Ding Naixiang smiled,Said:“You’re welcome,Accept it,Although the money can’t be used much,Is our heart。”

“Just,family,Don’t make such a living。”Du Lei said,Took the money from Aunt Qiao,Stuffed into Ding Yi’s hand,Ding Yi dodges,Du Lei suddenly screamed:“day,What’s wrong with your wrist?”
She called,Everyone focused their attention on Dao Dingyi’s wrist。
Ding Yi hurriedly retracted his wrist into his cuff。
Du Lei grabbed her wrist,Push up her cuffs,Jiang Fan saw,There is a bruise on Ding Yi’s wrist,Red and purple,Against her white skin,Very distinct。
Lu Yuan saw it too,He subconsciously looked at Ding Yi’s other wrist,At the other wrist,And also vaguely red and purple。
Du Lei grabbed her other wrist again to see,Ding Yi broke her away,Said:“What are you doing,Yelling。”
Ding Naixiang saw it too,Said:“Small one,How did you touch it?”
Ding Yiji Zhongshengzhi,Said:“I do not know either,My skin is like this,Just a touch,There will be a red mark,Maybe my colleague pulled me to dinner yesterday,Too much effort,That’s all。”
Lu Yuan hurried to make a round,Said:“There are relationships,Not like me,Tan,It doesn’t make the bumps red。”
Du Lei smiled,Said:“You can’t be red,It’s just black and purple。”
Lu Yuan laughed。
Jiang Fan saw Ding Yi’s red and purple wrist,His heart just moved,He didn’t expect,When I hold her wrist,Actually used so much effort,Hold her wrist like this,It would definitely hurt,No wonder she bit herself so badly。Thought of here,He subconsciously touched his arm。
His action,Ding Yi saw it。
in fact,The moment Jiang Fan entered the house,Ding Yi found out that he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt,And the buttons on the cuffs are tightly buttoned,undoubtedly,To cover the traces she left when she bit him。She knew she did use force when she bit him,There was blood on his arm。Jiang Fan is also a fair-skinned person,Red stamp on his arm,Must be very conspicuous,Otherwise he won’t change into long-sleeved clothes。