10th NBA Live Rockets vs Spurs Online Watch Address Harden Leonard MVP duel

10th NBA Live Rockets vs Spurs Online Watch Address Harden Leonard MVP duel
On November 9th, Beijing time, the Rockets (4 wins and 3 losses) will challenge the Spurs (5 wins and 2 losses) tomorrow. This is also the last stop of their five consecutive game.Rockets vs. Spurs live online viewing address: QQ Live (without plugins) QQ Live 2 (without plugins) QQ Live 3 (without plugins) interactive graphic live scores live scores The first 8 games of the first season, the Rockets have 7 away games, like thisThe schedule is obviously extremely unfavorable.However, the Rockets have achieved 2 wins and 2 losses in the past four away games. Losses to the Cavaliers and Eagles are normal. Their performance is not disappointing.  After Mike D’Antoni became the team’s coach, the Rockets held up the offensive banner and returned to the game with 7 games this season. They could win 108 in the backcourt.9 points, second only to the Warriors and Suns in the West.Harden changed to play as a point guard, allowing his talent to be further developed.  In the last game that defeated the Wizards, Harden scored 32 points, 15 assists and 6 rebounds. He also scored at least 30 points and 10 assists in four consecutive games. The last feat was Michael Jordan. He played in the 1988-89 season.I did it before.It was Harden’s outbreak in the second half that ruined John Wall’s night (assistance assists in team history) and gave the team a valuable victory.  Offense has become a magic weapon for the Rockets. Their philosophy is to use the offense to kill opponents.  Last season, the Spurs’ home record was 40 wins and 1 loss, which is called the Devil’s home.The Spurs lost 2 games this season, all of which are home games.In the game against the Clippers, the Spurs’ defense was used as a sieve. They gave the Clippers 39 points in the first quarter and 73 points in the first half.You know, in Popovich’s 21 seasons with the Spurs, he lost 70 points at halftime, this is the second time.  Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs’ first six games, he was the king of the team.But against the Clippers, he only scored 14 points, less than his first six games per game (28.5 points) half.We did very badly on defense.In the two games we lost, our defense in the first quarter hurt ourselves. It felt like we gave up the game.  Spurs point guard Tony Parker missed the team’s last three games due to the impact of the blow injury.However, Parker has already participated in the team’s training, he is expected to participate in tomorrow’s game.Once Parker returns, the strength of the Spurs’ backcourt will be greatly improved. Parker has extensive experience, and his passing and playing ability can help the team.  The Spurs have La Marcus Aldridge and Paul Gasol twin towers, their dramatic ability will pose a great threat to the Rockets inside.Especially Gasol, his response and passing, not only can match well with outside players, but also can play high inside.  In the five games won, the Spurs lost at most one point in the opener against the Warriors, giving their opponents 100 points. In the other four games, they restricted their opponents to 100 points.Offense is the idea of the Rockets. Once they are clamped by their opponents, it becomes very difficult for them to win.

Avatar 2 exposed new studio photos, Cameron directed the actors underwater performance

“Avatar 2” exposed new studio photos, Cameron directed the actors underwater performance
Sauna Night News May 7th, the movie “Avatar 2” exposed a new set of photos.In the photo, the team is shooting underwater scenes. Director James Cameron guides the actors before diving into the underwater performance. A layer of white balls floating on the water can prevent light from interfering with underwater shooting. The film will be released in North America on December 17, 2021.On January 7, “Avatar 2” directed by James Cameron released four high-definition concept maps, showing the ocean landscape of the planet Pandora.The official social platform of “Avatar 2” posted that the film will not only return to the planet of Pandora, but also explore new areas in the world.>>> “Avatar 2” released a high-definition concept map, which will explore new areas Before, James Cameron said in an interview with the media that he believes that “Avatar 2” will definitely exceed the global box office record of “Avengers 4”.>>> Cameron said that “Avatar 2” global box office will exceed “Reunion 4” sauna night net editor Xu Meilin proofreading Chen Diyan

[Does eating pineapples come down or get angry?]_ Get angry? Will it get angry?

[Is eating pineapple lowering or getting angry?

]_Is it angry_Will it be angry

Pineapple is a very famous fruit in life. It has very high nutritional value and can be rich in vitamins and other ingredients. It is an excellent fruit for nourishing the body. It can make people’s living standards continue to improve.Many began to fall in love with pineapples, resulting in a large increase in production and sales of pineapples.

However, pineapple is a fruit that grows in tropical regions, so many people are worried about eating pineapple to reduce the fire or get angry?

The so-called fire is the concept of traditional Chinese medicine. For modern medicine, it is a general term for the symptoms caused by oxidative stress.

A high-sugar, high-fat diet can trigger this symptom.

The pineapple itself has a fair amount of sugar, and eating too much will cause too much sugar intake and cause a tandem oxidative stress response.

Pineapple itself has a fire-defying effect.

However, if you eat too much, it will become too cold, especially in summer and autumn. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pineapple is sweet and slightly cold.

