There are coups for baby’s cold science conservation

There are coups for baby’s cold science conservation

90% of colds are caused by viruses, and there are 200 kinds of viruses that can cause colds; accounting for 10%?
20% of colds are caused by bacteria.

Babies under 1 year old are more likely to catch a cold because their immune system is not yet mature.

  It’s hard for a baby with a cold to get 5 in a year?
Six colds are relatively common.

Typical symptoms of a cold include runny nose, runny nose, cough, sore throat, tiredness, lack of appetite, and fever.

Babies under the age of 1 often have fever (temperature above 38 ° C), cough, red eyes, sore throat, and runny nose.

Babies with a cold often experience decreased appetite.

Babies within 6 months often have difficulty feeding and breathing because they have not yet been able to breathe with their nose completely blocked.

  The duration of the cold is average. The cold will last 7?
For 10 days, a baby can sometimes be around 2 weeks.

Cough is often the latest symptom that disappears, and it often lasts for weeks.

Babies who often play with older children usually get 6 in the first year?
10 colds; even a runny nose all winter.

  When do I need to see a doctor?

  If your baby has a cold within 3 months, you should take him to the doctor immediately.

  Nervous baby, you should take him to the hospital as soon as one of the following conditions occurs: cold lasts for more than 5 days; body temperature exceeds 39 ℃; baby has ear pain; difficulty breathing; persistent cough;Snot.

  Cold treatment 1. Take your baby to the hospital. The doctor often asks the baby to perform some tests so that you can know the cause of the cold.

  2. If it is viral influenza and there is no specific medicine, the main thing is to take good care of the baby and alleviate the symptoms. Generally, pass 7?
Just 10 days.

  3. If it is caused by bacteria, the doctor often prescribes some antibiotics to the baby. Be sure to take the medicine on time and according to the dose.

Some mothers often increase the dosage of their medicines in order to make their children get better sooner. This is absolutely impossible, otherwise it will not work as expected.

  4. If your baby has a fever, follow the doctor’s prescription and take antipyretic medicine. The temperature is lower than 38.

5 ℃, do not take antipyretics.

Do not eat cold medicine indiscriminately.

Infants under the age of one year, eating cold medicines often causes more harm than good.

  5. If the correction of the nose has caused the baby to have difficulty in feeding, you need to ask the doctor to prescribe a bit of saline nasal drops for you. After 15 minutes before feeding, you can use a nasal suction device to remove the salineAnd the mucus is aspirated.

Nasal drops can reduce sticky nose and make it easier to clean.

If the doctor allows, never give your child a nasal constriction or other medicine.

  Tips for taking care of a cold baby1. Full rest is essential for a cold and good rest. Try to let your child sleep more for a while, reduce outdoor activities appropriately, and don’t tire your baby.

  Take care of your baby’s diet and let your baby drink more water. The excess water can make the nasal secretions thinner and easier to clean.

Let your baby eat more fruits and juices rich in vitamin C.

It is said that chicken soup can alleviate the symptoms of a cold, and it does not prevent the chicken soup from being boiled for the baby to drink a little.

Eat dairy products as little as possible, it can increase mucus secretion.

For babies with reduced appetite, mothers can prepare foods that are easy to digest and have good color and aroma.

  2. Make your baby sleep more comfortably. If your baby’s nose is blocked, you can put one or two towels under the child’s mattress and raise it slightly to relieve nasal congestion.

Never let a baby under the age of two sleep directly on a pillow or under a mattress, as this can easily cause suffocation or damage to the cervical spine.
  3. Help the baby to blow his nose. The baby is too young to blow his nose. The best way to let the baby breathe smoothly is to help his baby blow his nose.

You can put a little petroleum jelly in your baby’s outer nostril, which can often reduce the complications of the nose. If the nose is thick, you can try using a nasal aspirator or twisting a medical cotton ball into a small stick and sticking it outIf the snot has caused difficulty in feeding, you can drip your nose and nose with saline 15 minutes before feeding. After a while, use the nasal aspirator to suck out the saline and mucus in the nasal cavity, and your baby’s nose will be smooth.
  4, keep the air moist You can use a humidifier to increase the humidity of your baby’s room, especially at night can help your baby to breathe more smoothly.

Don’t forget to clean the humidifier with white vinegar and water every day to avoid the accumulation of dust and germs.

  5. Make a steam bath for your baby. Bring your baby to the bathroom with you, turn on the hot water or shower, close the door, and let your baby stay in the steam-filled house for 15 minutes. The baby’s nasal congestion will definitely improve.

