“what?Young master,what happened?”Seeing Zhao Ming’s increasingly serious face,A Yin panicked。

“Humph,State law,Family rules。Follow the rules,What should I do if I offend Master??”Zhao Ming thought about it,Said。
“Family Law?”Ah Yin heard this word,The body trembles obviously。
“how?not talking anymore?”Zhao Ming continued to say in a calm voice。
“hit,Spanking!”Hands behind,A Yin’s low voice,Tremblingly。
“puff!”Zhao Ming couldn’t help but spit out old blood。
What did this dog system do to A Yin??
“Why is this rule so coughing?,This rule will be abolished in the future。”Zhao Ming said quickly。
“why?Didn’t you make this rule, Master??”A Yin’s eyes flashed with puzzled surprise。
I ordered?I’m wrong!I didn’t do anything!
“system,What did you do to A Yin?”Zhao Ming couldn’t help but curse in his heart。
How did that gentle and beautiful woman become like this?
“Cough,This system is wrong!Ah Yin only has a close person in his memory now,It can even be said that there is only the host alone,Of course it will involuntarily get close to the host。”
“This kind of intimacy or dependence is the instinct of every creature。”
“Is this what i asked you?What do the house rules say?I never said this。”
“Cough,This one,I’m not doing it for the host!”The system smiled wretchedly。

next moment,A spirit ring under my feet lights up,Disappeared in place,Escaped the palm of Xu Sanshi’s attack……

Xu Sanshi’s mouth curls up,“Nan Nan,Did you escape?”
Third Spirit Ability,The power of basalt!
A strange cyan power appeared from Xu Sanshi’s body, tangling towards the legs of Jiang Nannan who was in mid-air.……
Jiang Nannan was surprised,“what?”
next moment,Directly released his fourth spirit ability,Invincible golden body……
Then there was a shock of golden light burst out all over my body,The cyan energy directly penetrated her body……
then,Taking advantage of this moment,Xu Sanshi rises into the sky……
He has already calculated the time of the invincible golden body!
I saw,At the last second of the end of the invincible golden body,Xu Sanshi reached out and lifted off Jiang Nannan’s veil……
“Nan Nan,You really love me!”
next moment,Jiang Nannan kicked Xu Sanshi directly……
The latter has no meaning to resist,The whole person was directly hit,Flew back with this shock,Standing on the water lily……
The male students next to him all called out“Brother Xu,Really didn’t shame us!”

First Spirit Ability!Space folding!

Only saw Xu Sheng’s space and Tang San’s space begin to fluctuate in divine power……
Tang San cautiously looked at the nine million-year-old spirit rings at Xu Sheng’s feet,Then blinked……
Don’t know,But it’s just a few tenths of a second……
When Tang San opened his eyes again,I was surprised to find that the positions of him and Xu Sheng had changed strangely.!!
And at the moment!!
The three highly poisonous Yama Tie were stabs at three parts of himself with tricky tricks!!
Tang San couldn’t help but exclaimed“Oops!!!”
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Four Resurrection Light!(Subscribe)
In a hurry,Tang San hurriedly grasped the Shura sword and slashed towards Yan Wangtie,however,When it is about to collide with these three Hades posts……
These three Hades posts are strangely sideways open by an arc,Dodge the Shura sword!Stabbed Tang San fiercely!
Seeing Yan Wangtie turning,Tang San, who was defeated by the Shura sword, was shocked.“what!!”

Listening to the younger sister’s childish voice,Li Chengjun’s face was distorted,After my sister reminded me,Almost everyone remembered,His agreement。</p>

This is not,Looking at Teacher He,Huang Lei,Su Luo,Pen Peng,And Reba and Zhu Xudan,Boge’s eyes,Plus program group。</p>
now,Li Sungjun’s mouth twitched fiercely,I want to slap myself twice,Why do you want such big talk。</p>
Partial,My sister is really looking at him,I don’t seem to know“Xiang”The special meaning of this word。</p>
Make people unable to do anything,Fortunately, Teacher He is kind,Random talk about a topic,Cover up the past,Gave him a downhill。</p>
Lee Sungjun hides in the corner,Scornful,Dare not speak again。</p>
Su Luo gave his sister a thumbs up vaguely,Well done!</p>
My sister squinted and smiled strangely,And pretend to be true,Compared to the black loli, it’s just like two people。</p>
I didn’t care about Lee Seongjun’s wonderful work,Everyone is sitting in the yard,Started talking again,Talk to Haibei in South,From the entertainment circle to Ma Xingkong。</p>
With relish,And Li Sungjun on the side,Is completely ignored,Angry with his fair complexion,The powdered face was green and white,Like a face-changing in a big drama。</p>
Time is approaching early morning,Huang Lei yawned,Open road:“It’s late,Everyone go and rest early。”</p>
Everyone nodded,The wash to wash,Sleep。</p>
And Lee Sungjun can sleep,Got up quickly,It’s almost twelve o’clock,Sleepy fast。</p>
He usually goes to bed before ten o’clock,Otherwise, you will get acne easily。</p>
Came to the second floor room,At first glance,To sleep with other people,Yelled immediately。</p>
“Damn,How can I sleep with so many people,In case someone grinds their teeth and farts in the middle of the night,How to do it?”With,He also showed a look of disgust。</p>
Because the live camera is closed,So Su Luo didn’t bother to be polite with him,Open directly:“The bed is like this,If you don’t want to sleep,I went to the director myself。”</p>
And other people ignored him,All look indifferent。</p>
Li Sungjun gritted his teeth,Turned bitterly and walked downstairs,Go to Wang Zhengyu to solve this。</p>

