Those schoolmasters usually like to go,Of course the three giant schools,Or what kind of National Chiao Tung University、Electronic Science and Technology University、Normal universities and other prestigious schools with a long history and good job hunting。

There was a shortage of students at Huaguo Agricultural University,As a result, their admission score has to be lowered,Otherwise, not many top students are willing to come to study。
A little better these years。
Wealthy people,Began to pay attention to the quality of life。
So eating and drinking,They are more concerned about。
agriculture,Especially ecological agriculture,Became the top priority。
Don’t know how many fights“Ecology”with“Environmental protection”Brand of food,Just double the increase、Double or higher price。
On the Internet, college students from agricultural universities graduated and returned home,The result of planting and breeding became a millionaire、The story of a multi-millionaire,It also inspires many students from poor backgrounds,All want to rely on agriculture to get rich。
Big guys from Huaguo Agricultural University,I also like to see this situation,Won’t refute rumors at all,On the contrary, I hope there are more and more stories of getting rich,Make their students better and better。
In the past few years,The work of the admissions office just started to get busy。
From the original dozen people,Has become an organization of more than fifty people,In May, June, July and August,Will get busier。
Ok now。
1The months are approaching the Spring Festival,Everyone has nothing to do。
Duan Kang is also thinking,I worked hard for a year,Where to go after the holiday。