Soft and thin waist

Soft and thin waist

How to maintain body balance during the movement?

  Pilates all the exercises, the concept of the Dublin Center.

Whether it’s right, sitting or lying, the center of your body is the key to your balance.

The central part of the body includes the waist, abdomen, waist, and chest.

Use your center correctly in your practice and use its power.

For example, in order to stabilize the upper body when doing “side kick”, you can imagine a bowl of water on the statue and pelvis. All you have to do is ensure that the water will not spill.

  Soft waist practice group 1: Spin-wing saw action points: combined with the “curve forward” and twisting action.

  Action effect: special contraction and soft waist and oblique muscles.

Stretch the muscles and ligaments behind the legs, remove turbidity from the body, enhance blood circulation, and soften and control.

  Action: Sitting on the mat 90 degrees straight, keeping the upper body contracted and stable.

The waist consciously tightens the lift.

Horizontal on both sides, shoulders.

Double toe pointed ceiling.

  Inhale, keep the upper body tilted upwards, and start lateral twisting from the waist (be careful not to twist from the arms, buttocks, buttocks), and keep the cushions firmly below the waist.

  Exhale, stretch your arms from the top of your leg to the toes.

Pay attention to lifting and contracting the ribs and abdomen.

The rearward radial arm should remain unfolded.

  Tips ● Turn the outer diameter to the left and right once for 3?
5 times.

  ● When tightening your body, tighten your waist and do not lift it off the mat.

Keep your footwork.

  ● Keep at least always open throughout the exercise.

  ● Strength and sensation are concentrated in the center of the body, and the ribs and abdomen are taken in the direction of the spine to increase the center of gravity of the body.

  Action: Start on the side of the body, contract the legs, hold the head with one hand, and balance the balance of the body with the other hand on the ground in front of the body.

  Soft waist exercise group 2: side kick kick action points: After stepping on the legs, perform another side leg exercise.

  Action effect: Convergence of the waist, hips, buttocks and outside of the thighs.

At the same time challenge the balance of the body.

  Action: Lift the single leg straight and make the legs form an open scissors shape.

  ● If you feel that it is more difficult to maintain your balance, one leg on the ground can be squeezed slightly forward.

  ●Be slow when tilting your legs, and the body will feel under pressure.

  ● Keep the upper body contracted and stable.

The lower side of the waist should be consciously tightened.

  ● Bend the kick leg upwards when inhaling, and forcefully lower the leg when exhaling.

Up and down once, for 6?
8 times.

  ● Increase the leg extension according to the flexibility, and re-open the scissors.

Facial Pilates saves slack skin


Facial Pilates saves slack skin

More and more people agree that the lifting and sculpting effect of Pilates movement can be used for the relaxed skin on the face and complications. I am afraid that even the most senior Pilates masters can not help.

When the skin is no longer firm, the decree lines become more prominent, and the corners of the eyes and mouth will also show drooping fatigue . Reshape the firm and youthful state A Pilates-like method, which can be a special skin care product,It can help reshape the youthful appearance of the face.

  Schematic illustration of lymphatic manipulation: Pilates on the eyebrow are mainly used to exercise core parts of the body, cooperate with breathing techniques and slow coordinated movements to make the body muscles firm.

And to do Pilates for the skin, you should target the most critical-skin collagen.

Collagen is a kind of protein, which is most closely related to skin strength and elasticity.

When the collagen level is in the ideal state, the skin is plump and plump, and if the collagen is insufficient, the skin will lose its elasticity.

Therefore, only by enhancing the skin’s ability to synthesize natural collagen, can it help maintain skin elasticity and make the obvious skin contours firm again.

  Schematic diagram of the lymphatic method: radio wave peeling of temples, botulinum acupuncture, radiofrequency skin tightening-nowadays, various high-tech beauty equipment developed by successive servants have stimulated the energy that directly stimulates the growth of collagen in the basal layer of the skin.See the beauty effect immediately.

  Schematic diagram of lymphatic manipulation: So the chin bone, is the traditional day cream, night cream, essence and manual care outdated?

Beautician tells you: NO!

Beauty skin scientists have worked day and night to develop a variety of skin beauty products with similar medical beauty effects, combined with the special care methods of the beautician, and the persistent use of skin care products and methods at home, as time stops.

