Wang Liu is not a pedantic person,Talk about love,Even if something happens?,I can’t represent anything.。

But I am listening to Wen Wen.,I am still a little relaxed in my heart.,Although Wang Fang was betrayed,But fortunately,Did not suffer。
As for the hit to bear,Communication with a slag,Belt to the baptism,It is not necessarily a bad thing.。
So much thinking,The king is too lazy to talk nonsense.,Cold and cold:“Give you two options,First,I took the initiative to tell Wang Fang.。
second,I tell her myself.,Let her break up with you,Then……”
Wang flow straight to Chai Wen,Eye cold light flashes,Winter:“You will wait for my anger.。”
This is the purpose of him.。
Women in love is zero。
From him to Wang Fang,She does not necessarily believe,Even may arouse her inverse opposite,I think he is in order to make her break up and deliberate her.,If so, I have a slogan with him.,Then you have to pay。
Compared to below,Still let the Wen Hao go to the name of the name of her.,Simple and effective。
Chai Weiwen is a little guilty,Although Wang Fang did not introduce him to his brother.,But not to mention,His brother is doing business,It seems that it is not bad.。
Now look at the “Wear and the gas field”,He can feel it,Wang Fang Besheng did not lie to him,Her brother is not an ordinary person.,The threat just now is not in the bluff。
But just hit by him.,Now I will directly recognize it.,Chai Wei also feels too wrong,Hardted tape:“Don’t tell you,I am thinking about breaking up with her.,Just, I haven’t come yet and open to her.,Just hit by you.。”
“So much the better,Advise a sentence,Don’t play tricks,Otherwise I swear,You can’t afford it。”Wang flows cold laugh,Drop the sentence,Lazy again,Departure。
the next day。
Wang Flow has been waiting for Wang Fang’s news,Just this sister,I will immediately face a blow.,Don’t be angry with him。
I thought that Chai Yiwen will have some difficult tooth.,Tract a little time,I didn’t expect him that he was very simply,Just arrived at noon,Wang Fang classmates Liang Hui will call the phone。
Wang traffic rushed,Liang Hui is waiting at the door,The two have been seen before,Still drinking over the wine together,It is not stranger.。
See the king,Liang Hui hurriedly welcomed the top:“King,You go up and see.,Xiaofang didn’t know what happened.,In the morning, it is good.,In the morning, Chai Wen called her out and said a few words.,Then I suddenly be unhappy.。
The whole morning is lost,I haven’t eaten after lunch.,I don’t say a word lying in bed.,I will die soon.。”
Wang traffic nodded,It is very clear in my heart.,It is definitely that Wenhao is asked by him.,Take the initiative to make your hands with Wang Fang。
“I went to see。”
“follow me。”Liang Huiyi took him on the building first.。
In the dormitory。
Wang Fang did not cry,Just quietering in bed,The two eyes are not gone。
Several rooms around,A concern persuasion。
“Xiaofang,What happened??You are saying something,I will die soon.。”
“Is it a firewood to make you angry??”
“What did he say to you??”
“You are……Did you break up??”
Some people have weak questions,Her man rushes her to make her eyes,Although Wang Fang did not say,But they guess can guess,In the morning, Chai Hao is looking for her to say a few words.,The two must be divided.,Otherwise, it will not be like this.。