In Li Shizhen’s “Materia Medica Steel” pineapple is called a seasonal fruit that is excellent in both food and medicine.

Among them, pineapple contains a component called pineapple enzyme, which has the function of decomposing protein and promoting digestion, which can improve the local blood circulation of the human body, promote the normal blood circulation of the human body, and eliminate elimination at the same time.

Data development: Pineapple is rich in nutrition, and its ingredients include sugars, proteins, trace amounts, vitamin A, B1.


C, proteolytic enzymes and calcium, phosphorus, iron, organic acids, niacin, etc., especially vitamin C content is the highest.

Pineapple is sweet, slightly acidic, slightly cold, has heat-clearing and heat-relieving, refreshing and quenching thirst, urination effect, can be used for heatstroke, body heat, thirst, abdominal dullness, indigestion, unfavorable urination, dizziness, etc.disease.

And the juice contains an enzyme similar to the gastric fluid, which can break down proteins and help digestion.

Delicious pineapple, this fruit can not only lose weight, but also has different effects on health.

The difference between pineapple and pineapple: 1. The leaves of pineapple and pineapple are different. Pineapple leaves are not toothed, and pineapple leaves are toothed.

2. When cutting pineapples and pineapples, pineapples have a lighter toe, and pineapples have a deeper toe.

3. The pineapple is sweet and can be eaten without salt.

Pineapple must be eaten with salt water.

4. Pineapple is delicious and sweeter than pineapple.

Long pineapple is not as hot as pineapple.

5, pineapple skin is green, pineapple skin is orange-yellow.

