And from time to time, there is a complicated gaze to hope。

Pity,Curious,Prosperous trouble,Ridicule……Nothing。
The frequencies here are recognized by Jared.。
I know how he is a person.,And what kind of background。
“Brother……”So many eyes gaze,The moon feeling is uncomfortable,Increasingly。
“Ok,It seems that today is not met.。”
Summer,“Drink this glass of wine……Heap!”
Not finished,He laughed,“Come。”
Looking at the moon。
I saw the direction in the second floor.,Used down the next group of people。
As they appear,The music sound of the bar hall,Slow down。
Hustlester,Also gradually quiet。
As if leading,A gaze,A group of people walking down on the second floor。
People are watching a bald young man who is holding the moon by the stars.。
When they walk from the second floor。
The whole bar is completely quiet.。
In the eyes of everyone,A group of people came to the bar。
“Jared,You didn’t lie to me。”
Haville’s eyes hook at the moon,Gaze,At all, it does not cover the evils in it.。
This is in the eyes of everyone,Heart is not sigh:“This beautiful oriental woman,It is ruined。”
The frequencies here are clear,What kind of identity in Havel。
As long as he looks at the woman,There is absolutely no hand that can escape his.。
Havel is no longer in Spanish,Instead, he said hello.,“Beautiful lady,Don’t be nervous,Don’t be afraid。”
His color is fascinated by the moon,Exposing a self-think of charming smile,“I am not malicious,I just want to make a friend with you.。
Subsequently, look at the summer,The proud and contempt of the eyes are not hidden,“Boy,If you know,Immediately disappear from me……”Narrate。
Summer laughs。
Under lighting,His laugh is a little meaningful,“You are Haville?”
Haville frowned,Summer eyes make him very uncomfortable。
I immediately smiled,“Since you know me,Then I will go to the side.……”Not finished,Suddenly slammed。
Everyone still doesn’t know what is going on.,I saw that Haville was in the body.。
In exclaiming and angered,身 身,Suddenly fell into a gourd。


“Thank you!”
Three ends of the feast to leave for a while,Saito Cong Liling and Tugbang stayed in the hospital with the three girls of Fujihai,According to the three-tailed yourself, I found a female career to take care of them.。
“Saito Jun,Are you really ready to go??”Fujiwara is skeptical,
“should be,Because we searched their residence and office,No valuable clues,Did not find anything and information related items and information。”Saito Cong Lir said,
“These two people are also very powerful.,From the 77th, they have been in the special service headquarters,It has been four or two years,The three tails said that,Chinese people are untrusted。”Fujiwara said,
“If they are not prepared in advance, they are scary.。”Fujiwara Knone said,
“How is it scary??”
“Saito monarch speech three tails,Didn’t have more von Manna and Zhou Han light to escape,This is too clever.。”Fujiwara Knone said,
“Miss smrest, are you suspected that the three tails will?”
“no,I am saying that there is a person who may be the three tails.。”
“Miss smrest,Don’t entangle these things.,You have been trampled as soon as possible.,If you still doubt, you will be secretly investigated.。”
Three Tailings You Feng returned to the office and received the call from the dispatched army command.,It is a handsome:“Three tails,Is there a message of killing a god action group??”
“I don’t know why they suddenly don’t have news.。”Three Yousyou said,
“It is not to die Song Jian.,What should I do not cause??”畑 畑 六 问,
“I don’t have much impact.,Because they haven’t lived in Huangshan.。”
“Say something wrong,Is it what they have new?。”
“commander,Killing the god action group seems to have never been idle。”
“What is it?,Three-tailed,We still have to find a way to remove them.!”畑 畑 六 道,
“commander,I am now full of brains.,Also I have been thinking,Does the Command have a lot of arrangements for me??”
“Discuss,We decided to let you build a team,Take a variety of special tasks as killing the god action group,What do you think??”畑 畑 六 问,
Nima,Also here again,But this may be better,Because of this, you can directly direct the operations and tasks.。
“OK!Just brought some masters from Japan,But they need to receive training for a while。”
“That is a good training,How many people do you need to tell me?,I will give you the best equipment.,Let your team become the dream of Chinese people。”
“commander,I work hard to work hard.,I just hope that we have a high degree of free action rights as the killing action group.。”
“Of course,Just like the rumor of the killing action group,You have a high degree of supervision,Because you are an will,Originally a brigade,Must have absolute command,Our dispatch army is just to give you a task instruction.。”
“I agree!”
“very good!”
“General,But I have a small condition。”
“What is the condition of saying,I will try my best to meet you.。”
“I need all intelligence agencies to share with my intelligence.,Because this is very helpful for our mission。”
“Can,You are itself, the intelligence person is born.,To implement some special tasks, others need other people to cooperate,And these people are all intelligence agencies and intelligence stations.。”
“Thank you for your support!”Rui Rui, but the national devil’s intelligence network,If this, I have all cracked them all,This is a Qigong。
After hanging up the phone,What should I do if I don’t worry?,I have seen the watch in the afternoon.,City original Gui one call:“General,Director Chen has taken a legal rental in the special agent of Seventy-six.,Their goal should be Wang Shi’an’s office building.。”
“Be sure to focus on them,Is Miss Qingyuan Xuexue??”Three ends,

