The rules in the base are very strict,After lights out,In addition to patrol personnel,No other personnel are allowed to leave,Qin Liang glanced at the time,It’s already one o’clock in the morning。

As soon as the door opens,Qin Liang saw Yinyan standing at the door,Look very bad。
“what happened?What happened?”Qin Liang let Yinyan into the house,Asked worriedly。
Just closed the door,Qin Liang was punished by Yinyan,Yinyan’s Abnormality,Let the ominous premonition in Qin Liang’s heart become stronger。
“Swallow,What’s wrong with you?”
Qin Liang heard Yinyan’s voice a little hoarse,Like crying,Pull the person in front of you again,The corners of my eyes are reddened。
“Why are you crying?Who bullied you,Swallow tell me,I help you teach them。”
Yinyan shook his head,Looked at Qin Liang and said:“not like this,teacher,I am running out of time,I……I……”
“what happened to you?”Qin Liang looked at Yinyan like this,Worried:“Speak quickly。”
Yinyan gritted her teeth,Finally uttered:“I’m here to say goodbye to the teacher。”
“Farewell?”Qin Liang didn’t realize what Yinyan was saying:“What goodbye?”
“I can’t say。”Yinyan hugged Qin Liang,Leaning on Qin Liang’s chest,Listening to Qin Liang’s heartbeat,Speak:“I only have ten minutes,Come to say goodbye to the teacher。”
Qin Liang also reacted at this moment,Asked:“Is the task?”
Yinyan shook his head:“can not say。”

Played a few times,Qin Liang’s cell phone suddenly received a message!Take a look,It is the message from Shen Ruoxi!

“Song Min has gone to the bathroom!Come quickly!”
Qin Liang looked up at the table where Song Min was just now,Sure enough, another beauty is dealing cards,So he stood up,Wandered to the bathroom!
The toilets in this underground casino are quite luxurious,Regardless of gender!But it’s a separate bathroom,Qin Liang walked over,I saw Shen Ruoxi standing at the door of a closed bathroom!
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Chapter One Thousand Forty Suddenly gaffey beauty
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Suddenly gaffey beauty
“Qin Liang,Song Min is already waiting for you inside,You go in!”
Shen Ruoxi nodded to Qin Liang who walked to her side,Speak quietly。
“Yep,Wakayu,Then you help me watch it outside!Knock on the door if you have anything。”
Qin Liang talked,Smile in my heart;Really no one!Actually in front of my wife Shen Ruoxi,Alone in the bathroom with another beautiful young girl“tryst”,And Shen Ruoxi is still helping herself out……
Took a quick look around,After seeing that there are no other guests here,Qin Liang quickly opened the door,Flashed into the bathroom……
In the bathroom,That young and beautiful,Song Min, a sexy and charming girl,Is smoking a cigarette leisurely,Leaning against the wall of the bathroom。See Qin Liang coming in,She raised her eyes carelessly and looked at Qin Liang。
“Hello there。”
Qin Liang said awkwardly……no way,Meet each other in such a special place,Can’t be awkward!
“You are Ruoxi’s friend,Your name is Qin Liang?”

Liu Xiaoyun smiled again and replied。

“Suddenly I feel that Qin is great。”
Chen Hao said with emotion,Actually this sentence,She mainly told Shen Ruoxi。
Murong Shan can confidently persuade Shen Ruoxi not to always embarrass Qin Liang on purpose,Because she is the eldest sister,Sister can do this of course“teach”Own sister。But Chen Hao is sister,Why is my sister embarrassed to say that her sister is not?So Chen Hao deliberately used this very obscure, euphemistic and concealed way to do Shen Ruoxi’s ideological work from the side.。
“No more!Brother-in-law drove home。”
Liu Xiaoyun reminded everyone。
Qin Liang would never think of it:In just a few minutes without him,Liu Xiaoyun has done something special for him,Something very important to him……
After getting in the car,Almost a full ten minutes,The carriage is quiet,No one speaks。Because everyone understands what Liu Xiaoyun just said in his heart,And Liu Xiaoyun himself is thinking。
Qin Liang was wondering,He couldn’t figure out what happened to the girls?How come there is no more usual chirping?It won’t be too long,Make everyone silly?
Time gradually came to ten o’clock in the evening。
The nightlife of the city has not come to an end,Haishang City is still immersed in dim lights,In the hustle and bustle atmosphere。
The bustling streets are still full of traffic,A scene of pedestrians,People who have worked hard all day,Enjoying the charming leisure time at night。
A crossroad under an overpass,The coming and going vehicles are moving in an orderly manner,A small van came quickly from a distance,Honking the horn from time to time,It seems to be reminding the vehicle in front to give it away。
The driver of the car is a young man in his twenties,There are four young men about his age sitting beside and behind him。
Today is the birthday of the driver,So after work,He went to have a birthday meal with a few of his usual friends,He didn’t want to drink,In the end, I didn’t control myself.,Not only did I drink with a few buddies,And drank too much……
People can’t use their brains if they drink too much,So the usual safety awareness will naturally be dissolved by alcohol,Just like these young people at this moment,They were talking loudly and laughing,Give me a push,I slapped you and slapped you。
Approaching intersection,The car is going to slow down,The driving guy stepped on the brake,But he has started to drink alcohol,It’s not the brakes,But the throttle,So the car that suddenly accelerated,Rushed directly to the car in front!
“not good!”
The driver’s remaining sober consciousness is clearly aware of the danger,So he instinctively hit the steering wheel,The car immediately turned aside,But it still rubbed the tail of the car ahead and hit it hard,Strong inertia plus the driver’s still not releasing the accelerator,This led to the van rushed directly to the pedestrian path under the bridge。

