Six notes for college students seeking employment

Six notes for college students seeking employment

In a job interview, most interviewing examiners will ask candidates to introduce themselves, and then gradually understand the general situation of the candidate, change the ability to check the candidate’s eloquence, resilience and psychological tolerance, logical thinking and other abilities.

Do not underestimate this self-introduction. He is both a stepping stone to the interviewer and an excellent opportunity to sell himself, so he must grasp it.

Candidates should pay attention to the following points: First, after receiving the interview notice, it is best to make a draft of self-introduction at home, and then try to feel it.

  Second, when introducing yourself, you should first make a very short opening politely, and tell all interviewers (if there are multiple interviewing examiners), if the interviewing examiner is paying attention to something else, you can wait a little, wait for him to turnIt only started after coming over.

    Third, pay attention to mastering the time. If the interviewer specifies the time, we must pay attention to the mastery of the time, not too long or too much change.

  Fourth, the content of the introduction should not stay too much on a certain name, work experience, time and other things, because these are already on your resume, you should talk more about some jobs related to the position you are applying forExperience and achievements to prove that you are indeed competent for the job position you are applying for.

  Fifth, when introducing yourself, don’t look away, look away, suddenly look careless, this will make people do things casually, causing a sense of distraction.

It is best to keep your eyes on the interviewer, but you can’t keep your eyes on for a long time.

Another is to try to add less auxiliary movements of hands, because this is not a lecture, after all, it is also important to maintain a decent posture.

    6. Don’t forget to say thank you after you have introduced yourself, sometimes it will often affect the examiner’s impression of you.