I immediately sensed the strength of the opponent,There are three soul emperors!A soul sage!

Secretly“Just the next day,Can’t wait to do it to me??”
next moment,His figure disappeared instantly,Hurried to the woods behind the dormitory……
I saw four people hiding in the dark,Their eyes are all red with blood,All are wearing the costumes of the Sun Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy……
One of the soul emperors said coldly“It looks like we were found!He wants to escape!”
The other soul emperor beside him uttered hoarse words“This is the Royal Academy,what should we do?”
Soul saint,There is a strong light in the scarlet pupils!
Angrily“We chase!Can’t let this Qianyu go!He is the important pawn!Even if it’s tied up!”
immediately,The other three are all echoes“Yes!”
next moment,The four also burst out their soul power and rushed towards Qianyu ahead……
If the task is not completed,The three of them are more than dangerous!I’m afraid I can’t even survive!
“It should work here!”
Qianyu with cold eyes glanced around,Didn’t feel any spirit master breath……
Then turned around,Staring at the four figures that are constantly approaching in front of him under his perception……
“Whoosh”,I only heard the sound of four breaking winds,There are already four more figures in front of Qianyu……
Their scarlet eyes fixed on Qianyu,One of them coldly said“This guy brought us here specially,I’m afraid of fraud!”
Another interrupted“no need to worry,I just released the evil spirit and surveyed the surroundings”
The soul emperor on the far left carefully looked at Qianyu,When I saw the eighth-level soul teacher badge on his costume,Astonished“you guys……Look,This……This kid,He is an eighth-level soul teacher!!”

“Bastard,Who are you?You are not Chen Jie。”

This is a result everyone wants to know!
Chapter Ninety Eight Little action
now,Everyone has seen it now,Just follow Chen An(shēn)Bian’s colleague explained,Finally confirmed that this person is indeed Chen Jie。
His colleague,Which is the female employee who works on his line,He still knows,Absolutely impossible to lie to him,Although he just learned that his boyfriend is actually Chen Jie。
“Monitor,I won’t lie to you,He is my boyfriend,Is there any fake??And the trophy from the last competition is still there,Do you want me to show it to you,So you believe it。”
Colleagues anxiously resolve the letter and wave their hands,Just to make everyone notice her(qíng)condition,At the same time let everyone listen to her,Don’t do irrational things(qíng)。
Something like this(qíng)There is no way to regret after it happened,Once traumatized Chen Jie,Not only is Chen Jie uncomfortable, everyone knows about it(qíng)Have to pay the corresponding price,At last(qíng)The situation will become relatively bad。
“I believe you……”
How can Chen An,Although I wish that this person is a fake,This way he can straighten up and teach the other party a good lesson,Even when necessary,Can also put this100Wan’s money sticks to his(shēn)on,He caused everyone to lose,The match is his impersonation,This100Even if Wan wants to be out, he will do out,Instead of letting Chen An pay for it。
Up to you,Anyway, this time Chen An blessed all the blame on Chen Jie(shēn)on,No matter what, this guy has to pay for his arrogance。
Now he is thinking about how to add these charges to his(shēn)on,But he found that Chen Jie didn’t seem to listen to him,Although everyone questioned him at this time,It stands to reason that he should have said two sentences at this time。
But the other party does not look at the direction of the computer screen seriously,It seems that I still care about the current game(qíng)condition,But at the same time Chen An found his feet were moving,This movement is very slight,There is no way to know if you don’t look carefully。
Why move your feet?

Lin Yu who heard this,An expression of disdain。

Anyway,I’m not this kind of person,No matter how much。
Just make the other person so angry with these people,Fight desperately,Just do。
In this case,I can have a chance,Secretly rescued sister。
“you,You bastard。”
“I will kill you first。”
“You all get out of me,if not,I killed your senior sister。”
The health post with Li Yuyu,Heard what Lin Yu said。
Anger put the weapon in his hand,To Li Yuyu’s throat,Cold road。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Two Eunuch
People around,Never expected,This person threatened him with Senior Sister。
See the Weapons of the Guard,Put it on the senior sister’s throat,One after another。
“Kid,It’s all you。”
“If not you,My good,It won’t be discovered。”
“Die to me!”
Weapon in hand,Change direction instantly,Attack towards Lin Yu。
Lin Yu standing still,See the opponent attacking him。
Pretending to be scared,Hurriedly turned around and planned to run away,who knows,Just when I am ready to run。
An accidental,Stepped on a rock。

