[Can you eat bitter gourd when menstruation comes?]

[Can you eat bitter gourd after menstruation?

]_ Menstrual period_ can you eat

The taste of bitter gourd is not acceptable to the average person, so people who like it will especially like people who do n’t like it. They just ca n’t eat it at all, bitter gourd can completely relieve the heat and also has eyesight, qi, kidney and other effects, and bitter gourdIt is rich in vitamin C which is very good for the body, but bitter gourd is cold, so it is best to eat less during menstruation.

Momordica charantia has the effects of clearing away heat and nourishing heat, nourishing blood and nourishing qi, nourishing kidney and spleen, nourishing liver and eyesight, and has certain effects on treating dysentery, sore, fever, heat stroke, excessive rash, and conjunctivitis.

Bitter melon has a high content of vitamin C, and has the functions of preventing scurvy, protecting cell membranes, preventing atherosclerosis, improving the body’s stress capacity, and protecting the heart.

It is good to eat a little bit.

The bitter melon is cold and belongs to cold.

During menstruation, all cold substances are best eaten less.

Because the cold substance causes stasis of blood or the replacement of unreplaced or unreplaced endometrium in the uterus, which makes it difficult to subsequently replace it, resulting in sympathy.

And menstrual stasis can have unhealthy effects on the uterus, such as bacterial growth.

Therefore, the benefits of trying to eat bitter gourd are still many, but during the menstrual period, people still try not to eat it. The disadvantages of eating too much bitter gourd during menstruation1.

Stimulation of uterine contraction The “bitter melon” component in balsam pear can stimulate uterine contraction and may cause discomfort such as painful menstruation.


The menstrual period is not smooth, bitter cold, sexual convergence, cold condensation slows blood flow, so women should not be too many menstrual periods, carefully affect the smoothness of menstruation.


People with weak spleen and stomach function use with caution that some people’s spleen and stomach are cold and cold, and diarrhea easily occurs when eating cold food, which will also increase the symptoms of menstrual women’s diarrhea.


Women who are not conducive to uterine health are shady, so during the menstrual period, it is best to eat less cool substances, such as bitter gourd, watermelon, etc., which can easily cause stasis of blood, which may cause unreplaced or unreplenished endometrium.Stagnation in the uterus will also affect the smoothness of the next re-run, which is not conducive to uterine health.


When cooking, you can add some spicy food to flavor peppers, peppers, onions, garlic, etc. When frying bitter gourd, you can add some to improve its cold characteristics, so as not to damage the spleen and lungs.

[Is sperm good for women]_sperm_female_inevitably

[Is sperm good for women]_sperm_female_inevitably

It is often heard that male sperm can bring many unexpected benefits to women. So what are the benefits? In fact, through some studies, it has been found that male sperm can help women whiten their skin and can be used as a mask.

[Benefit one]Men’s sperm protects women and whitens skin: Men’s semen is rich in androgen and protein, as well as zinc, iron and other trace elements. These can protect your skin and have great effects.It is incredible that no other skin care product can match it.

Anti-aging: Zinc and androgens in men’s semen are anti-aging medicines, and kidney can also anti-aging.

Can treat insomnia: Men’s semen has a soothing effect. As long as you persist, it will definitely cause this benefit.

Insomniac female friends may wish to try it out. Before long, you can definitely feel the benefits, sleep will become more fragrant, and the symptoms of endocrine disorders will improve one by one.

If the friends with spots on both ends, after interruption, they will be surprised to find that the spots on both ends gradually fade away and gradually disappear.

Because men’s semen can calm down, treat insomnia, and adjust your endocrine slenderly.

Can enhance immunity: Men’s semen can nourish the kidney and nourish blood, and enhance your ability to resist disease.

Female friends with low resistance can often try it.

[Benefit two]Benefits of men’s sperm for women Weight loss: When your body gets better and better, your kidney qi function will become stronger and stronger, and the extra excess meat will naturally disappear.

I hope that slim female friends can eat semen and supplement it with dieting. After a while, you will get a slim and beautiful figure.

Very high medicinal value: If you feel weak and weak, use this method, you will find that the semen is better than American ginseng.

Can be used as a mask: it can also be added to the mask, the power of skin care is unparalleled, it can remove marks, residual marks, acne, and smooth skin.