He remembers very clear,Monica does not have any friends at all。
Don’t say it is anisotropy,Is the same-sex friends and less。
“My surname,Summer day。”
Summer with fluent English smiling and responding。
Since Monica does not introduce yourself,Summer naturally understands her meaning,I immediately reported a false name.。
Summer day?
Ena and Harris are opposed to each other,Obviously don’t believe。
“I don’t know what to do.?”
“Me?Unemployed visitor。”
Ena scored again,“How is Xia Mr. Xia??”
Summer laughs,The face is full of unpredictable smiles,“Put in this way,Some twists and turns,Do you want to hear??”
“Of course I want to listen。”
Ena will respond,Harris flashes。
“That is a dark night,I am alone in the dark street.……”
Summer feelings,“I am very hungry at the time.,Very afraid,Very panic,Then……I was hicked into a dark roadway by a few female rogue.。”
Stunned in the two,Summer eyes flash panic,Seems to be a nightmare,“They……They actually want to strengthen me……”
His voice,I am afraid with a few points.,A bit lucky。
“Just when I am about to fall,My goddess,The His Hall of the His Hall is down from the sky,Save me in the sea,Ah……Praise goddess,Praise……So I decided,I have to follow the His Hall of the His Hall of this life.,Never give up,Never change heart,Tianxiao,Eternal life,Together……Ah——”
Ena and Harris are stayed.,One of the brains of the two。
Their eyes,Look at the summer like an idiot。
When we are a fool?。
“I know you don’t believe it.。”
Summer turning,Extremely serious,“But this is a real thing.,Oh,I am too excellent.,Too handsome,Those women……Oh,Now I understand one thing,Not only is beautiful, women go in the street is not safe,Just as a handsome guy like me,A person is not safe at night.,The current woman is really terrible……”
Not finished,Slaid open distance,Eye gods look at Eun,“You,You won’t want to have my body.?I can tell you,I never promised。My soul,My flesh,It belongs to the His His Royal Highness,Who can’t take it。”
Fax has。
Ya’s chest pain,The nose is angry.。
Harris next to Harris is also a mouth convulsion,Looking at summer narcissism,I can’t wait to play it.。
“Cough……Mr. Xia,You have more。”
Euna turned over white eyelids,Bare to squeeze a small smile。
She regrets now,Why do you want to test each other?,I will find a chance to try it directly to try him.。
What is the other party??
Not important at all。
Speech,Several people renewing the arch bridge,Come to the square below the cruise ship。
The previous youth called Clark,With a few guards welcome,“Miss Ena,Mr. Harris。”
Ena Road,“This is Mr. Xia,Good friends under the Hordic His Hall,I live here in these days.,You must be responsible for the safety of Mr. Xia,Have you heard it?。”

“But now,think carefully,In fact, the next,Let’s everyone,In fact, it has fully occupied the opportunity.。”

“If it is really starting from here,So, no matter what,In fact, let’s everyone.,Have this necessary,Treated this matter。”
This,Surroundings,What you say。
Especially now,These people are more, the more I feel excited.。
Treat these,At this time, Lei Tianming,It is very calm。
“but,The boss has not disclosed these,So let’s everyone,In fact, it is not so urgent.。”
“In fact, I look at me.,this matter,Let’s first wait for the first time.。”
Anyway, now,Things have happened。
Now you want to completely avoid,That is absolutely impossible。
So next,Want to handle these,In fact, in Lei Tianming, thinking about it.。
but now,Lei Tianming quickly disappointed。
“strangeness,Yin Jia Base,What will be wrong??”
“Why I thought for a long time?,Still not thinking!”
Lei Tianming,Sorctivity is no longer going。
Anyway, no matter what,What is this。
In this way,Not as good as now,Don’t take the tube first,What is the situation here?。
Since it is now,It is better to,Just continue to wait again。
Anyway,,Even if you continue to tangle,In fact, it is also no harmony.。
And Lei Tianming,Others are nodded。
As for Lei Tianming,Looking at these places,His face is brought a smile。
“But now,If you continue to entangle this。”
“In fact, carefully pondering,Down is not found,What will I bring?!”
At this time,Lei Tianming’s consciousness went to the eye,The more this situation is now,In fact, for this matter,How to solve it in the end。
Lei Tianming’s heart,In fact, you must understand more than anyone.。
slowly,Look at these,Lei Tianming suddenly realized:“Ha ha,I think,I understand。”
Just now,Lei Tianming’s mind,Suddenly realized the problems existing in this matter。
So next,Lei Tianming to set up ideas,Plan to do this。
And in front of Lei Tianming,Others have come together,The line of sight is moving here.。
As for the present,Such a thing,I should start from what aspect。
Right,How to see,How to make people feel,In fact, it is not simple.。
“All right,Can now be tangled?,Everyone is ready to prepare,Direct attack Yin Home。” Lei Tianming said,Those people around you look back。
The first thousand ninety-eight chapters Yin Chenghao’s concern
at the same time,In Yin Home。
Yin Chenghao’s line of sight,The next consciousness looks at the eye。
It is in Yin Chenghao’s side.,When those of other Yin’s family look at him,Don’t be exemption in my heart。
After all, now,at this time,Good end,Why do you want to do this??

