He also can’t even think of the status of the patient’s patient.。

“This mother will not give me the whole brain.。”Zhou Ye wooked the back of the heart,A kind of dizziness。
Brain shock can cause messenger,The memory of a small period of time before and during the occurrence of brain shock。
“啥,Do you tease??So far from exploding you shook your brain.……You are a dragon twelve palms??”Yang’s mouth bending,Laugh。
Zhou Ye has no expression,He is fine,Is it a frightened?
I 艹……This is too shameful.!
He is consciously clamping his thigh,Because the study shows that people may secrete liquids in a state of high fear……
That is, diaper……
“Call,I have no urine.。”Zhou Ye is finished,Tone。
Yang’s eyes become slow,Looking at Wenyu,Just like watching a patient。
“Don’t say,Small brother,You are really likely to be an inappropriate air fluctuating brain!”Yang passed a transformed。
Zhou Ye is indifferent,When will I think“Air fluctuate brain shock”This noun explained?
It is really a non-tangible,Chapter,Misunderstanding……
He sighed。
Yang suddenly opened his eyes:“You will not even have forgotten what I am.……you see me。”
Zhou Ye wooked crowded:“Brain shock does not cause long-term memory damage,How can I forget you?……And if you don’t cause brain or skull damage,Usually after a period of time,Lossless memory can get a small number of recovery。”
“Um,Professional knowledge http://www.yanshi99.cn is still,It seems that it is still stupid。”Yang hippie smiley。
Zhou Ye screamed,I want to pass this simple movement,Undercurrent。
He glanced at the expression of Yang.,Suddenly lazy lazy。
“This kid doesn’t expect me.。”Zhou Ye is in my heart。
Short-term dissemination caused by brain oscillating does not need special treatment,Don’t worry too much at all,Dizziness is not a long time.,And the range of misseu is also small,Will not affect future memories,Rest more,Ensure enough sleep,Avoid too much lower place event is not good……
I am not a brain shock.!
Zhou Ye I shot the brain,Hurry to stop your mind。
“Do you still stand?,You22The bed was burn the bottle.,Have been talking nonsense,Go to see it first.!”
A nurse rushed to run to Zhou Ye,Refers to the distant ward。
“OK,I will go this.http://www.lufeiair.cn!”Zhou Ye went two words, not to mention the car handle of the computer car, followed by。
Yang Tight followed。
Zhou Ye is running22Bed in front,When I saw the middle-aged man who just asked himself to open the sedative.,I suddenly turned over。
I rubbed……No wonder it feels strange!

The monette of the temple left。

The atmosphere of the conference room is not easy。
Nine supervisors including Wang Yixin,All strikestly staring at the shuttle tool on the table。
I have explored it in it.。
Have a good half,One of them wanted to open。
“This only wore the water shuttle too complicated with mystery,If we can fight for success,Absolutely a big project。”
This person is eager to cut,Swept away,Finally, look to Wang Yuxin,“even,We may be able to surpass the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce.。”
Shenhai Chamber of Commerce,It is the first chamber of Chamber of Commerce in Shenpu Island。
The rest of the people will also brush it in Wang Yuxin.。
“Yixin,What makes of refineries and Jianbao, your hand,Is there a grasp http://www.local-alliance.cn of this project??”
“Yes,This is a chance of a thousand years.,Hybridies with other two,Spell,Fighting resources and strength。”
Welcome an eye-catching eye,Wang Yuxin is complex。
She is not sure。
No one。
Although the Dongfeng Division will be with the other two, it is called the three major commercial giants of the Shenpu,It can be different from the strength.。
The reason why the first second third,But it is slightly in a certain field.。
I really want to be more than anyone,No one is better than anyone。
Wang Yixin is holding two fields of Jianbang Refinetics,Can you win this project successfully?,Fully falling on her shoulder。
This is a crisis。
Dangerous and opportunities coexist。
She also was grilled on the fire。
“good,I’ll try!”
Facing eight supervisors,She can only http://www.shuanka.cn say。
At this time,One of the men,“Yixin,Do not try their best,We must work in this list,I have already sent it to the meeting.,He attaches great importance to this。”
Wang Yuxin’s face is slightly inaccible,Twilight,“I originally want to notify you for a while.,I didn’t expect Lu Bo first notified.,This is very good。What do you say。”
Men smile,“Will say,He now has a very important thing to do,After running, I will immediately drive back the headquarters.。”
Paused,Also,“However, the first city division has been notified.,Will call us a group of excellent Jianbao and refinery talents,Commonly addressed difficulties,However, time is a bit urgent,The nearest city in the temple,It takes the fastest need for half a month to come.,As another city,That’s farther.。”
Wang Yuxin Shen Wei,“in this case,We can use,Still now the power in your hands。”
She suddenly felt pressure,Slowly,“I now let all the TKM and refiners come here.,Strive to take out a optimized improvement plan。”
“It can only be this way。”
The rest of the people,Successively stood successively,Go outward。
When the last person is left,This man went to the past,Take the shoulder of Wang Yuxin。
“Yixin,In generous,We are consistent,No one dares to hide。”
He means deep road,“Perhaps,There are some hut huns inside.,But will be more clear than you,Only in this environment,Can http://www.bmhotels.cn you really grow up?
,something,Is the first acquisition。”

