Fitness is everywhere, even in the office

Fitness is everywhere, even in the office

Faced with computer work, of course, we cannot do without a mouse, but we often hold a mouse and easily get a “mouse hand”.

What should we do?

I compiled some simple exercises for everyone, which will help eliminate muscle tension and fatigue, and slim down.

It’s very simple, let’s do it together.

  First, pat the shoulder: the combination of waist rotation and shoulder pat, right palm pat the left shoulder and waist to the left, and the other hand pat the waist and back, and vice versa.

Because there is a shoulder well acupoint on the shoulder, patting this acupoint can evacuate the breath, and activate the vitality and blood circulation.

  Second, nod: one point, feet apart, shoulder width, hands on hips, forward flexion (chin close to the body), back extension (head up and back), side flexion (ears close to the shin) and rotation movements, action requirementsSlowly, in place, at some positions, you need to stretch it a little harder, there is a soreness, the effect will be better.

Do each quarter for about a minute.

  3. Kick and kick: Step in place, swing your upper limbs, straighten your lower limbs, tighten your toes, try to align with your lower limbs, and try to kick higher, just like walking forward during exercise.The thumb is in front, the other four fingers are in the back, the crotch is to the right and left, and then it can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. The rotation should be slow and strong.

  Fifth, comb the head and pull the ear to pat the waist and leg (sorting movement): use your fingers as a comb, comb your hair with the back of your nails, comb 30-50 times forward and backward, then pull the ear, pull the tip of the ear 5 times, and then pull the earlobe 5 times.The outer ear wheel is 20-30 times.

Then use the palms of both hands to pat from the waist to the heel, stretch from the calf to the sides of the navel, and pat 2-3 times to complete.

  6. Skipping: Jumping with bare hands, hands and feet should cooperate and coordinate.

This action can activate qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, improve fatigue, and persist for about a minute.

How to alleviate the symptoms of sedentary back pain?

How to alleviate the symptoms of sedentary back pain?

Many outdoor workers are envious of those white-collar workers who can sit and go to work every day. They think that sitting and working is very easy, but it is not.

Most office workers often sit in front of a computer, and their weight is placed on the lumbar spine.

In the work at the desk, people’s waist bones are often in an unnatural curvature, which is likely to cause diseases such as strained lumbar muscles and protruding lumbar discs, so back pain and back pain will inevitably occur.

So how to alleviate the symptoms of sedentary back pain?

  First, the position of the ischium is very important to change your sitting posture.

When many people sit down, the ischia tends to move forward, and the slenderness leads to the back of the pelvis, which increases the burden on the waist.

Therefore, the correct sitting method is: when sitting down, move the buttocks back 3 cm, so that the position of the pelvis can be adjusted correctly, and the pelvis can stand upright to maintain an upright and correct sitting position.

  Second, change the sitting position or back pain and choose to stand and work. If changing the sitting position still can not relieve the back pain, it is recommended to stand up and work.

Many people think that computer work is a non-sitting task, but in fact, research results show that sedentary increases the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and low back pain is also an adverse consequence of maintaining a posture for a long time.

If you have a backache, it’s also a good idea to get up and work when you’re doing work that doesn’t require special attention, such as returning emails.

If you are working from home, you can also choose to place the computer on the floor and use the computer while doing stretching exercises on the floor.

  Third, do simple stretching exercises at work. Generally, low back pain is caused by long-term poor posture.

When working, you must stretch your shoulders forward to reach the keyboard. This can easily lead to humpback, forward bending and pain.

Therefore, the working gap does not prevent you from taking a minute or two to do a simple stretching exercise: 1. Cross your legs on a chair, keep the sitting posture like the Japanese, stretch your back muscles, and hold your hands backwardsStretch back and do chest expansion exercises; 2. Keep sitting, straighten your feet and do forward flexion exercise; 3. Keep cross-legged, straighten your right leg first, bend your body forward, try to touch your right toeHold for 10-20 seconds; change your left leg straight and continue to bend forward. Try to touch your left toe with both hands and hold for 10-20 seconds.

The same way can be done 2-3 times.

  The above are several methods for alleviating back pain.

Sedentary office workers should learn more about related activities. During sedentary activities, they should exercise regularly to protect their lumbar spine.

In addition, pay more attention to rest, light and warm digestible diet is also very important, and for particularly severe pain, it is recommended to actively take medication.

