Cloud Show, online VR viewing exhibition . National Grand Theater opens online mode

“Cloud Show”, online VR viewing exhibition . National Grand Theater opens online mode
Due to the need for prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the major exhibition halls of the National Grand Theater have been temporarily closed to the public, but the series of “Online Grand Theater” projects have begun to operate.Following on March 5th, the National Grand Theater first launched the “Online Exhibition” Anhui Music Drama Cultural Relics Exhibition, on March 6, “Looking Back on Classics-National Grand Theater Original and Production Repertoire Exhibition” was also officially announced, the exhibition was held in 360The VR three-dimensional presentation is presented to the general audience, and you can watch the exhibition online with your finger.It is reported that this exhibition selected more than 60 high-quality repertoire lens displays from the production repertoire of the National Grand Theater. Through graphic, model, scene restoration, audio and video and other exhibition forms, it will show the audience behind the original production of the National Grand Theater.The exhibition is one of the temporary exhibitions of the Grand Theatre. Since its opening, it has attracted millions of visitors.Watch the screenshot online. After the National Grand Theater released the “Announcement for Cancellation of Performances and Visits” for the first time on January 24, the sauna and Yewang found that from January 27, the National Grand Theater opened the series “Online Grand Theater”The event first launched the recommended list of “Music Companion, Don’t Forget Peace” on the public account, from Mendelssohn’s “Violin Concerto in E Minor” performed by Anne-Sophie Mutter to Mendelssohn’s “Midsummer Night”The prelude to Dreams, the four selected movements have been widely disseminated about the knowledge of classical music, and also temporarily solved the worries about people staying at home without leaving home.As of now, the “Online Grand Theater” has launched “Music Companion · Don’t Forget the Peace (Inspiring, Listening to the Soul,”) “Performance Accompanied · Releasing the Mood” “Dance Companion · Home Health” “Yiqi Refueling · Common Front”Online”, “Online Exhibition · Taste of the House”, “Emergency Fight in the Same Boat, National Grand Theater in Action”, “Art Micro Classroom” and other seven “Online Grand Theater” series, of which “Performance Accompanied · Release Mood” isIn the form of online performances, the next performance is provided every day to provide online viewing for the audience. Starting from the first “Red Blood Rebirth” concert of the Alexander Red Flag Song and Dance Troupe, “Dawn Quiet Here” has been pushed, “Ai”Dai”, “” Bowstring Feast “Concert”, “Jinsha River”, “Rose Knight”, “Military Girl” and more than ten concerts, operas and other performances.In addition to the seven major sections of the “Online Grand Theater”, the National Grand Theater has launched a collection of dramas “Cloud Show” from February 28, which includes the classic operas “Carmen”, “La Traviata”, “The Wedding of Figaro”, “Tosca”, “Sevilla Barber”, “Aida” and other 20 ultra-classical drama collections for free online viewing.Sauna Night Network also cooperates with the National Grand Theater to make these show shows a weekly online performance theme show. You can click the link to scan the code to watch the performance video and related discs.”Female Power” screening, seeing love and freedom | Sauna Nightnet x National Grand Theater performance online screening “fairy tale special” finds bravery | Sauna Nightnet x National Grand Theater online theme screening accompanies you to “return to the theater” at home |Sauna Night Net x National Theatre Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni Proofreading Li Lijun