This guy’s defense seems not as bad as he thought.

Xu Xuan took the basketball,The game did not end!
Clippers fans on the sidelines are shouting。
Xu Xuan got the head start,Naturally won’t waste this opportunity。
Clippers back to defense quickly,Xu Xuan seized this momentary opportunity and suddenly started speeding up,Passed through the Clippers defense zone and broke into the basket!
There is only one person in the basket!
I have to say that Redick’s defensive selection is really a chicken thief,He stood in a position where Xu Xuan could start dunking or layup,As long as Xu Xuan is in contact with his body,Redick will fall immediately。
But where is Xu Xuan?
He spotted Redick’s position early,At the moment when I am about to get in touch with Redick,Xu Xuan suddenly stopped,While avoiding Redick,Inspiring one-handed pass behind the head!
George·Hill is here!
He is the only person on the Pacers who can keep up with Xu Xuan!
Arc top firing!

Pope Foot Wash,you deserve to have.

“Can you give me pocket money??”
“I want to buy a lot of things.”
Tang San is a human spirit,You have to give him pocket money if you are not allowed,Otherwise how to make a hidden weapon?
“What do you want to buy?”Tang Chen asked。
“Buy some blacksmith tools,Metal casting hidden weapon。”
“Too little money from part-time functions.”
Tang San said bitterly,I asked my roommate before。
The most craftsman only a few silver coins a month,And iron mother at least one gold soul coin per catty。
“Oh?Create hidden weapon?”
“no problem,I can supply unlimited funds。”
“You made some hidden weapons for Xiaodu,Can come in handy in the future!”
Tang Chen suddenly remembered,Tang Sect hidden weapon is a business to make a fortune。
And such an important military material,Of course you have to start stocking in advance。
This kid deserves to be his own brother,Free workers take the initiative to deliver。

The two are originally from the same brokerage company,No one feels weird together。

All the foreign stars who came here are arranged in that hotel,So they two went back to the hotel together,No one finds it strange。
But the two of them are also a little worried about the rumors,Not leaving on their own,But went back with a few celebrities who lived in that hotel。Love Chinese Network
Several people go back together,Even if it is photographed by the paparazzi,It’s hard to take it out of context。
In the car,Qu Wan’er only had time to take out her mobile phone to read the online evaluation of her live singing。
She didn’t read the remarks made by her own brainless fans,Those people have idol filters,There is no way to look at her level objectively。
She still has this self-knowledge。
She is watching music criticsVViews。
This time the awards show has more than a dozen singers and orchestras singing,Still have some big musicvConcerned。
Watched a few musicVEvaluation of the scene,I’m sure she is really singing。
On this point,Has exceeded the flow of those fake singing。
As for singing skills,This song by Qu Wan’er belongs to the kind of song that pleases the public,Not so easy to get those big musicVPraise。
but,The evaluation is not low,At least they think she sings well,There were no faults in the live performance,For a traffic singer,Commendable。
That’s fine。
Qu Wan’er didn’t expect the music to be bigVWill praise her for her singing skills。

Fortunately, Wang Yufei’s embarrassing appearance,In Han Qian’s eyes,I thought it was probably from Old Han, it must make this shy boy embarrassed,No love at all, careful thoughts……

Ok,Good misunderstanding!
038 Conspiracy theory
In Wang Yufei’s opinion, a thrilling dinner,It ended in Han Qian’s babble。
The teenager was worried that Han Qian was annoyed by Guo Xiaoyi.,I will forget the agreement with myself,Reveal that little secret。Okay,From beginning to end,My sister maintains a minimum of sanity,Did not betray him。
It’s just that when he and Guo Jianfeng are leaving,Guo Xiaoyi looked at him with a smile but a smile,Let Wang Yufei be frightened out of a cold sweat。I’m afraid that this weird girl would say something messy to Han Qian after he left。
I’m afraid to go all the way。
But when Guo Jianfeng turned on the computer for him,And told him the addresses of the professional documents in the favorites,All the distracting thoughts were thrown away by him,At this time, all of Wang Yufei’s mind is occupied by the massive knowledge provided on the Internet。
First, clarify the concepts that are not clear,Then began to supplement all kinds of financial knowledge。Then began to study papers in various investment fields。
Although Wang Yufei’s reading speed is very fast,Do it for yourself,About four views per minute、Five thousand words content,And imprint the content in my mind。But relative to the complex amount of knowledge,One hour is obviously not enough。
So he began to download various papers in a targeted manner、Information journal,And then synced to the phone lent to him by Guo Jianfeng,It only took half an hour,He already has a general understanding of social finance,Ninety percent of various financial concepts can already be readily implemented。
For the stock market、Bond、Futures and other markets also have a basic understanding。
He is still free,I downloaded one with my mobile phone and I can watch the stock market at any time、Software with the function of simulating stock trading。
Guo Jianfeng just glanced at it when Wang Yufei was focused on collecting information,He ignored Wang Yufei。
Speaking of,Guo Jianfeng is still depressed。
At first he was fancy that this kid could inherit his mantle,Who would have thought this guy was so obsessed with numbers?
At this time, he didn’t know that Lao Gao from junior high school had the same sigh as him,Otherwise, I’ll go to Lao Gao for a drink,Look at this trouble。

