Four coups to start romantic love

Four coups to start romantic love

You’ve been obsessed with a boy for a long time, and you really want to take some initiative, but you don’t know how he will react.

Maybe he will laugh at you face to face; maybe he will dodge you like Ebola in the days to come.

If there is a way to enable him to know your mind without making you look like a complete fool, that would be great.

Girls, you are the right place to ask this question, here are the four tricks to get started.

  Give a loving look Hey, the eyes are not called “windows of the mind”, your eyes are the best weapon to send a silent but strong message.

When your eyes stay on him for a few more seconds, your message is: I see you, I like you, let me walk into your life.

The problem now is that not all eye contact can achieve this effect.

The signal you send must be just right.

Attempt this step, the gentle, unguarded boy will never know what moved you.

Now-take a quick look at him, be careful not to stare at him (so it seems a bit nervous), and slowly let you “inadvertently” glance at an angle from top to bottom, that is, from the cheekbones under his browsFinally to the chin.

Look at his eyes every few seconds (even giving a playful smile).

Then, continue to “scan” his face (this needs to be done faster, in about seven to eight seconds).

He will assist you in observing him, but will not feel stared at you.

  How it works: Since you don’t have to say a word, this technique is ideal, even the most shy girl can try it.

If the information he returns is that he is not so interested in you (turn your eyes away from you), then it is not a big deal, after all, you have never really liked him, have you?

  Nothing touches the skin with the trick of “run and run” so he knows you care about him.

But before you act, know that this contact is very skillful.

If you use too much force, you might scare him away.

What you have to do is a quick non-verbal cues that shows you want to get closer to him.

For example, when you watched a volleyball match and swiped around him, he had no way of knowing if you hit him accidentally or something else, but it would make him notice you and think about it.

Or, after the games, touch his elbows, say “runs well”, and walk away.

The next time I saw him, I touched his belongings. Sometimes, I picked up his BP machine and asked if there was any other function.

Be quick every time, not more than a minute.

This way he won’t feel annoying, but will start to notice and think about you.

Step by step, you have entered his private space.

  How it works: You don’t have to show your admiration completely, you just need to make him curious. After some close contact, even a stupid boy will notice you.

  Want to make your personality more intimate by saying just the right whispers?

In fact, the method is simple: just talk a little softer than usual.

At this point your boy has to come closer and listen to what you are saying.

(What a chance, he will smell the sexy perfume on you.

) Another cool trick is to bring his name when asking a question.

Don’t ask “Have you seen the new Harry?

Potter movies?

“Ask,” Jay, have you seen the new Harry? ”

Potter movies?

“Adding his name immediately makes your personality a lot closer.

When you and his personality, leave some small hints that you are paying attention to his personal life.

For example, if you find that he has a golden retriever, you can say “Hey-last Saturday I seemed to see you with a dog.What kind is it?

“It worked: once he answered those questions, he would start to wonder why it was exactly what you knew about him (he didn’t pay much attention to it before).

If your boy’s reaction is flat, ask you to slowly build up your interest in simple things-and then continue to solve the problem.

  When building a mysterious web-based e-mail, it may be serious at first, but it can quickly develop into quiet sexual abuse.

You can ask questions that concern him, like “What do you think of your test this time?”

“This way you can continue the conversation.

If your online lover is hooked-great, give a provocative reply “I’m going to a party, but don’t want to go alone, can you stay with me?”

“Don’t write as long as Tustoevsky’s novel, play cool (no matter how you want to see him across the screen), always keep his curiosity and make him want to see youKnow more here.

  How it works: Your sweetheart can’t see you, so you don’t have to worry about your blushing like an apple.

You don’t have to rack your brains at the time and come up with some witty words, because you have time.

Write a reply.

If he doesn’t cooperate (idiot, disappointment!

), Quickly say “bye bye”, and then step out.

Strong toes prevent small twists and sprains

Strong toes prevent small twists and sprains


Socks with feet: Sit on a chair, pick up the socks on the ground with your toes, and move them to a place 12 inches (about 30 cm) away. Two feet take turns, and each pair has 5 pairs of socks.