  Beautiful tricks to get rid of lymphatic absorption from absorption. Many people pay attention to skin care ingredients when skin care, but often ignore the issue of whether their active ingredients can be absorbed.

In fact, if the active ingredients are not fully absorbed by the skin, or if the degree of absorption is low, it will be more effective and less effective.

  Nearly 70% of the human body belongs to water, including in or between cells, in blood or lymphatic vessels.

Lymph fluid circulates through the body, removing waste from cells and blood.

If the lymph fluid is not flowing well and the waste toxins cannot be excreted, it will cause the phenomenon of poor absorption, which is manifested as swelling of the body, looseness of the lower eyelids, dry skin and wrinkles, stains, acne and other problems.

Therefore, to solve the problem of absorption of product ingredients, we must first pump through the facial lymphatic system.

  TIPS: The beautician starts from the forehead and pumps along the skin texture to the large lymph in the armpit.

Behind the ear lobe is the Fengfeng acupoint, which is a lymph node. Multiple obstruction can excrete the aging perforation.

  Beautiful tricks: Non-cosmetic high-tech anti-aging and orthopedics are complemented by unique shaping techniques, which are energy-efficient products that can overcome the beauty of Microwave and Botox needles.

This skin care product is rich in seaweed essence, precious caviar essence and olive leaf essence.

Three-dimensional action on the skin, accelerates skin metabolism, slows down the rate of oxidation; enhances the skin’s effect of fighting back wrinkles; increases skin elasticity and provides sufficient moisture and nutrition.

  Beautiful tricks Three 80 days of continuous care remodeling fibers Just like the body “Pilates”, the “Pilates” of the facial skin must be persistent.

Professional beauty salon care once every 5 days, plus home care twice a day in the morning and evening. After 80 days, you will see the effect.

  TIPS: The whole treatment 10 times is a course of treatment, with RF radio frequency energy treatment, the effect is more obvious.

  TIPS: The main point of this set of techniques is to avoid friction between the skin of the hand of the beautician and the skin of the face of the beauty seeker, and use dark power to heat the inside of the muscle, especially after the ear (front contour) is down.Face contours will be loose.

Don’t do these six types of white-collar workers

Don’t do these six types of white-collar workers

In today’s increasingly specialized science and technology, a “baby infant” without a skill can’t be achieved unless he is very talented and diligent.

Therefore, elders who are neither “talented” nor skilled are often candidates who are first considered for layoffs.

  The “shark type” that lacks team spirit is refined through social division of labor, and a job can often be efficiently and successfully completed only with the cooperation of the crowd.

Therefore, if individuals are not good at collaboration and have no team spirit, the individual can only be abandoned by the team.

  The upheaval of the stubborn “shell-shaped” society has determined that it is impossible for people in society to play a fixed social role forever in a changing social environment.

Those who are self-contained and do not think about the aggressive “shell type” will eventually lose their advantages in the fierce competition, and even out.

  Nowadays, the “machine type” that follows the rules is still more and more popular with employers who have pioneering and innovative capabilities.

“Machine type” talents who have a command to move the button will find it difficult to adapt to the rapidly changing social environment in the future, and they will be more crowded into the ranks of the unemployed.

  Some people who just say “no horn” do not seem to be full of money. It seems that as long as he says it, everything is changing.

In fact, nothing has changed.

Elites, these “speaking giants, action dwarfs” are distinguished from those who “do less and do more” and are more likely to lose everything in the competition.

  The tortoise with low efficiency is unknown, and the seemingly faithful and reliable tortoise can indeed arouse people’s sympathy.

However, in the already high-tempo and high-efficiency brutal market competition, those “turtle” talents who are slow to move and inefficient in work will undoubtedly be drowned out by the fierce competition.

Elderly eat more carrots to prevent cancer

Elderly eat more carrots to prevent cancer

Radish is a common vegetable in daily life, especially after the winter, there are many varieties of radish, such as small radish, white radish, heart radish, radish, green radish and so on.

There are many ways to cook, such as roasted radish, boiled radish, mixed radish, Sichuan radish, etc.

  Eating more carrots can prevent cancer in the elderly?

  But people generally love the beautiful radish in their hearts, which is crispy and sweet. People often eat raw cold salads. This way of eating is very good.

Because the radish in the heart contains higher vitamin C, which is dozens of times higher than that of pears and apples, it is known as “radish match duck pear”.

