“.”The blogger glanced at Si Yue, who was incapable of fighting behind him.,I can only nodded and said,“You must be careful。”

“Now there are three of us left。”
Wait until the blogger takes Si Yue to leave,Blackened Instant Fire looked at Sasuke and Sakura in front of him and said。
“Sakura,Fight later,You must be careful。”
Looking at Sasuke’s face with a solemn expression,Kozakura also nodded subconsciously。
The battle begins,The blackened instant flame disappeared instantly,Kick at Sakura at an incredible speed,Sakura who will not be able to react in the future kicks directly。
I chose Sakura instead of Sasuke,It’s because Sasuke’s reincarnation eyes can see the blackened instantaneous fire clearly。
Although I’m worried about Sakura,But Sasuke did not become a clone,Instead, he concentrates on the battle between himself and Black Instant Fire。
Inject Lei Dun Chakra into his Kusuna Sword,Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are caught in close combat。
The sound of lightning explosion mixed with the sound of wind being torn apart at the same time。
Even if your body can recover quickly,But the pain cannot be eliminated,Kozakura, who was blackened and kicked, rested on the ground for a while,Only gradually recovered。
It seems that Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are in a close battle,But every time Sasuke’s attack was blackened, the instant fire avoided,Then attack Sasuke backhand。
Eventually Sasuke revealed his flaws,Face the attack of the blackened instant fire,Although the skeleton frame protection was summoned in time,But it was opened some distance。
Sakura hurried forward to support Sasuke。

“how,Mr. Mo,Don’t you know?”

Zhao Zhong can’t help but be puzzled,Chongmo Xiaosheng said,“Chief Yuan’s nephew,It’s also from the Military Intelligence Department,It is said that it is still the squadron leader,He also went with him during this mission,So I got hurt too,And ah……The injury is not minor!”
Mo Xiaosheng suddenly realized this time,He just said,This Yuan He is the dignified No. 2 chief,How can you stay here to accompany you at night?,It turns out he is really worried about his nephew!
“He hasn’t told him to find someone to treat him this afternoon,Where to find people this night?”
Zhao Zhong frowned and asked suspiciously,“Our General Hospital of the Military Region represents China’s top Western medical technology,You represent China’s top TCM technology,Who else can he find?”
Zhao Zhong asked,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but become curious,But immediately shook his head and smiled,Said:“Who cares about him,It’s none of our business anyway!”
They just finished speaking,Suddenly heard a scream from behind,“Major Mo!Is it Major Mo??”
Mo Xiaosheng turned around and looked,I saw four or five figures rushing over here quickly,Waited,Only then did Mo Xiaosheng see clearly,It is Ye Bing’s Tan Kai and others!
“Tan Kai?”
Mo Xiaosheng looked happy,Also as Ye Bing’s subordinate,Mo Xiaosheng dealt with them all the time,These people are also the best to him in the MI,So Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help feeling a little excited when he saw these people,Feel extra cordial。
“Major Mo,Really you,Great!”
Tan Kai and others seemed excited after seeing Mo Xiaosheng。
Mo Xiaosheng heard what they called him,Smile indifferently,Said,“Tan Kai,I am no longer from the MI Department,Don’t call me that anymore!”
Tan Kai and others’ faces darkened,Glanced at each other,They are also worried about Mo Xiaosheng leaving the Military Intelligence Department.。
“ink……Mr. Mo,Although you are no longer from the MI Department,But you can save Colonel Ye!”
Tan Kai’s voice eagerly pleaded,“She was badly injured this time!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s heart tightened after hearing this,Face changed,Chong Tan Kai asked:“Badly hurt?Which ward is she in now?”
Tan Kai hurriedly pointed to the inpatient building not far away,Said:“Is the inpatient building you just entered,The two injured squadron captains in our mission are in that building!”

