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Beauty Advanced Care Creates Silky Beauty

You must never think that as long as you do a good job in facial care, your beauty project will change.

In fact, many times, the reason why beauty breaks is because of details.

When it comes to nursing, many women ignore important details.

Think of that sentence: You need to know the real age of a woman and see if she suffers.

Don’t hurry up and come to the neck!

  At the age of 25, she began to noticeably ageless and elegant women. Her skin line was absolutely flawless, but many women only focused on their own facial skin, ignoring equally important skin.

It is said that beauty experts said that one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body with skin is also one of the most prone to aging.

From the age of 25, women’s obesity has begun to show signs of age. Note that skin care should keep your age secret.

  The initial skin needs to be firmer and older, and the collagen in the body begins to gradually lose. With a small volume, the elasticity of the skin gradually decreases, and the skin becomes wrinkled.

At this time, the basic nursing procedure can’t alleviate the aging problem of the shoulder and neck skin. You need to upgrade the ordinary moisturizing cream to an anti-aging cervical cream, and cooperate with the professional neck mask intensive care, and continue to rebuild.

  Implant nursing “membrane” is an indispensable substitute for an “event triangle” in ergonomics. The skin appears thin and fragile, only 2/3 of the thickness of the face, the texture is deep and crossed, and the content of collagen cells is relatively small.It is easy to lack elasticity, and the hemoglobin content is less dull and yellower.

In the end, the number of sebaceous hormones and sweat glands in the skin only accounts for 1/3 of the face. Sebum secretion is reduced, it is easy to dry, and it is difficult to keep moisture, so it is easy to produce wrinkles.

Therefore, it is important to take care of the “film”.

  Acrylic-coated mask, paper-like and paste-like impurities 1, do not clean the mask deeply.

Anion mask, paper and paste impurities.

For dryness, apply a moisturizing mask, remove dumbness and apply a whitening mask, and increase elasticity. Apply an anti-aging or collagen mask. However, it is best not to use a deep cleansing mask, otherwise it will be easier to dry.

  2. Natural essence is the most anti-aging.

Choosing a natural neck mask with marine essence or Chinese herbal medicine ingredients can reduce the formation of nourishing wrinkles, delay aging, and restore skin elasticity.

  3, the swan beautiful neck pressed out.

While improving the facial mask, massage is used to reduce neck lines and improve blood color.

When acute fatigue, apply warm towels for two minutes to increase blood circulation.

Do not use too hot baths, because hot water touches the skin of complications, irritates the skin and causes neck lines.

  Adhere to the firming neck cream. Sooner or later, adhere to the firming cream specially designed for reorganization. Its quality is richer than ordinary moisturizing products. The ingredients can promote the skin’s soft fibrin cells to renew.Neck lines to enhance neck skin effect.

Regular neck mask before bedtime 1 weekly?
2 times, after the cleansing and skinning procedures, apply the mask to the neck mask and apply it in a supine position. The pillows should not be too soft or too high, it is better to be a little harder, and the height is about 8cm. This helpsHelps skin stretch to prevent wrinkles.

  Neck cream method STEP1: first rub the cream on the palm to warm.

Tilt your head up, your hands from bottom to top, and apply a little force to the middle part of your fingers to push the loose meat out.

  STEP2: Then the right side is turned to the left, and both hands apply force with the fingertips, and the left side is rubbed from bottom to top until it is behind the ear.

Then do the same as above.

  STEP3: Finally, step on the thumbs with both hands, push the excess meat from the lower jaw to the chin, and then massage the left and right ears respectively.

  Neck mask DIY A egg yolk olive oil neck mask raw materials: 3 egg yolks, 15 grams of olive oil.

  Method: Stir egg yolk olive oil together until foaming, apply after cleaning and initialize, wash with warm water after 10 minutes, use once or twice a week.

  Beauty effect: Egg yolk has antioxidant effect, skin is smooth and tender; olive oil moisturizes and repairs dry skin.

  B potato potato neck mask raw materials: 1 potato, 15 grams of olive oil.

  Method: steam the potatoes, mash them into mud, add olive oil to the mashed potatoes, stir well, apply it while it is hot, and wash after cooling.

  Beauty effect: This moisturizing effect of the neck mask is transformed into skin that becomes white and tender and smooth.

The four best men tonic in winter

The four best men tonic in winter

The four best tonics for men in the winter This is basically the best tonics for men in the winter, so that you can be a strong man in the cold winter. In fact, these two are the most nourishing and tonic, and the water fish (commonly known as Wang *(8) It also has the effect of soft and firm dispersal.

According to legend, the famous Ma Jiajun took the water fish as the treasure of the town, allowing athletes to drink water fish blood and draught fish stew to strengthen the body, which caused the national water fish fever. There is a restaurant in Guangzhou that exclusively sells water fish.Yet.

