I saw the night, I was like a Thunder.,I suddenly drive into the rear of the shadow.。

Hold the village,The neck of the shadow is a cut。
Task requires him to“Catch”,So the night is not dare to use the blade。
If you accidentally cut people,Then his task has failed.。
Facing a sudden danger,Originally planned to retreat the shadow,The body is also a stiffness,The body does not have to respond。
But the snack of the night,Still inevitably blocked。
Although the shadow is not reacted,But as“Starter”Little peer,Reaction is quite rapid。
The vermicon is smashed with two small tales,Identally stopped,Night, I originally smashed the shadow of the shadow.。
Ziziki“Dragonfly”Starter of animal factors,Use a double knife,Have a unique advantage。
Two little too knives,As if it is your own arm,It can be said that it is a natural sword.。
“You actually want to hurt your father,Xiaobai wants to cut you into a fragmentation!”
The blindfold is a very angry,And look at the eyes of the night,Also quite with aggressive。
“Little girl,Actually, it is hacking.,Your father doesn’t teach you,Do you have a politeness??”
The sniper of the night is small,But as he broke out more stronger,Schizi Xiaoyi finished,Even people took a knife and was flying out.。
Looking at daughter hit into the wall,The 影 is also a fierce reaction.。
“Epitope”Start,Night body,Forceful,Demonstration。
“I thought that there was only waste in Tokyo.,I didn’t expect actually there is a strong。
You should also transform soldiers.,What are the troops before??Maybe we also know?。”
I didn’t think about the shadow,I thought it was the people who were all rookies.jgmiddle,A shark is still hidden。
For the identity of the night,The shadow is no doubt,It is definitely“Transform soldier”undoubtedly。
The strength of the shrine,Even in many“Starter”middle,The strength is also a tip.。
But just a lighting,Fall into the wind,The other party is absolutely impossible to be ordinary http://www.merryenglish.cn human。
Greater possible,Can only be the same as yourself“Transform soldier”。
“I am not your iron.,But a real human。”
“Your eye limits your imagination,The limit of the human body is absolutely more than your imagination。”
Night is repulsive,But there is no flying out,He just borrowed a ceiling,The distance between the two people again。
“Xiaobai wants to cut you into a lot of pieces!”
But the little Nai, who was flying before night,It’s again again to attack the night.。
Little Loli is like a mad,Expression is quite bloodthirsty,Red eyes have launched a violent attack on the night.。
And it is quite a time to play.,It is completely playing for injury.。
Seeing like a little bit of sick,Night is a frowning,Visible this child,Has been fully raised。
Looking at this is completely unspeakable.,This http://www.ping-yuan.cn little ghost,It should have been killed a lot of people.。


谁都知道,As long as the first ball stops,Selling pole,with no exceptions。http://www.tai-cang.cn
Just after the first ball is two cool,Suddenly hit a red ball。
This red ball slowly,Sway,踉踉 跄跄 跄跄 前 向。
然后……Get into the bag。
The smile on the face of the bald head is solidified.,All stunned。
The face is like eating fly disgusting。
这……Nima can enter?
The facts occur in front of you,I don’t admit it.。
Just when everyone is stunned,Summer is uncomfortable, uncomfortable, smile,That dedication,I really want people to step on a few feet.。
Everyone can’t help but think of these three words。
In addition to luck, there is no other explanation。
Everyone’s eyes look to Su Xiaoxiao,Some weird。
Su Xiaoxue is also an excitement and joy of,But see everyone’s eyes,Suddenly become nervous,Hurry http://www.momobag.cnafter hiding in the summer。
http://www.hrbyueqi.cn “Dear,you are great。”
Summer 恬 知 知 的,“You are really my Fuxing.,Ha ha ha ha。”
Be paired,Su Xiaoxiao,Face red,This time is really nervous.。
And summer still proud to look at the head and others,“I know how much my girlfriend is playing.。”
Is this technology??
Full dog。
And with you have a yarn relationship?

