But Jerry West,Cannot tolerate the existence of such a player。Not only the locker room cancer,This player also clashes with the style of the team’s second boss。

There is no way,Decisively just change away,The media think the Lakers trade Ceballos for Horry is a bad deal.,But West and Kobe think they have made a profit。
Use a locker room to poison the tumor,In exchange for a historical role player,If such a deal is a loss,So West is willing to suffer every day。
Horry proved his excellence with his performance on the field,As the sixth man of the Lakers,Organize offense and defense,Take off the Lakers bench,Became the league’s top bench lineup。Especially at a certain moment, it can form a desperate offensive lineup with a shark.,The efficiency of this offensive lineup has historically been the best offensive system.。
It hit the deadly key ball at the decisive moment with the Bulls.,The Lakers could lose without that key ball!
And Horry’s excellent relationship with Kobe,It also made him very happy with the players in the locker room。Although the players don’t say,But I know,This is the person Kobe asked for!
Kobe,He used his performance to gain the respect of everyone on the team。
Even if you don’t like kobe,But Kobe’s court performance is undoubtedly great,The Lakers’ victory is inseparable from Kobe。
So this Los Angeles Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns,There are so many things to watch。
Kobe arrives in Phoenix,Hurry up and join the team,They set off together to the American West Arena,Judging from the practicality of the interior decoration and facilities,This counts as the upper middle class arena in the league,The large area of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the TV screen wall are the impressive features of this arena。
Especially on the festive day of Christmas,Small objects full of Christmas elements filled the stadium,The team staff also dressed as Santa Claus,Characters in traditional styles such as elves to highlight the Christmas atmosphere。
Before opening,Kobe was stunned,Phoenix actually invited popular singer Brandy Norwood,Yes,It’s the Brandi who was refused by Kobe to join the prom.。
Speaking of this,It’s really Kobe’s not。
Set time back1996year5month,Kobe took out a youth magazine,Pointing to the photo of Brandi above:“I want to take this girl to the prom。”then,Kobe’s classmate reaction:“are you crazy!”
Then Kobe did everything possible to contact Brandi,Brandi was in1995Starred inABCTV station melodramaTheaOne of the girls became famous afterwards,Subsequently,After releasing his first album,She entered in one fell swoopR&BNo. 6 on the record chart,Her song《Baby》Successfully selected1996Grammy,Became the dazzling new star of the music scene in America at this time,Media darling。
Kobe’s invitation,Brandi agreed!
Then set the clock to1996year6month,Kobe is reborn,Then everyone knows the next thing。
See Brandi again,Kobe is unavoidably embarrassed,I really did a lot of silly things when I was young。

Maybe some kind of magic method to enhance hearing?

“Hey,Ya Ya,time to eat。”Zhao Ming knocked on Yaya’s door。
“I’m not hungry,You eat first。”There was a cold voice in the room。
Zhao Ming smiled,Naturally won’t believe her。
Push the door gently,The door is not unlocked,Squeak,Zhao Ming came in。
At this time Ya Ya is wearing an ice blue robe sitting on a chair,In a daze in the mirror。
last night,Heard Zhao Ming and the others,Where can she sleep?
I was angry and sour in my heart,There are also some strange feelings that make her blush。
Zhao Ming went to them when he came back last night,Never came to her。
Simultaneously,She is also asking herself,Is it time to change。
She doesn’t know how she looks like Zhao Mingxi doesn’t like it,But she knows if she stays indifferent,Zhao Ming will definitely be taken over by them。
These things made her bored last night,Can’t sleep。
“Ya Ya,what happened?”Zhao Ming walked to Tu Shan Yaya’s side,Because I feel a little flustered,She didn’t notice。
“It’s nothing。”Tu Shan Yaya opened Zhao Ming’s hand on her shoulder,Cold voice。
“Then why don’t you go to dinner??”
“I’m not hungry。”Tu Shan Ya Ya said coldly。
“If you are not hungry,Just eat with me。”Zhao Ming was talking,Grabbed Tu Shan Yaya’s little hand。
“All right,I know wrong。Zhao Ming’s intimacy surprised Tu Shan Yaya,Subconsciously want to take it back,But when I think of Zhao Ming and the two of them yesterday,It’s not a feeling in my heart。
“Do not be mad,Come back next time,I’ll come to your head office first。”Zhao Ming smiled,Comfort road。

