Jiefin:“……”How can you listen to this??

He looked at Qing’s low head,It seems that http://www.szhsjj.cn there are more than two red clouds on the face.,She will be shy?
“Hey-hey,Qing Dynasty,How do I think you want to marry me??”
Qing Dynasty apple did not want to smash it towards him.。
“Who……Who wants to marry you,You think so,No wonder I can’t find my wife now.。”
Blue Xin looked at the two people,Take Lu Hao Cheng Silent Leaving,People are cultivating emotions,Atmosphere rendering is just good,She is sorry to go in and destroyed。
Go on a car,Spring is still cold,Gem of wind,Make people’s face with gentle stinging。
Lu Hao became heating,Help her hardship,I will drive home.。
All the way,Blue Xin is still drowsiness,When the temperature is not cold,She sleeps extremely。
Especially rainy days,She is surprisingly good。
Lu Haochong opened very stable,At home,She didn’t wake up。
Until Lu Hao hugged her,Cold air attack,She slowly opened her eyes。
Lu http://www.hrbdyt.cn Haocheng saw her woke up,Some annoyed this cold night。
“Put me down,I am walking myself.。 ”Blue Xin sleepy,Sound。
Lu Haochong flashed,Footsteps:“Heart hurts me?”
Blue Xin bright eyes are gently blinking,Gently head。
“I can’t hurt you.,Who distressed you。”Blue Xin lowered a sentence。
Lu Haocheng smashed the lips。
After opening,Holding her directly to the room。
Blue Xin doesn’t want to talk more,After all, the scratches on your body make her http://www.yifeng8.cn uncomfortable。
Lu Haocheng knows her tired,Nothing?
“Tired, sleep first.,Is there anything to say tomorrow morning?。”
“Um!”Blue Xin nodded。
Lu Haocheng looked at her after sleeping,Just get up and get out of the room。
He took out the phone‘
I called a phone to Ou Jing.。
European:“Company warehouse,Do you want to come over?The result is already coming out.,Received money。”
“Who?”Lu Hao is very cold。
“He doesn’t know,Home has a sick mother,In the hospital needs money,See someone gives money,A little heart,I did this.,You don’t come,I will give the police.。”
“Um!”Lu Hao points,hang up the phone。
There is an instant silence over there.,Usually encounter this kind of thing,He shouted to shout,Very tough attitude,It’s so easy to compromise today.。


A round of big days and a round of meniscus。
And all blood color,As if tentacle。
Sun and moon。
A seat of the mountain,A valley is crossing in the air。
Between the valleys and valleys,A strip of the blood river is ruthless,Rolling the endless surge。
The whole world,As if。
Even if you have seen more than a thousand sights in the summer.,Still shocked by the scene。
That seat is a giant mountain,Blood funning,Skyline。
That strip,Pentium roaring,It’s like a blood dragon disk around nine days.。
http://www.sjtu-ihs.cn There is also a piece of blood shrouded plains、canyon,Just like a hell in the sky。
And the feet they stand,Nor is it a hundred-meter stone pier。
Stone pier,It is a bloody river water that is perfused from the sky.……Do not,It has become a sea。
No matter the breath in the nose,Or outside air,All are all caused by richness to the extreme。
This is a bloody,Stimulate everyone’s heart,Let people think that I can’t help but kill.。
“Heaven……”Some people finally couldn’t help but exclaimed,Break the silence,“This fourth layer,What existence is there?……”Everyone is still silent。
No one speaks。
But do not affect the heart of their heart。
Although any creatures are not seen around,However, there is a crisis from the instinct.,Band in everyone’s heart。
“No matter what is,Our primary purpose is to leave here。”
Talking is Wantong。
He bowed his head and http://www.jzsmg.cn looked at the ground under the feet.,Be expected to be far away,“Did you see those stone piers?,Just as our feet,We can only jump from this stone pier to another stone pier.,Can leave this place。”
Everyone naturally saw。
One in front of me,Just like it is in a big river,Pooled a huge stone。
Want to cross the river,I have to step on these stone jumps.。
certainly,That is just described and。
River,This place is an endless blood sea,Can’t see the end。
At this time,Summer walks forward。
He silently,Ignoring all eyes。
Come to the foremost edge,Lower down。
Blood sea chain,The stone pier is top,But about five or six meters。
Summer takes a white bone spear from the mustache space,Explore the blood sea。
See him,Surrounded by everyone,Focus on this understanding。
After dozens of breathing,Summer recovery bones,Put the front end usually,First http://www.baoding-machine.cn observed some,Then, never use the nose to sniff。
Spin,He,“Blood sea without odor,There is no ability to erose and corrosion on the surface.。”
Say,He looked up and looked at a piece of giant mountain in the high altitude.,And a blood river,Also。
“But the blood in the air is very rich.,So I speculate,Those blood rivers are harmful,But after the flow of flowers,Decomposed。”
Toned,Also,“so,The ground is extremely deep,It should be placed a super array,It should be that the predecessors of the opening of the nine-story space。”
Summer refers to the height of the blood,“Danger from the blood river,In addition to suffocating,The blood river must have a monster similar to the blood of the blood。”