“This must。”Tolsmu,Krevo et al. Heard that he nodded,I immediately put this hydrogen on a rock.。

Then the last eleven people quietly left,Flying to the north。
“what is this?”The voice of the monster night song is floating next to this hydrogen bomb.,Carefully observe this hydrogen bomb。
“Boss,We don’t know if we look at this.。”Iron hand,Chasing the two people smile referring to this hydrogen ballistic:“What powerful murder can they make。”
“I advise you to retreat.,Go back to200Kilometer。”Just when the two people fell,The figure of the Dongfang Yin came out。
“Why is this?The girl knows the power of this kill?”The monster night songs are slightly surprised,They have a speech of Torsema et al.,The power of this killing is not reached180Kilometers。
“This murder success rate is 90%,Killing horror,Maybe you can destroy your Yuanshen。”Dongfang Yin。
Tell this,Demon night songs, etc.,But I can’t think of the woman in front of him. I believe this murder’s power.。
And the success rate is actually so high。
“The girl is really true?”Demon night songs, I can’t help but ask。
“Letter do not believe you,let’s go。”Dongfang Yin went to the north of the void to the north,Containment with the figure of the black clothes, I can’t disappeared.。
“Boss,They are not a dramatic?”Iron hand。
“good,Boss,This is not,You said that such a powerful power can be made instantly.,We must stand180Kilometers away?This murder is too big.?”I don’t believe in authenticity.。
“this,I also don’t believe,But be careful,We stand200Kit in the high altitude。”The monster night song is biting and biting.:“go,First go to high altitude。”
“it is good!”
Iron hand and others have heard of the sky.,Four people have been gone very fast,It quickly disappeared in this empty。
The area of the South also has a ghost shadow.,This person is the attraction,Receive the messenger smiles this direction。
“I don’t know if I can succeed.。”Receive the messenger looks at this void mutter:“Really expecting,If it is successful,Continue development in the future,Unable to enhance the strength of my humanity。”
“correct,That guite opened up new martial arts according to this killing,I am in personal experience.,See what strength is this。”Receive the messenger muttered,His figure is strolling。
It’s like a ghost that is in the edge of a hydrogen bomb.,Quietly stare at this hydrogen bomb。
Time gradually。
Half of the time,This hydrogen rang sounds sounded。
“ten,Nine,Eight two!”
Countdown to start this moment,The connection messenger feels that a devastating power is out of the hydrogen bomb in front of you.。
When you are not going to dodge。
The devastating power has covered his figure.,Center for this area,A huge mushroom cloud,A huge,Intangible air waves sweep to eight wild。
Waves and squares dozens miles。
This area is like an earthquake,Greatly vibration,Tremble,Rock collapse,Empty180Two mirroads,Like a lightning strike,After retreating。 Especially the three people, such as the iron hand,Horn angle overflows a blood,The monster night song is pale a bit。
“Good powerful attack!”The monster night is full of excitement:“I hope that my human beings have hope.,I hope that my human beings have hope.,Magic river!”
Like a successful test,The demon night song is excited, there is tears.。

