I saw the night, I was like a Thunder.,I suddenly drive into the rear of the shadow.。

Hold the village,The neck of the shadow is a cut。
Task requires him to“Catch”,So the night is not dare to use the blade。
If you accidentally cut people,Then his task has failed.。
Facing a sudden danger,Originally planned to retreat the shadow,The body is also a stiffness,The body does not have to respond。
But the snack of the night,Still inevitably blocked。
Although the shadow is not reacted,But as“Starter”Little peer,Reaction is quite rapid。
The vermicon is smashed with two small tales,Identally stopped,Night, I originally smashed the shadow of the shadow.。
Ziziki“Dragonfly”Starter of animal factors,Use a double knife,Have a unique advantage。
Two little too knives,As if it is your own arm,It can be said that it is a natural sword.。
“You actually want to hurt your father,Xiaobai wants to cut you into a fragmentation!”
The blindfold is a very angry,And look at the eyes of the night,Also quite with aggressive。
“Little girl,Actually, it is hacking.,Your father doesn’t teach you,Do you have a politeness??”
The sniper of the night is small,But as he broke out more stronger,Schizi Xiaoyi finished,Even people took a knife and was flying out.。
Looking at daughter hit into the wall,The 影 is also a fierce reaction.。
“Epitope”Start,Night body,Forceful,Demonstration。
“I thought that there was only waste in Tokyo.,I didn’t expect actually there is a strong。
You should also transform soldiers.,What are the troops before??Maybe we also know?。”
I didn’t think about the shadow,I thought it was the people who were all rookies.jgmiddle,A shark is still hidden。
For the identity of the night,The shadow is no doubt,It is definitely“Transform soldier”undoubtedly。
The strength of the shrine,Even in many“Starter”middle,The strength is also a tip.。
But just a lighting,Fall into the wind,The other party is absolutely impossible to be ordinary http://www.merryenglish.cn human。
Greater possible,Can only be the same as yourself“Transform soldier”。
“I am not your iron.,But a real human。”
“Your eye limits your imagination,The limit of the human body is absolutely more than your imagination。”
Night is repulsive,But there is no flying out,He just borrowed a ceiling,The distance between the two people again。
“Xiaobai wants to cut you into a lot of pieces!”
But the little Nai, who was flying before night,It’s again again to attack the night.。
Little Loli is like a mad,Expression is quite bloodthirsty,Red eyes have launched a violent attack on the night.。
And it is quite a time to play.,It is completely playing for injury.。
Seeing like a little bit of sick,Night is a frowning,Visible this child,Has been fully raised。
Looking at this is completely unspeakable.,This http://www.ping-yuan.cn little ghost,It should have been killed a lot of people.。

Eight snakes are more proud。

At this moment,It seems that I really want to know my layout,Can’t help but show off,“Since this,I still have a word.,Hand over,This king is not dead.。”
Summer laughs,“Although I can’t last for a long time,But don’t forget you.,Here is China。”
Da da da,Footsteps sound,Xiali slowly came out from the right side,Come to the summer,Looked cold cold。
at the same time,A few people on the mountainside,It is Ye Shi and Wushu and other nine members。
“Ha ha ha ha……”
Bad snake laughs up,Voice is deafening,Syntheson in the mountains。
Laugh,His face is cold,“What is China?。”
Toned,Nowadays drink,“Handle!”
Voice is just,噼噼噼噼 声 哼 哼 哼 哼 哼 哼 哼。
I saw that the Ye is gentle and five nine members all flocked.。Handsome……Wushu。
NS480chapter Fierce battle
Sudden scene,Let the summer look at it,Lockup。
His look is cloudy,First,Later http://www.shujiuhong.cn meditation,Turn over,Finally release a murder。
This person really has problems。
Just that Jiang Luo Shen did not pay attention to。
now,Five members of Jiudai flipped to the ground,Vomiting blood,It’s completely finished.。
Only leaves,Cover a chest,It’s obvious.。
She didn’t think of it.,This long-respectible elder,Actually……Laigue?
Most of her is very horrified.,The other party actually entered the nine science!
Ye is full of angry,Stand up,It is a complete words that can’t be said.。
Wushu smiled,Just like the week,It’s like the eyes of the elders.,“gentle,You are young,You don’t understand a lot of things.,But don’t understand,still is……Die。”
Voice is just,Bamboo。
He immediately arrived in the leaves.,A remembering the knife to the neck of the other side。
His speed http://www.sun-keninc.cn is very fast。
only,Someone is faster than him。
A residual,It’s like a flip-shadow,Fast arrived。
Not summer。