  In the book of medicine, it is also known as 鳖 or Shanrui’s water fish ”, which can enter the liver meridian, strengthen the liver and nourish the kidney, nourish the blood, and improve the deficiency of the kidney and yin.

“Traditional dishes such as Shuangdong and Shanrui are delicious and beneficial, but unfortunately the side dishes of mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots are not enough tonic, which wastes the nourishing ability of water fish.Cordyceps: can nourish yin, strengthen the spleen, and nourish blood.

  Water fish with Sichuan Fritillaria: Fritillaria Fritillaria, Anemarrhena, Almond, Bupleurum, and Silver Bupleurum each 9 grams, cooked for 6 hours on an open flame (per person).

Cough tuberculosis and yin deficiency.

In fact, the whole body of water fish is treasure, which is useful from beginning to end, don’t believe it?

  Aquatic fish shell: the beetle in Chinese medicine can be soft and firm, and modern medical research has proven that it can cure liver and spleen enlargement, thyroid and lymph gland enlargement.

In addition, it can also help patients with aplastic anemia (ie, bone marrow does not produce blood).

  Shanrui skirt: It is rich in mucopolysaccharides, which has a strong effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, which is in line with the “ruling waist and knees” stated in the medical book.

  Water fish blood: with fresh lotus root juice or rice wine (such as rice wine) can be eaten, can cure tuberculosis and cough blood, hot flashes in the afternoon.

  Water fish eggs: can be soaked in wine, is a secret recipe for longevity.

Specially cultivated king * eight * eggs are usually not cheap, and 30 pieces of wine cost nearly 1,000 yuan.

  Water fish whip: Many people love water fish, remember to keep pills and water fish whip when going to the internal organs, so as not to waste their hormones.

  Shark fin and power: This food, shark fin, is famous both at home and abroad.

Today’s shark fever, what shark cartilage, shark balls (actually officially called squalene), are all the rage.

The therapeutic effect of sharks has been documented since ancient times.

However, it seems a bit exaggerated to say that it can cure all diseases.

  China has a long history of edible sharks, and medical books call it “the nature of Gan Ping is non-toxic, return to the spleen and lung meridian, can reduce swelling and stasis, and nourish the five internal organs.

“This sentence coincides with modern research.

According to research, shark cartilage can cure some people’s advanced cancer. The reason behind this is believed to be the amazing immunity of sharks.

  Sharks are not only disease-free. Even if a person is implanted into a prostate cancer body for research purposes, it cannot cause cancer or even disease.

Shark is so strong, what health food does it eat?

Nor is it that sharks are called “scavengers in the sea”, and they usually eat “junk” in the sea.

  So what’s the secret in its cartilage?

The answer may be that the rich mucopolysaccharides and vitamins are good for bones.

In Chinese medicine, there is a so-called “replenishing every gum”. The mucopolysaccharide in shark scales is just a good gum, which is good for cartilage growth.

  Some shark shark powder powders have been shown to cure rheumatoid arthralgia, so you can understand from this perspective.

However, how much the powder can absorb is quite a problem, because the protein molecular structure of the shark fin is very large, and it is not easy for the human body to absorb. Even if it eats a large amount, it may only be absorbed and absorbed, and the rest is wasted.

  On the other hand, the Chinese people eat boiled shark fin for at least five or six hours to liquefy the protein, which is good for absorption. It is very clever.

  Sea cucumbers and sea cucumbers: The large-scale sea cucumbers commonly known in the market, commonly known as “pork ginseng”, need to be immersed for a long time before they can be cooked, due to the sandy abdomen and the immersion and release of water for several days.

However, this does not matter. The most important thing is that the well-used P. ginseng uses the chemical sodium hydroxide (called Causticsoda in Cantonese) quickly. The nutrition of the sea cucumber itself is exhausted, and it has to be refreshing, completely.No tonic value.

  Liaoshen is another good choice.

Liao ginseng, also known as “prince ginseng”, is stabbed all over, and is smaller than the ginseng. It is produced in both the mainland and Japan.

If you eat Liaoshen, you only need to drench it one morning and one night, remove the sand and fiber from the belly, rinse the water and cook.

Basically, you can cook any kind of sea cucumber, boil chicken broth, and stir-fried pork ribs.

In terms of value, sea cucumbers are much cheaper than abalones (genuine ginseng only costs more than 500 yuan and general Liaoshen is about 400 yuan).

Regarding food benefits, the medical book said: sea cucumber can nourish blood and remove yellow qi, tonic deficiency, strengthen kidney, strengthen knee, urinate, remove edema, and regulate diabetes.  Compared with abalone, sea cucumber has the advantage of being more peaceful, and will not appear to be empty.

Because abalone nourishes yin, it actually belongs to both yin and yang, and it is not suitable for those who have sore throat and hotness.

  In clinical applications, the elderly or women can eat more sea cucumber, because its gum can abrasion of bones, and it is also effective for excessive menstruation.

