The historical record is played by the Golden State Warriors and King Sacramento,1991year11month2day,2Win0Lost Warriors vs. home1Win1Negative king,The Warriors won in the first quarter48:18Leading,30The point difference made the game lose suspense at the end of the first quarter,In the second quarter, the Warriors again singled out40:23Lead17Minute,such,The Warriors have led the Kings at halftime47Much。

“Don’t think about it!Don’t want to get honor on us!”Cavaliers coach Mike-Fratello glared from the sidelines。
But the game won’t change because of someone’s anger,Basketball project——It’s useless to be angry。
The game continues!Second quarter left8Minute15second!
Cavaliers’ baseline ball,This time sent Bobby-Phils。
This strong body,But the slow guard,Confronting Eddie Jones,Almost missed。Fortunately, the team’s center Mark-Westera reached the center line to support,Bobby-Phils quickly threw it to him。
Campbell as the team’s center barrier,Still didn’t participate in the press,But the restricted area,Prevent the opponent from running back and successfully score inside the line。
mark-West Raises High,Difficulty assisting the team to dribble through halftime。
The knight was almost forced8Second violation!
Brandon with the ball on the three-point line。Try to organize an offense。
“Here!”His teammate shouted for the ball,Brandon hit the ball to find his teammate。
Chris Mills cuts to the basket,Helped by Ben Wallace to prevent interference,Missed layup。
Lakers counterattack quickly!
Kobe hit the basket with the ball,Seeing the other two blocking the restricted area,Smile,Eddie Jones。
Pass behind!Sao’s batch!
Eddie Jones three-point line stop,Fake shot,Cavaliers player,Hit the middle distance,Dry jumper。

It’s a recognized fact that Wang Yufei’s math grades are very good,But high school mathematics……

The two are relatively speechless。
“Ok,Class will be in 20 minutes,I have to go to the classroom to get a book,I won’t accompany you to buy water。”Wang Yufei patted his forehead。
“Hey,Xuan Ge,Look,Wang Yufei separated from them。”
“go,Go have a good talk with him!”
Just took the exercise book,Wang Yufei, who walked out of the classroom door, heard someone yelling at the corner of the teaching building at the back door of the classroom,Gone a glance,A boy in the class is waving to him。
Wang Yufei still remembers the boy’s name is Li Yuzhe,One of his classmates who just played with him。
“calls me?”Wang Yufei pointed at himself?
“Do not talk nonsense,Come here quickly!”Li Yuzhe said angrily。
Wang Yufei thought for a while,Ok,There is still time to go to class,I don’t seem to delay talking with my classmates,And walked over honestly。
Just walked to Li Yuzhe,Was pulled down by the little boy directly at the corner of the corridor。
Wang Yufei just saw,Seven have gathered here、Eight male classmates。More terrifying is,There are also several male classmates holding cigarettes……
It’s just that the smoking action is obviously very young,Not as experienced as his uncle,Especially Zhang Bin,Why is the hand holding the cigarette trembling there??
031 Negotiations on Sentimental Love

At the beginning of the third quarter,Xu Xuan and Wei Shao both returned to the court。

The decisive battle begins!
Just like those on siteOKCAs the fans think,Behind halftime9In the eyes of Westbrook,That’s nothing.
He feels good with three points in this game,Later, he will shoot more three-pointers as appropriate。
Game start。
Thunder serve first,Westbrook brought here,really,One step forward,Called Adams’ pick and roll,Direct dry pull three points——
Great strength,Anyway, it’s more powerful than when Xu Xuan shot。
but,Westbrook’s three-pointer in this game may feel really good,Xu Xuan expects the ball to hit the basket,Actually hit the Nets directly.
Trembling cold!
The second half started with a three-pointer from Westbrook。
Lakers offense。
Xu Xuan’s offense is different from Westbrook,He chose to break through this attack!
His shooting is more accurate,But breakthrough,More lethal。

Just no smoke,He suddenly felt,It seems that Qin Xiaomi got it right。

He seems to be addicted to cigarettes。
Fortunately, smoking cravings are not strong,Lin Dong doesn’t plan to deliberately control。
Life alive,Each has its own way of living。
How to live for everyone,We are all!
Holding coffee,Lin Dong opened the door and left the small building,Came to the yard。
Sitting alone under the tree,Very leisurely。
This is life!
Carefree,Not much money,But enough to live。
of course,Now is just the beginning,As a flat wearer,Naturally cannot be satisfied with the status quo,The thought of being rich and peaceful is not necessary。
The money and house of the folk music college,Not for nothing。

“Ok,Not bad!”