And from time to time, there is a complicated gaze to hope。

Pity,Curious,Prosperous trouble,Ridicule……Nothing。
The frequencies here are recognized by Jared.。
I know how he is a person.,And what kind of background。
“Brother……”So many eyes gaze,The moon feeling is uncomfortable,Increasingly。
“Ok,It seems that today is not met.。”
Summer,“Drink this glass of wine……Heap!”
Not finished,He laughed,“Come。”
Looking at the moon。
I saw the direction in the second floor.,Used down the next group of people。
As they appear,The music sound of the bar hall,Slow down。
Hustlester,Also gradually quiet。
As if leading,A gaze,A group of people walking down on the second floor。
People are watching http://www.lytxcy.cn a bald young man who is holding the moon by the stars.。
When they walk from the second floor。
The whole bar is completely quiet.。
In the eyes of everyone,A group of people came to the bar。
“Jared,You didn’t lie to me。”
Haville’s eyes hook at the moon,Gaze,At all, it does not cover the evils in it.。
This is in the eyes of everyone,Heart is not sigh:“This beautiful oriental woman,It is ruined。”
The frequencies here are clear,What kind of identity in Havel。
As http://www.2brokemoms.cn long as he looks at the woman,There is absolutely no hand that can escape his.。
Havel is no longer in Spanish,Instead, he said hello.,“Beautiful lady,Don’t be nervous,Don’t be afraid。”
His color is fascinated by the moon,Exposing a self-think of charming smile,“I am not malicious,I just want to make a friend with you.。
Subsequently, look at the summer,The proud and contempt of the eyes are not hidden,“Boy,If you know,Immediately disappear from me……”Narrate。
Summer laughs。
Under lighting,His laugh is a little meaningful,“You are Haville?”
Haville frowned,Summer eyes make him very uncomfortable。
I immediately smiled,“Since you know me,Then I will go to the side.……”Not finished,Suddenly slammed。
Everyone still doesn’t know what is going on.,I saw that Haville was in the http://www.nashistudio.cn body.。
In exclaiming and angered,身 身,Suddenly fell into a gourd。

He also can’t even think of the status of the patient’s patient.。

“This mother will not give me the whole brain.。”Zhou Ye wooked the back of the heart,A kind of dizziness。
Brain shock can cause messenger,The memory of a small period of time before and during the occurrence of brain shock。
“啥,Do you tease??So far from exploding you shook your brain.……You are a dragon twelve palms??”Yang’s mouth bending,Laugh。
Zhou Ye has no expression,He is fine,Is it a frightened?
I 艹……This is too shameful.!
He is consciously clamping his thigh,Because the study shows that people may secrete liquids in a state of high fear……
That is, diaper……
“Call,I have no urine.。”Zhou Ye is finished,Tone。
Yang’s eyes become slow,Looking at Wenyu,Just like watching a patient。
“Don’t say,Small brother,You are really likely to be an inappropriate air fluctuating brain!”Yang passed a transformed。
Zhou Ye is indifferent,When will I think“Air fluctuate brain shock”This noun explained?
It is really a non-tangible,Chapter,Misunderstanding……
He sighed。
Yang suddenly opened his eyes:“You will not even have forgotten what I am.……you see me。”
Zhou Ye wooked crowded:“Brain shock does not cause long-term memory damage,How can I forget you?……And if you don’t cause brain or skull damage,Usually after a period of time,Lossless memory can get a small number of recovery。”
“Um,Professional knowledge http://www.yanshi99.cn is still,It seems that it is still stupid。”Yang hippie smiley。
Zhou Ye screamed,I want to pass this simple movement,Undercurrent。
He glanced at the expression of Yang.,Suddenly lazy lazy。
“This kid doesn’t expect me.。”Zhou Ye is in my heart。
Short-term dissemination caused by brain oscillating does not need special treatment,Don’t worry too much at all,Dizziness is not a long time.,And the range of misseu is also small,Will not affect future memories,Rest more,Ensure enough sleep,Avoid too much lower place event is not good……
I am not a brain shock.!
Zhou Ye I shot the brain,Hurry to stop your mind。
“Do you still stand?,You22The bed was burn the bottle.,Have been talking nonsense,Go to see it first.!”
A nurse rushed to run to Zhou Ye,Refers to the distant ward。
“OK,I will go this.http://www.lufeiair.cn!”Zhou Ye went two words, not to mention the car handle of the computer car, followed by。
Yang Tight followed。
Zhou Ye is running22Bed in front,When I saw the middle-aged man who just asked himself to open the sedative.,I suddenly turned over。
I rubbed……No wonder it feels strange!

