Xu Tianran’s eyes were covered with terrifying bloodshot eyes,“Woo woo……”

This Qianyu,Even the spirit power level has reached the Contra level!!!
Followed by,The fourth spirit ring at the foot of Qianyu lights up……
Fourth Spirit Ability,Puppet mark!
I saw the dark eyes of the ghost angel behind Qianyu,A terrible purple-black mist emerged from her arms,Then slowly stretched towards Xu Tianran’s head……
Xu Tianran’s pupils widened because of the unknown,Then he swayed frantically trying to break free“Woo woo!!!”
however,Does not have any effect……
The nether angel touched Xu Tianran’s head in a purple-black mist……
These mists are like finding a vent,Surged towards his head frantically……
Xu Tianran’s cheeks became distorted,Even though he was pinched, he made a terrible cry……
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”
at the same time,On his forehead,A weird ghost mark gradually solidified……
Xu Tianran stopped all struggles,It’s like a lack of consciousness,The pupils shone with dark colors……
A long while,His eyes gradually appeared a little bit bright……
The ghost mark on his forehead is also hidden……
Qianyu gave him a cold look,“Xu Tianran”
Xu Tianran’s eyes condensed in front of him,The respectful Chaoqianyu Road“the host,Subordinate in”
Qianyu Leng Leng Road“After i left,You are just like before,No matter what means,Must win the rule of the Sun Moon Royal,understand?”
Xu Tianran respectfully said again“understand,the host”

The rest of the album10Song,Han Donger picked it up,I also discussed several songs with Shen Huan,She also likes。

Han Donger has never held a concert,With such a series of singer clubs、Propaganda,She sings almost every other day,Sing in front of fans and fans,I am also happy in my heart。
So even if it is tired,She also feels very energetic。
“Lan Kai and Xiao Yan called me again two days ago,Said you didn’t answer the phone,They asked about your attitude。”Shen Huandao,“When are you going to talk to them。”
“Next month!”
Han Donger thought for a while,“The promotion will end next month,After i talked,I can go home with my family……My grandma is not doing well recently,I’m going to take her to the mountains to recuperate。”
“it is good,I’ll come to you then。”Shen Huan picked it up immediately。
Han Donger is from Lin’an,Since I’m going to vacation in the mountains,Must be the surrounding area,Not far for Shen Huan。
Han Donger smiled,Did not agree,But did not refuse。
hang up the phone,Shen Huan’s heart is still full of the shadow of this fairy with facial paralysis。
《red beans》It’s definitely impossible to make Han Dong’er the third queen,But after this album,She also officially started to attack the Queen of Heaven’s throne。
If it goes well,After a series of operations,In addition, if the third album is also impressive,Han Donger can become the third queen。
But all this is inseparable from the resource tilt of big music companies。
But,Can use resources on Han Donger,It’s also destined to not get rid of water,Instead, they will add a golden sign for their company。
This is why several major music companies are chasing after!

“father,It doesn’t matter even if you tell Zorina,Besides, that person is obviously related to Uchiha,Maybe Uncle Sasuke still knows the person just now。”The blogger interrupted and said。

“Blogger!”Naruto rarely looked at Bo Ren with a stern look,The blogger who always likes to talk back to Naruto was also persuaded at this time。
“I know。”Zoryana gradually released her hand holding Naruto’s Naruto robe。
【Knock grandma li chat room】
Uchiha Instant Fire:Hey,You seem to be in trouble just now。
Uchiha Itachi:Ok,Met Naruto。
Uchiha Instant Fire:I told you not to mess up。
Uchiha Itachi:I don’t want to cause trouble,But wearing Akatsuki’s robes can’t help it,So can you change clothes。
Uchiha Instant Fire:No way,Akatsuki’s robe is your fixed form,Can’t cover or replace,In short,Be careful in your future actions,Don’t mess up all day,remember,The most important thing now is to make money。
Uchiha Itachi:.Then my true identity is likely to be guessed by Naruto。
Uchiha Instant Fire:It’s ok,As long as it doesn’t involve me,One last reminder,anytime,Don’t reveal my information,And the carrier you host is under my control,If you don’t want to be controlled by me one day and let you kill Zorina by yourself,Then make money for me,In return,I allow you to contact Zorana and Sasuke while making money。
Uchiha Itachi:I understand。
【Uchiha Itachi exits the chat room】
When I saw Uchiha Itachi exit the chat room,Shun Huo continued to work hard to make ramen。