Most people cook sea cucumbers with scallops, which means that scallops nourish yin and kidneys, but according to my clinical experience, it is not suitable for people with impotence fire, yin deficiency, internal heat, and sore throat, otherwise it will be more difficult to sleep.

For people of this constitution, it is best to add 50 grams of Yuzhu when using the above dietary recipe, or with lean meat, Cordyceps (one serving is at least 9 grams) or lily. As for sea cucumber, the amount is not too much, and 3 small Liaoshen can be used.

  Sea cucumber, abalone, cordyceps are also suitable for blood pressure of yin deficiency syndrome, as well as those with diabetes.

Postpartum or severe illness, if it is symptoms of yang deficiency, stewed sea cucumber with black chicken or sea cucumber with abalone to strengthen the body, or even eat Buddha jumping off the wall (that is, abalone wing belly) is better, because this famous dish nourishes yin and kidneyTwo supplements are very helpful.

  Abalone banquet “medicine”: Since abalone says “medicine and food are homologous”, in daily life, every kind of food can be a medicine, no matter how expensive it is, it is as expensive as ginseng, and even as radish, it has its own medicinal effect.

  Treasures on the Chinese table: Abalone, in itself, is good food and medicine, both delicious and nourishing.

  The real abalone has the effects of calming the liver, nourishing yin and strengthening the kidneys.

Frequent nocturia, those with qi deficiency and hypertension, those with weak limbs, and those with difficulty concentrating, are more likely to eat more abalone.

Even people with diabetes can use abalone as an adjuvant treatment, but it must be formulated and stewed to be effective.

Seeing this, I wonder if anyone would suspect: Since abalone helps lower blood pressure in diabetic patients, shouldn’t those with low blood pressure not eat it?


The role of abalone is not to lower blood pressure, but also to regulate blood pressure bidirectionally. The reason is that abalone can “fix the kidneys” and can adjust adrenal secretion.

(In fact, the “kidney” referred to by Chinese medicine does not refer to the kidney, but to the reproductive and endocrine systems.) Although abalone is good, it is not suitable for everyone.

Some people have stomach pain every time they eat abalone because of its high protein content, which makes it difficult to digest.

People with high uric acid (ie gout patients) should not eat meat, only drink soup.

There is also abalone for diet. Which kind of abalone should be replaced?

This can be based on personal taste, because valuable dried abalones such as Japanese net abalone, Jipin, Wo Ma, top Middle East and South Africa bobs have similar food effects.

In terms of taste, each type of abalone has its own characteristics.

In addition, the frozen Bob in the supermarket and the cheap abalone in some places are not genuine products, and the inevitable benefits of eating, be careful to lose money.

Five senses can reveal men’s health

Five senses can reveal men’s health

From a person’s face can reveal a person’s mental state, but also can judge whether a person is healthy or not.

  Obvious points ①: Nose discovery: Nose peeling, abstinence, abstinence, secrets: If the nose is red, and the nose and the nose are often bloated and sore, it means that the spleen and stomach in the body are hot and humid, smoking and drinking, and spicy men often have these symptoms.

Excessive mental stress can sometimes make a man a red nose.

  If the nose is purple, it may be high blood pressure, or excessive salt and alcohol.

  In addition, the rosacea suddenly appears on the nose, which is due to lung and stomach heat and blood stasis. This is to remind you that male sexual function is decreasing and deserves attention.

The dark nose and dull peeling are a reminder of excessive libido and the body has consumed too much fluid and righteousness.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Help him measure his blood pressure once every morning and observe the blood pressure.

  2. The diet should be light and not too salty.

  3. To help him massage, use the middle finger to gently massage the left and right sides of the nose, each of the left and right three times; then, the finger is pressed against the nasal sulcus and slowly moved up and down 6 times.

  4, abstain from intercourse, nourish yin and recuperate.

  Obvious point ②: Eyes found: drink less water under dark circles to reveal the secret: Chinese medicine believes that the eyes are related to the liver, and liver dysfunction can cause male reproductive dysfunction.

Therefore, here we must remind male friends who are under great pressure and often feel tired. If there is sudden eye discomfort and blurred vision in a short period of time, they should go to the hospital for examination and consultation in time, and follow the doctor’s advice to fill the liver.Or clear the liver, reconcile qi and blood, and moisturize the muscles, so as not to affect the sexual function.

  In addition, if he wakes up in the morning and finds that his eye circles are dark and his face is dull, it means that his kidneys are too burdened, so that the body can’t drain the water, which forms a “panda eye”.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet to avoid excessive intake of water.

  2. To eliminate dark circles, you can eat more favorable food, cook chestnuts with duck meat, burn Chinese cabbage, etc. for dietary therapy, and also use red and white radish to cook broth to drink.

In addition, pork loin soup is also very effective.

  3, red eyes, swelling and pain can be treated with wolfberry, chrysanthemum, lily water boiling tea.