Yang Feng stood up specially,Fan in front of you with a fan,Then laugh。
Obviously he is satisfied。
But now he saw Shen Huan again,So he handed the fan to Shen Huan,“Come,Xiaohuan,You try。”
Shen Huan’s head slightly,Close the fan,After standing up,Slap,The fan opens。
Yang Feng’s eyes lit up,Looking at Shen Huan’s fan so softly,It is the first jaw:“Not bad!Not bad!If there is a handsome son in this world,Su Mo counts as one,Xiaohuan, you must count as one!”
This is the second time he called“Xiaohuan”Up。
So passionate for others,Shen Huan is naturally not good at getting a face on the spot,“Brother Feng, you are too polite,Actually,What’s more important is momentum。I think your aura is very full!”
“Hahaha,I know myself,Where are you so good?”Yang Feng invited him to sit down again。
He holds a fan by himself,I learned how Shen Huan turned on the fan several times,I put it down contentedly。
“I haven’t congratulated you yet!”Yang Feng and Shen Huan eat and eat,“《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》so amazing!It’s an incredible ratings record!”
“That’s all the work of everyone working together,Otherwise the script is better,Impossible to succeed。”Shen Huan is very humble。
“in《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》after that,A TV series of our Abao Entertainment is about to start。”Yang Fengdao,“name is《Youth》,Is a first-class playwright,Filmed by first-class directors and first-class actors,You like this,Put us under a lot of pressure。”

Those two figures are Yang Shiyun and Yanzi!In accordance with the agreed plan,The two of them are going to guard the door with Liu Xiaoyun,But Qin Liang ignored the most important factor;No matter which one these two girls are,Absolutely refuse to let him take risks alone!So at this moment,The two of them coincidentally choose

Chose to be with him!
To be born with Qin Liang,If you want to die, die with Qin Liang!
Both girls have this firm idea in their hearts。Zhuang Hai was also greatly surprised,But everyone has entered,What can he do?So he can only helplessly follow Qin Liang behind,Stepped into the hall!According to his and Zhuang Yong’s plan,He won’t enter the hall,But Qin Liang’s two bodyguards rushed in
went,How could he let Zhuang Yong face three powerful opponents alone?!He knew the identity of Yanzi as a professional killer,Although it’s the first time I saw Yang Shiyun,But since she is with Yanzi,That must also be a professional killer,And the two girls grabbed the door’s body and speed,Absolutely all skilled masters!
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One thousand two hundred and seventy-eight chapters This thing ends here
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Zhuang Hai had no choice but to change the original plan.。
I thought there would be a lot of people in the hall,I didn’t expect to find out when I entered;There is only one person standing at a table,Writing calligraphy……This is a bit out of Qin Liang,Yang Shiyun and Yanzi were unexpected。
“master,Master Qin is here。”
Zhuang Hai took a few steps forward,Said respectfully to the person who is writing intently。

At this moment,The army opened the door and said:“Uncle Feifei is right,We have a puzzle today,Many students did not answer,I answered。”

Yue Sufen listen,Smiled immediately,Said:“That has nothing to do with the game,You should have been。”
Junjun,After making a grimace at He Pengfei, he retracted his head,Closed the door。
He Pengfei sitting at the dining table,Yue Sufen made him his favorite fried garlic sprout with shredded pork,I served him a bowl of mung bean and millet porridge,Put on the table,Watching He Pengfei gobbling down,Said:“What did you do,Didn’t you eat for three days??”
He Pengfei said:“No,Just two meals。”
Yue Sufen says:“Did not eat at noon?”
“Ok,Ignored。”He Pengfei did not eat at noon,After he got the notebook,I was busy arranging the computer for partition processing on the spot,Install some necessary software,When the computer was delivered to Ding Yi,Can be turned on。
“Why did you go?”
He Pengfei said while eating:“Went to beijing。”
Yue Sufen says:“With Xiaoran?”
He Pengfei said:“No,Myself。”
Yue Sufen says:“Tell me with a smile,I want to see you in Zhongguancun, Beijing。”
He Pengfei said:“Who has time to take her to play,My busy feet rushed up。”
Yue Sufen smiled,Said:“is it?I think you are very free,Around Xiaoding every day,I don’t see how busy you are?”
Listen to my cousin,He Pengfei put down the half-eaten rice,He can’t eat anymore,Look heavy。
Yue Sufen smiled,Said:“what happened?Was it with Xiaoding just now??”