[Pregnancy with sperm is almost impossible]The benefits of men’s sperm to women are that the sperm enters the uterus from the fallopian tube and you digest it from the mouth.

The digestive system is different from the reproductive system. Semen only participates in the digestive system from the mouth!

So, in theory, it is almost impossible to get pregnant with sperm.

First, the sperm is likely to be broken down in the stomach, and even if it can survive tenaciously, it cannot be “absorbed” into the abdominal cavity, let alone the fallopian tubes and uterus.

[How to save a good sea cucumber]_Sea cucumber_How to save_Save method

[How to save a good sea cucumber]_Sea cucumber_How to save_Save method

Sea cucumber is a relatively common ingredient in daily life. Because of its extremely high nutritional value, many people like to store a large amount of dried sea cucumber in the sea cucumber harvest season for later consumption.

However, sometimes when the sea cucumber is foamed, it can not be grasped in a good amount, and there is often a surplus, so how to save the number of sea cucumbers?

I. Preserved sea cucumber method 1. Use ice cubes: Place the sea cucumbers in ice cubes (ice cubes on plastic foam) and change the ice cubes once a day, which can be stored for more than one month.

2. Use the top soup: 500g top soup, 5g salt, 5g chicken essence, 150g fish gelatin powder (which can be coagulated), boil in the pot, add hot sea cucumber to eight matures, and wait for coolingIt can be solidified naturally. The sea cucumber is wrapped in the solidified top soup. The solidified top soup bag is stored in a refrigerator in the refrigerator. The effect is very good. It can be stored for 1-2 months, and the delicious taste of the top soup can be sufficient.Penetrate into the sea cucumber, take out the basket and steam it when using, the taste is more delicious.

3, put the refrigerator: the sea cucumbers that have been sent out are soaked with pure water and kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, and the water needs to be changed. If they are soaked for a long time, the sea cucumbers will shrink, but if they are stored in this way,In 20 days, sea cucumbers will break.

4, cling film: The best way is to wrap the sea cucumber in a refrigerator and keep it in the refrigerator. You need to take a few when you eat it, and you can eat it as soon as you thaw it, or use hot water to heat it.(Do not cook in the pot again).

Second, the nutritional value of sea cucumber1.

Sea cucumbers are rich in protein, except for adults and plasma.


Sea cucumber is known as the “Arginine Monopoly”.

Contains 8 essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself, of which arginine and lysine are the most abundant.


Ginseng is rich in trace elements, especially calcium, vanadium, sodium, selenium, and magnesium.

The trace element vanadium contained in sea cucumbers ranks first among various foods and can participate in the transport of iron in the blood and enhance the ability to hematopoietic.


Contains special active nutrients, sea cucumber acid mucopolysaccharide, sea cucumber saponin (sea cucumber element, sea cucumber toxin), sea cucumber polysaccharide, sea cucumber gum protein, taurine, etc.

Rating: Shanghai Index rose 1.

84% return to 3000 points, turnover of two cities breaks trillions

Rating: Shanghai Index rose 1.

84% return to 3000 points, turnover of two cities breaks trillions

Sina Finance News on February 20th, the broad market opened slightly higher. After the opening, the index once rose, the index rose more than 1%, and then quickly fell.Picking up again, the brokerage sector collectively rose.

In the afternoon, the three major indexes rose collectively, the Shanghai index rose back to 3000 points, the index rose by more than 2%, and the brokerage sector exploded strongly. In general, the multiple A-share sectors continued to rise, the market funds were active, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges traded again.Breaking trillions.

  The final close, the Shanghai stock index was 3030.

15 points, up 1.

84%, with a turnover of 4,137.

6.1 billion yuan (the turnover of the previous trading day was 3,813.

3.1 billion); Shencheng Index reported 11509.

09 points, up 2.

43%, with a turnover of 6546.

6.5 billion yuan (the turnover of the previous trading day was 6574.

8.4 billion);

74 points, up 2.

twenty one%.

  From the surface of the disk, securities, miniLED, insurance and other sectors are at the top of the list, while influenza, animal vaccines, and masks are at the top of the list.