Liao Wenjie raises his hand to pick up the porcelain bowl,Behine,The latter hand-held light,Put it in red lips,Finally, slowly he handed over him.。

This intention is refused,Can see the look of Bai http://www.hongshengsuye.cn Suzhen,He frowned,Silently open mouth。
Bai Suzhen,I will not be annoying a scoop.,Did not stop until the bowl。
“Son,how is the taste?”
Liao Wenjie did not speak,Upper and lower cases,Run your hand and shoot her shoulder:“today,I am giving a woman.,Graceful、Virtue、蕙 蕙 兰 心、Direct,Wanli can not depict words。”
The little mouth is like a honey,Bai Suzhen listens to the heart,Put down the porcelain bowl,Hold Liao Wenjie’s hand。
“The woman is in the white government,But I don’t know how her is,I don’t dare to ask for,Heart is very bored。”
“willing,The man loves to the son at first sight,It is also very willing。”Bai Suzhen,The eyes laughs into the tip of the crescent。
I know that the old people are beautiful appearance.,More than inner,When you meet, you will be a good wife.,Not selling。
Fortunately, now!
“This is true?”Liao Wenji。
“Great,Not,People I like are your sister。”
Liao Wenjie hands on Bai Suzhi,Joyful:“I want to thank the girl more,If you are not you pull bridge,Let Xiaoqing girl return the umbrella,This is a good match, I don’t know how the monkey can find it.。”
In-house,Bai Suzhen stunned,Outside the window,Xiaoyai fell,Brain,It’s unclear。
what’s the situation,What is the relationship with her?,Is this a man in my sister?,How can she become a good match??
and many more,My sister is working hard.,Men who have not hooked with all the means,She didn’t do anything, I took the initiative.……
This does not mean,She is more than my sister.?
happy、joy、show offJPG
How is it for more than five hundred years?,The ability to hook the man is more than 10,000 years than her.!
Outside the window,Xiaoyan smiled,Bai Suzhen, the Bai Sui, a look of the ghost,She refers to her face,Then refer to your month……waist,Finally finger leg,I didn’t say anything in my eyes.。
The old girl is beautiful,Show outside Hui,Hall Hall,Lower bedroom,Have a hurry,Dress uphold,Which is a stupid sister??
She is stupid!
Meaning http://www.lpfamily.cn to understand Bai Suzhen,Liao Wenjie gives an answer,Small channel:“Today is late,I went home to write two love poems.,A few days to find a young girl,Please also ask the white girl to help me in front of her.。Mean,Liao is so big,The first time has,If the white girl does not help me,I really don’t know what to do is good.。”
“White girl,You will help me,Right?”
“That’s how it is said.,thank you so much!”Liao Wenjie hugs Bai Suzhen,I took two times behind it.,Rear back pillbox,Parly pace。
Still 歌。
After Liao Wenjie left,Xiaoyan is a face of the house into the house,I didn’t realize my my sister’s face.,Ocean:“elder sister,did you see that,What is charm,This is a charm,I just sent the umbrella,Twisted the waist in front of him,He likes me.。”
婢,Who let you twist!
Bai’s eyes,Yingying is a smile on the face:“Young,come here,Sister has a baby to give you。”
“What baby,Is it a sister’s man??”
Xiao Qingle,Half-way,Eye god guard:“elder sister,Behind your back is the sword.?”

