Previous hand,But it is the test of each other.。

This time is a violent shot。
This moment of mysterious man,Siming the magic of the refined iron cast,I can’t say arrogant and overbearing。
A punch,The air is completely exploded.。
Turbulence fried and concrete。
Disclosure,At this moment, the Guardian Alliance Lord should have a strong and domineering。
He does not refund,The same punch。
No flower。
Two fists have been hard together,The sound issued is still like Hong Zhong Da Lu’s metal.。
The two all launched all the strengths.,No longer converge,Open a big way,Fierce confrontation。
Air constantly bursting,Ground continuous tremor。
The mysterious man feels too mad.。
His bombardment,It is inevitable that air burst。
Per move,More like a mountain peak is shaking。
But his speed is fast if lightning。
Jun is jumped in place,Then now, the scene in Huai。
He continues in the sky,Every step is overwhelming,Kick kick a mysterious man’s chest and skull。
This is one of his tricks.。
Usually people are unable to resist。
Step-by-step,Air is bursting in distortion。
When his third step is stepped out,Change。
There is a wind thunder in the air.。
His feet,Like stepped on lightning。
Mysterious man is a cold,I will not retreat at all.,Hold the left leg of the other side。
His fist is like a mountains.,The oppressed air is dramatic distortion。
Both collided,The sound of the sound is like a righteous righteous,
The mysterious man seems to have not given yourself.,The fist is suffering from the power of the other,And lightning energy,Although step in one step,But once again bombard。
Wind thunder is constantly issued,Half air waves are impact wave,Continuously spread toward the west。
The four-week guards have to retreat again.。
The two are too powerful.,I am afraid that the bastles of the collapse are all breathless.。
Summer in the distance,It is simply on a tree.,Although serious injuries,It is still looking forward。

Lao Jia and Yang Jian heard that Lao Hu moved out of Wu Tingfang,I didn’t dare to argue anymore,Yang Jian even whispered:“How about we find it separately?”

Lao Jia said with disdain:“With our eyesight,Who else can hide under our noses。Could it be that you just heard it wrong!”
“I feel bad with my ears!”Yang Jian is screaming。
Old Hu is afraid the two will argue again,Said quickly:“do not talk,I just let Xiao Hei out and get people out early!”
Chen Xiu hiding in the bushes,Heard what this guy said,I quickly used Gu Rimou’s hiding technique to teach myself,Thought to myself:“Concealment can hide breath,Even the hounds can’t find the smell on me。But this eagle obviously does not rely on smell,But pure eyesight,I’m afraid I’m in trouble now……”
In this world,Often just come what you are afraid of。When Chen Xiu was crying secretly,Lao Hu has released the eagle。
The eagle soars into the sky,After circling a few times over the woods,Suddenly dashed towards the bush where Chen Xiu was hiding。
“Fuck,This flat-haired beast has such good eyesight,Really found me!”
At this time,Chen Xiu calmed down instead,He clenched his fists,A hint of murderous intent flashed in his eyes。
Now that the trail has been found,Then only kill!
The eagle flies lower and lower,When I was five or six meters away from Chen Xiu,Chen Xiu jumped out,Catch it。
The eagle wailed,Chen Xiu is not soft at all,People tear this eagle off its neck while in the air。
“Little black!”
Lao Hu screamed,The tone is full of sadness,Flying up,Slapped Chen Xiu in the air,Shouted:“Come with my life, Xiaohei!”
Chen Xiu’s swordsmanship at a glance revealed the three flaws in Lao Hu’s palm.,And the most deadly flaw is under his left rib。
The long sword slashed past!


