Super sleep method is good for sleeping less

Super sleep method is good for sleeping less

How to sleep every day is not enough.

Even if the alarm sounds to Earthquake, I still cannot wake you up from the bed.

I slept my sleepy eyes every day, dragged a heavy step to the company; constantly yawned during the meeting; I basically did not get up in the afternoon on weekends.

How to improve the quality of sleep so that you no longer sleep on the bed and face your work with freshness every day?

Starting today, you can get perfect sleep by correcting some habits and thoughts!

  Every morning, I always dragged my feet to the company with heavy eyes, and kept yawning during the meeting. I did n’t sleep on holidays until noon . Is this you?

  A research report by the University of London in May this year pointed out that the ideal sleep time for adults is 7 hours per night, less than 6 hours or more than 8 hours of sleep, and there will be a significant decline in understanding and vocabulary use.

Of course, no one doesn’t want to get full sleep and get stunned every day. The problem is that there are too many things to do.

  Can’t you sleep well if you sleep less?

In fact, as long as you correct some ideas and habits, you can bring significant improvements.

As long as you start today: 1, 15?
A 30-minute siesta with a habit of “quick sleep, eye-consciousness, and good habit of quick sleep, refreshing and refreshing”, said Japanese medical doctor Satoshi Tatsuta.
4 o’clock is the highest peak, and the second peak is at 2 pm?
4 o’clock.

He suggested that after lunch, you can take a nap for 15?
30 minutes; if you have the habit of drinking coffee, you can accept it before taking a nap, which will help refreshing in the afternoon.

Because after taking caffeine, it takes about 30 minutes to reach the brain for refreshing effects, so I fell asleep just to face the work in the afternoon!

  2. The temperature of the person who increases blood circulation before going to bed will gradually drop during sleep. 4?
After reaching the trough at 6 o’clock, it began to rise slowly.

Studies have confirmed that only those who have a “significant drop in body temperature” during sleep can obtain quality deep sleep.

Therefore, by bathing before bed and relaxing exercise, you can improve blood circulation and sleep better overnight.

At the same time, heat dissipation in the body is through the blood vessels at the ends of the hands and feet, so pay special attention to the warmth of the hands and feet.

  3, do not sleep until noon, usually go to work early to get up, can not sleep late on holidays?

Sure, but Pingtian advises that it is best not to get up more than “2 hours” late. Then, if you get up at 7 on workday, you can only sleep up to 9 on the weekend.

  Because the human body’s physiological clock is about 25 hours, and it is still within the adjustable range of about 2 hours at night. Once it is exceeded, the physiological clock will move backwards, and on Monday, which must rise early, it will surround the unhealthy hell.

Therefore, on the holidays, avoid sleep supplements until noon, and do not play all night at night, in order to build energy for next week!

  4, sleep well!

Improving quality Step 1: Insomnia on weekends is not a common problem in today’s society, and the scope of insomnia covers mental, emotional, memory and physical health, so how can we effectively help insomniac patients deal with their insomniaThe problem of improving the quality of life has also become the goal of the author’s continuous efforts in sleep medicine.

  目前临床常使用的失眠治疗仍以药物治疗为主,不过药物易造成替代(不吃不行)及纠正性(愈吃愈多)等问题;在失眠的非药物治疗法里,临床上以‘认知-行为治疗’为主,此法结合了睡眠医学以及心理治疗原理,包括:“睡眠卫生教育”、“腹式呼吸法”、“肌肉松弛法”、“自我暗示催眠法”、“冥想”, “Stimulation control method”, “Sleep restriction method” and “Psychological cognitive adjustment”.

  In addition, the author also uses other sleep aid techniques, such as: “environmental adjustment”, “sleep position”, “diet conditioning”, “bathing”, “aromatherapy” and “music therapy” and so on.

  The following is a preliminary introduction to the basic chapter in the treatment of insomnia-“Sleep Hygiene Education”. I hope that readers can learn basic sleep aid concepts to improve sleep problems.

  Sleep hygiene education: The most basic part of non-drug therapy is the so-called “sleep hygiene education” concept, which is mainly to discuss with patients the lifestyle habits that may affect sleep, and tell patients how to change their lifestyles to have good sleep quality.

Some common sleep hygiene includes: First, sleep-related habits1.

Sleep time is regular, go to bed at the same time every day, and “get up” at the same time.


Avoid lying in bed for more than an hour during the day or napping after 3pm.


Do not sleep during the weekend to stabilize the physiological clock.

Make sure you have enough time to relax before bedtime. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to sleep.


Avoid forcing things in bed that are not related to sleep (eg don’t watch TV, watch documents, read).

Woke up at midnight without looking at the clock.

  Second, daily habits 1.

Develop a habit of regular exercise.


Avoid caffeinated beverages (eg coffee, tea, cola, refreshing beverages) six to eight hours before bedtime.


Avoid gravity exercise three to four hours before bedtime.


To avoid frequent urination at night, get up in the toilet and avoid drinking too much beverages before going to bed.


Avoid smoking or using other nicotine products before going to bed, because nicotine is a stimulant, which can make people more energetic and make it difficult to fall asleep.


Avoid drinking to help sleep, because although some people want to sleep in a short period of time, after falling asleep, the quality of sleep is poor and the sleep structure is destroyed.

Old Chinese medicine recommends: “Always can’t sleep” Teabag link: http: // www.


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