How to prevent halo during moxibustion?

How to prevent halo during moxibustion?

As early as in “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, he has mentioned the prevention of halo needles too much: “Sting without thorns and drunk is irritating; without thorns and anger, it makes qi reversal; without thorns and overworkers, without thorns and fullPeople, stingless and hungry people, stingless thirsty people, stingless staggering “(” Su Wen · Stabbed Forbidden Theory “).

In fact, halo moxibustion is also feasible.

So how to prevent dizziness during moxibustion?

Modern prevention is mainly psychological and physical.

  (1) Psychological prevention is mainly aimed at people who have suspicion, fear, or crying, laughing, screaming, shivering, avoiding, or having muscle tension during acupuncture.

Patients with changes in autonomic nervous system and endocrine function such as pupil, blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, skin temperature, complexion, and sweating.

Routine psychological prevention was performed, and adverse reactions such as halo acupuncture occurred in the fracture.

There are three methods: language induction: before moxibustion, patiently explain the specific method of acupuncture to patients, and explain the feeling, degree and way of acupuncture that may occur in order to gain the trust and cooperation of patients.

  Relaxation training: For patients who are calm, depressive, easy to focus, and with an introverted personality, make them stare at an object, and then start moxibustion after they have completely entered the state of self-meditation.

  Diverting attention: For patients who are irritable, active, distracted, and extroverted, they can make the patient do some simple quick mental calculations, or ask them some small questions, and use their vision, auditory function, and thinking activities to divert their focusTo promote local tissue relaxation.

  (2) For patients with high blood pressure for physical prevention, it is advisable to eat properly before moxibustion; those who are too tired should rest until their physical strength is basically restored.

Especially for those who have a history of halo acupuncture or halo moxibustion, it is best to use the lateral position to simplify acupoints and reduce the amount of stimulation.

  During moxibustion, patients should be treated as soon as they have symptoms of aura.

After the treatment, it is better to prescribe the patient to rest in the consultation room?
Leave after 10 minutes to prevent delayed syncope.

Parents care for young children

Parents care for young children

For most parents, they don’t yet know exactly what it takes to care for their children.

However, perhaps the careful parents also noticed such a phenomenon: when the children are crying, giving them warm embraces and gentle touches can quickly calm them down.

This is just to touch the role of which, in fact, it is very particular about it.

Parents stroking their children more often have a headache for the physical development of young children.

First, stroking promotes development.

Experts have proved through experiments that babies who are often touched from birth have better physical development.

Like other warm-blooded animals, humans have a need to be struck from birth. If a certain need is not met, children will have problems such as stunted growth and stunted growth.

If parents can often “skin blind” with the baby, it can stimulate the development of nerve cells under the baby’s skin tissue, and the stimulation information generated by the sense of touch can be transmitted to the brain, which is helpful to the development of the brain.

Moving forward, stroking can soothe emotions.

The gentle touch of the baby by the parents is not only a manifestation of the parent’s love for the child, but also for the child, this is also the moment when they distinguish their parents and feel their tenderness.

Parents’ touches can easily cultivate children’s dependence on their parents, so babies can always sleep in mother’s arms especially well.

When the child cries, the parents’ caressing and embrace calms them down quickly.

Thirdly, stroking can promote the child’s character development.

Children who have had excessive physical contact with their parents since they were young can feel a sense of security in the family and more easily build trust in others.

And this kind of trust is the foundation for children to form a sound personality, which is conducive to the development of children’s good character.

When these children grow up, they often experience cheerfulness, self-confidence and caring, and socially adaptive diseases.

Finally, stroking can deepen the relationship between children and parents.

In foreign families, there is more physical contact between parents and children. They have kisses before going out and going to bed, and they can hug whenever necessary. This gradually reduces the gap between parents and children and deepens their feelings.Be able to get along with family members like friends.

Play with a full moon baby

Play with a full moon baby

Games not only bring happiness to the baby, but also promote the development of his ability to engage.

  After the baby is full moon, his neck is harder, he has been awake for a long time, his limbs are leaning hard, his mouth is still screaming, and the child’s eyes can be focused at this time; 2 months can move horizontally, Is limited to 90 degrees; but in 3 months, he can track objects moving vertically up and down.

In addition, the baby has responded to his mother’s words since the second month. When he talks with him and teases him, he will “talk” with excitement.

It can be seen that he becomes more and more playful.

  Therefore, at this time, watching and listening to the game with the baby is really suitable. The colorful colors stimulate the baby’s visual function. Parents hang some bells, colored balls, rattles and other gadgets in the crib at the right time.Do not place it too close or too far, generally 50-70 cm away from the baby’s glasses.