“You are the Superintendent Sun Li?”Asked Lin Zhao。

“Yes……Yes,The subordinate is Sun Li,What are the instructions!”Sun Li is flattered,Hurriedly stood up straight for a few minutes。
“An open competition between the branch you arranged and our highest court,It’s really eye-opening for us,Let students like Guan Wenqi deal with the outer courtyard,No matter if you win,Still lose well,When will the Supreme People’s Court review,Become your own game,Open if you want,Insert whoever you want,If you want to avenge your private revenge!”Lin Zhao’s tone became severe。
“Subordinate,How dare your subordinates……”Sun Xin was so scared that sweat was all over his forehead。
“People like you,Don’t stay in the branch cabinet,Go and see what positions are available in the surrounding ranch。”Lin Zhao snorted coldly,Walk away。
Just listen to Sun Li,Even http://www.niqi3688.cn more bloodless!
Why did it suddenly become like this!
The great teachings have absolute authority,Many branches、Important duties of the main court and the Supreme Court,It’s all arranged by the great teaching。
Sun Li racked his brains,I can’t remember when I offended this Lin Zhaoda.!
Duan Changqing actually didn’t react much。
Things turn a bit faster。
of course,Rejoicing can’t be restrained,Even more pleasantly,This place is deliberately trying to disturb his own Sun Li,Really be demoted like that,Or demoted to the attached ranch。
Not even the staff in the hospital!
Go through all the processes。
Duan Changqing walked out of the conference hall,This is absolutely certain,Own college,Officially became a branch,Recognized by the Supreme Court of How to Train Your Dragon!
All students and teachers of Lichuan College,I can finally exhale!
Meilin Tea Room,Great Teacher Lin Zhao sincerely apologized,And gave Duan Lan a great http://www.szyfxr.cn gift。

Xinzhi entrusted the magician,And it’s still a strong night.,So they can survive this time.。

