“magician,I must tell you the truth,That is, the Lakers without Kobe are just a mess,Shaq alone,The Lakers are just a playoff-level team。”

“Ok,It seems that Kobe’s importance to this team is far beyond our expectations。”
Chapter Sixty Nine Little Elvin(Ask for votes)
The Lakers locker room was a bit dull after the game,Two consecutive losses to the league’s bottom team,Very damaging players’ morale。The players are stuffed,Even Harris looked gloomy。
Harris really disliked the team’s performance today,Only one Kobe is missing,The team’s offensive system completely collapsed,This is something he cannot tolerate。
Although the young Lakers,Average age is too young,Experience too little。When they encounter setbacks,Inevitably lost。
Kobe knew this was the way the team had to go,The road to the championship will never be smooth sailing,A small failure now is a stepping stone for future success。Teammates need to get out of it by themselves,find out the problem,Become stronger
This is also something Kobe is worried about,If teammates completely pin the game on Kobe and O’Neal,They will always be targeted,A day locked in。
Wait till that day,Can teammates stand up to break the shackles?
The current Lakers players do not have this ability。Then I can only exercise them a lot。
Kobe knows what he can do,He is now fully capable of blasting out in some games40Minute,But this is not the best for the team。He needs to accompany his teammates to grow together,Otherwise just rely on him and O’Neill,Impossible to win the O’Brien Cup。
Kobe has long passed the age of being pushy,Now all he wants is championship and glory。
“Hi,Kobe。”The magician found Kobe in the locker room,Tomorrow happens to be a weekend off,They made an appointment to be a guest at the magician’s house tomorrow。

Fortunately, Huang Lei didn’t have any other ideas on this matter.。

Chapter 279 Really missing
After all, this is a house he bought with money for his own hard work,He also put in more effort than others during this period,Until now, I still have a monthly payment。
Small place here,But all the memories brought to him here are not ordinary people can feel better than yours。
At this time he will not consider what other people say,Or what Huang Lei said about certain things,He likes to do what he likes to do,that’s enough。
Golden kennel and silver kennel are not as good as their own dog kennel,The place in front of me is indeed relatively bad,Really small,Not so comfortable,But this is his home。
Including now that Huang Lei is back,The reason why the house is unoccupied for too long,You have to clean up well at this time,This cleaning is all day,It also makes Huang Lei tired,Fortunately, he is strong inside,Didn’t complain about anything in it,Finally accepted all of this,I gradually got used to all this。
This cleaning will clean until dark,Huang Lei is exhausted,In the beginning, the purpose of taking time off is to give yourself a good rest,It turns out that,But there are more things waiting for him。
Just doing my own thing little by little,Consume my energy bit by bit,Until the end I can’t hold it anymore,Huang Lei stopped now。
Huang Lei wanted to have a good rest,Backfired,Huang Lei finally cleaned up the house,Ready to rest and enjoy,When I close my eyes and feel,I just used to live here for some happy days,Sometimes there are women around me and my own children,Happily。
Even if it’s hard work,But coming back every day always makes him feel extremely comfortable and comfortable,It’s empty now,There is no one else but him,Of course this feeling is not particularly good。
But he still likes to remember these things,Is enjoying a call suddenly,Interrupting Huang Lei’s thoughts, he took out his cell phone and looked at it and saw that it was Song whose surname was Song calling him. He threw the phone aside without even thinking about it.。
When Huang Lei left,I told them clearly with Song, whose surname is Song,I just want to be quiet,This time,He won’t care about anything,Don’t have anything to come to him,Anyway, Huang Lei still said,Go its own way,This is what he wants to do now。
It stands to reason that Song, whose surname is Song, should respect Huang Lei’s choice at this time,I shouldn’t bother him at this time,Unless there is something special,Yes10Impatient,Otherwise, don’t go to him if it is thunderous,This is what Huang Lei thought and said,At this time, Song, whose surname is Song, or Bai, whose surname is Zhang Bai, should be followed.,Even if Huang Lei works part-time,You have to enjoy your own independent time at this time,No one should interfere with him at this time,Harass him。
At least in Huang Lei’s opinion this is the most basic,Is a matter of principle,Can be biased,These guys don’t seem to care much about this,Although Huang Lei thinks so,But the phone rang again。
Huang Lei thought of something else at this time,Frowning,Finally answered the call,Still saying,if not10In a hurry,This guy shouldn’t call him again,Until now,What should have happened,Although I don’t know how it happened,Shouldn’t be a good thing,Now Huang Lei is a little bit depressed deep in his heart,I’m still thinking that this guy is really,I don’t see him for good things,Bad things can always find him。
“Brother Huang Lei is not good…”

