1month26The US beat the Los Angeles Clippers again,Griffin was struggling to get revenge before the game,Who broke Xu Xuan’s body into pieces.As a result, the game lost again.

Los Angeles Clippers!
Griffin wants to die too.
The disastrous face after the game,Flushing eyes,And the big black eyes,It looks like it’s been a dozen big guys.Ok,Ok,Ok.
Of course there are worse than them。
Atlanta Hawks.
Xu Xuan is also very strange,Why he“Enemy”Either won’t come,To come by,Do you want to fight him to death??
This group of souls!
He won’t succumb to these evil forces,So one by one, they all fell to the ground。
Don’t ask why there are eagles,Our eagles just persevere,Perseverance,The one that won’t admit to killing.
After the game, even Pacers home fans looked at the Eagles players wrongly.,All with admiration and admiration!
The kind that can’t stop。