Find a middleman to talk about items,Want to give something good,Let them forget it,Stop making trouble。

Cui Zhong is resolutely unwilling。
He is carrying the task given by the princess,He also admires Teacher Chu Liuxiang。
I didn’t know he was wronged before.。
Now I know it’s a nasty thing done by Mavericks,How could he let them go?
He is not the same as Lai Haijin,Lai Haijin is alone,He is leaning on Shanhaiwang behind Cui Zhong!
Compared with Lai Haijin,Just behemoth。
But compared with Shanhai.com,That is the little brother is not as good。
Shanhai.com also knows that there are actually black hands with shining technology,But for now, I can’t tear my face with Shining Technology,Then you can only vent your anger on the weakest company, Mavericks.。
Cui Zhong can also call the resources of Shanhai.com,Use the power of these networks to kill the popularity and reputation of Mavericks,This is a very poisonous move。
But Mavericks Film and Television is helpless。
Lai Haijin,I was so humiliated by Mavericks before,Where is he still willing to reconcile with Mavericks?
if that’s the case,Is everyone hitting him Lai Haijin in the face?、After stepping on him,Can you be punished by apologizing afterwards??
Lai Haijin doesn’t accept it at all,Even more frantically started all kinds of attacks,Wen Fan was so angry that he wanted someone to wipe him out。
Lai Haijin also has no fear。
Buyiyi is now the most famous female star on the land of China。

With a deafening roar,A white mist burst from the saw blade,Formed a white mist,Everyone immediately covered their mouths with their hands。

The saw blade is getting deeper and deeper,The sound is getting harsher,Click,The boulder is divided into two,Two gray sections appeared。
“collapsed!collapsed!”Everyone could not help but exclaimed,Some slightly disappointed,Some gloat。
“How can this be!”Li Junyi’s expression also sank,Immediately ordered:“Resolve!”
The staff quickly picked up the cut two stones again and broke them down,The two huge stones are once again divided into quarters,It’s still gray and white,Not the slightest green。
I don’t see any green at this level,Basically collapsed。
“Pity,Rough in such a good condition,There is a thin layer of green on the outside。”
“This is a big loss。”
“Fortunately, I didn’t follow the bidding just now,Or i have to jump off the building。”
Wang Xuan on the side was suddenly relieved,Chongmo Xiaosheng gave a thumbs up,Said:“Thanks to you, Xiaosheng,I would die if it wasn’t for you,My dad can scold me to death。”
Zhou Chen also gave Mo Xiaosheng a surprised look,He just said that the value of this rough stone does not exceed the starting price,I didn’t think it was not bad,The thin green layer on the outer edge is polished into jewelry,It’s worth millions if you die。
Qiao Yiyi looked at Mo Xiaosheng’s back at this moment,Stunned,Whenever she thinks he is actually quite attractive。
After being reminded by people around,Li Junyi thought of his other 90 million piece of rough,Immediately ordered the two staff to go over and solve another piece。
Li Junyi has to be more cautious this time,Carefully make a small path along the foggy spot on the top of the stone,Instruct the two staff to start the solution from the rough stone。
The roaring cutting machine rang again,This time the cutter just cut in a few centimeters,There was a touch of green,Some green foam is mixed in the white mist powder。

“Don’t you want everyone to ignore me??That’s not easy,Can I just get off the bus??cut,Am i afraid?Think too much,Ha ha。”

Qin Liang is dressed as a wolf with a big tail!
“Crazy you!”
Yang Shiyun can’t laugh or cry,Reached out and hit Qin Liang lightly,Annoyingly。
“Brother-in-law, you won’t be joking and look impatient?”
Shen Ruoxue tentatively asked。
“What if i say yes?”
Qin Liang asked blankly。
“do not!Everyone is talking for fun,Not anxious。”
Shen Ruoxue believes it is true,Said to Qin Liang immediately in a hurry,Liu Xiaoyun did not speak,Just looking at Qin Liang’s eyes seriously,Observing the expression on Qin Liang’s face。
Qin Liangyi found Liu Xiaoyun was staring at him,Immediately looked away,He doesn’t look at her,What to do in case of a guilty conscience……It’s hard to think of using this method to scare them。
“Why can’t you be anxious?A group of you bully me,Don’t let me be anxious?You mean I can only be bullied by you obediently, right??”
Qin Liang asked rightly back。

Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“mayor,I don’t know she is coming?”