  Chinese medicine believes that radish has the functions of smoothing the qi, strengthening the spleen and digesting food, resolving phlegm and clearing heat, and diuretic.

Studies have shown that taking radish juice can prevent the deposition of gallstones and has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on gallstones.

Radish also has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. The vitamin C and carotene contained in radish can prevent the carcinogenic synthesis of nitrosamines.

Therefore, in terms of health care, the elderly should eat more radishes.

Teacher parents should be kind to children’s mistakes

Teacher parents should be kind to children’s mistakes

Nowadays, many parents and teachers complain about how some children are stubborn and have strong rebellious attitudes.

Some teachers also advise parents not to be polite to their children, to be rude when appropriate, and to say nothing is impossible, and the lack of patience of parents in educating their children will inevitably encourage parents to beat children.

The author once encountered such a thing: One morning, I saw Xiao Rong from the class unhappy and returned to the classroom, then lay on the table in a daze.

Seeing this fact, I walked over and inevitably asked him: “Sir Xiaorong, what are you unhappy about, can you tell the teacher?

“Who knows that his nose is sore, tears flow out, and he choked and said to me,” I did something wrong yesterday, and I was beaten by my father . “So I opened his pants and found this.There were several long red marks on the calf of the child, and the students felt sad when they saw it.

  Maybe this example is special.

But such things often happen in many families.

In fact, the way parents blame their children will affect their lives.

Improper scolding can inadvertently hurt children.

If you often see that your child’s performance is not good, parents will yell: “You are so stupid!

Pig head!

“Parents who do not control their emotions will face each other, corporal punishment, etc.

This is harmful to the child. Parents should learn to control themselves and not vent all their anger on the child.

  Every child will inevitably make such mistakes.

Children make mistakes. Parents should treat them calmly, treat the children’s mistakes, talk to the children, listen to the children’s reports, analyze the reasons together, and distinguish whether the mistake was intentional or unintentional.

This will not only help children understand their mistakes, but also help them build confidence and courage to correct mistakes. It will also enhance the relationship between parents and children, build trust, friendship and close relationships, so that children ‘s psychologyHealthy care and development.

On the contrary, if you don’t make a specific analysis, you just use the psychology of hating iron and steel, and simply scolding and rude. Although you have angered yourself, this happy way of deflation will have serious consequences.The person develops conflicting thoughts or hatred.

  People can not escape from doing wrong?

It is inevitable that children make mistakes.

You know, children grow up in the process of correcting mistakes. Parents, please take good control of your behavior.

Six notes for college students seeking employment

Six notes for college students seeking employment

In a job interview, most interviewing examiners will ask candidates to introduce themselves, and then gradually understand the general situation of the candidate, change the ability to check the candidate’s eloquence, resilience and psychological tolerance, logical thinking and other abilities.

Do not underestimate this self-introduction. He is both a stepping stone to the interviewer and an excellent opportunity to sell himself, so he must grasp it.

Candidates should pay attention to the following points: First, after receiving the interview notice, it is best to make a draft of self-introduction at home, and then try to feel it.

  Second, when introducing yourself, you should first make a very short opening politely, and tell all interviewers (if there are multiple interviewing examiners), if the interviewing examiner is paying attention to something else, you can wait a little, wait for him to turnIt only started after coming over.

    Third, pay attention to mastering the time. If the interviewer specifies the time, we must pay attention to the mastery of the time, not too long or too much change.

  Fourth, the content of the introduction should not stay too much on a certain name, work experience, time and other things, because these are already on your resume, you should talk more about some jobs related to the position you are applying forExperience and achievements to prove that you are indeed competent for the job position you are applying for.

  Fifth, when introducing yourself, don’t look away, look away, suddenly look careless, this will make people do things casually, causing a sense of distraction.

It is best to keep your eyes on the interviewer, but you can’t keep your eyes on for a long time.

Another is to try to add less auxiliary movements of hands, because this is not a lecture, after all, it is also important to maintain a decent posture.

    6. Don’t forget to say thank you after you have introduced yourself, sometimes it will often affect the examiner’s impression of you.

How do people laugh in the office

How do people laugh in the office

Don’t let others go, but learn to make your own voice.

  The boss appreciates employees who have their own minds and opinions.