“Row,Then you speak。”Nangong Yunxi nodded,Reluctantly agreed。

Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Nangong Yunxi,Because of Zheng Fan’s face, he said slowly:“Mr. Ni,According to Miss Nangong’s symptoms,You propose the treatment plan of five poison thunder fire moxibustion,It can effectively cure the damp and cold poison under her skin,But have you considered,If Miss Nangong has a special physique,,I’m afraid it will have some side effects,Although far from fatal,but……”
“Ha ha,Little brother,I think you are too worried,No one out of tens of thousands of people with special physique,And I just got the pulse for Miss Nangong,Make sure she has a depressed physique。”
Before Mo Xiaosheng could finish,The blind man interrupted him,Confident and calm。
On the issue of physique,He thought of it a long time ago,But Mo Xiaosheng can also consider this aspect,I really admire him,It seems that this young man has two things。
“What speciality?What do you mean?”Nangong Yunxi is said to be in the cloud,Don’t understand at all,Can’t help but frown and ask。
For his sister,He is very loving,Even if there is a slight risk,He can’t let her take the risk。
“Oh,Young Master Nangong,Chinese medicine divides the body’s physique into nine categories,Special and depressed,Are one of them,Qi depression physique,Means weaker body,Easily sensitive to depression,Easy to get dirty、Plum cough and other diseases,I just heard the lady cough slightly while she was talking,What should be suffering from is plum cough。”The blind man said with a smile。
“Ok,What the husband said is,My sister is indeed more sensitive and introverted,This cough has been a while,What is Mei??”Happy on the surface of Nangong Yunxi,I feel more and more that this blind man has superb medical skills。
“Mei cough,You can understand it as chronic pharyngitis,But it’s different from chronic pharyngitis。”The blind man laughed,“This is a minor problem,As long as I have a recipe,Slight conditioning,Healed soon。”
“That’s great。”
Nangong Yunxi said excitedly,I didn’t expect this time to come to Heyang.,His sister is not serious,Good times and bad,The whole family never took it seriously,I haven’t found the big doctors in Beijing to show her,I didn’t expect to come to Heyang and the symptoms worse,A blessing in disguise,Have a chance to get rid of the root cause。
“What does Mr. Mo’s special physique mean??”Thinking of Mo Xiaosheng’s words,Chu Yunxi is a little worried,Listen to Mo Xiaosheng’s meaning,If his sister has a special physique,Use this five poison thunder fire moxibustion,Will have side effects。
“The simple point of special physique,Is allergic,At the same time may be accompanied by some congenital diseases。”The blind man turned his head,Asked:“Miss Chu,I don’t know if you have had allergies before。”
“No。”Nangong Yunwei recalled,Then shook his head。
“That’s it,It seems that the diagnosis of the blind old man is not wrong。”The blind man said with a smile,The tone is quite complacent。

No wonder she sits alone in the corner of the class,But no one will bother her,This girl,So strong!

“But it is said that this girl is very arrogant,And special personality,The teacher asked her to talk about the learning experience,She said directly,You can’t use my learning method!But I just remembered that my mother had evaluated her,It seems that the teachers are preaching that she is autistic。and so,You have to be careful!”
037 Second goal in life
The family happily ate a fairly sumptuous dinner in the school staff canteen。
You can rest assured to eat in the cafeteria of the provincial school。The food in the staff canteen is actually the same as the ingredients purchased in the student canteen,It’s just that the school has prepared a small private room for the classroom very intimately,There are also certain subsidies for employees to eat in the cafeteria。
This makes Wang Yufei very happy to eat。
Didn’t you say that the canteen is better than the outside restaurant?,The point is that the food here is cheaper。It’s not like eating in a restaurant at noon,Wang Yufei always feels like he is stuffing RMB into his mouth。
But the process of eating is still a bit scary,Mainly because she is afraid of Guo Xiaoyi talking nonsense。
He really didn’t want Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian to know that they had fallen in love on the first day they came to Provincial No. 1 Middle School,Although he only knows little about love,But still subconsciously don’t want the two to know this。
As for Guo Xiaoyi’s remarks that Lu Yuxin may be autistic,Wang Yufei didn’t take it to heart。
He can feel that Lu Yuxin actually likes to communicate with people,Whether it’s a note,Still waiting for him outside the classroom without saying a word after class,Just to ask a sentence,All corroborated this。
But girls are indeed proud,But then again,She is also proud, isn’t she??
“correct,Uncle Guo,Is there a library in the school?I want to borrow some finance、Economics and digital models、Look at the book on architecture。”Wait till a meal is finished,Wang Yufei asked。
After rubbing the girl’s question roughly in my mind,He thinks this is a big project,He really hurry up。
The key is that there is no standard answer to this question,And it’s impossible to verify right or wrong for a period of time,Even if he finishes it within the stipulated time,There will definitely be arguments between the two,And have to be tested by time。
So he needs a more solid theoretical foundation,Need more data support。
“Financial economy?”Guo Jianfeng was a little surprised,But thinking of Wang Yufei’s extraordinary brain,I can’t say anything against it。
Probably the knowledge learned in junior high school is too simple?Can’t consume the child’s energy at all,So I want to learn more?
Just this direction……