  For a baby after the full moon, listening can attract his attention more than watching, even a small sound can cause his alertness.

Therefore, small bells, small drums, small pianos, small accordions and other musical toys are very beneficial to the child’s sense of hearing and rhythm. The tenderness, tenderness, and uniqueness of a loved one can attract his attention.

  Such games not only bring happiness to the baby, but also promote the development of his abilities.

how about it?

Give it a try and feel the joy of being a mother.

Soft and thin waist

Soft and thin waist

How to maintain body balance during the movement?

  Pilates all the exercises, the concept of the Dublin Center.

Whether it’s right, sitting or lying, the center of your body is the key to your balance.

The central part of the body includes the waist, abdomen, waist, and chest.

Use your center correctly in your practice and use its power.

For example, in order to stabilize the upper body when doing “side kick”, you can imagine a bowl of water on the statue and pelvis. All you have to do is ensure that the water will not spill.

  Soft waist practice group 1: Spin-wing saw action points: combined with the “curve forward” and twisting action.

  Action effect: special contraction and soft waist and oblique muscles.

Stretch the muscles and ligaments behind the legs, remove turbidity from the body, enhance blood circulation, and soften and control.

  Action: Sitting on the mat 90 degrees straight, keeping the upper body contracted and stable.

The waist consciously tightens the lift.

Horizontal on both sides, shoulders.

Double toe pointed ceiling.

  Inhale, keep the upper body tilted upwards, and start lateral twisting from the waist (be careful not to twist from the arms, buttocks, buttocks), and keep the cushions firmly below the waist.

  Exhale, stretch your arms from the top of your leg to the toes.

Pay attention to lifting and contracting the ribs and abdomen.

The rearward radial arm should remain unfolded.

  Tips ● Turn the outer diameter to the left and right once for 3?
5 times.

  ● When tightening your body, tighten your waist and do not lift it off the mat.

Keep your footwork.

  ● Keep at least always open throughout the exercise.

  ● Strength and sensation are concentrated in the center of the body, and the ribs and abdomen are taken in the direction of the spine to increase the center of gravity of the body.

  Action: Start on the side of the body, contract the legs, hold the head with one hand, and balance the balance of the body with the other hand on the ground in front of the body.

  Soft waist exercise group 2: side kick kick action points: After stepping on the legs, perform another side leg exercise.

  Action effect: Convergence of the waist, hips, buttocks and outside of the thighs.

At the same time challenge the balance of the body.

  Action: Lift the single leg straight and make the legs form an open scissors shape.

  ● If you feel that it is more difficult to maintain your balance, one leg on the ground can be squeezed slightly forward.

  ●Be slow when tilting your legs, and the body will feel under pressure.

  ● Keep the upper body contracted and stable.

The lower side of the waist should be consciously tightened.

  ● Bend the kick leg upwards when inhaling, and forcefully lower the leg when exhaling.

Up and down once, for 6?
8 times.

  ● Increase the leg extension according to the flexibility, and re-open the scissors.

There are coups for baby’s cold science conservation

There are coups for baby’s cold science conservation

90% of colds are caused by viruses, and there are 200 kinds of viruses that can cause colds; accounting for 10%?
20% of colds are caused by bacteria.

Babies under 1 year old are more likely to catch a cold because their immune system is not yet mature.

  It’s hard for a baby with a cold to get 5 in a year?
Six colds are relatively common.

Typical symptoms of a cold include runny nose, runny nose, cough, sore throat, tiredness, lack of appetite, and fever.

Babies under the age of 1 often have fever (temperature above 38 ° C), cough, red eyes, sore throat, and runny nose.

Babies with a cold often experience decreased appetite.

Babies within 6 months often have difficulty feeding and breathing because they have not yet been able to breathe with their nose completely blocked.

  The duration of the cold is average. The cold will last 7?
For 10 days, a baby can sometimes be around 2 weeks.

Cough is often the latest symptom that disappears, and it often lasts for weeks.

Babies who often play with older children usually get 6 in the first year?
10 colds; even a runny nose all winter.

  When do I need to see a doctor?

  If your baby has a cold within 3 months, you should take him to the doctor immediately.

  Nervous baby, you should take him to the hospital as soon as one of the following conditions occurs: cold lasts for more than 5 days; body temperature exceeds 39 ℃; baby has ear pain; difficulty breathing; persistent cough;Snot.

  Cold treatment 1. Take your baby to the hospital. The doctor often asks the baby to perform some tests so that you can know the cause of the cold.

  2. If it is viral influenza and there is no specific medicine, the main thing is to take good care of the baby and alleviate the symptoms. Generally, pass 7?
Just 10 days.