The brows are slightly condensed into a ball,The collision of two energy in the body,Let Li Chenfeng’s meridians continue to feel throbbing pain,Let Li Chenfeng not be as plain as it appears。

Fortunately, his context is much tougher than those of ordinary people,So although I feel a little pain,But it won’t cause him much harm for the time being。
In the meridians that outsiders can’t see,The air of fighting envelops the green pure energy,With Li Chenfeng’s crazy refining,Green energy is constantly being assimilated into pale white fighting spirit,And with the support of these forces,The scale of fighting spirit in Li Chenfeng’s body,Is expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye。
But Juqi San is a fourth-grade pill after all,Although those pure medicinal powers are constantly being refined,But they seem to be endless,Whenever the Qi of Fighting refines a group of medicinal power,There will be a bigger group of green energy rushing over。
Under the continuous injection of the refining and fighting spirit in the body,Fighting Qi in Li Chenfeng,Has gradually filled most of the meridians。
Refining continues,At a certain moment,Li Chenfeng found that the vindictive energy in his body had already expanded to a critical point that could not be increased.。
The expansion of fighting spirit,It directly caused Li Chenfeng’s meridians to twitch gently,A torrent of intense pain irritated his brain,Li Chenfeng’s handsome face began to deform slightly。
“It’s now,Cyclone of Cohesion,Otherwise, you will blow yourself up!”
Li Chenfeng kept reminding himself in his subconscious。
Took a deep breath,Li Chenfeng’s handprint suddenly changes,Thumb handover,Middle finger point,Ten fingers formed a strange handprint。
Condensed Vengeance,Although Li Chenfeng is the first time,But there is no lag in his movements。
With the change of Li Chenfeng’s handprint,The fighting energy surging in the body is like receiving a fierce suction,Shrinking sharply towards the pubic area of the lower abdomen。
The pale fighting spirit in the veins in the body,All coincidentally began to shrink,And when all the fighting spirit is retracted to the lower abdomen position,Pale fighting spirit,Has begun to turn into milky white。
Compressed Fighting Air!
The only thing Li Chenfeng has to do now is to compress his fighting spirit in his dantian。

Faced with wanting a shame,Larry Brown and Reggie Miller who got back from the Bulls。The game hit hard to the end,Michael Jordan seems to want to compete with Kobe,In the case of the same opponent,Who can perform better!