  4. Eyelid edema is mostly edema, so sleep should be prolonged, while keeping feet warm, complications, and stomach warm. Because there are many acupoints on the heel that are in contact with the kidney, avoiding cold, it can strengthen the function of the kidney.

  Observation point ③: The ears are found: The ears are black and the kidney is deficient: Chinese medicine believes that the ears are related to the kidneys.

If the ears are getting “skinny”, mostly because of kidney deficiency, then men will often be accompanied by hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness.

The darkening of the ears is also the phase of kidney qi failure. Most of the people with darkening ears are about to show signs of cold, and usually have problems with premature ejaculation.

Red ears indicate poor circulation.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Take Zuogui Pills (over-the-counter medicines), and stop intercourse during the medication.

  2. Urge men to drink less alcohol, eat fine foods, and less sugar; exercise more to promote circulation.

  3, before going to bed every night, do an ear massage for him. Remember to not just press the ear outline, the ear around should also be pressed one by one, until it is appropriate.

Don’t apply too much force during the massage, it should be from top to bottom.

  Obvious point ④: Lip discovery: Red lips are not necessarily all beautiful.

  Demystified: When men’s lips are bright red, it may remind you whether your liver has become too hot recently, your temper is too fast, and your mouth is often dry.

If the lip color is black and red, it is mostly due to a problem with the large intestine, as well as a poor throat and ear and nose problems.

People with dark lips often suffer from digestive dysfunction, and even secreture, diarrhea, headache, and insomnia.

The pale lip color is mostly due to nutritional disorders, poor living or chronic diseases.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1, pale lips, you can eat some animal liver and red foods, such as tomatoes and fresh red peppers.

  2, dark red lips for cold syndrome, more common in cardiopulmonary insufficiency or hypoxia, you need to check as soon as possible.

  3. The lip color is deep red and dry, and most of them are hot evidence. Empirical, you can use raw land, small thistle, Zhimu, Ophiopogon boiled water for oral administration.

  4. If the lips are swollen, it may be due to cold stomach or the tip of gastric ulcer, you can eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnut, potato, lotus root and other warm foods.

  Obvious point ⑤: Forehead found: Don’t think that the sudden increase of forehead wrinkles is a gift of years. Sometimes, it may be a warning to men.

  Demystified: The forehead is different from other parts in that different regions represent different organ functions.

  The middle of the two eyebrows is the brain reaction zone.If there are 1-line, 11-line, 111-line patterns in the brain area, this is an excessive use of the brain and poor brain circulation.

Over time, hypoxia in the brain can cause headaches, migraines, and memory loss.

If there is a depression, it is a lack of blood supply to the brain, which is actually directly related to the poor blood supply to the heart.

  The heart area is located near the hairline. If there is an abnormality, it means that the cardiovascular function is poor or the mental stress is high.

The appearance of small acne or color on this part above the normal face can be concluded that short-term mental stress is relatively large.

If pimple or redness occurs, blue, purple, black, dark, spots or pigmentation appear, it means chronic cardiovascular failure or chronic mental stress.

  In addition, if the forehead wrinkles suddenly increase, it indicates that the liver is overburdened.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Combing your forehead properly with your fingers can reduce wrinkles and delay aging. Replacement can also relieve stress.

It is recommended that men who work for a long time at desk or armed mental work should massage their foreheads more, and long-term adherence can reduce the probability of cardiovascular disease.

  2. To eat less animal feces, you should eat more light foods, such as pork liver, spinach, tofu and fish.

How to break through heterosexual barriers

How to break through heterosexual barriers

How can we break through this obstacle of heterosexual communication?

The main points of the consultation are as follows: (1) Update the concept and take the initiative to communicate.

It is a normal physiological and psychological phenomenon that adolescents have a craving for the opposite sex due to sexual germination. Excessive depression is not good for the development of physical health. Especially in the era of open information, people ‘s ideas have undergone huge changes and open interpersonal relationships.Communication becomes the main theme of social interaction, so it is bound to mystify the opposite sex.

  (2) Establish righteousness and create environment.

Break through the closed life environment, and develop same-sex friendship and heterosexual friendship with new concepts and enthusiasm.

Establish the righteousness, create the right interior, and form the right public opinion. Start with me and start from now.

When he is interacting, he is upright and upright, he is upright, does not have any distractions, he is not cold-hearted, does not stop the system, does not catch the wind, and does not create rumors.

  (3) Distinguish the boundary between friendship and early love.

Because the physiological and psychological functions of middle school students are fully mature, if they are in love at this time, there will inevitably be overlapping impulses and blindness. However, for middle school students, the scale between friendship and love is not easy to grasp, so group interaction should be increased.This type of communication can not only show venting emotions, meet the psychological needs of boys and girls, but also avoid deviance.

  (4) Be generous when communicating, do not pretend to avoid rumors.