  Sina Finance chief commentator Lao Ai[Weibo]said that yesterday’s breakthrough in trillions of transactions, today stands at 3,000 points, it is almost a rush to raise money, everyone is afraid to miss the bull market!

Who can stay pregnant?

The bullish market index securities stocks reproduced the collective daily limit, indicating that a large number of newly entered funds are looking for bargains. “Look at the lead at a glance, and pay attention at a glance.” This strategy still applies.

(Full text) Scenic spots: 1, securities Tianfeng Securities, Hongta Securities, China National Securities, Huaan Securities, Oriental Fortune and other daily limit of nearly 10 shares.

  2. HNA is a part of HNA Innovation, HNA Holdings, HNA investment daily limit, and HNA Technology are up.

  On the surface of the news, market rumors said that the Hainan Provincial Government, where the headquarters of HNA Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HNA Group”) is located, is negotiating to take over the highly resistive HNA Group and dispose of its aviation assets.

Earlier this morning, an executive of HNA Group denied the rumor. He said that the rumors did not mean that he had never learned about the takeover, replacement or reorganization of HNA Group.

In the afternoon, people familiar with the matter: 厦门夜网 HNA-related rumors are incorrect, and they have been working hard. No matter which solution is used, it is in the direction that is beneficial to HNA and the enterprise.

  News: 1, 21 financial reports, people familiar with the matter said that HNA-related rumors are inaccurate, and they have been working hard, no matter which solution is to develop in a direction that is beneficial to HNA and to the enterprise.

  2. At a press conference of the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean on the 19th, the WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean stated that there was no evidence that the new coronavirus was laboratory-made or that there was no evidence that the new coronavirus uses biological weaponsCreated by the identity of the new crown virus from the animal kingdom.

  3. According to foreign media 武汉夜网论坛 reports, through the increase of new crown pneumonia cases, the mayor of Daegu, South Korea urged 2.5 million citizens not to go out to prevent infection.

  4. You Jun, deputy minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said: exemption, that is, starting from February 2020, exemption for the payment of retired work injury insurance units for SMEs, not more than 5 months.

Reduction is to pay for three social security units of large enterprises outside Hubei, and they can apply for a 50% reduction of social security for a period not exceeding 3 months.

Postponed, that is, companies with severe production and operation difficulties affected by the epidemic can postpone payment for a period of no more than 6 months and have been late in payment.

  5. Shanghai: Epidemic prevention-related companies apply for the science and technology board, and the application will be withdrawn.

  6. Ni Hong, deputy director of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, stated that: ① Enterprises can apply for deferred payment of housing provident fund before June 30, 2020 according to regulations, and the deferred payment will not affect employees’ physical withdrawal and apply for housing provident fund loans.

②Front-line medical personnel, epidemic prevention and control personnel, employees who were isolated due to the epidemic situation or temporarily affected by the epidemic situation, if the provident fund loan can not be repaid normally before June 30, no overdue treatment will be made; reduction, employees can reasonably increase the housing rent withdrawal quota.

③ For regions and enterprises with severe epidemics, with full consultation with employees, the proportion of voluntary accumulation funds can be decided before June 30.

  7, Deputy Minister of Finance Yu Weiping said at the press conference that by the end of 2019, the cumulative balance of the basic pension insurance fund for enterprise employees across the country has exceeded 5 trillion yuan.

The phased fee reduction policy introduced this time is expected to reduce pension income by 471.4 billion U.S. dollars. Although the fund income has decreased, the overall impact is under control, and it is guaranteed that pensions will be paid in full and on time.

As of the end of 2019, the central budget has completed the transfer of internal capital of four batches of 81 central enterprises and central financial institutions. The actual capital transferred is.

At 3 trillion yuan, the transfer of local budgets is also being actively promoted.  8. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development stated that enterprises can apply for deferred payment of housing provident fund before June 30, 2020 according to regulations.

During the deferred payment period, the deposit time shall be calculated continuously, without affecting the normal withdrawal and application of housing provident fund loans by each employee.

  Outlook: CITIC Construction Investment said that the current market is more likely to be structured trading opportunities in the context of loose game liquidity, policy overweight and negative trend marginal improvement.

At present, the logic of liquidity easing has changed, which has caused pressure on the short-term market, and after the recent rapid repair, the market has increased by a short-term increase. The short-term may need to consolidate and wait for new stimulus factors.

