“So what happened to Mei Tong running to the http://www.51lvgu.cn group to get so much money??Does it have your hands and feet in it?“Xia Jian lowered his voice,Asked coldly。

Xiao Xiao shook his head and said:“I really can’t blame me for this。Mei Tong is my sister,I have suffered a lot of crimes for running this family over the years,She said she wanted to go to the group to experience the taste of being a president。But I made an appointment,I only give one month to“
“what?You can agree to something like this?“Xia Jian heard what Xiao Xiao said so easily,Can’t help but ask coldly。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“She is my sister, I want her to have fun, maybe it’s a good thing,So I opened the album,Tell her everyone in the group,And also wrote about my relationship with each one on paper。I didn’t expect this ghost girl to be talented,I wrote it all down quickly,Of course also you“
“Humph!You should have http://www.newlandshop.cn spent a lot of time on this, right?!“Xia Jian asked softly。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“It took three months,I let her learn from me,All my habits,Bao quite eats, lodging, etc.,Especially how do I get along with you acquaintances?。Fortunately, she is talented and intelligent,Three months,She’s almost like a person,I can’t even tell,Who is Xiao Xiao anyway?“
“You guys played too much,The venture group almost died because of her”Xia Jian’s words are full of anger。
Xiao Xiao said in a long breath:“I did not expect,She would be like this。The group was caused by her,She made her own home and couldn’t go back,A man drifting alone in a foreign country。Grandpa and mom couldn’t sleep all night,But when she came back,What is waiting for her,I think you know”
“What are your plans,Is it really not going back?”Xia Jian asked softly。
Xiao Xiao thought http://www.zjnk120.cn for a while,Chong Xia Jian said with a sad smile:“Things got to this point,What face do I have to go back。Moreover,My family won’t let me go”
“Then you have to call Mr. Xiao!”Xia Jian couldn’t help saying。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“He raised me to her,Logically,He is my father,But there is such a heartbreaking reason。What do you say i should do?And what happened later,What face do I have to call him?Just let me die completely in his heart!”
When Xiao Xiao said this,Eyes full of tears。Xia Jian saw her sadness,man has soul,Who can be ruthless,What’s more, Lao Xiao raised her so much。
It’s really unpredictable,Xia Jian never thought,Can something like this happen to Xiao Xiao。Two people eating vegetables,While talking about Xiao Xiao leaving Bucheon,Some things happened in the startup group。

Is a feeling of iodophor。

And the source of this taste is the truncated legs of Li Huandong.。
“Smell is still quite heavy。”Zhou Ye。
Sun Jun smiled:“Overcome,We wear a mask and wearing protective clothing.,If you send him home,His family is estimated enough。”
Zhou Ye picks up a stethoscope,Lightweight in Li Huandong’s body,Simply diagnosed。
“Cardiopulmonary still is normal。”
When he watched Li Huandong very closely,It is found that this is a very rude middle-aged man.。
Li Huandong’s skin is very dark,The eyes are like a long time.,Some horror of panda eyes。
There is also his finger to refer http://www.rk-coder.cn to the tail.,It looks very dirty。
Zhou Ye returned a stethoscope,Suddenly there is a moment in an instant。
Li Huandong is probably his true low-level low-level people in his time.,Repairman of a bicycle factory,Break up every day,Can you take so a month?2000Pump。
He carefully lifted Li Huandong,He is indeed in calm state,Still sleep。
Tired face shows some 狰狞!I don’t know if I have a nightmare.,Still the lower limbs,After the anesthesia effect is gone,Start some hare pain!
There is still a trachea in his mouth.,Respiratory auxiliary ventilation,Thyst velocity。
Li Huandong looks a bit of pain!
There are still several trace pumps in the bedside,Pumped small dose analgesic calm drug,No angiogenic drug,This makes the hearts of Zhou Yewu as stretched.。
“The patient’s vital signs are stable,Should be free。”Sun Jun said softly。
Zhou Ye nodded,Also shake your head:“Really hunt??I see him seems to have a nightmare.。”
Sun Jun Xiaoyu:“Yo,Do you still dream??You know that he is a nightmare.?”
Zhou Ye has a little bit painful with Li Huandong’s expression slightly.,He seems to have thought of some of his past events.。
“I used to do a nightmare before.,I frown every time I have a nightmare.,The fist in the hand is very tight。”Zhou Ye explained。
At first glance,Li Huandong’s http://www.putao365.cn expression is really like Zhou Niwu described.,Hand holding fist,Also tight。
Sun Jun muttered:“Although this guy is newGpneumonia,But not heavy,Waiting for him to wake up,After sufficient evaluation, you should take off the tubing.,Arrive at that time,State should be better……Otherwise, this will fall asleep all day.,The peripheral venous periphery is sleeping out.。”
“Um,How good more,The air in this ward is not good.,Be too bored。”Zhou Yewei opened the quilt of Li Huandong,Check his surgery wound。
“what……This。”Although he already has psychological preparation,But when he saw the right torso on Li Huandong, he was empty.,There is no leg,He still felt a sour in his heart.。
“It’s not bad,Wound dressing dryness,No obvious oozing。”Zhou Ye forced to calm,Observed the wound,After confirming the wound situation, http://www.fangxiandani.cn I went to the quilt.,Fear of patients。
Just at this time,The intrinsic monitor of the room suddenly rang。
ECG monitoring:Heart rate is too fast!
Li Huandong’s heartbeat jumped140Secondary!