Boys and girls all like to express themselves in front of the opposite sex. It is normal for the former to have goodwill and favor of the opposite sex.

However, this performance must grasp the scale, be natural and generous, and not vulgar and frivolous.

  (5) Be good at learning the advantages of the opposite sex.

Due to gender differences, men and women have their own strengths and temperaments. Boys are strong, strong, brave, and independent; girls are delicate, gentle, and rigorous.

Without intercourse with the opposite sex, it is very difficult for boys and girls to discover the unique advantages of the opposite limbs, and these advantages are precisely generated by themselves. Therefore, normal exchanges between boys and girls are conducive to learning together and improving together.

How to alleviate the symptoms of sedentary back pain?

How to alleviate the symptoms of sedentary back pain?

Many outdoor workers are envious of those white-collar workers who can sit and go to work every day. They think that sitting and working is very easy, but it is not.

Most office workers often sit in front of a computer, and their weight is placed on the lumbar spine.

In the work at the desk, people’s waist bones are often in an unnatural curvature, which is likely to cause diseases such as strained lumbar muscles and protruding lumbar discs, so back pain and back pain will inevitably occur.

So how to alleviate the symptoms of sedentary back pain?

  First, the position of the ischium is very important to change your sitting posture.

When many people sit down, the ischia tends to move forward, and the slenderness leads to the back of the pelvis, which increases the burden on the waist.

Therefore, the correct sitting method is: when sitting down, move the buttocks back 3 cm, so that the position of the pelvis can be adjusted correctly, and the pelvis can stand upright to maintain an upright and correct sitting position.

  Second, change the sitting position or back pain and choose to stand and work. If changing the sitting position still can not relieve the back pain, it is recommended to stand up and work.

Many people think that computer work is a non-sitting task, but in fact, research results show that sedentary increases the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and low back pain is also an adverse consequence of maintaining a posture for a long time.

If you have a backache, it’s also a good idea to get up and work when you’re doing work that doesn’t require special attention, such as returning emails.

If you are working from home, you can also choose to place the computer on the floor and use the computer while doing stretching exercises on the floor.

  Third, do simple stretching exercises at work. Generally, low back pain is caused by long-term poor posture.

When working, you must stretch your shoulders forward to reach the keyboard. This can easily lead to humpback, forward bending and pain.

Therefore, the working gap does not prevent you from taking a minute or two to do a simple stretching exercise: 1. Cross your legs on a chair, keep the sitting posture like the Japanese, stretch your back muscles, and hold your hands backwardsStretch back and do chest expansion exercises; 2. Keep sitting, straighten your feet and do forward flexion exercise; 3. Keep cross-legged, straighten your right leg first, bend your body forward, try to touch your right toeHold for 10-20 seconds; change your left leg straight and continue to bend forward. Try to touch your left toe with both hands and hold for 10-20 seconds.

The same way can be done 2-3 times.

  The above are several methods for alleviating back pain.

Sedentary office workers should learn more about related activities. During sedentary activities, they should exercise regularly to protect their lumbar spine.

In addition, pay more attention to rest, light and warm digestible diet is also very important, and for particularly severe pain, it is recommended to actively take medication.

In addition, we must strengthen physical exercise in our lives and improve our physical fitness.

The beauty of Chinese spy girls


The beauty of Chinese spy girls

The wind of spy battles has been blowing from Europe and the United States, and its splendid plot and its splendid spy girls have always been loved by the audience.

From the European and American classics “007 Series”, “Mission Impossible”, “Smith and Smith” to Hong Kong films “Naked Agent”, “Infernal Affairs”, “Lust Ring”, all the way to nearby to watch the popular “Hidden”, andThe sound of Wind just released.

The spy war movie has been pushed to a new climax. Outside of the show, the beautiful spy girls have set off a unique fashion trend, and their skincare and beauty experience have been sought after by beautiful girls.

Learn a few tricks and make yourself a mysterious spy girl!


hzh {display: none; }  周迅的皮肤底子其实并不是很好,从前总是有评论说周迅皮肤暗黄、有痘印。Now that she is getting more and more smooth, she pays more attention to skin care. Now she has fair and clear skin in front of the camera, and even started to receive some cosmetic endorsements.

In fact, she didn’t like cumbersome procedures, so she must keep skin care lessons in order to maintain long-term adherence.

  (1): According to the characteristics of his dry skin, Zhou Xun regards hydration as the most important maintenance procedure. In fact, it is not only dry skin that needs hydration. Any kind of skin needs elasticity and smoothness to rely on hydration.Finished.

Even oily skin also needs to be hydrated, especially in such a dry season, the skin is susceptible to dehydration. Oily skin should pay special attention to preventing the skin from getting oily and dry inside, otherwise it is very easy to get acne.

In addition to adding 7 every day?
In addition to 8 cups of water, hyaluronic acid is the first to be replenished with external water.