In addition, we must strengthen physical exercise in our lives and improve our physical fitness.

Psychologists analyze dead man in dreams

Psychologists analyze “dead man” in dreams

The spiritual phenomenon in reality may not be encountered by everyone, but in the dream, almost everyone has encountered the dead, so what does the dead in the dream represent?
Modern psychologists, represented by the psychoanalytic school, classify the dead people in dreams according to their psychological and emotional status, and believe that the shape of the dead person is a form of emotional expression.
  He Minghua and Cai Chenrui, both psychoanalysts, studied under the psychologist and the first Chinese dream interpreter, Professor Zhu Jianjun. They have many years of experience in psychological counseling.
Just dreaming about the dead, the reporter interviewed them.
  Dead woman in white: lonely and lacking vitality “A boy often has a dead woman with long hair standing in a lake and showing his upper body in his dreams.
The boy was born in a wealthy family. He is the only child in the family. From childhood to age, parents will be satisfied no matter what he wants.
But because the parents are busy with work, the parents have few opportunities to communicate with him emotionally.
To outsiders, he should live a happy life.
But in reality his heart was extremely painful, and he longed for the care and love from his parents.
However, the parents replaced the emotional communication with money. For him, money could not fill the lack of emotions, so in his dreams a dead woman in white would appear in the water.
“This is a case encountered by psychological counselor Cai Chenrui. Cai Chenrui said that the image of the dead woman in white most appeared in our dreams.
They are characterized by fluttering long hair and seemingly weak, representing depression.
White symbolizes purity and nobility, but when white is combined with the dead, it represents lack of strength and vitality, and paleness and weakness.
White clothes symbolize the paleness after the blood dries.
Here, blood is a symbol of love and emotion. When a person’s love and emotion are gone, she becomes pale.
In the dream, this female dead person often appears alone and is very lonely.
Because an essential characteristic of depression is loneliness.
  Zombies: Indifferent and numb to emotions “A 27-year-old man consulted. He said he was slutty and often had nightmares, dreaming of zombies.
He was born into a better family and has a high degree of education.
I made a girlfriend.
At first, his girlfriend was nice to him.
He believes that he has found a lifetime of love and paid a lot of emotion and money to his girlfriend.
Later, his girlfriend went to study in the United States through his relationship. He entrusted his friends and paid for his own money to make his girlfriend realize his dream.
But he did not expect that his girlfriend abandoned him less than six months after going abroad.
The man was emotionally cared for early and did not experience emotional frustration.
The blow from breaking up with his girlfriend has greatly changed his view of the world, especially the opposite sex.
His attitude towards the opposite sex began to become as indifferent as a zombie, seeing himself as a zombie.
Frustration made him revenge against the opposite sex.
He used attack and possession to balance his frustration.
“Hey, this is a case encountered by psychological consultant He Minghua. He Minghua said that zombies look bloodless, just like we often say” living dead people “. In fact, they have become mentally indifferent.
Such a person is numb to the entire life, completely shuts down his inner emotions, has no emotional response to the world, and is mechanical to others.
Such people’s emotions are extremely suppressed, and they become rigid and lose vitality due to lack of emotion and love.
  Drowning the dead: Addiction can’t extricate themselves “A foreign girl who has just come to college in Beijing often dreams of a long-haired dead man appearing beside her, squeezing herself to asphyxiation.
The image originated from the girl’s mother.
Out of concern for her daughter who is far away, her mother always has to call the remote control to understand what her daughter is doing and who she is with.
The girl felt the oppression of her mother all the time.
For her, the mother’s love has been transformed into a kind of control, which has caused her stress and pain.
Excessive love gives people a sense of siege and suffocation, which makes people feel drowned and die in embarrassment.”The drowned person represents too much emotion, and the image feature is wet.

The drowning of the dead in the above case is an expression of emotional oppression.

This is full of dead people, as we often say: neither beat you nor scold you, torture you with emotions.

There is another type of drowning that expresses the desire and entanglement of feelings. If a person is indulged in emotions and cannot extricate himself, then he will drown.

He Minghua believes that drowning people are often very emotional people who may die for love.

Such people cannot hide themselves in the emotional world.

