Half half,He calm down。

“Small hybrid,Laozi is not http://www.xinlanmumen.cn only a city owner,Still the famous temple,Can you let you take?!”
He biting his teeth and then tailored three people in the Temple of God.。
“I will call you five billions.,Take 2 billion application protection,Left 3 billion renovation,Give me the store,Thoroughly squeezing that small hybrid,Understand!”
“Fifty yuan currency?Application protection mechanism?”
Three life and death are all overjoyed,Continuous guarantee。
“The owner please rest assured,We must not look at expensive,Never make mistakes,That kid dares to come to the store,We must see him.。”
Wang Qingzheng,“That is only one aspect,Important or business,Some days,I will recruit some higher levels of crewners.,To create a store into a large-scale business group,Establish a store and the distribution site……”
God of God。
Desktop,The old look of the old look at the summer,I looked at Wang Yuxin who smiled next to it.。
He takes one of the jade jumbs from the table.。
I’m going to sweep in a circle.,Reconstitutional summer,“This is it,The reward task of the South Gongliang, the main South Gongliang, Dongpu City,One billion yuan of coins has already hit the,now,Let’s talk about your own residence.。”
Summer laughing laugh,Say,“I am living in the first block of the Beicheng, the temple of God.……”
Wait until he finished,Pakistan,“Very detailed,Conditions,Your little guy,Vulnerability of drilling rules,Report yourself……”
Summer reveals people livestock smile,“Old,This is not illegal.?If you are hard to do,Let my friends report it……it’s the same,it’s the same。”
“never mind!”
Pakistan is more speechless,Drop the reservoir immediately,“It is one billion inside,Take a hurry,Look at you……Old husband is not smooth。”
Summer picking up the storage ring,Amens,Spirate,Turned out。
“correct,Remind you,Those governments are the honorary guards of the temple,All privileged,It is not necessarily absolutely safe in the city.。”
“Domeba old。”
Summer road。
After leaving,Wang Yixin http://www.szpzkjycvntdla.cn can’t help but laugh again.。
“We should wait further。”She looks at the summer,Can’t live in your mouth,“Pakistan should notify Dong Pu City, South Gongliang in the first time……”
Summer shink,Nothing。
Next,The two are separated。
Wang Yixin returned to Dongfeng Dado,Preparing to arrange the opening of the store。
Summer returned to the residence。
“Little brother,came back。”
Two cities have returned in advance,One of them handed a black badge in the summer,“Protecting the application, we will give you it.,promise,This is this badge。”
Summer picking badges,Feel some,Immediate change。
Chengwei laughs,“Leave a mark of the town of Temple in the ban,Who dares to work within the badge,The fairy adult can suppress the person。”
“Thank you。”

This news can’t be honest.,It’s already http://www.tiansilang.cn known.。

World’s forces,So therefore vibration。
In China,Have a dark flow in the fierce。
Daguate、Ancient Wu family and hidden family,Continuous down to various orders,What is it ready?。
What is also waiting for?。
There is also a major part of the eyes,I have turned into the Beijing Meijia Outlet.,Ling Yun Group Xia Xue。
And Changan Li Jia。
More eyes,Falling on the Tianxing Summer Yun。
All guard,Guard。
There is an invisible atmosphere to suppress,Brew。
No one can predict,What will happen next?。
Those who stand in a high place know,Holy War has not been avoided。
Shortly after,Outgoing a message。
Tianstrooms have rushed to Zushan.。
He not only with people,Also with a very advanced diving instrument。
“Captor can’t find the summer and the rush of the day,No one can determine their http://www.open3dnet.cn life and death。”
This is the announcement he issued to the world.。
Although it is just a sentence,But there is a deeper level meaning。
Summer bodies have not found,Give me an old man。
This is not only a warning of the majorities of the country.,It is also deliberately saying that、Dark Parliament、Madman、Victoria、The forces represented by Xianti and others。
Let them don’t so much。
Jinxiu Garden。
Villa,Liu Qingqing’s body is like a lightning strike,With an unbelievable and ignorant,Looking back in the opposite side。
Her face is pale to the extreme,It is also fear to the extreme。
Half half,She barely smiled,“Grandfather……You,You must be lie to me.,right……Hunch!”
Not finished,Pale face is bloody,Blood spurting,The whole person planted toward the ground。
Laogee eye health,Hurry http://www.volnn.cn to support her。
“Me……I am fine.。”
Liu Qingqing wipes the mouth of the mouth,Tough smile,“Grandfather,I am really nothing.……”She thinks that she is away from the summer.,Accompany yourself,shop,Even I bought a rose to give myself.……He……That is to say goodbye to yourself.。
Different sayings from death。
I think here,Liu Qingqing feels a few knives,Erogent again,Eyelids,Dizzy。