Jiefin:“……”How can you listen to this??

He looked at Qing’s low head,It seems that http://www.szhsjj.cn there are more than two red clouds on the face.,She will be shy?
“Hey-hey,Qing Dynasty,How do I think you want to marry me??”
Qing Dynasty apple did not want to smash it towards him.。
“Who……Who wants to marry you,You think so,No wonder I can’t find my wife now.。”
Blue Xin looked at the two people,Take Lu Hao Cheng Silent Leaving,People are cultivating emotions,Atmosphere rendering is just good,She is sorry to go in and destroyed。
Go on a car,Spring is still cold,Gem of wind,Make people’s face with gentle stinging。
Lu Hao became heating,Help her hardship,I will drive home.。
All the way,Blue Xin is still drowsiness,When the temperature is not cold,She sleeps extremely。
Especially rainy days,She is surprisingly good。
Lu Haochong opened very stable,At home,She didn’t wake up。
Until Lu Hao hugged her,Cold air attack,She slowly opened her eyes。
Lu http://www.hrbdyt.cn Haocheng saw her woke up,Some annoyed this cold night。
“Put me down,I am walking myself.。 ”Blue Xin sleepy,Sound。
Lu Haochong flashed,Footsteps:“Heart hurts me?”
Blue Xin bright eyes are gently blinking,Gently head。
“I can’t hurt you.,Who distressed you。”Blue Xin lowered a sentence。
Lu Haocheng smashed the lips。
After opening,Holding her directly to the room。
Blue Xin doesn’t want to talk more,After all, the scratches on your body make her http://www.yifeng8.cn uncomfortable。
Lu Haocheng knows her tired,Nothing?
“Tired, sleep first.,Is there anything to say tomorrow morning?。”
“Um!”Blue Xin nodded。
Lu Haocheng looked at her after sleeping,Just get up and get out of the room。
He took out the phone‘
I called a phone to Ou Jing.。
European:“Company warehouse,Do you want to come over?The result is already coming out.,Received money。”
“Who?”Lu Hao is very cold。
“He doesn’t know,Home has a sick mother,In the hospital needs money,See someone gives money,A little heart,I did this.,You don’t come,I will give the police.。”
“Um!”Lu Hao points,hang up the phone。
There is an instant silence over there.,Usually encounter this kind of thing,He shouted to shout,Very tough attitude,It’s so easy to compromise today.。

Previous hand,But it is the test of each other.。

This time is a violent shot。
This moment of mysterious man,Siming the magic of the refined iron cast,I can’t say arrogant and overbearing。
A punch,The air is completely exploded.。
Turbulence fried and concrete。
Disclosure,At this moment, the Guardian Alliance Lord should have a strong and domineering。
He does not refund,The same punch。
No flower。
Two fists have been hard together,The sound issued is still like Hong Zhong Da Lu’s metal.。
The two all launched all the strengths.,No longer converge,Open a big way,Fierce confrontation。
Air constantly bursting,Ground continuous tremor。
The mysterious man http://www.1016photostudio.cn feels too mad.。
His bombardment,It is inevitable that air burst。
Per move,More like a mountain peak is shaking。
But his speed is fast if lightning。
Jun is jumped in place,Then now, the scene in Huai。
He continues in the sky,Every step is overwhelming,Kick kick a mysterious man’s chest and skull。
This is one of his tricks.。
Usually people are unable to resist。
Step-by-step,Air is bursting in distortion。
When his third step is stepped out,Change。
There is a wind thunder in the air.。
His feet,Like stepped on lightning。
Mysterious man is a cold,I will not retreat at all.,Hold the left leg of the other side。
His fist is like a mountains.,The oppressed air is dramatic distortion。
Both collided,The sound of the sound is like a righteous http://www.whwgmnqx.cn righteous,
The mysterious man seems to have not given yourself.,The fist is suffering from the power of the other,And lightning energy,Although step in one step,But once again bombard。
Wind thunder is constantly issued,Half air waves are impact wave,Continuously spread toward the west。
The four-week guards have to retreat again.。
The two are too powerful.,I am afraid that the bastles of the collapse are all breathless.。
Summer in the distance,It is simply on a tree.,Although serious injuries,It is still looking forward。