Wang traffic is ignorant,Self-consolidation。

The big sister is coming back.,Wang flowing booking document,Pay a margin,Officially submitted the bidding。
“Opening 3 pm tomorrow,Location is still here,But in the second floor meeting room,Remember not to be late.。”Sister reminds a sentence。
“Remember,do not worry,Must not be late。”Wang traffic smile。
Go out of the trading center,Wang Zhixin is still asking:“Cream,How much is you reported??Do you tell me??Can you win a bid? I will help you.。”
“Put your heart in your belly,This place must be our。”Wang Flow:“It’s still early,I went to the road to see the place.,What is the situation around?,There is a bottom in advance in advance.。”
Saying, Wang Zhixin,I will go on the bus.。
Wang Zhixin grasted his heart.,Hurry and keep up。
The current county is not developing yet.,So a few streets,The place to be bidding is on the county.,It is also the direction of the next step in the county.,It is still a wasteland now,But I have already passed the way.,No demolition and resettlement,No need to exploit farmland,Next to the county,This supporting facilities are also http://www.sz-furniture.cn available,If you can win this place,As long as the four certificates,Direct development,Many troubles can save。
Walking by Wang,The more you look at it,This is the ideal place for the block.,No wonder the people who can mix the wind in the past.,Looking down such a well-developed land,Also catch up with the tide of domestic real estate,Just don’t have trouble。
However, he has reborn back and mixed a foot.,All big probability is cheaper.。
Near the evening when I return home,Just entered the door, I realized that the atmosphere of my home is like a bit wrong.,Some dimwarts,Cannot see that there are two people sitting in front of the hall,The face is gloomy look at the gate,Refraction in the eyes,Almost terrible atmosphere。
“Bunny, you still dare to come back.?”
A crisp with a table is accompanied http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn by a roaring.,I don’t have to guess the king.,This is not what he can still?
“dad、mom,Are you at home??”Wang Liu has laughed back。
Wang Shoujun’s anger:“Give me a hippie smiley,I ask you,Where do you get at home??That is your sister to get a college tuition, don’t you know??”
Wang traffic face,This is the east window.,No wonder he is so angry with him.,Dark and glance standing next to him looking at his sister Wang Fang,So soon reveal stuffing,Don’t guess he can also think,Iron is a secret that she comes。
“I know,But isn’t it not yet??Xiao Fang wants to go to college,I also want to make a force like this.,Just hit a particularly good project today,I can make big money,Just need to start funding,I will use this money to use it.,But you can rest assured,In a few days, I will return the money double.,Must not http://www.wupeng18.cn delay in Xiaofang University。”
“Are you in a small arity??You are pitting her.,Home East, the West is going to make a big money for a few months.,If you are all gave you Huo Hu, you can’t learn.,She hates you forever。”Mom Xu Guiying hate iron is not steel。
Dad Wang Shoujun is more direct:“Accounts don’t understand,You still want to do a project to make a big money?You have to make big money,Then there is no poor light egg in this world.,You have heard it.,How to take it away,You will hurry to give me the money back.,Otherwise don’t blame Laozi.。”
Wang traffic laughs:“Take it temporarily can’t get it back.,The money has been spent by me.。”
Wang Shoujun boarded the face,Bite:“More than 3,900 dollars,Just like this, you will spend it.?”
“Um……There is still a penny,Do you want to abandon?,I will give you。”Said Wang Liu, picking up a wool。
Wang Shoujun looked at the eyes quickly,Gas-up,Hand put a stick,Chasing the king, saying face:“I killed you a little rabbit……”
Wang Fli busy,At the same time:“Dad, you listen to me explained.,This project is really a good opportunity for a thousand years.,Give me some time,Must make big money,Xiaofang’s tuition fee is blessed,I will not delay her college,mom、Xiaofang,You two help it.。”
Xu Guiying and Wang Fangquan look in indifferent,Enthusiastic。
The king is coming out.,He takes money this is anger.,I want to find a helper at home basically.,Today’s meter can only be temporarily avoided。