  3. If it is caused by bacteria, the doctor often prescribes some antibiotics to the baby. Be sure to take the medicine on time and according to the dose.

Some mothers often increase the dosage of their medicines in order to make their children get better sooner. This is absolutely impossible, otherwise it will not work as expected.

  4. If your baby has a fever, follow the doctor’s prescription and take antipyretic medicine. The temperature is lower than 38.

5 ℃, do not take antipyretics.

Do not eat cold medicine indiscriminately.

Infants under the age of one year, eating cold medicines often causes more harm than good.

  5. If the correction of the nose has caused the baby to have difficulty in feeding, you need to ask the doctor to prescribe a bit of saline nasal drops for you. After 15 minutes before feeding, you can use a nasal suction device to remove the salineAnd the mucus is aspirated.

Nasal drops can reduce sticky nose and make it easier to clean.

If the doctor allows, never give your child a nasal constriction or other medicine.

  Tips for taking care of a cold baby1. Full rest is essential for a cold and good rest. Try to let your child sleep more for a while, reduce outdoor activities appropriately, and don’t tire your baby.

  Take care of your baby’s diet and let your baby drink more water. The excess water can make the nasal secretions thinner and easier to clean.

Let your baby eat more fruits and juices rich in vitamin C.

It is said that chicken soup can alleviate the symptoms of a cold, and it does not prevent the chicken soup from being boiled for the baby to drink a little.

Eat dairy products as little as possible, it can increase mucus secretion.

For babies with reduced appetite, mothers can prepare foods that are easy to digest and have good color and aroma.

  2. Make your baby sleep more comfortably. If your baby’s nose is blocked, you can put one or two towels under the child’s mattress and raise it slightly to relieve nasal congestion.

Never let a baby under the age of two sleep directly on a pillow or under a mattress, as this can easily cause suffocation or damage to the cervical spine.
  3. Help the baby to blow his nose. The baby is too young to blow his nose. The best way to let the baby breathe smoothly is to help his baby blow his nose.

You can put a little petroleum jelly in your baby’s outer nostril, which can often reduce the complications of the nose. If the nose is thick, you can try using a nasal aspirator or twisting a medical cotton ball into a small stick and sticking it outIf the snot has caused difficulty in feeding, you can drip your nose and nose with saline 15 minutes before feeding. After a while, use the nasal aspirator to suck out the saline and mucus in the nasal cavity, and your baby’s nose will be smooth.
  4, keep the air moist You can use a humidifier to increase the humidity of your baby’s room, especially at night can help your baby to breathe more smoothly.

Don’t forget to clean the humidifier with white vinegar and water every day to avoid the accumulation of dust and germs.

  5. Make a steam bath for your baby. Bring your baby to the bathroom with you, turn on the hot water or shower, close the door, and let your baby stay in the steam-filled house for 15 minutes. The baby’s nasal congestion will definitely improve.

Don’t forget to put on your baby’s dry clothes immediately after bathing.
If you let your baby play in slightly hot water for a while, it can also relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion and reduce body temperature.

  Special tips: If your baby has no symptoms other than stuffy nose, you need to take your baby to the ENT department for a nasal examination.

Maybe you don’t know: even small babies can put things in the nasal cavity.

  Five Recipes for Regulating Baby Colds Diet conditioning is an important way to prevent and treat colds. The following are five dietary methods recommended by doctors for different babies.

  1, “Yin deficiency” baby recipe Lily wolfberry pork porridge Yin deficiency baby is generally thin, sleepy sweaty, easily upset, thirsty, red tongue, less tongue coating.

This kind of baby is easy to catch cold due to sweating and catch a cold. It is recommended to eat “lily wolfberry meat porridge” to nourish.

  Materials: 20-30 grams of lily, 10 grams of wolfberry, minced pork and rice.

  Method: first cook rice into porridge, and then add lily, wolfberry, and minced pork to cook together.

  2, “Qi deficiency” baby recipes Yam pork porridge Qi deficiency babies are generally fat, puffy, have a thin tongue coating, tongue is not red, this kind of baby because of weak constitution, also easy to catch a cold, suitable recipe is “Yam pork porridge”.

  Materials: 20 grams of yam (or raw yam slices), minced pork and rice.

  Method: first cook rice into porridge, cook yam and minced pork together until cooked.

  For babies who already have a cold, they need to be conditioned by a light, nutritious diet.

  3, “cold cold” baby recipes light on the previous rice porridge If your baby in the early stages of the cold, have the following symptoms: cough, sputum and thin, thin nose, white tongue coating, white and dry stool, a lot of urine, do not loveDrinking water is usually cold, mostly because of cold and cold.