No bootes,Because Chu Deirers don’t know,What can you wash?,Just random……

Be both“Integrate”Later,Chu Dee people only see the sea of consciousness,《Wash》Still、“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”Also“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”,However, it is washed out.《King Kong Zen Lion》……
Chu Deman:???
Chu Deirers think about a lot of results,Such as washing“Zhao”and“Guest 缦 缦”,For example, the two effects unsuccessful……
However, I didn’t expect it.,I actually washed out of a grandeur’s high contemporary?
What is this principle??
However, the Chu Deirers thought about it.,Zen work、Also sound《King Kong Zen Lion》,Indeed“Homogenize”Can,and“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”There is a connection。
only……Why is it opened?《King Kong Zen Lion》?Is this Heritland?,Related to Buddhism?
Chu Deirens with doubts,I washed it again.……
After washing the marrow,“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”Remain“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”,However, it washed it out.《Huangsha Wanlong》!
Is a martial arts in the case of knife,Calculate and there are some sources of Chu Deirens——Chu Deirers from the Great Road Gaps in the Raolong Villa,Including Tian Boguang《Hazy knife》,There is also a comment on the Raolong Villa,This《Hazy knife》It is incomplete《Huangsha Wanlong》……
Chu Deman:???
Another one“Homogenize”Related practice,But but didn’t matter with Buddha.?
Chu Deirers in the heart,I have conducted a third time washed……
This result is only“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”and《Wash》,But the Chu Deiren felt,Not not washing out,But what is washed out,Wushu with yourself has been classified.!
Normal wash this time,It is one of the five-bedroom swordsman who has already mastered before the Chu Deirers.,So there is no badge……
“How to be five Yue this time?”Chu Deirers wonderful,However, hearing the voice seems to have guess.。
“Two brother,what happened?”Dog hybrid。
“nothing,First wait first, etc.……”Chu Deee is ready to try again,If you can try out who is unique,That is more confirmed!
Chapter 959 guess
“Two brother,what happened?So anxious?”Dog hybrid in the breath of water is pulled out from the house。
When passing through the rock square,Dog hybrid seeing morning meal is on the table,Can’t help but ask:“Don’t you eat breakfast??”
Be right,Already in the past
“How long does it take?,Come back and eat。”Chu Deirers rushed to pull the dog hybrid into the stone room。
“Your four grandfather has recently been in the fourteenth five-year-old passion.?”Chu Dee people walk、Asked。
“Wu Yue?Word I don’t know,But indeed the fourteenth room。”Where is the people who have a familiar person in the dog hybrid?。
Chu Deiren heard,The heart is more determined for yourself more speculation.,After that, you will find the Ding.
Came from the fourteenth stone room,Chu Deirers directly took out the nine whip、Slow comparison is divided。
“what are you doing?Have a break, I understand the school!let go、Otherwise, you are welcome.”Ding is not four shouts。
Noise causing many people around you frowning,But the Chu Deirers are very chest.、Push“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”Air machine outbreak,Suddenly a share power is straightforward。
It can be described as a tiger、Tiger、Wang Bazhi’s pitch,Whether it is Wulin Holy, a river and lake,I have received my attention.、Ignore him,Don’t delay we understand Gao Wushu
And Ding is not a protest.,Three or two were made by Chu Deirens,I took out the stone outdoor。
“Four grandfather,Second brother is just asking you something,You don’t fight again.”Dog hybrids are persuaded。
“Your bunny scorpion,I see you is!”Ding does not reprimand,The arm is more screwed behind the Chu Deirers.。
“I ask you to answer,I have been honest.,You can still go back,Otherwise, I will interrupt your hands and feet.,Let you go back in this life.!”Chu Deirers said。

Shopping function displayed in accordance with the information and advertising disclosed by Tiansheng,Ma Yun summed up the business model of Tiansheng.,I am dark in my heart.。

