Most Western abilities,Will cultivate the fight。

Because when you are in the same time,Once the ancient martial arts is bullied,The abilities have no advantages.。
These are lessons exchanged with blood and bone。
Western abilities are not uncomfortable。
But there is no auxiliary and cooperation without a specific breath,Gu Wu has not played power。
Finally, I can only put my eyes on the fighting skills of the near murder.。
Continue after collision,Fasbund’s arms,Black flame,From the west side,。
Summer surrounded by the summer。
Five-order flames,Obviously have a more strange feature。
As if I can burn everything。
Even in a certain aspect,It has exceeded the scope of the abilities。
Summer handheld snake knives will dance the body。
So that is the case,Still a sporadic flame falling on the body,In an instant eroded the suffocation of the body。
Summer heart big earthquake,Take a residual shadow。
Fasbund,Look at,Kill。
A fire pillar is like a fire dragon with the giant sword,As if it is infused,It seems that the air burns。
Summer is not panic,Snake knife flows black and white color,A knife in an instant。
In one side、It’s like a circular mirror。
Black with white rice particles flashing,Instant is connected,It’s like a small chart。
Both have a hit together,Iron-fried thunder。
Star chart constantly tremor,The fire dragon seems to fall into it.。
Such as collision with the shield。
A lot of flames beat the eight parties。
But the star map is not broken,It is still advancing forward。
Fasbund microlic,Then the clothes are bliss,Throw the giant sword in your hand。
At the same time。
The giant sword is the flame aggregation,Successful blocking star,Tropied moment burst。
The violent waves are rolled with dust and gravel layers in progress。
Several Mars fall in summer,Let his clothes burned,Let him have to retreat quickly。

Chen Erniu rushed up and said:“Wang Youcai!You try。 This is the village committee,I called the police to arrest you,Believe it or not?“

Song Fang saw this posture,Get angry and leave。She forgot one thing,This Zhao Hong left,The head of Xiping Village is Chen Erniu。But she and Chen Erniu had a marriage,Although it has been divorced for many years,But everyone feels embarrassed when they meet。The other is that Wang Youcai and his son can’t do anything at all,Ma Yan was in a mess after two sentences。
I was thinking about making trouble,I didn’t expect it hadn’t officially started yet,Already defeated。Isn’t she going to wait to be ashamed here。
Wang Degui is an old slippery after all,He can serve as the head of Xiping Village for many years,Naturally has his uniqueness。He watched Song Fang walk away,Knowing that their scene has been broken。If you insist on going down,It must be full of loopholes。
He took a breath and said:“I thought Mr. Zhao just left,Xia Jianhui in the village committee,That’s why I came to find him。Since he is not here,Then we go to the mayor to find him“
“Old village chief!I think you are old,Still hurt on the head,Then I won’t tell you。Mayor Xia’s family went to Bucheon,It may take a while to come back“Ma Yan said,Smile coldly。
Wang Youcai listened,Anger comes up,He yelled:“Is this Xia Jian a cadre??Had such a big accident,He’s good,I went out to play with my ass,Don’t you be afraid of others poking his spine“
“Wang Youcai!Your fucking conscience let the dog eat it?This is a natural disaster,What does it have to do with Xia Jian?If you really want to get to the bottom,Then you have to ask your father about the cause of this。If not for him,The village chief will not leave us“Chen Erniu said angrily,He is really angry。 “I admit that this happened because of me,But there are hidden safety hazards in Southeast Mountain,Why doesn’t he care about Xia Jian“Wang Degui asked loudly。
First1814chapter Guess well
? Chen Erniu became popular as soon as he heard it,He did not expect that Wang Degui would come to this trick。And it was only a few days after Zhao Hong just left, This innocent old thing joins his son to make trouble。
“Wang Degui!You are also the village head for many years。What do you think it has to do with Xia Jian?No one can predict natural disasters。Moreover,You have to go up southeast mountain,None of us will invite you,It’s your son Wang Youcai who came here to beg for you。If it weren’t for Xia Jian’s wish to take care of your old man,,Can you go to Southeast Mountain?”
When Chen Erniu said this,I was so angry that I was shaking a little。Had it not been for Zhao Hong just now,He has to kick this father and son out。
Wang Degui in order to achieve his own goals,No face。Obviously Chen Erniu has made things very clear,But he still messes around,Xia Jian should be responsible for this matter。
Ma Yan is a young man,Plus she is outspoken,How can she endure Wang Degui’s nonsense here。I saw her step forward in front of Wang Degui and shouted:“Old village chief!I think you are an old man,So I very kindly advise you to leave here,Stop talking nonsense here,You arrange Mayor Xia like this,I’m not afraid that thunder will hit you?”
“Hi!You little slut,Why do you always maintain Xia Jian?Did you fall asleep by him?,Now there is a chance for righting?”When Wang Youcai heard Ma Yan curse his dad,When you get angry。