At this time, the suitable recipe for the baby is “light white previous rice porridge.

“Materials: 5-6 sections of scallion (root of scallion), 6-7 slices of ginger, a proper amount of rice.

  Method: first boil the previous rice into porridge, and add the onion white into the porridge at the same time, put ginger in the oven when it is ready to cook for 5-10 minutes, then turn off the flame.

  Five recipes for conditioning your baby’s cold4. “Hot cold baby” recipe Mint burdock porridge If your baby’s symptoms at the beginning of the cold are: phlegm and cough, sore throat, love drinking water, sticky nose, red tongue, Tongue coating turns yellow, pulse is faster than usual, usually a cold.

At this time, you need to cook “mint burdock porridge” for your baby.

  Ingredients: 6 grams of peppermint, 10 grams of burdock seeds, previous rice amount.

  Method: Cook the burdock for 15 minutes, remove the burdock, and leave the juice for later use.

Cook the stem rice into porridge, add mint after 10 minutes, add burdock juice when the porridge is ready, and cook for 5 minutes.

  5, “Healthy Baby” anti-cold recipe Yupingfeng powder materials: American ginseng or Codonopsis 10 grams, atractylodes 10 grams, windproof 6 grams.

  Method: Boil American ginseng, Codonopsis chinensis, Atractylodes, and windproof water, and take juice for tea.

You can also take Yupingfeng oral solution, which can help your baby effectively prevent colds and improve immunity.

Beauty advanced maintenance for silky beauty _1

Beauty Advanced Care Creates Silky Beauty

You must never think that as long as you do a good job in facial care, your beauty project will change.

In fact, many times, the reason why beauty breaks is because of details.

When it comes to nursing, many women ignore important details.

Think of that sentence: You need to know the real age of a woman and see if she suffers.

Don’t hurry up and come to the neck!

  At the age of 25, she began to noticeably ageless and elegant women. Her skin line was absolutely flawless, but many women only focused on their own facial skin, ignoring equally important skin.

It is said that beauty experts said that one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body with skin is also one of the most prone to aging.

From the age of 25, women’s obesity has begun to show signs of age. Note that skin care should keep your age secret.

  The initial skin needs to be firmer and older, and the collagen in the body begins to gradually lose. With a small volume, the elasticity of the skin gradually decreases, and the skin becomes wrinkled.

At this time, the basic nursing procedure can’t alleviate the aging problem of the shoulder and neck skin. You need to upgrade the ordinary moisturizing cream to an anti-aging cervical cream, and cooperate with the professional neck mask intensive care, and continue to rebuild.

  Implant nursing “membrane” is an indispensable substitute for an “event triangle” in ergonomics. The skin appears thin and fragile, only 2/3 of the thickness of the face, the texture is deep and crossed, and the content of collagen cells is relatively small.It is easy to lack elasticity, and the hemoglobin content is less dull and yellower.

In the end, the number of sebaceous hormones and sweat glands in the skin only accounts for 1/3 of the face. Sebum secretion is reduced, it is easy to dry, and it is difficult to keep moisture, so it is easy to produce wrinkles.

Therefore, it is important to take care of the “film”.

  Acrylic-coated mask, paper-like and paste-like impurities 1, do not clean the mask deeply.

Anion mask, paper and paste impurities.

For dryness, apply a moisturizing mask, remove dumbness and apply a whitening mask, and increase elasticity. Apply an anti-aging or collagen mask. However, it is best not to use a deep cleansing mask, otherwise it will be easier to dry.

  2. Natural essence is the most anti-aging.

Choosing a natural neck mask with marine essence or Chinese herbal medicine ingredients can reduce the formation of nourishing wrinkles, delay aging, and restore skin elasticity.

  3, the swan beautiful neck pressed out.

While improving the facial mask, massage is used to reduce neck lines and improve blood color.

When acute fatigue, apply warm towels for two minutes to increase blood circulation.

Do not use too hot baths, because hot water touches the skin of complications, irritates the skin and causes neck lines.

  Adhere to the firming neck cream. Sooner or later, adhere to the firming cream specially designed for reorganization. Its quality is richer than ordinary moisturizing products. The ingredients can promote the skin’s soft fibrin cells to renew.Neck lines to enhance neck skin effect.

Regular neck mask before bedtime 1 weekly?
2 times, after the cleansing and skinning procedures, apply the mask to the neck mask and apply it in a supine position. The pillows should not be too soft or too high, it is better to be a little harder, and the height is about 8cm. This helpsHelps skin stretch to prevent wrinkles.

  Neck cream method STEP1: first rub the cream on the palm to warm.