This also makes the black hand hidden behind the scenes,Habily,I want to kill him more.。
More than this。
He will also become a very dangerous person in the eyes of the energetic.。
Discuss,Can kill nine hegemonism……No matter which country’s law,I am afraid that he can’t limit him.。
Even if there is no idea in summer,Can stand in the other party,Certainly not welcomes people like him。
Including China’s law-free country。
No who dares to guarantee that he will abide by order。
Summer guess,It is not to make yourself in China.……After all, he used to be a heaven.,Many contributions to this country。
But someone secretly obstructs……For example, the Guardian Alliance。
Why,Nothing wants to extend his time abroad,Let those people who want to kill him continue to shoot。
This is the impact of this battle。
So I have the caller of Jiang Luo Shen.,Ask him to help save people。
There is reason to go back at the time.。
“I am with you.。”
Xianti opening,“Anyway, I am free.。”
Summer shink,“Just ordinary rescue,Those kidnappers are not a wind wave。”
“If this is also the bureau of others.?”
Xian Tao。
Xianti said slowly,“You said just now.,Kidnapped,Is an acquaintance you know,And is a rich business,He talks about business in rice,But it was kidnapped to Moxi……Is this not worth thinking about?,You also know what Moxi is a place.。”
Toned,She accelerates speed,Look straight to the summer,“You now seem to have a surface,But even I can feel that you are weak.,If you let others know what you really have,I am afraid that it will be more dangerous.,The front battle is actually nothing,But dark arrow is difficult……”……Ultimate。
Summer is convinced by Xianti。
Both people are happy,Leave Preto immediately。
After half-day, I took the flight to Mozi City, Mosso, Mozo.。
Mosi is a typical Latin American country。
Share and beautiful,But it is also a violence and crime.。
Especially the drug is rampant,People who take drugs can be seen everywhere,And the local government is in powerless。
Even under some situation,Trafficking gangs’ forces and local officials collude,Public security situation is very bad。
Hong Kong City Rich Gu Haizhong,It is hijacked to Moss City.。

Lin Feng’s figure came to the three people,Looking at the golden tyrants lying in the bloody and Pu Wangba,This two people are very miserable。

The snake is deadly looked at the two people.:“Need no need to do again?”
“Do not,no need,I say!”Park Wangfei shakes the voice:“What do you want to know,I asked me directly.。”
“This is almost!”Snake is dead to look at Lin Feng Road:“Maple,What is the problem?。”
“A map,Keeping a map,Growth area of the gods of the gods,And white tiger,I heard that you have a white tiger.,There is also a news of the blood knife,There is75%Map message。”Lin Feng looked at the two people。
“Yes,Yes!”Park Wangfei shakes the voice。
The snake is idiocuty, and I took out a notebook and a pen with the body.,Then I handed it to Pu Yiba。
Pu Wangba slutted hand painted the map。
“Mix,Park Wangba,You blends!”Kim Bawang,This is anger。
“Humph!”Lin Feng snorted,Directly,Pressing on the chest of the King King,Kim Bawang screamed,Sternum,Die,The body is very fast.。
“Five poison!”Park Wangfei shakes the voice。
“Faster!”Lin Feng cold road。
“Yes!”Park Wangweic halt bus,And after writing various information,For life,This is spelling out.,Soon a piece of information is organized。
“There is also a biochemical test!”Lin Feng cold road。
“this,Lee,I beg you not to kill me.!”Park Wangba heard the face of his face。
“I don’t kill you.!”Lin Feng faint:“Say!”
“The biochemical test is actually experimenting a drug,It is the three Star Empire Biological Co., Ltd.,This drug is injected,You can make an ordinary person master the power level。”Park Wang Hegemony。
“You are looking for people’s experiments?”Lin Feng asked。
“Do not,How can we use the country’s person to test,You also know that our Empire is economically developed.,Many people want to work on our side.,So we will from China,Southeast Asian region convened migrant workers,We use these migrant workers!”Pu Yiba explained:“Especially in the Chinese people。”
“how many people?”Lin Feng heard the killing of his heart。
“Ten thousand people,in70%Chinese people。”Park Wang Hegemony。
“How much success rate??”Lin Feng heard the words。
“This rarely failed。”Park Wangbair with excitement:“Just lack some drugs,Otherwise, we can make millions of people.,Direct assault,Murder,Established a huge Empire!”Park Kawa seems to forget the pain。
Bring a fanaticism in the eyes。
“Your government is also involved.?”Lin Feng suddenly:“Or your government is the leader of them?”
“This is of course,The government is actually a few families.。”Park Wangbao said:“Lee,Do you want us to cooperate?,My Guanlin is small is the people in Southeast Asia.,so,We can divide Huaxia,how?I think you must be interested.?”
“Do not,I’m not interested!”Lin Feng cold road,He took a slap in the palm,The slap in the brain bone of Park Baiba。
Pu Wangba’s brain bone is directly shot by Lin Feng,Then,For such a fanatic molecule,Staying in the world is a scourge。
“The ambition of these people is very large。”Snake is dead frown。
“We can’t worry,Dragon,Tang family,Sheah,There are also those who are not yet vegetarian.。”Lin Feng stands up:“Don’t look at us, ask so much news,I think these news they have already mastered。”
“makes sense。”Snake is idiots。
“Let it go,We left here。”Lin Feng talking to the waist,Looking for two metal sheets from the skull of the two。

