Parents care for young children

Parents care for young children

For most parents, they don’t yet know exactly what it takes to care for their children.

However, perhaps the careful parents also noticed such a phenomenon: when the children are crying, giving them warm embraces and gentle touches can quickly calm them down.

This is just to touch the role of which, in fact, it is very particular about it.

Parents stroking their children more often have a headache for the physical development of young children.

First, stroking promotes development.

Experts have proved through experiments that babies who are often touched from birth have better physical development.

Like other warm-blooded animals, humans have a need to be struck from birth. If a certain need is not met, children will have problems such as stunted growth and stunted growth.

If parents can often “skin blind” with the baby, it can stimulate the development of nerve cells under the baby’s skin tissue, and the stimulation information generated by the sense of touch can be transmitted to the brain, which is helpful to the development of the brain.

Moving forward, stroking can soothe emotions.

The gentle touch of the baby by the parents is not only a manifestation of the parent’s love for the child, but also for the child, this is also the moment when they distinguish their parents and feel their tenderness.

Parents’ touches can easily cultivate children’s dependence on their parents, so babies can always sleep in mother’s arms especially well.

When the child cries, the parents’ caressing and embrace calms them down quickly.

Thirdly, stroking can promote the child’s character development.

Children who have had excessive physical contact with their parents since they were young can feel a sense of security in the family and more easily build trust in others.

And this kind of trust is the foundation for children to form a sound personality, which is conducive to the development of children’s good character.

When these children grow up, they often experience cheerfulness, self-confidence and caring, and socially adaptive diseases.

Finally, stroking can deepen the relationship between children and parents.

In foreign families, there is more physical contact between parents and children. They have kisses before going out and going to bed, and they can hug whenever necessary. This gradually reduces the gap between parents and children and deepens their feelings.Be able to get along with family members like friends.