body, tangling towards the legs of Jiang Nannan who was in mid-air.……
Jiang Nannan was surprised,“what?”
next moment,Directly released his fourth spirit ability,Invincible golden body……
Then there was a shock of golden light burst out all over my body,The cyan energy directly penetrated her body……
then,Taking advantage of this moment,Xu Sanshi rises into the sky……
He has already calculated the time of the invincible golden body!
I saw,At the last second of the end of the invincible golden body,Xu Sanshi reached out and lifted off Jiang Nannan’s veil……
“Nan Nan,You really love me!”
next moment,Jiang Nannan kicked Xu Sanshi directly……
The latter has no meaning to resist,The whole person was directly hit,Flew back with this shock,Standing on the water lily……
The male students next to him all called out“Brother Xu,Really didn’t shame us!”

“how,Mr. Mo,Don’t you know?”

Zhao Zhong can’t help but be puzzled,Chongmo Xiaosheng said,“Chief Yuan’s nephew,It’s also from the Military Intelligence Department,It is said that it is still the squadron leader,He also went with him during this mission,So I got hurt too,And ah……The injury is not minor!”
Mo Xiaosheng suddenly realized this time,He just said,This Yuan He is the dignified No. 2 chief,How can you stay here to accompany you at night?,It turns out he is really worried about his nephew!
“He hasn’t told him to find someone to treat him this afternoon,Where to find people this night?”
Zhao Zhong frowned and asked suspiciously,“Our General Hospital of the Military Region represents China’s top Western medical technology,You represent China’s top TCM technology,Who else can he find?”
Zhao Zhong asked,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but become curious,But immediately shook his head and smiled,Said:“Who cares about him,It’s none of our business anyway!”
They just finished speaking,Suddenly heard a scream from behind,“Major Mo!Is it Major Mo??”
Mo Xiaosheng turned around and looked,I saw four or five figures rushing over here quickly,Waited,Only then did Mo Xiaosheng see clearly,It is Ye Bing’s Tan Kai and others!
“Tan Kai?”
Mo Xiaosheng looked happy,Also as Ye Bing’s subordinate,Mo Xiaosheng dealt with them all the time,These people are also the best to him in the MI,So Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help feeling a little excited when he saw these people,Feel extra cordial。
“Major Mo,Really you,Great!”
Tan Kai and others seemed excited after seeing Mo Xiaosheng。
Mo Xiaosheng heard what they called him,Smile indifferently,Said,“Tan Kai,I am no longer from the MI Department,Don’t call me that anymore!”
Tan Kai and others’ faces darkened,Glanced at each other,They are also worried about Mo Xiaosheng leaving the Military Intelligence Department.。
“ink……Mr. Mo,Although you are no longer from the MI Department,But you can save Colonel Ye!”
Tan Kai’s voice eagerly pleaded,“She was badly injured this time!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s heart tightened after hearing this,Face changed,Chong Tan Kai asked:“Badly hurt?Which ward is she in now?”
Tan Kai hurriedly pointed to the inpatient building not far away,Said:“Is the inpatient building you just entered,The two injured squadron captains in our mission are in that building!”

The rest of the album10Song,Han Donger picked it up,I also discussed several songs with Shen Huan,She also likes。

Han Donger has never held a concert,With such a series of singer clubs、Propaganda,She sings almost every other day,Sing in front of fans and fans,I am also happy in my heart。
So even if it is tired,She also feels very energetic。
“Lan Kai and Xiao Yan called me again two days ago,Said you didn’t answer the phone,They asked about your attitude。”Shen Huandao,“When are you going to talk to them。”
“Next month!”
Han Donger thought for a while,“The promotion will end next month,After i talked,I can go home with my family……My grandma is not doing well recently,I’m going to take her to the mountains to recuperate。”
“it is good,I’ll come to you then。”Shen Huan picked it up immediately。
Han Donger is from Lin’an,Since I’m going to vacation in the mountains,Must be the surrounding area,Not far for Shen Huan。
Han Donger smiled,Did not agree,But did not refuse。
hang up the phone,Shen Huan’s heart is still full of the shadow of this fairy with facial paralysis。
《red beans》It’s definitely impossible to make Han Dong’er the third queen,But after this album,She also officially started to attack the Queen of Heaven’s throne。
If it goes well,After a series of operations,In addition, if the third album is also impressive,Han Donger can become the third queen。
But all this is inseparable from the resource tilt of big music companies。
But,Can use resources on Han Donger,It’s also destined to not get rid of water,Instead, they will add a golden sign for their company。
This is why several major music companies are chasing after!