Scratching towel with feet: Sitting on a chair, spread a towel on the floor in front, and then scratch the towel with your toes to make the towel look like an accordion.

Do this twice for each foot.


Balance: Fold the towel, stand on one foot for about 30 seconds, and use the muscles of the body to maintain balance until the calf and joint joints become sour.

Do this 3 times per foot.

Stimulate acupuncture points to improve the quality of sexual life

Stimulate acupuncture points to improve the quality of sexual life

Senior Expert: Dai Ning, Director of Andrology, Anhui Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  Professional expertise: Integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for male infertility, sexual dysfunction, prostate disease, etc.

  Visiting time: all day from Monday to Friday, Saturday morning.

  After a tiring day, many people like to soak their feet and go to bed at night, both warm and relieved.

“Soaking your feet can also increase sexual desire.

“Said Dai Ning, director of the Department of Andrology, Anhui Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  Dai Ning said that many people are afraid of cold in winter, and the sexual desire of many couples is also significantly reduced. In fact, there are many acupoints related to sex on the feet. The six meridians that are closely related to sexual function are located on the feet.Therefore, daily bubble feet can effectively promote blood circulation in the feet, regulate the balance of visceral and sacral functions, achieve qi and blood flow, stimulate sexual desire, and improve the quality of sexual life.

  ”The method of soaking your feet is very particular.

“Dai Ning said that there are some meridian or acupoints related to sexual function, such as the foot above the three meridian junctions of the foot Sanyin, so the foot water must be spread over the foot, and the water level is preferably half of the calf.

The choice of water temperature depends on your tolerance level, it is best to warm it, so that the point stimulation effect is better, so you must put a bottle of hot water next to the footbath, and warm it in time.

It is best to stick your feet every day for 10-15 minutes.

  If you want to keep your sex warm this winter, you may wish to bubble your feet every night.

You can also add some activating blood to the foot water, such as safflower.

Fry the safflower water first and put it in the foot wash water.

While soaking the feet, press the points related to sexual function, such as Yongquan and Taixi, for better results.

But people with cardiovascular disease need to be under the guidance of a doctor.

It’s not wrong for the child to use one heart and two things

It’s not wrong for the child to “use one heart and two things”

“Children focus on two or three things at the same time” is not wrong. It is the conclusion of a recent study by American behaviorists, psychologists and education experts.
They also advise parents to incorporate this training into their children’s daily lives.
  ★ Reason The child needs to grasp the overall situation and consider the whole situation at the same time.
For example, when driving a car, you must pay attention to the terrain, pay attention to the environment and pedestrians on the road, and pay attention to the changes in traffic lights. When you play the piano, you must see the score, listen to the sound of the piano, and step on the pedal. The brain must analyze and judge the rhythm of the music.
Learning to “distribute” your attention works well.
  ★好处  研究表明,在“一心两用”训练中表现出色的孩子,在需要注意力集中的时候,也有出色的“业绩”;而且,大脑反应快、身体协调性好、记忆力强、富于创造性.
  ★ Practical operation: 1 year old: listening to music and listening to talk; learning to walk while watching TV; listening to nursery rhymes and playing games.
  2 years old: While learning children’s songs, jumping on both feet; singing while dancing with both hands rhythmically; listening to the story while doing action.
  3 years old: while telling a story to herself, while dressing the baby; while graffiti, listening to music; while patting the ball, talking to the children.
  4 years old: Counting while walking on the balance beam; singing while pinching plasticine.
  5 years old: Counting while skating on rollers; writing stories while writing stories; origami and listening to songs.
  6 years old: wearing beads and chatting with children; watching TV, reciting Tang poetry; playing piano, singing.
  ★ Reminder: The “allocation” of attention and the “concentration” of attention require acquired training, and the period of infancy is the key period.
  The condition of “two-pronged use” is that one of the things is that the child is more familiar and simple, and does not require a lot of attention.