No bootes,Because Chu Deirers don’t know,What can you wash?,Just random……

Be both“Integrate”Later,Chu Dee people only see the sea of consciousness,《Wash》Still、“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”Also“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”,However, it is washed out.《King Kong Zen Lion》……
Chu Deman:???
Chu Deirers think about a lot of results,Such as washing“Zhao”and“Guest 缦 缦”,For example, the two effects unsuccessful……
However, I didn’t expect it.,I actually washed out of a grandeur’s high contemporary?
What is this principle??
However, the Chu Deirers thought about it.,Zen work、Also sound《King Kong Zen Lion》,Indeed“Homogenize”Can,and“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”There is a connection。
only……Why is it opened?《King Kong Zen Lion》?Is this Heritland?,Related to Buddhism?
Chu Deirens with doubts,I washed it again.……
After washing the marrow,“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”Remain“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”,However, it washed it out.《Huangsha Wanlong》!
Is a martial arts in the case of knife,Calculate and there are some sources of Chu Deirens——Chu Deirers from the Great Road Gaps in the Raolong Villa,Including Tian Boguang《Hazy knife》,There is also a comment on the Raolong Villa,This《Hazy knife》It is incomplete《Huangsha Wanlong》……
Chu Deman:???
Another one“Homogenize”Related practice,But but didn’t matter with Buddha.?
Chu Deirers in the heart,I have conducted a third time washed……
This result is only“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”and《Wash》,But the Chu Deiren felt,Not not washing out,But what is washed out,Wushu with yourself has been classified.!
Normal wash this time,It is one of the five-bedroom swordsman who has already mastered before the Chu Deirers.,So there is no badge……
“How to be five Yue this time?”Chu Deirers wonderful,However, hearing the voice seems to have guess.。
“Two brother,what happened?”Dog hybrid。
“nothing,First wait first, etc.……”Chu Deee is ready to try again,If you can try out who is unique,That is more confirmed!
Chapter 959 guess
“Two brother,what happened?So anxious?”Dog hybrid in the breath of water is pulled out from the house。
When passing through the rock square,Dog hybrid seeing morning meal is on the table,Can’t help but ask:“Don’t you eat breakfast??”
Be right,Already in the past
“How long does it take?,Come back and eat。”Chu Deirers rushed to pull the dog hybrid into the stone room。
“Your four grandfather has recently been in the fourteenth five-year-old passion.?”Chu Dee people walk、Asked。
“Wu Yue?Word I don’t know,But indeed the fourteenth room。”Where is the people who have a familiar person in the dog hybrid?。
Chu Deiren heard,The heart is more determined for yourself more speculation.,After that, you will find the Ding.
Came from the fourteenth stone room,Chu Deirers directly took out the nine whip、Slow comparison is divided。
“what are you doing?Have a break, I understand the school!let go、Otherwise, you are welcome.”Ding is not four shouts。
Noise causing many people around you frowning,But the Chu Deirers are very chest.、Push“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”Air machine outbreak,Suddenly a share power is straightforward。
It can be described as a tiger、Tiger、Wang Bazhi’s pitch,Whether it is Wulin Holy, a river and lake,I have received my attention.、Ignore him,Don’t delay we understand Gao Wushu
And Ding is not a protest.,Three or two were made by Chu Deirens,I took out the stone outdoor。
“Four grandfather,Second brother is just asking you something,You don’t fight again.”Dog hybrids are persuaded。
“Your bunny scorpion,I see you is!”Ding does not reprimand,The arm is more screwed behind the Chu Deirers.。
“I ask you to answer,I have been honest.,You can still go back,Otherwise, I will interrupt your hands and feet.,Let you go back in this life.!”Chu Deirers said。