If you often just say what others say, then you will be easily covered in the office, and your part in the office will not be very high.

Have your own mind, no matter what your position in the company, you should make your own voice and dare to speak your mind.

  If you have something to say, don’t use talking to people as a debate game.

  Be friendly in the office, be gentle, and be friendly. Even if you have a certain level, you cannot speak to others with a command tone.

Sometimes sometimes, everyone’s opinions cannot be unified, but there are opinions that can be retained. Is it necessary to fight for your life for those issues that are not very principled?

Indeed, some people’s eloquence is very good. If you want to use your own eloquence, you can use it in negotiations with customers.

If you are arrogant and stubborn, it will cause colleagues to stay away, and over time, you will become an unwelcome person unconsciously.

  Don’t show off in public in the office.

  If your professional skills are very good, if you are a celebrity in the office, if the boss appreciates you, can these become your show-off capital?

No matter how capable you are, you should also be cautious in your career. If you have a more capable employee, one day, if you have a more capable employee, then you must be a joke to others immediately.

If one day the boss gives you an extra bonus, you will not even be able to show off in the office, while others will congratulate you while hating you!

  The office is a place of work, not a place of mutual complaint.

  There are always people around us who like to pour bitter water on others.

Although such a dialogue can quickly shorten the distance between people, and make you friendly and kind soon, psychologists have investigated and found that only 1% of people can actually keep secrets.

  Therefore, when there is a personal crisis in your life, such as broken love, marriage, etc., it is best not to talk to someone in the office casually; when your work is in crisis, such as work is not smooth, have opinions on the boss and colleaguesMoreover, you should not show your bravery in the office. No mature white-collar worker will be so “straightforward”.

If you have a problem with your life or work, you should avoid talking in the workplace. It does not prevent you from finding a few close friends to find a place to talk about after work.

  When speaking, you need to be comfortable with the situation, and the most important thing is to be decent.

The attitude of being humble and humble, elegant body language, and lively and humorous language are all the art of language. Of course, having self-confidence is more important. The art of knowing language can help you become more confident.

Use these language arts skillfully, your career will be more successful!

It is best to eat apples for 15 minutes.


It is best to eat apples for 15 minutes.

Apple’s healthy nutrients, the diet is endless, and is loved by people all over the world.

However, Australia’s “perfect health” website recently reminded that eating apples is not too embarrassing, because the core contains hydrocyanic acid, which is unhealthy.

銆€銆€Basically, apples are potentially vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols and flavonoids, all of which are natural antioxidants and are particularly effective in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Apple’s calcium content is richer than normal fruit, which can help metabolize excess salt and help to lose weight.

銆€銆€However, there are few known hydrogen radicals in the apple core.

American researchers have found that apple cores contain a small amount of harmful substances – hydrocyanic acid.

A large amount of hydrocyanic acid is deposited in the body, which can cause dizziness, headache, and rapid breathing. In severe cases, coma may occur.

銆€銆€But there is no need to worry too much. The aluminum hydroxide in apples mainly exists in the core, but not in the flesh.

Need to be reminded: when eating apples, they are used to picking up the core, although it will not cause poisoning immediately, but eating it for a long time is indeed bad for health.

銆€銆€Apple’s potential “poisoning” danger: erythropoietin coloring is now often repeated “eat fruit without fruit flavor”, because there are many fruits in the process of growth, excessive use of ghrelin, erythropoietin, swell, or placedExcessive use of preservatives, even in the sale of colorants, waxing, bleaching and dyeing, etc., to meet the consumer’s “take the fruit” mentality, these toxic fruits have become a serious threat to people’s health.

銆€銆€The danger of eating apples: stimulating a stimulating element, stimulating coloring, preservative preservation.

Excessive use of auxin, erythropoietin, preservatives can damage the liver.

Retail fruit vendors are about to give apples industrial paraffin, the purpose is to maintain moisture, the fruit is bright and has a selling.

銆€銆€So what about the wax on the apple skin?

銆€銆€From a nutritional point of view, you should choose to eat apples, because the apple skin contains more antioxidants.

In fact, the wax on the apple skin mainly combines the following: The first one is the natural fruit wax on the surface of the apple itself, which is a kind of lipid component, which is a plant protective layer formed on the surface of the apple, which can effectively preventExternal microorganisms, pesticides, etc. invade the flesh and enhance the protective effect, which does not need to be removed.