However, after the suspension of monetary policy, the market outlook for fiscal policy to support the real economy is expected to heat up, and related sectors may bring opportunities for periodic trading.

Raised 31.4 billion funds in 3 years, and there are large funds targeting A-share energy-heavy assets

Raised 31.4 billion funds in 3 years, and there are large funds targeting A-share energy-heavy assets

Source: Daily Economic News. The 南宁桑拿 state-owned industrial capital is in-depth docking with the A-share market. Recently, large-scale industrial funds have been sweeping the goods in the secondary market.

  ”Daily Economic News” reporters found that the central enterprise poverty-stricken industrial investment fund (hereinafter referred to as the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund) has raised a total of US $ 31.4 billion in the past three years. In the past two months, more than 12 listed companies and their subsidiaries have been raised.To increase capital or participate in the decision to increase shares.

  It is worth noting that the proportion is higher than that of large large funds to connect with electronic technology companies. This fund is very popular with energy and heavy asset industry targets.

  Some analysts pointed out that some of the asset-heavy enterprises are located in the old economic belt, and have the dual mission of converting old and new kinetic energy and driving local poverty alleviation and income increase, which is in line with the industrial capital transfusion of the real economy and the need for enterprise capital operation.

  Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund Scanned A-shares at the end of the past few years. Driven by policies and sufficient capital, the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund has gradually become a leading investment in the secondary and secondary markets. Among the shareholders of listed companies, the exposure of the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund is very high.high.
  The reporter found that since December 2019, the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund has invested in at least 12 enterprises in the A-share market.

It is worth noting that the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, which has been paid close attention to the assets, is accurately proportioned to the electronics and technology sectors. The investment orientation of this fund also has a clear focus-the goal is to focus on energy and related asset-intensive companies.

  Public information shows that Yuntianhua is a comprehensive chemical company with a phosphate industry as its core and a manufacturer of phosphate fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizers, and co-formaldehyde. The total assets of the company’s fixed assets and construction projects account for more than 33% of total assets.(Quarterly) is a typical heavy asset company.

  On January 16, Yuntianhua issued an announcement stating that the company ‘s wholly-owned subsidiary, Yunnan Yuntianhua Yunfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunfeng Chemical), was a shareholder of a central enterprise poverty-stricken area (Yunnan) industrial investment fund partnership (limited partnership).) Increase capital by 200 million yuan.

The capital increase is assessed on the overall equity of Yunfeng Chemical shareholders.

Based on 9.6 billion, it was transferred through non-public agreement.

After the capital increase, the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund held Yunfeng Chemical 25.

12% equity, the company’s shareholding in Yunfeng Chemical changed to 74.


  In addition to directly increasing the capital of listed company subsidiaries, the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund will also directly participate in the listed company’s fixed increase and convertible bond financing.

For example, in the United Nations in mid-December 2019, Everly Clean announced its plan to issue shares, convertible corporate bonds and pay cash to purchase assets and raise matching funds.

Particular investors such as the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund and Konka Investment participated in the total amount of matching funds raised for the enterprise not exceeding 2.

200 million, the underlying asset is 100% equity of Yili Ecology.

  Judging from the lock-up period of investment by the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund, it is generally more than one year, and the change will be adjusted according to the different holding cycles.

If the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund obtains Elion Clean Energy shares and holds Elion Ecological shares for more than 12 months, the Elion Clean Energy shares it obtained through this exchange will be 12 months from the date of listing of the sharesShall not be transferred in any way, but if Yili Ecological shares are held for less than 12 months, it shall not be transferred in any way within 36 months.

  Some analysts have pointed out that the reorganization of capital increase or transfer of shares also has a reorganization expectation. At this time, the nature of capital allocation is similar to the strategic investment of the company before listing.

An asset manager in Beijing told a reporter from the Daily Economic News that there is no obvious pressure on the investment period of the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund. Long-term investment will also be the main factor when the listed company or industry is docked, so it will not cause short-term investment.Fluctuations in market value of listed companies.

“But even industry investments that are of a slightly public interest nature will opt out, taking into account the listing performance of investment companies and subjective expectations of LPs.”