At the moment, Taobao has not launched,Ali’s business model is to provide a platform,Let enterprises and enterprises to trade online,belongb2b。
And Tian Sheng’s business model is a business,Sell something to customers,And recruit third-party sellers to sell things to customers,Belong tob2c、c2c。
Although the two are e-commerce,But in essence is still different。
Therefore, although Tianheng entered e-commerce,But the threat to Ali is not big,At least in the current,The two do not have a competition directly。
No threat,The pressure of the horse boss suddenly reduced,If the tension of the enemy disappears,Lake up,The small melon does not consciously turn it quickly.。
Although it is ambusted,But I have to say,Seriously studied a Tianheng’s business model,But let him look in front of him.,Gave him a lot of inspiration。
Ali founded for three years,I have already won two large financing of Goldman Sachs and Soft Silver.,Funds,till now,Website registered enterprise users have broken a million,Profit is also about to achieve balance,The influence of the Internet bubble is still in the moment,This performance is also quite good.。
But the horse boss feels,Development to now,Ali is basically close to the bottleneck,After all, the number of companies in the country is limited,And these companies understand e-commerce,Willing to enter the e-commerce to develop another discount。
Continue to develop according to the original business model,Ali’s performance may also grow,But under the premise of limited market,Even if you grow, how much can you grow??
But Tiansheng’s business model is different.,Directly regard himself as a business,Or recruit third party seller,Flat consumer,Thus,Almost everyone can become a potential customer。
Number of populations in China,Where is the number of users?,A hundred million、Even ten billions may。
Do with yourselfb2bcompared to,Heavenb2c、c2cThe market is directly expanded to hundreds of times,The future is absolutely large。
“Tiansheng can do,Maybe I can try it to do it.?”Horse boss flashing,Secret。
The past can develop Ali to develop into the half-Wanjiang Mountain in the domestic Internet world.,wisdom、Guts and courage, he is not missing。
It is like now,Just now I am still scared by Tian Sheng to enter the e-commerce news.,I now see the prospects,He immediately thoughtfully,To take the initiative to talk to Tian Sheng。
Such a large piece of cake poses,Light, but I can’t eat it.,It’s a pity,Why do he have to fight for it?,Even if you compete but Tiansheng,Can be able to share the cake,Years may be more than himb2bCome high。
Sink,The old board is determined,Decisively pick up the phone:“Notify all executives,Ten minutes to the meeting room to meet。”
The judicial auction of the East Occove of Baishun Group is held as scheduled.。
Wei Qichen has arranged properly,The big probability is just a full crossing.,So the king didn’t go.,Just send Yang Kai as the company’s full representative,In the past participated in the auction。
The result is the same as expected,Several competitors arrived only a few times a symbolic,No spell,In the end, Yang Kai took 500 million bidding prices.,Uncomfortable,Successful bid,Take the ground。
Celebrate the success of the auction,Also, I will take Yang Kai.,Wang Dynasty greet him and Wang Zhixin and others went to drink a few cups together.,arrive home,Liu Chunlan is holding Wang Yingyi,Take the supervision Zhang Xiaokai write homework。
The king is going to the company now,Now Zhang Xiaoying also opened the company.,Hand over the king to give him the nine design projects,Many people hired again,The company’s sound is colored,All the day is busy and busy。
There is no time to take care of your child.,Can only ask babysitting。
Ourselves,Let the nanny bring,Liu Chunlan is always unassured.,And Xu Gui is discussed.,The two decided to come and see some points.,One person half a month,Rotate。
At the moment, it is just round to Liu Chunlan.。
Xu Guiying two children are big,Even if you look at the home, you don’t have to worry.。
But Liu Chunlan is different,In addition to Zhang Xiaoying,There is also a Zhang Xiaoyai at home.,Just sixth grade this year,Launched next year。
Xiaoshengchu is also considered a threshold,Liu Chunlan attaches great importance to,I am afraid she is not at home.,Zhang Xiaoyi took the opportunity to lazy,People come to the city,Also through video to supervise him to study hard。
“Looking at your book,What is the east??”
Zhang Xiaokai just a little actions,I was arrested by Liu Chunlan.,Aprotic,Zhang Xiaokai, suddenly shrinks,Dare to make another time。
Liu Chunlan snoring,Then look up and look at the king,Greece:“came back?Sit down。”
NS326chapter Don’t blame me this time.
Wang traffic is a sound,Drake the jacket,I look at it in four times.,Ask:“Xiaoying has not come back yet??”

He just held a fantasy,Thinking of Lin Wei and Lin Tianan have been strategic,Say not to stay,Go back in the battle。