Don’t forget to put on your baby’s dry clothes immediately after bathing.
If you let your baby play in slightly hot water for a while, it can also relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion and reduce body temperature.

  Special tips: If your baby has no symptoms other than stuffy nose, you need to take your baby to the ENT department for a nasal examination.

Maybe you don’t know: even small babies can put things in the nasal cavity.

  Five Recipes for Regulating Baby Colds Diet conditioning is an important way to prevent and treat colds. The following are five dietary methods recommended by doctors for different babies.

  1, “Yin deficiency” baby recipe Lily wolfberry pork porridge Yin deficiency baby is generally thin, sleepy sweaty, easily upset, thirsty, red tongue, less tongue coating.

This kind of baby is easy to catch cold due to sweating and catch a cold. It is recommended to eat “lily wolfberry meat porridge” to nourish.

  Materials: 20-30 grams of lily, 10 grams of wolfberry, minced pork and rice.

  Method: first cook rice into porridge, and then add lily, wolfberry, and minced pork to cook together.

  2, “Qi deficiency” baby recipes Yam pork porridge Qi deficiency babies are generally fat, puffy, have a thin tongue coating, tongue is not red, this kind of baby because of weak constitution, also easy to catch a cold, suitable recipe is “Yam pork porridge”.

  Materials: 20 grams of yam (or raw yam slices), minced pork and rice.

  Method: first cook rice into porridge, cook yam and minced pork together until cooked.

  For babies who already have a cold, they need to be conditioned by a light, nutritious diet.

  3, “cold cold” baby recipes light on the previous rice porridge If your baby in the early stages of the cold, have the following symptoms: cough, sputum and thin, thin nose, white tongue coating, white and dry stool, a lot of urine, do not loveDrinking water is usually cold, mostly because of cold and cold.

At this time, the suitable recipe for the baby is “light white previous rice porridge.

“Materials: 5-6 sections of scallion (root of scallion), 6-7 slices of ginger, a proper amount of rice.

  Method: first boil the previous rice into porridge, and add the onion white into the porridge at the same time, put ginger in the oven when it is ready to cook for 5-10 minutes, then turn off the flame.

  Five recipes for conditioning your baby’s cold4. “Hot cold baby” recipe Mint burdock porridge If your baby’s symptoms at the beginning of the cold are: phlegm and cough, sore throat, love drinking water, sticky nose, red tongue, Tongue coating turns yellow, pulse is faster than usual, usually a cold.

At this time, you need to cook “mint burdock porridge” for your baby.

  Ingredients: 6 grams of peppermint, 10 grams of burdock seeds, previous rice amount.

  Method: Cook the burdock for 15 minutes, remove the burdock, and leave the juice for later use.

Cook the stem rice into porridge, add mint after 10 minutes, add burdock juice when the porridge is ready, and cook for 5 minutes.

  5, “Healthy Baby” anti-cold recipe Yupingfeng powder materials: American ginseng or Codonopsis 10 grams, atractylodes 10 grams, windproof 6 grams.

  Method: Boil American ginseng, Codonopsis chinensis, Atractylodes, and windproof water, and take juice for tea.

You can also take Yupingfeng oral solution, which can help your baby effectively prevent colds and improve immunity.

The problems you will encounter when you start breastfeeding

The problems you will encounter when you start breastfeeding

The nipples are too small to highlight some of the problems you may encounter when you start breastfeeding. The nipples are too small and not too prominent. This will cause your child to suck difficultly and will get better over time.

At first, you can put a pacifier on the nipple for your child to suck, or use a breast pump.

In addition, mothers often massage their breasts during prenatal practice.

Of course, the most effective massage is a child’s lips.

  Children cannot suckle. Children are weak (especially premature babies) and have no strength to suckle.

Your child needs breast milk when she grows up. At this time, you should squeeze the milk and feed it with a bottle or injection.

Because of deformity (cleft lip or cleft palate) or infection, such as thrush, the child cannot eat milk. She can also squeeze the milk and use a bottle (with a special pacifier) to feed her.

  Children are unwilling to breastfeed. Although the child is born at full term, the child is still in a half-sleep state, as if not hungry.

This situation is rare.

If it appears, it is impossible to wake him up. If necessary, use a wet bath glove to wipe his forehead and temples. After two or three days, he will “wake up” and can feed normally.

In the meantime, in order to make your milk secrete, you have to milk the way your child feeds to stimulate the breasts.