It often exists in a microcapsule state in the product, which can expand its volume to 30 times in 10 seconds, has an immediate moisturizing effect, and provides a continuous flow of moisture to the skin within 5 hours, making the skin surface hydratedfull.
  Product introduction: Natural moisturizing factors and water-locking ingredients can quickly replenish skin’s moisture, form an effective protective film on the surface of the skin, keep moisturizing for 24 hours without being greasy, help the skin effectively resist environmental pollution, and improve the skin’s dryness and lack of water.The state restores the skin’s hydrated and full luster, maintains the skin’s water and oil balance, and provides long-term protection for the skin.

  Product introduction: DHC flat wrinkle beauty liquid is added with a highly effective moisturizing effect, which keeps the skin smooth and hyaluronic acid and elastin to prevent the delicate eye and mouth area from drying out.

It is moisturized during absorption and very refreshing after absorption. While moisturizing the parts that are easy to dry, it also gives full play to the vitality of the skin, creating a supple and supple skin.

  (B): She likes DIY masks, honey milk mask is her favorite analysis: DIY mask is cheap and easy to use, introduce a few commonly used!

  1, honey milk mask: mix milk with honey and put a mask into the bubble, after applying, it will make the skin white and smooth.

  2. After the bananas are smashed, add half a tablespoon of olive oil, stir well, and apply it on a wooden board to help remove wrinkles.

  3, cucumber has a cleansing effect.

Cut the cucumber into thin slices and apply it on the cleansed face to make the skin tender and smooth.

  4. Tomato is a good skin care product. You can chop it and press it into juice, add some honey and mix thoroughly to smear the face.

  (C): Zhou Xun believes that exercise is the best way to maintain.

  Analysis: Zhou Xun’s other skin care secret is hot yoga.

She said that she likes the sweat completely, and feels that she is clean from the inside out.

Hot yoga has strict requirements on the venue and temperature. Practitioners need to practice 26 basic postures in a high temperature environment between 38 ° C and 42 ° C. Basically, they will sweat heavily after 10 minutes.

Sweating can remove toxins from the body surface and purify the nervous system.

Muscles and tendons are stiff at room temperature, and can be squeezed well in high temperature environments.

Hot yoga classes three times a week for about an hour each.

For women who may not be guaranteed to go to the gym at work, Zhou Xun suggests choosing a more autonomous exercise, some kind of ordinary yoga, as long as there is a place to lay a mat.

In addition, running, cycling, and inline skating are all good fitness sports.

  Li Bingbing completely dissolved the impression of Xiaojiazi.

Everyone can see that she is getting more and more beautiful, and now she is very angry and very European and American!

Big makeup brands are starting to come.

Li Bingbing talks about skin care, she does not have much time to care for her skin, but she will put every basic step in place, and pay attention to following these principles.

  (1) Suggestion for clean analysis: For those who often make heavy makeup, thick powder makeup will pores, which is a heavy burden on the skin.

Washing your face carefully morning and evening every day can remove excess sebum and metabolites from the surface layer of the skin, allowing the cells that are easy to regenerate into the surface layer.

The requirements for cleaning products suitable for autumn are relatively high. In addition to ensuring cleansing power, they must be mild in nature, so as not to sensitize the skin.
  Product introduction: Fine molecules can float cosmetics, clean the eyes and lips, leave no makeup stains, emulsify after adding water, easy to clean, and make skin smooth.
Cleanses and eliminates oxides, preventing skin from aging and turning yellow due to makeup.

Effective anti-oxidant, remove makeup and remove yellow gas on the surface at the same time; help moisturize, smooth and clear skin after use.

  Clinique liquid cleansing soap (mild type) 200RMB / 200ml Product introduction: Clinique cleansing soap can keep the skin fresh, clean, comfortable, without dryness and tightness.

Easily wipe away dead skin cells, nutrient absorption is unobstructed.

Moisturizes instantly, leaving skin clean, fresh, smooth and soft.

  (2) Persistence of one film per day: The trapeze’s Li Bingbing said that 365 days a year, and 340 days I will stick to the mask.

There are only three things spent on the road: sleeping, reading, and applying a mask.

When you arrive at the residence, you often quickly apply the mask.

Because the closed cabin will take away the moisture stored in the skin.

Only by applying a moisturizing mask can we make the dehydrated skin become supple and white again.

In fact, it’s not just Li Bingbing doing this. The mask used frequently is the skincare magic of many celebrities.

The beauty king is even more passionate about the mask, and once he broke the news, he often applied a few masks with different effects a day.

But for us ordinary people, to ensure adequate sleep, make a facial mask two or three times a week, and then a large amount of essence in the mask, it is a first aid effect, excess nutrition will also cause a burden on the skin.

  Product introduction: Not only has strong compressive force, but also resists changes in the dryness and humidity in the environment, provides a stable moisturizing force, forms a natural water lock layer, and promotes the absorption of active ingredients.