“This is not instantaneous”Spotted to suddenly appeared Spring。

“Can achieve this degree,Only space capabilities”Blindly。
This kind of surgery is not just to let the spring hide into the space.,It is also a powerful power to play a strong power.。
The other party can enter space to avoid attacks at any time,Then quietly appear around you,General means there is no way to defense,In addition to the sword of the dust。。。。
I am very troublesome by his close words.。
“Why is Quan Hao to expose your ability?,Is it better to sneak attack?”The apeer said。
“I think it should be that Quan Wei did not grasp the intellectual wave spot.,Now just used to deter”说。
“what!”Everyone is shocked。
How much is this Unexpell spot,I have not grasped the Spring, which has been strongly metapped.。
Make a championship against Kakasi standing behind her.,Kakari nodded。
He knows the meaning of the master.,when necessary,He will use your own ability,Cooperate with the Quanyi。
“Nice ability,I really can’t kill you.”Spouse。
He didn’t expect that Spring is actually a space ability.,This means that he is basically impossible to kill the spring.。
Real world attack,Can’t penetrate the space at all。
“But can you stop me from killing others?”
Quite fast back。
Then fall to one place。
He has an emergence,Then it must be strengthened into two sides,The spot is launched.,Moreover, the four arms that must be protracted are also in combination with two or two.。
“This move is。。。。”
“Ivatic”I said that I said。
Spring can see two huge meteorites in high altitude,Then start falling。
This seems to be from a place。
I want to take it directly for it.,Means of,The five shadows behind are killed by him.。
Everyone is curious,What to use mesh?。
“What are you watching?!”I love the sky。
The clouds on the sky are actually changed.,It seems that there is something to come out from it.。
Then everyone will be horrified.,A huge stone wall appears in the sky。
Still constantly expanding。
The cloud is directly broken。
“Damn!”Spring is awkward。
Such a wide range of attacks are enough to destroy everyone who is unexpected.。
“Although killing you,But people behind you must die,I see what you are.”It is necessary to get from the spot,Hold the arm。

More people around the variety of colors flashing dangerous signals。

Various abilities。
Wind blade,Fire dragon,There is even a terrible lightning mad,Chasing the shape of the summer。
There is a black man under the cover of the companion.,Open gravity,Trying to slow down the summer speed,Bind him。
“Go away!”
Summer cold drink,The potential field is extremely expanded,The gravity of the other party is useless to him.。
Heart rushed to the opponent,Snake knife。
A head came out,Bring a large blood rain。
Summer shocking,Until on the other side,The headless body is only flying.。
Short while,Kill six masters,This makes those black people are shocked and angry.。
But it is impossible to retreat now.。
They are here to kill the summer.。
One time,A knife,A sword mood shower。
There are also various powers,The whole cultivation is a tangible beam that hits raging this place.。
But,All this is impossible to threaten the summer。
Now today,I have already surpassed the big success.,It is only one step to get into the Holy State.。
Call it as a saint is not。
Under the opening force,Another auxiliary with potential field and tiger leopard thunder,These people can’t stop him at all。
Knife skyrocket,Glare。
Gray misfortune is almost in the summer,It looks like a dust,In fact, it is a substantial mysterious energy.。
Various remote attacks come to five meters in front of them,A distortion,The speed is slowed down under the influence of the potential field.。
Then, these knives, swordsmanship and abilities hit together,Like a volcanic eruption,The thorn light rushed into the night sky。
This is a frightened picture。
The night sky is like igniting a raging fire.。
But this is not a flame。
That is the type of energy triggered under various qi and abilities.。
And the summer is not in the same place.,Attack over a population,I immediately had four masters like a bomb.。
Still dying in half air。
This makes everyone feel the strong and terrible in summer.。
But,Things have been forced here,No one is back。
All have to rush to the summer rushing。
“Kill……”The forestry war is fierce,Shouting。
More than 30 strong people are laid in the summer。
The black people who are responsible for blocking in the periphery,All are deeply shocking。
They are also master,At least a god-level force,But for thirty strong people who have kill summer,It is not enough to see it.。
Because these people are the lowest, they are the peaks and big success.,More than a dozen people entered the realm。
But even if so,Not only don’t laid in summer,Instead, he has killed many masters。

“I have smashed his bones and flesh.,And the golden sequel,However, next need to adjust,Masters in trouble。”