5 Detox Yoga Practices

5 Detox Yoga Practices

Go home from work every day. May also take 5-10 minutes to do 5 strokes detox yoga.

Although it is hard work, I believe that perseverance will not only become more energetic day by day, but also become more and more daunting!

  STEP1 is sitting on a chair, holding the left side of his back with his left hand, inhaling, extending his right hand backwards, opening five fingers, looking at the middle finger, maintaining 5 breaths, raising his hands up and back to the original position.

  STEP2 first sits on the chair in 1/3 position, puts his hands on the chair, then inhales, leaves his butt, leaves the chair with both hands to support the body, and tilts his head back.

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Modern people need it!

What poison does modern people have?

Because of environmental pollution and the food that is eaten is too delicate and usually processed repeatedly, unknowingly eating many substances that are not easily metabolized in the body.

  STEP3 maintains 5 breaths, and then slowly returns to the original position.

  Related: However, the most effective way to detox is to help the body defecate and sweat through normal diet and exercise.

Modern people are prone to “poo” due to abnormal diet, and they do not like sports. In the long run, the body will inevitably accumulate excessive toxins.

  STEP4 then relaxes, bends down, maintains 5 breaths, and then returns to the sitting position.

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Be careful, this means that you should develop the right lifestyle and exercise habits to help your body detox!

  STEP5 Finally, suppressing the junction of the index finger and the tiger’s mouth can help suppress appetite.

Skin itching diet: Yam sesame meatballs

Skin itching diet: Yam sesame meatballs

In winter, too many people suffer from itching. In addition to active drug treatment, patients with pruritus can often use some food therapy methods.

In view of the causes of winter skin itching, Chinese medicine believes that food therapy should be supplemented with some foods that nourish the liver and nourish the blood, and strengthen the spleen and qi.

  Ingredients of yam sesame meatball: 50 grams of black sesame, 400 grams of pork, 50 grams of yam powder, 3 eggs, 200 grams of sugar, refined salt, starch, and corn oil.

  Method: Wash the pork, cook it, cut it into diced meat, stir the eggs evenly, add yam powder, refined salt, starch, and add water to form a paste until it is ready for use.

Fill the bowl with diced meat, add the egg paste after mixing and sizing, knead into meatballs and set aside.

When the corn oil is burned to a maturity over low heat, use chopsticks to fry the meatballs one by one until the color is yellow, remove, and drain the oil.

Add a small amount of water and sugar to the pot, boil it into sugar juice, add fried meatballs, remove from the heat, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and let cool.

  Usage: 1 weekly?
2 times, continuous 1?

  Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and Blood, conditioning liver and kidney.

  Application: Senile dry and itchy skin due to liver and kidney yin deficiency, or both dizziness and dry stool.

  Ingredients for stewed pigeons with red dates: one pigeon, 15 red dates, 10 grams of lettuce, salt, and cooking wine.

  Method: slaughter the pigeons, remove the internal organs and clean the hair, and wash them.

Add red jujube and lettuce to the pot, add water, spring onion, ginger, cook with wine, season with salt.

  Usage: 1 weekly?
2 times, 4 times in a row?
6 weeks.

  Efficacy: Yiqi Yangxue, moisturizing the skin.

  Application: senile skin pruritus, or thin body, poor sleep, poor complexion, dry stool and other symptoms.

  Lily Sibao porridge ingredients: lily, sweet almond, white fungus, wolfberry 10 grams each, previous rice 100 grams, white sugar amount.

  Method: Soak the sweet almonds and almonds in the skin, soak the white fungus with water, and add the previous rice, lily, wolfberry, and water together to cook. When the porridge is cooked, add an appropriate amount of sugar.

  Usage: Take warm breakfast for 1?

  Efficacy: tonify the lungs and kidneys, moisturize and relieve itching.

  Application: Patients with dry mouth, dry throat, dry bowel, constipation, dizziness, etc.

  Ingredients for peach kernel porridge: 10 grams of peach kernel, 50 grams of previous rice, moderate brown sugar.