Ma Lin said nothing,But my heart is still tumbling。From Lu Ling’s reaction,Problem with photo,But thinking that my goddess might really have a leg with other men,He feels uncomfortable。

Ma Lin finally dialed Shen Zhiyue’s phone:“Hey,Miss Lu,it’s me。”
“Morin?”Shen Zhiyue was a little surprised。
“What’s wrong, Mo,What problems did you encounter?Tell me directly if you have any questions,Aotian will help you。”
nonsense,Aotian is owned by a steward selected by Ritto,Manager Huang has very rich experience and contacts,He can’t figure out that Rittal was already accused,After all, those who use Ritto are the tycoons among the tycoons。
My second brother used Ritto for a while before,I also used the butler service。This service is good,The only problem is expensive,After Simon gets started,Second brother Shen Zhilan immediately returned the butler service。
Shen Zhiyue still needs to be handled by Manager Huang at this stage,You can’t save this money。
Maureen was hesitating how to speak,There is a lively male voice beside Shen Zhiyue:“Yue Ge,Pooh,Shan Shan,I want to add a little green pepper?This dish is not tasty without green pepper。”
Shen Zhiyue saw Lu Shanshan in a large apron and came to ask her opinions,I feel funny and interesting,He doesn’t like wearing aprons,But Lu Shanshan likes it。
Shen Zhiyue softened his voice without noticing it:“whatever,I won’t touch your dishes anyway。”
Lu Shanshan protested:“what the hell,I performed supernormally today,Even Zhou Qihua said yes。”
Chapter Thirty Seven My boyfriend is Shen Zhiyue
Shen Zhiyue helpless:“He is hungry,Say everything is delicious。”

1.75 meters tall?

Zhang Zihao remembers that the basic data of each player was updated on the official website before the Winter Training,Including height and weight,Hu Lai seems to have grown to 1.78 meters,The weight has also increased to 66 kg。
This data is really behind……
But think about this height and weight data should also be collected by the investigator from the official website of Flash Star,Maybe the height of Hu Lai last season was indeed 1.75 meters。
It doesn’t matter,It will be correct until the winter transfer database patch at the end of March next year is applied.。
Zhang Zihao pays more attention to Hu Lai’s attributes。
Technical attributes,Pass4,Pass3,Marking1,Penalty kick4,technology3,Corner kick2,Foul ball1,Dribbling2,Steal1,Free kick2,Shot7,Stop the ball8,Header6,Long shot3。
Spiritually,Defensive position2,Work engagement3,concentrated4,decision6,leadership3,Aggressive3,Vision4,teamwork8,Run without the ball9,Imagination5,Willpower5,Brave4,Predict6,Calm7。
Physical attributes,explosive force5,bounce6,flexible8,endurance6,balance7,strong3,speed6,constitution8。
“What the hell is this?!”After reading all the data of Hu Lai,Zhang Zihao made a strange cry in the dormitory。
“Mouse, are you screaming, what are you doing loudly??”Roommate was taken aback by him。
“《Champion Godfather2023》Is the data so inaccurate??”Zhang Zihao pointed to his computer screen and said excitedly,“What kind of data is this Hu Lai?what?Only seven shots!?Only eight stops?!There are only nine without the ball!All the data does not even have a two-digit number!Dare you believe?!”
Roommate heard him say that,Slip off the bed,To see in front of his computer:“It’s terrible,The gray numbers of this blockbuster,I thought it was a gray player from the system……wrong,The ones that come out are better than this!”
“The best scorer in the Stars team last season,Hu Lai who scored 11 goals in half a season,That’s it?”Another roommate came up too,After reading Hu Lai’s data, the same complaints。
The third roommate was lying on the bed and did not move,His voice came from above:“Normal,Flash Star is only a team。Originally, the Chinese league is not very much appreciated,This is especially true in China’s lower-level league……Moreover,Even the Chinese Super League did not make every team have investigators,Our flashing star is in a managed state,Usually the investigator of Chongshan Qianfan takes care of it,How can people give the data of the first team in their hearts?It is estimated that the investigator has not even watched Hu Lai’s game,Just fill in just a few words from the news。”
Zhang Zihao looks at the game interface on the laptop screen,Frowned and complained:“I spent more than 100 to buy one《Champion Godfather2023》I just want to coach Hu Lai?As a result, Hu Lai just,Then I’m still playing a fart!《Champion Godfather2022》Doesn’t it smell?”
“Use the editor to change it yourself……”Roommate persuaded。
“No way。”Zhang Zihao shook his head,“Hu Lai is such a great player,I don’t allow other people to think he is a gray trash。This data is to be ridiculed when it is posted online to Hu Lai……”
“What can I do if I am laughed at?”