[How to adjust the sauce of teppanyaki]_How to match_How to adjust

It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?張缇庡懗锛岃€屼笖鍙互鐑у緢澶氶鏉愶紝浣嗘槸鏈€鍚稿紩浜虹殑涓嶆槸椋熸潗锛岃€屾槸閰憋紝閾佹澘鐑у埛鐨勯叡闈炲父澶氾紝姣忎釜浜哄彲浠ユ牴鎹嚜宸辩殑鍙e懗鍘婚€夋嫨锛屽父瑙佺殑鏈夌暘鑼勯叡銆侀粦妞掓眮銆佽荆閰便€佺孩閰掓眮绛夛紝鍙槸姣忕閰辨€庝箞璋冨憿?涓€锛氶粦妞掓眮 鍘熸枡锛氭磱钁辩锛岃挏绮掞紝鍩规牴纰庤皟鏂欙細榛勬补锛岀墰鑲夌矇锛岄粍姹佺矇锛岀儳姹侊紝榛戣儭妞掔鍒朵綔锛氱敤榛勬补鐐掗钂滅锛屽啀鏀惧叆娲嬭懕纰庯紝鍩规牴纰庯紝鐐掗锛屽€掑叆榛戣儭妞掔缁х画鐐掞紝鍠峰叆绾㈤厭锛屽€掑叆鐑ф眮锛屼篃鍙互鐢ㄦ按浠f浛锛岀儳寮€锛岀敤鐗涜倝绮夎皟鍛筹紝榛勬眮绮夊嬀鑺″嵆鍙?钂 撆 搆 搲 擏 铏 铏 Rui Zhang 垩 务: 钂?0 鬏 嬴 飣 黣 帍 劆 但 佺 人 夰 ╂ 銆 但 紋 侀 紮 眮 眮 銆 佳 姳 熼 羼 髖?Weibi Renqijuye 2 Wei Biren Cuanchameili?00 鍏?绾﹁€?0 鍏?銆 傞 鏉 鏉 咳咳 咳 镰 镰 駰 眮 眮 鍒 多 綔 鏂 珂 規 硶 澶 у 叏 (锲?What’s the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference?鍗冨厠(澶ф枡銆佹鐨€佽崏鏋溿€侀鍙躲€佸皬鑼撮銆佸崈閲岄銆佸北濂堛€侀鑼呰崏銆佺伒鑻旇崏銆佹湪棣欏悇85鍏嬶紝娌欏銆佽壇濮溿€佺櫧钄诲悇42鍏嬶紝涓侀25鍏嬶紝鍏朵腑锛屼竵棣欐斁澶氫簡浼氳嫤锛岃鏀惧緱鏈€灏戯紝鐧借敾銆佹矙濮溿€佽壇濮滄斁澶氫簡浼氶吀)锛岄儷鍘胯眴鐡i叡15鍗冨厠锛岃懕鑺傘€佸鍧楀悇5鍗冨厠锛屽ぇ钂滃瓙10鍗冨厠锛岀啲鍘绘按鍒嗙殑椴滅墰娌广€佽彍绫芥补銆佽姳鐢熸补鍚?5 Do you have any toilets?1 The toilet is effective 1. 灏嗛鏂欐墦纰庯紝鏀惧叆鏂欓厭锛屾场30鍒嗛挓锛屽皢棣欐枡娌℃湁鍚搁檮鐨勬枡閰掑€掓帀锛岃繖鏍烽鏂欏嚭鍛冲揩;2. 閿呬笅涓夌娌癸紝鐑у埌涓夋垚鐑殑鏃跺€欙紝涓嬭懕濮滆挏锛屽皬鐏啲鑷冲叾鍙戦粍鍑洪鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鎹炲嚭钁卞鐣欏ぇ钂?浠 ヨ  钂 滃 咭咭 村 (棣 椤 懗): Admittedly, “regardless of what you’re doing”, “Which is it?”灏忔椂宸﹀彸鑷冲嚭棣欒€屼笉鍙戠‖鏃跺仠鐏紝鍏ョ洓鍣紝娌夋穩;3. 娌夋穩鍒版补閰卞垎绂绘椂锛屽皢娌瑰拰閰卞垎寮€鍏ョ洓鍣紝鐒跺悗鍙?/ 3 幄 勬 荜 荜?/ 2 尯 可可 揂 椤 叆 卙 鍙 ︿ 竴 鍙  撨: 嬼 笅 30 冗 冨 傓 哮 哮 哮 尽 井 鐏  啲 12 翏 宂 宸 ﹀ 値 倽 倽 倽 倽 倽 倽 倽 倽 倽 (璤)閲婃斁)锛屽幓娓o紝鎵€寰楃殑娌?What’s the difference between the village and the village?Luan Jingluo?4. 灏嗙啲娌瑰墿浣欑殑1/2閰卞拰1/3娌规贩鍚堟悈鎷岋紝鍗虫垚棣欒荆閰便€傛懂鑿滄堡鐨勮皟閰嶏細500鍏嬮珮姹ゅ 姞 50 嬏 嬮  啾 Ff supplement?0 What are you doing? How are you going to work?灏嗚挏銆侀鑿溿€佸僵妞掑垏纰庛€傚噣閿呬笂鐏紝涓嬪叆鑹叉媺娌癸紝鐑ц嚦浜旀垚鐑椂锛屼笅鍏ュ垏纰I am going to tell you that I am going to read it, and I am afraid that it will be effective, and that it will be written by the author, and it will be compiled by the reader.Hagi?灏嗚挏銆侀鑿溿€佸僵妞掑垏纰庛€傚噣閿呬笂鐏紝涓嬪叆鑹叉媺娌癸紝鐑ц嚦浜旀垚鐑搧鏉跨儳涓撶敤閰Identify the rules and regulations (Qiao?)浜岋細鐣寗閰卞師鏂欙細鏂伴矞鐣寗2000鍏嬶紝姗勬娌广€佸ぇ钂滄湯銆佹磱钁变竵鍚勯€傞噺锛屾湀妗傚彾銆佸叞濮嗛厭銆佹按銆佺硸銆佺洂銆佽儭妞掔矇鍚勫皯璁搞€傚仛娉曪細1銆佹柊椴滅暘鑼勬礂鍑€锛屾斁鍏ユ矙閿呬腑鐓紝鐓ソ鍚庡幓鐨€佸幓绫斤紝鏀惧叆鎼呮媽鏈轰腑鎵撶銆?This is the best way to make sure that the soup has been changed, and the tweezers can be used for a long time. You can’t do it anymore. You can’t do it. You can’t do it anymore.?The mother and daughter are admirable, and they are effective and effective, and they are bothersome, and they are not as good as those who want to press them, what are they, what are they, and what are they?銆 佺 镤  伀 镦  姖 姹 ゆ 眮 鍙 樼  钖 庯 纴 鍙 栧 嚧 頭 堟 唍 雍 麗 雗 幾 尧 徹 剧 剸 剹 剧Perseverance?You can use the detailed BBQ method to get a good track record. If you want to use this method, you will be asked whether you want to split it or if you want to split it.If you want to know how to do it, please pay attention to it. If you want to use it, you will be able to use it.You can’t justify it, you can’t help it, you can’t stop it, you can’t stop it, you can’t stop it, you can’t stop it, you can’t do it.Recognizing the difference between the deceased and the unrecognizable, the most important thing is that it’s a great deal of time, and it’s very difficult to make up for it.Ben わ 纴 迪 “ザ 娌 續 纴 鐢 ㄧ 洂 咃 劃 厔 咔 咋 冨 懗 鍗 卲 鍗 侗 侊 紊 栌 渌 勹 姸 佸 皢 槗 槗 姗 槗 姗 槗 槗 姗 槗 槗 槗 渧憋紝钂滃瓙锛岄粦鑳℃纰庢湞鍚戝嵆鍙崄涓€锛氬挅鍠辨眮鍘熸枡锛?绾 ㈡ 骞?00 鍏 嬶 溣 椤 彾 彾 10 鍏 嬶 庴 娓 呮 弮 樓 20 鍏 嬶 閴 撣 黣 置 100 鍏 嬶 麴 Pu 呾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 庾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 溾 庾 溾 呾 庾 庾 呾 咾 呾00 鬏 嬶 麜 頜 柋 琪?00 嬏 嬶 疴 侴 侀 盾 纀 纀 纀 炀 纀 炀 炀 瑀?0 What’s the matter?00 嬏 嬶 庴 妞 板 瓙 Gong?00 鬏 嬴 咴 和 甅 锽?00 鍏 嬶 麏 透 剧 硶 300 鍏 嬶 庴 娲 咭 凕 Gong?5 鬏 嬶 璂 撆 尭 20 鍏 嬶 麴 湮 湮 背0 鍏 嬶 纴 麗 剧 洂 45 鍏 嬶 麴 闱 ㈢Mongolia 300 鍏 嬶 甏 甏 界 硸 40 鍏 嬶 癴 撴 撶 璆 犳 個 姹?0 鍏 嬶 琢 熸 裝 750 鍏 嬶 纴 迪 ‘笂 姹?500鍏嬨€傚埗娉曪細1銆佸厛灏嗛鍙剁敤娓呮按娴稿嚭鍛冲悗鍘绘福鐣欐按;2銆侀鑼呭垏娈靛垏鍧楀悗鐢ㄦYou can’t do it; 3, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can do it; 4 if you want to do it.娲嬭懕鑼搞€佽挏鑼搞€佸绫冲拰骞茶懕鑼歌捣闀紝鍐嶅姞鍏ラ鑼呰尭銆侀鍙舵按銆佺孩妞掑共绛夌垎棣?5銆佹渶鍚庡啀鏀惧叆妞板瓙鑼搞€侀粍濮滅矇銆佸挅鍠辩矇銆佹补鍜栧柋銆佽眴钄荤矇鐢ㄩ摬涓嶆柇缈荤倰锛屽緟閾插嚭棣欒荆鍛虫椂锛屽啀鍔犲叆鍓╀綑鐨勫懗鏂欏強铏剧硶鎷屽寑鐓粴渚垮彲;6銆佺敤閽㈢泦鐩涜捣锛岀What are you looking for?