  Method: Peeled peaches.

Wash the peach kernel and the rice into the pot, add the right amount of water to cook the porridge, add the right amount of brown sugar and season.

  Usage: Take it after warm breakfast for 1?

  Efficacy: nourishing and promoting blood circulation, moisturizing and laxative.

  Application: Skin pruritus with constipation.

The benefits of eating grapes in summer are more refreshing and refreshing.


The benefits of eating grapes in summer are more refreshing and refreshing.

Nowadays, the season of eating grapes, the sweet and sour grapes are loved by many people. The right amount of grapes to eat has your unexpected benefits.

Below, let’s take a look at the benefits of eating grapes on a summer day.

. The benefits of eating grapes in the summer are refreshing. The summer weather is hot. People are easily trapped and listless. At this time, they do not hinder eating a few grapes to help you refresh and eliminate fatigue.

Because the grape is rich in glucose, and it is easily absorbed by the body, it supplies the brain with the energy needed to quickly restore the brain’s vitality.

At the same time, the grape is also rich in amino acids, which can stimulate the nerves and help the body to regulate the weak nerves. This is also an effective way to refresh the brain.

銆€銆€Soothing grapes can always be washed and eaten, and can also be made into wine years.

In the grape contains an important sleep aid substance – melatonin.

Therefore, for those who suffer from insomnia, they can eat some grapes or wine to sweeten their dreams.

銆€銆€It promotes the digestion of grapes containing acid components, which are acidic substances that can break down the accumulated food and promote the speed of digestion.

So on a hot summer day, it is better to eat some grapes to help digestion!

銆€銆€The spleen and stomach are rich in tartaric acid in the grape, which is a kind of digestive substance. Therefore, for people with weak gastrointestinal function, eating a small amount of grapes can effectively alleviate the burden of gastrointestinal digestion and help the spleen and nourish the stomach.

銆€銆€Nourishing blood, regulating qi and blood is a natural congenital and plays a vital role in people’s health.

The grape is rich in iron, which is easily absorbed after being replenished by the human body. Therefore, eating more grapes can effectively fix blood and maintain health. For those who need blood, it is a good product for nourishing blood.

銆€銆€Preventing Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases Grapes contain a lot of minerals. When they enter the blood, they can effectively inhibit the coagulation of platelets, make blood flow more smoothly, and lower blood cholesterol, which plays an important role in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Experts advise: cold dew season, anti-autumn, eat honey, eat less spicy


Experts advise: cold dew season, anti-autumn, eat honey, eat less spicy

On the 8th, it ushered in the cold dew.

Health experts warned that the weather in the cold season is turning cold, it is the late autumn season, the public should pay attention to prevent autumn sputum, eat spicy barbecue food.

銆€銆€Health expert Zhang Dongsheng pointed out that in the autumn, especially before and after the cold dew, the moisture in the air gradually decreases, the air tends to dry, and the human body has the same moisture.

銆€銆€However, drinking boiled water does not completely resist the complications caused by Yuqiu.

In ancient China, there was a recipe for dealing with Qiu Jin, namely: “Drinking water in the DPRK, honey soup in the evening.

In other words, drinking boiled water, water is easy to lose, if you add some salt in the boiled water, it is not so easy to lose.

Drink some salt water during the day and honey water at night. This is a good way to replenish the body’s water. It is also a good diet for autumn health and anti-aging. It can also prevent constipation caused by autumn sputum.

銆€銆€Health experts said that modern medicine has proven that honey is a recognized effect on neurasthenia, hypertension, coronary atherosclerosis, and lung disease.

Taking honey regularly in the fall is enough to help the recovery of these diseases, and it can also prevent the autumn cockroaches from harming the human body, thereby moistening the lungs and raising the lungs, thus making people healthy and longevity.

銆€銆€Health experts also reminded that in the autumn season, you should also pay attention to not eating or eating spicy barbecue foods, such as pepper, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, onions and wine, especially ginger.