According to the SASAC, as of September 2019, the projects invested by the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund have involved 26 provinces (regions, municipalities), 104 cities (regions, states, unions) and 203 counties (cities, districts, flags) across the country.)), Covering all 14 concentrated and extremely poor areas.

The chairman of the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund, Shen Zhenmin, stated publicly that, in view of the differences in funds, technology, talents, markets, and information across the country, the fund will also focus on investing in industries in poverty-stricken areas.IPO project.

  It is not difficult to find in the energy and heavy asset industry that raised 31.4 billion leveraged capital exceeding 150 billion from the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund. Some of the heavy asset enterprises are located in the old economic zone and have a two-way mission of converting old and new kinetic energy and driving local poverty alleviation and income increase, in line with the industry.The capital transfusion of the real economy helps the needs of corporate capital operations.

  Only one of them is accounted for in proportion to the investment capital of other local industries. The central enterprise poverty alleviation fund is well-established. It has raised US $ 31.4 billion in the past three years and has mobilized other social capital to exceed US $ 150 billion. The fund manager is a state-owned investment profit-making industry.Fund Management Co., Ltd.

  On October 17, 2016, in accordance with the “Decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Winning the Fight against Poverty” and its division of labor plan, led by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and initiated by the Ministry of Finance and the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, 51 central enterprises participated in the first phase of funding and were established.The Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund, the initial investment of 122.

03 billion.

  In April 2018, the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund completed the second phase of raising funds, and the shareholders expanded to all central enterprises supervised by the SASAC and some central enterprises under the responsibility of consolidated investors of the Ministry of Finance.

The state-owned enterprise poverty alleviation fund shareholders reached 104 in advance, and the scale of the funds raised in the two phases increased by 15.4 billion US dollars.

  Up to now, the first phase of the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund has been completed, and the second phase has all invested the funds.

In September 2019, the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund launched the third phase to raise funds. 39 central enterprises actively participated and jointly contributed 160.

1.9 billion yuan, the total size of the fund has reached 314.

0.5 billion.

  In terms of foreign investment, the fund is mainly working in the fields of modern agriculture, resource development, clean energy and medical health.

For example, the new type of livestock and poultry agricultural enterprise “One Food” received US $ 500 million in financing in June 2019, and was jointly invested by Hezhi Investment and the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund.In the equity financing, it received funding from the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund; “Zhuhai Port” also received capital injection from the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund in May 2019.

  In addition to direct investment, the fund also invests through investment sub-funds, launching poverty alleviation fund alliances, a few Shenzhen Doug Mixed Reform No. 2 investment partnerships (limited partnerships), and various regional central enterprises.) Partnership) etc.  According to statistics from the Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund, as of September 2019, the fund has leveraged social capital to exceed 150 billion yuan through direct investment, the establishment of sub-funds in key provinces, and the launch of anti-poverty fund alliances.

  Shen Ye once stated publicly: “The key consideration of the investment of the poverty alleviation fund of the central enterprises is to make blood. I hope that the investment of the poverty alleviation fund can really promote the industrial development of poor areas.Enlarge the leverage of the fund and leverage more social capital into poor areas.

Sunshine City (000671): Steady growth in sales scale and continuous improvement in leverage structure