And the old mayor and others,I also know this task difficulty,It’s far beyond the first entrusted level,Moreover, people who are caught in the town also saved a lot.。
Therefore, the old mayor will pay twice as much as the active payment of people.,And enthusiastic invitation, waiting for the night, let’s stay in a few days.。
Night and others also know that the town chief is worried that things are not completely solved.,So there will be more than a few days in the town.,Until the town people found that no one was missing again.,They finally rest assured。
“I don’t know how to say this time.,Still not luck,Actually encountered the legendary devil,This is really……”
Kana looked at the devil bodies behind the night,Mood is a complex,Like Dragon and Devil,Some magist guys will not see it once in their lives.,And they first team up to complete the commission,I have encountered it.。
“Why do you feel luck?,We will get twice as reward this time.。
And you see the scales and wings on this guy.,If used to create magical equipment,It must be a good thing.。
But before this,Should get the magic review,Or the kingdom leads one more money,Regular guild,Eliminate such a devil,How much is the kingdom, I have to say it.。”
The night is a little bit.,Although the money got is divided into four copies,But actually earn more than him.。
certainly,Evil this kind of thing,Not every time you meet, you will be in place.。
“I finally know,Why can you so easy to take out the money?。”
Light spit a breath,Kana was also scared by this harvest.,This commission is secondary。
Night said,As the existence of demon,Night, they are generally with the warriors of the kingdom.,Kingdom will not reward a little award。
And magical equipment is always the most expensive thing in this world.,Look at Ei Lusha know,It’s entirely because buying magic equipment to buy yourself.。
And this devil body,No matter which part is,It is the best material to build magical equipment.,The same is also worth it.。
Back to Magnolia Town Life,Night and other people first find Mira to http://www.galoptech.cn submit this task。
“Welcome back,Seeing your peace is really good.。”
When I saw the nightmare of the wind,Mira is like a smile of peace of mind,When they got contact with the guild,Mira as a contact person,Is always worried about them。
After all, the night they encounter is the demon.,Hazard coefficient is quite high,But now I see the night, they have no injured.,Mili finally worked.。
“In fact, after receiving the contact of Ka,,Originally, I want to support the past with Irvman.,But the president said,If it is a night,A must have no problem。
If you can’t solve the night?,Can only contact the other guilds of the Kingdom to form alliances。”
Now『Fairy Tail』middlesDealer,Only Leisha is two people with rice.,Kedars is a ten-year task,I am flowing through the waves all year round.。
Laxas contradictions with http://www.hns2.cn Macarov,Also carry“Thunder”drifting,I rarely return to the public meeting。
Mitzang is too mysterious,It seems that only the president can find each other。
So when I heard the night, they met the devil.,The only one can help,It is estimated that Ai Laha is with Mira.。
Airewa is working out with the Nats.,Then there is only Mira.,And because I don’t want to lose my family.,Mira or even decided to break your own ban,Re-use magic。
“thank you,Mira”Kana gave Mira a hug,Others may not know why Mira is no longer a magistrate,But Caa, which grew up, can’t know。
Mira’s embarrassment of Lisa,It is estimated that it is the same as that of Kildas.,Mira for them,Even intended to relieve your own ban,It can be seen that he is waiting in his mind.。
“Although I saw you back peacefully,I really want you to go back to rest early.,But the president seems to have something to find you.。
Do not,Precisely,It should be said that there is something to find a night.。”
Miijou looked at the night with Makaro and Wacaba, two old colors.,Emoticity。
Listening to Mira,After the night stopped, he continued to defeat the devil.,The small sister in the town intends to let him spend a small story.,Regret to Mira。
“What do you do for me??”

“Oh!Lei Lei seems to have something?Nothing,I can say anything tonight。Private topic、You can also tell me about your work。Although I am not in charge of work in Bucheon,,It’s still a bit useful”

Lan Jianguo laughed。
Lei Lei glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“We just settled in Bucheon,Not many projects on http://www.2dgh.cn hand,So basically nothing,But there have been too many things on Mr. Xia’s side recently,I can’t stand it anymore”
“Tell me,Why can’t you stand it??”
Lan Jianguo put down his chopsticks,Very seriously。
Zhang Fenglan glanced at her daughter after all,She laughed and said:“Let Xia talk about this kind of thing!We are just bystanders”
Until this time,Xia Jian just understood Lei Lei’s intention to let him come to eat this meal.。Really good intentions,He even felt a bit sorry for this girl。
Lan Jianguo smiled and said:“President Xia!Just say anything!Don’t think too much。Sometimes your retreat will make some people think you are afraid of him,In this case, they will become profitable,You can’t even start work”
What Lan Jianguo said,Xia Jian let out a long breath,He sorted out his somewhat confused thoughts,Then he lowered his voice and http://www.ibaoo.cn said:“The two largest shantytown reconstruction projects in Bucheon were awarded by our Hongjian Group。But in the process of demolition, something uncomprehending appeared,That is, all our money has been paid to the relevant management department。But the demolished households have not received any money,And because of that, people were killed”
“what?Killed?It’s you guys,You forced it to demolish?”
Lan Jianguo,My face has changed,After all, life is a matter of life。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Not our cause,People from the demolition office of the management committee came to do demolition work for the demolition households。The demolished households did not get the money,So refuse to demolition。Conflict between words,It seems that someone from the demolition office hit the family’s husband,The woman in this family is not convinced,He http://www.hupozhijia.cn hanged himself”
“what?And these things?”
Lan Jianguo was so angry that he patted the table,He is a little angry。