“kindness,very good,Since you are http://www.yiding2008.cn now saying this。”

“Then just follow,I took a person.。”
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-seventh chapter is tricky
At this moment,Wujiazhi。
Wu Yuan, Wu Yuanlong, learned about this,His face suddenly changed。
After all, now,Anything else,Such a thing,In fact, it is now,Already fully placed here。
As for the next,How to deal with it?。
Wu Yuanlong thoughtfully thoughtful in his heart.。
Subsequent,Wu Yuanlong didn’t forget。
“If now,Really said something,This is tricky。”
“Yet,In fact, I am thinking about thinking.,This account,anyway,Let’s everyone,Be sure to make it clear about them.。”
When Wu Yuanlong’s words,What makes people around those people。
In fact, now,Such a thing,Their heart,It’s clear that it is clear.。
The more you now,In fact, here,These people are more harmonious。
http://www.happy99999.cn Wujia’s guards,At the moment here,The face is even more incredible.。
The more now,In fact, when these people have the same eye,This,These people have more angry。
“Although I don’t want to say this.,But now,In fact, let’s everyone.,It has been steadily occupied this。”
“actually,If this is said,think carefully,Still a big cut。”
“What is the case,But let’s follow,I should start from what aspect?”
This,Those people around me have not forgotten。
As for Wu Yuanlong?,In fact, he also did not think about it.,What should I start starting from what respect?。
But see these,At this moment,Wu Yuanlong’s brow is slightly frown。
This,Wu Yuanlong’s face is even more attacked.。
And there is all this,This,Wu Yuanlong’s brow is slightly frown。
http://www.honghaibo.cn “But now,In fact, it is not enough.。”
“Even if I have given me Wujia.,I will definitely can’t let him go.!”
When Wu Yuanlong’s line of sight is in front of him,The whole person is, the more you feel that you feel excited.。
In front of Wu Yuanlong,Surroundings of Wujia’s guards,It is very urgent。
Dictionary now,Is the best opportunity。
But why is it still not willing to act??
These things,In fact, they all,I don’t understand what is going on.。
And Wu Yuanlong,While seeing it here,It is not forgotten to continue to say this.。
“But now,I will prepare for me right away.。”
“I am very wanting to see knowledge.,Look at the next,Can they still come here how long!”
When Wu Yuanlong’s words say,This is the people around you,The more you look, the more excited。

Are you worthy of me begging for mercy?”