This crazy woman,Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,But Alice still caught up,Holding his arm,The two went to the second floor together。

Xia Jian found a room casually,He opened the door and walked in,This rich man is different,Everything in the room,Xia Jianyi turned around,Lay on the big bed,A sense of comfort came to my heart。
“Your bed is so big,Do you want us to sleep together?”Alice opened the door,Leaned in and asked with a smile。
Xia Jian knew this woman was joking,He said very generously:“sure!Please come in”
I heard a scream outside the door,Alice may have been taken away by some other women,Xia Jian couldn’t help but laugh secretly,It seems that this woman who has been abroad,At least in terms of http://www.jixianbuxiugang.cn personality,Still relatively open。
Xia Jian rinsed,Undress and go to bed,In a short while, he entered the sleeping town,Suddenly a cool breeze blew in,I saw Alice squeezed in from the door wearing a thin pajamas。
The woman locked the door from inside,And put the finger on the mouth,Made a hush gesture,Maybe the other women in the next room didn’t sleep,She is afraid of disturbing others。
Looking at Alice’s proud chest,And the jade body looming under the pajamas,Xia Jian’s man’s instinct suddenly broke out,Face like a self,If I don’t even reflect at all,,That’s really not a man。
Alice does not wait for Xia Jian to speak,Jumped into bed,Got into Xia Jian’s bed。
what should I do?Xia Jian’s heart is fiercely fighting。Alice stuck her mouth to Xia Jian’s ear,Speak softly:“Handsome boy,I like you for a long time,You just come!No one knows http://www.shikejin.cn anyway,Tomorrow you are you,I’m still me”
“No way,I can’t do this”Xia Jian’s mouth is dry,Grunting in the throat,I wonder if Alice heard his words。
Alice’s silky little hands,Walking in Xia Jianshen,Xia Jian’s enjoyment,The woman said softly again:“You are still not a man,Isn’t it casual to do this kind of thing??”
**Finally broke out in Xia Jian’s body,He cursed secretly,You show.Twat,I want you to see,Is Lao Tzu a man?,Turn over,Xia Jian pressed the past fiercely。
Bang,Xia Jian felt pain all over,Open your eyes,Found myself sleeping on the ground,Turns out this is a spring dream。The sun has come in from under the curtains,It seems that it is not early。
I went to her uncle,Alice of this fairy,Made me have such a spring dream,It’s really the same,Xia Jian cursed secretly,Got up from the floor。
Okay,I rolled down the quilt,Otherwise http://www.skyfootball.cn it’s hard to say。Xia Jian took a look at the bedside watch,My darling,It’s past eight o’clock。
Open the curtains,Xia Jian saw in the back garden of the villa,Wang Lin is sitting on a swing,What book,Looks very focused。Golden sunrise,Reflected on her,Like a string of beautiful pearls,Rose flowers beside her,Fighting for beauty,Such a beautiful picture,Almost stared at Xia Jian。
Suddenly Wang Lin stood up,She moved her body,Look up,I saw Xia Jian at the window,The woman smiled shyly,Chao Xia Jian beckoned。
First0290chapter A moment of life and death

Chen Erniu rushed up and said:“Wang Youcai!You try。 This is the village committee,I called the police to arrest you,Believe it or not?“