Tilt your head up, your hands from bottom to top, and apply a little force to the middle part of your fingers to push the loose meat out.

  STEP2: Then the right side is turned to the left, and both hands apply force with the fingertips, and the left side is rubbed from bottom to top until it is behind the ear.

Then do the same as above.

  STEP3: Finally, step on the thumbs with both hands, push the excess meat from the lower jaw to the chin, and then massage the left and right ears respectively.

  Neck mask DIY A egg yolk olive oil neck mask raw materials: 3 egg yolks, 15 grams of olive oil.

  Method: Stir egg yolk olive oil together until foaming, apply after cleaning and initialize, wash with warm water after 10 minutes, use once or twice a week.

  Beauty effect: Egg yolk has antioxidant effect, skin is smooth and tender; olive oil moisturizes and repairs dry skin.

  B potato potato neck mask raw materials: 1 potato, 15 grams of olive oil.

  Method: steam the potatoes, mash them into mud, add olive oil to the mashed potatoes, stir well, apply it while it is hot, and wash after cooling.

  Beauty effect: This moisturizing effect of the neck mask is transformed into skin that becomes white and tender and smooth.

It is good to have good health

It is good to have good health

When the health consciousness of modern people awakens, the upsurge of health has begun in the society.

Everyone is asking for the method of health maintenance, and the theory and practice of health care are publicized everywhere in the society, but in the end, is there any reason for the truth that people have heard by word of mouth? We still need our own wisdomIdentify it.

The editor reminded the executors of the regimen of keeping in good health that they must be healthy and moderate.


hzh{display:none;}  世上没有一种食物和一种药物适合所有的人,也没有一种养生保健功法能适合所有的人。  The study of life phenomena involves not only medicine, but also many cultural aspects such as society, humanities, scientific research, and ethics.

Since ancient times, in addition to medical experts have the right to join health, other experts such as Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Yiology, Wuxue, Food Science, Folklore and other experts have the right to substitute.

So naturally, public justice and public justice are formed, and the wife says that the wife is reasonable.

  The Dafa of Health Preservation is divided, and Chinese medicine has experienced a baptism of fighting to defend its dignity.

Later, in professional or non-professional media, a large number of contents including ancient and modern medical history, masters, masterpieces, famous recipes, famous poems, and famous paintings were introduced to highlight the profoundness of TCM culture.

  But unfortunately, some non-traditional Chinese medical experts talk about the theory and application of health care, especially in nutrition, and they always change. Today you say yes, and tomorrow he will say badly or even harmfully.

Such things make people feel at a loss.

  Absolutely, based on the growing awareness and needs of the general public, various health care centers, bases, villas, clubs, clubs, apartments, etc. have been established.

These health care places invite health care experts from all walks of life, using ancient and modern Chinese and foreign health care methods to serve their health.

  In addition, many monks in tourist resorts, Lao Dao also diagnosed pulse dysfunctions for tourists, taught health-preserving methods and sold secret health tea, wine, pills, powder, cream, and other health supplements.

The radio and television media have expanded their health care programs while increasing their ratings. The book and magazine industry has pursued the replacement of circulation and has adopted health care content as the main direction of the draft. The topic selection is to find new, strange, special, and mysterious energy.Reader content.

  Whenever there is a demand, there will be a supply. Health care experts from all walks of life are springing up, and almost all have beautiful titles. What national experts, chief experts, senior experts, well-known experts, lifelong experts and so on.

  The characteristics of these health care experts are: they are more grassroots folklore experts than academics and scholars; they are more prosperous than old-aged experts; daring and open-minded experts are more timid and conservative experts; ignorant and fearlessMore experts than fearful experts; non-medical experts are more than medical experts; Western medicine experts are more than traditional Chinese medicine experts.

  Health books such as fried cold rice. Looking at the current health care theories that have emerged, the consensus has basically reached: to understand the nature of health, health care is more important than treatment, psychological balance, nutritional balance, proper exercise, smoking cessation, alcohol restriction, lifestyle rules, laborCombination with rest, regular physical examination, early treatment of illness and so on.

Therefore, the Chinese and Western health care experts over the years have even changed their faces and established their names, but they are just repeating each other, tossing back and forth, like frying cold rice, and like Xiang Linyi seeing people say “Amao peel beans”.

  Now readers look at these profane books, and listeners are boring and upset when listening to these submissions.

However, the authors are not afraid that the health care books and magazines have piled up and sold at 50% off. It should be sold out because there are many Chinese people, and one in 10,000 people pays, and the boss has money to make.

As long as there are health experts giving lectures on radio and television stations, there will be high listening rates, high ratings, advertising costs will go up, and there will be economic benefits.

