Elderly eat more carrots to prevent cancer

Elderly eat more carrots to prevent cancer

Radish is a common vegetable in daily life, especially after the winter, there are many varieties of radish, such as small radish, white radish, heart radish, radish, green radish and so on.

There are many ways to cook, such as roasted radish, boiled radish, mixed radish, Sichuan radish, etc.

  Eating more carrots can prevent cancer in the elderly?

  But people generally love the beautiful radish in their hearts, which is crispy and sweet. People often eat raw cold salads. This way of eating is very good.

Because the radish in the heart contains higher vitamin C, which is dozens of times higher than that of pears and apples, it is known as “radish match duck pear”.

  Chinese medicine believes that radish has the functions of smoothing the qi, strengthening the spleen and digesting food, resolving phlegm and clearing heat, and diuretic.

Studies have shown that taking radish juice can prevent the deposition of gallstones and has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on gallstones.

Radish also has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. The vitamin C and carotene contained in radish can prevent the carcinogenic synthesis of nitrosamines.

Therefore, in terms of health care, the elderly should eat more radishes.

How to break through heterosexual barriers

How to break through heterosexual barriers

How can we break through this obstacle of heterosexual communication?

The main points of the consultation are as follows: (1) Update the concept and take the initiative to communicate.

It is a normal physiological and psychological phenomenon that adolescents have a craving for the opposite sex due to sexual germination. Excessive depression is not good for the development of physical health. Especially in the era of open information, people ‘s ideas have undergone huge changes and open interpersonal relationships.Communication becomes the main theme of social interaction, so it is bound to mystify the opposite sex.

  (2) Establish righteousness and create environment.

Break through the closed life environment, and develop same-sex friendship and heterosexual friendship with new concepts and enthusiasm.

Establish the righteousness, create the right interior, and form the right public opinion. Start with me and start from now.

When he is interacting, he is upright and upright, he is upright, does not have any distractions, he is not cold-hearted, does not stop the system, does not catch the wind, and does not create rumors.

  (3) Distinguish the boundary between friendship and early love.

Because the physiological and psychological functions of middle school students are fully mature, if they are in love at this time, there will inevitably be overlapping impulses and blindness. However, for middle school students, the scale between friendship and love is not easy to grasp, so group interaction should be increased.This type of communication can not only show venting emotions, meet the psychological needs of boys and girls, but also avoid deviance.

  (4) Be generous when communicating, do not pretend to avoid rumors.

Boys and girls all like to express themselves in front of the opposite sex. It is normal for the former to have goodwill and favor of the opposite sex.

However, this performance must grasp the scale, be natural and generous, and not vulgar and frivolous.

  (5) Be good at learning the advantages of the opposite sex.

Due to gender differences, men and women have their own strengths and temperaments. Boys are strong, strong, brave, and independent; girls are delicate, gentle, and rigorous.

Without intercourse with the opposite sex, it is very difficult for boys and girls to discover the unique advantages of the opposite limbs, and these advantages are precisely generated by themselves. Therefore, normal exchanges between boys and girls are conducive to learning together and improving together.

4 good habits to make your feet happier


4 good habits to make your feet happier

Have you ever thought about how to care for your feet?

They suffer unexpected “harm” every day: stiletto heels concentrate most of the body’s weight on the front of the feet, causing a huge squeeze on the toes; the flip-flops are too thin to cushion the pressure, causing the soles to stickThe pain is unbearable; shoes that are too small may even deform the feet and will harden the skin on the heels or soles, making the skin of your feet no longer tender.


hzh {display: none; }  除了偶尔的足疗之外,双脚几乎很少再得到任何重视—— 于是,它们用酸、疼、胀等痛苦警告你。We offer you the beauty of feet, help you solve the most common foot wounds, make your feet healthy and light and beautiful!


Keep your feet dry. There are abundant sweat glands in your feet. Foot odor and beriberi caused by temperature and humidity are prone to localized pus, so keep your feet dry.


