Squeak,Qin Shi appeared behind Wan Zonghua,Wan Zonghua felt a little in his heart,The single page is prepared for this sudden situation。

Martial artist,Also have a pair of eyes behind!
Wan Zonghua’s feet are cleverly wrong,Turned around,Qin Shi has already punched out,This punch Qin Shi only used half force,Even one-tenth of the power is useless。
Because of these people,Not his enemy for now,So there is no need to put such a heavy hand。
and,The Manchurian may also threaten him in the future,Then let them know each other,Fully understand your own strength。
Although Qin Shi had only half of his lap,But in the eyes of ordinary people,But worth ten thousand catties!
Wan Zonghua frowned slightly,Secretly sigh that this kid is very explosive,Face this punch,Wan Zonghua backed Qin Shi’s fist with both hands,Remove the punch from all sides。
Qin Shi secretly said,interesting!
So ingenious and soft,This punch was simply handled by Wan Zonghua,It’s like hitting cotton,No threat。
Worthy of being an outstanding disciple of Taijimen,The understanding of Tai Chi is really unpredictable。
but,You take this punch with both hands,After that?
Qin Shi wanted to see what Wan Zonghua had for his family,So instantly kicked out another whip leg,Fast,Kicked out the wind。
Wan Zonghua is not in a hurry,Twist slightly,Make room for your hands,Then the forearm stroked closely along the calf attacked by Qin Shi,I’ve taken down this trick。
But it’s not over yet!
Wan Zonghua seemed to move the power of Qin Shi’s calf at the junction of the two.,This offensive was actually returned to Qin Shi。
This is to retreat,Overcome strength with softness。
How did your attack come,Just return it to you!
Of course Qin Shi can resist this attack,I didn’t even move my body shape。

Xu Sheng raised his brow slightly,Cold tone“understood,Please take me to the killing fields of hell”

this time,The expression on the face of the woman in black is directly astonished,“Are you sure?Less than one in ten people survived in the hell killing game,It is also the fastest place where the population of the Killing City has plummeted”
Is this person so difficult to die??Here is no better than outside,Is a place where soul skills cannot be used……
Xu Sheng saw a woman in black so inked,The killing intent spread all over,There is another scarlet between the eyes,“Do not talk nonsense,take me to!”
The woman in black has a few gleams in her eyes,Then I pressed my thin lips,Go to another place,“Then please follow me,Hell Killing Race is here”
She is always around Xu Sheng with even steps,Keep the distance at half a step……
Xu Sheng’s scarlet eyes quietly observe the scene ahead……
After letting them keep walking,There were countless suaves and sneers in front……
“Here comes another kid,I’m afraid there will be more Bloody Marys on the table”
“Look like this,This physique is probably here to die”
Xu Sheng looked in the direction of words,I saw rows of skinny men squatting in that place,If it’s not because of the bag,I’m afraid no one will think they are human。
The Ice Rose sword in his hand suddenly solidified,Point the sword at those withered men……
But the woman in black gently pinched her wrist and shook her head,“This is the outer city,Can’t kill,Only wait to enter the inner city of the killing capital,Is where there are really no rules”
The row of squatting men with bones burst into laughter““mock up,Seeing you look like you still want to kill in the outer city?”
“It’s a newcomer who doesn’t understand anything at first glance,Nothing more,Anyway, you won’t survive after entering”
“Wait a while,He knows the horror after entering”
The woman in black glanced coldly at those withered men……
The withered men discovered that there was a woman in black!
After seeing it clearly,Their pupils tightened,They left here as if they were frightened。

but,Only one chance,If the power this time,Can’t kill Lin Yu。

By the time,The one who died is oneself。
Because after exhausting all the power,I am almost like an ordinary person。
But with all my strength,Someone who can’t even reach the yellow level,Can take over,is it possible?
Impossible at all。
Precisely because of this one,Ah Xing uses his strongest power directly。
“Die for me!”
All the zhenqi is condensed into the fist,Punch Lin Yu directly。
boom!Loudly,Within 100 meters,The earth shakes。
Chapter 76: Heizi’s Phone
just,There is a place,Not only without vibration,Didn’t even fly a single dust。
This place,Is where Lin Yu is standing。
“Is this all your power?”
Lin Yu casually waved,Directly blocked the attacking force。

Take the bus provided by Zheyue Satellite TV on the way back to the hotel,Shen Huan began to ponder。