[Jiao Ma Chicken Slices Practice]_Jiao Ma Chicken Slices Home-made Practice

銆 愭  業 Marrying a sorrowful frying panGuo pot?
姣忛€匠鑺傚€嶆€濅翰锛岃韩鍦ㄤ粬涔″伐浣滅殑浣犺偗瀹氭兂瀹?鎯充翰浜轰簡鍚с€傝繕鏈夊嚑澶╋紝浣犲氨鍙互涓€瑙g浉鎬濅箣鑻︿簡銆傝€岃鍒颁翰浜猴紝濡傛灉浣犺兘浜叉墜鍋氫笂涓€椤垮彲鍙g殑楗彍锛屼粬浠偗瀹氭棤姣旀鎱般€傞偅涔堬紝涓嬮潰灏辫灏忕紪鍏堟潵鏁欐偍濡傛灉鍋氬ソ妞掗夯楦$墖1.楦¤吙鍏ラ攨鐓嚦娴捣锛屾场鑷虫堡鍐锋崬鍑恒€?.鑺辨鐢ㄥ紑姘存场鑳€锛岃婊氬紑鐨勬按銆?.灏忚懕鍒囩锛岃姳妞掓崬鍑恒€?。鑺辨鍜屽皬钁辨斁鍦ㄤ竴璧峰墎纰庛€?。I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m going to make a difference, I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you, why?.The floating tank collapses, and the floating tank is full of sorrows. It’s a bit of a sorrow. It’s a sorry for you?.娣嬪叆妞掗夯姹佹悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛岃鐩樺嵆鍙€?涓婃枃浠嬬粛鐨勬楹婚浮鐗囧叾瀹炲仛璧锋潵寰堢畝鍗曪紝鎵€浠ョ瓑鍒扮幇鍦ㄧ殑浣犺繕鑳藉潗寰椾綇鍚楋紵蹇窇鍚э紝鍘诲帹鎴匡紝閭d釜鐜板湪鍙睘浜庝綘鐨勫湴鏂癸紝濂藉ソ瀹炵幇浣犳兂鍋氬ソ杩欓亾缇庨鐨勬ⅵ鎯冲惂銆?

Panjiang Co., Ltd. (600395): The double advantage of increasing revenue and reducing the cost of dividends