  Milk comes out late or milk comes out slowly. First of all, don’t worry about your mind, because people’s mental state is related to milk secretion, especially in the first few weeks, milk secretion is irregular.

The more anxious the mother was, the more milk she couldn’t get out.

Everyone around you knows the situation appropriately.

The effect of mental state is very direct. Some doctors believe that forcing a mother who is unwilling to breastfeed to feed her child often fails.

On the contrary, for those willing to breastfeed, any hope will succeed.

  At the same time, excessive fatigue will increase, reduce and hinder milk secretion.

Take proper rest at this time.

  In fact, there are two real ways to stimulate milk secretion: let the child suck the two nipples regularly in turn; after each feeding, squeeze out the milk from both breasts.

  Finally, in order to keep the breasts full of milk, Xi ‘s breastfeeding interval is lengthened. At this time, Xi ‘s baby is fed with milk.

However, the child may become accustomed to sucking the bottle and refusing to absorb the mother’s nipples, which will eventually stop the secretion of breasts that are already difficult to produce.

Due to your child’s growth needs, your doctor may recommend breastfeeding at the same time as, for example, some milk.

If you feed your baby with a bottle, the opening of the pacifier should be smaller to prevent the milk from flowing too fast.

  If the mother pays attention to the above points, the inability to breastfeed the child may become a very individual situation, at least partly meet the child’s needs.

However, some mothers persisted for a few days and gave up breastfeeding without success. This is unfortunate, because some mothers have relatively slow milk secretions within fifteen days or even three weeks.

  When you have no milk or very little milk after three weeks of effort, you can replace your child with artificial replacement.

Even so, you have to feed the children yourself.

  Finally, it should be added that some mothers still breastfeed their children very well if they have very small breast cancer.

Plump breasts and rich milk are not the same thing.

  It is normal for children to snore.

If the child is not endless, give him a bottle of water or let him eat some breast milk. You can also make him feel comfortable while saying something intimate until the interval stops.

  Breast pain due to separation during breastfeeding can occur when there is too much milk in the breast.

To alleviate the pain, the best solution is to apply fibrous gauze (or towel) moistened with alcohol or a dressing coated with anti-inflammatory agents for fifteen minutes.

Then squeeze the milk and repeat this a few times a day.

It has also been suggested to apply ice, but also squeeze the milk.

If you have pain during breastfeeding, squeeze out your milk before feeding it with a bottle.

Squeeze more each time, this will ease your pain.

  Breast swelling is not a big problem, but it should be prevented.It’s empty, which is also my point.

  Children are greedy. Some children are very greedy and eager to eat. In a hurry, he swallowed as much air as breast milk. As a result, he couldn’t breathe, sneezed, coughed, and then spit out a lot of milk.

In this case, you have to stop breastfeeding and keep your child warm.

Beware of high nutrition induces breast cancer in girls

Beware of high nutrition induces breast cancer in girls

Vitamin candy, fruit-flavored calcium tablets, amino acids, cod liver oil, iron, Duobao, protein powder, vitamin C, vitamin B and other health care products. The target consumer group of nutritional products is elderly living patients, and children are now the target.The group’s nutrition began to be dizzying.

In order to ensure the healthy growth of their children, many mothers especially favor a wide range of children’s nutritional foods in the supermarket, and can even buy them as snacks for children.

In fact, the protein, trace, glucose, vitamin, cellulose, and trace element nutrients that children need for healthy growth are mainly obtained from ingested food. As long as the nutritional structure, intake and intake time are properly supplemented, basicallyProtect the nutrition your child needs to grow.

The nutrition products on the market are supplementary items for children who are unreasonable in the structure of nutritional supplementation and incomplete nutrition, and cannot be used as the main source of nutrition for children.

According to the random inspection results released by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce on March 15, nutritious foods are not “nutritive.”

There are 9 supplementary nutritional foods whose actual content does not match the product’s stated value. Items include ginseng total saponins, total flavonoids, DHA, trace elements, etc.

For example, the measured content of vitamin B2, taurine, iron, zinc and other indicators of the “Green Jianyuan” brand multi-dimensional element tablets produced by Beijing Green Jianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. far exceed the product’s stated value.

In addition, a 2006 inspection result released by the Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine showed that inspection of 114 products labeled as “Children’s Nutritional Food” found that one-third of the food had no nutritional ingredients at all, The food of 3 has nutrient content but cannot reach the target indicated on the label.

