but,Only one chance,If the power this time,Can’t kill Lin Yu。

By the time,The one who died is oneself。
Because after exhausting all the power,I am almost like an ordinary person。
But with all my strength,Someone who can’t even reach the yellow level,Can take over,is it possible?
Impossible at all。
Precisely because of this one,Ah Xing uses his strongest power directly。
“Die for me!”
All the zhenqi is condensed into the fist,Punch Lin Yu directly。
boom!Loudly,Within 100 meters,The earth shakes。
Chapter 76: Heizi’s Phone
just,There is a place,Not only without vibration,Didn’t even fly a single dust。
This place,Is where Lin Yu is standing。
“Is this all your power?”
Lin Yu casually waved,Directly blocked the attacking force。