“.”The blogger glanced at Si Yue, who was incapable of fighting behind him.,I can only nodded and said,“You must be careful。”

“Now there are three of us left。”
Wait until the blogger takes Si Yue to leave,Blackened Instant Fire looked at Sasuke and Sakura in front of him and said。
“Sakura,Fight later,You must be careful。”
Looking at Sasuke’s face with a solemn expression,Kozakura also nodded subconsciously。
The battle begins,The blackened instant flame disappeared instantly,Kick at Sakura at an incredible speed,Sakura who will not be able to react in the future kicks directly。
I chose Sakura instead of Sasuke,It’s because Sasuke’s reincarnation eyes can see the blackened instantaneous fire clearly。
Although I’m worried about Sakura,But Sasuke did not become a clone,Instead, he concentrates on the battle between himself and Black Instant Fire。
Inject Lei Dun Chakra into his Kusuna Sword,Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are caught in close combat。
The sound of lightning explosion mixed with the sound of wind being torn apart at the same time。
Even if your body can recover quickly,But the pain cannot be eliminated,Kozakura, who was blackened and kicked, rested on the ground for a while,Only gradually recovered。
It seems that Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are in a close battle,But every time Sasuke’s attack was blackened, the instant fire avoided,Then attack Sasuke backhand。
Eventually Sasuke revealed his flaws,Face the attack of the blackened instant fire,Although the skeleton frame protection was summoned in time,But it was opened some distance。
Sakura hurried forward to support Sasuke。