“My grandpa wants me to pass you a word——Don’t panic,The country will not allow the evil spirits。”

“amount?”Gu Mu was taken aback,“What kind of monsters?What nonsense?”
“What my grandpa meant,Our country,Will not allow such evil activities as brain swaps,”Zhao Jiajia said,“Those monsters,Naturally, there are national laws to suppress,Don’t panic。”
Gu Mu surprised,I’ve got cold sweat all over。
Although Zhao Jiajia meant that the country should help him,But the brain change operation is his biggest secret in his heart,How did Zhao Jiajia know?
Zhao Jiajia said domineeringly:“You are my man,I won’t let others take over your body!”
“you……How did you know this?”Gu Mu asked in shock。
“You told me,”Zhao Jiajiadao,“That night,You drank too much……”
the next day,Gu Mu and Zhao Jiajia embarked on the trip to Qiongdao。
Went with them,There are two bodyguards, Wang Qiang and Qu Yong, and Yuyi。
——Ruan Xiaowen should have been there,But Ruan Xiaowen is going to send Xiaoxiao back to Yuanling Palace,Then I can only let Yui pass。
Because Gu Mu himself doesn’t know anything about business,Must have an assistant to assist。
At this time,Let Yui pass,That is the most suitable。
Gu Mu and Zhao Jiajia talked for a long time last night,I don’t feel as anxious when I first received a call from Wang Yongyuan,But there is still some anxiety between the eyebrows。
Zhao Jiajia guaranteed him,But he thought of Wang Yongyuan’s strength,Still feel some insecurity。
but,With Zhao Jiajia’s protection,I’m still a lot more settled。
After arriving at Qiong Island,Someone picks up there,Has been welcoming him to Wang Yongyuan’s villa。

East Gate Entrance,A woman just getting ready to go to the east elevator,See this scene,Muttered。

“Yuner,what happened?
Why keep talking to myself?”
A man beside a woman,Seeing my wife doesn’t enter the elevator,Muttering in place,Curious question。
“Oh!I met a brother who looked down on my brother before,The woman who refused my brother’s confession。
Just let me not expect,After she rejected my brother。
I found one,The messy husband who delivered the food,Really mad at me。”
Thinking of Lu Yingying’s rejection of her brother,Bai Yun is particularly annoying。
“And this thing?
Let’s go over and say hello?”
The middle-aged man heard what Bai Yun said,Lick the corners of the mouth,Said with a sinister expression。
“OK!But this one hello,Have to start a little bit。”
“I am very sure of that。
otherwise,How to avenge your brother-in-law?
go,Hurry up,Otherwise I won’t follow。”
How do I feel someone is staring at us?”

Jiang Yan helped Ding Yi outBSuper room,Jiang Fan is waiting nervously outside the door,He saw them coming,Asked quickly:“how about it?”

Jiang Yan said:“Two little guys are great!very good,Now I can finally go back to my hometown and reunite with my husband and son。”
Jiang Fan took the list from Ding Yi’s hand,Watch watch,He suddenly happily brought the scan to his mouth,Kissed that piece of paper。
Jiang Yan said loudly:“The ink on it is poisonous。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“I’m kissing my children,Without ink。”
Ding Yi and Jiang Yan both laughed。
Jiang Yan said:“How do you know it’s a pair of children?”
Jiang Fan looked at Jiang Yan,Said:“You said it was a dragon and a phoenix last time?Is there a change?”
Listen to Jiang Fan,Ding Yi also looked at Jiang Yan。
Jiang Yan smiled,Said:“Of course the fetus will not change sex in the mother’s womb,That became a monster?”
Listen to Jiang Yan saying this,Ding Yi slapped her on the mouth lightly。
Jiang Yan said nervously when seeing these two people:“I really convinced you couple。”
Ding Yi smiled,Took the list from Jiang Fan,Carefully identifying which is the boy,Which is a girl,She watched for a long time,Can’t tell,Because the hospital has regulations,Do not reveal the baby’s gender like family members,So the scanned image they got,All deliberately cover up the fetal organs。
Ding Yi pointed to the fetus who was hitting ha and asked:“Yaner,Is this a boy?That is a girl?”
Jiang Yan took a look,Ding Yi guessed the sex of the fetus all at once,She asked differently:“how do you know?”
Ding Yi said:“Don’t know yet,The most naughty one,Just like him,And you see,He is not honest,So I judge him to be a boy,The other one must be a girl,Look how quiet she is?”
Jiang Yan smiled,Said:“sister in law,It can only show that you are right,This will him on top,I might run down in a while,They are athletic。”

Peter and his apprentice went out to get into their car,Only then recovered,The expression of disdain on the greasy young man’s face is getting stronger。