Jiang Fan feels Wang Jiadong may be a little tired,Plus his legs are inconvenient,Just knocked on the door,Went in,Seeing Gu Zhuo was watching what they brought,After he smiled at her,I took the purple tea set from the desk and came out。

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First18chapter What kind of leader leads what kind of soldiers
Fan Wenliang opens,Is a pot and four small cups。He held up the little pot and said:“Even though i don’t understand these,But I can see that this is a well-made pot,Body shape、Smooth lines、Proportional coordination,And the workmanship is exquisite and meticulous、Smooth pot surface,Still have money,Is a good thing。”
Jiang Fan said:“Xiaoding said,Minister knowledgeable,Just give it,Dare not fool him with ordinary goods。”
Wang Jiadong says:“Thank you for your kindness,Too precious,I want to choose a good day to open the pot。”
Fan Wenliang laughed,Say:“I really met an expert,Still open the pot,I heard it for the first time。”
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“You are too humble,I am an idler now,When it’s okay,A little bit of useless knowledge。”
Fan Wenliang said:“These leisurely things,Besides knowing a little about calligraphy,I don’t know anything else,But I heard Secretary Qin said,Purple clay teapots pay attention to monogamy,That is, a purple clay teapot is best to only make one kind of tea。”
Wang Jiadong says:“indeed so,But for ordinary people,So the tea leaves are made in one pot,I did that,But for this pot,I need to concentrate,I have something to do now。”
Fan Wenliang said:“Xiao Ding’s original intention was to find something for her Minister。It takes time and interest to raise a pot。”
Wang Jiadong said happily:“it is good,I’m going to concentrate on this pot later,I’m going to make fried noodles。”
At this moment,Old Gu stood at the door,Said:“Minister Wang,Discuss something with you,Can I make this diced pork sauce?”

Shen Ruoxi said a few more words。

“of course,If there are many bad people in this world,That’s pretty good?Then this world will be messed up。”
Qin Liang answered with a wry smile。
“Jinger,you’re tired right?Do you want to sleep for a while??”
Yanzi caringly asked quietly,Not only Qin Liang, they have been receiving those who came to see quiet,Even lying on the ward and still unable to move,Have been talking to those people,This is for a patient who just needed a rest after the operation,Must be a heavy burden。
“I’m okay,Not very tired yet。”
Quiet and good answer。
“Jinger,Do you want to drink water?You said so much just now,Must be thirsty?”
Li Qiaoer’s two sentences have asked the point,Quiet as expected, he nodded immediately。
“Then what would you like to drink?milk?Orange juice?Apple juice?Grape juice?Grapefruit juice?Still millet porridge?”
Shen Ruoxue immediately said a lot of choices。
“All do……I only drink a little。”
Quiet immediately became scared again,Now her little pig will not be crushed to death,But it will still be flooded to death!So Shen Ruoxue asked,She immediately became guilty!Shen Ruoxue is amazing, she has already learned……
“Jinger,I think you have to go through nine or eighty-one difficulties before you can recover。”
Qin Liang suddenly said something inexplicable。
“Pooh!Can you expect her to be better?”
Shen Ruoxi immediately didn’t like to listen。
“My wife,You don’t understand what i’m talking about,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang answered with a triumphant smile。
“What do you mean by this sentence??”