Exfoliating callus tissue protects against trauma, but at the same time makes your feet rough.

It can supplement horny products with moisturizing ingredients and smooth foot skin.


Soften the foot skin. In order to make the foot skin more moist, do you apply a thick lotion on the feet?

That way, after putting on shoes, you will feel that the soles of your feet are very sticky and slippery.

You can try to use an oily bath salt with a peeling effect when taking a shower, so that the skin on the feet becomes softer.


For cracking, calluses on sore skin and feet can crack when too dry.

Previously, ingredients such as honey and high-moisturizing cream accumulated dry and cracked foot skin.

The beauty of extreme skydiving

The beauty of extreme skydiving

There are many ways of skydiving. The skydiving was initially from a hot air balloon, and then developed into a skydiving by an airplane, a parachute, and a traction skydiving. People who love adventure sports today invented skydiving from cliffs and skyscrapers.

  At present, in addition to the traditional stunts, fixed-point, aerial modeling, aerial paragliding and other items, the skydiving project has also added aerial freestyle skydiving and aerial skateboarding, which has evolved from a purely competitive type to leisure, entertainment and extreme sports.

  At present, skydiving has become one of the most popular aviation sports in the world.

This skydiving in Shanghai Jinmao Building is called BASE jump abroad. It consists of the first letters of the four English words: tall building (building), high tower (antenna), bridge (span or bridge) and cliff (earth)., And these are some of the fixed locations for this sport.

  As a type of extreme sports, jumping from a high, vertical and relatively densely populated city height, extreme skydiving does have its own unique and exciting features. It is used in parachute stacking, parachute opening procedures, and parachute equipment.Different from the traditional aircraft skydiving, it can be summed up as “quasi, positive and stable”.

  In the aircraft skydiving that everyone owns, the skydivers are two umbrellas, the main umbrella and the backup umbrella, while the extreme skydiving has only one umbrella, there is no spare option, and the parachute can only be successful once; because of the height from the groundLow, the athlete did not use the correction rod to adjust the direction of time, so at the moment when the umbrella is opened, it must be straight toward the fixed fixture; how to safely disengage during the rapid landing, avoid surrounding buildings, and stand at high and low levelsLanding safely in the environment is another difficulty of extreme skydiving.

Six secret recipes for preventing hair loss

Six secret recipes for preventing hair loss

It is the wish of every young girl to have a shiny and moist hair.

Here are some simple and easy-to-use methods of hair care and your daily changes: After washing your hair with tea, rinse it with tea, it will make the hair soft and shiny.

The hair care of the beer is first washed, dried, and then the beer is evenly spread on the hair, and then rubbed and massaged to transform the osmotic root.

Wash with water after 10 minutes, so that even if the head shines, it can prevent hair from drying out and promote hair growth.

Add higher protein to the shampoo, mix thoroughly, shampoo, and gently massage the scalp.

Then wash it, add a small amount of vinegar with fresh egg yolk, set it to mix well, slowly apply the shampoo, wrap it in a wet towel for 1 hour, and then wash it with water.

This method is best for dry and stiff hair.

Onion mud hair care first pounds the onion into a mud, wrap it with gauze, and use it to pat the scalp gently to make the onion juice evenly spread on the scalp and hair.

After a few hours, wash your hair again to eliminate the nasty dandruff.

Honey egg oil hair care with a spoonful of honey, a raw egg yolk, a spoonful of vegetable oil, two spoonfuls of shampoo and an appropriate amount of onion juice together, stir well and spread on the scalp.

Put on a plastic film hat, and then use a wet towel to apply heat outside the hat.

After an hour or two, wash your hair.

If you stick to it once a day, it can reduce the symptoms of thinning hair.

Grapefruit core hair care 25 grams of grapefruit core, soak in water, air dry, apply its juice to the roots of the hair, can also be applied with ginger Tuo, two or three times a day, can treat baldness, yellow hair, and accelerate hair growth.