“Oh oh”Spring is immediately exposed to the sterility,Put on the broken water。

“correct,Your bloodline limit has not been named,Think one”Demonstrate。
“That is called milit colors.”
“Armed colors?Name is good,Very idea”
The agency is not concerned.,Anyway, there is no blood.,What is the name, she is not too concerned?,There is no need to call what is like。
But this effect,A little similar steel,But defense is better than steel,Can also isolate energy,The effect is much better than steel。
Steel scrap by flame and thunder,Armed colors are different,Is not a lot of manufacture,I can only use it to defend my body now.。
Just because of the role,Will so powerful!
“Where is this going?”Spring asked。
“Drifting for so long,We also be shore.,The front is the country of Iron”The apeer is watching the coast of the distance.。
“warrior!Knife!”Spring, one earthquake,Of course, what is the country of the iron?。
Although the agency usually does not hit him,But everything is practicing him,I have to know that she hasn’t gambling for a long time.,I have been waiting at the sea。
This is also for the cultivation of Spring.。
Now, he let him go to the country of Tie to carry out more in-depth knife cultivation.,Spring is also very moving。
“I haven’t gambling for a long time.,This time, you must have a good play.,Just floating to the country of iron,We are here on the shore”Exciterate。
The last spring is still a further knife cultivation,Mainly the apeer quickly looked.。
And the people she know here have only three ships.,Although I didn’t borrow money,Three boats still look at the face,Let Spring AC。
Sparks,Black knife and another snow-lit knife light in a non-stop collision。
Spring is looked at the opponent in front of you.,Very strong,Obviously ordinary sword,Can also make Spring feel pressure。
Opponent,Indifference,There is a tattoo on the bald head,Two knives cross forehead,A more straight through the eyes。
And the eyes are closed,It seems that it is the same as Quan.。
However, the strength is really strong.,Similarly very stable knife,But it has given a very big oppression of Springs.。
“Ha ha,Three boat,My disciple’s knife is good.”Laughter。
Bag with bandage,Three boats left behind behind the face,Wearing a touch,Looking at the spring on the court,Nodding。
彷如水流一般的攻击,It’s ending。

Gu Yiyi:“Small memory,Which big man has you seen it with your own sister??”

