Pressure abdominal belly


Pressure abdominal belly

An American experiment completely overturned the phrase “heart is wide and fat.”

Because the latest research shows that excessive pressure may lead to the growing belly, women who love beauty can be careful.

銆€銆€According to Reuters, American researchers have found that if the pressure on a slender woman is too high, the hoarding of Palestinian adults will also rise.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a devil-like figure, you may have to relax.

銆€銆€Professor Apol, of the University of California’s research program, said the researchers are still unclear whether the hoarding of a slightly pregnant woman is due to stress or other causes.

銆€銆€However, according to the experimental results, in healthy women, even if other parts of the cortisone (cortisol) secretion is within the normal range, and the body weight is within the normal range, if the psychological pressure is too large, the bodyThe secretion of cortisone will increase, leading to excellent accumulation.

The secretion of cortisone is controlled by adrenaline.

銆€銆€Physical Health Alerts An increase in abdominal adults may be a warning to good health, as the lower abdomen is increasingly focused on increasing the risk of other parts of the body, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Ai Boer said that if a slender woman is disproportionately fat, then she must pay special attention.

銆€銆€Ai Boer’s research team is working on 59 women between the ages of 30 and 46.

These women all said that they are under considerable pressure from their lives, and their stature is from slim to excessive.

The researchers evacuated their saliva to analyze the cortisone, and found that half of them had higher abdominal hoarding than other parts.

銆€銆€The researchers further found that whether these women were slender or too much, women with a slight amount of abdomen were less able to withstand stress. When the pressure was too high, they secreted more cortisone, and the rest of the adults decreased.Women do not secrete such high cortisone.

銆€銆€However, women who are slender but have abnormally high abdomen are less able to withstand stress. When they receive the same test on the second or third time, the body’s secreted cortisone is still high.

銆€銆€Researchers and women who avoid weight are less able to withstand stress than obese women, but they are certain that 鈥渟lim women are less able to adapt to stress and are more likely to trigger these emotions.

Professor Ai Boer estimates that the slenderness of a slender woman may be caused by excessive stress and hormonal imbalance, while the overweight of a woman’s tibia is caused by obesity.

銆€銆€The accumulation of abdominal fat may be caused by genes, smoking, exercise and diet. Epoll’s research also lists stress as a factor in lower abdominal obesity.

What are the dietary contraindications for children with enuresis?


Children’s enuresis diet should be taboo

What are the dietary contraindications for children with enuresis?
Children’s enuresis diet should be taboo

Children’s bedwetting is almost a headache for every parent. Parents know that if there is a deviation in eating habits in life, it will become one of the top reasons for children’s bedwetting. Let’s take a look at some occasional increase in diet.What is the probability of bedwetting for children?

Children with enuresis diet fasting or eating less, chocolate, cola: mainly these foods can produce allergic reactions in children, so that the bladder wall swells, capacity reduction, and can promote smooth muscle rough, causing obstruction.

At the same time, this allergic reaction can cause the child to sleep too deep, can not wake up when there is urine, leading to enuresis.

2, spicy, irritating food: pediatric nervous system is immature, easy to excite, if stored a certain food, causing dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, prone to enuresis.

Therefore, spicy and irritating foods should be avoided in anticipation.

3, multi-salt, sugar and cold food: multi-salt can cause more drinking and more urine, cold food can decompose spleen and stomach function, no benefit to the kidney, it should be contraindicated.

4, corn, coix seed, red bean, squid, watermelon: these foods due to sweet taste, diuretic effect, can increase enuresis, so should eat less 5, limit drinking water during the day: for children with enuresis, do not excessively limit the amount of water during the day,The child is required to have at least 1 free of urine per day to have a slight discomfort to exercise bladder function.

6, drinking more after dinner: after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, urge children to control the amount of drinking water, avoid using liquid diet, dinner as little as possible to drink water, so as not to increase the burden of high blood pressure, reduce nighttime urine output.

Children’s enuresis should eat food 1, kidney gas is not suitable for food tonic solid food, such as glutinous rice, chicken gold, fish carp, yam, lotus seeds, leeks, black sesame, longan, ebony and so on.

2, liver and gallbladder fire should eat fresh food, such as the previous rice, glutinous rice, yam, lotus seeds, chicken gold, tofu, white fungus, mung beans, red beans, duck and so on.

3, dinner should eat dry rice to reduce water intake.

4, animal food, should eat pork loin, pork liver and meat and other foods.