Aged vinegar conditioner: Take 150 ml of aged vinegar, add 1 kg of warm water, and stir well.

Washing your hair once a day with this solution can remove dandruff and itching, prevent hair loss, and effectively reduce hair discrimination.

In addition, spray some vinegar on the hair before the hair is blown. The hair will be reset and durable, and the hair will be soft and moisturized.

Stimulate acupuncture points to improve the quality of sexual life

Stimulate acupuncture points to improve the quality of sexual life

Senior Expert: Dai Ning, Director of Andrology, Anhui Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  Professional expertise: Integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for male infertility, sexual dysfunction, prostate disease, etc.

  Visiting time: all day from Monday to Friday, Saturday morning.

  After a tiring day, many people like to soak their feet and go to bed at night, both warm and relieved.

“Soaking your feet can also increase sexual desire.

“Said Dai Ning, director of the Department of Andrology, Anhui Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  Dai Ning said that many people are afraid of cold in winter, and the sexual desire of many couples is also significantly reduced. In fact, there are many acupoints related to sex on the feet. The six meridians that are closely related to sexual function are located on the feet.Therefore, daily bubble feet can effectively promote blood circulation in the feet, regulate the balance of visceral and sacral functions, achieve qi and blood flow, stimulate sexual desire, and improve the quality of sexual life.

  ”The method of soaking your feet is very particular.

“Dai Ning said that there are some meridian or acupoints related to sexual function, such as the foot above the three meridian junctions of the foot Sanyin, so the foot water must be spread over the foot, and the water level is preferably half of the calf.

The choice of water temperature depends on your tolerance level, it is best to warm it, so that the point stimulation effect is better, so you must put a bottle of hot water next to the footbath, and warm it in time.

It is best to stick your feet every day for 10-15 minutes.

  If you want to keep your sex warm this winter, you may wish to bubble your feet every night.

You can also add some activating blood to the foot water, such as safflower.

Fry the safflower water first and put it in the foot wash water.

While soaking the feet, press the points related to sexual function, such as Yongquan and Taixi, for better results.

But people with cardiovascular disease need to be under the guidance of a doctor.

The summer health of the elderly is suitable for Six Qing

The summer health of the elderly is suitable for “Six Qing”