Sunshine City (000671): Steady growth in sales scale and continuous improvement in leverage structure
Core point of view: The gross profit of tax deduction decreased slightly, and the non-consolidated projects supported the growth in performance.110,000 yuan, an increase of 48 in ten years.0%, the gross profit margin of the real estate settlement business is 26.9%, an increase of 1 over 18 years.3pct, due to the increase in land increase in the current period, the actual gross margin of tax deduction is 18.1%, compared with 0 years ago.9pct, the increase in land shortage was mainly caused by the settlement of high-margin M & A projects.In the first half of the year, the company realized a total of 14 attributable net profits.49 trillion, an increase of 40 a decade ago.5%, the first half of the performance achieved investment income growth, mainly due to non-consolidated project settlement profit contribution. The sales scale has steadily increased, and the company has made efforts to maintain stable sales. In the first half of 19, the company achieved sales of 900.73 ppm, an increase of 28 per year.7%, equity sales amounted to US $ 577 million, an increase of 1 year-on-year.9%.From the perspective of land investment, a total of 34 青岛夜网 projects were acquired in the first half of the year, and then 527 was used for general construction, with a total land price of 32.3 billion yuan and 15 for single construction.In 50,000 countries, the land has been “small”, and the overall land acquisition effort remained stable in the first half of the year. The leverage structure is optimized, and the short-term debt repayment pressure is at a historically low level. At the end of the first half of 19, the company’s net debt replaced 145.1%, a decrease of 37pct from the end of 18 years.The proportion of short-term interest-bearing debt-covered currencies and cash fell from 127% at the end of 18 to 75.6%.The operating leverage multiplier is 4.8 rose to 5.4. The leverage structure was further optimized. It is expected that the company’s EPS in 19 and 20 will be 0.94, 1.25 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating, maintain our unchanged judgment, the company’s high sales growth in the past 3 years will provide support for future settlement income growth, and the rich soil reserves will effectively translate into continuous growth in sales scaleTo improve the improvement of profitability, the company’s performance may continue to grow and maintain a “Buy” rating. Risks suggest that the downturn in the industry’s economic climate affects the company’s sales; there is uncertainty about the company’s turnaround speed and leverage reduction.

Proper exercise helps prevent depression

Proper exercise helps prevent depression

Recently, American medical researchers have suggested that people are suitable for different sports under different emotional states. When you are frustrated, it is best to choose simple, able to operate, exercise with a certain intensity, and run and play tennis easily.

When you are worried, jogging, yoga, and swimming are all good choices.

When you feel nervous, playing football, basketball or volleyball can bring unexpected results.

When you are angry, you can do some expendable sports, such as: equipment sports, mountain climbing, fast running, playing tennis, the negative energy is vented, and the anger naturally disappears.

How to treat oral ulcers

How to treat oral ulcers

Oral ulcer is one of the most common oral mucosal diseases that people suffer from every day, especially 1?
6-year-old children have a higher incidence.

Mouth ulcers occur in the tongue, jaw, soft and hard palate, vestibular sulcus, upper and lower lip.

Mouth ulcers usually have the following types: Aunt Li’s grandson often suffers from mouth ulcers, and the whole family is restless when it hurts.

The doctor told Aunt Li that oral ulcers are one of the most common oral mucosal diseases in people, especially 1?
6-year-old children have a higher incidence.

Mouth ulcers occur in the tongue, jaw, soft and hard palate, vestibular sulcus, upper and lower lip.

Mouth ulcers are usually the following: To treat oral ulcers in children, mothers can take the following simple and easy methods: 1.

Will Vitamin C Concentration 1?
2 tablets are crushed and sprinkled on the surface of the ulcer.

This method is more effective in treating ulcers, but it has irritation to the ulcer surface and can cause pain. Generally, children are older.


Add whole milk powder, one tablespoon at a time and add a little sugar.
3 times, the best effect before flushing.

Ulcers usually disappear after 2 days.


Squeeze watermelon juice and squeeze it into your mouth. About 2?
Swallow after 3 minutes, and then take fresh melon juice, repeat several times a day?
3 times.


Beat the eggs into a bowl and mix into a paste. At the same time, take an appropriate amount of mung beans into a clay pot, soak them in cold water for more than ten minutes, and boil for about 2 minutes with fire.Take it once a day, morning and evening.


Apply fresh plantain leaves to the mouth ulcers after roasting with heat, 2?
3 times.


Take tomato juice in your mouth, ingest it for several minutes each time, and take it several times a day. It also has a certain therapeutic effect.

  One is ulcers caused by trauma.

It is mainly caused by bacterial infection caused by bumps, stab wounds, etc., and it is generally easier to cure.

After three or four days of application, the effect will be seen, and it is usually not repeated.

  The second is the ulcer caused by lack of vitamin B.

Vitamin B deficiency can cause a variety of oral diseases: ①Angular cheilitis: symmetrical wet white erosion usually occurs at the corner of the mouth, and the cracks will cover the scutellaria baicalensis.

Pain can occur when secondary infections occur.

  ② Cheilitis: Swelling of lips, dry desquamation, or increased longitudinal cracks of lips are usually present. The upper lip is obvious, and there is a burning or stinging sensation.

  ③ Glossitis: Early appearance of dry tongue, burning or tingling.

