“Du Ye!An accident。”

Pretty sound。
I am not equal,There,“We are in the North Bar City, two divisions and two strongholds,All is all being。”
What!!Duke lingering hit a cold war,Instant awake,Sitting,“What do you say?!Two branches and two strongholds are subject to being?
Who is dry?
Red White in Indonesia?
Still Bali Trose?”
For example, it has almost swept the underground world of the entire Bachelor.,There is no opponent at all。
In addition to the red white tissue of Indonesia,And outside Bali, Bali, Bacue,No people and power can fight with angels。
Red and white is the special forces of Indonesia,Bali is affiliated to Tross quality……Tros is one of the nine hegens。
After hearing this news,Duke thought this aspect。
However, http://www.dplus3c.cn the sound from the phone,Let Duke are unsettled。
“Not,Not,I get news according to us,Is a foreign forces,They have fifteen very weird cars,A total of one hundred people。”
“More than a hundred people?”
Duke brow crumpled。
Whole Bacue all divisions and strongholds,No two hundred people,Even more。
Even if the other party is engaged,The first base may be succeeded by the other party,But continuously disconnected two divisions and two strongholds,This http://www.tai-cang.cn is something that I can’t say.。
“Are you joking with me??”
Think here,Duke’s face suddenly gloomy,“How can one hundred people can do this?,Are they not dead??
You are eating too much.?
Also……Why notify me now?!”
Guy opposite the phone,It seems to feel the anger of Duke,The sound has become a knot。
“Du……Du Ye,You listen to me explained,Be,Such。”
Opposite to the sip of water,“They are behind our Will Club at Northern Bar City.,This more people are divided into three parts.,About more than 30 people,At the same time, we have launched our partial parties and the two sites.,Their speed is too fast,And the strength is very powerful……”Narrate。
Duke’s face suddenly is cloudy。
The other party destroys the Will Club,Thirty people as a squad,Since the three strongholds。
And it is successful。
http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn What does this mean?。
Duke is very clear。

“Am i sleeping too?Busy。Mr. Yao called,Invite us down for dinner”Xia Jian lied as soon as he rolled his eyes,This kind of thing is absolutely wrong, let Zhao Hong know。

Zhao Hongyi listen,This made the door open,She took a breath and said:“Hold on!I clean up,Can’t go on like this”
Xia Jian was overjoyed,Hurriedly answered,Sat on the sofa。Zhao Hong got into the washcloth and started to pack,Woman is like this,More trouble than men。But Xia Jian is also used to their approach。
Yao Junli doesn’t know if she is really rich,Or because of Xia Jian。The three of them also arranged the dishes on the Meimei table,There are two bottles of good wine on the table。http://www.tylhcpa.cnXia Jian silently calculated,This meal just passed a thousand。
“Come!I didn’t expect we could meet here,It’s really fate that can’t be driven away”Yao Junli said,Raised the glass。
Beautiful Wine,Still meeting a confidant from another country。This makes Xia Jian very happy,He is busy lifting the cup,Had a touch with Yao Junli,Then I did not forget to touch the glass with Zhao Hong gently。
A few glasses of wine,Everyone has more words。Yao Junli persuaded the wine,Asked while smiling:“You two come to the provincial capital for something,Still romantic?”
“What’s going on,Do you think I am a person of sentiment?”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Yao Junli glanced at Zhao Hong and said:“It depends on who you are with?I saw it anyway,You’re carrying her,And also attracted the envy of everyone,This is the truth“
“President Yao!We really http://www.bigdress.cn have something,But it’s for official business,That’s why he took me,Otherwise I really don’t have this blessing“Zhao Hong said shyly。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“is it?You still have business to come to the provincial capital?President Xia!Did you reveal,I think what kind of official business must bring a big beauty here,But also running across the street”Although Yao Junli is joking,But it’s a bit chasing after。
“I want to develop new agricultural investment projects,But this project must be supported by the provincial capital。It just so happens that Zhao Gong has an acquaintance here,So we came together”Xia Jian smiled and said。If he doesn’t seem to lead the topic,Yao Junli will break the casserole and ask to the end。
Yao Junli’s beautiful big eyes turned and said:“Agricultural investment again,I think your vision is good,But http://www.ningbodianqi.cn we found,Agricultural investment not to mention tiring,The benefit period is too long,Also prevent natural disasters,So I advise you,Let’s attack the city!Such as the hotel industry,This is also a good project”
“Oh!I forgot to ask you,This hotel is your own?”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Yao Junli nodded and said:“Yes!What kind of money can I earn by staying in Pingdu?,Still have to come out and see the outside world。Don’t look at me, the hotel only rated three stars,But it does not earn a lot”
Xia Jianyi couldn’t help but admire the woman’s power。
First0928chapter Fake boyfriend