The new guy named Wei Mu held oneipadReport to Xu Xuan。

Young man with high education,Do things very practically、seriously,Xu Xuan is considering giving him a reward when he waits for a full year。
Pacers return home to face Boston Celtics。
Like the eagle,The Celtics also felt a bit bitter when they saw their opponents were Pacers。
Triple kill,Just one game away,They are just like the Atlanta Hawks,Swept by the Pacers season。
to be frank,Pacers this season“Rob the rich and help the poor”Really disgusting。
If it wasn’t for this mess,Whether it’s the Celtics or the Eagles,Where do I need to worry about these things?
Who will hit who。
But now,None of them want to meet the Pacers in the playoffs。
Not afraid,Is not necessary!
When warming up before the game,Celtics head coach marshal looks at Xu Xuan drooling.Do not misunderstand,Xu Xuan’s talent really makes people look greedy。
second grade,He is in second grade,His peak period will be a long, long time before coming,His peak period will be a long, long time before finishing。
Can imagine,In the future10During the year,As long as nothing happens,Xu Xuan is the master of the alliance。
This is not a compliment,Not to exaggerate。
The young marshal is confident in his vision,In fact,If Anji was willing to listen to him,How can there be so much trouble?

The crisis scene just now,They almost thought the two were going to die together。

After the two staggered and separated,Neither Xiongba nor Li Chenfeng made another move。Because they know,If you continue to fight,Then it’s really a fight between life and death。
This is not what either of them wants to see,So the two ended up very tacitly。
Xiongba looked at Li Chenfeng holding a long sword in front of him,The complex expression in the eyes flashed by,“did not expect,Ao Zhuangzhu has this kind of strength at such an age,In time,Must be a giant!”
Li Chenfeng stared at Xiongba,He now has to admit that this man is indeed a hero。
Before there is no absolute certainty to suppress the whole arena,Even if he is eager,No matter how ambitious,Can also bear the temper,Develop your own power step by step。
It can be seen from the TV series,When will Fengyun fully grow up,The disciples that the world will cultivate are enough,That was when he swallowed the entire martial arts!
Thought of here,Li Chenfeng suddenly felt a little wanting to laugh。
Now the criticism given to him by the mud bodhisattva is only the first half of his life,Waiting for him to gather together,While preparing to fly for nine days,Suddenly heard“Cheng Ye Fengyun,Defeat。”This sentence,A hero who believes in his life must shout“I control my own life”Words are coming。
This has to be said to be a great irony。
After all,He only believes in himself!
“After this battle,The battle between my worship of Sword Villa and Tianxiahui will be cancelled for the time being。I worship Sword Villa and all forces will retreat to the south of the Yangtze River,Within five years,Won’t take a step north。During this period,The world will belong,Nor can you take the next step,Otherwise, worship the sword villa,I will never die with the world!”
Li Chen’s sonorous and powerful words echoed throughout the Tianshan Mountains,Make everyone present clearly and audible。
If Li Chenfeng said such things before,,The warrior who belonged to the next meeting must think that he was insane.,Whimsical。
But after seeing Li Chenfeng’s strength,Everyone present has a different mind。
After all, they are not a hero,No one dares to say that he can block the opponent’s fierce sword energy,If Tianxia and Baijian Villa really continue to fight,Then they are likely to face the young killer star in front of them。
By the time,Maybe they will become the dead souls of each other!
For Li Chenfeng’s five-year agreement,Xiongba also thought about it slightly。

Sit down at a table in the corner,The waiter brought teapots and cups,The teapot is not tea,But buckwheat tea。

Lin Dong Order,A large pot of spicy lobster,And some side dishes,Cold beer is essential。
Subsequently,Everyone sitting and chatting,Lin Dong confessed something to Mo Xiaoxiao,Let her have time to do it,Also take a look at this little girl’s ability。
And this time,The fat man and Qi Kang whispered a few words,Qi Kang’s eyes light up。
055chapter:Seems to be almost there
“Fuck with me?”
Lin Dong’s words for Qi Kang,Some accident。
Qi Kang and Chen Xuewen nodded at the same time,“Correct,We want to do with you,Are you planning to set up a studio??”
Lin Dong smiled slightly,Asked unhurriedly:“What are you doing with me?”
“Dongge, did you accept the business performance as an endorsement?,Still need someone to follow,And we can also accompany you。”
Both Qi Kang looked at Lin Dong with piercing eyes,Full of expectations。
Follow Lin Dong this kind of singer-songwriter,Maybe they will have a bright future。
Tailor a few songs for them,Can make them stand out。
of course,the most important reason,They are still convinced Lin Dong。
Lin Dong pondered slightly,The two really can’t help him right now,But anyway,He can’t bear to reject the two。
I thought about it before,Bring two people,Lest the two of them are extreme,Finally ruined life。
Although the intersecting time is short,But it can be seen that the two are still very sincere to him。

