Paused,Cui Zhongyoudao,“You also know,These two releases《love letter》with《Gift in Room 7》,They all know that we have a good relationship with Teacher Chu Liuxiang。After finding the mysterious Chu Liuxiang teacher,They want to buy《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》Copyright,Naturally come to us for help。”

Shen Huan suddenly realized。
Those foreign film and television circles are naturally connected。
Everyone knows the relationship between and Chu Liuxiang,Naturally, I must come here,I want to ask them to convey their opinions。
Shen Huan immediately remembered the unfinished one“Overall return5Billion”Task,Feeling refreshed!
Just say it,How could I not complete the task?
I was waiting here!
First496chapter Eccentricity?
Next,Cui Zhong gave Shen Huan a detailed account of everyone’s sincerity。
The most sincere is of course Tai Chi country。
Crazy Tai Chi fans,Now I am very infatuated with Teacher Chu Liuxiang。
As long as it’s Chu Liuxiang’s stuff,They will like it。
《Xiao Ba’s Story》Has been co-signed by thousands of netizens,I want to get Tai Chi country to publish soon,They want to see。
《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》This record-setting TV series,Also because it is the work of Mr. Chu Liuxiang,Their five major TV stations are scrambling to buy the copyright,Conditions are higher than one。