Jordan found Reggie Miller from the beginning,Unlimited pressure on offense and defense。And Larry Brown also arranged for two people to fight Jordan infinitely。In this situation, both offense and defense are under maximum pressure,Michael Jordan’s performance is not necessarily worse than Kobe,Breaking through double-teams with explosive power and strength,Forcibly shot this aspect,Even better。
Kobe needs to do multiple illusions in a row to create opportunities,Michael Jordan only used a few simple and easy actions,Can create a shot space countless times better than Kobe!
This is the talent of the first outside player in history!Talent alone,The shot space he can create is enough to crush anyone。Perhaps in the history of the league, only Durant has this level of talent.。But Jordan’s stamina is almost endless,Hardly hurt,Durability is also historical。Durant is different,Durant’s damage in regular time is not weaker than any player in history,And when the fourth quarter,The consumption of physical energy will gradually reduce him to mediocrity。
The game won’t be decided until the fourth quarter,Opening of the fourth quarter,Michael connected in with a descendant attitude6ball!One breath17Minute!Let Larry Brown tuck down his gray hair。
Larry Brown thought he was crazy before leavingNCAACome to NBA coach,Be oneNCAAIsn’t the champion coach fragrantincome,status,Honor these things are at your fingertips,Why do you want to join the NBA?
In the end, Michael Jordan made 23 of 39 shots in this game.,Free throw 21 of 18,Haotake65Minute!
Alliance shocked!Kobe and Jordan’s scoring averages were57Minute,46Minute,65Distribute again!The headlines of the sports sector start from the first57It was taken over by Jordan,No change in nearly a week。Full of praise for Jordan,All the media people found,As long as Michael wants to score,There is no human defense against him,Play a triangle offense under Phil Jackson,It doesn’t mean that he has lost the assassin who can stand up and dominate everything at any time!
《God of Chicago!》
《This is the scorer》
《No one can stop Michael》
Newspapers and magazines with titles are out of stock!Michael took all the heat from Kobe again。
And at the same time,More than Michael Jordan。Other players in the league seem to be affected,Allen Iverson in the game against the Cavaliers,Rest only2minute,Full game4617 hits in minute 32,Three-pointer,penalty17in11,Madly50Minute5Backboard6Assist2Steal。
Olajuwon in the game against the Timberwolves,Facing Kevin Garnett,Inner teaching generally won41Minute14Backboard5Assist6Cap3Steal,Unfortunately, Drexler suffered a severely sprained ankle in this game。
Karl Malone Continuous7field30+,Led the team to a wave11Streak,Advance with such a record,Challenged the Lakers and Houston at the forefront of the West。
Kevin Johnson was completely changed to a scorer next to Jason Kidd,Madly42Minute7Assist,And complete the buckle on Mourning’s head。
Grant hill.
Anfini Hardaway.
Superstars,Began to enter the final killing mode,The game at the end of the season was messed up by Kobe。At this moment in previous years, everyone will save their strength to prepare for the playoffs,A large number of strong teams will lose to weak teams,However this year Kobe’s magical performance inspired a series of players’ fighting spirit!

at this time,Someone from the law enforcement team came over,And this person is the captain of the law enforcement team Xia Chenglong met before。

“Deacon Lee,Any questions?”
“Captain Wang,fast,Go and take these two Tie Hanhan away,Made,I got two black cardssssTask。”
Captain Wang turned around,I happened to see Xia Chenglong:“what,It’s you,Why are you here?”
“I am a freshman entering the inner courtyard,Of course here,It’s just that the people in the inner courtyard don’t seem very friendly。”
Obstruction,Xia Chenglong’s patience has reached its limit,If the other party dares to make a fuss,He must have a statement。
Hear freshman,Captain Wang immediately understood the problem,But he was amazed,The fact that freshmen enter the inner courtyard。
“It turned out that the freshman who was making a lot of noise turned out to be you,It seems we are destined。”
“and so……Why can’t i pick up thatsssTask?”
Captain Wang scratched his head:“That one,In order to protect the safety of students,When the ID card level is too low, you cannot accept tasks that are too high,Only Blue Card and above are eligible。”
Blue card?
ID cards do have levels,Divided into black,green,blue,purple,Five levels of Zijin,If you want to increase the level of your ID card,Very simple,With enough psionic power。
“How about this,I will take you to register your identity,You can take the task only if you are registered。”

Qin Liang is starting to brainwash Yu’er,Since this joke was faked by Murong Qiaokey,Then he can only continue to say something,It’s not nonsense anyway,This chaotic relationship,It does exist objectively in the Shen family。