Half half,He calm down。

“Small hybrid,Laozi is not http://www.xinlanmumen.cn only a city owner,Still the famous temple,Can you let you take?!”
He biting his teeth and then tailored three people in the Temple of God.。
“I will call you five billions.,Take 2 billion application protection,Left 3 billion renovation,Give me the store,Thoroughly squeezing that small hybrid,Understand!”
“Fifty yuan currency?Application protection mechanism?”
Three life and death are all overjoyed,Continuous guarantee。
“The owner please rest assured,We must not look at expensive,Never make mistakes,That kid dares to come to the store,We must see him.。”
Wang Qingzheng,“That is only one aspect,Important or business,Some days,I will recruit some higher levels of crewners.,To create a store into a large-scale business group,Establish a store and the distribution site……”
God of God。
Desktop,The old look of the old look at the summer,I looked at Wang Yuxin who smiled next to it.。
He takes one of the jade jumbs from the table.。
I’m going to sweep in a circle.,Reconstitutional summer,“This is it,The reward task of the South Gongliang, the main South Gongliang, Dongpu City,One billion yuan of coins has already hit the,now,Let’s talk about your own residence.。”
Summer laughing laugh,Say,“I am living in the first block of the Beicheng, the temple of God.……”
Wait until he finished,Pakistan,“Very detailed,Conditions,Your little guy,Vulnerability of drilling rules,Report yourself……”
Summer reveals people livestock smile,“Old,This is not illegal.?If you are hard to do,Let my friends report it……it’s the same,it’s the same。”
“never mind!”
Pakistan is more speechless,Drop the reservoir immediately,“It is one billion inside,Take a hurry,Look at you……Old husband is not smooth。”
Summer picking up the storage ring,Amens,Spirate,Turned out。
“correct,Remind you,Those governments are the honorary guards of the temple,All privileged,It is not necessarily absolutely safe in the city.。”
“Domeba old。”
Summer road。
After leaving,Wang Yixin http://www.szpzkjycvntdla.cn can’t help but laugh again.。
“We should wait further。”She looks at the summer,Can’t live in your mouth,“Pakistan should notify Dong Pu City, South Gongliang in the first time……”
Summer shink,Nothing。
Next,The two are separated。
Wang Yixin returned to Dongfeng Dado,Preparing to arrange the opening of the store。
Summer returned to the residence。
“Little brother,came back。”
Two cities have returned in advance,One of them handed a black badge in the summer,“Protecting the application, we will give you it.,promise,This is this badge。”
Summer picking badges,Feel some,Immediate change。
Chengwei laughs,“Leave a mark of the town of Temple in the ban,Who dares to work within the badge,The fairy adult can suppress the person。”
“Thank you。”

Tian Zhongxiong greeted Xiaolin,Dark road is a unfolding allies:“If I have not guess wrong,The appearance of this killer,Maybe my opponent also received a message from the owner’s missing news.,So I will test the details。”

