Erbao keeps clean、A pair of beautiful eyes,said laughingly:“Quantity。”

“Quantity?Did you measure it for brother??”Jiang Fan continued to ask。
Erbao thought about it,Shaking his head,The two croissant braids on her head were shaken by her.。
Jiang Fan smiled,Looked at Ding Yi and said:“This amount,Knowing to please girls at such a young age,I have something delicious for Erbao,Never give Dabao。”
Ding Yi heard this,I looked at him strangely,Whispered:“Don’t say this in front of a child。”
Jiang Fan knew that he had missed the word,Said:“Kids don’t understand these。”
Ding Yi said:“Don’t understand?That’s you overestimating the adult’s IQ。”
Dabao may have heard what Dad said,He changed into a new suit and stood in front of his father,Said:“He gave me fruit peel。”
“Oh?Then I wronged this kid,Haha——”Jiang Fan laughed。
Dad looked at his watch,Said:“It’s late,You go back,It’s time to take a rest after washing the child。”
Ding Yi turned around,Find out the dirty clothes changed by the children taken away by the mother-in-law,In a bag。
Dad Jiang saw it,Said:“Didn’t your mother just say it??The clothes are not dirty,She just rubs two,Without much effort,Don’t take it back。”
Ding Yi always took home the clothes that the children changed in a day to wash,Seldom let mother-in-law wash,In-laws took the baby for a day,Eat and drink,Already very hard,She tried not to let them wash the children again。
Ding Yi said:“Mom washes effortlessly,I’m even more effortless。”
Mother Jiang came out of another room,She has a small paper bag in her hand,There is a small white pill inside,Hand it to Ding Yi,Said:“This one,Go home and give Erbao to eat,She didn’t digest well today。”
Ding Yi takes it,Looking at daughter,Said:“Should I hold it myself or let my mother hold it for you?。”