“The health method of shit,I’m sitting and thinking about things,Sit for a long time,People are too lazy to move。All right,Closer to home,You have been waiting for a long time,Pick the important ones。”

“There is a message,Quite unhappy。That person is still alive,He is very dissatisfied。”
“and also,We checked the background of the little security guard again in detail,Not too different,After the army retired, it has been ordinary。Until now, I haven’t found out if the other side is eyeing him。”
“This time the order is huge,I’m worried about being too conspicuous,Will attract attention。The public security has touched the new creation through Yinhai,Things are getting more and more troublesome。”The man in white suit carefully observes the bald head reaction,After reporting a few problems one after another, I stopped。
“Ok,Be careful。”Bald pensive,Doesn’t seem to be too caring。
“Finally, the second shopkeeper,He will be the little security guard tonight。”The white suit puts the key issues to the end。
Bald man rubbed his temples,Sigh,“So many years,The second child is getting less and less promising。That little security guard is really interesting,It’s not that I underestimated my dick,He really may not be able to get this person。Three first-class players,Get killed at once,It’s impossible to rely on luck alone。
“As for the one inside is dead or alive,Don’t worry about that,He wants to be dissatisfied,You can find someone to do it yourself,Ignore him。”The bald man slowly moves his cervical spine,http://www.hrbfdmy.cnThere is already a strong anger in the tone。
“The second shopkeeper, would you like the two of us to help??”Tentative question in white suit。
“Well……It’s not appropriate to let people go,His bad temper,Hey!such,You ask Erhu to take two safer ones to see,Don’t join,Don’t let the second child play with yourself when it’s critical.。”The bald man’s eyes showed a little helplessness。This second stupid,Didn’t you wipe his ass?,It’s just a tossing to the end。
“If it’s difficult,Why don’t we just clean up the little security guard here?,A lot easier。”
Bald man shook his head,“I am more and more interested in this little guy,Pay more attention to him,If he is strong enough,Will come in handy later。of course,If the second child can easily clean him up,It proves that this kid is not what I want。”
“I’m going to inform Erhu。”The white suit http://www.hhrservice.cn nodded seemingly,Got up and went out。
Li Tianchou lay on the top of the container,Overlooking the entire cargo yard,A piece of black,No abnormality found。But he is very patient,Listening motionlessly。Sea breeze blowing,There are some small whispering sounds,Although not very real,His superhuman discrimination ability,It is roughly judged that someone is speaking in the northeast,It’s just that the distance is hard to judge。
By the faint light of the gantry crane in the distance,Li Tianchou quickly printed the surrounding terrain and the location of the containers in his mind,Come down with ease,Took the rope,Touch northeast。
Sudden waist vibration,Pager rang,Li Tianchou took a look,Line above:“Li’s,Courageous?I won’t see your horse if I don’t come again。”

