“You feel weird now,Because you don’t know enough about the mutant group,When i first came here,I thought I was miserable enough,Much more visible,You will find that there are many people who are worse than me。That pandaman is normal compared to them just now,At least follow the rules,Won’t mess around。

There are several other dangerous people,You don’t know why,Offended them somehow,Suddenly shot at you,Let you be defenseless。I just came across one the next day,Good end training,Just because I looked at him,He suddenly raised a dumbbell and slammed it at me,If it weren’t for me just watching him,Hit the dumbbell directly on the head,I’m scared after thinking about it。”
“and after?Does the instructor leave??”
“Of course,Those dangerous elements are all isolated separately。Hit my dumbbell and behave normally in the quarantine area,I only released it a few days before my arrival。No one can think of,He suddenly fell ill,Was taken back to the quarantine area。
Among the people you saw in the afternoon,Most of them are soldiers who awakened on their own,They are disciplined,Order prohibition。Few passive mutations,Belonging to join the action team in the army like me,But they can’t compare with me,After all, I was in the disciplined service before I transferred to the military,And they are all ordinary employees,Like a panda,Abide by the rules to train normally here。”
“Listen to you,Fighting is not forbidden here?”
Wu Heng said:“of course not,Instead advocate,As long as both parties voluntarily,Nobody cares。”
Gan Yifan pulled out a short knife from his calf,“No one cares about using a knife?”
Wu Heng is not sure:“Shouldn’t work,It’s not uncommon for them to compete,But no one took the knife。”Paused,react to,Nervous:“What do you want,Don’t worry about it,Almost all of them are better than me,Divided by power level,Most of them are at level four or five,There are even a few members of the army who are in the sixth level……”
“I don’t find them。”Gan Yifan stared at Wu Heng and said。
Wu Heng froze,“What do you mean?”
Gan Yifan is eager to try:“The instructor said that you are very strong,Ordinary level 3 abilities are not your opponent,I happen to be level 3……”
There is a ring on the 4th floor underground,But not in the ordinary sense of the competition arena,More like a cage arena。Mesh drawstring with special material around,Not broken,Burning without damage,The floor is elastic and the floor is the same material as the drawstring,Strong adhesion when standing on top,But does not affect the bounce。
Gan Yifan, who changed into a training uniform, did a few moves on the ring,Very excited。
Wu Heng, who also put on his training uniform, stood in the audience,He hesitated。
This is not exactly a training ground,Although there are half circles of human sandbags on three sides of the ring,Tables and chairs are placed outside,Two fancy billiard balls at the entrance,Dart target hanging on the wall,There is even a bar。
Like a bar more than a training ground。

2015year4month4day,Jordan·Clarkson electedNBAWestern Union3Rookie of the month,Become self1981-82Since the establishment of the season’s Rookie of the Month,The first Lakers rookie to receive this honor。Clarkson3Available on the moon15.8Minute,Ranked fourth among all rookies,Average5.2Ranked third among all rookies in assists,Average4.8Ranked seventh among all rookies in rebounds。

As a second round show,Clarkson can have such a performance,Already very unexpected。
Like Randall who is in the same class with him and on the same team,Rookie season average talent2.0Minute,Although it’s just because he played a game,But know that Randall is the seventh pick in the first round,Clarkson is in the second round16Number show,There is a huge gap between the two draft picks。
Clarkson is the top performer。
Xu Xuan remembers,Clarkson was also selected to the All-Rookie Team,2014In the second round of the show,Xu Xuan does not mention,He should be the best one at the moment。
Jordan·Clarkson is a thin, sporty combo guard,Excellent wingspan and jumping;Able to attack,Average finishing ability,Unstable shooting;A little short as a shooting guard,Possession is enough to be a cameo point guard but too selfish。
In the regular season of last season,24Year-old Clarkson made the starting game for the Lakers79Times,Average32.3In minutes15.5Minute4.0Backboard2.4Assist。since2014Since being selected by the Lakers in the second round,Clarkson in138Start in a game117field,Has become a stable scoring point for the Lakers。
On the free market this year,His contract extension with the Lakers is also going very fast,As a restricted free agent,Clarkson has no shortage of suitors,He could have chosen to wait more time to hear the quotes from all parties。Agreed to renew the contract with the Lakers so quickly,So he really wants to stay with the Lakers,Want to stay in los angeles。
contract4year5000Ten thousand,This contract is for a promising supernova,not much,The Lakers are also happy to sign him for such a small price。
But all this,It’s a little different since Xu Xuan decided to come here。
Xu Xuan looked at Pelinka inexplicably:“You mean to say,Not only the Clippers want him,He wants to leave?”Juju Library
Pelinka said awkwardly:“Should mean this。”