“good,Where is。”
Ancient Harbor Pointing to the wooden house after the good sound。
The old man did not speak,Make anger。
Significant sound is a bit awkward,Looking at the elderly,Some anxiously,“master……”Ancient sea laughs,“no need to worry,Your grandfather is me, please come to help.。”
Speech,Also walk to the wooden house。
After entering,I saw the old man in the wooden barrel slow down.,In the mouth。
After seeing ancient sea,He shook his head,“Doorkeeper,You really want to do this?
I think I hope it is not big.,And too risky。”
“I want to try it.。”
Ancient sea light channel。
Old man silent。
And the good sound is falling into。
She always feels that the master is talking about。
Just asked,Ancient sea cold channel,“Wonderful voice,You go to the valley,Without my allowance,No one must enter,Hypervisor,Kill!”
I heard this sentence,Good sound first,Inundate slight discoloration。
She doesn’t dare to hesitate,Hurry and turn around。
“Lu Shi,let us start。”
Ancient sea sitting in front of wooden barrel,Explore arms,Two palms are gently pressing the outer wall of the medicine barrel。
The old man also sighs,Sitting across the medicine barrel,Also will be on the top。
As the voice falls,The two closed eyes simultaneously,Running cell,Perfusion arms,Through both brids。
After a moment,The medicine in the pharmacy is boiled, and it is generally boiling.。
Harming, blowing blisters,And transpirating a lot of hot air。
over time,Summing in the summer,Originally emerged with painful cheeks,Gradually move down。
The disorder of disorders tends to be smooth。
But the ancient sea and the old man still understand the way others understand,Internal infinite。
Time passed one minute and one second,The forehead of the two has emerged on a fine sweat.。
Football two hours,The old man lightly,“Doorkeeper,Don’t continue,Reversive three or forty days,retreat!”
Ancient sea faces a touch,But only gradually slowing the amount of cellular interest。
More than ten minutes,The two are deeply spit out,Latency。
The old man slowly standing up,It seems tired between the look。
But he is still slightly not full of ancient sea,“Ancientist,Now you are the door of Changyu,Do you have such an adventure in the future,Since he has got him more,It is already the best result.,Also want to use the secret law to make the tannium,This is not realistic。”
The ancient sea is also full of tiredness,More is not sweet。
She shook her head smiles,“It is too high to overestimate your medical skills.,He is now in the whole body,Bone,Through my brother, the experience left,It is possible to have a chemical pulse……”“But it is only possible,What is easy to talk about the chemical pulse。”
The old man is more,I even blame,“What if you are alive??
The gods have already appeared……”“It’s a reckless。”
Ancient sea sigh,Immediately,“Thank you,Lu Shi。”

Qin Xiaomi’s house,It’s just a big courtyard,This courtyard is said to have been a small Baylor Mansion。

Imagine its size,When the Qin family bought it early,Prices are still very low,But now this courtyard,Don’t even think about it without a billion。
Siheyuan by Qin Xiaomi’s father,Very elegant,While preserving the original flavor,Also refined the interior。
The patio yard is more shaded with trees,This season is the most refreshing。
at this time,Beautiful,Intoxicating piano music,Flowing in the courtyard。
Qin Dacheng and his son Qin Xiaofeng,Two people sitting under a jujube tree with crooked necks,Drinking tea,Listening to the melody of Liang Zhu tapping the soul。
Qin Xiaomi is in the West Wing,Playing the piano gracefully,She closed her eyes,Intoxicated。
And under the eaves,Qin Xiaomi’s mother and grandma sitting,The two enjoy the same face,Qin Xiaomi practiced this piano piece,It’s so beautiful。
Qin Xiaofeng was a little shocked,He can’t imagine such a song,It actually came from a migrant worker。
It’s incredible,A strong sense of conflict between elegance and vulgarity,It’s so incredible。
And now this migrant worker background,Already a hit singer,I’m also an assistant teacher at the Folk Music Academy,The most critical,It seems that his daughter Xiaomi’er is very close to him。
A Dong has just performed the Erhu solo Liang Zhu for the first time,Xiaomi’er is already playing solo on the piano.。
Qin Xiaofeng always feels that something is wrong。
A little worried about him,Not unreasonable,Xiaomi’s character,Is the biggest flaw。

Xu Tianran’s eyes were covered with terrifying bloodshot eyes,“Woo woo……”