He is serious,Very serious tone,But Hu Lai waved his hand nonchalantly:“Pharaoh, I think you added too much drama。In my experience,Whether in the previous Dongchuan school team,Still flashing stars,Football is actually very simple——You are outstanding,Everyone will convince you、trust you、Accept you、Admit you。You are weak(dialect,Bad meaning),Then your performance will be on both sides、No matter how likable it is。I ask you,If someone sees me upset,Will find opportunities to kick my knees and ankles during training,Abandon my career??”

Wang Guangwei waved his hand quickly:“what are you thinking!Not enough!At most, I don’t pass you the ball during training.,No one cares about you……”
“Whistle,What’s to worry about then?”Hu Lai shook his head,“Don’t pass me,I don’t believe that the head coach is a vegetarian,Just watching them mess around?As for ignoring me……”
He looked at Wang Guangwei with a hippie smile:“They ignore me,Then you ignore me?”
“Of course I take it……”
“It’s not over!”Hu Lai slapped。“Don’t worry about this kind of thing。”
Then he picked up the phone,Someone sent him WeChat。
It’s from Li Qingqing:“They said you are Guan Xinyan’s spare tire![Smirk]”
Hu Lai a question mark:“Who is Guan Xinyan?”
The second day is the first training session of the Olympic team and the women’s national team at the Hongfengling training base,Attracted a lot of media reports and attention。
For the convenience of media friends,The interview time of the National Olympic and the women’s national team is also separated,Women’s football interviews before training,Media shooting is allowed for the first fifteen minutes of training。
The interview time for the Olympic Games is after the training.,Media shooting is allowed 15 minutes before the end of training。

“Humph,You only know one thing and don’t know the other。”Peng Changyi curled his mouth and said。