Several exclamations sounded one after another。

The little girls are not amazed by the exquisite curves of Yanzi,What they marveled at;The scars all over Yanzi’s body!
“Show me clearly!Look at these scars on your senior sister。”
Qin Liang knows no matter how much,It’s better to let a few girls see it,That’s why he let Swallow take off his clothes,Show them the scary scars,Simultaneously,Those scars also represent honor and merit。
“These scars are all left by your senior sister after heroically killing the enemy on the battlefield,But after suffering so many injuries,She can still stand proudly in front of you,Do you know why this is?”
None of the four little guys answered Qin Liang’s question,They can’t answer。
“I know you can’t answer,Now i tell you;That’s your sister,Every minute on this training ground,The result of practicing all kinds of skills seriously。”
“She can survive such a severe injury every time,It depends on every hard training on the training ground,If you don’t want to die on the battlefield,Just cherish every training now。”
Qin Liang finished these words,Looked at these girls coldly。
The four girls said nothing,Even Liu Xiaoyun who is used to talking,At this moment, I looked at Yanzi’s body in awe。
“All right,Put on clothes,Dragon Soul Warrior Hua Yinyan。”
Qin Liang finished his lessons,Then I secretly looked at Yanzi’s almost naked body……This allowed the swallows to put on the military uniform again。
“I’m silly……This girl is thin and small,Can’t tell,The chest is so big……Really hell。”
Qin Liang secretly sighed,When he and Yanzi separated,The swallow is still young,The body is not fully developed yet,Although I met swallows before,,Also helped her heal,But at the time, all attention was on her injury,Have not noticed anything else,So today is the real“experience”To swallow“woman”Side of。
“All right,Today is your first time in class,I have said so much,Forget today,You can move freely,but,Did not get my approval,No going out,See the watch on your wrist, right??That is specially made,If i find you,The watch will beep,Then you must come back here immediately。Get it?”
Qin Liang actually wanted to be alone with Yanzi for a while,He has a lot to say to her,So I am not in the mood to teach my apprentice。
“What are we doing now?”

“what,you are back,You take a break,I’ll cook。”

Only then did Shen Ruoxi see Qin Liang standing in front of him,Embarrassed smiled and said。
Shen Ruoxi at this moment,It’s no longer the elegant temperament you usually do,A dignified and domineering female president,The long hair casually tucked in the back of his head,An apron wrapped around a sexy body,But one strap is tied,The other one*before。
There are some coriander on the pretty face。
“Are you making fish??”
Qin Liang asked with a smile。
“Yes,This fish is too naughty,I want to kill it,It just jumps around,Several times。”
Shen Ruoxi’s wronged explanation to Qin Liang。
“Why don’t you let someone kill it for you after you buy it at the vegetable market??”
Qin Liang asked strangely。
“what?Can someone help me kill??I do not know……”
Shen Ruoxi looked blank。
“Ok,You are really a daughter……”
Qin Liang is speechless,How could he know,Shen Ruoxi grew up,Never bought vegetables,Cooked,Went into the kitchen。

Jiang Fan didn’t follow,Maybe,They all need calm。When Ding Yi sits back,,He said:“Your proposal just now is good。”

“What proposal?”Ding Yi looked at her puzzled。
“You said I’m not young anymore,Proposal to make me a family quickly。I think so too,and so,I want to ask someone’s opinion,If i get married,If this person has no opinion,I can get married soon。”
“Who?”Ding asked consciously。
“you。”Jiang Fan speaks at the same time,Big hand stretched out at her,Decisive and calm。
Ding Yi looked at him,Said:“You get married,Why ask for my opinion,do not worry,I won’t put any obstacles on your way to get married,I promise you won’t get in the way。”
Jiang Fan looked at her。
Ding Yi also looked at him,There is mist in my eyes again。
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“I feel relieved if you say that,That means you agree。”
“Is it necessary for you to get married??”
“Needed,You don’t agree with whom I married。”Jiang Fan smiled slyly。
Ding covered his mouth consciously,Said:“wrong,I mean……”
Jiang Fan suddenly stood up from the sofa,Walk to her,Swallow her,Hold her in my arms,Said:“No regrets……”Not finished,Kissed her……
Ding Yi is struggling,Push him out,He kissed him tighter,No matter how hard she pushes,,gradually,When Jiang Fan’s kiss gradually sublimated to a hot kiss and then gradually sublimated to a passionate kiss,Ding Yi’s last bit of exhaustion and unbearable messy reason commanded himself to push Jiang Fan’s lips out of his mouth without hesitation.,But to no avail,Jiang Fan kissed her domineeringly,Plunder the sweetness of her tongue,She is not his opponent at all,At last,She gradually lost her resistance,Gradually calm down,Gradually this kiss is not limited to Jiang Fan’s efforts……
Jiang Fan held her tightly in his arms,Almost lifted off the ground,See her no longer struggling,His kiss gradually became tender,Then leave her lips,Look down at him,Say:“I,It hurts to death……”
Ding Yi opened his eyes,Look at him,Saw his eyes moist again,The throat rolled up and down twice,Swallowing tears。Ding Yi’s heart hurts too,Tears,Uncontrolled outflow……
“You will always be the deer in my mind,This will not change until death。”Jiang Fan said hoarsely。
Tears,Keep flowing out,Flowing across her cheeks,Hanging by her cheek,And then rolled down rustlingly,Just like a pearl with a continuous thread。