Teach you how to build a healthy home

Teach you how to build a healthy home

In addition to the multi-faceted evidence of indoor air pollution, the residents themselves must also raise awareness of indoor air pollution prevention, because whether the home is clean and healthy, otherwise the choice of the household itself.


hzh {display: none; }  “健康住宅”的15条标准  1。
The concentration of chemicals that cause allergies is very low;

In order to meet the requirements of the first point, it is possible to use plywood, wall decoration materials, etc., which are easy to disperse chemicals;

The installation of ventilation equipment with good ventilation performance can discharge indoor pollutants to the upper floors. Especially for high air tightness and high heat insulation, a central ventilation system with air ducts must be used for timing ventilation.  4.

Install local exhaust equipment in the kitchen stove or smoking place; 5,

Bedroom, kitchen, toilet, hallway, bathroom, etc. should be maintained between 17 and 27 degrees;

The humidity in the room is maintained at between 40% and 70%;

The suspended dust concentration should be lower than zero.

15mg / square meter;

The noise is less than 50 decibels;

The day’s sunshine is guaranteed to be more than 3 hours;

Install lighting equipment of sufficient brightness; 12

The house has sufficient capacity to resist natural disasters; 13

Have sufficient per capita floor space and ensure privacy;

Housing should properly care for the elderly and disabled; 15

Due to the hazardous and harmful organic substances contained in the building materials, all the dwellings should be cut off after they are completed, and ventilation should be carried out during this period.

  Home health should pay attention to: 1.

In the interior decoration, the building should be carefully selected. Decorative materials: interior wall paint should choose water-based paint; doors and windows and furniture paint should be selected to form fast film, solvent evaporation fast; when selecting wood and marble floor tiles, be sure toAsk for the product exposure certificate; when choosing the decorative sheet, be sure to ask the merchant for the product quality certificate. Because the decorative sheet is mainly the adhesive board, fiberboard, particleboard, etc., usually a large amount of formaldehyde is released.Choose a decorative sheet with a formaldehyde content.

The decoration should be moderate, and it is forbidden to increase the indoor pollution source due to over-decoration.


When purchasing furniture, try to choose solid wood furniture, reduce the use of MDF and fiberboard, and reduce the release of formaldehyde.


The newly renovated room should not be rushed to live. It should be ventilated and ventilated; due to the construction, decoration materials, the release of formaldehyde in the furniture is a slow process. After staying, the window should be ventilated every day to ensure adequate ventilation in the room.the amount.

.hzh {display: none; }  4.Do not overheat the oil during cooking; open the cooker hood or open the window to change the air during cooking to reduce the pollution caused by fuel burning and cooking fumes in the kitchen.


Try not to smoke indoors to reduce indoor air pollution from smoke.


Bedding, blankets and carpets should always be aired in the sun, resulting in biofouling from broken dust.

Charm yoga practice of Soho

Charm yoga practice of Soho

Yoga can improve your health history and your life.

The following daily yoga practice is the best way to achieve this goal.

You can practice all the postures every morning before waking up or falling asleep in the evening, or adopt whatever you think is right for you.

  Before you start, do 2 minutes of preparatory activities.

Do preliminary activities or stay in place.

During the exercise, each pose lasts 30-60 seconds.

Breathe slowly and deeply and feel the air entering your lungs.

  Whole body fracture This posture acts on the energy center at the bottom of the body, the bottom end of the spine.

  Action essentials: Sit on the ground, with your right leg extended forward, your left leg bent from pointing to just touch your right knee, your body slowly leaning forward, your head trying to lower down until your hands touch your right leg.
As long as you feel comfortable, you can try to move forward gradually.

Then change the left leg to complete the same action.

  Physiological effects: This exercise fractures the sciatic nerve, spine and back.

Can help relieve muscle stiffness and pain.

It also acts on the adrenal glands, legs, bones and large intestine.

When this energy center is out of balance, your weight will easily increase, digestive problems will occur, and today people lose diarrhea and constipation.

  Cat posture This posture acts on the energy center of the sacrum, the waist bone.

  Essentials of movement: limbs, head down, hips and pointing in a line, shoulders and hands in a line, palms pressed down on the ground, and slowly arched.

Like a cat.

Hold on for a few seconds, then slowly raise your head and sink back.

  Physiological effect: This action relaxes the lower spine, acts on the reproductive organs and helps ease dysmenorrhea.

It can also improve arthritis and speed up blood circulation.

  Crossing your legs acts on the energy center of your chest.