Fortunately, Huang Lei didn’t have any other ideas on this matter.。

Chapter 279 Really missing
After all, this is a house he bought with money for his own hard work,He also put in more effort than others during this period,Until now, I still have a monthly payment。
Small place here,But all the memories brought to him here are not ordinary people can feel better than yours。
At this time he will not consider what other people say,Or what Huang Lei said about certain things,He likes to do what he likes to do,that’s enough。
Golden kennel and silver kennel are not as good as their own dog kennel,The place in front of me is indeed relatively bad,Really small,Not so comfortable,But this is his home。
Including now that Huang Lei is back,The reason why the house is unoccupied for too long,You have to clean up well at this time,This cleaning is all day,It also makes Huang Lei tired,Fortunately, he is strong inside,Didn’t complain about anything in it,Finally accepted all of this,I gradually got used to all this。
This cleaning will clean until dark,Huang Lei is exhausted,In the beginning, the purpose of taking time off is to give yourself a good rest,It turns out that,But there are more things waiting for him。
Just doing my own thing little by little,Consume my energy bit by bit,Until the end I can’t hold it anymore,Huang Lei stopped now。
Huang Lei wanted to have a good rest,Backfired,Huang Lei finally cleaned up the house,Ready to rest and enjoy,When I close my eyes and feel,I just used to live here for some happy days,Sometimes there are women around me and my own children,Happily。
Even if it’s hard work,But coming back every day always makes him feel extremely comfortable and comfortable,It’s empty now,There is no one else but him,Of course this feeling is not particularly good。
But he still likes to remember these things,Is enjoying a call suddenly,Interrupting Huang Lei’s thoughts, he took out his cell phone and looked at it and saw that it was Song whose surname was Song calling him. He threw the phone aside without even thinking about it.。
When Huang Lei left,I told them clearly with Song, whose surname is Song,I just want to be quiet,This time,He won’t care about anything,Don’t have anything to come to him,Anyway, Huang Lei still said,Go its own way,This is what he wants to do now。
It stands to reason that Song, whose surname is Song, should respect Huang Lei’s choice at this time,I shouldn’t bother him at this time,Unless there is something special,Yes10Impatient,Otherwise, don’t go to him if it is thunderous,This is what Huang Lei thought and said,At this time, Song, whose surname is Song, or Bai, whose surname is Zhang Bai, should be followed.,Even if Huang Lei works part-time,You have to enjoy your own independent time at this time,No one should interfere with him at this time,Harass him。
At least in Huang Lei’s opinion this is the most basic,Is a matter of principle,Can be biased,These guys don’t seem to care much about this,Although Huang Lei thinks so,But the phone rang again。
Huang Lei thought of something else at this time,Frowning,Finally answered the call,Still saying,if not10In a hurry,This guy shouldn’t call him again,Until now,What should have happened,Although I don’t know how it happened,Shouldn’t be a good thing,Now Huang Lei is a little bit depressed deep in his heart,I’m still thinking that this guy is really,I don’t see him for good things,Bad things can always find him。
“Brother Huang Lei is not good…”

2015year4month4day,Jordan·Clarkson electedNBAWestern Union3Rookie of the month,Become self1981-82Since the establishment of the season’s Rookie of the Month,The first Lakers rookie to receive this honor。Clarkson3Available on the moon15.8Minute,Ranked fourth among all rookies,Average5.2Ranked third among all rookies in assists,Average4.8Ranked seventh among all rookies in rebounds。

As a second round show,Clarkson can have such a performance,Already very unexpected。
Like Randall who is in the same class with him and on the same team,Rookie season average talent2.0Minute,Although it’s just because he played a game,But know that Randall is the seventh pick in the first round,Clarkson is in the second round16Number show,There is a huge gap between the two draft picks。
Clarkson is the top performer。
Xu Xuan remembers,Clarkson was also selected to the All-Rookie Team,2014In the second round of the show,Xu Xuan does not mention,He should be the best one at the moment。
Jordan·Clarkson is a thin, sporty combo guard,Excellent wingspan and jumping;Able to attack,Average finishing ability,Unstable shooting;A little short as a shooting guard,Possession is enough to be a cameo point guard but too selfish。
In the regular season of last season,24Year-old Clarkson made the starting game for the Lakers79Times,Average32.3In minutes15.5Minute4.0Backboard2.4Assist。since2014Since being selected by the Lakers in the second round,Clarkson in138Start in a game117field,Has become a stable scoring point for the Lakers。
On the free market this year,His contract extension with the Lakers is also going very fast,As a restricted free agent,Clarkson has no shortage of suitors,He could have chosen to wait more time to hear the quotes from all parties。Agreed to renew the contract with the Lakers so quickly,So he really wants to stay with the Lakers,Want to stay in los angeles。
contract4year5000Ten thousand,This contract is for a promising supernova,not much,The Lakers are also happy to sign him for such a small price。
But all this,It’s a little different since Xu Xuan decided to come here。
Xu Xuan looked at Pelinka inexplicably:“You mean to say,Not only the Clippers want him,He wants to leave?”Juju Library
Pelinka said awkwardly:“Should mean this。”