“teacher,I can do this kind of small family,Why let you go out in person。”Gasoline groaned while driving the car。
Peter closed his eyes in the back seat,If it wasn’t for the above, he insisted,Of course he would not go to such a remote place。
“All right,Drive,You just endure it for two more days,We’ll go back when we finish the business here。”
“Oh,Then we have to hurry,The aura here is thin,I really don’t know how they live。”
Just when the car got off Phoenix Mountain,Abruptly stopped,Peter closed his eyes and opened his eyes displeasedly,I want to ask my apprentice what’s going on?
See the car in front,Somewhat surprised,What do these people want?
No wonder the other party is so surprised,The outside scene can be seen from the windshield of the car,On the asphalt road in Liudao,The brand new Maybach stopped neatly on both sides,Beside each two cars are wearing black suits,Young man in white gloves。
Tilt of all cars,As if to pay tribute to them。
“Go see what’s going on?”Peter recovered and said to his apprentice。
Get off the oil head,Smiling towards the middle of the road,Old man in formal butler clothes。
“What are you doing?”
The old housekeeper bends down slightly:“Is this the car in which Mr. Peter is riding??”
“So what?”
The old butler still faces a smile:“My lady is afraid of neglecting Mr. Peter,Specially let the old slave come here to wait,Lead the way for Mr.!”
Peter got off the car,The old housekeeper bypasses the oil head directly,Walk towards each other。
Stop at Peter’s distance of three steps,Put your hands on your abdomen,Bend down deeply to show respect,Compared to just standing up and talking:“Dear Mr. Peter,Ms. Zhao is honored to be here,Made me wait here,Hope to treat you with the friendship of the landlord。”
On the other side’s speech,Peter can’t find the slightest fault,This series of processes seems to come from a big family,Natural and smooth。
When has there been such a butler in Bincheng??

“I have a hasty,That kid didn’t keep up with us just now,Did you lose yourself??”

Qin Liang exaggerated,Ling Mofeng is not a kid anymore,And this place is on the top of a high hillside where you can see almost anywhere,It’s hard to lose if you want。
“That can’t!Do you treat that kid as a fool?Ha ha。”
Yang Zhi smiled and answered。
“Big one,I don’t want to help you,you know too:Xiaoxue’s sister is my wife,Xiaoxue is my sister-in-law,So I dare not make this incident lightly,I hope you can understand my suffering。”
Qin Liang suddenly turned his face and said to Yang Zhi with a serious look。
“Oh……It’s okay,I know,I didn’t blame you。”
Yang Zhi caught off guard,Awkward,But he immediately pretended to be nonchalant and replied,Hadron and Marin remained silent。
In fact, when Qin Liang said these words to Yang Zhi,My heart is also very complicated and tangled,From his original intention,He never wants Shen Ruoxue to have a boyfriend,But after all, there is absolutely nothing between him and Shen Ruoxue“story”,There can be no story,And he really can’t bear to see Yang Zhi always struggle with this bitter unrequited love,So what should I do,He didn’t make up his mind。
At least before today,He never had any thoughts of helping Yang Zhi on this matter,But at this moment,He started shaking again for the first time,Maybe because of the environment at the moment,The atmosphere that he feels affects his reason。
“This matter,I need time to think about it seriously。”
Qin Liang said to himself thoughtfully,In fact, he didn’t just say this to Yang Zhiqi,Even to himself,It’s just that Yang Zhi couldn’t think of this。
Yang Zhi doesn’t know what to say,So I can only respond indiscriminately。
“Let’s not talk about this for now,Come back later。”
Qin Liang said with a wry smile,He also doesn’t know what to say。
“correct,Let’s rest at the base for a few days?”
Yang Zhi took the initiative to change the subject,But the sentence he asked,It is also an issue that he is very concerned about,Because the longer the rest period at the base,The more time he can stay with Shen Ruoxue,Even if you can’t stay together,You can only watch her from a distance and stay with her。
“do not know,It depends,Girls like,Let’s stay a few more days,I’m idle wherever I am,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang answered indifferently。

Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue turned a deaf ear to Qin Liang’s words,As if I didn’t hear it at all,The two went to the second floor by themselves……Qin Liang was stunned for a while,Feel something is going bad,That’s why he was busy and caught up。

In Shen Ruoxi’s bedroom,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue are packing things,It looks like you are going to travel!Two suitcases opened side by side on the bed……
“You two are going to come for real?”
Qin Liang stood beside the two girls and watched for two minutes,Then walked to Shen Ruoxue’s side,Reached out and pulled her in front of me,Asked awkwardly。
“Sorry,Please let go,I want to pack things。”
Shen Ruoxue said coldly,Then he broke free from Qin Liang’s hands。
“What are you doing,Really go to the heart!Didn’t I just kidding and playing with you two?……”
This time it became Qin Liang’s second counselor again!
“I don’t like being threatened by others。”
Shen Ruoxue is still the same“Don’t come near me”Look like。
“me too,I hate being threatened by others,And my character is;The more threatening me,The more I would rather die than surrender,Rather bend than bend。”
Liu Xiaoyun also immediately followed。“I have a hasty!The more you talk, the more ridiculous!I was joking,Isn’t it good to have a relationship with threatening half a dime??Oh,You two can treat me as a monkey,Brother-in-law, I made a joke with you, you two are so anxious
?Are you so good to brother-in-law??”