“I take a call,It’s from an agency。”

Finished saying this,Go out to the door with your phone to pick up。
“Hey!Is it Mr. Lin?”
“Yes,you are?”
I heard it’s not the manager’s voice,Lin Yu frowned,Asked。
“I am your agent who bought the villa today,Is such that。
Isn’t your car crashed here??
The person who hit your car now,Already sent the car back to you,Ask where are you,I’ll drive over and give it to you。”
“I’m herexxFood Street Restaurant,You let him drive over,Will find me。”
“I will tell you。”
Dududu!!!The phone over there hung up。
“what happened?”
See Lin Yu coming in from the door,Lu Yingying asked doubtfully。
“From an agency,Nothing。

Qin Liang has a reward,Smirk,Get close to Shen Ruoxi。

“Really?Reward?Let me kiss?”
Shen Ruoxi gave Qin Liang a look:“You pervert,Just know,Don’t you think of something else?”
Qin Liang felt disappointed,Although he is a bit of teasing,But he still looks forward to it,Shen Ruoxi can kiss him,He will be happy。
Shen Ruoxi looked at Qin Liang who was disappointed,I feel a little proud,She likes to see Qin Liang deflated。
Humph,This fool,Don’t you know what I’m talking about?。Shen Ruoxi laughed in her heart。
Just when Qin Liang thought Shen Ruoxi would not kiss him,Shen Ruoxi suddenly approached Qin Liang,Kissed him on the cheek。
“Damn,Forget it,See you behave so well,Reward you。”
Shen Ruoxi took the initiative to kiss him,Qin Liang couldn’t react for a while,As if I were in a dream,He slapped his face hard,See if you are dreaming。
Soon the hot pain on the face,Prove he didn’t dream。
“I rub,What’s going on today?So proactive。”
See Qin Liang like this,Shen Ruoxi couldn’t help but chuckle。
have to say,Shen Ruoxi laughed,very beautiful,Especially her eyes,When laughing,Like to speak love words,Qin Liang couldn’t help but watch。
After lunch,Shen Ruoxi watched TV in the living room on the first floor,Qin Liang went to her room to pack her clothes。
Qin Liang opened Shen Ruoxi’s room and took a look,a mess,All messed up,He shook his head helplessly,Stoop to pack things。
Up and down,Back and forth,Qin Liang spent half an hour,Finally cleaned up Shen Ruoxi’s room,Pick up the clothes in the bucket,So I went downstairs to wash clothes。
Although Shen Ruoxi has been watching TV,But keep paying attention to Qin Liang,Seeing Qin Liang busy in her room,Help her clean up,A happy smile on her mouth。
Although she asked Qin Liang to do these housework,But as a big man, Qin Liang,Can totally reject her,But Qin Liang didn’t,But did it very thoughtfully,This makes Shen Ruoxi like eating honey。
Qin Liang took a big bucket of clothes and came to the washing machine,When he poured the clothes in the bucket into the washing machine,Suddenly attracted by the clothes inside,Still reach out。
When Qin Liang stretched out his hand,Shen Ruoxi walked towards the washing machine with a smile on her face,She wants to see if Qin Liang is doing laundry。

“Why!”Hu Lai has a bad tone,“Your kid betrayed me just now,I want to break with you……”

“Is not,You’ve been talking about it since just nowCWho is Luo?”Fatty Song asked suspiciously。
Hu Lai is very sad:“You and them are in the same group?CLuo!Cristiano·Ronaldo!Real Madrid7number,And Messi‘Peerless double pride’of,Don’t you know?”
Fatty Song is even more confused:“What is Real Madrid?Who is Messi??”
Hu Lai opened his mouth and wanted to be surprised,But seeing Fat Song,He was stunned again,I thought he couldn’t see Fatty Song’s doubts as if they were pretending。
So he asked carefully:“You really don’t know who Messi is?Leonard·Messi,Argentina superstar,The successor to football king Maradona,Real boss of FC Barcelona……”
In exchange for Song Fatty’s more questions:“Who is maradona?Barcelona i know,Spain’s second largest city,But what is FC Barcelona?And you are so funny,Hu Lai,Introduce how I feel like being with Quan Youli,Add a bunch of titles……”
“You know Quanyou,You don’t know Messi andCLuo?You don’t know Maradona?”Hu Lai reached out and pinched Song Fatty’s plump arm。
Fatty Song screamed,Attracted the attention of people around,After seeing Hu Lai’s tablemate,,Taken back their eyes without any surprise。
“Why are you Hu Lai!”Fatty Song rubbed the pinched area, dissatisfied。
“I see if I am dreaming。”
“Then you pinch yourself!”
“You know it hurts too!”Fatty Song turned around angrily,Ignore Hu Lai。