Now it seems,I have no chance.。
“it is good……go back……Go back and see Grandpa!”
Shen Xuan nodded,Also barely squeeze out a little smile,Say:“I……We are waiting for you here.,If you can’t come back,That……Then let’s go to the magic to find you.!”
“it is good!”
Lin Wei said heavy,Just in the eyes,But more tears。
“Cry,We must also meet again.。”
Xue Qing went forward,Holding the hand of Lin Wei,Say:“We will definitely go to the devil to find you.,By the time,Can you put it without knowing us?!”
“that is,You are Miss Lin Jia,We can also boast it in the future.,You can’t recognize our friends.。”
Wu Xiu Xiu is also the same,Full of a smile。
only,Anyone can listen,Several people’s words between words。
Always sentimental!
“okay,Finish,We should start。”
Lin Tianan is impatiently urged a sentence。
I heard this,Lin Wei glanced at him,And Shen Xuan and others bid farewell。
“What proceed,Lin girl is willing to go back.,The attitude is still so bad。”
“that is,No one is a little bit。”
“Once, he won.,How to cry,It seems that you owe him money.。”
The people in the live broadcast are very dissatisfied with this attitude toward Lin Tianan.,Tonghua said。
soon,Lin Wei and Lin Tianan three people walked outside。
Shen Xuan three is followed behind,Prepare to send them a course。
“Small,Take this vegetable back.?”
Pass by the place,Shen Xuan said take the initiative,“This way you go home.,Can also eat a little!”
“it is good!”
Lin Wei did not refuse,Pick a few cucumber,Package with a bag,Tight 拽 in hand。 “I don’t eat it for Lao Lin.!”
“Be right,Give him a waste of waste!”
“Humph,Also look down on Xuan Ge,so annoying,what!”
“Small sink,Do you really consider working with me?,As long as you cooperate with me,I can make your vegetables exported at home and abroad.,By the time,Let your worth more than 10 million or even more than 100 million。”
Put on the bus,Lin Tian’an suddenly turned back,Looking at Shen Xuan,Ask。
Shen Xuan turned over the eyes,Tangible:“sorry,I don’t have this plan.,Let’s talk later.!”
Lin Tianan’s face is speechless,I have to go online.,I haven’t mentioned a word.。

“So what happened to Mei Tong running to the group to get so much money??Does it have your hands and feet in it?“Xia Jian lowered his voice,Asked coldly。

Xiao Xiao shook his head and said:“I really can’t blame me for this。Mei Tong is my sister,I have suffered a lot of crimes for running this family over the years,She said she wanted to go to the group to experience the taste of being a president。But I made an appointment,I only give one month to“
“what?You can agree to something like this?“Xia Jian heard what Xiao Xiao said so easily,Can’t help but ask coldly。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“She is my sister, I want her to have fun, maybe it’s a good thing,So I opened the album,Tell her everyone in the group,And also wrote about my relationship with each one on paper。I didn’t expect this ghost girl to be talented,I wrote it all down quickly,Of course also you“
“Humph!You should have spent a lot of time on this, right?!“Xia Jian asked softly。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“It took three months,I let her learn from me,All my habits,Bao quite eats, lodging, etc.,Especially how do I get along with you acquaintances?。Fortunately, she is talented and intelligent,Three months,She’s almost like a person,I can’t even tell,Who is Xiao Xiao anyway?“
“You guys played too much,The venture group almost died because of her”Xia Jian’s words are full of anger。
Xiao Xiao said in a long breath:“I did not expect,She would be like this。The group was caused by her,She made her own home and couldn’t go back,A man drifting alone in a foreign country。Grandpa and mom couldn’t sleep all night,But when she came back,What is waiting for her,I think you know”
“What are your plans,Is it really not going back?”Xia Jian asked softly。
Xiao Xiao thought for a while,Chong Xia Jian said with a sad smile:“Things got to this point,What face do I have to go back。Moreover,My family won’t let me go”
“Then you have to call Mr. Xiao!”Xia Jian couldn’t help saying。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“He raised me to her,Logically,He is my father,But there is such a heartbreaking reason。What do you say i should do?And what happened later,What face do I have to call him?Just let me die completely in his heart!”
When Xiao Xiao said this,Eyes full of tears。Xia Jian saw her sadness,man has soul,Who can be ruthless,What’s more, Lao Xiao raised her so much。
It’s really unpredictable,Xia Jian never thought,Can something like this happen to Xiao Xiao。Two people eating vegetables,While talking about Xiao Xiao leaving Bucheon,Some things happened in the startup group。

Fan Dan, Vice President of Huajing Opera Theater,I have already actively invited Shen Huan to visit their theater。