Xinzhi entrusted the magician,And it’s still a strong night.,So they can survive this time.。

And the old mayor and others,I also know this task difficulty,It’s far beyond the first entrusted level,Moreover, people who are caught in the town also saved a lot.。
Therefore, the old mayor will pay twice as much as the active payment of people.,And enthusiastic invitation, waiting for the night, let’s stay in a few days.。
Night and others also know that the town chief is worried that things are not completely solved.,So there will be more than a few days in the town.,Until the town people found that no one was missing again.,They finally rest assured。
“I don’t know how to say this time.,Still not luck,Actually encountered the legendary devil,This is really……”
Kana looked at the devil bodies behind the night,Mood is a complex,Like Dragon and Devil,Some magist guys will not see it once in their lives.,And they first team up to complete the commission,I have encountered it.。
“Why do you feel luck?,We will get twice as reward this time.。
And you see the scales and wings on this guy.,If used to create magical equipment,It must be a good thing.。
But before this,Should get the magic review,Or the kingdom leads one more money,Regular guild,Eliminate such a devil,How much is the kingdom, I have to say it.。”
The night is a little bit.,Although the money got is divided into four copies,But actually earn more than him.。
certainly,Evil this kind of thing,Not every time you meet, you will be in place.。
“I finally know,Why can you so easy to take out the money?。”
Light spit a breath,Kana was also scared by this harvest.,This commission is secondary。
Night said,As the existence of demon,Night, they are generally with the warriors of the kingdom.,Kingdom will not reward a little award。
And magical equipment is always the most expensive thing in this world.,Look at Ei Lusha know,It’s entirely because buying magic equipment to buy yourself.。
And this devil body,No matter which part is,It is the best material to build magical equipment.,The same is also worth it.。
Back to Magnolia Town Life,Night and other people first find Mira to submit this task。
“Welcome back,Seeing your peace is really good.。”
When I saw the nightmare of the wind,Mira is like a smile of peace of mind,When they got contact with the guild,Mira as a contact person,Is always worried about them。
After all, the night they encounter is the demon.,Hazard coefficient is quite high,But now I see the night, they have no injured.,Mili finally worked.。
“In fact, after receiving the contact of Ka,,Originally, I want to support the past with Irvman.,But the president said,If it is a night,A must have no problem。
If you can’t solve the night?,Can only contact the other guilds of the Kingdom to form alliances。”
Now『Fairy Tail』middlesDealer,Only Leisha is two people with rice.,Kedars is a ten-year task,I am flowing through the waves all year round.。
Laxas contradictions with Macarov,Also carry“Thunder”drifting,I rarely return to the public meeting。
Mitzang is too mysterious,It seems that only the president can find each other。
So when I heard the night, they met the devil.,The only one can help,It is estimated that Ai Laha is with Mira.。
Airewa is working out with the Nats.,Then there is only Mira.,And because I don’t want to lose my family.,Mira or even decided to break your own ban,Re-use magic。
“thank you,Mira”Kana gave Mira a hug,Others may not know why Mira is no longer a magistrate,But Caa, which grew up, can’t know。
Mira’s embarrassment of Lisa,It is estimated that it is the same as that of Kildas.,Mira for them,Even intended to relieve your own ban,It can be seen that he is waiting in his mind.。
“Although I saw you back peacefully,I really want you to go back to rest early.,But the president seems to have something to find you.。
Do not,Precisely,It should be said that there is something to find a night.。”
Miijou looked at the night with Makaro and Wacaba, two old colors.,Emoticity。
Listening to Mira,After the night stopped, he continued to defeat the devil.,The small sister in the town intends to let him spend a small story.,Regret to Mira。
“What do you do for me??”