That is to cross section below.

  Action essentials: sit on the ground with your legs crossed, your back straight, your legs in a half lotus shape, and your palms on your knees.

  Physiological effects: Coordinates metabolism and acts on the stomach, bladder, liver and nervous system.

  The crossed legs and humerus act on the heart’s energy center, the ankle.

  Action essentials: sit on the ground with your legs crossed, cross, with your hands on the left and right sides.

  Physiological effect: It acts on the heart and blood circulation, and has certain effects on hypertension, irregular breathing and hypertension.

  Pensive posture This posture acts on the energy center of the forehead.

  Action essentials: sit on the ground, cross your legs.

Keep your hips straight, hands on top, and pinch your index finger and thumb into an O-shape.

  Physiological effects: It acts on the lower brain, nervous system, nose, eyes, and also helps to treat headaches and neurological problems.

  The inverted position acts on the energy center above the head.

  Action essentials: do a handstand.

If this is too difficult for you, you don’t have to lift your feet.

Do not use this position during key periods.

  Physiological effect: It acts on the upper part of the brain and pituitary gland, which helps to treat insomnia, reduce stress and calm over-excited nerves.

  The relaxed position is the best way to end the exercise.  Action essentials: Back straight, most easily on both sides of the body, exhale, forward axially to the whole body, forehead down until it hits the ground in front of it.

Hold this position for 6-10 seconds.

  Physiological effects: This position fractures the spine, the base of the tail, the neck and the arms.

A great way to calm and relax.

It’s not wrong for the child to use one heart and two things

It’s not wrong for the child to “use one heart and two things”

“Children focus on two or three things at the same time” is not wrong. It is the conclusion of a recent study by American behaviorists, psychologists and education experts.
They also advise parents to incorporate this training into their children’s daily lives.
  ★ Reason The child needs to grasp the overall situation and consider the whole situation at the same time.
For example, when driving a car, you must pay attention to the terrain, pay attention to the environment and pedestrians on the road, and pay attention to the changes in traffic lights. When you play the piano, you must see the score, listen to the sound of the piano, and step on the pedal. The brain must analyze and judge the rhythm of the music.
Learning to “distribute” your attention works well.
  ★好处  研究表明,在“一心两用”训练中表现出色的孩子,在需要注意力集中的时候,也有出色的“业绩”;而且,大脑反应快、身体协调性好、记忆力强、富于创造性.
  ★ Practical operation: 1 year old: listening to music and listening to talk; learning to walk while watching TV; listening to nursery rhymes and playing games.
  2 years old: While learning children’s songs, jumping on both feet; singing while dancing with both hands rhythmically; listening to the story while doing action.
  3 years old: while telling a story to herself, while dressing the baby; while graffiti, listening to music; while patting the ball, talking to the children.
  4 years old: Counting while walking on the balance beam; singing while pinching plasticine.
  5 years old: Counting while skating on rollers; writing stories while writing stories; origami and listening to songs.
  6 years old: wearing beads and chatting with children; watching TV, reciting Tang poetry; playing piano, singing.
  ★ Reminder: The “allocation” of attention and the “concentration” of attention require acquired training, and the period of infancy is the key period.
  The condition of “two-pronged use” is that one of the things is that the child is more familiar and simple, and does not require a lot of attention.

Salmon: Dewrinkling factor in delicious!

Salmon: Dewrinkling factor in delicious!

Eating deep-sea fish three times a week can effectively help the skin stay young and moisturized. Salmon is the most effective fish for skin beauty among all deep-sea fishes. At the “2007 Deep-sea Beautiful Beauty Food Symposium”, which recently developed disease, BeijingWu Yan, deputy chief physician of the Department of Dermatology at the First Hospital of the University, pointed out that omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids that can only be taken from the diet play a key role in moisturizing the skin and preventing and removing wrinkles.

Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are part of the skin barrier. After supplementation, they can help the skin lock in moisture, achieve moisturizing and transformation effects, and have a strong antioxidant effect, which can effectively prevent skin aging and wrinkles.

Studies have confirmed that Norwegian salmon from the Atlantic Ocean has the highest omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids among all fish.

In addition to omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, there is another powerful antioxidant in salmon—astaxanthin, which is replaced by salmon red.

Astaxanthin’s antioxidant capacity is 550-1000 times that of ordinary vitamin E. It can effectively fight free radicals, delay skin aging, and protect the skin from UV rays.