“Yep,I know。”
Yu’er nodded and answered。
“Then I am Yanzi’s master,She and I were a generation away,She is your sister,If you follow her to call me,Then you and I are a generation away!And if you and Jia’er meet in the relationship of girlfriends and sisters,Key calls me Dad,Then you are a generation behind me,Are you right?”
Not to mention,Qin Liang really took this“Mess”Relationship,Clearly explained,Plainly。
Yu’er is speechless,What Qin Liang said,She knows it herself,So she can’t refute Qin Liang’s words,In fact, it doesn’t matter what she calls Qin Liang,As long as Qin Liang can treat her as a family member,But what she finds awkward is;After being rescued by Qin Liang,She always called Qin Liang brother,I’m going to call him Dad now,This is a little uncomfortable。
“Yuer,You should call him father with me,otherwise,If we are together,Are you a generation older than me,Have you become my aunt?!If that’s the case,Why am I going to bow down with you??”
Murong Xiaoyao is doing Yuer’s ideological work seriously……
“that……I’ll change my mouth。”
Yuer hesitated,In fact, she really doesn’t mind being Qin Liang’s sister or his daughter,The only thing embarrassing her is;Suddenly this change of identity,She couldn’t adapt psychologically,Nothing else。
“Yuer,I won’t force you,It doesn’t matter what it is called,As long as we are always a family that loves each other。”
Qin Liang said that retreat is advancing。
“Not reluctant,in fact……Actually nothing,You can call anything,You could be lonely and helpless,I have nothing to bring back to this home,Already saved my life,I really want to thank you,But now I don’t have the ability to thank you,and so,and so……I don’t know how to say it,I can’t express what I want to express。”
Yuer said tangledly。
“Ha ha,Silly girl,I know what you think,Are you trying to say that you have always wanted to repay the kindness I saved you,Is it so?”
Qin Liang deliberately repeated the question again。

“OK,Brother-in-law is just a little childish,He just wants to play with us,Don’t be really angry。”

At this time,Can still protect Qin Liang like this,It’s always Liu Xiaoyun。
“To shut up!Don’t speak nice things for him。”
Yang Shiyun deliberately bluffed Liu Xiaoyun。
“I didn’t say good things to brother-in-law……I just think he is actually quite pitiful,Just now the three of us were talking and laughing together,He followed us all alone and lonely,And today he did us a great favor,Even if we don’t need to thank him,At least give him a nice face。”
Liu Xiaoyun is very sensible。
Why doesn’t Yang Shiyun understand this truth?But Yang Shiyun’s stand is different from Liu Xiaoyun。Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang are not husband and wife,But there is a relationship between husband and wife,So her starting point for considering the problem is different from Liu Xiaoyun,Often when she deals with Qin Liang’s problems,In my heart”wife“The angle and position are considered as the starting point,And when she was angry, she never thought of understanding Qin Liang’s feelings,In the world“wife”Are they all like this?。
Shen Ruoxi is the same。
Maybe Liu Xiaoyun will be the same in the future……
“Damn,Xiaoyun turned out to be so cute and sensible!Looks like she will be a good wife in the future,Hehe。”
Yang Shiyun made a joke on Liu Xiaoyun。
“Old sister!What are you talking about!”
Liu Xiaoyun blushed immediately,Quite embarrassed。
Seeing Liu Xiaoyun was said to be shy by Yang Shiyun,Meizi smiled gleefully。
“I’m not talking nonsense,I am telling the truth,You will not only be a good wife,And she must be a good mother!”