  Then the tongue became swollen, and the fungal nipples became swollen and congested.

Atrophic glossitis later appears, sometimes with tongue cracks or small ulcers, and some with oral mucosal ulcers.

  The most simple way to treat ulcers caused by vitamin B deficiency is: while taking multivitamin B, riboflavin and other treatments, pay attention to adjusting the diet structure, eat more riboflavin-containing milk, animal liver, spinach, carrots, Cabbage, etc., can cure oral ulcers in a short time.

  The third is ulcers caused by cold and heat in the body.

Due to dry weather or eating a lot of high-metabolized foods, it is easy to cause excessive heart and spleen, which can cause oral ulcers.
Some people due to poor constitution are also prone to cause oral ulcers and recurrent attacks.

  To treat ulcers caused by real fire in the spleen and stomach, you can take the method of purging the diarrhea and stomach fire, such as eating more watermelon, winter melon soup, lotus seed core soup and other cool foods and conditioning, or go to the pharmacy to buy some ice boron powder, Liangpi powderFor powdered medicine, take it as directed by your doctor. For ulcers caused by deficiency, you can eat more high-heat foods such as brown sugar, litchi, lamb, chicken, etc. to warm the spleen and kidney, ignite the fire and return to the source, and dialectical conditioning treatment.

Daydreaming to get rid of fatigue and tension

Daydreaming to get rid of fatigue and tension

As we all know, daydreaming is a wonderful thing.
When you are nervous and stressed and you are about to go mad, you may wish to do “daydreaming”, which can not only eliminate fatigue, but also help to produce thinking results such as epiphany and thought sparks.
Now close your eyes and start: Daydreaming on the one hand is good for physical and mental relaxation, is good for left and right brain use, and “charges” the body’s health.
This kind of exercise plays a benign role in promoting the biochemical substances of the immune system; on the other hand, contemplative meditation can release the left side of the brain from language activities and rest it, allowing the right brain to give full play to its intuitive image thinking ability,In this way, the left brain fatigue that is prone to linguistic thinking and right-handed authors can be eliminated.
  Uncontrollable daydreaming is a mental illness, but based on actively relaxing daydreaming, it can eliminate fatigue, help strengthen resistance to harsh environments, reduce the impact of external adverse stimuli on physical and mental health, and is beneficial to epiphany.Thinking results such as thought sparks are generated.
  Close your eyes and let your brain do inactive, slow thinking.
It’s like lying on your back and floating on an unmanned sea, the breeze caresses your face, the sea water is blue . the office buildings always have a sloppy expression in the afternoon, accompanied by anxiety and sleepiness, abrading the smile, calm and fighting spirit that people try to maintain.
Gravity also seems to be particularly great in the afternoon, indiscriminately dragging people to sink—both physical and emotional.
So there was a small voice in my heart begging: let me fall down, or crook for a while, even for a while.
But look around at the busy shuttle and desk at the office, and glance at the door where your boss hides his head at any time. You are afraid to say that there is no place for you to fall down.
  But it doesn’t matter, you can “fall down” without knowing the ghost, over the heavy body, let the soul rise from the ground, and have an unbounded spiritual roaming in the air.
Through meditation, it is actually a benign “daydream”.
Daydream’s professional interpretation is “a state of autonomous psychedelic and delusional states in a non-sleeping state.”
  Herbert, a Harvard medical scientist.
Benlin said, “Excessive physical and mental stress can weaken the functioning of the immune system in the body.
The complete relaxation brought by meditation can reduce the tension of the body and is an effective method to prevent and cure many diseases.
“I teach you daydreaming: I gently massage the head, face, especially around the eyes and temples.
Play soothing light music.
Use earplugs to gently plug both outer ears and close your eyes; then, in the case of minimizing external stimuli, let the brain do non-active slow meditation.
It’s like lying on your back and floating on an unmanned sea, the breeze is touching your face, and the sea water is blue . in meditation, go to any place you want to go: sunshine, beach, waves, or clear sky, white clouds, grassland ., Or concentrate your thoughts between the two eyebrows, or the position of Dan Tian (upper abdomen), if there are thoughts in your brain at this time, do n’t deliberately do n’t think about it, as long as you concentrate, the thoughts will naturally slip away, or you can try to imagine the thoughtsIt is a cloud, and then gradually dissipates . Daydreaming is a process of relaxation and concentration, thereby entering the subconscious and “inputting” positive information.