銆€銆€The second type is the edible wax that is imported by some imported apples. This “artificial fruit wax” is actually a kind of shell material, which is extracted from crustaceans such as crabs and shells.

The substance itself is not necessarily harmful to the body, and its role is mainly to preserve the freshness, preventing the apple from decaying in long-distance transportation and accumulation and storage.

It is also very simple to remove this layer of wax, which can be removed by directly washing with hot water.

銆€銆€The third type is industrial wax, in which mercury and lead may penetrate into the flesh through the peel, causing harm to the human body.

The method of identification is to wipe the surface of the peel with a hand or a napkin. If you can wipe off a layer of red material, it may be industrial wax.

銆€銆€Apple’s various colors have different health effects. Apple color can predict health benefits.

For example: red apple: more beneficial to the heart, improve memory, maintain the health of the urinary system; green apple: more conducive to teeth and bones strong; yellow apple: can strengthen the body’s immune system, is also good for the prevention of certain cancers.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that the health benefits of different colors of apples have their own focus.

銆€銆€Red apples into the heart: lower blood lipids, soften the blood vessels more powerful, can protect the cardiovascular health of the heart and brain, the elderly can eat more.

銆€銆€Green apple: It has the effect of nourishing liver and detoxifying, and it can fight depression, so it is more suitable for young people to eat.

In addition, green apples can promote tooth and bone growth and prevent gum bleeding.

銆€銆€Yellow apple: It has a good effect on protecting eyesight. Office workers who often use computers can eat properly.

銆€銆€The lovely apple – “general practitioner” As early as in ancient Egypt, people not only regarded apples as a kind of food, but also regarded it as a medicine.

Canadian studies have shown that apple juice has a powerful role in killing infectious viruses in test tubes, and people who eat apples are far less likely to have a cold than those who do not eat or eat less.

銆€銆€The potassium contained in the apple can be combined with the excess sodium salt of the human body to excrete it.

When the body has too much sodium salt, eating some apples will help balance the electrolytes in the body.

The elements such as phosphorus and iron contained in apples are easily absorbed by the intestinal wall, which has the effect of nourishing the brain and nourishing the nerves.

Apple’s aroma is a good medicine for treating depression and depression.

After many experiments, experts have found that among the many odors, the aroma of apple has the greatest psychological impact on people, and it has obvious effects of eliminating psychological depression.

The clinical use proves that after the mentally depressed patient smells the apple aroma, the mood is greatly improved, the spirit is relaxed and happy, and the feeling of depression disappears.

Experiments have also shown that insomnia patients sniff apple scent before going to sleep, enabling people to sleep quietly and quietly.

Wash and squeeze the juice with apples, take 100 ml each time, 3 times a day, take it continuously, 15 days for a course of treatment, and have a blood pressure lowering effect on patients with hypertension.銆€銆€Therefore, some scientists and physicians call Apple “a full range of healthy fruits” or “general practitioners.”

銆€銆€It is best to eat apples for 15 minutes. The apples have high nutritional value and are rich in vitamins and acids.

銆€銆€According to experts, eating apples should not be too fast.

If you chew in your mouth for a long time, you can secrete more saliva and gastric juice, which will help promote the body’s absorption and digestion of apple nutrients.

銆€銆€From a nutritional point of view, we do not advocate the 鈥榞orging’ approach.

For people with poor gastrointestinal tract, especially the speed of eating apples.

Eating too fast can easily lead to feelings of incompetence caused by indigestion.

銆€銆€Everyone may have experienced this: an apple takes a long time to eat, and the surface that is bitten off will appear yellow, and the moisture content of that part of the pulp will also decrease, becoming “soft” and not so brittle.

Fu Jinru explained that this is actually the result of apple oxidation.

Although the “selling phase” is more serious, the taste is not particularly good, but in fact its nutrients are not lost. In general, eating will not cause harm.

Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture has a small remedy for contraindications


Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture has a small remedy for contraindications

Acupuncture and moxibustion of small remedies for liver qi stagnation: must take the pulse of the acupoints to take the line, Qihai, Taichong, Sanyinjiao, replacement of acupoints and ventilating blood stagnation.

Chest flank full of Jiamen, waist and knees plus kidney.