Anyway,Also jumped out of the chessboard。

“what……”at this time,I am awaken in the summer.。
Look up,Just see Gano waved a thorny sword march.。
Inserts the body of the old man。
“puff”The old man is born back shoulders,The upper body body is obliquely,The lower half is still in the dark,While shooting the blood flowers。
The last two disadvantages fall in the blood of the blood。
“Three uncle ancestors!”
The ear is ambush,Eye grievances are like a ghost,Suspectedly rushed。
Not just him,Five or six people who are siege,Also all desperately。
But you can see it.,They have a lot of scars on them.,Obviously not Gano opponent。
From the big game,The ear homes account for great advantage。
This time Gano came,Take only five people,Qian Tianlu’s ancient martial arts who came home,In fact, it is a plate of shackles.。
at the very beginning,They can still compete。
But as the ear is desperately desperate,Disadvantage。
http://www.sunddin.cn It is a sulking in the past few days.,All in the eyes,Not cared at life and death。
To know,In addition to the ancestors of the ancestors,The five or six hundred village names also have many masters,Otherwise it will not stay here.。
At the end,It has already fled towards the village in the village.。
Someone takes the lead,Someone immediately followed the escape。
Even the masters of Qian Tianlu such as the holy realm,After killing more than a dozen people,Seeing that he is getting less and less,Also rush to the outside。
So,This center。
More and more people,Rush to Gano。
But Ganan is not afraid,Handheld sword rushed in the crowd,Bloody,Ruthless。
Although the ear is more,But it is really able to fight against him.,That’s a few people。
And he is very clear,Killing ear, those who are very common, the http://www.local-alliance.cn masters are worthless。
Only super masters like the old man,Can you forced out the sky。
To the latter,He has a shock,Expanded the sword with his sword,Ten thousand swords light into the west。
Here,There are dozens of deaths and injuries。
Gangan launched rapid,Chasing the ear saving attack。
Seeing that the ear is difficult to make,Continuously swearing,Sitting in summer slowly standing。
He has a feeling。
If you don’t appear in the world,The ear sustain is very likely to be killed。
But just at this time,His brow wrinkle。
A remaining shadow,Follow,A person appears next to it。

NS40chapter:If you don’t brave,Who is strong for you

And this head of Lu Hao is watching Sens to have a laughing of Jiang Daughter.。
He said in http://www.yangyangsao.cn a word a meal.:“Before tomorrow,I want to see the photo of Jiang Sanxin.,I want to know which welfare home is adopted.?”Finish,He hangs on the phone。
The phone of the phone is holding big eyes。
What ghost?
What kind of wind is like this?
Jumping out for a while,He ran back in this thousand miles,Is it easy??
Mu Ziyu is in the bottom of the heart.,Less phone。
suddenly,He is like suddenly thinking about what。
“Jiang Lan Xin?Welfare home?Blue Xin?Blue?”He speaks,It is a word a meal.。
“Ouch!Will n’t you hurry?!”He will carry your own rushing airport.,Elegant pace has become a small run。
Lu Hao Cheng turned,Looking at Blue Xin just sitting position,It is already empty。
He looks at the glass door,I saw Blue Xin slightly lower heads.,He sees her side,Still pain!
http://www.daogd.cn Le Zhenxi comforts her。
Such scene,Let him look at some glare。
Blue,I have a strong feeling in my heart.,It’s you!
A normal person,How can I wipe my address without no reason??
Only one possibility,That is, she doesn’t want people to know her identity and where she lives.。
Just like his mother,Will send them a letter to peace,But I can’t find her traces.。
His deep eyes,Just look at the two people disappeared。
The heart seems to have fallen.。
How many years,His feelings have such a feeling in the end。
Blue,I have already found you for many years.,Don’t you come back??
I have always believed that you are still living in this world.,You will definitely go back to me.,You said,I have to stay with me for a lifetime.。
A kind of waiting,Always the most painful place。
Only those who want to http://www.theq-hotel.cn wait,It is the best destination of the soul.!
Blue Xin and Xi Xi said things that encountered Jiang Jingyi and Tao Mengyi.。
熙,Only regretting not to accompany Blue Xin together。
Blue Xin’s face is still pale,God,Early eyeless, watching the street under the rainbow light。
Xi Xi is on one side,Look at her concerns,Be careful of her surroundings,I am afraid that she will fall.。
Seven years,She still can’t forget the pain in my heart.。
Seven years ago,She is not hurting,But she wo,Don’t want to wake up。
He tested very much with his sister.,Only let her have a desire to survive。
He and my sister think,Seven years have passed,At least she will pay some。

“it’s him!”