Blue Xin:“Big brother,You。”
Gu Yi:“……”He don’t go to the blind date。
“I will not go to the blind date.?”
Gu Yi stands up,Refers to the cake on the table,“Small memory,Don’t eat cake,Remember to put the cake on the refrigerator,A layer of ice cream is added in the middle.,This taste is delicious.。
”“it is good,Big brother,I will take over and beat together.,Fast to lunch time,You have to go out to eat with you.,Two people chat while eating,Soviet help is a good girl,Big brother, don’t you ridicule people?。”
Blue Xin himself,He is really good to be very good.。
It is easy for women to misunderstand。
“knew,I have already worried about Sui.,Now time just,I have been looking for her.。
”Gu Yi smiled and smiled and knead her head.,Take it around。
Joe Yi looked at Gu Yi.,Smile and ask Lantan:“I say,Do you want to make two people together??”
Blue Xin looked at her,“Is there anything??”
Joe looked at her in her breath.,I want to warn her before.,I am very uncomfortable in my heart.:“Suiye can,Why can’t I??”
Lan Xin looked at her laughing,“Not you can’t,But it is really no,Joe Yiyi,Your personality and style is not suitable for my big brother.,My big brother is careless.,More suitable for find a careful and thoughtful and thoughtful woman。
certainly,I will not have any prejudice for your personality because of the three years of high school three years.,Those who have passed,I will not put it in my heart forever.,But that is my big brother,I know his temper.。”
Blue Xin finished,Turn and go to the desk to pack things。
Joe Yiyi looked at her back very unhappy,“Also say that you are not in your heart,You just mind that three years,I don’t allow me to be your big.。”
“hehe……”Blue Xin was amused by her words.。
She turned and looked at Joe Yiyi,Laugh:“Joe Yiyi,My big brother, no one you don’t know.,You,Do your job,Don’t want to think about,get ready,We have to go out。

NS1359chapter:Couples are both foxes
Joe Yiyi’s face:“If your big brother likes me??”
Blue Xin:“……”She is really persistent。
“Then wait for him to say it.,Don’t say this now.。”
But it is impossible,Her mother is the kind of person who is very difficult to get.。
Jiaqi can only say it is an exception.,Her bones will not change so easily。
Joe Yi smiled confidently:“Blue Xin,Then you will wait.,One day, I will let you feel a big man.。”
Blue Xin refutes back:“Be your spring and autumn dreams,Don’t tell you that it is impossible.,What’s more, my big brother will not like your type of girl.,My big brother likes to be quiet.,Girls are like a boy like Su.。”
Blue Xin said,Put up the table and cake,Hold your own bag,“go,Go to the Chinese entertainment,It’s a turn of our hot eyebrows now.,I have to find spokesman quickly.。”
Joe Yiyi secretly laughed,Climbing the bed,But there is so many beautiful men around Blue Xin.,Everything is rich,She doesn’t believe that I can’t hold one.。
Think so,She has a lot of comfort.。
Quickly leave Lin Xin together。
At the first floor,Blue Xin is preparing to take the car,Suddenly surrounded by a large number of reporters。
Lan Xin looks at them,Slight eyebrow,She knows that these reporters are in order to tune today.。
reporter:“Lady,Excuse me,Miss Fang Shu Yao suddenly issued a statement,What is the reason??
Can the land can explain??
Is the rumor in this time??

“I rubbed,4Billion big gods!”