Steward Tong heard,Immediately disdain。
boom!who knows,This is just finished。
Lin Yu raised his foot,Just give him a kick。
puff!Kicked up by Lin Yu,The child steward who kicked himself three meters away,Spit out blood。
“Do you still want to match now??”
After kicking,Lin Yu asked coldly again。
“on,Give me up。”
The kicked child housekeeper,Wiped the blood from the corner of the mouth。
Think of myself,There are more than a dozen beginner cultivators。
Shouted at the people next to me。
Some people hear,Even if you know you are not Lin Yu’s opponent,Also rushed up,Because I can’t go up,After I go back,Tong Family,I will avenge myself。
And Tong Guanjia who vomited blood,Saw these people rushing up。
Seeing that this moment is the chance to run away,I ran away in the direction I just came。
Run,Turning to look at Lin Yu behind,Shouted:“Humph!I really thought I could win Tong Lao,Is it too defiant??”
“Waiting for you to me,I’ll go back and tell the owner。”
“By the time,Patriarch is coming,That’s when you will die。”
“Lin Yu,Don’t let him run!”

The first is the children of wealthy people in various countries,For a price of about ten thousand dollars,Come to America to play for ten days,For two or three days, various basketball training and competitions were held in Jordan training camp.。

A summer vacation,At least there are hundreds of such teams coming,Boss Joe only appears here at the beginning and end,By the way, write a few pairs of signature sneakers for them,You can make a lot of money。
have to say,Among the superstars who can make money from basketball for a lifetime,Jordan is definitely one of the best,It may even be the strongest in history。
The other is more formal。
It’s Jordan for everyone who is interested in enteringnbaTraining camp for young talented players。
it’s here,Jordan will often come to watch and guide,Many young people have benefited a lot from this。
Of course,There are idiots like08Mayo’s Draft,Dare to provoke Jordan in training camp,Then he was45Year-old Jordan learned a lesson,Gave him a lesson he will never forget。
So if Shen Huan goes to the second Jordan training camp,That’s a good thing。
Robert smiled,“Young man,You underestimated me,I’m a serious basketball guy。I want to introduce you to,It’s with those who lost the election this year but want to enternbaOf players train together。Although they are not from draft picks,But whether in Europe or America,Or in North Americancaain,Are all very talented,Put in the country,Anyone can play the main force of a club。”
Robert said something arrogant,But Shen Huan admitted helplessly,It’s true。
In recent and future years,althoughnbaThe stars,Many go to China to play,But most of them,Either he is old or badly injured,Compared to the group at the training camp20Next year’s geniuses,Really not much stronger。
“it is good,Then trouble Mr. Robert。”Shen Huan nodded cheerfully。
“It’s ok,I really look forward to your blockbuster!”Robert smiled。
If Shen Huan made a name in the Jordan training camp,,His recommender is very dazzling,It will be of great help to his future part-time job。
First279chapter On the examination room
“do you know?The Hua Guo Mathematical Team has a basketball genius,One person beat the five guys from the Greek team,Finally had to get out!”
“Yes,I also heard,Our classmates also went to see it,It’s too burning!So exciting!It’s a pity that I didn’t see it with my own eyes。”

When the two swordsmans rushed all the way to the third campus in front of the general altar of the world,I just saw a group of people rushing up from the stairs above。

The first person wearing a golden dragon gown,Sword eyebrow and beard,There is a domineering air between Gu and Pan。
“Tyrant!”Li Chenfeng’s eyes lit up,A secret voice in my heart。
Sword Demon glared wide open,Beard and hair,Standing there like a sword,Not angry。The whole body magic flame,Also worthy of the name of the sword demon!
“Hahaha!Tyrant,I thought you dare not come out to see the old man。how,Bring so many people to embolden yourself?”
Looking at Xiongba and the many martial arts masters behind him,Sword Demon laughed tauntingly。
A trace of anger flashed in Xiongba’s eyes,But the complexion remains the same,Indifferently:“Although I do not dare to say that martial arts is respected,But among those who can scare me,But without you sword demon!”
The sword demon puts away his smile,Two sword intent appeared in the eyes,People will feel the sting of eyes。
“It seems that the old man hasn’t been out for a long time,Many people have forgotten the reputation of the old man,So today, take you, the master of the world,To reshape the power of the old man!”
The voice falls,The sword demon no longer bothers,Body jumped up,Like a big Peng spreading its wings,Waving his hand in mid-air to shed sword spirit,Attacked the tyrant。
Move under the foot,A move in Fengshen’s legs hurriedly used,Body shape into phantom,Disappeared instantly,After a sharp leg shadow,Kicked out the sword demon’s head in midair。
Li Chenfeng looked at the two people fighting in the field,Squinting eyes slightly。
Although Li Chenfeng hasn’t really worked with others in the past two years,But he is confident that his martial arts is not inferior to those famous players。
It’s just that I really saw the battle between the hero and the sword demon.,So he realized that although his strength is good,But in front of a master of this level,It’s really just good!
opposite,Except for the masters in the World Club,There are also people from all major sects who should have taken refuge in Tianxiahui。
Except for the people of the World Congregation headed by Qin Shuang, watching the battle in the field,With a worried look on his face,The faces of the other martial artists are different at this time,No one knows what is in my mind。
The more he fights, the more frightened,Since debut,The male tyrant can be considered as having experienced numerous battles,Can suppress yourself from the first fight,Really not。