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Shen Ruoxue said whimsically。
“its not right!If you want to continue,Are we still running away??Isn’t this pulling the sisters to change their careers collectively?……”
Liu Xiaoyun finally“wide awake”coming!The thinking returned to the original theme of why she and Shen Ruoxue had to run away。
Shen Ruoxue was also shocked,Said by Liu Xiaoyun,She also found that the topic seems to have gone off the track for dozens of stops!“no problem, no problem,We just have a preliminary idea today,Waiting for tomorrow,Tomorrow, we two will seriously plan from scratch,Step by step plan,Think every step well!You must remember to be tight-lipped!And no one
can say!Do you know?”
Liu Xiaoyun seriously told Shen Ruoxue。
“He Qiaoer,Can’t Xiner say it??”
Shen Ruoxue asked hesitantly。
“Don’t talk about it,When I look back and test their tone, I will decide whether to take them to escape marriage。”
Liu Xiaoyun thought for a while,Then say decisively。
“it is good,All up to you,Just do that。”Shen Ruoxue nodded solemnly and agreed,then,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun, who have not been forced to introduce their boyfriends,Already put the plan“Escape marriage”This big event,Put it on my important schedule!Really two gods

Peng Changyi,Said:“Are you too nervous??It’s still this routine,Have you seen a few such routines?”

Peng Changyi sat up from the bed,Said:“Why are you pulling me again?”
Peng Changyi,Anxious,Said:“What do i have?”
Peng Changyi is a little guilty,Just said stiffly:“Where did you hear this,What’s wrong with me?”
“You are sick!Do you think people quarreling is fun?”Peng Changyi got up from the bed,,Went to the living room with the quilt,a while,The sound of TV came from the living room,Later he turned his voice down to the minimum,He must be afraid of disturbing her and the child。
Peng Changyi couldn’t sleep because of Wang Yuan and Jia Dongfang,Ding Yi couldn’t sleep because Wenwen said a word to her。She wanted to call Jiang Fan several times,I also hope that the phone on the bedside can ring as usual,but none。
The Lion King was shown in the Kangzhou Auditorium,Full,Ding Yi finally bought two tickets to watch after get off work,Originally, she and Yajuan agreed to go see it together,But suddenly something happened to Yajuan,Didn’t show up in the afternoon,I knew she was in Beijing after calling,Since Yajuan’s sister-in-law’s distillery accident,Yajuan is very low-key,Work is also very low-key,Low-key often doesn’t come。Ding Yihao call Wenwen,Wenwen is very happy,Say:“I saw it once,I’ll watch it with you again。”such,The two of them met at the entrance of the cinema。
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Since you don’t believe me,Don’t say it。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“What is so mysterious,I’m still asking?”
Ding Yi listened,Frown,Said:“Which mayor’s lover?”
“River……mayor?Lover?”Ding Yi was completely shocked。
Ding Yi’s heart beat a few times,Calm down for a while and said:“I met Mayor Gao and Mayor Zhang’s lover,I have never seen another mayor’s lover。”
“Ok,Why is Mayor Jiang’s lover here??”Ding Yi pretended to ask casually。
“Oh。is it?”Ding Yi muran said,I feel uncomfortable。What did Wenwen say?,She barely listened。

The deputy minister doesn’t understand why they laugh,Dissatisfied:“It is a serious problem for our organization department to inspect cadres,You should pay attention,To assist the organization to do a good job of inspecting every cadre,So that we can grasp the truest situation of this cadre。”