Wu Xiuxiu turned over for a long time,I finally found it.,Pointed Xue Qing’s,Didn’t let her see。
Xue Qing only glanced,The whole person is stupid!
NS28Chapter Buy lottery ticket
“Allocate,My car is repaired.,now what,There is a lottery shop next to this,I am planning to go in touch!”
Wu Xiuxiu’s mobile phone,There is a young man standing in front of the lens,A saying。
“Anchor,You are luck today,Can you still buy a lottery??”
“Still save,Your breath is not!”
“I support the poor anchor.http://www.networkmarket.cn !”
“User small flower flower gift aircraft!”
“User of the old king big brother give an aircown a rocket!”
“User Qingfeng Mingyue gives an anchor one hundred love!”
All kinds of lasers in the live broadcast,And airplane and rocket,Very lively!
“You look,it’s him!”
Wu Xiuxiu saw a while,As a result, I found that my sister is like a stunned.,Don’t say a word,Ask:“What happened to you??”
“he……Is he very powerful??”
Xue Qing reaction,Can’t help but ask:“This is the anchor that you said.?”
“Of course!”
Wu Xiuxiu nodded,“He is very powerful,Duded wild people gave a lottery,His fans have a lot of might!”
“You look at the first person,I have brushed hundreds of rockets.!”
So much,Xue Qing is shocked.。
My old classmates actually so cattle?
Loss, she still advised Xin http://www.qqhld.cnXuan to find a job http://www.yrxuhn.cn in front of the camera.,It can’t be laughed.?
Xue Qing will only feel that his face is hot.,Burn panic!
“he……He is the old classmate I said.!”
Xue Qing’s support for it for a long time,Still。
One heard this,Wu Xiuxiu first stunned,I immediately said.:“Do you know Xuan Ge??”

“kindness,very good,Since you are http://www.yiding2008.cn now saying this。”

“Then just follow,I took a person.。”
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-seventh chapter is tricky
At this moment,Wujiazhi。
Wu Yuan, Wu Yuanlong, learned about this,His face suddenly changed。
After all, now,Anything else,Such a thing,In fact, it is now,Already fully placed here。
As for the next,How to deal with it?。
Wu Yuanlong thoughtfully thoughtful in his heart.。
Subsequent,Wu Yuanlong didn’t forget。
“If now,Really said something,This is tricky。”
“Yet,In fact, I am thinking about thinking.,This account,anyway,Let’s everyone,Be sure to make it clear about them.。”
When Wu Yuanlong’s words,What makes people around those people。
In fact, now,Such a thing,Their heart,It’s clear that it is clear.。
The more you now,In fact, here,These people are more harmonious。
http://www.happy99999.cn Wujia’s guards,At the moment here,The face is even more incredible.。
The more now,In fact, when these people have the same eye,This,These people have more angry。
“Although I don’t want to say this.,But now,In fact, let’s everyone.,It has been steadily occupied this。”
“actually,If this is said,think carefully,Still a big cut。”
“What is the case,But let’s follow,I should start from what aspect?”
This,Those people around me have not forgotten。
As for Wu Yuanlong?,In fact, he also did not think about it.,What should I start starting from what respect?。
But see these,At this moment,Wu Yuanlong’s brow is slightly frown。
This,Wu Yuanlong’s face is even more attacked.。
And there is all this,This,Wu Yuanlong’s brow is slightly frown。
http://www.honghaibo.cn “But now,In fact, it is not enough.。”
“Even if I have given me Wujia.,I will definitely can’t let him go.!”
When Wu Yuanlong’s line of sight is in front of him,The whole person is, the more you feel that you feel excited.。
In front of Wu Yuanlong,Surroundings of Wujia’s guards,It is very urgent。
Dictionary now,Is the best opportunity。
But why is it still not willing to act??
These things,In fact, they all,I don’t understand what is going on.。
And Wu Yuanlong,While seeing it here,It is not forgotten to continue to say this.。
“But now,I will prepare for me right away.。”
“I am very wanting to see knowledge.,Look at the next,Can they still come here how long!”
When Wu Yuanlong’s words say,This is the people around you,The more you look, the more excited。

1month26The US beat the Los Angeles Clippers again,Griffin was struggling to get revenge before the game,Who broke Xu Xuan’s body into pieces.As a result, the game lost again.