Shu Qing quietly pinched Ding Yi,Also whispered:“Whose head the matter rests,No one’s eyes are big。”

Ding Yi pursed his lips and smiled,Stop talking。Can see,Shu Qing cares about the relationship between Peng Changyi and Ye Tong。
After a short break,Ready to continue。
Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi started to pack things,They put their own things into their cars,Ding Yi took the plastic bag and led the children to pick up the garbage left on the grass,Put in the car。
Peng Changyi looked at her carefully,Just said:“Xiaoding,Don’t pick up the degradable garbage,The future is the fertilizer for the grassland,Just take away the non-degradable garbage。”
Ding Yi looked at the watermelon rinds they threw on the grass,Say:“But these peels are too ugly to throw like this。”
Shu Qing took a military shovel from the car,She squatted on the ground to dig a hole,Want to bury these peels。
Jiang Fan stopped loudly when he saw it:“No digging in the grass!”
Shu Qing stopped in fright,She said at a loss:“Xiaoding is afraid that we litter will affect the appearance,Secretary Peng said these things can be degraded to make fertilizer,Isn’t it better for me to dig a hole and bury it?”
Jiang Fan came over and said:“You never stayed on the grassland,It’s hard to understand what grass means here。Every grass growing here is precious,Has its important role,Once you dig a hole,Will destroy the vegetation here,Catch up with the drought without rain,This small dirt pit will slowly be weathered,Slowly expand the desertified area。Here is no better than the mainland,You dug a hole in the mainland,Grass will grow in two or three days,But not here,It’s windy and dry here,Vegetation is very fragile,It won’t rain twice a year,Once dug,It may be deserted,The desertified area will gradually expand,Why is it said that burrowing by rats is the biggest disaster in the grassland,This is the truth。”
First148chapter Photos of the year
Everyone welcomes you,Please remember this site address:,,For reading anytime《Absolute power》latest chapter.
Shu Qing is like a kid who has done wrong,Said innocently:“What about these watermelon peels?”
Jiang Fan said:“Long-term,Just put it like this,If you feel unsightly,Just buried in the grass,Will soon become fertilizer。”
Erbao became interested in what Dad said,He said:“Then let’s smash all the watermelons we bring into fertilizer?”
Dabao said:“That won’t work,We have to eat water on the road。”
Measure theory:“We drink water。”

Just let this,It ends with her.

And she just needs time,Or,Need to do something,Come digest this。Let her empty temporarily,Don’t want,She really can’t do it。but,What should be done,She didn’t know。at least,right now,do not know。
“I will have a good rest,Do not worry。”Baby Ou patted the other side of the bed,“Come up,I want to go to sleep.”
It must be serious this time。
Xie Yun went out to bed,Put the quilt on both,This sentence flashed in my heart。
The key lies in that Hua Xiangwan。But Hua Xiangwan is very sick now,Although under control,But the doctor is not allowed to visit。Seems to be ordered by a relative,The doctors also give priority to Hua Xiangwan,Now even relatives can’t visit。And Hua Xiangwan’s only relative,Is her mother,Also passed away long ago。The doctor has information,I can’t pretend to be relatives。
The issue is,They dare not carry their relatives to pretend to be relatives to see Hua Xiangwan。In case Hua Xiangwan’s condition becomes serious,That would be too much。
Outside for the first time,And Andong’s case back then,Now there is something out of the question。The point is,It will also endanger the safety of my treasure.
Huaiye’s classmates became accomplices,But I don’t know if the evidence is insufficient or because,The female classmate was not arrested either,But at an investigation stage.
Feel a moment,Everything is overwhelming。Piled together,One is trickier than one。
Xie Yunchu hugged Baby Ou,Upset,But also more calm。right now,He must be calm,otherwise.How to rely on my treasure.
Simultaneously,People who have the same concerns and thoughts as Xie Yunchu,a lot of。
Ou Zhaozhao thinks more。After all, there is still a plot。
An Shicheng, they did it。
Before eight o’clock,The man fell。The stocks have collapsed。
Ou Zhaozhao is not a writer of anger for no reason,But think about it,Wen Keren is approaching Huaiye,Ran to Da Ou again,If there is no support from the writer,,She can never do it。And Wen Keren and bad guys are accomplices,Although this incident is entirely her personal behavior,But under the same roof,Wen Ke Ren is to have others,Want money to be rich,Not from the literary family yet.
How could the literary family not doubt,Ignorant。But just want to take advantage of it,Pretending to be deaf,Deliberately ignore it。
Just by this point,Wen Jia is not innocent。
Qin Bao was unconscious,Ou Zhaozhao hates,How can I let go of people who are closely related to Wen Keren。