《Gift in Room 7》After the Spring Festival,The third wave of tour starts again。
Before, two groups of people went out one after another,This third tour,Is directly divided into three parts。
ABTwo teams,Has been tested for last year’s tour。
From last year10Start of the month,Starred in Huajing around the Spring Festival40FieldCteam,Is also widely praised。
Although it’s the same drama,And it was made by the same screenwriter,But the actors are different,The taste is different。
So I haven’t seen itCThe audience,During the Spring Festival。
Especially some literary young women,Watched5There is,Watched10There are also,The most exaggerated record is to watch20field。
This is true love!
Thanks to the fans too,so40The performances are full again。
If it’s not for the face,,The big guys in Beihua almost decided to sell station tickets。
Topic back。
ABCTrio,They are each responsible for 20 or 30 cities in a region,This time it sank directly into the third-tier important prefecture-level city.。

Take the bus provided by Zheyue Satellite TV on the way back to the hotel,Shen Huan began to ponder。

Zhou Pu is shooting《Water Margin》News,He has seen the news before。
This Mavericks film and television invested7000Epic TV series,Have taken about1Time of year。
This version《Water Margin》,Not comparable to90Chronology.Mom version is three years old and powerful,But this is in private film and television companies,Still one of the best。
Listen to Zhou Pu,right now《Water Margin》It’s late in production,Important things like the theme song,Naturally it’s time to step up。
Happens to be,《Hero song》Was originally another world center.Mom classic version of the theme song,And it’s the most classic of all versions。
So when Zhou Pu said that,Shen Huan felt that he should《Hero song》give him。
There is no hero song in the Water Margin,Can that be called a classic?
Must be standard!
But Tang Yuan and Meng Wusheng didn’t talk about it very well.。
Shen Huan and neither of them are familiar,But for Shen Huan’s interests,Give them two,I must be more grateful。
These two are individuals,There is a crew,Is a company,Which is easier to be thankful,Completely clear at a glance。
Especially Meng Wusheng,I have never dealt with Shen Huan before,But from his own words and conversations,From Tang Yuan’s attitude towards him,This person is definitely not a villain。

But Jerry West,Cannot tolerate the existence of such a player。Not only the locker room cancer,This player also clashes with the style of the team’s second boss。

There is no way,Decisively just change away,The media think the Lakers trade Ceballos for Horry is a bad deal.,But West and Kobe think they have made a profit。
Use a locker room to poison the tumor,In exchange for a historical role player,If such a deal is a loss,So West is willing to suffer every day。
Horry proved his excellence with his performance on the field,As the sixth man of the Lakers,Organize offense and defense,Take off the Lakers bench,Became the league’s top bench lineup。Especially at a certain moment, it can form a desperate offensive lineup with a shark.,The efficiency of this offensive lineup has historically been the best offensive system.。
It hit the deadly key ball at the decisive moment with the Bulls.,The Lakers could lose without that key ball!
And Horry’s excellent relationship with Kobe,It also made him very happy with the players in the locker room。Although the players don’t say,But I know,This is the person Kobe asked for!
Kobe,He used his performance to gain the respect of everyone on the team。
Even if you don’t like kobe,But Kobe’s court performance is undoubtedly great,The Lakers’ victory is inseparable from Kobe。
So this Los Angeles Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns,There are so many things to watch。
Kobe arrives in Phoenix,Hurry up and join the team,They set off together to the American West Arena,Judging from the practicality of the interior decoration and facilities,This counts as the upper middle class arena in the league,The large area of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the TV screen wall are the impressive features of this arena。
Especially on the festive day of Christmas,Small objects full of Christmas elements filled the stadium,The team staff also dressed as Santa Claus,Characters in traditional styles such as elves to highlight the Christmas atmosphere。
Before opening,Kobe was stunned,Phoenix actually invited popular singer Brandy Norwood,Yes,It’s the Brandi who was refused by Kobe to join the prom.。
Speaking of this,It’s really Kobe’s not。
Set time back1996year5month,Kobe took out a youth magazine,Pointing to the photo of Brandi above:“I want to take this girl to the prom。”then,Kobe’s classmate reaction:“are you crazy!”
Then Kobe did everything possible to contact Brandi,Brandi was in1995Starred inABCTV station melodramaTheaOne of the girls became famous afterwards,Subsequently,After releasing his first album,She entered in one fell swoopR&BNo. 6 on the record chart,Her song《Baby》Successfully selected1996Grammy,Became the dazzling new star of the music scene in America at this time,Media darling。
Kobe’s invitation,Brandi agreed!
Then set the clock to1996year6month,Kobe is reborn,Then everyone knows the next thing。
See Brandi again,Kobe is unavoidably embarrassed,I really did a lot of silly things when I was young。