“Wang Yufei,Your Weibo is so domineering,I love you!”When the one in class he knows the name,Girls who have never spoken are doing exercises between classes,When I suddenly turned my head and said this to him,Wang Yufei is really confused。

“What did you post on Weibo yesterday??”
“Just let the apple bite you!”
“Oh!”Wang Yufei nodded,Did not go further。
Anyway, the contradiction between the two parties is irreconcilable。
Ok,Actually it’s not that serious。
But now that a lot of energy has been invested to accomplish this,Of course there is no reason to give up,Not to mention that it is extremely happy that I am still studying the vulnerabilities of Apple’s system with Lu Yuxin every night.。
The only thing that surprised Wang Yufei was,His Weibo influence is quite big。
Only applied last night,I saw it together with my studies。
It seems that the homework assigned by the math teacher is still not enough!
Even Wang Yufei’s classmates can read this message on Weibo,Conceivable,Guo Xiaoyi’s random actions have caused much waves on the Internet。
In fact, the penguin group saw this Weibo for the first time。
After all, Ma Huaide explained before that he should pay special attention to Wang Yufei。
When I saw this Weibo,to be frank,Many people inside Penguin are also considering,Did the recent propaganda offensive on the application treasure business group misunderstand this smart enough to be called a monster?,That’s why I dare to provoke Apple so arrogantly on the open platform of Weibo?
Especially for the senior management of the group,They really have to consider that after Apple receives these messages,Will there be any misunderstandings about the Penguin Group??I thought the Penguin Group gave this individual developer what guarantee?
It is very possible,Also very worrying。
It’s not that Penguin Group is afraid of Apple,But the market is not a pure zero-sum game。


The three-pointer with no difficulty is really not Ku Hao’s style!
Looking at the dumbfounded Chris·Paul,Xu Xuan sighed happily。
Ku Hao’s three-pointer doesn’t matter whether your defense is strong or not?
I just look at the feel!
Now on the Clippers coach Doug·Rivers has a big problem before!
The game didn’t arrive for ten minutes,Core player Chris·Paul has committed three fouls!
Play snake?
It can be said that Paul belongs to the Clippers“Duncan”,All the Clippers’ tactics are centered around Paul。
But such a key player only fouled three times after playing for a few minutes.。
I drop a mother!
Doug·Rivers instantly felt his head was big。
What to do?
I can’t leave him on the court after three offenses,But Paul can adjust his tactics,But who will guard the young man opposite?
That young man can hit a three-pointer with my gun,Other people are not here to give food?

Either Bowen can’t vote!

Rudy Tomjanovich won the bet,It can also be said that he lost the bet。
Kobe does not pass the ball,At this moment, he will not pin his hope of victory in the hands of a rookie who is not good at shooting.。
Destiny is in your own hands!
Entrusting fate to others is called cowardice!
Kobe believes this all the time!
Then Kobe took out his eighteenth martial arts in his arsenal,Breakthrough Mario Avery and Jim Jackson!
The inside line challenged Olajuwon continuously!
When he midfielderLOGOAfter finishing the super long three-pointer with two people,Houston almost collapsed!
Change to any team in the league,average age30Younger team!Kobe like this is almost impossible to accept mentally.!
Kobe’s offensive threat in the third quarter is terrifying,It’s more terrifying than Jordan’s mid-range and basket goal!
Can shoot you three or five steps across the three-point line!How do you guard?There is no such player in the current league,There is no way to defend this player。
Except for Jim Jackson,Other starters are34,35-Year-old Houston player can suppress shock,Continue to play as usual,Switching to any other team would have already collapsed!
Barkley and Drexler’s scoring also beat the Lakers,But the difference is not caught up!On the contrary!
Kobe’s scoring aggressiveness alone,The scoring efficiency actually surpassed the two super giants Barkley and Drexler!
End of the third quarter,Lakers97:90rocket,The difference has been pulled back7Minute!
Kobe single section12in8Chop off24Minute!(8-24,Happy birthday boss!!!)
Refresh historical rookie single quarter score record!
Highest score away from playoffs29Points only poor5Minute!