“Nima,It’s too embarrassing.?15Year time!”
“Did God crazy??”
“Not mad,Especially the temple,People who have the power of the secret hall like this thing.,They have more convenient tasks.,This thing is even for the Dange of the emperor。”
“good,Together20Second-rate,Almost no need to consume。”
“Even1More than 10,000 gods are also worth it。”
Many elder discussion of Many Monte Temple,Looking at Lin Yu’s eyes have changed,This Nima pure is a small might.。
“good,good,Boy,You are a talent,Tiger father without dog。”The emperor smiled and looked at Lin Yu,And after watching Lin Feng。
“The temple is polite.,Underestimate,I don’t engage in these Wuqi eight things all day.。”Lin Feng is a little angry.。
“Lin Temple is less,You can not be happy in your heart.。”At this time, the heelous and cold voice came.:“Genus,This is your private,What are you doing??If it is contributing to the temple,Qualifications。”
“I naturally have my truth.,I let him come just talk about the truth.,I asked the monetary master to give him support.,R & D is more powerful,For example, you can fight against the half-step god of the emperor.。”Dead:“Even higher levels of swearing,Once,The membership of the Shentou Temple will be renewed.,Lead a trend in the world。”
Chapter 1735 The fierce debate on the temple
“Genus,You are a monk。”Hegemony God heard the cold:“This kind of thing is probably the limit is,What another?It’s just a crap.。”
“good,This is impossible,Violate the principle。”
“It is already the limit of this level.。”
“It is impossible to make more powerful bombings.。”
Many talents of the heavens have the proposal against God,If it has passed the resolution,Lin Feng, the power here, I am afraid it will fly again.,Pressing the people of their factions。
“Ha ha,All the civilizations are in the past,In that very old past,Past past,Zhu Tianheng Lingling is not open,Even if the saint is rare,Not a step by step?The Lingbao, which is made, is just three-flow goods.,Such as the world,The latter artifact can refine。”The ground god haha laughed。
“Since we find new things, we should accept,In this way, we can reflect our Hai Nahuan.,Unpackable mind,Especially your elders should give some opportunities for the yourself.。”The town of the town directly pointed to the heroism, etc.。
“Humph,Opportunity is the opportunity,The chance to give young people is enough.,Anyone must do things according to the rules of the Temple。”Hegemony:“In short, this thing violates the rules of the temple。”
“Mound。”Plumber is also alarmed:“We must distinguish,This kind of thing is very new,Can you find something similar in the gods??Very developed potential,Lin Temple is very young,This is the son of Lin Temple,More young,Almost the next generation of characters,Have such a achievement。”
“I see some elders can’t see the achievements.,Jealous。”The knife king is soaked。
“Is there a copy you talk??”Hegemony is cold and cold looking at the knife。
“Why don’t I qualify??I am the old man of the fire.,This kind of refiner is extremely advanced.,Representing another genre with the gods,Nowadays appeared in the Shentou Temple,Our temple must naturally support。”The knife king is carrying hands smiling。
Hegemony is cold:“Xian Tianjian,Don’t you comment??”
“This thing hits the rules of the temple and the things of the fire,I don’t intervene。”Xian Tian Sword smiles:“But it’s really good.,I hope I can give some power to my Hall.,The temple naturally won’t treat this group of people.。”
“Humph,See kind!”Hegemony,This fairy sword is 80% of the oil in this.,Directly see the wind。
Just when everyone continued to discuss this thing, the voice of the Emperor sounded,Suddenly, the whole temple is quiet.。
“Lin Temple,How do you think this??”At this time, the emperor’s eyes overlook Lin Feng Road.。

When the two swordsmans rushed all the way to the third campus in front of the general altar of the world,I just saw a group of people rushing up from the stairs above。

The first person wearing a golden dragon gown,Sword eyebrow and beard,There is a domineering air between Gu and Pan。
“Tyrant!”Li Chenfeng’s eyes lit up,A secret voice in my heart。
Sword Demon glared wide open,Beard and hair,Standing there like a sword,Not angry。The whole body magic flame,Also worthy of the name of the sword demon!
“Hahaha!Tyrant,I thought you dare not come out to see the old man。how,Bring so many people to embolden yourself?”
Looking at Xiongba and the many martial arts masters behind him,Sword Demon laughed tauntingly。
A trace of anger flashed in Xiongba’s eyes,But the complexion remains the same,Indifferently:“Although I do not dare to say that martial arts is respected,But among those who can scare me,But without you sword demon!”
The sword demon puts away his smile,Two sword intent appeared in the eyes,People will feel the sting of eyes。
“It seems that the old man hasn’t been out for a long time,Many people have forgotten the reputation of the old man,So today, take you, the master of the world,To reshape the power of the old man!”
The voice falls,The sword demon no longer bothers,Body jumped up,Like a big Peng spreading its wings,Waving his hand in mid-air to shed sword spirit,Attacked the tyrant。
Move under the foot,A move in Fengshen’s legs hurriedly used,Body shape into phantom,Disappeared instantly,After a sharp leg shadow,Kicked out the sword demon’s head in midair。
Li Chenfeng looked at the two people fighting in the field,Squinting eyes slightly。
Although Li Chenfeng hasn’t really worked with others in the past two years,But he is confident that his martial arts is not inferior to those famous players。
It’s just that I really saw the battle between the hero and the sword demon.,So he realized that although his strength is good,But in front of a master of this level,It’s really just good!
opposite,Except for the masters in the World Club,There are also people from all major sects who should have taken refuge in Tianxiahui。
Except for the people of the World Congregation headed by Qin Shuang, watching the battle in the field,With a worried look on his face,The faces of the other martial artists are different at this time,No one knows what is in my mind。
The more he fights, the more frightened,Since debut,The male tyrant can be considered as having experienced numerous battles,Can suppress yourself from the first fight,Really not。