The sound of the rapier moving in the air,The powerful oppressive sound caused by high speed,The man in white bends decisively,Dodge this unprepared attack。
The spear in his hand pierced back with fiery heat,This instinctive combat response saved his life many times!
Xia Chenglong made a sound of wonder,Because the shot of the man in white looks like a person。
Li Xiuxian,A very powerful guy he met yesterday,The long spear used is also so powerful and domineering。
“Has your guard ever studied at the academy?”
Han Rui looked up:“what happened,Brother Xia?”
“Nothing,I just ask randomly,He is strong!”
For this,Han Rui is still pretty sure,Since meeting each other,Has always been her personal guard,For so many years,Died many times!
“No matter how strong he is, how could he be Brother Xia’s opponent!”
Han Rui is not flattering,But sincerely feel so。
Within two or three days,Let Shengde City follow his thoughts,Few men can have such courage,What’s more, in this unfamiliar environment!
The fighting outside is a bit fierce,Many people are using suicidal methods to block the enemy’s attack,Or launch an offense in this way。

The dumplings made by Xia Jihan should be the most beautiful right now。He couldn’t help but praised:“Ok,Really beautiful,I don’t know if there is a dumpling pageant?”

Xia Jihan was embarrassed by the brothers’ praise,Just say:“Where,I will make dumplings,I can’t make other pasta,Don’t be like rolling noodles,Uneven thickness,Uneven thickness,Uneven length。”
“Haha,what is this?Carob flower,Too romantic and too interesting?”At this time, Guan Yao exclaimed again。
First133chapter Romantic Chef
Guan Yao picked up those two plates of cooked food,Hand it to my brother,Said:“brother,Congratulations,You found a romantic cook,Eat like this,Too romantic, too artistic, too interesting!”
Guan Hao saw a red and white carob flower shaped like a crane,I couldn’t help but laugh out loud,Said:“Ok,Not bad,If the game,Deserves a creative award。”
Although I have been in contact with Xia Jihan for a year,After Guan Hao saw her make him a millet porridge,Never seen her do such trivial housework again,Today is the first time。
In the past, he could cook by himself at his residence,But the time they get together is always limited,So it’s called restaurant food。Today, this little woman really behaves differently from other women。
Guan Hao really likes that she can do this,I really like her to have such a romantic heart to cook。It seems she does have some abilities, he doesn’t know yet。
“All right,Go out,Just eat more later,I didn’t waste my creativity。”Xia Jihan thinks they are getting in the way here,Just bomb them out。
Guan Hao saw that Guan Yao had gone out,I gave her a kiss on the forehead abruptly,She was so scared that she immediately looked at the door,Nervous face flushed。
Guan Hao saw her embarrassment,Squint,Gougo mouth corner,Walked out with a wicked smile。
Sitting in front of the tea table,Guan Hao continues to make tea,Don’t want to be stopped by Guan Yao,He said:“brother,Don’t do it,Let Xiaoxia come soon,I like to watch her make tea,Simply enjoy。”
“Oh。”Guan Hao looked up at his brother,Said:“When did you see her make tea?”

Yuze blames himself and feels guilty,He didn’t notice this。

Bao Bao comfortably took his brother’s hand,“Mom just feels a little bit,After all, there is no one with the surname Si around us,I’m not sad.I mainly talked to me about your college entrance examination and Ono.Ono seems to take a break from school and go to the studio to learn acting.”Sell your brother to save mom。
Yuze heard the last sentence,Just risked,“what?!”Take a breath,“He dare!!!”Waiting for him back!!!
At this moment,Huaiye who was already on the way home suddenly sneezed,Life assistant Zhu Jia quickly drew him a tissue,“Want to eatvcIs it?”
Huaiye waved his hand,Protect the cake on the leg,“I’m fine.”Almost knocked off the cake for sister。
I don’t know that I have been scammed by my sister,Still pondering,The cake is quite big,Mom and sister finished eating,I still have some left for brother.
After Baby Ou successfully diverted Yuze’s attention,,I changed clothes and brought Ou Da downstairs。After Ou Maomao moved to a new house,To familiarize yourself with the site,Run out often,Not at home now。Baby Ou did not call back for a long time,Knowing it ran out again,I hid Ou Maomao’s cat food bowl.
Xie Yunchu led two dogs walking beside Baobao Ou,The two were chatting,But Xie Yunchu noticed that Ou Baobao was absent-minded with some thoughts。
This is an extremely rare situation。
Because in so many years of getting along,Qinbao is really a very simple person,She is also purely alive,If there is any trouble,She must find a solution first,Instead of constantly worrying。She is not a person who will be immersed in troubles.
Xie Yun’s mind is spinning fast,But on the face, it’s still years and quiet, and I’m talking with Baby Ou.。
If Aunt Auntie is fine,,It should be something else,Affect the mood,then,This incident also affected Qinbao。
Chapter Sixty Two Mu Bai