“Humph,You only know one thing and don’t know the other。”Peng Changyi curled his mouth and said。

Lu Hua said:“I really didn’t listen to him,He didn’t even say anything uncivilized。”
Peng Changyi said:“What he said is only more subtle。I told you such a thing,Once we went out,Lao Hou likes to tell jokes,He can’t tell jokes when bullying the mayor,I want the mayor to drink but it’s not easy,Made a loss,Said everyone must tell a joke,You can’t laugh at what you don’t know and what you say,Just drink。I’m a meat or vegetable,Finally came to Mayor Jiang,Everyone can choose to drink for him,Don’t know,He told a joke,I haven’t wondered yet,Lao Hou never dared to tell jokes in front of him anymore。”
Lu Hua said:“I seem to have heard this story,It seems that he has spoken several times‘Do not’What?”
Peng Changyi said:“He said,There used to be two concubines,After this brother-in-law passed the door,My stomach hasn’t moved,One day the two of them got together,Sister-in-law,I looked at my sister-in-law’s belly and said:Why aren’t you?My sister-in-law blushed,Say:No no?Dasao said again,Then you guys?Sister-in-law blushed again and said:We don’t?Sister-in-law,After pondering for a while and then:You don’t,Why not??Sister-in-law said:We no no no no no,If no no no no no,No no no no no。I haven’t figured out his few until now‘Do not’。”
Lu Hua said, breaking his fingers:“This is not difficult,Let’s talk step by step,The first word,Easy to understand,That’s why you are not pregnant,The second no no,Should have two meanings,I don’t know why not yet?Sister-in-law asked further,It should be because you are not,No no no no,Should mean……I understand,But i won’t come up。”Lu Hua frowned and said。
Peng Changyi laughed,Many people on the scene deciphered his meaning,But none of them accurately deciphered,Finally passed by。I am just like you,Isn’t it unclear to break your fingers??I just put these‘Do not’Word into language,Ended up making two full pages,Didn’t understand these few‘Do not’Meaning of words,Finally, Lao Hou figured it out。You said he can’t tell jokes、civilization?You say he hides deep?”
When Peng Changyi said,Shu Qing is also analyzing a few with her fingers“Do not”Meaning of words,Also arrived at Lu Hua,I can’t translate,She said:“Too difficult。It is estimated that Chen Jingrun will be invited to decipher the meaning of each layer of these words。”
Lu Hua said:“But overall,Mayor Jiang is really good at drinking,Don’t stir wine,There are very few times when you are hypocritical。”
Shu Qing knew he was pointing,Just said:“More real than our Secretary Peng?”
Lu Hua thought for a while,Said:“Professor Shu,Do you naively think that certain comrades are real?”
Lu Hua’s words also made Shu Qing and Old Gu amused。
Peng Changyi smiled,He knows that these people are daring to say nothing about themselves when it comes to drinking.,So complaining is inevitable。He struck his neck and said:“Did I drink less than you guys??”
Lu Hua said:“Although you don’t drink less than us,It’s drizzling when we compare your alcohol capacity,What amount are you!He is not in the same rank。The amount of your throat,Are our limits。Although you don’t drink less than us,Even drink more。”
“Anyway, according to my observation,Secretary Peng’s alcohol volume should be considered the top in Kangzhou,How can Mayor Jiang drink?,Compare with Secretary Peng?”Shu Qing is interested in Jiang Fan。
Lu Hua said:“The two of them are on par。Different manifestations。In general,Are all people who really drink。Mayor Jiang and the boy don’t stir wine,Unlike some comrades,Hit the guys after arriving at the wine table,Sometimes even people in your camp are suppressed。”

Peng Changyi called the office below,This time he asked Xiao Xu directly,Xiao Xu listened to Ding Yi,I happily agreed。