Paused,Cui Zhongyoudao,“You also know,These two releases《love letter》with《Gift in Room 7》,They all know that we have a good relationship with Teacher Chu Liuxiang。After finding the mysterious Chu Liuxiang teacher,They want to buy《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》Copyright,Naturally come to us for help。”

Shen Huan suddenly realized。
Those foreign film and television circles are naturally connected。
Everyone knows the relationship between Shanhai.com and Chu Liuxiang,Naturally, I must come here,I want to ask them to convey their opinions。
Shen Huan immediately remembered the unfinished one“Overall return5Billion”Task,Feeling refreshed!
Just say it,How could I not complete the task?
I was waiting here!
First496chapter Eccentricity?
Next,Cui Zhong gave Shen Huan a detailed account of everyone’s sincerity。
The most sincere is of course Tai Chi country。
Crazy Tai Chi fans,Now I am very infatuated with Teacher Chu Liuxiang。
As long as it’s Chu Liuxiang’s stuff,They will like it。
《Xiao Ba’s Story》Has been co-signed by thousands of netizens,I want to get Tai Chi country to publish soon,They want to see。
《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》This record-setting TV series,Also because it is the work of Mr. Chu Liuxiang,Their five major TV stations are scrambling to buy the copyright,Conditions are higher than one。

But dozens of dollars is not worth it to Fang Hao,Deduction。

On the new media training class,One week is three days,Every day is two hours,It won’t take him much time。
It’s not convenient to go there by car,There is no direct bus,Can only ride shared bicycles。
The road is not far,It takes half an hour to walk,Cycling will be faster。
It’s been a few years since I left school,Suddenly went to class again,Made him a little nervous。
The classmates there are male and female,Old and young。
Older60Many years old,Maybe it’s because I was bored after retirement,Want to learn something,Maybe it’s just to show off the brave and heroic attitude of your square dance team on the online platform。
The younger one looks like eighteen or nineteen,Maybe I want to be an anchor orUPthe Lord。
New media is not just for videos,It also includes operating a public account or self-media like Toutiao,It’s just that I’m more interested in making videos。
Inside the student,Retired,Someone at work,There are also unemployed people who are admitted to university。
There are more than a dozen girls in there,Among them are a few young and beautiful girls。
The appearance of Fang Hao,Let those girls’ eyes shine,Feeling the arrival of spring ahead of time。

When I think of the playoffs this time,There will be a large number of reporters chasing each other throughout,They got excited before they knew it。

NBAIs a vanity fair。
The more reporters pay attention to you,Prove that your exposure will be higher,So more people will know about you,You will become more famous。
More famous not only represents flowers and applause,And more salary income,More advertising endorsement revenue, etc.。
These are not allNBAWhat players dream of??
Ingram and other players have such a vision,Even during training, he became more focused。
First day training,Shen Huan is more doing various physical function tests,So that the professional trainers of the Lakers,Give him a better recovery and enhancement plan。
Wait till the result comes out,Everyone was shocked。
Whether it is50Meter turn back,Still burst speed instantly,Or dribbling speed,Shen Huan compares with last year’s data,Are at least strong20%。
All the top basketball superstars,Want to make a little progress,That’s not easy。
Human beings have made themselves to the top of this industry,It’s not easy already,Want to make progress,The effort required,It’s harder to become a superstar than ordinary people。
But passed and broke through this barrier,You will be Jabbar、It will be Jordan、It will be O’Neill……
You will pass this era,Become part of the entire history of basketball。
obviously,Few people do such things,Otherwise, everyone will become the top star of this era,The word top star,Isn’t it too ordinary?