Therefore, children’s nutritional products are not as high in nutrition as we inferred when they were released to the public, or even no nutrition at all.

Experts believe that the quality of some of the nutritional products in the market can indeed play a role in regulating some children who are malnourished or lack certain trace elements.

However, many nutritional products now claim to supplement multiple trace elements at the same time. In fact, it is not necessarily what children need.

It’s too late. Once a certain amount of certain elements is excessive, it will cause imbalance and “make up” health.

In addition, some children’s nutritional products contain hormones. Improper absorption can promote girls’ precocious puberty, and may even disrupt normal human hormone levels and cause complications.

Some aunt Gao, high-protein Western fast food, is also an important cause of cancer and obesity.

And blindly ingesting nutritional products, the consequences for us are far more than the loss of nutrition and waste, and the loss of money, and may even seriously endanger your child’s physical health and life.

If it is not necessary, please try to avoid large-scale and long-term substitution of various nutritional products for children.

If necessary, you should also consult the relevant doctors and make reasonable substitutions under the guidance of professionals.

Special attention should be paid to ginseng, royal jelly, bird’s nest, velvet antler, growth hormone, sex hormones, and other traditional Chinese medicines with kidney-reinforcing effects. Do not give them to children.

4 good habits to make your feet happier


4 good habits to make your feet happier

Have you ever thought about how to care for your feet?

They suffer unexpected “harm” every day: stiletto heels concentrate most of the body’s weight on the front of the feet, causing a huge squeeze on the toes; the flip-flops are too thin to cushion the pressure, causing the soles to stickThe pain is unbearable; shoes that are too small may even deform the feet and will harden the skin on the heels or soles, making the skin of your feet no longer tender.


hzh {display: none; }  除了偶尔的足疗之外,双脚几乎很少再得到任何重视—— 于是,它们用酸、疼、胀等痛苦警告你。We offer you the beauty of feet, help you solve the most common foot wounds, make your feet healthy and light and beautiful!


Keep your feet dry. There are abundant sweat glands in your feet. Foot odor and beriberi caused by temperature and humidity are prone to localized pus, so keep your feet dry.


Exfoliating callus tissue protects against trauma, but at the same time makes your feet rough.

It can supplement horny products with moisturizing ingredients and smooth foot skin.


Soften the foot skin. In order to make the foot skin more moist, do you apply a thick lotion on the feet?

That way, after putting on shoes, you will feel that the soles of your feet are very sticky and slippery.

You can try to use an oily bath salt with a peeling effect when taking a shower, so that the skin on the feet becomes softer.


For cracking, calluses on sore skin and feet can crack when too dry.

Previously, ingredients such as honey and high-moisturizing cream accumulated dry and cracked foot skin.

How to use toner is the right way


How to use toner is the right way

We all know that toner is the first and most basic step in skin care.

But in fact, many people’s use method is not very correct, let’s take a look at the correct use of toner with Xiaobian.

  Hello there!

Hello everyone, today I bring you a little knowledge about toner.

Toner is an essential skin care product in the skin care process, and every girl knows its purpose and essence.

So I wonder if you have paid attention to these problems when you use it?

Should the toner be taken carefully or wiped with a cotton pad?

What kind of lotion is suitable for wet compresses?

How should I choose a cotton pad?

If you want to know, just look at it.

  I believe that every little fairy has one, two, three, four.
Bottle of lotion, if you do n’t have lotion after cleansing, you do n’t feel the whole skin care step is complete!

Of course, in skin care products, the use of lotion is accelerated because it can be used for wet compresses, water films and so on in addition to skin care once a day and night.

  How to use the correct method of toner 1.

Is the lotion patted with a hand or a cotton pad?

  I believe that most of the little fairies have cleaned their face by pouring lotion on the palm of their hands to pat directly on the face. This method is also feasible, but I want to remind the little fairies to wash their hands before shooting!

Because there are so many bacteria in our hands, it is easy to cause acne if we don’t wash it.

But Xiaobian here reminds the little fairies that if your cuticle is too thin or you have acne muscles, if you have closed mouth and red bloodshots, you ca n’t wipe it with cotton pads, because this will scratch the skin, the cuticle is too thin,Red blood will only make the cuticle thinner.

Both are good and bad, so the little fairies choose whichever suits them.


How to choose a cotton pad?

  Make sure you choose cotton instead of non-woven cotton.

  Because when rubbing with a cotton pad, there is friction on the skin, while cotton cotton pads have less friction on the skin, thereby protecting the skin.


What is a wet pack?

what is the benefit?