Half an hour later。

The room is quiet。
Only Luo Yu finally sighed:“I think they got these songs,I’m afraid I’ll come over to find you money。”
“Do not,I don’t need money。”
Lu Ban shook his head,Since it is to be done,Not only to remove the knife from the neck,I have to give the opponent a backhand.。
He raised his mouth,Show a smile。
“I only have one request,The entertainment company that got these songs,within one year——
Not to cooperate with Starlight。”
Chapter Sixty Three You licked Weibo, do you know?
“Hey,President Huang,I sent you a songdemo,The details are explained in the mailbox,We’ll talk after you heard it。”
“Boss Gao,You finished,Want to talk??”
“Zhang Ge,I’m not just giving you this song,When Lu Ban gave it to me,I thought of you first,The price is easy to say,It’s just that you have read the conditions?”
Luo Yu did not leave,Emailed directly on the set to the CEOs of several entertainment companies。
An hour,The phone in her hand never stopped。
Actually throw so many songs from previous lives at once。
Lu Ban is also very distressed。
It’s equivalent to sending these songs out for no reason to make others,Which traveler has done such a stupid thing?
Fortunately, Luo Yu didn’t really give it away。

Fan Dan, Vice President of Huajing Opera Theater,I have already actively invited Shen Huan to visit their theater。

《Gift in Room 7》After the Spring Festival,The third wave of tour starts again。
Before, two groups of people went out one after another,This third tour,Is directly divided into three parts。
ABTwo teams,Has been tested for last year’s tour。
From last year10Start of the month,Starred in Huajing around the Spring Festival40FieldCteam,Is also widely praised。
Although it’s the same drama,And it was made by the same screenwriter,But the actors are different,The taste is different。
So I haven’t seen itCThe audience,During the Spring Festival。
Especially some literary young women,Watched5There is,Watched10There are also,The most exaggerated record is to watch20field。
This is true love!
Thanks to the fans too,so40The performances are full again。
If it’s not for the face,,The big guys in Beihua almost decided to sell station tickets。
Topic back。
ABCTrio,They are each responsible for 20 or 30 cities in a region,This time it sank directly into the third-tier important prefecture-level city.。

1month26The US beat the Los Angeles Clippers again,Griffin was struggling to get revenge before the game,Who broke Xu Xuan’s body into pieces.As a result, the game lost again.

Los Angeles Clippers!
Griffin wants to die too.
The disastrous face after the game,Flushing eyes,And the big black eyes,It looks like it’s been a dozen big guys.Ok,Ok,Ok.
Of course there are worse than them。
Atlanta Hawks.
Xu Xuan is also very strange,Why he“Enemy”Either won’t come,To come by,Do you want to fight him to death??
This group of souls!
He won’t succumb to these evil forces,So one by one, they all fell to the ground。
Don’t ask why there are eagles,Our eagles just persevere,Perseverance,The one that won’t admit to killing.
After the game, even Pacers home fans looked at the Eagles players wrongly.,All with admiration and admiration!
The kind that can’t stop。