Lu Hua said:“I really didn’t listen to him,He didn’t even say anything uncivilized。”
Peng Changyi said:“What he said is only more subtle。I told you such a thing,Once we went out,Lao Hou likes to tell jokes,He can’t tell jokes when bullying the mayor,I want the mayor to drink but it’s not easy,Made a loss,Said everyone must tell a joke,You can’t laugh at what you don’t know and what you say,Just drink。I’m a meat or vegetable,Finally came to Mayor Jiang,Everyone can choose to drink for him,Don’t know,He told a joke,I haven’t wondered yet,Lao Hou never dared to tell jokes in front of him anymore。”
Lu Hua said:“I seem to have heard this story,It seems that he has spoken several times‘Do not’What?”
Peng Changyi said:“He said,There used to be two concubines,After this brother-in-law passed the door,My stomach hasn’t moved,One day the two of them got together,Sister-in-law,I looked at my sister-in-law’s belly and said:Why aren’t you?My sister-in-law blushed,Say:No no?Dasao said again,Then you guys?Sister-in-law blushed again and said:We don’t?Sister-in-law,After pondering for a while and then:You don’t,Why not??Sister-in-law said:We no no no no no,If no no no no no,No no no no no。I haven’t figured out his few until now‘Do not’。”
Lu Hua said, breaking his fingers:“This is not difficult,Let’s talk step by step,The first word,Easy to understand,That’s why you are not pregnant,The second no no,Should have two meanings,I don’t know why not yet?Sister-in-law asked further,It should be because you are not,No no no no,Should mean……I understand,But i won’t come up。”Lu Hua frowned and said。
Peng Changyi laughed,Many people on the scene deciphered his meaning,But none of them accurately deciphered,Finally passed by。I am just like you,Isn’t it unclear to break your fingers??I just put these‘Do not’Word into language,Ended up making two full pages,Didn’t understand these few‘Do not’Meaning of words,Finally, Lao Hou figured it out。You said he can’t tell jokes、civilization?You say he hides deep?”
When Peng Changyi said,Shu Qing is also analyzing a few with her fingers“Do not”Meaning of words,Also arrived at Lu Hua,I can’t translate,She said:“Too difficult。It is estimated that Chen Jingrun will be invited to decipher the meaning of each layer of these words。”
Lu Hua said:“But overall,Mayor Jiang is really good at drinking,Don’t stir wine,There are very few times when you are hypocritical。”
Shu Qing knew he was pointing,Just said:“More real than our Secretary Peng?”
Lu Hua thought for a while,Said:“Professor Shu,Do you naively think that certain comrades are real?”
Lu Hua’s words also made Shu Qing and Old Gu amused。
Peng Changyi smiled,He knows that these people are daring to say nothing about themselves when it comes to drinking.,So complaining is inevitable。He struck his neck and said:“Did I drink less than you guys??”
Lu Hua said:“Although you don’t drink less than us,It’s drizzling when we compare your alcohol capacity,What amount are you!He is not in the same rank。The amount of your throat,Are our limits。Although you don’t drink less than us,Even drink more。”
“Anyway, according to my observation,Secretary Peng’s alcohol volume should be considered the top in Kangzhou,How can Mayor Jiang drink?,Compare with Secretary Peng?”Shu Qing is interested in Jiang Fan。
Lu Hua said:“The two of them are on par。Different manifestations。In general,Are all people who really drink。Mayor Jiang and the boy don’t stir wine,Unlike some comrades,Hit the guys after arriving at the wine table,Sometimes even people in your camp are suppressed。”

The deputy minister doesn’t understand why they laugh,Dissatisfied:“It is a serious problem for our organization department to inspect cadres,You should pay attention,To assist the organization to do a good job of inspecting every cadre,So that we can grasp the truest situation of this cadre。”