Ding Naixiang smiled,Said:“You’re welcome,Accept it,Although the money can’t be used much,Is our heart。”

“Just,family,Don’t make such a living。”Du Lei said,Took the money from Aunt Qiao,Stuffed into Ding Yi’s hand,Ding Yi dodges,Du Lei suddenly screamed:“day,What’s wrong with your wrist?”
She called,Everyone focused their attention on Dao Dingyi’s wrist。
Ding Yi hurriedly retracted his wrist into his cuff。
Du Lei grabbed her wrist,Push up her cuffs,Jiang Fan saw,There is a bruise on Ding Yi’s wrist,Red and purple,Against her white skin,Very distinct。
Lu Yuan saw it too,He subconsciously looked at Ding Yi’s other wrist,At the other wrist,And also vaguely red and purple。
Du Lei grabbed her other wrist again to see,Ding Yi broke her away,Said:“What are you doing,Yelling。”
Ding Naixiang saw it too,Said:“Small one,How did you touch it?”
Ding Yiji Zhongshengzhi,Said:“I do not know either,My skin is like this,Just a touch,There will be a red mark,Maybe my colleague pulled me to dinner yesterday,Too much effort,That’s all。”
Lu Yuan hurried to make a round,Said:“There are relationships,Not like me,Tan,It doesn’t make the bumps red。”
Du Lei smiled,Said:“You can’t be red,It’s just black and purple。”
Lu Yuan laughed。
Jiang Fan saw Ding Yi’s red and purple wrist,His heart just moved,He didn’t expect,When I hold her wrist,Actually used so much effort,Hold her wrist like this,It would definitely hurt,No wonder she bit herself so badly。Thought of here,He subconsciously touched his arm。
His action,Ding Yi saw it。
in fact,The moment Jiang Fan entered the house,Ding Yi found out that he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt,And the buttons on the cuffs are tightly buttoned,undoubtedly,To cover the traces she left when she bit him。She knew she did use force when she bit him,There was blood on his arm。Jiang Fan is also a fair-skinned person,Red stamp on his arm,Must be very conspicuous,Otherwise he won’t change into long-sleeved clothes。

“of course!Among the five of us,I just ate the most!”

Liu Xiaoyun’s nonchalant answer。
“I do not believe,You prove it to us,You show your belly,Let’s see if it is round。”
Shen Ruoxue said frankly……
“roll!You’re not finished, right!Why are you so cute?Just forced me to untie my clothes and look at my chest,Now I want me to untie my clothes and show you my belly!You little pervert!No one else you are!”
Liu Xiaoyun’s entangled protest loudly。
Shen Ruoxue deliberately answered with a tone full of disdain。
“Cut the yarn and cut it!You are not stingy,Come come,You took off your clothes,Let us all also appreciate your breasts and belly。”
Liu Xiaoyun said rudely。
“Why?I didn’t hurt my chest,I didn’t eat round belly,Why let you see?Don’t even think。”
Shen Ruoxue Zhenzheng refused to say。
Mother Liu smiled but said nothing,Dad Liu is embarrassed again, don’t know what to do,It’s not good to stand up and leave,It’s not appropriate to sit and listen……
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are just two little neurotic quarrels.,It’s so weird,Maybe because when I was at home,Most of the time around them are the sisters of Yishuier,So they are accustomed to speaking without being blocked,So I accidentally put the only man around me;Dad Liu ignored it again。

“Why are you laughing?What does laugh mean?”