The Secretary leads the way,Pointed to a door and said:“Take a picture first,It may take a few minutes。”

The director of the marriage registry has been waiting inside,Peng Changyi came in and said:“To trouble you。”
Director said:“today’s weather is not good,Not too many people,So no trouble。”
Peng Changyi and Shu Qing follow the staff’s frustration,Sitting on a bench,Pose,The staff pressed the shutter。
After taking the photo,The director led them into the director’s office again,It’s already ready there。The director followed,Said:“Wait a few minutes,Do it as soon as the photo comes out。”
Liang Hang grabbed two handfuls of candy from a bag,Put on the table,Took out two more boxes of cigarettes,turn on,Ask the chief and director to smoke。
Director said:“Stop smoking,There are ladies,I have a candy,I have to eat even though my blood sugar is high,Because this is wedding candy。”
The director also ate a piece of candy。
Liang Hang said after watching the director put the sugar in his mouth:“How long will the photos be available?”
Director said:“I gonna go see。”
Director said:“Mayor Peng is very busy。”
Peng Changyi said:“I’m fine,She doesn’t have time,Today she has half a day,And the flood was released in the afternoon,If not for time constraints,We won’t trouble everyone,Just lined up outside。”
Director said:“Didn’t Mayor Peng slap me when he said that??You are so busy,How can you go to the line in person??”
Peng Changyi smiled,They said a few words about the weather。

Erbao keeps clean、A pair of beautiful eyes,said laughingly:“Quantity。”

“Quantity?Did you measure it for brother??”Jiang Fan continued to ask。
Erbao thought about it,Shaking his head,The two croissant braids on her head were shaken by her.。
Jiang Fan smiled,Looked at Ding Yi and said:“This amount,Knowing to please girls at such a young age,I have something delicious for Erbao,Never give Dabao。”
Ding Yi heard this,I looked at him strangely,Whispered:“Don’t say this in front of a child。”
Jiang Fan knew that he had missed the word,Said:“Kids don’t understand these。”
Ding Yi said:“Don’t understand?That’s you overestimating the adult’s IQ。”
Dabao may have heard what Dad said,He changed into a new suit and stood in front of his father,Said:“He gave me fruit peel。”
“Oh?Then I wronged this kid,Haha——”Jiang Fan laughed。
Dad looked at his watch,Said:“It’s late,You go back,It’s time to take a rest after washing the child。”
Ding Yi turned around,Find out the dirty clothes changed by the children taken away by the mother-in-law,In a bag。
Dad Jiang saw it,Said:“Didn’t your mother just say it??The clothes are not dirty,She just rubs two,Without much effort,Don’t take it back。”
Ding Yi always took home the clothes that the children changed in a day to wash,Seldom let mother-in-law wash,In-laws took the baby for a day,Eat and drink,Already very hard,She tried not to let them wash the children again。
Ding Yi said:“Mom washes effortlessly,I’m even more effortless。”
Mother Jiang came out of another room,She has a small paper bag in her hand,There is a small white pill inside,Hand it to Ding Yi,Said:“This one,Go home and give Erbao to eat,She didn’t digest well today。”
Ding Yi takes it,Looking at daughter,Said:“Should I hold it myself or let my mother hold it for you?。”

He had a pale and dirty face,Holding a large-caliber pistol in both hands,Leaning on the tree,Looking at the evil wolf with its ferocious teeth in front!

“do not,do not come,I,I am……what!”Han Xue hasn’t finished speaking yet,The wolf rushed directly!
I was very scared,The other party suddenly attacked,So scared that Han Xue closed her eyes and fired randomly!
The evil wolf has blood on its legs,But the other party did not intend to leave because of this,Staring at Han Xue with fierce eyes,As if there is a delicious dish in front of me!
too frightening,too frightening!
“sister,Brother Xia,Where are you guys……Woo,I want to go home!”
The ghost knows that she has been facing each other for three hours,For these three hours, one wolf stared at each other,So scared that I didn’t even gasp!
The quit model gun fell to the ground because of panic,Obviously right in front of you,But she dare not move,Because as long as it moves slightly,The wolf will pounce!
at last,The wolf can’t wait,It is sure that the deliciousness in front of you has no offensive power,Rushed over again!
Just when the paws were about to slap Han Xue’s head fiercely,The whole body stopped in the air,Unable to move forward!
Han Xue looked at that powerful back,Tears flowed out even more desperately!
This person is naturally Xia Chenglong,If it wasn’t for a woman’s roar,He has been looking for a long time!
The wolf looks at the one who stops him,Feel the danger instinctively,Prostrate,With cracked fangs,Sound of warning!
After confirming that he is not the opponent of the man in front of him, he quickly retreated!
I want to leave after bullying my girl?