Panjiang Co., Ltd. (600395): The double advantage of increasing revenue and reducing the cost of dividends
Introduction to this report: In the first half of the year, benefiting from the increase in coal volume and price, it has catalyzed better operating results.The current total corresponding dividend yield has reached 9.0%, the regional leader has obvious advantages, has the dual advantages of growth and dividends, and maintains an overweight rating. Investment Highlights: Performance is in line with expectations, maintaining the “overweight” rating.Operating income for the first half of 201932.8.6 billion, net profit attributable to mother 6.220,000 yuan, to achieve a budget income of 0.38 yuan, an increase of 17 per year.87%, performance was in 北京夜网line with expectations.We maintain 0 EPS for 2019-21.66/0.69/0.The forecast of 77 yuan remains at 7.39 yuan (after removing the right) target price and increase holding level. Benefiting from both volume and price increases, the coal business performed well.The total number of reports is 368.59 Initially, it increased by 14 each year.30% of coal sales were 398.59 Initially, it increased by 11 each year.52%, of which 367 were commercial coal.40 initially, an increase of 13 per year.35%.The estimated purity of commercial coal per ton is 795.00 yuan / ton, increasing by 0 every year.40% per ton of coal cost 509.37 yuan / ton, down 2 before.53%.Taken together, the gross profit margin of the coal business is 35.93%, rising by 1 every year.93PCT, the best level since 2016. During the period, the level of expenses decreased and the net cash flow from operations increased.In the first half of the year, the company’s total financial / management / sales expenses358 trillion, with an expense ratio of 10.97%, a decrease from the beginning of the period.46%.In fact, the operating net cash flow is affected by the increase in government subsidies and increases by 0 every year.7.4 billion (10.71%), and cash flow improved further. Growth and dividends have the dual advantages, and the estimated yield has reached 9.0%.The company’s Jinjia mine (90 expected / year) is expected to be put into production in 2019, the first phase of Faer No. 2 mine (90 predicted / year),返回码: 500 网站打不开?重查 and the Mayi Yijing (240 annual / year) is expected to be put into operation in 2020 and 2022, with a three-year capacity increase10%, 9%, and 22%, respectively.The dividend rates for 2017-2018 were 66% / 70%, respectively, and the latest continued (5.09 yuan) according to the 70% dividend rate, the corresponding dynamic dividend yield has reached 9.0%, investment attractiveness increased. risk warning.Coal prices have fallen sharply; construction in progress has fallen short of expectations; macroeconomic risks.

CITIC Haizhi (000099): Increase in gross profit margin and increase one-time income are good for performance

CITIC Haizhi (000099): Increase in gross profit margin and increase one-time income are good for performance

The first quarter of 2019 results are in line with expectations. CITIC Haizhi announced the first quarter of 2019 results: operating income3.

320,000 yuan, an annual increase of 17%; net profit attributable to the parent company is 21.63 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 48%, corresponding to 0 profit.

04 yuan.

Assume non-recurring gains and losses attributable to the mother’s net profit of 16.31 million yuan, an increase of 8 in the future.

4%, in line with our expectations.

Under the influence of one-time income, the profit in the first quarter increased significantly in ten years.

In the first quarter, the company obtained 7 million in asset disposal income from real estate disposal and reallocated income. The company’s first quarter profit increased by about 16% in ten years, which was basically the same as the growth rate of operating income.

The profit margin of main business gradually increased 2.

6 units.

The company’s main business profit margin doubled in the first quarter.

6 up to 19.

6%, a significant improvement over the same period last year, we estimate or mainly related to the company’s rapid growth in air transport business.

Development Trends International oil prices are picking up, and the offshore oil exploration market is likely to pick 四川耍耍网 up, which is good for the company’s air transportation business.

Affected by the United States’ cessation of Iran ‘s oil sanctions exemption, 1, Brent oil prices rose by more than 2% in a single day.

Since the beginning of 2019, Brent oil prices have increased by about 35%, and the average price since the beginning of the year has been slightly lower than 4% in the same period in 2018.

If the international oil price maintains the current trend, we expect that the rebound in oil prices will drive the demand in the offshore oil exploration market, which will benefit the company’s air transportation business.

Earnings forecasts are in line with expectations, and we maintain our 2019/2020 earnings forecasts1.


53 trillion, the corresponding gain is 0.


25 yuan.

Estimates and recommendations The company 成都桑拿网 currently has a sustainable response to 201938.

9 times P / E, 1.

6 times P / B.

Maintain Neutral rating and consider the industry’s overall assessment hub to move upwards, raising the target price by 34% to a target price of RMB 7.

70 yuan, corresponding to 35 times P / E in 2019, 1.

5 times P / B, compared with the current bear 9% downside.

Risks Off-demand recovery of offshore oil market demand; RMB depreciated sharply against USD; relevant government subsidies were cancelled.

Weixing New Materials (002372) 2019 Interim Report Review: Steady Development of the Main Business, Transformation and Upgrading Achieved Results

Weixing New Materials (002372) 2019 Interim 杭州桑拿网 Report Review: Steady Development of the Main Business, Transformation and Upgrading Achieved Results

Revenue growth 11.

58%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 14.

91% of companies in 2019H1 achieved operating income21.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 11 in ten years.

58%, net profit attributable to mothers4.

43 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.

91%, EPS is 0.

28 yuan / share, of which Q2 achieved operating income of 13 in a single quarter.

2.4 billion, an increase of 8 years.

16%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

1.3 billion, an increase of 12 in ten years.

55%. Under the circumstances that the domestic macro economy is facing breakthrough pressure and the growth rate of the plastic pipe industry has dropped sharply, the company has focused on transition and upgrading and achieved steady growth in performance.

New business development achieved results, and profitability increased slightly in the first half of 2019. The company’s concentric circle industrial chain business PVC and other products (“waterproofing, water purification”) had obvious development effects and revenues increased respectively.