  (3) Simple eating habits Many girls stagger such error areas. For health, every meal is very serious. At the same time, vegetables, soy products, meat, seafood, etc. are added at the same time.

In fact, this is not scientific.

Too complex a diet can make our bodies “unresponsive,” and complex chemical processes can produce unpredictable chemical reactions.

At the same time, today’s high-end skin care products are gradually simplistic and refined into a development trend.

So start enjoying the simple beauty now!

Guangzhou Yama Yoga Club: He Zhiqian

Guangzhou Yama Yoga Club: He Zhiqian

Holds National Fitness Instructor Certificate and Advanced Yoga Instructor Certificate.

He has been practicing for many years with many famous yoga instructors in China and India, and has been focusing on the practice of traditional yoga and the promotion of modern fitness system.

The teaching style is professional and rigorous and full of change. He has extensive experience in using body exercises to control weight, burn body fat, shape the body, improve physical fitness, release stress, and regulate the human body.

He is good at various traditional and modern yoga systems, and is unique in Pilates teaching.

In the years of teaching and research, the popular fitness elements and traditional elements have been combined to form a mature yoga and Pilates teaching system, which has been welcomed by conference halls and scholars.

And served as a special yoga instructor for large units and enterprises such as IBM, AIA, Nanfang Daily, Guangdong TV.

The weather is getting cold, do these 7 things, fall less sick in autumn


The weather is getting cold, do these 7 things, fall less sick in autumn

We often use the words “depression” and “cold” to describe the fall. In the dry autumn days, I often accompany you and me. How to avoid such obstacles?

Today, Xiaobian will share some health knowledge for you, and do a good job in these seven things.

Drinking a bowl of porridge in the morning is often the time when the human spleen and stomach function is weakened. Correspondingly, the weather turns cold and the diarrhea will gradually increase. In addition, the summer cold drink is also an essential cooling food for people.

However, in the autumn, the human stomach will become extremely fragile.

Drinking a bowl of porridge every morning can effectively remove the cold inside the body and avoid colds.

Sour food is the most important thing except the autumn dry autumn health.

Lotus root, yam, lily porridge, pear are good choices, eat more food can effectively reduce the dryness of autumn.

In the summer, we often have big fish and meat, and we eat sea food. However, in autumn, we should focus on light food.

Going to bed early and getting up early can raise the lungs in summer. People are used to nightlife and often go to bed very late.

However, people will be very sleepy in the fall, so it is necessary to correct the previous living habits and increase the sleep time in the night. Early sleep and get up early can effectively meet the standard of 鈥渁utumn raising the lungs鈥?

The back feet are well protected, and the temperature changes in the fall are impermanent. Especially for people with weak resistance such as the elderly and children, it is necessary to add clothes to keep warm and prevent the recurrence of old diseases.

Among them, the navel, back and feet are three important parts, we must pay attention to protection.

Massage the abdomen to prevent constipation in the autumn when the dry days are dry, it is easy to trigger the initialization of constipation.

Conditioning method: The body is supine, the two palms are hot, the hands are stacked on the right lower abdomen, and massaged 30 times in a clockwise direction.

The characteristics of swallowing and blocking the autumn and autumn are 鈥渃ool鈥?and 鈥渄ry鈥? among which 鈥淭eng Na fitness method鈥?is a good choice.

Method: Caries 30 times, then use the tongue to stir in the mouth, rinse the mouth several times, swallow in three times, intend to send to Dantian, slowly do abdominal deep breathing, help the body to resist the cold.

More “drinking” the autumn wind is more healthy. The autumn wind is the cleanest. We can walk in the park and enjoy the coolness of autumn, laying the foundation for winter health.

How do middle-aged and elderly people do eight strokes to easily maintain health _1


How do you do eight strokes in the daily health of middle-aged and elderly people?

When the elderly are in a certain period of time, the body will be much worse, so this group should pay more attention to health problems. How should the elderly live in their daily lives?

Next, let’s study this kind of problem, I hope to help you. Step: Get up in the morning to drink a cup of warm water, because the body goes through a night of sleep and rest, because of urination, breathing and other reasons, more water excretion, soDrinking a bad warm water in the morning can not only restore body moisture but also cause peristalsis, prevent constipation or improve constipation.

銆€銆€The second step: proper exercise, in the morning can be mainly fractured bones, or slow walking, Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, soft ball, etc. to pay attention to love, excessive exercise will lead to irreversible damage.

It is best to control the exercise time in about 40 minutes.

銆€銆€The third step: breakfast should be soft and not suitable: in the morning, people should not eat greasy, fried, hard and irritating food, otherwise they will be troubled by stomach, resulting in food stagnation in the middle, indigestion.

Middle-aged and elderly people should eat warm and easy to digest, soft food, such as adding lotus seeds, red dates, yam, longan and coix seed and other health foods, the health effect is better.

銆€銆€The fourth step: three or three Chinese foods: more protein, more vitamins, more cellulose.