  ”But for this healthy” beautiful “food, many people still do not accept it well, especially the elderly, who think that salmon is a fashionable food for young people, and they worry that eating raw is bad for the elderly.

Wu Yan regrets that.

She suggested that there should be more deep-sea fish on the Chinese table, preferably three times a week, especially salmon, which has symptoms for the health of people of all ages, promotes the development of children’s brain and eyes, controls weight, beauty and skin, and is strongCardio-cerebral vessels . Wen Yi, the host of CCTV’s “Everyday Diet”, demonstrated the skills of cooking salmon beauty meal.

She said that if you are not accustomed to eating raw salmon, frying, boiling soup or steaming, it is also delicious and tender. Salmon is best fried and cooked to nine maturity, the outside is ripe, and the inside is still orange-red, the taste is the best; because salmon vitaminsE content is not very rich, so if you want to enhance its beauty effect, it is best to cook with vitamin E foods, such as various nuts, green leafy vegetables, cereals, etc.

The beauty of Chinese spy girls


The beauty of Chinese spy girls

The wind of spy battles has been blowing from Europe and the United States, and its splendid plot and its splendid spy girls have always been loved by the audience.

From the European and American classics “007 Series”, “Mission Impossible”, “Smith and Smith” to Hong Kong films “Naked Agent”, “Infernal Affairs”, “Lust Ring”, all the way to nearby to watch the popular “Hidden”, andThe sound of Wind just released.

The spy war movie has been pushed to a new climax. Outside of the show, the beautiful spy girls have set off a unique fashion trend, and their skincare and beauty experience have been sought after by beautiful girls.

Learn a few tricks and make yourself a mysterious spy girl!


hzh {display: none; }  周迅的皮肤底子其实并不是很好,从前总是有评论说周迅皮肤暗黄、有痘印。Now that she is getting more and more smooth, she pays more attention to skin care. Now she has fair and clear skin in front of the camera, and even started to receive some cosmetic endorsements.

In fact, she didn’t like cumbersome procedures, so she must keep skin care lessons in order to maintain long-term adherence.

  (1): According to the characteristics of his dry skin, Zhou Xun regards hydration as the most important maintenance procedure. In fact, it is not only dry skin that needs hydration. Any kind of skin needs elasticity and smoothness to rely on hydration.Finished.

Even oily skin also needs to be hydrated, especially in such a dry season, the skin is susceptible to dehydration. Oily skin should pay special attention to preventing the skin from getting oily and dry inside, otherwise it is very easy to get acne.

In addition to adding 7 every day?
In addition to 8 cups of water, hyaluronic acid is the first to be replenished with external water.

It often exists in a microcapsule state in the product, which can expand its volume to 30 times in 10 seconds, has an immediate moisturizing effect, and provides a continuous flow of moisture to the skin within 5 hours, making the skin surface hydratedfull.
  Product introduction: Natural moisturizing factors and water-locking ingredients can quickly replenish skin’s moisture, form an effective protective film on the surface of the skin, keep moisturizing for 24 hours without being greasy, help the skin effectively resist environmental pollution, and improve the skin’s dryness and lack of water.The state restores the skin’s hydrated and full luster, maintains the skin’s water and oil balance, and provides long-term protection for the skin.

  Product introduction: DHC flat wrinkle beauty liquid is added with a highly effective moisturizing effect, which keeps the skin smooth and hyaluronic acid and elastin to prevent the delicate eye and mouth area from drying out.

It is moisturized during absorption and very refreshing after absorption. While moisturizing the parts that are easy to dry, it also gives full play to the vitality of the skin, creating a supple and supple skin.

  (B): She likes DIY masks, honey milk mask is her favorite analysis: DIY mask is cheap and easy to use, introduce a few commonly used!

  1, honey milk mask: mix milk with honey and put a mask into the bubble, after applying, it will make the skin white and smooth.

  2. After the bananas are smashed, add half a tablespoon of olive oil, stir well, and apply it on a wooden board to help remove wrinkles.

  3, cucumber has a cleansing effect.

Cut the cucumber into thin slices and apply it on the cleansed face to make the skin tender and smooth.

  4. Tomato is a good skin care product. You can chop it and press it into juice, add some honey and mix thoroughly to smear the face.