Anyway,Also jumped out of the chessboard。

“what……”at this time,I am awaken in the summer.。
Look up,Just see Gano waved a thorny sword march.。
Inserts the body of the old man。
“puff”The old man is born back shoulders,The upper body body is obliquely,The lower half is still in the dark,While shooting the blood flowers。
The last two disadvantages fall in the blood of the blood。
“Three uncle ancestors!”
The ear is ambush,Eye grievances are like a ghost,Suspectedly rushed。
Not just him,Five or six people who are siege,Also all desperately。
But you can see it.,They have a lot of scars on them.,Obviously not Gano opponent。
From the big game,The ear homes account for great advantage。
This time Gano came,Take only five people,Qian Tianlu’s ancient martial arts who came home,In fact, it is a plate of shackles.。
at the very beginning,They can still compete。
But as the ear is desperately desperate,Disadvantage。 It is a sulking in the past few days.,All in the eyes,Not cared at life and death。
To know,In addition to the ancestors of the ancestors,The five or six hundred village names also have many masters,Otherwise it will not stay here.。
At the end,It has already fled towards the village in the village.。
Someone takes the lead,Someone immediately followed the escape。
Even the masters of Qian Tianlu such as the holy realm,After killing more than a dozen people,Seeing that he is getting less and less,Also rush to the outside。
So,This center。
More and more people,Rush to Gano。
But Ganan is not afraid,Handheld sword rushed in the crowd,Bloody,Ruthless。
Although the ear is more,But it is really able to fight against him.,That’s a few people。
And he is very clear,Killing ear, those who are very common, the masters are worthless。
Only super masters like the old man,Can you forced out the sky。
To the latter,He has a shock,Expanded the sword with his sword,Ten thousand swords light into the west。
Here,There are dozens of deaths and injuries。
Gangan launched rapid,Chasing the ear saving attack。
Seeing that the ear is difficult to make,Continuously swearing,Sitting in summer slowly standing。
He has a feeling。
If you don’t appear in the world,The ear sustain is very likely to be killed。
But just at this time,His brow wrinkle。
A remaining shadow,Follow,A person appears next to it。

“The health method of shit,I’m sitting and thinking about things,Sit for a long time,People are too lazy to move。All right,Closer to home,You have been waiting for a long time,Pick the important ones。”

“There is a message,Quite unhappy。That person is still alive,He is very dissatisfied。”
“and also,We checked the background of the little security guard again in detail,Not too different,After the army retired, it has been ordinary。Until now, I haven’t found out if the other side is eyeing him。”
“This time the order is huge,I’m worried about being too conspicuous,Will attract attention。The public security has touched the new creation through Yinhai,Things are getting more and more troublesome。”The man in white suit carefully observes the bald head reaction,After reporting a few problems one after another, I stopped。
“Ok,Be careful。”Bald pensive,Doesn’t seem to be too caring。
“Finally, the second shopkeeper,He will be the little security guard tonight。”The white suit puts the key issues to the end。
Bald man rubbed his temples,Sigh,“So many years,The second child is getting less and less promising。That little security guard is really interesting,It’s not that I underestimated my dick,He really may not be able to get this person。Three first-class players,Get killed at once,It’s impossible to rely on luck alone。
“As for the one inside is dead or alive,Don’t worry about that,He wants to be dissatisfied,You can find someone to do it yourself,Ignore him。”The bald man slowly moves his cervical spine,http://www.hrbfdmy.cnThere is already a strong anger in the tone。
“The second shopkeeper, would you like the two of us to help??”Tentative question in white suit。
“Well……It’s not appropriate to let people go,His bad temper,Hey!such,You ask Erhu to take two safer ones to see,Don’t join,Don’t let the second child play with yourself when it’s critical.。”The bald man’s eyes showed a little helplessness。This second stupid,Didn’t you wipe his ass?,It’s just a tossing to the end。
“If it’s difficult,Why don’t we just clean up the little security guard here?,A lot easier。”
Bald man shook his head,“I am more and more interested in this little guy,Pay more attention to him,If he is strong enough,Will come in handy later。of course,If the second child can easily clean him up,It proves that this kid is not what I want。”
“I’m going to inform Erhu。”The white suit nodded seemingly,Got up and went out。
Li Tianchou lay on the top of the container,Overlooking the entire cargo yard,A piece of black,No abnormality found。But he is very patient,Listening motionlessly。Sea breeze blowing,There are some small whispering sounds,Although not very real,His superhuman discrimination ability,It is roughly judged that someone is speaking in the northeast,It’s just that the distance is hard to judge。
By the faint light of the gantry crane in the distance,Li Tianchou quickly printed the surrounding terrain and the location of the containers in his mind,Come down with ease,Took the rope,Touch northeast。
Sudden waist vibration,Pager rang,Li Tianchou took a look,Line above:“Li’s,Courageous?I won’t see your horse if I don’t come again。”