The brothers and brothers got the king of one,Since then……

Wu Sangui does not look good at this time.,Not a lot of hills、Horse,It’s really going to turn over the sky.,But……Originally, he knows that the motor is inappropriate in the middle of the hill.,I still agree that Wu Kang is a teacher.,Also there saved the fullness of the whole realism。
His reputation,for real“Famous door”Basically it is impossible for him,But there are more relationships.,At least more mind,But now this disk layout,I am afraid it is a white fee.!
Just think of love wife……
Although Wu Sangui can’t say that it is sleepy,If it is really weak to the unity,Wu Sangui is not a choice,But the feelings of weakness,It is not well。
“Let go of the king,Rair and other life!”Wu Sangui cold channel。
“Master,Come here,Don’t you have your son??”Wu Kang hard scalp,No visiting murder,Also call。
However, the unfortunate is weak.,More than ten years of husband and wife,She also knows Wu Sangui’s as people,A smile:“Thank you for your love for more than ten years.,Thank you for your long.、Heroes,today……”Said, watching Yang Tiexin,Seeing him is also a general look,So continue:“Today, our husband and wife are killed here.!”
Although Yang Tiexin、Or others seem to,At the Niujia Village,The culprit is Wu Sangui,If he does not take the army,Not will not,Even Duan Tian Deline, the blood washed Niujia Village,It is also to take Wu Sanki.,I know that he has been weak.……
But in the weak angle,Wu Sangui did more than ten years of love,Never say, also raise Wu Kang。
Today, the package is weak.,Even if Wu Sangui picks up himself,Never let go of your husband,So I am interested in death,Solve people from others,It is also a full name.。
Now Ma、Qiu Mingshang is present,Little husband and wife,Wu Sangui may not have a hard fight,One is Ma Wei、The hill is not white.,Two……Wu Kang and Qiu Dong have a teacher name,Really strong two people,I am afraid that Wu Kang’s reputation is completely abolished.。
Words and weakness and Yang Tiexin,Just use iron guns……
“and many more!”Wu Sangui can’t help but interrupted,The first time, a little defective, showing a happiness。
at this time,Chu Deirers have suddenly removed from the side!
Before Chu Deirens have not found opportunities,Wu Sangui is the sandfield,And also know that your reputation is not good.,In this big river,Naturally, pay attention to safety,The surrounding guard is very particular,Chu Deirers have never found opportunities。
But now he teaches him to discover a chance.!
Wu Sangui is still in the military array,But before Wu Kang, in order to call your mother,Before,See your mother’s reaction,Be more eager to……
I saw that the Chu Deirers were like a ghost.,Sword and 唢 唢 全 全,Occasionally,All“Jiuyin god claw”Poke out,Three three or two two or two sides along the time,Also call pain——Although it is Wu Sangui’s guard、Warranty teacher,Particularly loyal,But after being poked out of the blood circle,This is instinctive,Even this point is available.,Also can’t live“Hundred battle”。
Although the Chu Deirers http://www.yuyaoshop.cn have《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Part of some martial arts,But in the case where there is no summit,have“Yinsheng disaster”Crisis,Although the power is large,Also hurt,It is not better than other peerless martial arts.。
But the dream will practice every night,Since you can’t continue to practice internal strength is too long,Naturally there is a lot of cultivation“Technique”time,I am still idle.,I have already been practiced as long as it is.,Now in order to hide your identity,Chu Deiren used the nine yin god claws——I believe Wu Kang himself,What can I recognize?!
Taking Wu Kang, there is no longevity,Surround only sparse guards,It is also far from other masters.,Chu Deirers suddenly killed,The body of the law is ignored……
Chapter 189 plan
“Hold hands!”Chu Deirers are unsatisfied with Thunder,Wu Kang。
Look at the claw method of the Chu Deire,Wu Kang’s heart is cold http://www.lfxajt.cn sweat——Jiu Yin Bone Claw!
His prior to secretly returning plum super wind,I learned her Jiuyin white claws.,How can I not recognize this hard work??
Indeed now“Jiuyin god claw”,Make it out and“Jiu Yin Bone Claw”Nothing。
Chu Deirers’ consciousness,Ability to fully understand the martial arts will,Naturally, there will not be Mei Chaofeng、Chen Xuanfeng will“Destroy the enemy’s head”、Be“Brain”Misunderstanding。
“Jiuyin god claw”As a pure road martial art,Never need to help drug assistance……
However, in the case of no summit,“Yinsheng”Jiuyin god claw,Some ghosts,After all, it is the year that Huang Shang is the most hatred tortured.,Martial arts。
After the truly auxiliary“Jiuyin god claw”,Now there is no profile,It is indeed closer to Mei Chao wind.“Jiu Yin Bone Claw”。
Chu Deirens also don’t care this Wu Kang,Is Wu Sangui’s biological,Anyway, let’s first!
http://www.shenghuizhipin.cn From the previous Wu Sangui’s reaction,Weak and Wu Kang are still feelings,and……Conclude,Wu Sangui is this son。
If Wu Sangui is really not,Don’t let go of him, you can escape.。
After Wu Kang was taken down,Suddenly I feel behind this man,Actually……A top waist?
And more than once!
This Wukang’s cold sweat,Be more,Heart is thrilling。
Chu Deirers are praise for their own wit——I feel that I am tall now.?Remember,After that, find this to tie your mysterious person.,Please put the target on a tall person of more than eight feet or more,Don’t doubt evenly。
“Which friend is,What is the one who is looking for this king??”Wu Sangui feels the old injuries on the nose,Today itchy is very frequent。