  Wet compress is a method of applying a cotton pad soaked with lotion on the face where it is needed to hydrate or calm the skin.

Drinking water on the skin can promote better absorption of skincare products.

Interpretation of the eight most common doubts about cosmeceuticals


Interpretation of the eight most common doubts about cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals have always had a different category in the beauty industry.

Maybe you have visited a cosmetics counter in a pharmacy, maybe you are a lover of cosmeceutical products, or you are just wanting to recommend your favorite cosmeceutical brand to your friends . And, at this stage China is still in the cosmeticsDo you really know enough about cosmeceuticals in the gray area in the middle of medicines?

May wish to have a professional opinion.

  Questions to Derm: My skin is particularly sensitive. Will it make my skin unbearable?

  To Dern: Does the cosmeceuticals all contain medicinal properties? Will there be a substitute for long-term use?

  Send it to Derm: Recently, several new cosmetics counters have been set up in a drug store near my house.

  To Derm: I and the old man are planning to have a baby. In this case, there are a lot of cosmetics and skin care products can not be used, it is really a headache.

I don’t want to become a yellow-faced woman who has no one to watch after the pregnancy in October. I wonder if it is suitable for pregnant women?

  To Derm: Before I was young and ignorant, I used a lot of messy cosmetics and also had a skin resurfacing operation, but the skin was getting worse and worse.

Can cosmeceuticals help me solve my problems?


What is cosmeceutical?

  ★ Cosmeceuticals are products recommended by dermatologists. They are neither medicines nor general cosmetics.

  ★ In general, the formula of cosmeceutical products is completely public and does not contain recognized allergens.

  ★ The active ingredients contained in cosmeceutical products have passed dermatological clinical tests.

  ★ Produced in strict accordance with pharmaceutical standards, the quality of natural products will also be better.


Is cosmeceutical cosmetic with medicinal ingredients?

  ★ In advance, cosmeceuticals do not refer to cosmetics containing medicinal ingredients, but skin care products produced in accordance with pharmaceutical standards.

  ★ Most cosmeceuticals are sold in major pharmacies or specialty drugstores.

  ★ Different cosmeceuticals replace different ones according to their different positioning and characteristics.

For example, Yiquan’s products with hot spring water as the core formula and Ou Cuibi’s products with plant as the core formula.


How to distinguish cosmetics from cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Cosmetics are generally sold through supermarkets, shopping malls, and chain stores, while cosmeceuticals are mainly sold in pharmacies and specialty drugstores.

  ★ The formula ingredients of cosmetics are not completely disclosed, while the formula ingredients of cosmeceuticals are completely disclosed, which can be seen on the packaging.

  ★ Cosmeceuticals have a clinical test basis, verified by a dermatologist, more effective, professional and targeted.


Is there a substitute for long-term use of cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Cosmeceuticals do not make skin dependent, because cosmeceuticals do not contain hormones that make skin dependent.

  ★ Cosmeceutical skin ointment for the long-term and short-term treatment of skin diseases. Its active ingredients have passed clinical tests by doctors and are safe and gentle.

  ★ Long-term use of skin ointments can cause damage to the skin, and can be used in place of cosmeceuticals and skin care products to reduce dependence on hormones.


They all say that cosmeceuticals are safe. Why are they allergic when using cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Any product may cause allergies, which is determined by various factors such as everyone’s skin condition and sensitivity.

  ★ Even if the cosmeceutical is very safe, it is not possible to completely eliminate the allergies of individual products to individual products.

  ★ If your skin is very susceptible to allergies, pay attention to avoid replacing products with strong fragrance and alcohol.

Can cosmeceuticals really penetrate the skin’s cells and improve the skin?
  ★ Yes.

Cosmeceuticals and skincare products contain a variety of effective ingredients, which can penetrate the inner layer of the skin and solve the corresponding skin problems.

  ★ Cosmetics mainly only work on the skin surface, but cosmeceuticals can really improve the skin cells or skin condition after acting on the skin.

  ★ The key is to choose the medicine and skin care products that are suitable for you according to your skin type and the skin problem you want to solve.


Can I use medicated makeup for sensitive skin?

  ★ Skincare is also suitable for sensitive skin, but it can avoid vitamin C, A acid, fruit acid, salicylic acid and other irritating ingredients.

  ★ Try to choose a product with a simple formula and more ingredients, so that people with sensitive skin may be allergic to certain ingredients.

  ★ Cosmetics greatly reduce the risk of allergies, so that sensitive skin can also experience a safe skin care experience.