Shen Ruoxi asked immediately。
“I laugh because……A female warrior is a female warrior,Even perform tasks,With so many little things……But it’s wrong for me to do this,I shouldn’t laugh,This is a sign of disrespect for the dead,Especially the deceased may still be my comrade in arms,I’m really sorry。”
Qin Liang reviewed himself,And then stood up,Bowed to the small box in front of you!
He came this way,Embarrassing everyone again。But he should do this,Anyway,His smile just now was really inappropriate。
“All right,Next we continue。”
Qin Liang finished what he should do,Sat down again,Keep talking to everyone。
“You start with the easiest to guess……”
Yanzi hurriedly took Qin Liang’s sentence,She did this to help Qin Liang resolve the embarrassment just now,But Qin Liang didn’t feel embarrassed。
“I’ll start with the youngest。”
Qin Liang is talking,Reached out and took out a small round box from the small box,This small round box is flat。
“face powder!”
Song Min blurted out immediately。
Several girls nodded immediately。Because one of the two bodies is known to be a female soldier,Then everyone will naturally guess on women。
“You open it,If there is a small mirror inside,Then it must be fragrant powder。”

Played a few times,Qin Liang’s cell phone suddenly received a message!Take a look,It is the message from Shen Ruoxi!

“Song Min has gone to the bathroom!Come quickly!”
Qin Liang looked up at the table where Song Min was just now,Sure enough, another beauty is dealing cards,So he stood up,Wandered to the bathroom!
The toilets in this underground casino are quite luxurious,Regardless of gender!But it’s a separate bathroom,Qin Liang walked over,I saw Shen Ruoxi standing at the door of a closed bathroom!
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Chapter One Thousand Forty Suddenly gaffey beauty
? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president!
Suddenly gaffey beauty
“Qin Liang,Song Min is already waiting for you inside,You go in!”
Shen Ruoxi nodded to Qin Liang who walked to her side,Speak quietly。
“Yep,Wakayu,Then you help me watch it outside!Knock on the door if you have anything。”
Qin Liang talked,Smile in my heart;Really no one!Actually in front of my wife Shen Ruoxi,Alone in the bathroom with another beautiful young girl“tryst”,And Shen Ruoxi is still helping herself out……
Took a quick look around,After seeing that there are no other guests here,Qin Liang quickly opened the door,Flashed into the bathroom……
In the bathroom,That young and beautiful,Song Min, a sexy and charming girl,Is smoking a cigarette leisurely,Leaning against the wall of the bathroom。See Qin Liang coming in,She raised her eyes carelessly and looked at Qin Liang。
“Hello there。”
Qin Liang said awkwardly……no way,Meet each other in such a special place,Can’t be awkward!
“You are Ruoxi’s friend,Your name is Qin Liang?”

“The dragon is different,Attempt to plot against your majesty,The following guilty,All go to jail,After listening to your majesty。”

It’s a good show of the savior chasing the traitor,Xia Chenglong almost believed。
Every king will have his own direct troops,Murong Shanhe wants to do something to him,How could he let go of his men?,I am embarrassed to show off this kind of measurement。
“how,Are you angry,come,Do it,Let me see your true strength for so many years。”Murong Shanhe is laughing。
“rest assured,You were my defeat five years ago,Still today。”A word from Xia Chenglong,Directly let the other party outline the most painful memories。
The military competition five years ago,He represents the Murong family,Represents the most powerful existence of the younger generation,But the man in front of you,Mercilessly deprived of everything that should belong to oneself。
This is the pain that stays in his heart,For so many years that incident has been like a thorn,Stuck in his throat,Tortured every day,Life is better than death。
He is king,Is the eldest son of the Murong family,How can there be someone more powerful than yourself appearing in front of you。
“Xia Chenglong,I’m going to kill you!”
Murong Shanhe roared,Body turned into afterimage,Appeared in front of Xia Chenglong in an instant,The fist surrounded by ink slammed over。
Xia Chenglong is not in a hurry,Hands behind your back,Slightly offset the original position,Dodge the seemingly fierce attack,Touch the opponent’s body with the shoulder instantly。
After a dull collision, the two sides moved apart again。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One Tiger Mu’s Shake
Ask God Realm Elementary to represent the existence of Wu Xiu peak,Able to basically ignore physical attacks,Become the absolute king between heaven and earth。
Murong Shanhe’s face twitched,In order to defeat the man in front of him,Prepared for too long too long,This way to ask God is a selfless fight in the great wilderness,Ruthlessly slaughtered in the sky。
Those disgusting pictures that are dusted in memory,Become his driving force for the peak,It’s also the catalyst for the heart demon。
All in all,Just to be able to really raise your eyebrows in front of the people in front of you,The opportunity is here,Can’t let it go。