It’s good to absorb enough for nine tails.,It’s more yin and yang.,I have not been given by the springs.。

Spring,A large number of roots must spread from him.,Form a one by one。
“so it is,You want to speed up and get together”Nine tail suddenly realized。
This is true that it is very efficient.,But it is necessary to occupy a part of the area.,This causes a needed yin and yang.。
“no way,We only have time for more than two months.,And http://www.njlhj.cn the wind attribute, I just found the direction.,No reference,Refining is more difficult than other attributes”Spring explanation。
“Ok,Old way,Put our body out,The tail is staying here.”
“But you pay attention,Don’t take too much yin and yang”
Nine tail said。
“I know”Square nodded。
I don’t know what is going on.,Natural energy without carriers is hard to enter his space。
Unless the spring takes the initiative,Otherwise, even if the spring opens space will not flow automatically.。
Springs may be the reason why they are not fully connected with their own space and reality.。
So you can only let the nine tails absorb natural energy transformation outside,Provide yin and yang through the tail to Springs。
Dismaining fast disk,Distance between each other is very close,Try to reduce the space area required。
And the nine tails they appear in the outside world.,Leave their tails in space。
Spring is flying to a moving position in the face.。
Suddenly, a mysterious force will cover them.。
Springs and his avatars seem to be in the constant jitter。
But in fact, Quan Yan did not move,Just because of the speed of time,When they breathe, the changes in the body have become obvious.。
It looks like a jitter.。
“This is too screaming.”Just squatted。
It is still the first to help spring offers yin and yang,It was also scared by this speed.。
“This is there?,I used to be more powerful than this.,Now I know Chacrador’s benefits.”Jiuji proudly。
“Still fully absorb natural energy”Acoustic reminder。
I think of the previous experience, he is afraid.,It is really almost being http://www.susongdanbao.cn dried by Spring.。
And the rhinoceros stands there, don’t talk there.,It doesn’t love the opening。
“When will I get it?”Heavy cranes。
Nine tail disdainful laugh,This will not bear it.?
It can know what is experienced in Quan.,Almost unhappy cultivation,Also add the memory of him。
Although I have to take a break over a period of time.,But it is also terrible enough。

slowly,With Shen Xuan’s words,obviously,For these things,In fact, Shen Xuan itself,It’s more and more。

However,right here,Shenxuan’s face,Liu Dexin in front of me,The whole person’s eyes are more killing。
“Humph,Shen Xuan,You are too self-righteous.。”
“I will let you know today.,How ridless you http://www.whwgmnqx.cnare wrong?!”
When Liu Dexin’s words said,For these,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like。
Shen Xuan counter,I don’t think it is,Current this,What will there be。
Just this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,Shen Xuan itself,It is very lightweight。
“certainly,It’s a victory.。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more now,In fact, other problems,Instead, there is nothing。
And just this,In fact, here,Shen Xuan itself,It doesn’t feel that,How much will this scene?。
“Humph,go to hell!”
Shen Xuan’s words,The whole person is even more than two words.,Directly。
In front of Shen Xuan,Liu Dexin contracted the entire person,Looking at this side。
obviously,at this point,It is completely unexpected to others.。
http://www.digital999.cn After all, this thing is,no doubt,Completely make others unexpected。
And the people of Tianyuan,Very surprised。
“My goodness,This is serious,Still joking?”
“That’s right,He actually solved the boss,Let’s follow,What should I do??”
“As for us, what do you need to do?,I really don’t know.。”
“otherwise,Let’s fight with him directly.!”
This,As people who are surrounded by those people around,They have come here.。
Plan now,I made a break with Shen Xuan.。
but,It is a look at Shen Xuan’s consciousness.。
For the current,In fact, Shen Xuan itself,It’s totally unable to feel,Now,What will be wrong?。
And just this,When Shen Xixuan looked at the next look,The more now,In fact, here,Shen Xuan itself,It has already been completely seen from this scene.。
“All right,Don’t talk nonsense,Directly。”
Shen Xuan said,Lei Tianming, etc.,http://www.adorn168.cn Quick shot gives them to these people。
finally,A while,This is finally all solved.。
“Boss,It’s all handled here.,Let’s follow,What to do?”
When Lei Tianming looked at Shen Xuan,It is a little curious.,Can’t help but say。
And with the words of Lei Tianming,obviously,Isn’t something else?。
But the more like this,At this time, Shen Xuan,Then the performance is very cloudless。
“Next,We have made this step.,How can you do it??”
“certainly,It’s a victory.。”

In the future, you have to drink water.,I will help you.。”