This Qianyu,Even the spirit power level has reached the Contra level!!!
Followed by,The fourth spirit ring at the foot of Qianyu lights up……
Fourth Spirit Ability,Puppet mark!
I saw the dark eyes of the ghost angel behind Qianyu,A terrible purple-black mist emerged from her arms,Then slowly stretched towards Xu Tianran’s head……
Xu Tianran’s pupils widened because of the unknown,Then he swayed frantically trying to break free“Woo woo!!!”
however,Does not have any effect……
The nether angel touched Xu Tianran’s head in a purple-black mist……
These mists are like finding a vent,Surged towards his head frantically……
Xu Tianran’s cheeks became distorted,Even though he was pinched, he made a terrible cry……
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”
at the same time,On his forehead,A weird ghost mark gradually solidified……
Xu Tianran stopped all struggles,It’s like a lack of consciousness,The pupils shone with dark colors……
A long while,His eyes gradually appeared a little bit bright……
The ghost mark on his forehead is also hidden……
Qianyu gave him a cold look,“Xu Tianran”
Xu Tianran’s eyes condensed in front of him,The respectful Chaoqianyu Road“the host,Subordinate in”
Qianyu Leng Leng Road“After i left,You are just like before,No matter what means,Must win the rule of the Sun Moon Royal,understand?”
Xu Tianran respectfully said again“understand,the host”

The rest of the album10Song,Han Donger picked it up,I also discussed several songs with Shen Huan,She also likes。

Han Donger has never held a concert,With such a series of singer clubs、Propaganda,She sings almost every other day,Sing in front of fans and fans,I am also happy in my heart。
So even if it is tired,She also feels very energetic。
“Lan Kai and Xiao Yan called me again two days ago,Said you didn’t answer the phone,They asked about your attitude。”Shen Huandao,“When are you going to talk to them。”
“Next month!”
Han Donger thought for a while,“The promotion will end next month,After i talked,I can go home with my family……My grandma is not doing well recently,I’m going to take her to the mountains to recuperate。”
“it is good,I’ll come to you then。”Shen Huan picked it up immediately。
Han Donger is from Lin’an,Since I’m going to vacation in the mountains,Must be the surrounding area,Not far for Shen Huan。
Han Donger smiled,Did not agree,But did not refuse。
hang up the phone,Shen Huan’s heart is still full of the shadow of this fairy with facial paralysis。
《red beans》It’s definitely impossible to make Han Dong’er the third queen,But after this album,She also officially started to attack the Queen of Heaven’s throne。
If it goes well,After a series of operations,In addition, if the third album is also impressive,Han Donger can become the third queen。
But all this is inseparable from the resource tilt of big music companies。
But,Can use resources on Han Donger,It’s also destined to not get rid of water,Instead, they will add a golden sign for their company。
This is why several major music companies are chasing after!

“father,It doesn’t matter even if you tell Zorina,Besides, that person is obviously related to Uchiha,Maybe Uncle Sasuke still knows the person just now。”The blogger interrupted and said。

“Blogger!”Naruto rarely looked at Bo Ren with a stern look,The blogger who always likes to talk back to Naruto was also persuaded at this time。
“I know。”Zoryana gradually released her hand holding Naruto’s Naruto robe。
【Knock grandma li chat room】
Uchiha Instant Fire:Hey,You seem to be in trouble just now。
Uchiha Itachi:Ok,Met Naruto。
Uchiha Instant Fire:I told you not to mess up。
Uchiha Itachi:I don’t want to cause trouble,But wearing Akatsuki’s robes can’t help it,So can you change clothes。
Uchiha Instant Fire:No way,Akatsuki’s robe is your fixed form,Can’t cover or replace,In short,Be careful in your future actions,Don’t mess up all day,remember,The most important thing now is to make money。
Uchiha Itachi:.Then my true identity is likely to be guessed by Naruto。
Uchiha Instant Fire:It’s ok,As long as it doesn’t involve me,One last reminder,anytime,Don’t reveal my information,And the carrier you host is under my control,If you don’t want to be controlled by me one day and let you kill Zorina by yourself,Then make money for me,In return,I allow you to contact Zorana and Sasuke while making money。
Uchiha Itachi:I understand。
【Uchiha Itachi exits the chat room】
When I saw Uchiha Itachi exit the chat room,Shun Huo continued to work hard to make ramen。