They are no longer getting old exposure production special, revealing how the century-old historical data becomes 3D

“They are no longer getting old” exposure production special, revealing how the century-old historical data becomes 3D
On November 5th, directed by Peter the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series?Jackson’s war documentary “They Are No Longer To Be Old” exposed behind-the-scenes special edition of “Live Again”, Peter?Jackson personally predicted how the black and white damaged historical materials turned into a 3D full-color blockbuster 100 years ago.The damaged film undergoes a series of complex and exquisite repair procedures such as frame replenishment, exposure, coloring, and dubbing, and is presented on the big screen for the first time.The film was screened online at the National Arts Federation monograph on November 11th.In order to recreate the vast historical materials of World War I and bring the audience an immersive war experience, Peter?Jackson selected materials from 100-hour black-and-white images and 600-hour veteran interviews, and each frame was repaired frame by frame multiple times.Due to the age, part of the film has been contaminated or even damaged. The team needs to expend a lot of dust to remove it. At the same time, it also needs to adjust the frame rate of the film from 13 frames per second to the modern standard of 24 frames per second, so that the picture is fluent.The speed of play.Coloring is a daunting challenge.The badges, cuffs, small objects on each soldier’s body, and the color of every detail in the scene environment must be consistent with historical facts, but also clear and natural.Peter?Jackson said that in the history of the United Kingdom and Germany the unification of the original color is very rare, the team spent a lot of time to prepare the most authentic khaki.The film also allowed the surviving veterans to call them their stories in narration, and invited the master of the world’s lip language to interpret the dialogue of the soldiers before dubbing.”Realism” is Peter?Jackson’s core appeal.The highest, the production team repaired the black and white images 100 years ago to the highest standards, the grass and trees in the picture, the soldiers smiled to do the most realistic restoration.Special effects technicians even built a CGI model for 3D tracking to enhance the facial details of the characters, making each fighter come to life on the screen.In terms of presentation, Peter?Jackson uses 3D technology to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the film, and strives to make the audience immersive.At the same time, Peter?Jackson breaks through the routine of restoring history from a macro perspective, standing at the perspective of ordinary soldiers and restoring World War I, showing their daily life on the battlefield, tapping their inner activities of despair and fear, and making the audience feel a strong resonance with each other.Peter?Jackson also hopes that this film will inspire people to re-understand how the destiny of themselves and their families has been rewritten by war, and what the significance of war is.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Chen Diyan