63% and 90%.

25%, the current business proportion has been increased to 14.

92% (+2.

08pct) and 3.

74% (+1.

54pct), mainly benefiting from the increase in the growth of new business and channel synergy; the PPR and PE revenue growth of the first two core businesses were 10 respectively.

29% and -4.

08%, the current income ratio is 56.

25% (-0.

65 points) and 22.

93% (-3.


In terms of different regions, the reporting growth company expanded the development of the Northeast region, and sales increased by 32.

81%, other western and northern China regions also achieved rapid growth, with revenues increasing by 20 each.

53% and 16.


The company’s consolidated gross margin and net sales margin for the first half of the year were 46.

36% and 21.

11%, an increase of 0 over the same period last year.

3 digits and 0.

63 singles, mainly benefiting from the increase in gross profit margin of PE pipe business (+4.

53pct); report the cost of the adjustment period18.

82%, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.

77pct, which mainly benefited from a two-fold decrease in sales expense ratio and management expense ratio, respectively reduced by 0.

47pct and 0.33 points.

The company’s cash flow continued its healthy performance and achieved in the first half of the year.

3.7 billion, an increase of 21 in ten years.


Optimize the marketing model and speed up the development of the concentric circle industrial chain development company’s “retail, engineering two-wheel drive” development strategy. When downstream retail demand is sluggish, increase efforts to develop weak markets and effectively explore potential markets.Rapid structural change, key core projects in construction engineering; 杭州夜网论坛 in terms of products, by using existing channels and service resources, expanding the development of PVC business and waterproofing business, we are committed to creating the second main business of waterproofing.

The C-side faucet has been gradually upgraded, maintaining a “buy” rating. The company has been deeply involved in the pipeline industry for many years, and has established a strong brand, quality, and distributor channel advantages. Based on this, it will further strengthen home improvement invisible engineering systems and layout new areas such as waterproofing. It is expected thatThe EPS for 19-21 is 0.



29 yuan / share, the corresponding PE is 17.



8x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Real estate sales are less than expected; raw material prices rise more than expected;

Big Dipper and other companies changed their faces1.

39 trillion goodwill to be digested

Big Dipper and other companies changed their faces1.

39 trillion goodwill to be digested

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to Cheng Jun’s lecture on “Understanding Company’s Financial Report in 5 Hours”, develop financial thinking, and obtain higher returns in work and investment Original title: The tide of goodwill impairment hits: Many listed companies “change their performance” 1.

The 39 trillion yuan of goodwill is waiting to be digested. In the evening of January 14th, Yang Ping, a 21st Century Business Herald, received a “Letter of Concern” from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange due to the huge “pre-loss” that caused a huge uproar in the A-share market.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires BeiDouXingTong to supplement the disclosure of the detailed content of the provision for the impairment of large amounts of assets, and the estimated amount and reason.

  Prior to this, Big Dipper disclosed in the “2019 Annual Results Preview” that the estimated net profit for 2019 is -6.

500 million to -5.

The reason for the increase in net profit was USD 500 million, which was mainly due to the provision of a large amount of asset impairment6.

5.3 billion, including provision for impairment of goodwill5.

300 million and so on.

  This is just the tip of A-share goodwill.

  The forthcoming “transcripts” are coming out, more and more performance forecasts are competing for “reporting anxiety”, and the tide of goodwill impairment is rising again.Large amounts of assets were impaired, and the results of the 2019 annual report were severely affected.

  ”Overall, the performance commitments of the target of the merger and acquisition did not meet expectations, and the decline in performance after the commitment period is the first reason for the listed company to form a goodwill impairment.但个别板块上市公司的‘爆雷’风险仍然需要警惕.

“On January 14th, a strategic analyst at a medium-sized securities firm in Shanghai pointed out.

  Listed companies have successively accrued Wind data. As of January 14, there have been 759 listed companies foreseeing 2019 results, of which 93 listed companies have pre-decreased results, 129 companies have achieved performance, and their performance has been “reported”Company companies account for nearly 30% of the total.

In addition, the performance of 97 listed companies is uncertain.

  In listed companies with poor performance, asset impairment losses, including the accrual of goodwill impairment losses from outbound mergers and acquisitions, are important influencing factors.

  On the last day of 2019, the leading health care product, Tomson Biokin, suddenly dropped “Julei” and announced that it is expected to make a total of 15 provision for impairment of goodwill and provision for impairment of intangible assets.

400 million to 16.

400 million yuan, expected in 20193.

6.5 billion to 3.

700 million, the first loss in ten years.

  Prior to this, in 2017 and 2018, Tomson Biokin has maintained a net profit growth rate of more than 30% and is regarded as a representative company for A-share market value investment. In 2019, a total of 127 institutions went to listed companies to investigate and investigateToo many 165 people.

  All the changes came from August 2018. Tomson invested heavily in the acquisition of investor probiotic company LSG for a consideration of 35.

1.4 billion, 34 times premium.