“Oh?”Jiang Fan obviously doesn’t believe it。
“mayor,it is true。”Peng Changyi can’t explain to Jiang Fan。
“Ok,I believe,Changyi,Why do I always feel a little……Some that。”Jiang Fan said。
Peng Changyi knew he was referring to the reporter,Just said:“Ha ha,You worry too much,People are freedom of the press,Not for us,Moreover,The reporter’s nose is very sensitive,They are reporters from the Provincial Party News,A model like Secretary Zhong is hard to ask for,Moreover,Secretary Zhong does have publicity,Don’t think about anything else。”
“Changyi,How did you tell reporter Ye?”
“I didn’t specifically say,Just gossiping,She is interested,They pervasive,I just don’t say,They can also find this typical,Don’t worry。”
“You can still talk casually?”Jiang Fan asked back。
Peng Changyi said:“I don’t often say。”
Jiang Fan said:“They come this time,It’s because I received a letter from the masses。”
Peng Changyi did not know that Ye Tong had arrived in Kangzhou,Ye Tong is really good this time,Did not call Peng Changyi,Did not harass him,Ye Tong is surprisingly sensible,Actually made Peng Changyi feel guilty。I have the urge to contact her,He thought about it,I still retracted the hand that reached the phone,Maybe,Ye Tong knows the difference in this interview,I didn’t contact myself,Say again,I told her on the phone。He felt,Even though Ye Tong doesn’t care about things,But in principle,Quite sensible。
may,The arrival of Ye Tong,Zhong Mingyi wouldn’t think of anything,He even felt his supreme glory,To know,In Nanling,Provincial newspaper reporter came to interview,Very rarely like this,On two occasions, they were inspected by provincial leaders,That was the severe hail disaster in Nanling,The second is a food poisoning in Nanling,The provincial newspaper went to the reporter,Besides,Provincial newspaper reporters have hardly been there,Let alone interview him alone。
When a comrade from the Propaganda Department of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee introduced to Zhong Mingyi,The provincial newspaper received a letter from the masses,After learning that Zhong Mingyi arrived in Kangzhou,,I’ve paid great attention to rectifying the work style of government officials,And resolutely resist unhealthy trends,And dare to fight unhealthy trends,Established a good example of integrity and self-discipline for the city’s leading cadres,This is in line with the current cleanliness construction of the provincial party committee,and so,Newspaper leaders showed great interest in this letter,Deliberately sent a capable force to interview。
Zhong Mingyi was very happy after hearing this,Immediately radiant,As if I suddenly became much taller,The tone of his speech also immediately became impassioned,He said:“This is what a leading cadre should do,Nothing to promote。”
Originally the starting point of the conversation was to rectify the style and improve the work efficiency.,But talking,Ye Tong found out,Zhong Mingyi introduced himself by himself,Including everything after arriving in Kangzhou,Such as arranging family members、Reject the mayor’s suggestion to arrange a hotel、Speed up the restructuring of state-owned enterprises、Urge the establishment of the foundation and so on,An outstanding leading cadre with a high level of competence is on paper,Ye Tong laughed in her heart,This person can really sing high-profile,If not for Peng Changyi’s trust,,She didn’t bother to listen to him talking about it。
Two reporters from the provincial newspaper interviewed Jiang Fan、Kou Jinghai and other related personnel,Until the end of the interview,Ye Tong didn’t even contact Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi really can’t sit still,Thinking of the attitude towards Ye Tong,While guilty,I felt a little lost。Maybe I’m too tough on Ye Tong,Hurt Ye Tong,That’s why Ye Tong ignored him。
For the first time, Peng Changyi feels about Ye Tong,When he doesn’t know what to do,I got a call from Kou Jinghai。