“Hong Lord can see it really?”Chu Deiren asked after finishing the work。

Hong Qi Gong heard the old face:“I can learn once.!”
Just, he only took care of it.,The latter half is not http://www.fzscg.cn seen,However, it’s true that Hong Qi Mong said,Even if the Chu Deirers explain deeply,But I can learn anywhere.?
“Be better than this,Hong Lao gangster also first will help the Beibei‘Dragon 18 palm’Tell me and work,After that, we will take each other to learn each other.,Also in exchange experience,how?”Chu Deirers Proposed。
Hong Qi Gong originally does not exchange meaning,But I have already mastered the Chu Deirens.,I have changed my mind.。
“it is good,Start from the mouth……”Hong Qifong said,Pass the Dragon Eighteen Palm of the Beibei。
In fact, from the slogan of meridians、There is also a trick of capacity,It will be apparent that,Both, there is a pulse,However, it is indeed a small difference.!
Nanzhu“Dragon 18 palm”,Itself is more“Just softly”This layer,Qiao Feng is also from Dragon Claw、Demele,Recognizing that after the soft change,Be in“South Dragon”The palm of the law。
The Beibei Bang Demoned by Hong Qi Mong“Dragon 18 palm”,It is more inclined to“Stable change”。
original“Dragon 18 palm”In the exercise,Four flat eight stable,But the North Dragon Eighteen,At the time of exercise and effort,Will make good use of outbreak skills,Every time I finally,There will be a steady alternating,Do you have a powerful victory,Similar“Break”Powerful skills。
And also able to instantly“Beyond”,More good at the palm,Self-protection!
For this reason, Hong Quan’s internal strength,Also cultivating is a motion……
Two hours。
“Feilong in the sky!”
“Do not use!”
After the mouth is fighting,Direct to learn the Chu Deirers and Hong Qi,A palm of a day——Beilong Dragon is constructed of steadily,From steady to dry itself, you can explode,Therefore, when I move in the air.,It is not afraid that there is no cause of borrowing.,Therefore, Hong Qi gang,From top to the next palm。
At this time, the Chu Deiren’s move is not used.,But after you are,Subtle adjustable。
Originally just soft,Relatively be more good,But this time the Chu Deirers’ Sublorate,Always is also the style of North Dragon,Instant is dry to stabilize,It is not easy to be injured in the palm.!
“what?”Hong Quangong,I ate it.。
Following the Chu Deirers because of steady,Immediately change the palm“羝 羝 触 藩”,Jin Li soft belt,Counting the Dragon Eighteen,Comparison is close to the shot,And the Chu Deirers,Herone is a natural style!
Even if it is Hong Qi,Also dangerous by his strength,but……After all Hong Qiong’s internal strength,Too much than Chu Deirers,Even if the body of the dream,There is also a http://www.iyanbang.cn small gap。
Before it is just discussing,More than the trial, Hong Quan did not win inner strength,But the degree of imitation of the Chu Deirers,At this time, I moved my real.,Take out……
Chu Deirers are not unexpected,I really want to open the five five five five five,At least also,Sword,Hard hard, the opponent is definitely not an opponent。
Just what Chu Dee,Hong Qiong and Huang Pharmacist,Martial arts are all right than the South End、That is, the current light master is strong.。
After all, according to the Dali,Chu Deer estimated,South Emperor before you went out,I have been unknown,Probably after the time,Surprisingly improved a wave……
Forcibly open the Chu Deirers’ Hong Qiong,At this time, no more,But sigh:“Can’t think of、Can’t think of,You have a young post,Actually, I also practiced two kinds of red dragons in the palm of the old man.!”
“or……Hong Lao http://www.beatscn.cn gangs the owner to eat dinner?”
Hong Qi Gong:……
Chapter 225 remind
Hong Qi Gong has never thought……
It is very simple to think that you have to learn South Dragon.,Up to two or three days,After all, I am deeply accommodated in the North Dragon.,Do not say to the South Dragon,Just“learn”if,It should not be too difficult。
And Chu Deirers want to learn North Dragon,It is equivalent to a new school.,A month……I am afraid that it is not enough.!
How is this only one afternoon?,Chu Deeng not only puts the depths of the South Dragon Demo、Essential essence,And it has already mastered North Runlong!
kindness,After all, people are on the dragon,Already not shallow attainment……

In his half-air,咻,Also throw the big gun out,Creating a cold,Bring a white turbulence。