“Bastard,Who are you?You are not Chen Jie。”

This is a result everyone wants to know!
Chapter Ninety Eight Little action
now,Everyone has seen it now,Just follow Chen An(shēn)Bian’s colleague explained,Finally confirmed that this person is indeed Chen Jie。
His colleague,Which is the female employee who works on his line,He still knows,Absolutely impossible to lie to him,Although he just learned that his boyfriend is actually Chen Jie。
“Monitor,I won’t lie to you,He is my boyfriend,Is there any fake??And the trophy from the last competition is still there,Do you want me to show it to you,So you believe it。”
Colleagues anxiously resolve the letter and wave their hands,Just to make everyone notice her(qíng)condition,At the same time let everyone listen to her,Don’t do irrational things(qíng)。
Something like this(qíng)There is no way to regret after it happened,Once traumatized Chen Jie,Not only is Chen Jie uncomfortable, everyone knows about it(qíng)Have to pay the corresponding price,At last(qíng)The situation will become relatively bad。
“I believe you……”
How can Chen An,Although I wish that this person is a fake,This way he can straighten up and teach the other party a good lesson,Even when necessary,Can also put this100Wan’s money sticks to his(shēn)on,He caused everyone to lose,The match is his impersonation,This100Even if Wan wants to be out, he will do out,Instead of letting Chen An pay for it。
Up to you,Anyway, this time Chen An blessed all the blame on Chen Jie(shēn)on,No matter what, this guy has to pay for his arrogance。
Now he is thinking about how to add these charges to his(shēn)on,But he found that Chen Jie didn’t seem to listen to him,Although everyone questioned him at this time,It stands to reason that he should have said two sentences at this time。
But the other party does not look at the direction of the computer screen seriously,It seems that I still care about the current game(qíng)condition,But at the same time Chen An found his feet were moving,This movement is very slight,There is no way to know if you don’t look carefully。
Why move your feet?

It’s a recognized fact that Wang Yufei’s math grades are very good,But high school mathematics……

The two are relatively speechless。
“Ok,Class will be in 20 minutes,I have to go to the classroom to get a book,I won’t accompany you to buy water。”Wang Yufei patted his forehead。
“Hey,Xuan Ge,Look,Wang Yufei separated from them。”
“go,Go have a good talk with him!”
Just took the exercise book,Wang Yufei, who walked out of the classroom door, heard someone yelling at the corner of the teaching building at the back door of the classroom,Gone a glance,A boy in the class is waving to him。
Wang Yufei still remembers the boy’s name is Li Yuzhe,One of his classmates who just played with him。
“calls me?”Wang Yufei pointed at himself?
“Do not talk nonsense,Come here quickly!”Li Yuzhe said angrily。
Wang Yufei thought for a while,Ok,There is still time to go to class,I don’t seem to delay talking with my classmates,And walked over honestly。
Just walked to Li Yuzhe,Was pulled down by the little boy directly at the corner of the corridor。
Wang Yufei just saw,Seven have gathered here、Eight male classmates。More terrifying is,There are also several male classmates holding cigarettes……
It’s just that the smoking action is obviously very young,Not as experienced as his uncle,Especially Zhang Bin,Why is the hand holding the cigarette trembling there??
031 Negotiations on Sentimental Love

At the beginning of the third quarter,Xu Xuan and Wei Shao both returned to the court。

The decisive battle begins!
Just like those on siteOKCAs the fans think,Behind halftime9In the eyes of Westbrook,That’s nothing.
He feels good with three points in this game,Later, he will shoot more three-pointers as appropriate。
Game start。
Thunder serve first,Westbrook brought here,really,One step forward,Called Adams’ pick and roll,Direct dry pull three points——
Great strength,Anyway, it’s more powerful than when Xu Xuan shot。
but,Westbrook’s three-pointer in this game may feel really good,Xu Xuan expects the ball to hit the basket,Actually hit the Nets directly.
Trembling cold!
The second half started with a three-pointer from Westbrook。
Lakers offense。
Xu Xuan’s offense is different from Westbrook,He chose to break through this attack!
His shooting is more accurate,But breakthrough,More lethal。