Liu Xiaoyun smiled again and replied。

“Suddenly I feel that Qin is great。”
Chen Hao said with emotion,Actually this sentence,She mainly told Shen Ruoxi。
Murong Shan can confidently persuade Shen Ruoxi not to always embarrass Qin Liang on purpose,Because she is the eldest sister,Sister can do this of course“teach”Own sister。But Chen Hao is sister,Why is my sister embarrassed to say that her sister is not?So Chen Hao deliberately used this very obscure, euphemistic and concealed way to do Shen Ruoxi’s ideological work from the side.。
“No more!Brother-in-law drove home。”
Liu Xiaoyun reminded everyone。
Qin Liang would never think of it:In just a few minutes without him,Liu Xiaoyun has done something special for him,Something very important to him……
After getting in the car,Almost a full ten minutes,The carriage is quiet,No one speaks。Because everyone understands what Liu Xiaoyun just said in his heart,And Liu Xiaoyun himself is thinking。
Qin Liang was wondering,He couldn’t figure out what happened to the girls?How come there is no more usual chirping?It won’t be too long,Make everyone silly?
Time gradually came to ten o’clock in the evening。
The nightlife of the city has not come to an end,Haishang City is still immersed in dim lights,In the hustle and bustle atmosphere。
The bustling streets are still full of traffic,A scene of pedestrians,People who have worked hard all day,Enjoying the charming leisure time at night。
A crossroad under an overpass,The coming and going vehicles are moving in an orderly manner,A small van came quickly from a distance,Honking the horn from time to time,It seems to be reminding the vehicle in front to give it away。
The driver of the car is a young man in his twenties,There are four young men about his age sitting beside and behind him。
Today is the birthday of the driver,So after work,He went to have a birthday meal with a few of his usual friends,He didn’t want to drink,In the end, I didn’t control myself.,Not only did I drink with a few buddies,And drank too much……
People can’t use their brains if they drink too much,So the usual safety awareness will naturally be dissolved by alcohol,Just like these young people at this moment,They were talking loudly and laughing,Give me a push,I slapped you and slapped you。
Approaching intersection,The car is going to slow down,The driving guy stepped on the brake,But he has started to drink alcohol,It’s not the brakes,But the throttle,So the car that suddenly accelerated,Rushed directly to the car in front!
“not good!”
The driver’s remaining sober consciousness is clearly aware of the danger,So he instinctively hit the steering wheel,The car immediately turned aside,But it still rubbed the tail of the car ahead and hit it hard,Strong inertia plus the driver’s still not releasing the accelerator,This led to the van rushed directly to the pedestrian path under the bridge。

She looked up at the blue sky,Sighed:“This year,Why is it so hard to be a small assist!”

Forty-sixth:Deal with the butler
Sang Qingrou had planned to spend another period of leisurely life,Don’t want,Jin Yuyan uses her three-inch tongue,Let her lift the ban early。
This day,She and Sang Chengyuan came to Xiyuan in person,Watch her sit quietly under the tree and read,No tossing,Sang Chengyuan nodded in satisfaction。It seems,This girl wants to understand。
“starting from today,You don’t have to stay in the yard。but,Don’t be too proud,Always remember who you are,Don’t do anything that doesn’t meet your status,You can remember?”
Sang Qingrou looked at them in surprise:“Doesn’t it need to be restrained??”
Jin Yuyan glared at her immediately:“You girl,Your father and I came to see how you behaved。how,Listen to your tone,Seems to want to be banned?”
Sang Qing Rou repeatedly waved her hand:“of course not!mother,Who wants to be locked up?!Hehe!I promise,I’ll be obedient,Won’t make you and father angry。The daughter thanked the father for his teaching,Behave well in the future,Don’t bother father。”
Sang Chengyuan was willing to punish her,Just these two times,She behaved too outrageously,Sang Chengyuan can’t punish her,Also remind her,Don’t be too presumptuous just because of the wound on your face。
Who hasn’t frustrated?The key is,How to deal with setbacks?His daughter,Not so easily defeated。Even without beauty,She should also try to keep her position。
“I didn’t want to punish you,It’s just that you were too much before。Qing and soft,I also know,Your face is like this,You will be unhappy in your heart。But you have to know,Your sacrifice will definitely be valuable。This bladder,In a few decades,It will also age,What is not old is your heart,Inside of you。”
Sang Chengyuan patted her hand,Exhort:“Appearance is important,But you have to learn to use your heart to impress His Royal Highness Chen Wang,in this way,He will be stubborn at you。this point,If you don’t understand,Can ask your mother for advice。”