Xu Sheng raised his brow slightly,Cold tone“understood,Please take me to the killing fields of hell”

this time,The expression on the face of the woman in black is directly astonished,“Are you sure?Less than one in ten people survived in the hell killing game,It is also the fastest place where the population of the Killing City has plummeted”
Is this person so difficult to die??Here is no better than outside,Is a place where soul skills cannot be used……
Xu Sheng saw a woman in black so inked,The killing intent spread all over,There is another scarlet between the eyes,“Do not talk nonsense,take me to!”
The woman in black has a few gleams in her eyes,Then I pressed my thin lips,Go to another place,“Then please follow me,Hell Killing Race is here”
She is always around Xu Sheng with even steps,Keep the distance at half a step……
Xu Sheng’s scarlet eyes quietly observe the scene ahead……
After letting them keep walking,There were countless suaves and sneers in front……
“Here comes another kid,I’m afraid there will be more Bloody Marys on the table”
“Look like this,This physique is probably here to die”
Xu Sheng looked in the direction of words,I saw rows of skinny men squatting in that place,If it’s not because of the bag,I’m afraid no one will think they are human。
The Ice Rose sword in his hand suddenly solidified,Point the sword at those withered men……
But the woman in black gently pinched her wrist and shook her head,“This is the outer city,Can’t kill,Only wait to enter the inner city of the killing capital,Is where there are really no rules”
The row of squatting men with bones burst into laughter““mock up,Seeing you look like you still want to kill in the outer city?”
“It’s a newcomer who doesn’t understand anything at first glance,Nothing more,Anyway, you won’t survive after entering”
“Wait a while,He knows the horror after entering”
The woman in black glanced coldly at those withered men……
The withered men discovered that there was a woman in black!
After seeing it clearly,Their pupils tightened,They left here as if they were frightened。

“magician,I must tell you the truth,That is, the Lakers without Kobe are just a mess,Shaq alone,The Lakers are just a playoff-level team。”

“Ok,It seems that Kobe’s importance to this team is far beyond our expectations。”
Chapter Sixty Nine Little Elvin(Ask for votes)
The Lakers locker room was a bit dull after the game,Two consecutive losses to the league’s bottom team,Very damaging players’ morale。The players are stuffed,Even Harris looked gloomy。
Harris really disliked the team’s performance today,Only one Kobe is missing,The team’s offensive system completely collapsed,This is something he cannot tolerate。
Although the young Lakers,Average age is too young,Experience too little。When they encounter setbacks,Inevitably lost。
Kobe knew this was the way the team had to go,The road to the championship will never be smooth sailing,A small failure now is a stepping stone for future success。Teammates need to get out of it by themselves,find out the problem,Become stronger
This is also something Kobe is worried about,If teammates completely pin the game on Kobe and O’Neal,They will always be targeted,A day locked in。
Wait till that day,Can teammates stand up to break the shackles?
The current Lakers players do not have this ability。Then I can only exercise them a lot。
Kobe knows what he can do,He is now fully capable of blasting out in some games40Minute,But this is not the best for the team。He needs to accompany his teammates to grow together,Otherwise just rely on him and O’Neill,Impossible to win the O’Brien Cup。
Kobe has long passed the age of being pushy,Now all he wants is championship and glory。
“Hi,Kobe。”The magician found Kobe in the locker room,Tomorrow happens to be a weekend off,They made an appointment to be a guest at the magician’s house tomorrow。