The Secretary leads the way,Pointed to a door and said:“Take a picture first,It may take a few minutes。”

The director of the marriage registry has been waiting inside,Peng Changyi came in and said:“To trouble you。”
Director said:“today’s weather is not good,Not too many people,So no trouble。”
Peng Changyi and Shu Qing follow the staff’s frustration,Sitting on a bench,Pose,The staff pressed the shutter。
After taking the photo,The director led them into the director’s office again,It’s already ready there。The director followed,Said:“Wait a few minutes,Do it as soon as the photo comes out。”
Liang Hang grabbed two handfuls of candy from a bag,Put on the table,Took out two more boxes of cigarettes,turn on,Ask the chief and director to smoke。
Director said:“Stop smoking,There are ladies,I have a candy,I have to eat even though my blood sugar is high,Because this is wedding candy。”
The director also ate a piece of candy。
Liang Hang said after watching the director put the sugar in his mouth:“How long will the photos be available?”
Director said:“I gonna go see。”
Director said:“Mayor Peng is very busy。”
Peng Changyi said:“I’m fine,She doesn’t have time,Today she has half a day,And the flood was released in the afternoon,If not for time constraints,We won’t trouble everyone,Just lined up outside。”
Director said:“Didn’t Mayor Peng slap me when he said that??You are so busy,How can you go to the line in person??”
Peng Changyi smiled,They said a few words about the weather。