The Secretary of the Civil Affairs Bureau is also an older secretary,He said after laughing:“Minister Lee,I received a call from the organization department in the morning,I know you are going to inspect the cadres,We’ll split up into each department immediately,Must gather in the undergraduate room in the afternoon,Waiting for inspection by superiors。The cadre you just mentioned,I will tell you the truth,He is no longer in the unit,My chief has never seen him,Later, I heard that people had left their job without pay and went to the south to do business and make a fortune,Because he has no salary,Pension insurance and provident fund must be paid by yourself,Our accountant urged him to come back to make up the insurance and provident fund,As a result, they simply resigned,The organization department has filed this matter。What do you say about your leaders,How do you remember that one is one,Have to look at someone who has nothing to do with the unit?There are also many of our cadres at the unit level waiting for the organization to inspect and inspect,But then I gave the opportunity to that one person,Can we not laugh?”
Vice Minister Li was very embarrassed,He hesitated:“That’s it?Blame you,Why don’t you report the flow of cadres to the organization department in time?”
The chief of civil affairs said:“I just said,We reported this matter to the Organization Department a few years ago。”
Vice Minister Li sighed helplessly,Said:“Blame us for not working carefully,Cause trouble for the comrades below……”
that’s it,The inspection team returned to the unit dingy,So far,This joke spread quickly among the committees and offices of the Lang Zhu Science Bureau,Of course Jiang Fan won’t carry this scapegoat,He seriously criticized Yin Jiashi at the meeting,Said this is not a joke that a deputy secretary who has been in charge of the organization for many years can make,Make the city committee passive,Especially at the time of cadre adjustment work。Jiang Fan also instructed the Organization Department,Immediately carry out a citywide cadre statistics work,Screen the situation of resigned cadres,Bring out the most real cadre situation。
This is a joke that has recently been popular in the officialdom of Langzhu,More intriguing is,And one more thing,Has also been widely transmitted from below。
According to the previous arrangement on the Standing Committee,The cadre adjustment plan is in charge of the organization work by Yin Jiashi,But somehow,Yin Jiashi hasn’t submitted a plan at the meeting,I didn’t communicate with Jiang Fan on the issue of cadre adjustment.,Later Jiang Fan proposed to convene a standing committee,When specializing in personnel issues,Before the meeting,Yin Jiashi found Jiang Fan,Said that he and the organization department had already drawn up an adjustment plan,But feel immature,Has not been submitted to the Standing Committee,I wanted to discuss with Jiang Fan,Unexpectedly, the Standing Committee will be called to study personnel issues,He hurried to find Jiang Fan。
Of course Jiang Fan will not look at his plan before the meeting,He looked at Yin Jiashi meaningfully,Said:“I have to go out,Take the plan first,Let’s study together in the afternoon meeting。”Jiang Fan told the Yin Jiashi“Study together”,Interpreted by Yin Jiashi as“Let’s study together”This plan,But afterwards, the Yin family really tasted something,Is and another plan“together”the study,It’s just that it’s too late after he tastes the taste……
Two o’clock in the afternoon,Jiang Fan hosted the Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee,When Jiang Fan explained that the main topic of research at this conference was the recent personnel issues,Yin Jiashi took out a piece of material,Unfold,Straighten up,Prepare to report,Once Jiang Fan finishes,His personnel plan can be made public。
Jiang Fan said:“On the issue of cadre adjustment,I arranged it very early,Secretary Yin and the comrades in the Organization Department have done a lot of work,Inspect cadres in advance,Discuss with cadres,Some information has been fed back to the municipal party committee,The work of cadre adjustment has always been a highlight of the organization work,In view of certain aspects,This work must be done immediately,To stabilize people’s hearts,Because it’s not long before New Year’s Day,This work will also be completed before New Year’s Day,Especially the personnel adjustment work of municipal units and agencies,To be completed before new year’s day。Secretary Yin has a plan,I also have a plan here,Minister Zhao will announce it later,Then Secretary Yin will announce his plan,If the two programs can overlap, they overlap,We will discuss and decide where there are differences……”
Don’t say that Yin Jiashi and everyone are dumbfounded,Even Peng Changyi was stunned,Jiang Fan directly presented his plan at the meeting,Even though he said that the two programs should be studied together,But everyone knows,The two plans will be discussed by the Standing Committee,Which standing committee member will follow the secretary。But think about Yin Jiashi’s various performances at this stage,It’s nothing to give him some color,Let him know、Introspection,It’s also a strategy。
Jiang Fan finished,And submit this plan to Minister Zhao,Director Zhao seems to have prepared,Tacitly accepted the file in Jiang Fan’s hand。
Jiang Fan said after passing the documents in his hand to Minister Zhao:“My plan,It’s me who came to Lang Zhu to observe and visit,Formed on the basis of widely soliciting opinions from the masses,of course,I also solicit opinions from some members of the Standing Committee,I’ll ask Minister Zhao to read it down……”
The introduction of the personnel plan drawn up by Jiang Fan,Announced Yin Jiashi’s plan。
Jiang Fan lowered his head to drink water,Then look up at the ceiling,Or just bow your head and write something on the book,Anyway,He just doesn’t look at Yin Jiashi,Yin Jiashi’s face was red and white in embarrassment,Like a man,Pin felt,The hand holding the file was trembling,It’s as humiliating and embarrassing as Jiang Fan stripped him in public。
For this matter,There are many legends in the officialdom of Langzhu,Some say,The municipal party committee has long asked Yin Jiashi to coordinate with the organization department to draft a personnel adjustment plan,Yin Jiashi didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion,I drafted a personnel adjustment plan myself,Next, he frequently talked to the adjusted cadres,Instead of talking to grassroots organizations and the masses,Make a wish privately,This completely disrupted the positions of the cadres,Make people panic。
Director Ma of the Finance Bureau came to see Jiang Fan,Said that Secretary Yin had already talked with a deputy director,Put this deputy director ahead of all deputy directors,Become the Deputy Director,But currently the Finance Bureau has an executive deputy director,Although there is a lot of friction with the director at work,But still the deputy director,The municipal party committee talked to the deputy director,This deputy director thought he was the executive deputy director,I even feel like I’m the candidate for the director,The tail is up to the sky,Whether it’s a meeting or setting up work,Completely above the director and deputy director。