then,He can’t even do the idol package.。

The brilliant smile on the face,Liu Qingxin heads up。
He decided to decide in the transfer period,at this time,Harvest the best results。
After the short exchange of two people,Under Ren Cong’s control。
Scene,It is also again entered the classic holding cup。
Finish,There is no meaning in the field.,But essential links。
at last,For the official official,Also give each player one shortT。
Ren Dong as the host,Of course, short this shortTBlowing is extremely perfect。
But in fact,The palace clear after wearing it,Inner heart,Even a bit cold。
after all,In order to ensure that the trademark is exposed,The players are in the caseTLater,Can no longer wear a coat。
At this time,Wear two short sleeves absolute warm and can’t http://www.okustore.cn afford it。
After this,Just another pile of no。
certainly,Palace Qingwen is not impatient,This is a classic process.,Used to it。
Just as he gods,Think in thinkingMSIHostfully,What is good to eat in Taiwan and Vietnam?。
He suddenly heard,Among the microphones of Ren Cong,OwnID。
After this,The audience suddenly sounded,Be more than just nowIGSpotJDGBase also has a more enthusiastic cheers。
The expression of the palace is naturally noticed by Liu Qingsong.。
Calling under the palace clearing,Ready before going,Liu Qingcong reminded his ear:
“You areMVP。”
Very simple words,Let the palace clearly understand the reasons why you are greeted at this time.。
Oh,I’mMVPwhat,That’s okay.。
Originally because of too many convention,I feel some boring palace clear text,The mood is in an instant.。
Okay,http://www.zzmaifang.cnfinalsMVP,Another one。
In the heart of the palace,Suddenly flashing a sense of excitement。
andMVPTrophy,It is also very handsome。
At least in the palace clearing,Last yearSGameMVPThe trophy is more beautiful.。
MVPTrophy,Root regulation,The trophy itself is a little handsome.。
Silver trophy,Just fits the style of the Silver Cup。
Still more than this,Topping above,Also engraved a stylist of a faucet style。
Chapter 303 MSIFirst battlePVB
This faucet,have to sayLPLThe official is very useful。
The style is very a matter,Palace Qing Wen held it to himself,You can feel a forceful momentum from the faucet。
Feel the cold feelings from the trophy,The palace is a little excited。
then,He held this trophy over the top。
Along with his movement,The venue once again sounded a shocked cheer.。
Obvious,Whether it is a personal powder of the palace,still isIGTeam powder。
Even in the last one,The passers-by-plane powder that is in Deli Wen in the palaceJDGFans。

Those schoolmasters usually like to go,Of course the three giant schools,Or what kind of National Chiao Tung University、Electronic Science and Technology University、Normal universities and other prestigious schools with a long history and good job hunting。

There was a shortage of students at Huaguo Agricultural University,As a result, their admission score has to be lowered,Otherwise, not many top students are willing to come to study。
A little better these years。
Wealthy people,Began to pay attention to the quality of life。
So eating and drinking,They are more concerned about。
agriculture,Especially ecological agriculture,Became the top priority。
Don’t know how many fights“Ecology”with“Environmental protection”Brand of food,Just double the increase、Double or higher price。
On the Internet, college students from agricultural universities graduated and returned home,The result of planting and breeding became a millionaire、The story of a multi-millionaire,It also inspires many students from poor backgrounds,All want to rely on agriculture to get rich。
Big guys from Huaguo Agricultural University,I also like to see this situation,Won’t refute rumors at all,On the contrary, I hope there are more and more stories of getting rich,Make their students better and better。
In the past few years,The work of the admissions office just started to get busy。
From the original dozen people,Has become an organization of more than fifty people,In May, June, July and August,Will get busier。
Ok now。
1The months are approaching the Spring Festival,Everyone has nothing to do。
Duan Kang is also thinking,I worked hard for a year,Where to go after the holiday。

“You feel weird now,Because you don’t know enough about the mutant group,When i first came here,I thought I was miserable enough,Much more visible,You will find that there are many people who are worse than me。That pandaman is normal compared to them just now,At least follow the rules,Won’t mess around。