He stood up,Carry yourself back in the dark travel bag,And went straight to the bathroom,Although on the way to escape,But wash your face,Mouthwash is a necessary procedure for getting up early every day,He will still strictly observe,After all, he is a very clean person。There are many people in the bathroom,“Skin monkey”Stood quietly by the door and waited for a while,Finally got a place,He walked over,Take off the travel bag on your back,Start doing your own thing in a hurry,He must first have a good mental state,So you can face

To today’s escape route!
Twenty minutes later,Cleaned up“Skin monkey”Came out of the bathroom,He feels that he is in good spirits,He wants to start today“life”Up!
Finally, I looked at the lively scene in the hospital,“Skin monkey”Smiled faintly,Turned and walked towards the gate of the hospital……
Although it’s not the morning rush hour for work,But the main road at the entrance of the hospital is already full of cars,Pedestrians are standing next to each other,“Skin monkey”Stood in front of the hospital for a while,Looked around,Then choose a direction,Stepped out。
And at the moment,Liu Xiaoyun and their distance“Skin monkey”The entrance of the hospital,Only less than a hundred meters away……But it’s the distance of one hundred meters,Enough to make“Skin monkey”An Ran left。
“Xiaoyun,The surveillance of this store shows;The skin monkey passes here,Still going forward。”
Li Qiaoer followed two policemen out of a shop on the roadside,Walked to Liu Xiaoyun and whispered to her。
“Then we will continue to move forward……”
Liu Xiaoyun said helplessly,She also feels tired,And not just her,The police who have been participating in the search since last night,Everyone looks tired,The special forces are relatively better。
“The skin monkey walked for a day,Isn’t he tired?”
Li Qiaoer asked again in a depressed voice。
“Of course he will be tired,But couldn’t find a place that made him feel safe,He won’t stop。”
Yang Shiyun made a difference。
“Qiaoer,Are you tired?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked Li Qiao’er quietly。

He is serious,Very serious tone,But Hu Lai waved his hand nonchalantly:“Pharaoh, I think you added too much drama。In my experience,Whether in the previous Dongchuan school team,Still flashing stars,Football is actually very simple——You are outstanding,Everyone will convince you、trust you、Accept you、Admit you。You are weak(dialect,Bad meaning),Then your performance will be on both sides、No matter how likable it is。I ask you,If someone sees me upset,Will find opportunities to kick my knees and ankles during training,Abandon my career??”

Wang Guangwei waved his hand quickly:“what are you thinking!Not enough!At most, I don’t pass you the ball during training.,No one cares about you……”
“Whistle,What’s to worry about then?”Hu Lai shook his head,“Don’t pass me,I don’t believe that the head coach is a vegetarian,Just watching them mess around?As for ignoring me……”
He looked at Wang Guangwei with a hippie smile:“They ignore me,Then you ignore me?”
“Of course I take it……”
“It’s not over!”Hu Lai slapped。“Don’t worry about this kind of thing。”
Then he picked up the phone,Someone sent him WeChat。
It’s from Li Qingqing:“They said you are Guan Xinyan’s spare tire![Smirk]”
Hu Lai a question mark:“Who is Guan Xinyan?”
The second day is the first training session of the Olympic team and the women’s national team at the Hongfengling training base,Attracted a lot of media reports and attention。
For the convenience of media friends,The interview time of the National Olympic and the women’s national team is also separated,Women’s football interviews before training,Media shooting is allowed for the first fifteen minutes of training。
The interview time for the Olympic Games is after the training.,Media shooting is allowed 15 minutes before the end of training。