Less sugar, less a little, a little salt, in general, diet should be diversified, cereals, eat more vegetables, eat fish and ducks in moderation, eat beans regularly, drink milk daily, eat less fat.

銆€銆€The fifth step: hydration, autumn, winter health should pay attention to timely replenishment of water, this can prevent skin roughness caused by dry season, wrinkled skin, itchy skin symptoms.

In addition, drink plenty of water to promote metabolism in the body, which helps detoxification and beauty.

銆€銆€Step 6: Entertain, pay attention to cultivating your own life, such as reading, reading newspapers, playing chess, raising flowers, feeding fish, raising birds, etc. and arranging time reasonably.

At the same time, it is necessary to quit smoking, limit alcohol to avoid continuous watching TV, and so on.

銆€銆€Step 7: Dinner, the best time for dinner is around 18 o’clock, fasting and eating too much: dinner vegetarian anti-cancer dinner must be partial, so that it becomes the main food, such as millet, porridge, etc., and protein, 濮═he less the class eats, the better. See the porridge.

Studies have shown that eating less and sleeping well at dinner.

The correct dinner should be eaten 8 minutes full, to feel that you are not hungry.

銆€銆€Step 8: Soak your feet, soak your feet before going to bed (one hour after a meal) 1 warm water (40–50 degrees) with comfort as standard, cool and keep heating water; 2 time (20–30 minutes) to relax with full body stretchSweating is the degree; 3 autumn, winter health should be more soaking feet, which can promote blood circulation to prevent disease, but also make the body acid-base balance, relax muscles.

Suffocating twelve sex temptations


Suffocating twelve sex temptations

The two people who love each other, with long-term relationship, sometimes inevitably lose the feeling of passion.

At this time, if you can make each other more “sexual” through some interesting methods, the intimacy will be more complete!

銆€銆€Method 1: Passionate photo One of you two plays the photographer first, and the other imitates the model.

At least the former must be placed at the mercy, and then the posture of the various deaf people designated by the other party can be made, and it is easy to show their sexual charm under the spotlight.

You can shoot with just the camera, but it’s better to use a D8 or V8. If you take turns, you will be able to catch each other.

銆€銆€Method 2: Porn movies bravely open your camera, record your love process, and secretly play an AV male or female actress!

All the lustful movements of the body and the enjoyment of the picture can be seen, and many wonderful memories are recorded!

But please pay attention to the recording tape or theft!

Otherwise, the actor or heroine you see next time on the porn site is probably yours.

If you are really afraid of this kind of anecdote, just wash it off after reading it!

銆€銆€Method 3: Play the wind and blow each other’s law. During this period, as long as the other party “blowing” something, you have to do it.

This is a kind of curiosity that is expected and feared of being hurt.

銆€銆€Method 4: Undress the whole show to dim the lights in your home, wear your most sexy outfit in the shackles, and then play the wonderful music that is fascinating and heart-wrenching, and start a re-original for your partner.However, the private strip show.

銆€銆€Method 5: Try to cover your partner’s eyes with a towel or a handkerchief, and then feed him to taste a variety of different foods. Just take a bite every time and see if the other person recognizes what food he is eating.

This method is famous from the movie “Love You for Nine Weeks and a Half”, the male and female protagonists Mickey Locke and Kim Basinger play this “good guess” guess.

銆€銆€Method 6: Caressing and guessing or blinding the other’s eyes, and then using any size items that can be found in the home, to caress the sensitive nude of the partner and see how many pieces he can guess.

銆€銆€Method 7: Gradually satisfy the two people to have a passionate sex first, but as long as you feel that you are about to reach the climax, let yourself pause and cool down, then start to seek climax again, so over and over again for at least 1 hour, then letThe climax accumulated until the end of the mountain!

銆€銆€Method 8: A stranger loves a love partner. One of them first goes to the bar alone, and then pretends to know each other and talk to each other, like uncovering a beautiful first-time acquaintance.

You can try some kind of opening remarks to seduce him or her usefully, how much is not attractive enough, and then you can enjoy exclusive surprises from your partner.

銆€銆€Method 9: It is very simple to exchange genders, that is, a man pretends to be a woman, a woman also pretends to be a man, and you/you can play her/he as you like, and then you can play back the role-playing game.

銆€銆€Method 10: During the variety time, two people are looking for small pieces of paper, one by one to write about the sexual behavior you once secretly craved or curiosity, and then collected in a hat or bowl.

Then just take a piece of paper and discuss the topic above. If both of them agree, try this.

This method is awesome for sharing the desires of each other.

銆€銆€Method 11: Breaking through the record When the two are having sex, count the time and see how long you can survive in bed.

Don’t lose to the bunny with built-in powerful battery!

銆€銆€Method 12: The pen pals and the two of you pretend to be strangers to each other, and then use wild and lyrical e-mails to seduce each other with the romantic discharge of this erotic.