Song Fang saw this posture,Get angry and leave。She forgot one thing,This Zhao Hong left,The head of Xiping Village is Chen Erniu。But she and Chen Erniu had a marriage,Although it has been divorced for many years,But everyone feels embarrassed when they meet。The other is that Wang Youcai and his son can’t do anything at all,Ma Yan was in a mess after two http://www.805man.cn sentences。
I was thinking about making trouble,I didn’t expect it hadn’t officially started yet,Already defeated。Isn’t she going to wait to be ashamed here。
Wang Degui is an old slippery after all,He can serve as the head of Xiping Village for many years,Naturally has his uniqueness。He watched Song Fang walk away,Knowing that their scene has been broken。If you insist on going down,It must be full of loopholes。
He took a breath and said:“I thought Mr. Zhao just left,Xia Jianhui in the village committee,That’s why I came to find him。Since he is not here,Then we go to the mayor to find him“
“Old village chief!I think you are old,Still hurt on the head,Then I won’t tell you。Mayor Xia’s family went to Bucheon,It may take a while to come back“Ma Yan said,Smile coldly。
Wang Youcai listened,Anger comes up,He yelled:“Is this Xia Jian a http://www.fuming365.cn cadre??Had such a big accident,He’s good,I went out to play with my ass,Don’t you be afraid of others poking his spine“
“Wang Youcai!Your fucking conscience let the dog eat it?This is a natural disaster,What does it have to do with Xia Jian?If you really want to get to the bottom,Then you have to ask your father about the cause of this。If not for him,The village chief will not leave us“Chen Erniu said angrily,He is really angry。 “I admit that this happened because of me,But there are hidden safety hazards in Southeast Mountain,Why doesn’t he care about Xia Jian“Wang Degui asked loudly。
First1814chapter Guess well
? Chen Erniu became popular as soon as he heard it,He did not expect that Wang Degui would come to this trick。And it was only a few days after Zhao Hong just left, This innocent old thing joins his http://www.seedk.cn son to make trouble。
“Wang Degui!You are also the village head for many years。What do you think it has to do with Xia Jian?No one can predict natural disasters。Moreover,You have to go up southeast mountain,None of us will invite you,It’s your son Wang Youcai who came here to beg for you。If it weren’t for Xia Jian’s wish to take care of your old man,,Can you go to Southeast Mountain?”
When Chen Erniu said this,I was so angry that I was shaking a little。Had it not been for Zhao Hong just now,He has to kick this father and son out。
Wang Degui in order to achieve his own goals,No face。Obviously Chen Erniu has made things very clear,But he still messes around,Xia Jian should be responsible for this matter。
Ma Yan is a young man,Plus she is outspoken,How can she endure Wang Degui’s nonsense here。I saw her step forward in front of Wang Degui and shouted:“Old village chief!I think you are an old man,So I very kindly advise you to leave here,Stop talking nonsense here,You arrange Mayor Xia like this,I’m not afraid that thunder will hit you?”
“Hi!You little slut,Why do you always maintain Xia Jian?Did you fall asleep by him?,Now there is a chance for righting?”When Wang Youcai heard Ma Yan curse his dad,When you get angry。

“Yes!I saw them both http://www.vodafone-csc.cn come in”Xia Fei looked puzzled。

Xia Jian quickly took out his phone,I called Gu Yue,The horse is uploaded inside“The number you have dial can not be reached”Xia Jian couldn’t help getting nervous。
“You hurry up”Xia Jian hurriedly said to Xia Fei。
After Xia Fei called Gu Yue,Also surprised,She whispered:”impossible!How could it be shut down??“
”Call Chen Jing“Xia Jian reminds Xia Fei。
Xia Fei nodded,Immediately dialed Chen Jing。The phone is connected but no one answers,More than ten in a row,Each is the same result。
”Did they go to other places??“Xia Fei said in a panic。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:”Let’s check from here one by one,See if anyone sees them in?”
“it is good!This method is the most feasible”Xia Fei said,Ran to the gate,So I asked a man who was more than 40 years old。
Which guy frowned and thought for a while http://www.zhipin100.cn and said:“Have,Just now,Two women let me fry two dishes,Suddenly a few men came,I don’t know what the situation is,They suddenly threw me fifty yuan and said no need to fire,And then I went where”
Xia Jianyi listen,The first reaction was that Gu Yue and others had an accident,Where is the man in the middle of the night?When he thought of this,Ignore Xia Fei around,Let go of the pace and rush towards which side of the night market。Xia Fei seems to understand,Catching up from behind。
Ran to the bottom,Out of the gate of the night market,Still nothing found。Xia Jian turned around and asked the family at the end,A few lads,said laughingly:“Two beauties,We all saw it,Got in a Buick commercial car and left”
“Buick commercial vehicles?What color is it,Did you see clearly”Xia Fei asked anxiously。
Which guy saw a beauty and asked him,He deliberately smiled and said:“You are not a policeman,Why should I answer you in such detail?”This guy said,Still laughed。
Xia Jianzheng wants http://www.gycxmj.cn to have an attack,Seeing Xia Fei took out a small black notebook from her pocket, opened it and handed it up,Which guy sweeps his eyes,Stood up immediately,He smiled and said:“Sorry,I just wanted to make a joke with you,Which Buick commercial car is white,I remember well”
Xia Fei took the notebook,Talk to Xia Jian:“Let’s go out and see”Turn around immediately after speaking,The two walked out to the gate of the night market。
A road is in front of you,Can only go west,Can’t be driving in reverse。Xia Fei told Xia Jianyi about her judgment,The two hurriedly stopped a car on the road,Chased down the road。
The road is long,And there are vehicles on the road from time to time,There is no Buick at all。Xia Fei is engaged in this work,She thought for a while and said:“keep the change,This is no result,Let’s go back!”