Ding Yi waved at him。

Jiang Fan stepped on the accelerator secretly,Accelerated speed。He bypassed the bustling area,Drove onto Jianjun North Street,Drove directly into the military district compound。
Ding Yi knows his intention,If you drive to Xicheng’s home,There will be more than ten minutes,She really can’t wait,I got out of the car and covered my mouth and ran upstairs,Before Jiang Fan, he pressed the elevator button。
Jiang Fan is also anxious,It’s useless for Ding Yi to run ahead,Because she doesn’t have the key here,Since she left the key last time,Never been here。
Ding Yi did ignore the key issue,After she hurried up,I suddenly realized that I couldn’t get in,She lost the key here。
Jiang Fan didn’t wait for the elevator,But quickly ran up the stairs,After Ding Yi came up,He also arrived,He had already held the key in his hand,Open the corridor door quickly,Opened the door of the room again,After Ding Yi entered,I went straight to the bathroom。
Jiang Fan wants to go in with her,Don’t want,The door was closed by Ding Yi from inside。He just pressed the button of the bathroom exhaust fan,Ding Yi’s vomiting sound was heard inside……
First20chapter Jiang Fan who keeps working hard
After Jiang Fan listened,I also feel nauseous inside,No wonder Ding Yi didn’t let him follow。He came to the living room,Gave Ding Yi a glass of water,I thought about it and dumped it,Because he hasn’t returned to this home for some time,The water from the drinking fountain has long expired。
He walked into the study,Take out a bottle of mineral water,Turn on the air conditioner,Opened another window for ventilation。
Jiang Fan saw that Ding Yi hadn’t come out yet,I took this bottle of mineral water and came to the bathroom door,Just listen to the sound of toilet pumping from inside,He thought Ding Yi was over,Just about to knock,I heard Ding Yi’s vomiting again,Another sound of toilet pumping。
As Jiang Fan listened, it gradually became quiet,Just knocked on the door and said:“I have water here,Do you want to rinse your mouth??”
Ding opened the door and opened a gap,Reached out and took the water,She rinsed several mouthfuls,Finally sighed,I washed my eyes in the sink again,Finally opened the bathroom door。
She said weakly:“Ugh——I eat too much,Too much to throw up……”
Jiang Fan smiled,See her listless look,Step forward to support her,Said:“I am resolute,If you eat the remaining half bowl,I’m afraid it’s either you or me。”
Ding Yi said:“Shameful,If this is said,It’s just a big joke in the world。”
Jiang Fan said:“It’s ok,You can eat me like this,I won’t vomit if I stretch my stomach。”
Ding Yi looked at him strangely,Said:“Then I really became a rice bucket。”

“You are?”

The policeman at the door looked at the few people in front of him in surprise,Especially four young and super beautiful girls。
“We are Chen Hao’s family and friends,He just came by plane from Haishang。”
Qin Liang briefly introduced the five people behind him。
“Oh oh,You are coming。”
The two little policemen are very enthusiastic,of course,This is mainly because of the four beautiful girls in front of you……
“How is she?Badly injured?Where did it hurt?Have you had an operation??”
Qin Liang asked a lot of questions in one go。
“She is out of danger,The trauma is not severe,The point is that she has a concussion now,So I haven’t recovered yet。”
The police patiently explained Chen Hao’s situation。
All six people let out a big sigh……
“Can we go in and see her?”
Shen Ruoxi asked anxiously。

The rules in the base are very strict,After lights out,In addition to patrol personnel,No other personnel are allowed to leave,Qin Liang glanced at the time,It’s already one o’clock in the morning。

As soon as the door opens,Qin Liang saw Yinyan standing at the door,Look very bad。
“what happened?What happened?”Qin Liang let Yinyan into the house,Asked worriedly。
Just closed the door,Qin Liang was punished by Yinyan,Yinyan’s Abnormality,Let the ominous premonition in Qin Liang’s heart become stronger。
“Swallow,What’s wrong with you?”
Qin Liang heard Yinyan’s voice a little hoarse,Like crying,Pull the person in front of you again,The corners of my eyes are reddened。
“Why are you crying?Who bullied you,Swallow tell me,I help you teach them。”
Yinyan shook his head,Looked at Qin Liang and said:“not like this,teacher,I am running out of time,I……I……”
“what happened to you?”Qin Liang looked at Yinyan like this,Worried:“Speak quickly。”
Yinyan gritted her teeth,Finally uttered:“I’m here to say goodbye to the teacher。”
“Farewell?”Qin Liang didn’t realize what Yinyan was saying:“What goodbye?”
“I can’t say。”Yinyan hugged Qin Liang,Leaning on Qin Liang’s chest,Listening to Qin Liang’s heartbeat,Speak:“I only have ten minutes,Come to say goodbye to the teacher。”
Qin Liang also reacted at this moment,Asked:“Is the task?”
Yinyan shook his head:“can not say。”