Los Angeles Clippers!
Griffin wants to die too.
The disastrous face after the game,Flushing eyes,And the big black eyes,It looks like it’s been a dozen big guys.Ok,Ok,Ok.
Of course there are worse than them。
Atlanta Hawks.
Xu Xuan is also very strange,Why he“Enemy”Either won’t come,To come by,Do you want to fight him to death??
This group of souls!
He won’t succumb to these evil forces,So one by one, they all fell to the ground。
Don’t ask why there are eagles,Our eagles just persevere,Perseverance,The one that won’t admit to killing.
After the game, even Pacers home fans looked at the Eagles players wrongly.,All with admiration and admiration!
The kind that can’t stop。

but,Only one chance,If the power this time,Can’t kill Lin Yu。

By the time,The one who died is oneself。
Because after exhausting all the power,I am almost like an ordinary person。
But with all my strength,Someone who can’t even reach the yellow level,Can take over,is it possible?
Impossible at all。
Precisely because of this one,Ah Xing uses his strongest power directly。
“Die for me!”
All the zhenqi is condensed into the fist,Punch Lin Yu directly。
boom!Loudly,Within 100 meters,The earth shakes。
Chapter 76: Heizi’s Phone
just,There is a place,Not only without vibration,Didn’t even fly a single dust。
This place,Is where Lin Yu is standing。
“Is this all your power?”
Lin Yu casually waved,Directly blocked the attacking force。

“.”The blogger glanced at Si Yue, who was incapable of fighting behind him.,I can only nodded and said,“You must be careful。”

“Now there are three of us left。”
Wait until the blogger takes Si Yue to leave,Blackened Instant Fire looked at Sasuke and Sakura in front of him and said。
“Sakura,Fight later,You must be careful。”
Looking at Sasuke’s face with a solemn expression,Kozakura also nodded subconsciously。
The battle begins,The blackened instant flame disappeared instantly,Kick at Sakura at an incredible speed,Sakura who will not be able to react in the future kicks directly。
I chose Sakura instead of Sasuke,It’s because Sasuke’s reincarnation eyes can see the blackened instantaneous fire clearly。
Although I’m worried about Sakura,But Sasuke did not become a clone,Instead, he concentrates on the battle between himself and Black Instant Fire。
Inject Lei Dun Chakra into his Kusuna Sword,Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are caught in close combat。
The sound of lightning explosion mixed with the sound of wind being torn apart at the same time。
Even if your body can recover quickly,But the pain cannot be eliminated,Kozakura, who was blackened and kicked, rested on the ground for a while,Only gradually recovered。
It seems that Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are in a close battle,But every time Sasuke’s attack was blackened, the instant fire avoided,Then attack Sasuke backhand。
Eventually Sasuke revealed his flaws,Face the attack of the blackened instant fire,Although the skeleton frame protection was summoned in time,But it was opened some distance。
Sakura hurried forward to support Sasuke。

“how,Mr. Mo,Don’t you know?”

Zhao Zhong can’t help but be puzzled,Chongmo Xiaosheng said,“Chief Yuan’s nephew,It’s also from the Military Intelligence Department,It is said that it is still the squadron leader,He also went with him during this mission,So I got hurt too,And ah……The injury is not minor!”
Mo Xiaosheng suddenly realized this time,He just said,This Yuan He is the dignified No. 2 chief,How can you stay here to accompany you at night?,It turns out he is really worried about his nephew!
“He hasn’t told him to find someone to treat him this afternoon,Where to find people this night?”
Zhao Zhong frowned and asked suspiciously,“Our General Hospital of the Military Region represents China’s top Western medical technology,You represent China’s top TCM technology,Who else can he find?”
Zhao Zhong asked,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but become curious,But immediately shook his head and smiled,Said:“Who cares about him,It’s none of our business anyway!”
They just finished speaking,Suddenly heard a scream from behind,“Major Mo!Is it Major Mo??”
Mo Xiaosheng turned around and looked,I saw four or five figures rushing over here quickly,Waited,Only then did Mo Xiaosheng see clearly,It is Ye Bing’s Tan Kai and others!
“Tan Kai?”
Mo Xiaosheng looked happy,Also as Ye Bing’s subordinate,Mo Xiaosheng dealt with them all the time,These people are also the best to him in the MI,So Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help feeling a little excited when he saw these people,Feel extra cordial。
“Major Mo,Really you,Great!”
Tan Kai and others seemed excited after seeing Mo Xiaosheng。
Mo Xiaosheng heard what they called him,Smile indifferently,Said,“Tan Kai,I am no longer from the MI Department,Don’t call me that anymore!”
Tan Kai and others’ faces darkened,Glanced at each other,They are also worried about Mo Xiaosheng leaving the Military Intelligence Department.。
“ink……Mr. Mo,Although you are no longer from the MI Department,But you can save Colonel Ye!”
Tan Kai’s voice eagerly pleaded,“She was badly injured this time!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s heart tightened after hearing this,Face changed,Chong Tan Kai asked:“Badly hurt?Which ward is she in now?”
Tan Kai hurriedly pointed to the inpatient building not far away,Said:“Is the inpatient building you just entered,The two injured squadron captains in our mission are in that building!”