Yang Shiyun is starting to act like a baby again……

“Not grab or grab,Snack goods,Calm down。”
Qin Liang said helplessly。
But Yang Shiyun said so,When it really tastes,Still very ladylike,Sip and eat in small bites,Really not“wolf”Look like。
“So your favorite is ice cream,I know now。”
Qin said with a smile。
Yang Shiyun suddenly called out exaggeratedly。
“I’m silly!Scared me,What are you doing?”
Qin Liang looked at Yang Shiyun in surprise and asked。
“The delicious ones you bought me the other day,I haven’t finished eating yet,In the refrigerator in the ward……”
Yang Shiyun said with regret。
“I brought it all back for you,Little fool,Ha ha,I can’t forget what I eat after being discharged from the hospital,You are no more。”
Qin Liang is about to cry this time……
“Oh,You think about it,That’s good,I can rest assured that,Hehe……”
Yang Shiyun smiled embarrassedly,Lower your head and continue to eat。
“Ugh……It turns out that the Yang Shiyun I knew before was a fake Yang Shiyun,The present is true。”
Qin Liang finished,Reach out with a spoon in your hand,I put a small piece of ice cream on the tip of Yang Shiyun’s nose。

“Why don’t we come and play with you again during the day?Or let’s find a playground tomorrow,Park,You can go to any tourist attractions,Wherever you want to go,We must accompany。”

Yang Zhi said carefully,While watching Shen Ruoxue’s face secretly。
“Do you want to go back to sleep?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked deliberately again。
“Is not,I’m afraid you guys are playing too late outside,I’ll be scolded when I go back,When the time comes, we will be with your sister,Brother-in-law is not easy to explain,The boss gave a special account when he left,You guys are not allowed to play too late。”
Yang Zhi said softly。
“You have to ask Xiaoxue about this,She agreed to go home,When Brother-in-law and Sister Yanzi are away,Xiaoxue is our boss。”
Liu Xiaoyun is starting to shake the pot……This clearly shows that I am going to watch Yang Zhi’s joke。
Yang Zhi stammered right away。
Only then did Shen Ruoxue react,Subconsciously answered a word。

Chapter Two Thousand Sixty Nine The real little fairy daughter

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Chapter Two Thousand Sixty Nine The real little fairy daughter
Xiao Yuer answered seriously。
“Is not,Dragon Soul Warrior is just the title of each of us,Not the title of our army,The name of our unit is called;Dragon Soul Rose Legion,Your Aunt Yanzi is the commander of our army。”
Liu Xiaoyun began to speak seriously。
Xiao Yuer listened very attentively。
“Our Rose Legion once went abroad to fight a real battle,That was the first real battle of our army!The troops led by your Aunt Xiaoxue,The name is the Third Overseas Special Assault Force,It includes all the female soldiers of the Legion of the Roses。”
“And then in that battle,Your Aunt Xiaoxue leads a hundred dragon soul fighters,Give up,Bloody fight,It only took fifteen minutes to rush into a city defended by 3,000 enemies,Finally won!Our Rose Legion became famous in the first battle!Your Aunt Xiaoxue has become a Sailor Moon known all over the world,Because it was the battle she led the Rose Army to win,Her surname is Shen,So since then,Everyone began to call the female soldiers of the Rose Legion the Shen family sisters。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s Pictures,Relive the battle of the Rose Legion’s fame in the world since its infancy,And boasted all the credit to Shen Ruoxue,I didn’t mention a word to myself。
“So Aunt Xiaoxue is so amazing!”
Xiao Yuer turned her face and said to Shen Ruoxue’s worship,The look in her eyes is full of admiration。

“This kind of person really shouldn’t live。”

Chen Hao rarely recognized Qin Liang’s words this time,She has always refused to accept any violence。
“So you all have to study kung fu,Wait for you to learn kung fu well later,Meet someone like this again,Don’t need us to come forward,You can get rid of this kind of people easily,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang smiled and said to Chen Hao。
“Forget this……Don’t ask me for murder!”
Chen Hao immediately backed down。
“You are not killing people,It’s a scourge worse than an animal!You don’t kill him,More good people will die in his hands,Say it like that,You become an indirect murderer of good people。”
Qin Liang said disapprovingly。
Chen Hao stopped talking,She knew that she couldn’t tell Qin Liang,Secondly, she knew what Qin Liang said was right,But whether it’s right,Murder,She is definitely not going to do it all her life!of course,It’s just what she thought,In fact what happened later,It’s completely beyond her mind……
“Let’s talk about something else,The topic of murder,It’s not suitable for women like us to brainstorm。”
Shen Ruoxi spoke。
“We can also discuss separately one by one。”
Qin Liang said with a smirk。
“Forget it alone,This kind of thing,We really can’t。”
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Chapter two thousand six hundred and ninety six Two little musk cattle