  The right people are the ones who should not be the right people. For today, the oldest friends are the ones who have the most influence.

how so?

One is that retired elderly suffer from a lot of time, the other is fear of getting sick and dying, and the third is that the elderly are easily fooled by the media.

Some elderly people closed their doors every day in pursuit of “Quietness and Nothingness” and meditated and practiced internal exercises; some elderly people believed that “life lies in sports” and climbed the mountain or beat their bones in the park all day long; others also enjoyed the “something old”For “joy”, there is more than playing chess or rubbing mahjong around the clock; there are also a few elderly people who listen to health care tricks and practice strange skills, yelling, clapping their hands, slap their butts, and slap the whole body with a wooden board;, Learning the changed “five birds show”, even learning dog climbing, donkey rolling and the like; there are very few elderly people are superstitious health care recipes, daily ginseng, deer antler, ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps and various “whipping wine””Do not leave your mouth, use aphrodisiac to nourish your kidneys, and prolong your life; sometimes even drink your own urine, detoxify with toxins, prevent cancer and anti-cancer; and use topical hemorrhoid ointment for skin health and beauty.

  In the face of the widely held health regimen, who should we trust?

Want to use preliminary exercises?

  The author believes that there is no one food and one medicine suitable for all people in the world, and there is no one health care method that can be suitable for all people.

There is a problem that varies from time to time, from place to place, from season to season, and due to differences in people’s constitution and age.

Ancient doctors said: “It is advisable to do what is right, and those who are not to avoid it.”

Therefore, the principle of keeping in good health in TCM has always been recognized as a result of trials, and dialectical support.

  Determining your health behavior is often difficult to understand. As far as the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign health maintenance methods mentioned above are concerned, it is hard to say that the complete method uses a person’s body, even if it is a single item, it is difficult for people to be accurate.

  Nowadays, including the author, I am already an old man in his seventies and eighties. He has a colorful and colorful life, but is it necessary to ponder and practice these regimens every day?

The Dafa of health preserving “knows” but does not have to be deep; “believes” do not need to be obsessed; “exercises” must have degrees.

Basically according to its own conditions, the law is about nature, let it be.

In a word: Regardless of what other people say, but to believe in yourself, you can do it or not, and you can do more or less, so that you can live more freely, be smart, and live with dignity, don’t suffer.

The problems you will encounter when you start breastfeeding

The problems you will encounter when you start breastfeeding

The nipples are too small to highlight some of the problems you may encounter when you start breastfeeding. The nipples are too small and not too prominent. This will cause your child to suck difficultly and will get better over time.

At first, you can put a pacifier on the nipple for your child to suck, or use a breast pump.

In addition, mothers often massage their breasts during prenatal practice.

Of course, the most effective massage is a child’s lips.

  Children cannot suckle. Children are weak (especially premature babies) and have no strength to suckle.

Your child needs breast milk when she grows up. At this time, you should squeeze the milk and feed it with a bottle or injection.

Because of deformity (cleft lip or cleft palate) or infection, such as thrush, the child cannot eat milk. She can also squeeze the milk and use a bottle (with a special pacifier) to feed her.

  Children are unwilling to breastfeed. Although the child is born at full term, the child is still in a half-sleep state, as if not hungry.

This situation is rare.

If it appears, it is impossible to wake him up. If necessary, use a wet bath glove to wipe his forehead and temples. After two or three days, he will “wake up” and can feed normally.

In the meantime, in order to make your milk secrete, you have to milk the way your child feeds to stimulate the breasts.

  Milk comes out late or milk comes out slowly. First of all, don’t worry about your mind, because people’s mental state is related to milk secretion, especially in the first few weeks, milk secretion is irregular.

The more anxious the mother was, the more milk she couldn’t get out.

Everyone around you knows the situation appropriately.

The effect of mental state is very direct. Some doctors believe that forcing a mother who is unwilling to breastfeed to feed her child often fails.

On the contrary, for those willing to breastfeed, any hope will succeed.

  At the same time, excessive fatigue will increase, reduce and hinder milk secretion.

Take proper rest at this time.

  In fact, there are two real ways to stimulate milk secretion: let the child suck the two nipples regularly in turn; after each feeding, squeeze out the milk from both breasts.

  Finally, in order to keep the breasts full of milk, Xi ‘s breastfeeding interval is lengthened. At this time, Xi ‘s baby is fed with milk.

However, the child may become accustomed to sucking the bottle and refusing to absorb the mother’s nipples, which will eventually stop the secretion of breasts that are already difficult to produce.

Due to your child’s growth needs, your doctor may recommend breastfeeding at the same time as, for example, some milk.