A small amount of onions, ginger, and peppers are used as condiments. The problem is not big, but don’t eat them often.

銆€銆€In order to prevent autumn madness and even eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as pears, persimmons, citrus, bananas, etc., vegetables can eat more carrots, melon, medlar, white fungus, etc., as well as beans and soy products.There are also edible fungi, kelp, seaweed and so on.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in water, vitamins, fiber, etc., which are good for preventing the appearance of nose and mouth, rough skin and constipation.

Improve drinking water during double fat burning exercise


Improve drinking water during double fat burning exercise

If you want to lose weight through exercise, you can also benefit your health.

You need to choose a thirsty sports drink as a partner.

銆€銆€Because of its minerals and impurities, it can: quickly replenish moisture – a 6% concentration of sports drinks can ensure the rapid transfer of liquids and absorption by the body; rapid replenishment of minerals – the best proportion and concentration of absorbers, canHelps replenish the body’s lost material when sweating, and relieves thirst from a deeper level, keeping the body in a good state of water; quickly replenishing energy – including the ability to provide more energy to the muscles in motion and help overcome fatigue.

銆€銆€Don’t want to drink when you are thirsty – the temperature is too high, and it is easy to sweat a lot, let alone the time of exercise.

Therefore, whether it is usual, before exercise, during exercise or after exercise, you should always 鈥渞efill鈥?in time.

Resolve thirst while quenching thirst.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that exercise hydration – drink in advance: 500ml of sports drink should be added 2 hours before exercise, and in the hot summer, 750ml-1000ml of sports drink should be added 2 hours before exercise to increase muscle glycogen and glycogen in the body.The original reserve and blood sugar source; every 15-20 minutes during the exercise, 150ml-250ml sports drink should be added to supplement the blood sugar consumed by exercise, thus prolonging the exercise time and delaying the occurrence of fatigue;Continue to replenish water within 6-12 hours after the end of the exercise.

銆€銆€The amount of hydration is based on the weight lost on the day. For every kilogram of body weight lost, at least 1500 ml of sports drink is added, which can accelerate the recovery of lost water, minerals and energy in the body, so as to effectively relieve thirst.

The more meat you eat, the more likely you are to get cancer!


The more meat you eat, the more likely you are to get cancer!

According to experts’ research: the more meat you eat, the more likely you are to get cancer.

A medical committee survey composed of famous doctors from the Union Hospital and other units showed that meat was positively correlated with cancer.

The survey reported such an estimate: “The incidence of cancer in Beijing, 1996 was 1955.

2 times.

銆€銆€We surveyed urban hospitals, residents, the proportion of colorectal cancer in the last century was less than 100,000, 20,000 in the 1980s, 20,000 in the 1990s, and 100,000 in 2001.10.45.

Why are there more and more cancer patients in the city?

It’s related to diet, eating more meat, not eating whole grains, less cellulose. The series of cancers are similar to the meat implants.

銆€銆€”Fifty percent of cancers are related to diet.”

In the “2004 Tianjin Cancer Prevention and Awareness Week”, experts said.

“The new case of cancer in Tianjin is 1.

60,000, and a trend of growth and youth.

銆€銆€According to reports, although cancer is related to genetic factors, it is mainly caused by environmental factors including diet. If you eat more meat, the staple food is eaten fine, lack of cellulose, that is, coarse grains, miscellaneous grains and other food intake, leading to the incidence of colorectal cancer.Increased rate; sorghum, high protein intake is an important cause of increased incidence of colorectal cancer in pregnancy; about 75% of head cancer is caused by drinking and smoking.

銆€銆€Foreign studies have also confirmed that cancer is closely related to meat.

According to the expected five-year study of the British Vegetarian Society, the chances of a vegetarian’s early death are only half that of non-vegetarians, and vegetarians will not get cancer and cancer earlier, first because of the low blood cholesterol level in vegetarians.What is in the flesh, why is it carcinogenic?

In addition to accepted medical theories, many schools and experts point to carcinogens in the flesh.