“and me。”
Several words,Let the blue heart warm。
http://www.shhongxiang.cn Nothing is more peaceful than these three words.。
She is soft,Sunshine hits her little face,Her smile is bright and weak,Face is also pale。
Lu Haocheng looked like this,I will hurt my heart.,He is lightly embarrassed.,Gently pat her back,“Blue,Don’t think too much,I come back,I am right beside you,I will never leave you.。”
His disappearance,Let her sick。
Lu Haocheng feels that his heart is tightly pinned.,His pain, some can’t breathe。
She is the only shining in his life.,That takes him from the tits.。
Lost in the years,With her memory and smile,Found her from the darkness。
He is so careless,Holding in the palm of your hand, I love, but always let her get harmed.,He suddenly found his strength and weak,Weakly, people who love their most love can’t protect。
“hehe”Blue Xin smiles,Head is smasher in his arms,Hand with his neck,Tone is very light,“Ah Cheng,you come back,I know,I am really happy.。
Ah Cheng,Let’s go back.,Xiao Jun brothers and sisters and mom and dad miss you very much.?”
She wants home.,I want my mom and dad,I miss her three children.。
“it is good,We go home。”
Lu Haocheng’s voice is pet,It’s down on her head to fall.,Only let go of her。
Take a while ,The waiter sent some food to the vegetables that Lan Xin like to eat.,Lu Haocheng accompanied her after breakfast,Let Ou Jingqi fixed a ticket to China。
Let Lin Yen left the things behind。
Lin Ye knows that Song Mince is here,Just don’t want to leave,Let Lu Haocheng go first。
Su Seiming wound is not good,Not willing to go。
The ticket is scheduled for the next day,The second day, a group departed back to China。
Song Yisi is after Lu Haozheng,I realized that Lu Haoge returned home.。
She is angry again,I fell something in the room.。
Her room,There is a study next to the bathroom,The wall of the study is filled with Lu Hao Cheng。
The first photo from Lu Haozheng appeared in front of the public,She started collecting his photos。
these years,He can appear in front of the public.,But she always has a way to get。
The thing to save him was poked.,She wants to find him,But there is no previous air。
In addition, she gave him the medicine,Frame of Blue Xin’s things,He should hate himself.,His cold character,I am afraid that I don’t want to see yourself in my life.。
She is so persistent a man,Ity,Don’t want others to get。
I http://www.jintianquwanr.cn don’t know when I start,She has such an obsession,She went to Jiangyou to visit this time.,In fact, I want to make myself a little known.,Go to his side。
I took it from the North Sea Market.,See a beautiful North Sea,She leases a cruise ship to go to the sea.。
She is with her own male assistant,Just open a cruise ship,At that time, only two people,When they arrived at the bay, she suddenly saw a car away from the cliff.,She was shocked at the time.,The terrible car accident is awkward,Thinking people inside must die,They saw it,You can’t put it without seeing,When they rushed over,The owner of the car is just one30The old man is raised from the sea.。

After entering the office,More than summer snow,Su Xiaoxue is also。

After seeing the summer,Su Xiaoxiao’s scorpion flashed a lot,Continue to become worried。
And Xia Xue is a non-normal,Refers to the sofa,Sanded in summer。
Then said,“I have already heard of things.,The old killing of the guardian and the ancient,And you are with you?”
Summer shakes your head,“He is Feng Tianpeng’s master。I have nothing to do with me.。”
“Then what do you go to ancient house??”Xia Xue asked。
“I was originally to save Feng Tianpeng’s……”
Summer is not hidden,Total the news you know.。
Treat him to finish,Xia Xuezi Wei Wei,“Means of,You have originally want to save Feng Tianpeng,As a result, the old man is first step.,After killing people,Let you carry a black pot?”
Summer response,Her pair of beautiful eyes,Light of a silk means,“You don’t seem to be angry,Don’t do any explanation……You and the old man are very familiar?”
“He saved me several times,Also helped me a few http://www.32912999.cn times。”
Xia Xueton is a sudden,Rotary is about one side,Say,“Summer!”
Summer snow。
From small to large,This is the first time he first heard the name of Xia Xue.。
“How about my sister?”
Summer snow’s lookout,“Do you feel very powerful?,Can be covered in Beijing,Hand cover?”
“I don’t have.。”
Summer snow eyes,“Do you want to say,Is someone else to provoke you?”
Nodded by the summer consciousness。
“Row,Is someone recruited you,You counterattack,You murdere,These are right,But do you think that you can really have no unscrupulous?,Guangming is big to go to the ancient house?”
I heard this sentence,Summer suddenly。
Among them, you may have something you don’t know.。
In fact。
First time,He just wants to save Feng Tianpeng,Kill the Beichen。
Not immediately http://www.3650597.cn killing the idea of the ancient tank。
But I plan to take a time to secretly do this.。
Can be biased,He explains unclear,Of course, I don’t explain anything.。
“Sister,You listen to me……”

