It’s been almost an hour after taking a break,Yanzi greeted everyone to get on the bus,The journey home is still far away,So she doesn’t want to delay too much time on the road。

“I’ll drive this time!”
Yang Zhi immediately said courteously,Actually driving has the advantage of driving;He just needs to turn his head,You can see Shen Ruoxue sitting next to him,And the two are getting closer,It’s convenient if you don’t want to talk to you……
So everyone got into the car,After a while,The special forces once again embarked on a journey home。
Have to admit;Yang Zhi’s car drove fast and well,Hardly make people feel any bumps,In order not to let Shen Ruoxue suffer a bit of bumps,Yang Zhi used his driving skills to the extreme。
“Yang Zhige,I didn’t expect your car to drive so well。”
really,Liu Xiaoyun’s compliment appeared in time……
“Oh,Actually nothing,Practice makes perfect。”
Yang Zhiqian said a little,But I am very proud,It’s a rare opportunity to show off her good side in front of Shen Ruoxue,Of course he has to perform well。
“Kind of humble,Not bad,My Xiaoxue likes humble people。”
Liu Xiaoyun said casually,Shen Ruoxue hurriedly pinched her thigh with her hand,Motioned her not to talk nonsense。
“What are you pinching me for?I didn’t talk nonsense,You always like to be humble,Not self-righteous。”
Liu Xiaoyun protested loudly。
Shen Ruoxue is embarrassed,The little cheeks blushed instantly,A twisted look。
“What is Liu Xiaoyun doing??Is she deliberately promoting Xiaoxue and Yang Zhi??”
Yanzi guessed in his heart……
Actually Liu Xiaoyun really didn’t think so,She just got bored,Deliberately make something to pass the time。
“Yang Zhige,If Xiaoxue and I were in danger at the same time on the battlefield,Who do you save first?”
Liu Xiaoyun started making things difficult for Yang Zhi again。
“You will not be in danger on the battlefield,Dangerous place,Sister Yanzi and I will help you fix it first。”