Kidney stagnation (hepatic kidney yin deficiency): Take liver Yu, Shenshu, Zusanli, Guanyuan, Mingmenyi essence blood, liver and kidney.

The above points supplement the liver and kidney to regulate qi and blood, and nourish the yin.

Spleen deficiency and dampness: spleen, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli with acupuncture points.

Kneeling, gas sea; note: Tianshu.

In addition to this, acupuncture or spurting at the lesion site is mainly to clear the local qi and blood.

Also add Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, add flavor Xiaoyao pills and so on.

1 course of 10 times every 20-30 minutes starting every other day.

Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the improvement of contraindications in Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion.

The conventional contraindications of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture avoid fatigue, the spirit is highly nervous, and obese people should not take acupuncture; the old and infirm acupuncture should adopt the lying position, take less points, and the hand should be light.

Skin skin infections, ulcers, fracture marks and tumor sites are not acupuncture.

The chest and back, kidney area, item, stomach ulcer, intestinal adhesion, abdominal abdomen of patients with intestinal obstruction, and pubic symphysis area of patients with urinary retention should grasp the depth and angle to avoid straight stab and prevent accidental injury to important organs.

Pregnant women should not be too aggressive in acupuncture, abdominal, lumbosacral and acupoints that can cause uterine contractions such as Hegu, Sanyinjiao, Kunlun, and Yin.

Because infants and young children do not cooperate, they generally do not leave needles.

Infant and child sputum and wind house, dumb door and other forbidden needles.

Patients with bleeding disorders, or often spontaneous bleeding, difficult to stop bleeding after injury, not suitable for acupuncture.

Eating coarse grains should be divided into age groups


Eating coarse grains should be divided into age groups

Eat coarse grains for ages 25-35 years old should eat less 35-45 years old should eat more kinds of dried fruit, coarse grains 45-60 years old women should eat more soy products over 60 years old to eat foods containing high cellulose, nowadays, manyThe “rich disease” is caused by people who have eaten too finely. Some people have feared the fine food, and excessively pursued eating coarse grains, so that the price of coarse grains is higher than that of fine grains.

Medical experts point out that if you don’t divide your age, eating too much “coarse” is not good for your health.

銆€銆€The whole grain contains a lot of cellulose. The cellulose itself is implanted into the large intestine to produce mechanical stimulation, which promotes intestinal peristalsis and makes the stool soft and smooth. This is very beneficial for preventing intestinal cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by high blood lipids.
銆€銆€If you are between the ages of 25 and 35, it will affect the absorption of protein, inorganic salts and certain trace elements by human body functions, and even affect reproductive ability.

For a man, the diet should be rich in zinc, selenium, vitamins E and C.

銆€銆€For example, eating and frying soybeans, the absorption and digestibility of human protein protein is only 50%, and after processing soybeans into tofu, the absorption rate rises to 90%. The processed tofu is because it destroys the fiber in the beans.Prime component

If you eat too much high-fiber food for a long time, increase people’s protein supplementation is blocked, slight supplementation is greatly reduced, trace elements are lacking, and even cause damage to bones, heart, blood and other organ functions, reducing the body’s immunity.

銆€銆€In the age group of 35 to 45 years old, the metabolic rate began to slow down.

Should eat less high-sweet food, should eat a variety of dried fruit, coarse grains, soybeans, fresh fruit and so on.

銆€銆€Especially from the age of 45 to 60, it is important to understand that regulating and supplementing nutrition is important to the body.

Hypertensive patients should eat less salt and eat foods rich in potassium, such as dried apricots, beans and dried fruits.

When the law reaches the menopause, it is necessary to eat more soy products, which can reduce bone metabolism to a minimum.

Middle-aged men worry about prostate disease and can arrange a diet rich in zinc, vitamin E, and low-saturated animals.

銆€銆€People over the age of 60 are prone to cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Therefore, it is advisable to eat a diet rich in antioxidants and a diet rich in zinc, such as fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, fiber, oily fish and low-fat animals, to reduce the degree of disease damage.

In addition, cellulose will be converted to in vitro by binding to heavy metals in the body and harmful metabolites in food.

It is beneficial to the human body to eat foods high in cellulose, which is worthy of promotion.

However, cellulose also has its own disadvantages to the human body. Middle-aged people do not eat more high-fiber foods, and there should be a degree.