Zhou Pu is shooting《Water Margin》News,He has seen the news before。
This Mavericks film and television invested7000Epic TV series,Have taken about1Time of year。
This version《Water Margin》,Not comparable to90Chronology.Mom version is three years old and powerful,But this is in private film and television companies,Still one of the best。
Listen to Zhou Pu,right now《Water Margin》It’s late in production,Important things like the theme song,Naturally it’s time to step up。
Happens to be,《Hero song》Was originally another world center.Mom classic version of the theme song,And it’s the most classic of all versions。
So when Zhou Pu said that,Shen Huan felt that he should《Hero song》give him。
There is no hero song in the Water Margin,Can that be called a classic?
Must be standard!
But Tang Yuan and Meng Wusheng didn’t talk about it very well.。
Shen Huan and neither of them are familiar,But for Shen Huan’s interests,Give them two,I must be more grateful。
These two are individuals,There is a crew,Is a company,Which is easier to be thankful,Completely clear at a glance。
Especially Meng Wusheng,I have never dealt with Shen Huan before,But from his own words and conversations,From Tang Yuan’s attitude towards him,This person is definitely not a villain。

She is not only the pillar of the performance in the Huajing Opera,And also trained a lot of students and actors,Basically, after the dean retires,,She is here to serve as the dean。

Otherwise such an important thing,It’s impossible to send an unimportant person to negotiate。
Today’s drama market,Not as bleak as it was ten or twenty years ago,But you have to say how good,That’s not even。
If it weren’t for the country’s financial support,If there were not so many actors willing to dedicate their acting skills on the drama stage,I’m afraid those theaters in China,Basically, it can be maintained。
Rao is so,The average strength in the drama industry is also mostly,The most powerful giants have almost monopolized70%The above good actors and behind-the-scenes team。
Beihua is one of those giants,Their own conditions are good,Business conditions have continued to improve in recent years,But they also want a bigger breakthrough,So they got it《Gift in Room 7》。
Because it is important,So the person who is sent can be determined in one word!
“Is it Teacher Fan??”Shen Huan stood up,“Please sit down!”
Why does he still know me?
Fan Dan is a bit dazed,But still subconsciously:“Sink……Teacher Lu,I came to see Teacher Chu Liuxiang Chu today,He hasn’t arrived yet?”
At this time she also remembered that Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang had also cooperated,Maybe know。
And Shen Huan has his real name and stage name,She is such a particular person,Naturally it is called Shen Huan’s high-status stage name,To show respect。
After all, Lu Xiaofeng’s reputation in the music industry,Compared to her in the drama world,But much higher。
“It’s here。”Shen Huan pointed at herself,“Introduce yourself,My name is Shen Huan,The name of the song is Lu Xiaofeng,The book’s name is Chu Liuxiang,So you come over today,Should talk to me《Gift in Room 7》of。”
“you……you you you……”
Fan Dan was so shocked that he couldn’t even speak。
She couldn’t believe it,I really don’t believe it。

This guy’s defense seems not as bad as he thought.

Xu Xuan took the basketball,The game did not end!
Clippers fans on the sidelines are shouting。
Xu Xuan got the head start,Naturally won’t waste this opportunity。
Clippers back to defense quickly,Xu Xuan seized this momentary opportunity and suddenly started speeding up,Passed through the Clippers defense zone and broke into the basket!
There is only one person in the basket!
I have to say that Redick’s defensive selection is really a chicken thief,He stood in a position where Xu Xuan could start dunking or layup,As long as Xu Xuan is in contact with his body,Redick will fall immediately。
But where is Xu Xuan?
He spotted Redick’s position early,At the moment when I am about to get in touch with Redick,Xu Xuan suddenly stopped,While avoiding Redick,Inspiring one-handed pass behind the head!
George·Hill is here!
He is the only person on the Pacers who can keep up with Xu Xuan!
Arc top firing!

“.”The blogger glanced at Si Yue, who was incapable of fighting behind him.,I can only nodded and said,“You must be careful。”

“Now there are three of us left。”
Wait until the blogger takes Si Yue to leave,Blackened Instant Fire looked at Sasuke and Sakura in front of him and said。
“Sakura,Fight later,You must be careful。”
Looking at Sasuke’s face with a solemn expression,Kozakura also nodded subconsciously。
The battle begins,The blackened instant flame disappeared instantly,Kick at Sakura at an incredible speed,Sakura who will not be able to react in the future kicks directly。
I chose Sakura instead of Sasuke,It’s because Sasuke’s reincarnation eyes can see the blackened instantaneous fire clearly。
Although I’m worried about Sakura,But Sasuke did not become a clone,Instead, he concentrates on the battle between himself and Black Instant Fire。
Inject Lei Dun Chakra into his Kusuna Sword,Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are caught in close combat。
The sound of lightning explosion mixed with the sound of wind being torn apart at the same time。
Even if your body can recover quickly,But the pain cannot be eliminated,Kozakura, who was blackened and kicked, rested on the ground for a while,Only gradually recovered。
It seems that Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are in a close battle,But every time Sasuke’s attack was blackened, the instant fire avoided,Then attack Sasuke backhand。
Eventually Sasuke revealed his flaws,Face the attack of the blackened instant fire,Although the skeleton frame protection was summoned in time,But it was opened some distance。
Sakura hurried forward to support Sasuke。