Half an hour later。

The room is quiet。
Only Luo Yu finally sighed:“I think they got these songs,I’m afraid I’ll come over to find you money。”
“Do not,I don’t need money。”
Lu Ban shook his head,Since it is to be done,Not only to remove the knife from the neck,I have to give the opponent a backhand.。
He raised his mouth,Show a smile。
“I only have one request,The entertainment company that got these songs,within one year——
Not to cooperate with Starlight。”
Chapter Sixty Three You licked Weibo, do you know?
“Hey,President Huang,I sent you a songdemo,The details are explained in the mailbox,We’ll talk after you heard it。”
“Boss Gao,You finished,Want to talk??”
“Zhang Ge,I’m not just giving you this song,When Lu Ban gave it to me,I thought of you first,The price is easy to say,It’s just that you have read the conditions?”
Luo Yu did not leave,Emailed directly on the set to the CEOs of several entertainment companies。
An hour,The phone in her hand never stopped。
Actually throw so many songs from previous lives at once。
Lu Ban is also very distressed。
It’s equivalent to sending these songs out for no reason to make others,Which traveler has done such a stupid thing?
Fortunately, Luo Yu didn’t really give it away。

She is not only the pillar of the performance in the Huajing Opera,And also trained a lot of students and actors,Basically, after the dean retires,,She is here to serve as the dean。

Otherwise such an important thing,It’s impossible to send an unimportant person to negotiate。
Today’s drama market,Not as bleak as it was ten or twenty years ago,But you have to say how good,That’s not even。
If it weren’t for the country’s financial support,If there were not so many actors willing to dedicate their acting skills on the drama stage,I’m afraid those theaters in China,Basically, it can be maintained。
Rao is so,The average strength in the drama industry is also mostly,The most powerful giants have almost monopolized70%The above good actors and behind-the-scenes team。
Beihua is one of those giants,Their own conditions are good,Business conditions have continued to improve in recent years,But they also want a bigger breakthrough,So they got it《Gift in Room 7》。
Because it is important,So the person who is sent can be determined in one word!
“Is it Teacher Fan??”Shen Huan stood up,“Please sit down!”
Why does he still know me?
Fan Dan is a bit dazed,But still subconsciously:“Sink……Teacher Lu,I came to see Teacher Chu Liuxiang Chu today,He hasn’t arrived yet?”
At this time she also remembered that Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang had also cooperated,Maybe know。
And Shen Huan has his real name and stage name,She is such a particular person,Naturally it is called Shen Huan’s high-status stage name,To show respect。
After all, Lu Xiaofeng’s reputation in the music industry,Compared to her in the drama world,But much higher。
“It’s here。”Shen Huan pointed at herself,“Introduce yourself,My name is Shen Huan,The name of the song is Lu Xiaofeng,The book’s name is Chu Liuxiang,So you come over today,Should talk to me《Gift in Room 7》of。”
“you……you you you……”
Fan Dan was so shocked that he couldn’t even speak。
She couldn’t believe it,I really don’t believe it。

The historical record is played by the Golden State Warriors and King Sacramento,1991year11month2day,2Win0Lost Warriors vs. home1Win1Negative king,The Warriors won in the first quarter48:18Leading,30The point difference made the game lose suspense at the end of the first quarter,In the second quarter, the Warriors again singled out40:23Lead17Minute,such,The Warriors have led the Kings at halftime47Much。

“Don’t think about it!Don’t want to get honor on us!”Cavaliers coach Mike-Fratello glared from the sidelines。
But the game won’t change because of someone’s anger,Basketball project——It’s useless to be angry。
The game continues!Second quarter left8Minute15second!
Cavaliers’ baseline ball,This time sent Bobby-Phils。
This strong body,But the slow guard,Confronting Eddie Jones,Almost missed。Fortunately, the team’s center Mark-Westera reached the center line to support,Bobby-Phils quickly threw it to him。
Campbell as the team’s center barrier,Still didn’t participate in the press,But the restricted area,Prevent the opponent from running back and successfully score inside the line。
mark-West Raises High,Difficulty assisting the team to dribble through halftime。
The knight was almost forced8Second violation!
Brandon with the ball on the three-point line。Try to organize an offense。
“Here!”His teammate shouted for the ball,Brandon hit the ball to find his teammate。
Chris Mills cuts to the basket,Helped by Ben Wallace to prevent interference,Missed layup。
Lakers counterattack quickly!
Kobe hit the basket with the ball,Seeing the other two blocking the restricted area,Smile,Eddie Jones。
Pass behind!Sao’s batch!
Eddie Jones three-point line stop,Fake shot,Cavaliers player,Hit the middle distance,Dry jumper。