Every step Leo puts great pressure on Triander,He felt so close to death for the first time。

Even Leo’s fierceness made him think that Leo http://www.qlyflower.cn might slash at him the next time。
“Don’t put your stinky air in front of me!”Leo disdain。
“Hands on my chassis,Then you have to pay the price!”
Maybe,The Mord family is really strong,Actually it is really strong,Lieutenant General Master brought two,Such strength,It’s enough to form a large pirate group。
“How dare you do this,I’m a noble Tianlong!I must complain to the world government,I want your life!”
“casual,I’m waiting for you!”Leo said lightly。
Strong,Is privileged,That is, his strength has not reached the top,Otherwise, this Tailong person will be killed,Tianlongren can only endure。
Is it possible that you can send five or six generals to besie me?
Leo is different from ordinary people,Long ago and Tianlongren were destined to oppose,Either he will shrink for the rest of his life or eradicate the Tianlongren,Otherwise, the Tianlong people http://www.cqidcsys.cn will kill him for the fruit of the operation。
He had no choice!
and so,He doesn’t care!
First164chapter Sigen(9/10)
“how dare you!how dare you!”Triander was still muttering absentmindedly。
He lived for more than 30 years,First time encounter this kind of thing。
Just like the dragon man who fell into the fisherman island in the previous life comics,They don’t think about their environment,They do whatever they want,I never thought I would be in danger。
“Few of you,Do it yourself,Let me do it myself?”
Leo looked at the remaining six doglegs。

Is a feeling of iodophor。

And the source of this taste is the truncated legs of Li Huandong.。
“Smell is still quite heavy。”Zhou Ye。
Sun Jun smiled:“Overcome,We wear a mask and wearing protective clothing.,If you send him home,His family is estimated enough。”
Zhou Ye picks up a stethoscope,Lightweight in Li Huandong’s body,Simply diagnosed。
“Cardiopulmonary still is normal。”
When he watched Li Huandong very closely,It is found that this is a very rude middle-aged man.。
Li Huandong’s skin is very dark,The eyes are like a long time.,Some horror of panda eyes。
There is also his finger to refer http://www.rk-coder.cn to the tail.,It looks very dirty。
Zhou Ye returned a stethoscope,Suddenly there is a moment in an instant。
Li Huandong is probably his true low-level low-level people in his time.,Repairman of a bicycle factory,Break up every day,Can you take so a month?2000Pump。
He carefully lifted Li Huandong,He is indeed in calm state,Still sleep。
Tired face shows some 狰狞!I don’t know if I have a nightmare.,Still the lower limbs,After the anesthesia effect is gone,Start some hare pain!
There is still a trachea in his mouth.,Respiratory auxiliary ventilation,Thyst velocity。
Li Huandong looks a bit of pain!
There are still several trace pumps in the bedside,Pumped small dose analgesic calm drug,No angiogenic drug,This makes the hearts of Zhou Yewu as stretched.。
“The patient’s vital signs are stable,Should be free。”Sun Jun said softly。
Zhou Ye nodded,Also shake your head:“Really hunt??I see him seems to have a nightmare.。”
Sun Jun Xiaoyu:“Yo,Do you still dream??You know that he is a nightmare.?”
Zhou Ye has a little bit painful with Li Huandong’s expression slightly.,He seems to have thought of some of his past events.。
“I used to do a nightmare before.,I frown every time I have a nightmare.,The fist in the hand is very tight。”Zhou Ye explained。
At first glance,Li Huandong’s http://www.putao365.cn expression is really like Zhou Niwu described.,Hand holding fist,Also tight。
Sun Jun muttered:“Although this guy is newGpneumonia,But not heavy,Waiting for him to wake up,After sufficient evaluation, you should take off the tubing.,Arrive at that time,State should be better……Otherwise, this will fall asleep all day.,The peripheral venous periphery is sleeping out.。”
“Um,How good more,The air in this ward is not good.,Be too bored。”Zhou Yewei opened the quilt of Li Huandong,Check his surgery wound。
“what……This。”Although he already has psychological preparation,But when he saw the right torso on Li Huandong, he was empty.,There is no leg,He still felt a sour in his heart.。
“It’s not bad,Wound dressing dryness,No obvious oozing。”Zhou Ye forced to calm,Observed the wound,After confirming the wound situation, http://www.fangxiandani.cn I went to the quilt.,Fear of patients。
Just at this time,The intrinsic monitor of the room suddenly rang。
ECG monitoring:Heart rate is too fast!
Li Huandong’s heartbeat jumped140Secondary!