But Jerry West,Cannot tolerate the existence of such a player。Not only the locker room cancer,This player also clashes with the style of the team’s second boss。

There is no way,Decisively just change away,The media think the Lakers trade Ceballos for Horry is a bad deal.,But West and Kobe think they have made a profit。
Use a locker room to poison the tumor,In exchange for a historical role player,If such a deal is a loss,So West is willing to suffer every day。
Horry proved his excellence with his performance on the field,As the sixth man of the Lakers,Organize offense and defense,Take off the Lakers bench,Became the league’s top bench lineup。Especially at a certain moment, it can form a desperate offensive lineup with a shark.,The efficiency of this offensive lineup has historically been the best offensive system.。
It hit the deadly key ball at the decisive moment with the Bulls.,The Lakers could lose without that key ball!
And Horry’s excellent relationship with Kobe,It also made him very happy with the players in the locker room。Although the players don’t say,But I know,This is the person Kobe asked for!
Kobe,He used his performance to gain the respect of everyone on the team。
Even if you don’t like kobe,But Kobe’s court performance is undoubtedly great,The Lakers’ victory is inseparable from Kobe。
So this Los Angeles Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns,There are so many things to watch。
Kobe arrives in Phoenix,Hurry up and join the team,They set off together to the American West Arena,Judging from the practicality of the interior decoration and facilities,This counts as the upper middle class arena in the league,The large area of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the TV screen wall are the impressive features of this arena。
Especially on the festive day of Christmas,Small objects full of Christmas elements filled the stadium,The team staff also dressed as Santa Claus,Characters in traditional styles such as elves to highlight the Christmas atmosphere。
Before opening,Kobe was stunned,Phoenix actually invited popular singer Brandy Norwood,Yes,It’s the Brandi who was refused by Kobe to join the prom.。
Speaking of this,It’s really Kobe’s not。
Set time back1996year5month,Kobe took out a youth magazine,Pointing to the photo of Brandi above:“I want to take this girl to the prom。”then,Kobe’s classmate reaction:“are you crazy!”
Then Kobe did everything possible to contact Brandi,Brandi was in1995Starred inABCTV station melodramaTheaOne of the girls became famous afterwards,Subsequently,After releasing his first album,She entered in one fell swoopR&BNo. 6 on the record chart,Her song《Baby》Successfully selected1996Grammy,Became the dazzling new star of the music scene in America at this time,Media darling。
Kobe’s invitation,Brandi agreed!
Then set the clock to1996year6month,Kobe is reborn,Then everyone knows the next thing。
See Brandi again,Kobe is unavoidably embarrassed,I really did a lot of silly things when I was young。

Pope Foot Wash,you deserve to have.

“Can you give me pocket money??”
“I want to buy a lot of things.”
Tang San is a human spirit,You have to give him pocket money if you are not allowed,Otherwise how to make a hidden weapon?
“What do you want to buy?”Tang Chen asked。
“Buy some blacksmith tools,Metal casting hidden weapon。”
“Too little money from part-time functions.”
Tang San said bitterly,I asked my roommate before。
The most craftsman only a few silver coins a month,And iron mother at least one gold soul coin per catty。
“Oh?Create hidden weapon?”
“no problem,I can supply unlimited funds。”
“You made some hidden weapons for Xiaodu,Can come in handy in the future!”
Tang Chen suddenly remembered,Tang Sect hidden weapon is a business to make a fortune。
And such an important military material,Of course you have to start stocking in advance。
This kid deserves to be his own brother,Free workers take the initiative to deliver。

“what?Young master,what happened?”Seeing Zhao Ming’s increasingly serious face,A Yin panicked。

“Humph,State law,Family rules。Follow the rules,What should I do if I offend Master??”Zhao Ming thought about it,Said。
“Family Law?”Ah Yin heard this word,The body trembles obviously。
“how?not talking anymore?”Zhao Ming continued to say in a calm voice。
“hit,Spanking!”Hands behind,A Yin’s low voice,Tremblingly。
“puff!”Zhao Ming couldn’t help but spit out old blood。
What did this dog system do to A Yin??
“Why is this rule so coughing?,This rule will be abolished in the future。”Zhao Ming said quickly。
“why?Didn’t you make this rule, Master??”A Yin’s eyes flashed with puzzled surprise。
I ordered?I’m wrong!I didn’t do anything!
“system,What did you do to A Yin?”Zhao Ming couldn’t help but curse in his heart。
How did that gentle and beautiful woman become like this?
“Cough,This system is wrong!Ah Yin only has a close person in his memory now,It can even be said that there is only the host alone,Of course it will involuntarily get close to the host。”
“This kind of intimacy or dependence is the instinct of every creature。”
“Is this what i asked you?What do the house rules say?I never said this。”
“Cough,This one,I’m not doing it for the host!”The system smiled wretchedly。