If you feed your baby with a bottle, the opening of the pacifier should be smaller to prevent the milk from flowing too fast.

  If the mother pays attention to the above points, the inability to breastfeed the child may become a very individual situation, at least partly meet the child’s needs.

However, some mothers persisted for a few days and gave up breastfeeding without success. This is unfortunate, because some mothers have relatively slow milk secretions within fifteen days or even three weeks.

  When you have no milk or very little milk after three weeks of effort, you can replace your child with artificial replacement.

Even so, you have to feed the children yourself.

  Finally, it should be added that some mothers still breastfeed their children very well if they have very small breast cancer.

Plump breasts and rich milk are not the same thing.

  It is normal for children to snore.

If the child is not endless, give him a bottle of water or let him eat some breast milk. You can also make him feel comfortable while saying something intimate until the interval stops.

  Breast pain due to separation during breastfeeding can occur when there is too much milk in the breast.

To alleviate the pain, the best solution is to apply fibrous gauze (or towel) moistened with alcohol or a dressing coated with anti-inflammatory agents for fifteen minutes.

Then squeeze the milk and repeat this a few times a day.

It has also been suggested to apply ice, but also squeeze the milk.

If you have pain during breastfeeding, squeeze out your milk before feeding it with a bottle.

Squeeze more each time, this will ease your pain.

  Breast swelling is not a big problem, but it should be prevented.It’s empty, which is also my point.

  Children are greedy. Some children are very greedy and eager to eat. In a hurry, he swallowed as much air as breast milk. As a result, he couldn’t breathe, sneezed, coughed, and then spit out a lot of milk.

In this case, you have to stop breastfeeding and keep your child warm.

Facial Pilates saves slack skin


Facial Pilates saves slack skin

More and more people agree that the lifting and sculpting effect of Pilates movement can be used for the relaxed skin on the face and complications. I am afraid that even the most senior Pilates masters can not help.

When the skin is no longer firm, the decree lines become more prominent, and the corners of the eyes and mouth will also show drooping fatigue . Reshape the firm and youthful state A Pilates-like method, which can be a special skin care product,It can help reshape the youthful appearance of the face.

  Schematic illustration of lymphatic manipulation: Pilates on the eyebrow are mainly used to exercise core parts of the body, cooperate with breathing techniques and slow coordinated movements to make the body muscles firm.

And to do Pilates for the skin, you should target the most critical-skin collagen.

Collagen is a kind of protein, which is most closely related to skin strength and elasticity.

When the collagen level is in the ideal state, the skin is plump and plump, and if the collagen is insufficient, the skin will lose its elasticity.

Therefore, only by enhancing the skin’s ability to synthesize natural collagen, can it help maintain skin elasticity and make the obvious skin contours firm again.

  Schematic diagram of the lymphatic method: radio wave peeling of temples, botulinum acupuncture, radiofrequency skin tightening-nowadays, various high-tech beauty equipment developed by successive servants have stimulated the energy that directly stimulates the growth of collagen in the basal layer of the skin.See the beauty effect immediately.

  Schematic diagram of lymphatic manipulation: So the chin bone, is the traditional day cream, night cream, essence and manual care outdated?

Beautician tells you: NO!

Beauty skin scientists have worked day and night to develop a variety of skin beauty products with similar medical beauty effects, combined with the special care methods of the beautician, and the persistent use of skin care products and methods at home, as time stops.

  Beautiful tricks to get rid of lymphatic absorption from absorption. Many people pay attention to skin care ingredients when skin care, but often ignore the issue of whether their active ingredients can be absorbed.

In fact, if the active ingredients are not fully absorbed by the skin, or if the degree of absorption is low, it will be more effective and less effective.

  Nearly 70% of the human body belongs to water, including in or between cells, in blood or lymphatic vessels.

Lymph fluid circulates through the body, removing waste from cells and blood.

If the lymph fluid is not flowing well and the waste toxins cannot be excreted, it will cause the phenomenon of poor absorption, which is manifested as swelling of the body, looseness of the lower eyelids, dry skin and wrinkles, stains, acne and other problems.

Therefore, to solve the problem of absorption of product ingredients, we must first pump through the facial lymphatic system.

  TIPS: The beautician starts from the forehead and pumps along the skin texture to the large lymph in the armpit.

Behind the ear lobe is the Fengfeng acupoint, which is a lymph node. Multiple obstruction can excrete the aging perforation.

  Beautiful tricks: Non-cosmetic high-tech anti-aging and orthopedics are complemented by unique shaping techniques, which are energy-efficient products that can overcome the beauty of Microwave and Botox needles.

This skin care product is rich in seaweed essence, precious caviar essence and olive leaf essence.