Big gun is like lightning,Take http://www.vm-online.cna lot of feathers again,Huge power take him from hundreds of meters。
Finally firmly nailed him on the ground,The gun body trembled in a calm。
Blood is staining in the earth.。
Black dark light gradually disappeared,Killing convergence,It’s harmless to the summer.。
He took the pleats of the clothes.,Laughing and watching Miao Wucu,“Seedling leader,Save still have,It’s really dead later.。”
Sound is not high,It is incomparable to the ear of each person.。
The face of Miao Wuling has a young white,Yandan to the extreme,Gluten jump on the forehead,A pair of eyes Huo Ran become fierce。
He stared at the summer。
Summer is not too taboo and fear,嘘 对 眼http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn 他 他。
The atmosphere in the field became dignified and depressed。
“Hahaha……”Suddenly,Miao Wuling laughed。
There is no smile on the face.,Rushing thumbs up in summer。
“good,Good,Young people are not overlooking,Let me open your eyes……”Speech,A waving。
More than a dozen black armor rushed to quickly rescue Li Fei Yu。
“Thank you, thank you for your hand.,This person,I remember。”
After the end,He turned to the nine maiden,“Nine maiden,I am don’t have to teach.……but,Although Li Fei Yu has suspected sneak attack,But before our bet still,you win。”
Nine maiden,Then it is revealed。
But the next sentence of Miao Wucings,Let her smile are solidified on the face.。
“You think we are in your defense big array。”
Miao Wucings,“Hey,What do you think of us??
Beast tide hundred years ago,Pinch your nose http://www.shanghaokeji.cn to let you command,Is it a hundred years?,Are we idiot?,Will not invoice?”
Nine mother stayed。
“Four four,I have already invited people to arrange the big array.,The reason why it comes to and you want to end,But I want to put all our big cars.,That power will be bigger,You don’t know,Really when we lack you a zone three products defense array?。”
Merely,He is drinking,“let’s go!Without our help,Just rely on your own person and a three-piece big array to block the beast,Waiting for death!”
Bamboo!Talk,He lifted,Changhong。
咻咻 咻咻。
The rest is true。
Tight,Is a road on the square,All from all over the sky。
NS3416chapter I am just a iron
The nine mother has changed in a moment.。

“Primordial star,There are very few special places,Will be born the pinnacle treasure,Every time it appears, it will cause a battle http://www.sbkjj.cn between a group of universe masters。And most of them are weapon armor type。”

“The pinnacle of the domain,in my memory,Turn on the original star every time,At most one treasure of this level will be born。”Chaos City Lord sighed。
“On Refining Treasure,The most powerful thing in the primitive universe is the strongest solitary person, Zuoshanke and Master of Craftsman,The former is unfathomable but rarely refining treasures,the latter。。。Also refining and refining the top treasure。”
“Want to obtain treasures at the peak of the domain category,Only one place。”
“Universe sea?”
“Correct,Universe sea!”
Chapter Eighteen Treasure and the message of the universe
In the kingdom of God,A sacred tree with a height of 360 million kilometers,Billions of Paper Waving,Turn into streams of light into a branch-like object。
“The http://www.805man.cn inheritance of refining treasures given by the mountain guest—It’s really amazing,It deserves to be the existence that has stepped into the realm of the god king with the ultimate treasure。”Li Ming couldn’t help but marvel。
But this inheritance,Only involves refining the treasure,It doesn’t involve the slightest direction of practice,Even so,Li Ming knows he made a lot of money this time。
Mixer,It involves a lot of things。
Changes in the circulation of related substances,Involving energy circulation,Involving the use of rules and secret patterns。
even,Refining the treasures can even be related to life genes。
Even if it is a pure refining method,Li Ming was also very touched。

The first is the children of wealthy people in various countries,For a price of about ten thousand dollars,Come to America to play for ten days,For two or three days, various basketball training and competitions were held in Jordan training camp.。