“But now,think carefully,In fact, the next,Let’s everyone,In fact, it has fully occupied the opportunity.。”

“If it is really starting from here,So, no matter what,In fact, let’s everyone.,Have this necessary,Treated this matter。”
This,Surroundings,What you say。
Especially now,These people are more, the more I feel excited.。
Treat these,At this time, Lei Tianming,It is very calm。
“but,The boss has not disclosed these,So let’s everyone,In fact, it is not so urgent.。”
“In fact, I look at me.,this matter,Let’s first wait for the first time.。”
Anyway, now,Things have happened。
Now you want to completely avoid,That is absolutely impossible。
So next,Want to handle these,In fact, in Lei Tianming, thinking about it.。
but now,Lei Tianming quickly disappointed。
“strangeness,Yin Jia Base,What will be wrong??”
“Why I thought for a long time?,Still not thinking!”
Lei Tianming,Sorctivity is no longer going。
Anyway, no matter what,What is this。
In this way,Not as good as now,Don’t take the tube first,What is the situation here?。
Since it is now,It is better to,Just continue to wait again。
Anyway,,Even if you continue to tangle,In fact, it is also no harmony.。
And Lei Tianming,Others are nodded。
As for Lei Tianming,Looking at these places,His face is brought a smile。
“But now,If you continue to entangle this。”
“In fact, carefully pondering,Down is not found,What will I bring?!”
At this time,Lei Tianming’s consciousness went to the eye,The more this situation is now,In fact, for this matter,How to solve it in the end。
Lei Tianming’s heart,In fact, you must understand more than anyone.。
slowly,Look at these,Lei Tianming suddenly realized:“Ha ha,I think,I understand。”
Just now,Lei Tianming’s mind,Suddenly realized the problems existing in this matter。
So next,Lei Tianming to set up ideas,Plan to do this。
And in front of Lei Tianming,Others have come together,The line of sight is moving here.。
As for the present,Such a thing,I should start from what aspect。
Right,How to see,How to make people feel,In fact, it is not simple.。
“All right,Can now be tangled?,Everyone is ready to prepare,Direct attack Yin Home。” Lei Tianming said,Those people around you look back。
The first thousand ninety-eight chapters Yin Chenghao’s concern
at the same time,In Yin Home。
Yin Chenghao’s line of sight,The next consciousness looks at the eye。
It is in Yin Chenghao’s side.,When those of other Yin’s family look at him,Don’t be exemption in my heart。
After all, now,at this time,Good end,Why do you want to do this??

Shopping function displayed in accordance with the information and advertising disclosed by Tiansheng,Ma Yun summed up the business model of Tiansheng.,I am dark in my heart.。