Are cosmetics containing traditional Chinese medicine ingredients cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Containing traditional Chinese medicine ingredients does not necessarily mean that it is cosmeceutical.

  ★ Traditional Chinese medicine is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, some of which are skin care recipes passed down from generation to generation, and sometimes appear in medicinal makeup.

  ★ Judgment whether a product is a cosmeceutical or not is mainly based on whether it has disclosed formula ingredients and passed dermatological clinical tests.

The best temperature for taking Chinese medicine is usually 20 ℃ —35 ℃

The best temperature for taking Chinese medicine is usually 20 ℃ —35 ℃

Editor’s note: Traditional Chinese medicine is generally cooked before it can be eaten, so do you know how much the temperature of the liquid when taking the medicine?
Probably most people haven’t paid attention to this problem. TCM experts believe that the best medicine to take is to control the temperature of the medicinal solution between 20 ° C and 35 ° C.
In this way, the temperature is appropriate, which not only guarantees the efficacy but also does not affect the taking.
  If you ask how much the temperature of the liquid when taking the medicine is good, I am afraid that most people will think that it is best to drink the medicine when it is just cooked and let it cool a bit. It is too hot to swallow and it is too cold.Already.
This view is actually not wrong. Most decoctions are generally best taken when they are not cold or hot.
We also said earlier that when the temperature of the medicinal solution is above 38 ° C or below 35 ° C, people are the least sensitive to bitter taste, so most of the medicinal solutions are taken when warm.the best.
However, the temperature above 38 ° C may be too high, which is not good for the oral cavity and throat, so it is best to control the temperature of the liquid medicine at 20 ° C to 35 ° C.
In this way, the temperature is appropriate, which not only guarantees the efficacy but also does not affect the taking.
  However, there are exceptions to everything. Some Chinese medicines have special requirements for temperature when taking them. Some need to be taken while hot, while others need to be completely cooled. These all need to be treated differently.
  ● Hot clothes are needed: they belong to the medicinal powder that dispels cold and warms the body.
Fever due to exogenous wind chills Fear of cold, headache, fear of wind, sore joints, no sweating and other cold symptoms. You need to take medicine while hot to help patients sweat, relieve colds, fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, and sore limbs.symptom.
There are also warm medications and tonics for the treatment of viscera deficiency and cold, and weak constitution.
Such drugs include Aifu Nuan Gong Decoction, Lizhong Decoction, Sini Decoction, and Xiaojianzhong Decoction.
Patients with measles onset also need to take the medication hot, so that the rash can be thoroughly penetrated and excreted with sweat to relieve the condition.
Patients with edema can also take medication hot, which can help reduce swelling.
  ● Those who need cold clothing include: heat-clearing, detoxifying, reducing fire, and purging laxatives.
For example, patients with fever due to tonsillitis, bronchitis, cholecystitis, urinary tract infections, visceral fever, hot human blood, high fever convulsions, or those with frequent dry symptoms such as dry mouth and cleft lip, constipation, and yellow urineCold medicine can release heat through cold and cold, so that evil heat can be leaked, and the pain can be relieved.
Such drugs include Qingying Decoction, Baihu Decoction, Qingwei San, Dao Chi San, Huaban Decoction, Liuyi San, Gypsum, Zhimu, Gentian, Rhubarb, Glauber’s Salt, Cold Water Stone, Borneol, Peony Skin, Cork, and so on.
  However, if patients suffer from fluid loss, extreme weakness and even shock due to high fever, they need to take Chinese medicinal liquids warmly.
  Xiao Bian reminded: different seasons and different patient physiques also determine the changes in the temperature of drugs suitable for taking.
For example, it is best to take warm medications in the cold season, and the elderly, children, pregnant women and patients with chronic illnesses are also better to take the medications warmly.

Today is Laba Festival. Do you drink Laba porridge?


Today is Laba Festival. Do you drink Laba porridge?

All along, there is a custom of drinking porridge on the first day of the twelfth lunar month, that is, drinking a bowl of hot porridge on the coldest day of the year.

There are many kinds of sayings about the origin of Laba porridge. It is said that it is related to the Buddha’s enlightenment, so it is also called “Buddha porridge.”

In the early years of the Republic of China, Xuzhou poet 绁丠an Yun’s poems once mentioned: 鈥淚f you want to scream for the Buddha porridge, you will be the master of the altar.鈥?It is also said that Zhu Yuanzhang’s experience is small.