Three-dimensional action on the skin, accelerates skin metabolism, slows down the rate of oxidation; enhances the skin’s effect of fighting back wrinkles; increases skin elasticity and provides sufficient moisture and nutrition.

  Beautiful tricks Three 80 days of continuous care remodeling fibers Just like the body “Pilates”, the “Pilates” of the facial skin must be persistent.

Professional beauty salon care once every 5 days, plus home care twice a day in the morning and evening. After 80 days, you will see the effect.

  TIPS: The whole treatment 10 times is a course of treatment, with RF radio frequency energy treatment, the effect is more obvious.

  TIPS: The main point of this set of techniques is to avoid friction between the skin of the hand of the beautician and the skin of the face of the beauty seeker, and use dark power to heat the inside of the muscle, especially after the ear (front contour) is down.Face contours will be loose.

Four coups to start romantic love

Four coups to start romantic love

You’ve been obsessed with a boy for a long time, and you really want to take some initiative, but you don’t know how he will react.

Maybe he will laugh at you face to face; maybe he will dodge you like Ebola in the days to come.

If there is a way to enable him to know your mind without making you look like a complete fool, that would be great.

Girls, you are the right place to ask this question, here are the four tricks to get started.

  Give a loving look Hey, the eyes are not called “windows of the mind”, your eyes are the best weapon to send a silent but strong message.

When your eyes stay on him for a few more seconds, your message is: I see you, I like you, let me walk into your life.

The problem now is that not all eye contact can achieve this effect.

The signal you send must be just right.

Attempt this step, the gentle, unguarded boy will never know what moved you.

Now-take a quick look at him, be careful not to stare at him (so it seems a bit nervous), and slowly let you “inadvertently” glance at an angle from top to bottom, that is, from the cheekbones under his browsFinally to the chin.

Look at his eyes every few seconds (even giving a playful smile).

Then, continue to “scan” his face (this needs to be done faster, in about seven to eight seconds).

He will assist you in observing him, but will not feel stared at you.

  How it works: Since you don’t have to say a word, this technique is ideal, even the most shy girl can try it.

If the information he returns is that he is not so interested in you (turn your eyes away from you), then it is not a big deal, after all, you have never really liked him, have you?

  Nothing touches the skin with the trick of “run and run” so he knows you care about him.

But before you act, know that this contact is very skillful.

If you use too much force, you might scare him away.

What you have to do is a quick non-verbal cues that shows you want to get closer to him.

For example, when you watched a volleyball match and swiped around him, he had no way of knowing if you hit him accidentally or something else, but it would make him notice you and think about it.

Or, after the games, touch his elbows, say “runs well”, and walk away.

The next time I saw him, I touched his belongings. Sometimes, I picked up his BP machine and asked if there was any other function.

Be quick every time, not more than a minute.

This way he won’t feel annoying, but will start to notice and think about you.

Step by step, you have entered his private space.

  How it works: You don’t have to show your admiration completely, you just need to make him curious. After some close contact, even a stupid boy will notice you.

  Want to make your personality more intimate by saying just the right whispers?

In fact, the method is simple: just talk a little softer than usual.

At this point your boy has to come closer and listen to what you are saying.

(What a chance, he will smell the sexy perfume on you.

) Another cool trick is to bring his name when asking a question.

Don’t ask “Have you seen the new Harry?

Potter movies?

“Ask,” Jay, have you seen the new Harry? ”

Potter movies?

“Adding his name immediately makes your personality a lot closer.

When you and his personality, leave some small hints that you are paying attention to his personal life.

For example, if you find that he has a golden retriever, you can say “Hey-last Saturday I seemed to see you with a dog.What kind is it?

“It worked: once he answered those questions, he would start to wonder why it was exactly what you knew about him (he didn’t pay much attention to it before).

If your boy’s reaction is flat, ask you to slowly build up your interest in simple things-and then continue to solve the problem.

  When building a mysterious web-based e-mail, it may be serious at first, but it can quickly develop into quiet sexual abuse.

You can ask questions that concern him, like “What do you think of your test this time?”

“This way you can continue the conversation.

If your online lover is hooked-great, give a provocative reply “I’m going to a party, but don’t want to go alone, can you stay with me?”

“Don’t write as long as Tustoevsky’s novel, play cool (no matter how you want to see him across the screen), always keep his curiosity and make him want to see youKnow more here.

  How it works: Your sweetheart can’t see you, so you don’t have to worry about your blushing like an apple.

You don’t have to rack your brains at the time and come up with some witty words, because you have time.

Write a reply.

If he doesn’t cooperate (idiot, disappointment!

), Quickly say “bye bye”, and then step out.