At the moment, Taobao has not launched,Ali’s business model is to provide a platform,Let enterprises and enterprises to trade online,belongb2b。
And Tian Sheng’s business model is a business,Sell something to customers,And recruit third-party sellers to sell things to customers,Belong tob2c、c2c。
Although the two are e-commerce,But in essence is still different。
Therefore, although Tianheng entered e-commerce,But the threat to Ali is not big,At least in the current,The two do not have a competition directly。
No threat,The pressure of the horse boss suddenly reduced,If the tension of the enemy disappears,Lake up,The small melon does not consciously turn it quickly.。
Although it is ambusted,But I have to say,Seriously studied a Tianheng’s business model,But let him look in front of him.,Gave him a lot of inspiration。
Ali founded for three years,I have already won two large financing of Goldman Sachs and Soft Silver.,Funds,till now,Website registered enterprise users have broken a million,Profit is also about to achieve balance,The influence of the Internet bubble is still in the moment,This performance is also quite good.。
But the horse boss feels,Development to now,Ali is basically close to the bottleneck,After all, the number of companies in the country is limited,And these companies understand e-commerce,Willing to enter the e-commerce to develop another discount。
Continue to develop according to the original business model,Ali’s performance may also grow,But under the premise of limited market,Even if you grow, how much can you grow??
But Tiansheng’s business model is different.,Directly regard himself as a business,Or recruit third party seller,Flat consumer,Thus,Almost everyone can become a potential customer。
Number of populations in China,Where is the number of users?,A hundred million、Even ten billions may。
Do with yourselfb2bcompared to,Heavenb2c、c2cThe market is directly expanded to hundreds of times,The future is absolutely large。
“Tiansheng can do,Maybe I can try it to do it.?”Horse boss flashing,Secret。
The past can develop Ali to develop into the half-Wanjiang Mountain in the domestic Internet world.,wisdom、Guts and courage, he is not missing。
It is like now,Just now I am still scared by Tian Sheng to enter the e-commerce news.,I now see the prospects,He immediately thoughtfully,To take the initiative to talk to Tian Sheng。
Such a large piece of cake poses,Light, but I can’t eat it.,It’s a pity,Why do he have to fight for it?,Even if you compete but Tiansheng,Can be able to share the cake,Years may be more than himb2bCome high。
Sink,The old board is determined,Decisively pick up the phone:“Notify all executives,Ten minutes to the meeting room to meet。”
The judicial auction of the East Occove of Baishun Group is held as scheduled.。
Wei Qichen has arranged properly,The big probability is just a full crossing.,So the king didn’t go.,Just send Yang Kai as the company’s full representative,In the past participated in the auction。
The result is the same as expected,Several competitors arrived only a few times a symbolic,No spell,In the end, Yang Kai took 500 million bidding prices.,Uncomfortable,Successful bid,Take the ground。
Celebrate the success of the auction,Also, I will take Yang Kai.,Wang Dynasty greet him and Wang Zhixin and others went to drink a few cups together.,arrive home,Liu Chunlan is holding Wang Yingyi,Take the supervision Zhang Xiaokai write homework。
The king is going to the company now,Now Zhang Xiaoying also opened the company.,Hand over the king to give him the nine design projects,Many people hired again,The company’s sound is colored,All the day is busy and busy。
There is no time to take care of your child.,Can only ask babysitting。
Ourselves,Let the nanny bring,Liu Chunlan is always unassured.,And Xu Gui is discussed.,The two decided to come and see some points.,One person half a month,Rotate。
At the moment, it is just round to Liu Chunlan.。
Xu Guiying two children are big,Even if you look at the home, you don’t have to worry.。
But Liu Chunlan is different,In addition to Zhang Xiaoying,There is also a Zhang Xiaoyai at home.,Just sixth grade this year,Launched next year。
Xiaoshengchu is also considered a threshold,Liu Chunlan attaches great importance to,I am afraid she is not at home.,Zhang Xiaoyi took the opportunity to lazy,People come to the city,Also through video to supervise him to study hard。
“Looking at your book,What is the east??”
Zhang Xiaokai just a little actions,I was arrested by Liu Chunlan.,Aprotic,Zhang Xiaokai, suddenly shrinks,Dare to make another time。
Liu Chunlan snoring,Then look up and look at the king,Greece:“came back?Sit down。”
NS326chapter Don’t blame me this time.
Wang traffic is a sound,Drake the jacket,I look at it in four times.,Ask:“Xiaoying has not come back yet??”

