[Maternal hypothyroidism should eat some food]_Pregnancy_What to eat

[Maternal hypothyroidism should eat some food]_Pregnancy_What to eat

Hypothyroidism, also known as hypothyroidism, is a common thyroid disease. If a pregnant woman has this disease, it will have a great impact on her own health and diet. At this time, you need to add iodine in time.Limit some high blood pressure and mild foods. If anemia occurs, it is necessary to correct the anemia in time. It is usually beneficial to eat some fish and soy products.


Supplement the right amount of iodine: generally used every 2?
The concentration of 10 mg of salt and 1 g of potassium iodide causes goiter, which significantly reduces the incidence, and is suitable for endemic goiter areas.

In addition, pay attention to the supplementation of iodized salt to fertile women to prevent cretinism due to maternal iodine deficiency. This is a dietary care method for hypothyroidism.


Make up the amount of protein: The egg gluten mass per person per day is at least more than 20 grams, and the amount should not be too much. This is a diet contraindication for patients with hypothyroidism, so as to maintain the protein balance of the human body.

Amino acids are the basic components of protein. About 3% of the protein is continuously updated daily, and hypothyroidism slows down the intestinal mucosal renewal rate.

The secretion glands of the digestive juice are damaged, and the enzyme activity is reduced. Generally, white eggs are self-decreased. Therefore, essential amino acids should be added to supply sufficient protein to improve the disease.


Restrict diets for adolescents and hypertension: Patients with hypothyroidism often have hyperlipidemia, which is more pronounced in primary hypothyroidism, so adults should be restricted from eating.

Daily dietary supplements make up about 20% of the total diet and limit your blood sugar diet.


Supplement anemia and vitamins: Those with anemia should supplement a Taiwanese iron-rich diet and vitamin B12, such as animal liver, and if necessary, folic acid and liver preparations.


Food to choose: Because the diet of patients with hypothyroidism is contraindicated, hypothyroidism caused by iodine deficiency should be replaced with appropriate amount of kelp, seaweed, iodized salt, iodine soy sauce, iodine eggs and bread with iodine.

When cooking, pay attention to the iodized salt should not be added to the boiling, so as not to reduce the iodine concentration and volatile iodine.

For protein supplementation, eggs, milk, various meats, and fish can be selected; plant proteins can be complementary, such as various soy products and soy beans.

Supplying animal liver can correct anemia, but also ensure that a variety of vegetables and fresh fruits are provided, all of which are hypothyroid diet care.