After the completion of the initial acquisition, Tomson Becker formed 22 at the end of the third quarter of 2019.

3.8 billion goodwill assets and 16.

Intangible assets of US $ 1.2 billion accounted for 67% of the total net assets at that time.


  However, only one year after the acquisition, LSG’s performance has changed dramatically. Due to the influence of the e-commerce law, LSG has reached its expectations of achievement.

  The data shows that Tomson Bianjian predicted in the evaluation of the acquisition of LSG that the expected revenue in 2019 is 1.

$ 8.9 billion with a predicted strength of 27.

26%; and actual data for 2019 show that LSG’s actual income is only 0.

$ 8.2 billion, 43 from the previous decade.

84%, the actual income is less than half of the predicted value.

  On January 11th, the Big Dipper with multiple concepts such as “chip + Huawei + military industry” also staged the same story, announcing “pre-performance loss”, and the amount in 2019 exceeded the profit of the past ten years.

  Beginning in 2015, Beidouxingtong has carried out a series of industrial mergers and acquisitions around “Beidou +”.

Among them, in 2015, Huaxin Antenna and Jiaxing Jiali were acquired by issuing shares to purchase assets; in 2016, Dongguan Yuntong and Guangdong Weitong were acquired; in 2017, Hangzhou Kaili, German in-tech and Canadian Rx were acquiredthe company.  Subsequently, the revenue scale and profit of Beidouxingtong increased rapidly, but the crisis was also latent. In 2018, the non-net profit of Beidouxingtong was already -4.

2.4 billion.

  In 2019, due to constant international trade frictions, increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, increased uncertainty in market demand, and the difficulties of some customers’ operations, Beidou Starcom expects the scale of goodwill impairment to be 5.

About 300 million, involving 6 asset groups.

  In addition, Cixing shares also announced a 7 loss for 2019.

20 billion to 7.

USD 2.5 billion, of which Hangzhou Youtou Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Duoyile Network Technology Co., Ltd., which were acquired in the previous period, are expected to have about 600 million goodwill and provision for impairment of intangible assets.

  Donghua Software expects to achieve a net profit of 6 billion to 700 million US dollars in 2019, a year-on-year decrease of 13% to 26%. It is estimated that the amount of goodwill impairment provision accrued in the current period is 300 million to 400 million US dollars.

  ”At present, we recommend that companies with goodwill account for a relatively large amount of net assets to avoid the situation. The peak period of M & A and restructuring (Jin Qilin analyst) is mainly in 2014-2016, and the risks have been fully released in the past two years.However, there is still a relatively high stock of goodwill risk in some growth sectors to be digested.

“Senior analysts point out.

  Can I travel light?

  It is worth mentioning that after the above-mentioned too many listed companies dragged down by goodwill, their performance has “exploded”, but there have been obvious changes.

  For example, Tomson Begin has gradually increased 佛山桑拿网 since January 8.

41%, Donghua Software has increased by 22.

87%, a large number of market participants pointed out that after a large amount of goodwill is impaired, the negatives will be exhausted, and the listed companies will be able to “load lightly” in the coming year, and their performance growth can be expected.

  ”The impairment test of goodwill is a project with a lot of operating space because it is difficult to judge the value of the enterprise.

There is a possibility that the company will make a one-time accrual of potential expenditures and give a bath to the financial reports under the title of “goodwill impairment provision”.

In this coming year, as long as it is slightly favorable, the financial report has a huge pre-income increase, especially for asset-light companies, and it may even become a 上海夜网论坛 big bull stock in the future.

“An accountant from a South China accounting firm pointed out to reporters.

  So, did the listed companies that accrued a large amount of asset impairment losses in 2018 really get rid of the burden and “regain a new life”?

  The 21st Century Business Herald reporter noted that of the listed companies that have disclosed the 2019 performance forecast, 86 listed companies are expected to turn around, and many of them have stocks in the financial big bath in 2018.

  Such as 2018 accrued 14.

9.5 billion in asset impairment losses eventually led to a huge loss of the year16.

Ao Fei Entertainment, with a value of 9.2 billion US dollars, turned gorgeously and is expected to make a profit in 20191.

300 million yuan?

500 million yuan, an increase of 107.


20%; a huge loss of 18 in 2018.

The 14 trillion US dollars of Western Mining is expected to earn about 10 trillion US dollars in 2019, an increase of 148.


  However, not all listed companies can “turn around their losses.” The number of listed companies whose performance is expected to continue to lose in 2019 is as high as 55. In 2018, when Wang Tianshen Entertainment (right protection) was replaced, it was still trapped in a trap.Break through 69.

After 7.8 billion, it is expected to continue to lose 8 in 2019.

5 billion-10.

500 million yuan.

  ”After the outbreak of the risk of goodwill impairment, the development trend still needs to carry out the fundamentals of the listed company itself, and whether the market’s expectations of the performance trend of the target company have improved. This requires investors to identify those who have already had major problems in natureenterprise.

“Senior analysts point out.