  (C): Zhou Xun believes that exercise is the best way to maintain.

  Analysis: Zhou Xun’s other skin care secret is hot yoga.

She said that she likes the sweat completely, and feels that she is clean from the inside out.

Hot yoga has strict requirements on the venue and temperature. Practitioners need to practice 26 basic postures in a high temperature environment between 38 ° C and 42 ° C. Basically, they will sweat heavily after 10 minutes.

Sweating can remove toxins from the body surface and purify the nervous system.

Muscles and tendons are stiff at room temperature, and can be squeezed well in high temperature environments.

Hot yoga classes three times a week for about an hour each.

For women who may not be guaranteed to go to the gym at work, Zhou Xun suggests choosing a more autonomous exercise, some kind of ordinary yoga, as long as there is a place to lay a mat.

In addition, running, cycling, and inline skating are all good fitness sports.

  Li Bingbing completely dissolved the impression of Xiaojiazi.

Everyone can see that she is getting more and more beautiful, and now she is very angry and very European and American!

Big makeup brands are starting to come.

Li Bingbing talks about skin care, she does not have much time to care for her skin, but she will put every basic step in place, and pay attention to following these principles.

  (1) Suggestion for clean analysis: For those who often make heavy makeup, thick powder makeup will pores, which is a heavy burden on the skin.

Washing your face carefully morning and evening every day can remove excess sebum and metabolites from the surface layer of the skin, allowing the cells that are easy to regenerate into the surface layer.

The requirements for cleaning products suitable for autumn are relatively high. In addition to ensuring cleansing power, they must be mild in nature, so as not to sensitize the skin.
  Product introduction: Fine molecules can float cosmetics, clean the eyes and lips, leave no makeup stains, emulsify after adding water, easy to clean, and make skin smooth.
Cleanses and eliminates oxides, preventing skin from aging and turning yellow due to makeup.

Effective anti-oxidant, remove makeup and remove yellow gas on the surface at the same time; help moisturize, smooth and clear skin after use.

  Clinique liquid cleansing soap (mild type) 200RMB / 200ml Product introduction: Clinique cleansing soap can keep the skin fresh, clean, comfortable, without dryness and tightness.

Easily wipe away dead skin cells, nutrient absorption is unobstructed.

Moisturizes instantly, leaving skin clean, fresh, smooth and soft.

  (2) Persistence of one film per day: The trapeze’s Li Bingbing said that 365 days a year, and 340 days I will stick to the mask.

There are only three things spent on the road: sleeping, reading, and applying a mask.

When you arrive at the residence, you often quickly apply the mask.

Because the closed cabin will take away the moisture stored in the skin.

Only by applying a moisturizing mask can we make the dehydrated skin become supple and white again.

In fact, it’s not just Li Bingbing doing this. The mask used frequently is the skincare magic of many celebrities.

The beauty king is even more passionate about the mask, and once he broke the news, he often applied a few masks with different effects a day.

But for us ordinary people, to ensure adequate sleep, make a facial mask two or three times a week, and then a large amount of essence in the mask, it is a first aid effect, excess nutrition will also cause a burden on the skin.

  Product introduction: Not only has strong compressive force, but also resists changes in the dryness and humidity in the environment, provides a stable moisturizing force, forms a natural water lock layer, and promotes the absorption of active ingredients.

  (3) Simple eating habits Many girls stagger such error areas. For health, every meal is very serious. At the same time, vegetables, soy products, meat, seafood, etc. are added at the same time.

In fact, this is not scientific.

Too complex a diet can make our bodies “unresponsive,” and complex chemical processes can produce unpredictable chemical reactions.

At the same time, today’s high-end skin care products are gradually simplistic and refined into a development trend.

So start enjoying the simple beauty now!

Common yoga supplies have some uses_1

What are the common yoga supplies

Yoga mats: Yoga mats are aids for yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground to prevent injuries to the spine, foot fractures, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

Yoga mats should be non-toxic, tasteless and flexible.

Gently push the surface of the mat with your palm to have a dry feeling. If there is too much foaming agent on the surface of the mat and there is a slippery feeling, it will easily slip and fall when you practice on it.

Those who are new to yoga can choose a thicker mat, such as 6mm thick; if you have a certain foundation, you can choose a thickness of 3.

5mm-5mm yoga mat.

  Yoga clothing: A type of clothing worn when practicing yoga in a yoga suit.