Peng Changyi wants Xiao Xu to pick up Ding Yi,More swagger,In order not to provoke Ding Yi’s unnecessary gossip,He called Ding Yi again,Let her come out early。
Ding Yi said with a smile:“I’ll go out after Master Gu comes,It’s too cold outside。”
Peng Changyi said:“It’s too cold, you wear more,Come out quickly,Xiao Xu picked you up。”
Ding Yi listened to Peng Changyi seriously,Just said:“Ok。”Talking,Put down the phone in a hurry。
Peng Changyi knows what Ding Yiyi means,Ding Yi could understand what he meant,It shows that Ding Yi understands what he means,Ding Yi understands what he means,It further proves that she indeed has Jiang Fan in her heart。
Peng Changyi is a bit uncomfortable,But after so long、So many things,Peng Changyi also downplayed the relationship with Ding Yi,Some feelings must be buried deeply,Besides, Ding Yi and Jiang Fan are ready,Handle the relationship with Ding Yi,Is the biggest politics in his interaction with Jiang Fan,He must take this seriously,There can be no ambiguity and mistakes。He raised his relationship with Ding Yi to the political level,This is the mature performance of Peng Changyi,For the officialdom,Nothing can suppress oneself more than politics**of,There is nothing more exciting than politics**of。
After Ding Yi came out,The car that was catching up with Xiao Xu came in backwards,The mayor’s car is too conspicuous,Almost the city’s party and government officials and news media,No one doesn’t know the mayor’s car,Peng Changyi told her to go downstairs early,To know,TV station these women,Don’t talk about anything else together,All gossip news,Yajuan hasn’t been here for a few days,The body that has been stripped by people behind,Plus Yajuan’s sister-in-law won the bid with a high profile,The popularity of this aunt in Kangzhou has long been known to everyone。
originally,Yajuan comes to work at Kangzhou TV Station,The fact that she and Zhong Mingyi are both from Nanling makes people associate rich,Don’t even say she is secretive,Generous,A famous brand。Over time,The news of her living in golf spread like wildfire,Although Ding Yi didn’t reveal to her,TV station people are everywhere,TV station multiple women,real or fake、Some not,Gossips and chatter rose up for a while。
Although Ding Yi is also related to Jiang Fan,But Ding Yi and Yajuan’s styles are quite different,Ding Yi low-key,And don’t cause trouble,Do not mix things up,hard working,Naturally there is less jealousy。Ding Yi has no relatives in Kangzhou,No one needs her help,No business and**It’s a lot less trouble。
But Yajuan is not,When her sister-in-law was away,She helps to run many things in the factory,Especially some changes in the previous period,Plus the usual winery advertisement、She is mixed with many things such as hotel sales,Naturally, Ding Yi has more opportunities to interact with functional departments and people in society,For this reason Ding Yi advised Yajuan,Let her be the tube,Don’t care about what you shouldn’t。Yajuan says,Her sister-in-law has a company in Beijing,Her brother Nanling has a company,Although a dedicated factory manager is hired here,But unfamiliar,She can’t ignore many things。
When Yajuan did these things,In most cases, I’ll ask Ren Xiaoliang for help,and so,Rumors about Yajuan and Ren Xiaoliang are also all the rage,Later, people gradually discovered,It turns out that Yajuan’s real backstage is not Ren Xiaoliang but Zhong Mingyi,Everyone has verified the initial guess。Guessing,But no one saw them dating alone,Golf’s small western-style building is indeed remote, not to mention,Many people can’t get there,Even if I get there, I don’t know where Yajuan lives,No one knows the real secret。
The relationship between Ding Yi and Jiang Fan is limited to those who know the most,None of these people will spread influence on them,And these people sincerely hope that Ding Yi and Jiang Fan are well,Both of them kindly maintained their relationship,No one is gossiping about them。and so,The relationship between Ding Yi and Jiang Fan has always been relatively secret,Outsiders hardly know。
Peng Changyi no longer thinks about Ding Yi,He will go to Jinan Party School to study next Monday,Many things need to be arranged,North City、In the city。Although Jiang Fan asked him to think about the overall situation,Can’t be confined to Beicheng,But somehow,His heart has been tugged。
Remember when giving face-to-face,The teacher said:While the economy is developing rapidly,Many entrepreneurs may not notice,The rule of law in our country is also constantly improving,Market economy is the rule of law economy,The state’s management of economic activities increasingly relies on laws and regulations,at the same time,The legal risks of this particular group of entrepreneurs have also greatly increased,This is very obvious in real life。The teacher also said,If you want to prevent entrepreneurial crime,We must first figure out which crimes entrepreneurs are most likely to commit?So that you can have a clear life for the entrepreneur’s yearning for crime。