People’s heart, if it is,Recently, in addition to the landlord disappeared in Hong Kong Island,No other storm,Tian Zhongxiong confident will not guess the wrong。
To say killers from Hong Kong Island……
hehe,He is not ignorant,How to see the knife is full of neon winds。
“It turned out to be like this,I look like I think more.,Mr. Xinxiong suffered a false home,Allies,I should take the power to。”Xiaolin nodded,A brother’s good allies gesture。
“hehe,Then I will work Mr. Xiaolin.,Let me see the nine-generation of the nine-generation。”
The two are talking about,Something sudden changes in the hospital,Liao Wenjie sweeps a knife,Behind the vain,Explicit a black giant pyth with a body length of more than ten meters。
Black giant roaring,A swim shock,Four bodyguards were broken to the ground。The giant spit and spoke twice,See Liao Wenjie has not responded,Dow open blood,Put four black daggers。
“That is a gallstick‘Black rope’Treasure knife,I remember it to serve the heart of the shrine.,How can I be here??”Xiaolin is awkward,Double-handed,Summate your style in the yard。
beside,Yangshi Yuzi also made the same action,Close to summon your own style。
Very familiar,Two style gods are the big samurai of the back of the black feather double wing,Plus the body length of ten meters,Let the yard seem to be crowded。
Liao Wenjie frightened,The first time I know that the Yinyang Master’s style has the same paragraph.,Instead of everyone is different。
Look this,Snowflared with air conditioners is not playing。
“Mr. Xiaolin,Move quietly,I am a businessman.,Don’t want to keep abreast of legacy。”Take a great time,Tian Zhongxiong reminder。
“certainly,Allocation,I don’t want to make too much movement.。”
Xiaolin nodded,Handed a look at the Yangshi,The latter touched two yellow characters from the arms,Higher word,Saving ahead。
Yellow-orally flying out,Nail in the sky,Follow,Yellow rays passed http://www.jxh08.cn away,Made of the manufacturing nephew to eliminate the possible possible possible。
Now,Liao Wenjie is called broken throat,The people outside can’t hear。
Tian Zhongxiong saw,Hand holding long knife into the courtyard,Hand knife falls to the four points,Blood sacrifice four faithful bodyguards。
Hooded,Blade flashed a black light,Then the flames make a black fog。
The giant can open the bloodpine,Body swim,Riding two big warriors,The gap on the body is caused by two styles.,Rushing up。
Xiaolin and Yuzi hands holding yellow characters to make hurricane,Assist ourselves,Sound is colored and the giant pyth。
“Leave you a life today,Tell you the people behind,My life is far more than one copy of the stone,I want him to take himself.!”Tian Zhongxiong avoids chaos battlefield,Hold the knife to Liao Wenji。http://www.seedk.cn
What is the murderous stone??
Liao Wenjie,Single hand grip down,Set of reports:“Ignorant guy,You don’t know what to do it.,Dealing with you a killing stone is enough。”
“Hahaha,Ignorant is that you are right.,And don’t say that you get just a replica,Even if it is genuine??”

Wang Liu http://www.takex-koganei.cn is not a pedantic person,Talk about love,Even if something happens?,I can’t represent anything.。