When choosing yoga clothes, you must focus on comfort, looseness is the best, and at least there is better breathability.

  Yoga brick: It is an auxiliary product when doing yoga exercises.

When doing some basic yoga movements, you can use bricks to make transitions when you can’t reach the ground with your hands. When you are doing half-moon, you can use bricks to make sure that the balance is not stable enough.

  Yoga ball: is a modern and popular fitness product.

Through exercise, you can improve people’s flexibility, balance ability, improve their posture, and enhance their cardiopulmonary function.

Generally, you should choose yoga balls of different sizes according to your height and needs.

  Inclined belt: It is an auxiliary product when doing yoga exercises.

For example, in the half-face style, when the two hands cannot reach each other, you can use the segmented belt to transition; when you are in the king dance style, you can pass through the staggered belt when you can’t reach your feet.

  Towels: Towels should be used in conjunction with yoga mats. The tops of the mats are soft and sweat-absorbing.

Men face all kinds of thoughts of old lover

Men face all kinds of thoughts of old lover

In the face of the old lover, what do men’s psychology think?

When the man met the old lover, did he think about any development with her?

Is it to continue the frontier, or has Xiaolang been a passerby since then?

In the face of the old lover, just a familiar stranger, goodbye, she was very strange to me, and all my memories of her stayed in that clip yesterday.

After breaking up, we formed our own families, and we have never even seen the same city life.

I accidentally met her in the street today, and once she left, I was heartbroken.

But as Eason Chan sang in “Ten Years”: Ten years later, we are friends and can still greet, but the gentleness can no longer find a reason to embrace.

After greeting her and me, I said politely: contact again.

Through the years, she has become blessed, wearing a plain dress and an untouched face.

I wonder why I was so desperate like that?

I did n’t find any contact information after walking. Maybe this will be the last encounter. Who knows?

She is now very strange to me, so don’t shy away from a stranger.

Psychological analysis: We can call this type of male cooperative, with a gentle and introverted personality.

When I saw the old lover, there was ripples in the calm heart, but I didn’t express it recklessly.

The original breakup is still fresh in his memory, but everything is a thing of the past and he will not look back; a relationship will eventually become a permanent memory.

In the face of the old lover, I almost derailed an accidental opportunity, and I met her again. When I met again, I felt the constant attachment and unforgettable me in her eyes.

We all want to own each other.

Any sensitive topic will make her and me jealous.

After her ambiguous expression, I couldn’t control myself close to her, not from love, but from a man’s victorious possession.

The marriage in recent years has brought me relaxation, and also brought me a sense of burnout. An important part of the emotional bond, the “mystery”, has disappeared and exhausted . but the phone call from my wife still made me jump from reasonThe boundaries with traditional morality are back.

I almost derailed, all I could do was to escape quickly . I love my wife at home, but I still don’t want to hurt this woman I used to love.

I know I still long for a new flame-like love, I don’t want to grow old in this habitual marriage blandly, but I depend on my family, and I struggle conflictingly between temptation and moral . Psychological analysis: Pioneering men dare to do things, dare to love and hate in the emotional way.

The past love brought him excitement and pain.

Meeting again, evoking the passion when he was in love, he impulsively caused a transgression. Fortunately, his wife’s phone awakened him.

However, the next time he had to escape the temptation, it was really difficult.

Facing the old lover, do I want to have her again?

Many years ago, I gave up her for my so-called career and future, but after I had all of this, I felt that it was not the whole of my life, and I became suspicious and more lonely.

When she met her again, she was still so kind and charming.

Faced with the slight smile she cast, I felt really ugly and embarrassed.

At that time, for the easy matter, she betrayed her young love and abandoned her woman . Did she still think about me?

She can smile at me so easily, it seems that she is completely without me in her heart.

In the face of her happiness today, I still have no way to give selfless blessings, maybe men are selfish.

Now that we have our own family, can I continue an extramarital affair with her?

Men are selfish animals, and I still cannot escape those thoughts about sex.

I can’t suppress the desire hidden in my heart, walk towards her . Psychological analysis: Leading men take the initiative and self, and can easily give up love for the sake of career.

But not cold-hearted, but he knew that love is not all, and bread can keep love eternal.

This kind of man, once his career is a bit small, will often look back for what he gave up to satisfy the emptiness of his soul.