Are you worthy of me begging for mercy?”

Steward Tong heard,Immediately disdain。
boom!who knows,This is just finished。
Lin Yu raised his foot,Just give him a kick。
puff!Kicked up by Lin Yu,The child steward who kicked himself three meters away,Spit out blood。
“Do you still want to match now??”
After kicking,Lin Yu asked coldly again。
“on,Give me up。”
The kicked child housekeeper,Wiped the blood from the corner of the mouth。
Think of myself,There are more than a dozen beginner cultivators。
Shouted at the people next to me。
Some people hear,Even if you know you are not Lin Yu’s opponent,Also rushed up,Because I can’t go up,After I go back,Tong Family,I will avenge myself。
And Tong Guanjia who vomited blood,Saw these people rushing up。
Seeing that this moment is the chance to run away,I ran away in the direction I just came。
Run,Turning to look at Lin Yu behind,Shouted:“Humph!I really thought I could win Tong Lao,Is it too defiant??”
“Waiting for you to me,I’ll go back and tell the owner。”
“By the time,Patriarch is coming,That’s when you will die。”
“Lin Yu,Don’t let him run!”

Squeak,Qin Shi appeared behind Wan Zonghua,Wan Zonghua felt a little in his heart,The single page is prepared for this sudden situation。

Martial artist,Also have a pair of eyes behind!
Wan Zonghua’s feet are cleverly wrong,Turned around,Qin Shi has already punched out,This punch Qin Shi only used half force,Even one-tenth of the power is useless。
Because of these people,Not his enemy for now,So there is no need to put such a heavy hand。
and,The Manchurian may also threaten him in the future,Then let them know each other,Fully understand your own strength。
Although Qin Shi had only half of his lap,But in the eyes of ordinary people,But worth ten thousand catties!
Wan Zonghua frowned slightly,Secretly sigh that this kid is very explosive,Face this punch,Wan Zonghua backed Qin Shi’s fist with both hands,Remove the punch from all sides。
Qin Shi secretly said,interesting!
So ingenious and soft,This punch was simply handled by Wan Zonghua,It’s like hitting cotton,No threat。
Worthy of being an outstanding disciple of Taijimen,The understanding of Tai Chi is really unpredictable。
but,You take this punch with both hands,After that?
Qin Shi wanted to see what Wan Zonghua had for his family,So instantly kicked out another whip leg,Fast,Kicked out the wind。
Wan Zonghua is not in a hurry,Twist slightly,Make room for your hands,Then the forearm stroked closely along the calf attacked by Qin Shi,I’ve taken down this trick。
But it’s not over yet!
Wan Zonghua seemed to move the power of Qin Shi’s calf at the junction of the two.,This offensive was actually returned to Qin Shi。
This is to retreat,Overcome strength with softness。
How did your attack come,Just return it to you!
Of course Qin Shi can resist this attack,I didn’t even move my body shape。

I immediately sensed the strength of the opponent,There are three soul emperors!A soul sage!

Secretly“Just the next day,Can’t wait to do it to me??”
next moment,His figure disappeared instantly,Hurried to the woods behind the dormitory……
I saw four people hiding in the dark,Their eyes are all red with blood,All are wearing the costumes of the Sun Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy……
One of the soul emperors said coldly“It looks like we were found!He wants to escape!”
The other soul emperor beside him uttered hoarse words“This is the Royal Academy,what should we do?”
Soul saint,There is a strong light in the scarlet pupils!
Angrily“We chase!Can’t let this Qianyu go!He is the important pawn!Even if it’s tied up!”
immediately,The other three are all echoes“Yes!”
next moment,The four also burst out their soul power and rushed towards Qianyu ahead……
If the task is not completed,The three of them are more than dangerous!I’m afraid I can’t even survive!
“It should work here!”
Qianyu with cold eyes glanced around,Didn’t feel any spirit master breath……
Then turned around,Staring at the four figures that are constantly approaching in front of him under his perception……
“Whoosh”,I only heard the sound of four breaking winds,There are already four more figures in front of Qianyu……
Their scarlet eyes fixed on Qianyu,One of them coldly said“This guy brought us here specially,I’m afraid of fraud!”
Another interrupted“no need to worry,I just released the evil spirit and surveyed the surroundings”
The soul emperor on the far left carefully looked at Qianyu,When I saw the eighth-level soul teacher badge on his costume,Astonished“you guys……Look,This……This kid,He is an eighth-level soul teacher!!”