  According to Wind data, at the end of the third quarter of 2019, the total scale of goodwill of A-share listed companies reached 1.
39 trillion US dollars, roughly the same as the same period in 2018, only 74.6 billion US dollars higher than the end of 2018, the proportion of goodwill in the total net assets of listed companies in the two cities is 3.

11%, compared to 3.

21% dropped by 0.
1 average.

  However, on the whole, market participants generally believe that the valuation of goodwill impairment risk in 2019 has improved in 2018.

  Dai Kang (Jin Qilin analyst), a strategic analyst at GF Securities, pointed out that the impairment of A-share goodwill in the 2018 annual report created a record high and caused great concern in the market. The reason is that in addition to performance commitments, which gradually pressured new highs and the economy ushered in a downward inflection point, the marketIt is easy to ignore the impact of policies. It is expected that under the strengthening of supervision, the proportion of pre-disclosure of goodwill impairment in performance forecast in 2019 will continue to increase.

  ”The goodwill of listed companies is facing double impairment pressure from endogenous and exogenous factors. Comparing the position and trend of various related factors at the end of 2019, we have caused the goodwill of each section of the 2019 annual report to be further digested, but the pressure andThe risk is less than 2018.

Dai Kang further pointed out.

Four coups to start romantic love

Four coups to start romantic love

You’ve been obsessed with a boy for a long time, and you really want to take some initiative, but you don’t know how he will react.

Maybe he will laugh at you face to face; maybe he will dodge you like Ebola in the days to come.

If there is a way to enable him to know your mind without making you look like a complete fool, that would be great.

Girls, you are the right place to ask this question, here are the four tricks to get started.

  Give a loving look Hey, the eyes are not called “windows of the mind”, your eyes are the best weapon to send a silent but strong message.

When your eyes stay on him for a few more seconds, your message is: I see you, I like you, let me walk into your life.

The problem now is that not all eye contact can achieve this effect.

The signal you send must be just right.

Attempt this step, the gentle, unguarded boy will never know what moved you.

Now-take a quick look at him, be careful not to stare at him (so it seems a bit nervous), and slowly let you “inadvertently” glance at an angle from top to bottom, that is, from the cheekbones under his browsFinally to the chin.

Look at his eyes every few seconds (even giving a playful smile).

Then, continue to “scan” his face (this needs to be done faster, in about seven to eight seconds).

He will assist you in observing him, but will not feel stared at you.

  How it works: Since you don’t have to say a word, this technique is ideal, even the most shy girl can try it.

If the information he returns is that he is not so interested in you (turn your eyes away from you), then it is not a big deal, after all, you have never really liked him, have you?

  Nothing touches the skin with the trick of “run and run” so he knows you care about him.

But before you act, know that this contact is very skillful.

If you use too much force, you might scare him away.

What you have to do is a quick non-verbal cues that shows you want to get closer to him.

For example, when you watched a volleyball match and swiped around him, he had no way of knowing if you hit him accidentally or something else, but it would make him notice you and think about it.

Or, after the games, touch his elbows, say “runs well”, and walk away.

The next time I saw him, I touched his belongings. Sometimes, I picked up his BP machine and asked if there was any other function.

Be quick every time, not more than a minute.

This way he won’t feel annoying, but will start to notice and think about you.

Step by step, you have entered his private space.

  How it works: You don’t have to show your admiration completely, you just need to make him curious. After some close contact, even a stupid boy will notice you.

  Want to make your personality more intimate by saying just the right whispers?

In fact, the method is simple: just talk a little softer than usual.

At this point your boy has to come closer and listen to what you are saying.

(What a chance, he will smell the sexy perfume on you.

) Another cool trick is to bring his name when asking a question.

Don’t ask “Have you seen the new Harry?

Potter movies?

“Ask,” Jay, have you seen the new Harry? ”

Potter movies?

“Adding his name immediately makes your personality a lot closer.

When you and his personality, leave some small hints that you are paying attention to his personal life.

For example, if you find that he has a golden retriever, you can say “Hey-last Saturday I seemed to see you with a dog.What kind is it?

“It worked: once he answered those questions, he would start to wonder why it was exactly what you knew about him (he didn’t pay much attention to it before).

If your boy’s reaction is flat, ask you to slowly build up your interest in simple things-and then continue to solve the problem.

  When building a mysterious web-based e-mail, it may be serious at first, but it can quickly develop into quiet sexual abuse.

You can ask questions that concern him, like “What do you think of your test this time?”

“This way you can continue the conversation.

If your online lover is hooked-great, give a provocative reply “I’m going to a party, but don’t want to go alone, can you stay with me?”

“Don’t write as long as Tustoevsky’s novel, play cool (no matter how you want to see him across the screen), always keep his curiosity and make him want to see youKnow more here.

  How it works: Your sweetheart can’t see you, so you don’t have to worry about your blushing like an apple.

You don’t have to rack your brains at the time and come up with some witty words, because you have time.

Write a reply.

If he doesn’t cooperate (idiot, disappointment!

), Quickly say “bye bye”, and then step out.