Midsummer is extremely hot, and for many elderly people, it is the saddest of all seasons.
The elderly are safe for summer.
The key is to pay attention to self-psychological health.
Achieve “rest and restlessness” and “calmness and natural coolness”. At the same time, pay attention to daily life and diet.
Specifically, it is necessary to achieve the following “six clear”: First, the brain should be awake. In summer, people are prone to the phenomenon of depression and dizziness. The best way to prevent this phenomenon is to ensure adequate sleep.
As the saying goes, “Sleeping well on a hot day is better than taking elixir.”
Need to ensure 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day.
In addition, a short nap can eliminate fatigue and keep the brain awake.
Second, the diet should be light. In the summer, the summer season is heavy and wet, prone to hot and humid. Therefore, the hot summer diet should be light. The light diet can play a role in clearing heat, relieving heat, sweating, and rehydrating.
You can eat green bean porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge, preserved egg porridge and so on.
In summer, most people have a bad appetite, so they should eat less greasy and spicy food.
You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
Such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bitter gourds, winter gourds, loofahs, watermelons, etc., can not only ensure nutrition, but also prevent heat stroke.
You should also drink some refreshing beverages, such as plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, mung bean soup, etc., which will not only digest digestion, but also promote appetite.
However, the consumption of cold drinks should be moderate, not cold and cold, to prevent injury to the sun.
Can eat more vinegar, can not only Shengjin appetizers, but also inhibit the killing of germs and prevent intestinal diseases.
The third is physical depletion and clearing up. In the summer, large physical energy consumption, coupled with decreased appetite, easily weakened.
Properly increasing foods high in protein, such as chicken, duck, fish, seafood, soy products, etc., can not only improve the physique, but also improve the body’s disease resistance.
Fourth, the living room should be cool and cool. The summer home should be clean and quiet, and the layout should be elegant and cool.
If the curtains should be light green or lake blue, landscapes such as landscape or Ruixue can be posted on the walls, and a basin of hanging plants can be hung by the window.
Open and close doors and windows reasonably.
In the morning and evening, when the outdoor temperature is low, the doors and windows should be opened for ventilation. At noon, the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature. The doors and windows can be closed tightly, the curtains can be closed, the fans and air conditioners can be started.
It is advisable to keep the room temperature at 25 ~ 30 ℃. Do not make the room temperature too low or blow the electric fan for too long to prevent cold air from invading the human body and inducing disease.
When watching TV, the volume should be low, and the indoor lighting should not be too strong.
So as not to increase the feeling of irritability.
In a quiet and cool environment, slowly tasting it will make you feel at ease and reduce the feeling of heat.
Fifth, the body should be refreshed. In summer, the human body sweats a lot. Taking a bath before going to bed can not only wash away the fatigue of the whole body, but more importantly, keep the skin smooth and fresh.
It can make sweat glands unobstructed, and it is good for preventing heatstroke and sickness.
In addition, the clothing strives to be loose and comfortable.
Sixth, recreation should be quiet and quiet. Cultivate your hobbies extensively. Recreation can make people refreshed.
Early in the morning, the dawn dawned.
Cool breeze, fresh air, walking in the park, playing Tai Chi, doing exercises, etc., can make you feel refreshed; in the evening, take a walk on the shore of the riverside lake. The breeze of the breeze will also make you calm like water, bored and hotSuddenly.
In addition, ask friends to play chess in the shade of a tree, or chat with friends and enjoy themselves.
Those who like calligraphy and painting can paint with splashes of ink.
enjoying the moment.
Elegant and fun-filled entertainment.
Can eliminate loneliness and troubles.
It is natural to have a cool state of mind.

How to use toner is the right way


How to use toner is the right way

We all know that toner is the first and most basic step in skin care.

But in fact, many people’s use method is not very correct, let’s take a look at the correct use of toner with Xiaobian.

  Hello there!

Hello everyone, today I bring you a little knowledge about toner.

Toner is an essential skin care product in the skin care process, and every girl knows its purpose and essence.

So I wonder if you have paid attention to these problems when you use it?

Should the toner be taken carefully or wiped with a cotton pad?

What kind of lotion is suitable for wet compresses?

How should I choose a cotton pad?

If you want to know, just look at it.

  I believe that every little fairy has one, two, three, four.
Bottle of lotion, if you do n’t have lotion after cleansing, you do n’t feel the whole skin care step is complete!

Of course, in skin care products, the use of lotion is accelerated because it can be used for wet compresses, water films and so on in addition to skin care once a day and night.

  How to use the correct method of toner 1.

Is the lotion patted with a hand or a cotton pad?

  I believe that most of the little fairies have cleaned their face by pouring lotion on the palm of their hands to pat directly on the face. This method is also feasible, but I want to remind the little fairies to wash their hands before shooting!

Because there are so many bacteria in our hands, it is easy to cause acne if we don’t wash it.

But Xiaobian here reminds the little fairies that if your cuticle is too thin or you have acne muscles, if you have closed mouth and red bloodshots, you ca n’t wipe it with cotton pads, because this will scratch the skin, the cuticle is too thin,Red blood will only make the cuticle thinner.

Both are good and bad, so the little fairies choose whichever suits them.


How to choose a cotton pad?

  Make sure you choose cotton instead of non-woven cotton.

  Because when rubbing with a cotton pad, there is friction on the skin, while cotton cotton pads have less friction on the skin, thereby protecting the skin.


What is a wet pack?

what is the benefit?

  Wet compress is a method of applying a cotton pad soaked with lotion on the face where it is needed to hydrate or calm the skin.

