He also can’t even think of the status of the patient’s patient.。

“This mother will not give me the whole brain.。”Zhou Ye wooked the back of the heart,A kind of dizziness。
Brain shock can cause messenger,The memory of a small period of time before and during the occurrence of brain shock。
“啥,Do you tease??So far from exploding you shook your brain.……You are a dragon twelve palms??”Yang’s mouth bending,Laugh。
Zhou Ye has no expression,He is fine,Is it a frightened?
I 艹……This is too shameful.!
He is consciously clamping his thigh,Because the study shows that people may secrete liquids in a state of high fear……
That is, diaper……
“Call,I have no urine.。”Zhou Ye is finished,Tone。
Yang’s eyes become slow,Looking at Wenyu,Just like watching a patient。
“Don’t say,Small brother,You are really likely to be an inappropriate air fluctuating brain!”Yang passed a transformed。
Zhou Ye is indifferent,When will I think“Air fluctuate brain shock”This noun explained?
It is really a non-tangible,Chapter,Misunderstanding……
He sighed。
Yang suddenly opened his eyes:“You will not even have forgotten what I am.……you see me。”
Zhou Ye wooked crowded:“Brain shock does not cause long-term memory damage,How can I forget you?……And if you don’t cause brain or skull damage,Usually after a period of time,Lossless memory can get a small number of recovery。”
“Um,Professional knowledge http://www.yanshi99.cn is still,It seems that it is still stupid。”Yang hippie smiley。
Zhou Ye screamed,I want to pass this simple movement,Undercurrent。
He glanced at the expression of Yang.,Suddenly lazy lazy。
“This kid doesn’t expect me.。”Zhou Ye is in my heart。
Short-term dissemination caused by brain oscillating does not need special treatment,Don’t worry too much at all,Dizziness is not a long time.,And the range of misseu is also small,Will not affect future memories,Rest more,Ensure enough sleep,Avoid too much lower place event is not good……
I am not a brain shock.!
Zhou Ye I shot the brain,Hurry to stop your mind。
“Do you still stand?,You22The bed was burn the bottle.,Have been talking nonsense,Go to see it first.!”
A nurse rushed to run to Zhou Ye,Refers to the distant ward。
“OK,I will go this.http://www.lufeiair.cn!”Zhou Ye went two words, not to mention the car handle of the computer car, followed by。
Yang Tight followed。
Zhou Ye is running22Bed in front,When I saw the middle-aged man who just asked himself to open the sedative.,I suddenly turned over。
I rubbed……No wonder it feels strange!