In short, the majority of the people in southern Xinjiang, northwestern Jiangnan, northeast, and northwestern areas still retain the custom of eating Laba porridge.

The material of the Laba porridge in ancient times, there are not many materials, only glutinous rice and red beans.

Why use red beans, in addition to its spleen and dampness effect, there are some superstitious colors.

In ancient times, superstition believed that “red beans fight ghosts” can drive away those infected people who are sick.

Especially on the first day of the twelfth lunar month, the red bean porridge can be plagued by plague.

Therefore, even if the child does not like to eat, the adult must have a half bowl to let him drink.

In Xuzhou, Jiangsu, there is also a strange local custom: to drink Laba porridge from other people’s homes, saying that it is such a strong body.

The ingredients of superstition are not listed. In the old days, there were not many food reserves. The raw materials of Laba porridge were different, and they were exchanged with other people’s homes. Instead, they could eat a variety of foods and have more comprehensive nutrition.

By the time of the Southern Song Dynasty, people seemed to be rich in life, and there were more than one or two kinds of food in Laba porridge.

Zhou Mi’s “Wulin Old Things” said: “Use pecans, pine nuts, milk thistle, dried persimmons, dried chestnuts and the like to make porridge, which is called ‘Laba porridge’.

“After then, the more and more materials, the more attention-oriented people even divided the raw materials of Laba into two categories: “grain” and “fruit”: the grain includes the former rice, glutinous rice, barley rice, corn, millet, barley rice,High glutinous rice, green beans, red beans, etc.; fruit has red dates, chestnuts, lotus hearts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, ginkgo, peanuts, lotus seeds, longan, lychee, longan, dried lily. Let’s pay attention to it, after the glutinous rice porridge is good, the porridge surface needsSprinkle with blue and red silk, candied orange peel and so on.

The porridge material said that it would be a boring work.

In the old Beijingers, in the first seven nights of the twelfth lunar month, they have to get five more. First, use a hard fire and continue the small fire.

A good first pot of porridge, possessed by the ancestors, two pots of porridge for the family to eat.

However, in Guangdong, the custom of simmering and simmering in Laba porridge is rare.

To talk about porridge, Cantonese people prefer the raw porridge that is known for its fineness.

The so-called raw porridge, that is, the use of the already porridge bottom, and then add other raw materials such as lean meat, pig liver and so on.

The porridge bottom of the raw porridge is the porridge with Jiang Yaozhu, earth fish or pork bones.

Whether it is the skinned pork porridge, the champion and the first porridge, or the boat porridge, the porridge bottom is the key to this whole bowl of porridge.

To make a good porridge, the trick is to have a good time, and be sure to follow it at all times.

In general, the porridge shop puts the porridge in a large pot and keeps the temperature with a very fine fire. In addition, a few small stoves are opened, and after the porridge bottom and fresh ingredients are used, the casserole is quickly simmered.

Compared with the Laba porridge cooked for many hours, this approach may be more in line with the Guangdong people’s pursuit of 鈥渇resh鈥?ingredients.

In the cold winter, the bowl of hot Laba porridge must be excellent?
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Which of the top ten popular weight loss methods is most effective?


Which of the top ten popular weight loss methods is most effective?

First place, sports weight loss features: natural therapy, safe and no complications, not easy to rebound.

銆€銆€Reasons: For weight loss, exercise is definitely the most helpful. Although exercise is slow, exercise can maintain lean body mass, improve obesity sensitivity, and increase metastatic rate. These long-term benefits are simply impossible to control diet.of.

Therefore, the first weight loss method is to control diet and exercise.

銆€銆€Note: The main point of exercise to lose weight is long-term adherence, and second, it must be coordinated with diet control.

At the same time, supplemented with some sports nutrition, the effect is better.

銆€銆€Second place, western medicine weight loss features: fast onset, good effect, but high rebound rate, side effects.

銆€銆€Reason: Consensus in the strict sense of Western medicine weight loss should belong to prescription drugs, but unfortunately, the current diet pills are under the banner of health, but the drug ingredients are added in the dark, so the customers in the unknown are only concerned about the weight loss effect, the use of more than safeDrugs that are several times the dose are unaware, and the phenomenon of eating various problems sometimes occurs.

However, diet pills have their own useful side. If you don’t consider rebound and complications, you should be on the top of the list.

銆€銆€Note: You must take medication safely under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take it forbidden.

銆€銆€The third place, the characteristics of body weight loss: according to their own different circumstances, tailor-made weight loss program, seeking to maximize weight loss.