NS40chapter:If you don’t brave,Who is strong for you

And this head of Lu Hao is watching Sens to have a laughing of Jiang Daughter.。
He said in a word a meal.:“Before tomorrow,I want to see the photo of Jiang Sanxin.,I want to know which welfare home is adopted.?”Finish,He hangs on the phone。
The phone of the phone is holding big eyes。
What ghost?
What kind of wind is like this?
Jumping out for a while,He ran back in this thousand miles,Is it easy??
Mu Ziyu is in the bottom of the heart.,Less phone。
suddenly,He is like suddenly thinking about what。
“Jiang Lan Xin?Welfare home?Blue Xin?Blue?”He speaks,It is a word a meal.。
“Ouch!Will n’t you hurry?!”He will carry your own rushing airport.,Elegant pace has become a small run。
Lu Hao Cheng turned,Looking at Blue Xin just sitting position,It is already empty。
He looks at the glass door,I saw Blue Xin slightly lower heads.,He sees her side,Still pain! Le Zhenxi comforts her。
Such scene,Let him look at some glare。
Blue,I have a strong feeling in my heart.,It’s you!
A normal person,How can I wipe my address without no reason??
Only one possibility,That is, she doesn’t want people to know her identity and where she lives.。
Just like his mother,Will send them a letter to peace,But I can’t find her traces.。
His deep eyes,Just look at the two people disappeared。
The heart seems to have fallen.。
How many years,His feelings have such a feeling in the end。
Blue,I have already found you for many years.,Don’t you come back??
I have always believed that you are still living in this world.,You will definitely go back to me.,You said,I have to stay with me for a lifetime.。
A kind of waiting,Always the most painful place。
Only those who want to wait,It is the best destination of the soul.!
Blue Xin and Xi Xi said things that encountered Jiang Jingyi and Tao Mengyi.。
熙,Only regretting not to accompany Blue Xin together。
Blue Xin’s face is still pale,God,Early eyeless, watching the street under the rainbow light。
Xi Xi is on one side,Look at her concerns,Be careful of her surroundings,I am afraid that she will fall.。
Seven years,She still can’t forget the pain in my heart.。
Seven years ago,She is not hurting,But she wo,Don’t want to wake up。
He tested very much with his sister.,Only let her have a desire to survive。
He and my sister think,Seven years have passed,At least she will pay some。

“Yes!I saw them both come in”Xia Fei looked puzzled。

Xia Jian quickly took out his phone,I called Gu Yue,The horse is uploaded inside“The number you have dial can not be reached”Xia Jian couldn’t help getting nervous。
“You hurry up”Xia Jian hurriedly said to Xia Fei。
After Xia Fei called Gu Yue,Also surprised,She whispered:”impossible!How could it be shut down??“
”Call Chen Jing“Xia Jian reminds Xia Fei。
Xia Fei nodded,Immediately dialed Chen Jing。The phone is connected but no one answers,More than ten in a row,Each is the same result。
”Did they go to other places??“Xia Fei said in a panic。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:”Let’s check from here one by one,See if anyone sees them in?”
“it is good!This method is the most feasible”Xia Fei said,Ran to the gate,So I asked a man who was more than 40 years old。
Which guy frowned and thought for a while and said:“Have,Just now,Two women let me fry two dishes,Suddenly a few men came,I don’t know what the situation is,They suddenly threw me fifty yuan and said no need to fire,And then I went where”
Xia Jianyi listen,The first reaction was that Gu Yue and others had an accident,Where is the man in the middle of the night?When he thought of this,Ignore Xia Fei around,Let go of the pace and rush towards which side of the night market。Xia Fei seems to understand,Catching up from behind。
Ran to the bottom,Out of the gate of the night market,Still nothing found。Xia Jian turned around and asked the family at the end,A few lads,said laughingly:“Two beauties,We all saw it,Got in a Buick commercial car and left”
“Buick commercial vehicles?What color is it,Did you see clearly”Xia Fei asked anxiously。
Which guy saw a beauty and asked him,He deliberately smiled and said:“You are not a policeman,Why should I answer you in such detail?”This guy said,Still laughed。
Xia Jianzheng wants to have an attack,Seeing Xia Fei took out a small black notebook from her pocket, opened it and handed it up,Which guy sweeps his eyes,Stood up immediately,He smiled and said:“Sorry,I just wanted to make a joke with you,Which Buick commercial car is white,I remember well”
Xia Fei took the notebook,Talk to Xia Jian:“Let’s go out and see”Turn around immediately after speaking,The two walked out to the gate of the night market。
A road is in front of you,Can only go west,Can’t be driving in reverse。Xia Fei told Xia Jianyi about her judgment,The two hurriedly stopped a car on the road,Chased down the road。
The road is long,And there are vehicles on the road from time to time,There is no Buick at all。Xia Fei is engaged in this work,She thought for a while and said:“keep the change,This is no result,Let’s go back!”