A summer vacation,At least there are hundreds of such teams coming,Boss Joe only appears here at the beginning and end,By the way, write a few pairs of signature sneakers for them,You can make a lot of money。
have to say,Among the superstars who can make money from basketball for a lifetime,Jordan is definitely one of the best,It may even be the strongest in history。
The other is more formal。
It’s Jordan for everyone who is interested in enteringnbaTraining camp for young talented players。
it’s here,Jordan will often come to watch and guide,Many young people have benefited a lot from this。
Of course,There are idiots like08Mayo’s Draft,Dare to provoke Jordan in training camp,Then he was45Year-old Jordan learned a lesson,Gave him a lesson he will never forget。
So if Shen Huan goes to the second Jordan training camp,That’s a good thing。
Robert smiled,“Young man,You underestimated me,I’m a serious basketball guy。I want to introduce you to,It’s with those who lost the election this year but want to enternbaOf players train together。Although they are not from draft picks,But whether in Europe or America,Or in North Americancaain,Are all very talented,Put in the country,Anyone can play the main force of a club。”
Robert said something arrogant,But Shen Huan admitted helplessly,It’s true。
In recent and future years,althoughnbaThe stars,Many go to China to play,But most of them,Either he is old or badly injured,Compared to the group at the training camp20Next year’s geniuses,Really not much stronger。
“it is good,Then trouble Mr. Robert。”Shen Huan nodded cheerfully。
“It’s ok,I really look forward to your blockbuster!”Robert smiled。
If Shen Huan made a name in the Jordan training camp,,His recommender is very dazzling,It will be of great help to his future part-time job。
First279chapter On the examination room
“do you know?The Hua Guo Mathematical Team has a basketball genius,One person beat the five guys from the Greek team,Finally had to get out!”
“Yes,I also heard,Our classmates also went to see it,It’s too burning!So exciting!It’s a pity that I didn’t see it with my own eyes。”

This guy’s defense seems not as bad as he thought.

Xu Xuan took the basketball,The game did not end!
Clippers fans on the sidelines are shouting。
Xu Xuan got the head start,Naturally won’t waste this opportunity。
Clippers back to defense quickly,Xu Xuan seized this momentary opportunity and suddenly started speeding up,Passed through the Clippers defense zone and broke into the basket!
There is only one person in the basket!
I have to say that Redick’s defensive selection is really a chicken thief,He stood in a position where Xu Xuan could start dunking or layup,As long as Xu Xuan is in contact with his body,Redick will fall immediately。
But where is Xu Xuan?
He spotted Redick’s position early,At the moment when I am about to get in touch with Redick,Xu Xuan suddenly stopped,While avoiding Redick,Inspiring one-handed pass behind the head!
George·Hill is here!
He is the only person on the Pacers who can keep up with Xu Xuan!
Arc top firing!

Pope Foot Wash,you deserve to have.

“Can you give me pocket money??”
“I want to buy a lot of things.”
Tang San is a human spirit,You have to give him pocket money if you are not allowed,Otherwise how to make a hidden weapon?
“What do you want to buy?”Tang Chen asked。
“Buy some blacksmith tools,Metal casting hidden weapon。”
“Too little money from part-time functions.”
Tang San said bitterly,I asked my roommate before。
The most craftsman only a few silver coins a month,And iron mother at least one gold soul coin per catty。
“Oh?Create hidden weapon?”
“no problem,I can supply unlimited funds。”
“You made some hidden weapons for Xiaodu,Can come in handy in the future!”
Tang Chen suddenly remembered,Tang Sect hidden weapon is a business to make a fortune。
And such an important military material,Of course you have to start stocking in advance。
This kid deserves to be his own brother,Free workers take the initiative to deliver。

The two are originally from the same brokerage company,No one feels weird together。

All the foreign stars who came here are arranged in that hotel,So they two went back to the hotel together,No one finds it strange。
But the two of them are also a little worried about the rumors,Not leaving on their own,But went back with a few celebrities who lived in that hotel。Love Chinese Network
Several people go back together,Even if it is photographed by the paparazzi,It’s hard to take it out of context。
In the car,Qu Wan’er only had time to take out her mobile phone to read the online evaluation of her live singing。
She didn’t read the remarks made by her own brainless fans,Those people have idol filters,There is no way to look at her level objectively。
She still has this self-knowledge。
She is watching music criticsVViews。
This time the awards show has more than a dozen singers and orchestras singing,Still have some big musicvConcerned。
Watched a few musicVEvaluation of the scene,I’m sure she is really singing。
On this point,Has exceeded the flow of those fake singing。
As for singing skills,This song by Qu Wan’er belongs to the kind of song that pleases the public,Not so easy to get those big musicVPraise。
but,The evaluation is not low,At least they think she sings well,There were no faults in the live performance,For a traffic singer,Commendable。
That’s fine。
Qu Wan’er didn’t expect the music to be bigVWill praise her for her singing skills。