Half half,He calm down。

“Small hybrid,Laozi is not http://www.xinlanmumen.cn only a city owner,Still the famous temple,Can you let you take?!”
He biting his teeth and then tailored three people in the Temple of God.。
“I will call you five billions.,Take 2 billion application protection,Left 3 billion renovation,Give me the store,Thoroughly squeezing that small hybrid,Understand!”
“Fifty yuan currency?Application protection mechanism?”
Three life and death are all overjoyed,Continuous guarantee。
“The owner please rest assured,We must not look at expensive,Never make mistakes,That kid dares to come to the store,We must see him.。”
Wang Qingzheng,“That is only one aspect,Important or business,Some days,I will recruit some higher levels of crewners.,To create a store into a large-scale business group,Establish a store and the distribution site……”
God of God。
Desktop,The old look of the old look at the summer,I looked at Wang Yuxin who smiled next to it.。
He takes one of the jade jumbs from the table.。
I’m going to sweep in a circle.,Reconstitutional summer,“This is it,The reward task of the South Gongliang, the main South Gongliang, Dongpu City,One billion yuan of coins has already hit the,now,Let’s talk about your own residence.。”
Summer laughing laugh,Say,“I am living in the first block of the Beicheng, the temple of God.……”
Wait until he finished,Pakistan,“Very detailed,Conditions,Your little guy,Vulnerability of drilling rules,Report yourself……”
Summer reveals people livestock smile,“Old,This is not illegal.?If you are hard to do,Let my friends report it……it’s the same,it’s the same。”
“never mind!”
Pakistan is more speechless,Drop the reservoir immediately,“It is one billion inside,Take a hurry,Look at you……Old husband is not smooth。”
Summer picking up the storage ring,Amens,Spirate,Turned out。
“correct,Remind you,Those governments are the honorary guards of the temple,All privileged,It is not necessarily absolutely safe in the city.。”
“Domeba old。”
Summer road。
After leaving,Wang Yixin http://www.szpzkjycvntdla.cn can’t help but laugh again.。
“We should wait further。”She looks at the summer,Can’t live in your mouth,“Pakistan should notify Dong Pu City, South Gongliang in the first time……”
Summer shink,Nothing。
Next,The two are separated。
Wang Yixin returned to Dongfeng Dado,Preparing to arrange the opening of the store。
Summer returned to the residence。
“Little brother,came back。”
Two cities have returned in advance,One of them handed a black badge in the summer,“Protecting the application, we will give you it.,promise,This is this badge。”
Summer picking badges,Feel some,Immediate change。
Chengwei laughs,“Leave a mark of the town of Temple in the ban,Who dares to work within the badge,The fairy adult can suppress the person。”
“Thank you。”