There are several other dangerous people,You don’t know why,Offended them somehow,Suddenly shot at you,Let you be defenseless。I just came across one the next day,Good end training,Just because I looked at him,He suddenly raised a dumbbell and slammed it at me,If it weren’t for me just watching him,Hit the dumbbell directly on the head,I’m scared after thinking about it。”
“and after?Does the instructor leave??”
“Of course,Those dangerous elements are all isolated separately。Hit my dumbbell and behave normally in the quarantine area,I only released it a few days before my arrival。No one can think of,He suddenly fell ill,Was taken back to the quarantine area。
Among the people you saw in the afternoon,Most of them are soldiers who awakened on their own,They are disciplined,Order prohibition。Few passive mutations,Belonging to join the action team in the army like me,But they can’t compare with me,After all, I was in the disciplined service before I transferred to the military,And they are all ordinary employees,Like a panda,Abide by the rules to train normally here。”
“Listen to you,Fighting is not forbidden here?”
Wu Heng said:“of course not,Instead advocate,As long as both parties voluntarily,Nobody cares。”
Gan Yifan pulled out a short knife from his calf,“No one cares about using a knife?”
Wu Heng is not sure:“Shouldn’t work,It’s not uncommon for them to compete,But no one took the knife。”Paused,react to,Nervous:“What do you want,Don’t worry about it,Almost all of them are better than me,Divided by power level,Most of them are at level four or five,There are even a few members of the army who are in the sixth level……”
“I don’t find them。”Gan Yifan stared at Wu Heng and said。
Wu Heng froze,“What do you mean?”
Gan Yifan is eager to try:“The instructor said that you are very strong,Ordinary level 3 abilities are not your opponent,I happen to be level 3……”
There is a ring on the 4th floor underground,But not in the ordinary sense of the competition arena,More like a cage arena。Mesh drawstring with special material around,Not broken,Burning without damage,The floor is elastic and the floor is the same material as the drawstring,Strong adhesion when standing on top,But does not affect the bounce。
Gan Yifan, who changed into a training uniform, did a few moves on the ring,Very excited。
Wu Heng, who also put on his training uniform, stood in the audience,He hesitated。
This is not exactly a training ground,Although there are half circles of human sandbags on three sides of the ring,Tables and chairs are placed outside,Two fancy billiard balls at the entrance,Dart target hanging on the wall,There is even a bar。
Like a bar more than a training ground。

2015year4month4day,Jordan·Clarkson electedNBAWestern Union3Rookie of the month,Become self1981-82Since the establishment of the season’s Rookie of the Month,The first Lakers rookie to receive this honor。Clarkson3Available on the moon15.8Minute,Ranked fourth among all rookies,Average5.2Ranked third among all rookies in assists,Average4.8Ranked seventh among all rookies in rebounds。

As a second round show,Clarkson can have such a performance,Already very unexpected。
Like Randall who is in the same class with him and on the same team,Rookie season average talent2.0Minute,Although it’s just because he played a game,But know that Randall is the seventh pick in the first round,Clarkson is in the second round16Number show,There is a huge gap between the two draft picks。
Clarkson is the top performer。
Xu Xuan remembers,Clarkson was also selected to the All-Rookie Team,2014In the second round of the show,Xu Xuan does not mention,He should be the best one at the moment。
Jordan·Clarkson is a thin, sporty combo guard,Excellent wingspan and jumping;Able to attack,Average finishing ability,Unstable shooting;A little short as a shooting guard,Possession is enough to be a cameo point guard but too selfish。
In the regular season of last season,24Year-old Clarkson made the starting game for the Lakers79Times,Average32.3In minutes15.5Minute4.0Backboard2.4Assist。since2014Since being selected by the Lakers in the second round,Clarkson in138Start in a game117field,Has become a stable scoring point for the Lakers。
On the free market this year,His contract extension with the Lakers is also going very fast,As a restricted free agent,Clarkson has no shortage of suitors,He could have chosen to wait more time to hear the quotes from all parties。Agreed to renew the contract with the Lakers so quickly,So he really wants to stay with the Lakers,Want to stay in los angeles。
contract4year5000Ten thousand,This contract is for a promising supernova,not much,The Lakers are also happy to sign him for such a small price。
But all this,It’s a little different since Xu Xuan decided to come here。
Xu Xuan looked at Pelinka inexplicably:“You mean to say,Not only the Clippers want him,He wants to leave?”Juju Library
Pelinka said awkwardly:“Should mean this。”