Psychologists analyze dead man in dreams

Psychologists analyze “dead man” in dreams

The spiritual phenomenon in reality may not be encountered by everyone, but in the dream, almost everyone has encountered the dead, so what does the dead in the dream represent?
Modern psychologists, represented by the psychoanalytic school, classify the dead people in dreams according to their psychological and emotional status, and believe that the shape of the dead person is a form of emotional expression.
  He Minghua and Cai Chenrui, both psychoanalysts, studied under the psychologist and the first Chinese dream interpreter, Professor Zhu Jianjun. They have many years of experience in psychological counseling.
Just dreaming about the dead, the reporter interviewed them.
  Dead woman in white: lonely and lacking vitality “A boy often has a dead woman with long hair standing in a lake and showing his upper body in his dreams.
The boy was born in a wealthy family. He is the only child in the family. From childhood to age, parents will be satisfied no matter what he wants.
But because the parents are busy with work, the parents have few opportunities to communicate with him emotionally.
To outsiders, he should live a happy life.
But in reality his heart was extremely painful, and he longed for the care and love from his parents.
However, the parents replaced the emotional communication with money. For him, money could not fill the lack of emotions, so in his dreams a dead woman in white would appear in the water.
“This is a case encountered by psychological counselor Cai Chenrui. Cai Chenrui said that the image of the dead woman in white most appeared in our dreams.
They are characterized by fluttering long hair and seemingly weak, representing depression.
White symbolizes purity and nobility, but when white is combined with the dead, it represents lack of strength and vitality, and paleness and weakness.
White clothes symbolize the paleness after the blood dries.
Here, blood is a symbol of love and emotion. When a person’s love and emotion are gone, she becomes pale.
In the dream, this female dead person often appears alone and is very lonely.
Because an essential characteristic of depression is loneliness.
  Zombies: Indifferent and numb to emotions “A 27-year-old man consulted. He said he was slutty and often had nightmares, dreaming of zombies.
He was born into a better family and has a high degree of education.
I made a girlfriend.
At first, his girlfriend was nice to him.
He believes that he has found a lifetime of love and paid a lot of emotion and money to his girlfriend.
Later, his girlfriend went to study in the United States through his relationship. He entrusted his friends and paid for his own money to make his girlfriend realize his dream.
But he did not expect that his girlfriend abandoned him less than six months after going abroad.
The man was emotionally cared for early and did not experience emotional frustration.
The blow from breaking up with his girlfriend has greatly changed his view of the world, especially the opposite sex.
His attitude towards the opposite sex began to become as indifferent as a zombie, seeing himself as a zombie.
Frustration made him revenge against the opposite sex.
He used attack and possession to balance his frustration.
“Hey, this is a case encountered by psychological consultant He Minghua. He Minghua said that zombies look bloodless, just like we often say” living dead people “. In fact, they have become mentally indifferent.
Such a person is numb to the entire life, completely shuts down his inner emotions, has no emotional response to the world, and is mechanical to others.
Such people’s emotions are extremely suppressed, and they become rigid and lose vitality due to lack of emotion and love.
  Drowning the dead: Addiction can’t extricate themselves “A foreign girl who has just come to college in Beijing often dreams of a long-haired dead man appearing beside her, squeezing herself to asphyxiation.
The image originated from the girl’s mother.
Out of concern for her daughter who is far away, her mother always has to call the remote control to understand what her daughter is doing and who she is with.
The girl felt the oppression of her mother all the time.
For her, the mother’s love has been transformed into a kind of control, which has caused her stress and pain.
Excessive love gives people a sense of siege and suffocation, which makes people feel drowned and die in embarrassment.”The drowned person represents too much emotion, and the image feature is wet.

The drowning of the dead in the above case is an expression of emotional oppression.

This is full of dead people, as we often say: neither beat you nor scold you, torture you with emotions.

There is another type of drowning that expresses the desire and entanglement of feelings. If a person is indulged in emotions and cannot extricate himself, then he will drown.

He Minghua believes that drowning people are often very emotional people who may die for love.

Such people cannot hide themselves in the emotional world.