銆€銆€Reasons: Due to the age, sex, chronic diseases, physical condition, life and eating habits, genetic factors, etc. of obese people, weight loss needs to vary from person to person and symptomatic treatment.

Tailor-made weight loss programs should include: using targeted products, correcting bad eating habits, and developing healthy weight loss psychology.

銆€銆€Note: Need to find an experienced professional organization, or an expert.

銆€銆€Fourth place, nutrition and weight loss characteristics: belonging to diet weight loss methods, that is, eat less, and eat high nutritional value, which is the essence of diet weight loss methods.

銆€銆€Reasons: The most basic problem of simple obesity is that the replacement is excessively greater than the consumed dose.

Excessive hyperincorporation is associated with high calories in daily foods or excessive food intake.

Therefore, the main way of nutrition and weight loss is to replace the low-nutrient and high-content foods with high-nutrition and low-content foods.

銆€銆€Note: The nutrition contained in the meal replacement food must meet the daily needs of the human body.

銆€銆€The fifth place, the characteristics of needle weight loss: adjust the body’s secretion, no mutation, the effect is good.

銆€銆€Reasons: Acupuncture stimulates the relevant acupoints, promotes the body’s slight metabolism, consumes rare substances accumulated in the human body, regulates the functions of the digestive tract, eliminates the body waste in time, adjusts the body’s secretion, and at the same time suppresses the appetite of the stagnation, thus ultimatelyAchieve weight loss.
The effect of various acupuncture treatments is 73.

About 89%.

銆€銆€Note: Must be carried out in a qualified hospital.

銆€銆€The sixth place, the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine weight loss: the poison is small, the group is flexible, the effect is fast, and the effect is good.

銆€銆€Reasons: The causes of obesity are more complicated. Most scholars believe that obesity is related to physical fitness, age, eating habits, work and rest, emotion, and genetic factors.

The rule of syndrome differentiation is the core of TCM therapeutics. The treatment of obesity should also be based on syndrome differentiation. It is highly targeted and takes into account the advantages of comorbidities.

銆€銆€Matters needing attention: Chinese medicine research compatibility, and dialectical treatment, the use of wrong medicine will be counterproductive.

銆€銆€Seventh, drinking tea to lose weight features: the most convenient, the most simple way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Reasons: Many natural plants, including tea, are more or less effective in weight loss, although the weight loss effect is not so obvious, but long-term persistence, self-help.

Especially suitable for use as an auxiliary weight loss method.

銆€銆€Note: All kinds of commercially available slimming teas usually contain drugs, and the principle of weight loss is mainly for venting, which is not desirable.

銆€銆€Eighth, the characteristics of topical weight loss: external supplies, to overcome people’s fear of side effects of internal medicine.

銆€銆€Note: Topical products such as slimming creams do not exert any effect on the slight metabolism of the body, so there is no help in the treatment of systemic obesity.

Usually use any kind of slimming cream that requires massage, hot compress and so on.

In a word, as long as the massage is done, you can lose weight.

Imagine a bunch of cockroaches. After massage and hot compressing, the gap in the sputum tissue will be widened, the capillaries will see the needles, the local blood circulation will be better, the metabolism of sputum will be accelerated, and the full sputum cells will naturally become thinner.Therefore, the local thinning, the real role is massage, weight loss cream plays a supporting role.

銆€銆€Ninth, corset weight loss features: shaping the line from the chest to the waist, so that the waist and upper body look slimmer and slender.
銆€銆€Note: There is no such thing as a temporary displacement, so the nature of this type of product does not produce a fat reduction effect.
Also, don’t over-tighten your belt, which is harmful to your health.

You must know that the waistband of the pants is on the waist, the front is the abdominal cavity, and the back is the lumbar muscle. If the waist is too tight, the intestines will be squeezed into the pelvic cavity, which will affect the blood circulation of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes in the pelvic cavity.The reproductive organs can not get nutrients and excretion waste in time, growth and development and reproductive function problems, often cause irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and so on.

銆€銆€Tenth, the characteristics of dieting and weight loss: economy, fast weight loss, but easy to cause malnutrition, high rebound rate.

銆€銆€Note: As the basal metabolic rate of dieting is reduced, the foundation is gradually reduced, and the weight loss is higher than once. The fecal enzyme that controls the fecal reserve in the fecal cells becomes more and more active, making it easier to store feces and recover.After eating, you will quickly gain weight and even exceed the original level.