The Secretary of the Civil Affairs Bureau is also an older secretary,He said after laughing:“Minister Lee,I received a call from the organization department in the morning,I know you are going to inspect the cadres,We’ll split up into each department immediately,Must gather in the undergraduate room in the afternoon,Waiting for inspection by superiors。The cadre you just mentioned,I will tell you the truth,He is no longer in the unit,My chief has never seen him,Later, I heard that people had left their job without pay and went to the south to do business and make a fortune,Because he has no salary,Pension insurance and provident fund must be paid by yourself,Our accountant urged him to come back to make up the insurance and provident fund,As a result, they simply resigned,The organization department has filed this matter。What do you say about your leaders,How do you remember that one is one,Have to look at someone who has nothing to do with the unit?There are also many of our cadres at the unit level waiting for the organization to inspect and inspect,But then I gave the opportunity to that one person,Can we not laugh?”
Vice Minister Li was very embarrassed,He hesitated:“That’s it?Blame you,Why don’t you report the flow of cadres to the organization department in time?”
The chief of civil affairs said:“I just said,We reported this matter to the Organization Department a few years ago。”
Vice Minister Li sighed helplessly,Said:“Blame us for not working carefully,Cause trouble for the comrades below……”
that’s it,The inspection team returned to the unit dingy,So far,This joke spread quickly among the committees and offices of the Lang Zhu Science Bureau,Of course Jiang Fan won’t carry this scapegoat,He seriously criticized Yin Jiashi at the meeting,Said this is not a joke that a deputy secretary who has been in charge of the organization for many years can make,Make the city committee passive,Especially at the time of cadre adjustment work。Jiang Fan also instructed the Organization Department,Immediately carry out a citywide cadre statistics work,Screen the situation of resigned cadres,Bring out the most real cadre situation。
This is a joke that has recently been popular in the officialdom of Langzhu,More intriguing is,And one more thing,Has also been widely transmitted from below。
According to the previous arrangement on the Standing Committee,The cadre adjustment plan is in charge of the organization work by Yin Jiashi,But somehow,Yin Jiashi hasn’t submitted a plan at the meeting,I didn’t communicate with Jiang Fan on the issue of cadre adjustment.,Later Jiang Fan proposed to convene a standing committee,When specializing in personnel issues,Before the meeting,Yin Jiashi found Jiang Fan,Said that he and the organization department had already drawn up an adjustment plan,But feel immature,Has not been submitted to the Standing Committee,I wanted to discuss with Jiang Fan,Unexpectedly, the Standing Committee will be called to study personnel issues,He hurried to find Jiang Fan。
Of course Jiang Fan will not look at his plan before the meeting,He looked at Yin Jiashi meaningfully,Said:“I have to go out,Take the plan first,Let’s study together in the afternoon meeting。”Jiang Fan told the Yin Jiashi“Study together”,Interpreted by Yin Jiashi as“Let’s study together”This plan,But afterwards, the Yin family really tasted something,Is and another plan“together”the study,It’s just that it’s too late after he tastes the taste……
Two o’clock in the afternoon,Jiang Fan hosted the Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee,When Jiang Fan explained that the main topic of research at this conference was the recent personnel issues,Yin Jiashi took out a piece of material,Unfold,Straighten up,Prepare to report,Once Jiang Fan finishes,His personnel plan can be made public。
Jiang Fan said:“On the issue of cadre adjustment,I arranged it very early,Secretary Yin and the comrades in the Organization Department have done a lot of work,Inspect cadres in advance,Discuss with cadres,Some information has been fed back to the municipal party committee,The work of cadre adjustment has always been a highlight of the organization work,In view of certain aspects,This work must be done immediately,To stabilize people’s hearts,Because it’s not long before New Year’s Day,This work will also be completed before New Year’s Day,Especially the personnel adjustment work of municipal units and agencies,To be completed before new year’s day。Secretary Yin has a plan,I also have a plan here,Minister Zhao will announce it later,Then Secretary Yin will announce his plan,If the two programs can overlap, they overlap,We will discuss and decide where there are differences……”
Don’t say that Yin Jiashi and everyone are dumbfounded,Even Peng Changyi was stunned,Jiang Fan directly presented his plan at the meeting,Even though he said that the two programs should be studied together,But everyone knows,The two plans will be discussed by the Standing Committee,Which standing committee member will follow the secretary。But think about Yin Jiashi’s various performances at this stage,It’s nothing to give him some color,Let him know、Introspection,It’s also a strategy。
Jiang Fan finished,And submit this plan to Minister Zhao,Director Zhao seems to have prepared,Tacitly accepted the file in Jiang Fan’s hand。
Jiang Fan said after passing the documents in his hand to Minister Zhao:“My plan,It’s me who came to Lang Zhu to observe and visit,Formed on the basis of widely soliciting opinions from the masses,of course,I also solicit opinions from some members of the Standing Committee,I’ll ask Minister Zhao to read it down……”
The introduction of the personnel plan drawn up by Jiang Fan,Announced Yin Jiashi’s plan。
Jiang Fan lowered his head to drink water,Then look up at the ceiling,Or just bow your head and write something on the book,Anyway,He just doesn’t look at Yin Jiashi,Yin Jiashi’s face was red and white in embarrassment,Like a man,Pin felt,The hand holding the file was trembling,It’s as humiliating and embarrassing as Jiang Fan stripped him in public。
For this matter,There are many legends in the officialdom of Langzhu,Some say,The municipal party committee has long asked Yin Jiashi to coordinate with the organization department to draft a personnel adjustment plan,Yin Jiashi didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion,I drafted a personnel adjustment plan myself,Next, he frequently talked to the adjusted cadres,Instead of talking to grassroots organizations and the masses,Make a wish privately,This completely disrupted the positions of the cadres,Make people panic。
Director Ma of the Finance Bureau came to see Jiang Fan,Said that Secretary Yin had already talked with a deputy director,Put this deputy director ahead of all deputy directors,Become the Deputy Director,But currently the Finance Bureau has an executive deputy director,Although there is a lot of friction with the director at work,But still the deputy director,The municipal party committee talked to the deputy director,This deputy director thought he was the executive deputy director,I even feel like I’m the candidate for the director,The tail is up to the sky,Whether it’s a meeting or setting up work,Completely above the director and deputy director。