Drinking water on the skin can promote better absorption of skincare products.

Several therapeutic methods to prevent gray hair

Several therapeutic methods to prevent gray hair

What are the dietary methods to prevent gray hair?

Diet is very important for human beings. Besides the diet, it provides us with the energy we need every day. It is an important source of energy, and diet can also help us prevent gray hair.

So how does diet prevent gray hair?

What can we eat to prevent gray hair?

What are the dietary methods to prevent gray hair?

  Method for preventing white hair: One month of peach kernel, the right amount of sugar, first soak the peach kernel in cold water for three days, remove the skin tip after taking it out, then put the appropriate amount of sugar into the pot and wait until the sugar has dissolved.Pour in peach kernels, stir well and put in pills, eat five grams twice a day for 100 days.

  Therapeutic method two to prevent white hair: black sesame, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts and other parts are fried separately, stir-fried and ground into a fine powder and mix thoroughly. Take a teaspoon of milk, soybean milk or boiling water before going to bed. It is not suitable for diarrhea.6-10 grams of lotus root, 15 grams of echinacea decoction, once a day to prevent gray hair, therapeutic method three: 500 grams of brown sugar into the pot, season with water, and boil to a thicker temperature, then add fry150 grams each of black sesame seeds and walnut kernels. Mix well and cease the heat. Melt the sugar solution into an enamel plate coated with edible oil on the surface, flatten the sugar when it is a little cold, cut into small pieces with a knife, and cool.
  Method 4 to prevent white hair: 2 quail eggs, 30 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 20 grams of raw land, add water to cook and remove the shelled eggs, put them back in the soup and cook for a while, discard the slag and eat the soup.

  I do n’t know if you know some of the dietary methods to prevent white hair?

In fact, diet determines health. Good hair editors remind white-haired patients that in order to better prevent white hair, they must start with their diet.

Teacher parents should be kind to children’s mistakes

Teacher parents should be kind to children’s mistakes

Nowadays, many parents and teachers complain about how some children are stubborn and have strong rebellious attitudes.

Some teachers also advise parents not to be polite to their children, to be rude when appropriate, and to say nothing is impossible, and the lack of patience of parents in educating their children will inevitably encourage parents to beat children.

The author once encountered such a thing: One morning, I saw Xiao Rong from the class unhappy and returned to the classroom, then lay on the table in a daze.

Seeing this fact, I walked over and inevitably asked him: “Sir Xiaorong, what are you unhappy about, can you tell the teacher?

“Who knows that his nose is sore, tears flow out, and he choked and said to me,” I did something wrong yesterday, and I was beaten by my father . “So I opened his pants and found this.There were several long red marks on the calf of the child, and the students felt sad when they saw it.

  Maybe this example is special.

But such things often happen in many families.

In fact, the way parents blame their children will affect their lives.

Improper scolding can inadvertently hurt children.

If you often see that your child’s performance is not good, parents will yell: “You are so stupid!

Pig head!

“Parents who do not control their emotions will face each other, corporal punishment, etc.

This is harmful to the child. Parents should learn to control themselves and not vent all their anger on the child.

  Every child will inevitably make such mistakes.

Children make mistakes. Parents should treat them calmly, treat the children’s mistakes, talk to the children, listen to the children’s reports, analyze the reasons together, and distinguish whether the mistake was intentional or unintentional.

This will not only help children understand their mistakes, but also help them build confidence and courage to correct mistakes. It will also enhance the relationship between parents and children, build trust, friendship and close relationships, so that children ‘s psychologyHealthy care and development.

On the contrary, if you don’t make a specific analysis, you just use the psychology of hating iron and steel, and simply scolding and rude. Although you have angered yourself, this happy way of deflation will have serious consequences.The person develops conflicting thoughts or hatred.

  People can not escape from doing wrong?

It is inevitable that children make mistakes.

You know, children grow up in the process of correcting mistakes. Parents, please take good control of your behavior.