But I am listening to Wen Wen.,I am still a little relaxed in my heart.,Although Wang Fang was betrayed,But fortunately,Did not suffer。
As for the hit to bear,Communication with a slag,Belt to the baptism,It is not necessarily a bad thing.。
So much thinking,The king is too lazy to talk nonsense.,Cold and cold:“Give you two options,First,I took the initiative to tell Wang Fang.。
second,I tell her myself.,Let her break up with you,Then……”
Wang flow straight to Chai Wen,Eye cold light flashes,Winter:“You will wait for my anger.。”
This is the purpose of him.。
Women in love is zero。
From him to Wang Fang,She does not necessarily believe,Even may arouse her inverse opposite,I think he is in order to make http://www.hrbguangri.cn her break up and deliberate her.,If so, I have a slogan with him.,Then you have to pay。
Compared to below,Still let the Wen Hao go to the name of the name of her.,Simple and effective。
Chai Weiwen is a little guilty,Although Wang Fang did not introduce him to his brother.,But not to mention,His brother is doing business,It seems that it is not bad.。
Now look at the “Wear and the gas field”,He can feel it,Wang Fang Besheng did not lie to him,Her brother is not an ordinary person.,The threat just now is not in the bluff。
But just hit by him.,Now I will directly recognize it.,Chai Wei also feels too wrong,Hardted tape:“Don’t tell you,I am thinking about breaking up with her.,Just, I haven’t come yet and open to her.,Just hit by you.。”
“So much the better,Advise a sentence,Don’t play tricks,Otherwise I swear,You can’t afford it。”Wang flows cold laugh,Drop the sentence,Lazy again,Departure。
the next day。
Wang Flow has been waiting for Wang Fang’s news,Just this sister,I will immediately face a blow.,Don’t be angry with him。
I thought that Chai Yiwen will have some difficult tooth.,Tract a little time,I didn’t expect him that he was very simply,Just arrived at noon,Wang Fang classmates Liang Hui will call the phone。
Wang traffic rushed,Liang Hui is waiting at the door,The two have been seen before,Still drinking over the wine together,It is not stranger.。
See the king,Liang Hui hurriedly welcomed the top:“King,You go up and see.,Xiaofang didn’t know what happened.,In the morning, it is good.,In the morning, Chai Wen called her out and said a few words.,Then I suddenly be unhappy.。
The whole morning is lost,I haven’t eaten after lunch.,I don’t say a word lying in bed.,I will die soon.。”
Wang traffic nodded,It is very clear in my heart.,It is definitely that Wenhao is asked by him.,Take the initiative to make your hands with Wang Fang。
“I went to see。”
“follow me。”Liang Huiyi took him on the building first.。
In the dormitory。
Wang Fang did not cry,Just quietering in bed,The two eyes are not gone。
Several rooms around,A concern persuasion。
“Xiaofang,What happened??You are saying something,I will die soon.。”
“Is it a firewood to make you angry??”
“What did he say to you??”
“You are……Did you break up??”
Some people have weak questions,Her man rushes her to make her eyes,Although Wang Fang did not say,But they guess can guess,In the morning, Chai Hao is looking for her to say a few words.,The two must be divided.,Otherwise, it will not be like this.。

“Du Ye!An accident。”

Pretty sound。
I am not equal,There,“We are in the North Bar City, two divisions and two strongholds,All is all being。”
What!!Duke lingering hit a cold war,Instant awake,Sitting,“What do you say?!Two branches and two strongholds are subject to being?
Who is dry?
Red White in Indonesia?
Still Bali Trose?”
For example, it has almost swept the underground world of the entire Bachelor.,There is no opponent at all。
In addition to the red white tissue of Indonesia,And outside Bali, Bali, Bacue,No people and power can fight with angels。
Red and white is the special forces of Indonesia,Bali is affiliated to Tross quality……Tros is one of the nine hegens。
After hearing this news,Duke thought this aspect。
However, http://www.dplus3c.cn the sound from the phone,Let Duke are unsettled。
“Not,Not,I get news according to us,Is a foreign forces,They have fifteen very weird cars,A total of one hundred people。”
“More than a hundred people?”
Duke brow crumpled。
Whole Bacue all divisions and strongholds,No two hundred people,Even more。
Even if the other party is engaged,The first base may be succeeded by the other party,But continuously disconnected two divisions and two strongholds,This http://www.tai-cang.cn is something that I can’t say.。
“Are you joking with me??”
Think here,Duke’s face suddenly gloomy,“How can one hundred people can do this?,Are they not dead??
You are eating too much.?
Also……Why notify me now?!”
Guy opposite the phone,It seems to feel the anger of Duke,The sound has become a knot。
“Du……Du Ye,You listen to me explained,Be,Such。”
Opposite to the sip of water,“They are behind our Will Club at Northern Bar City.,This more people are divided into three parts.,About more than 30 people,At the same time, we have launched our partial parties and the two sites.,Their speed is too fast,And the strength is very powerful……”Narrate。
Duke’s face suddenly is cloudy。
The other party destroys the Will Club,Thirty people as a squad,Since the three strongholds。
And it is successful。
http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn What does this mean?。
Duke is very clear。