It is good to have good health

It is good to have good health

When the health consciousness of modern people awakens, the upsurge of health has begun in the society.

Everyone is asking for the method of health maintenance, and the theory and practice of health care are publicized everywhere in the society, but in the end, is there any reason for the truth that people have heard by word of mouth? We still need our own wisdomIdentify it.

The editor reminded the executors of the regimen of keeping in good health that they must be healthy and moderate.


hzh{display:none;}  世上没有一种食物和一种药物适合所有的人,也没有一种养生保健功法能适合所有的人。  The study of life phenomena involves not only medicine, but also many cultural aspects such as society, humanities, scientific research, and ethics.

Since ancient times, in addition to medical experts have the right to join health, other experts such as Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Yiology, Wuxue, Food Science, Folklore and other experts have the right to substitute.

So naturally, public justice and public justice are formed, and the wife says that the wife is reasonable.

  The Dafa of Health Preservation is divided, and Chinese medicine has experienced a baptism of fighting to defend its dignity.

Later, in professional or non-professional media, a large number of contents including ancient and modern medical history, masters, masterpieces, famous recipes, famous poems, and famous paintings were introduced to highlight the profoundness of TCM culture.

  But unfortunately, some non-traditional Chinese medical experts talk about the theory and application of health care, especially in nutrition, and they always change. Today you say yes, and tomorrow he will say badly or even harmfully.

Such things make people feel at a loss.

  Absolutely, based on the growing awareness and needs of the general public, various health care centers, bases, villas, clubs, clubs, apartments, etc. have been established.

These health care places invite health care experts from all walks of life, using ancient and modern Chinese and foreign health care methods to serve their health.

  In addition, many monks in tourist resorts, Lao Dao also diagnosed pulse dysfunctions for tourists, taught health-preserving methods and sold secret health tea, wine, pills, powder, cream, and other health supplements.

The radio and television media have expanded their health care programs while increasing their ratings. The book and magazine industry has pursued the replacement of circulation and has adopted health care content as the main direction of the draft. The topic selection is to find new, strange, special, and mysterious energy.Reader content.

  Whenever there is a demand, there will be a supply. Health care experts from all walks of life are springing up, and almost all have beautiful titles. What national experts, chief experts, senior experts, well-known experts, lifelong experts and so on.

  The characteristics of these health care experts are: they are more grassroots folklore experts than academics and scholars; they are more prosperous than old-aged experts; daring and open-minded experts are more timid and conservative experts; ignorant and fearlessMore experts than fearful experts; non-medical experts are more than medical experts; Western medicine experts are more than traditional Chinese medicine experts.

  Health books such as fried cold rice. Looking at the current health care theories that have emerged, the consensus has basically reached: to understand the nature of health, health care is more important than treatment, psychological balance, nutritional balance, proper exercise, smoking cessation, alcohol restriction, lifestyle rules, laborCombination with rest, regular physical examination, early treatment of illness and so on.

Therefore, the Chinese and Western health care experts over the years have even changed their faces and established their names, but they are just repeating each other, tossing back and forth, like frying cold rice, and like Xiang Linyi seeing people say “Amao peel beans”.

  Now readers look at these profane books, and listeners are boring and upset when listening to these submissions.

However, the authors are not afraid that the health care books and magazines have piled up and sold at 50% off. It should be sold out because there are many Chinese people, and one in 10,000 people pays, and the boss has money to make.

As long as there are health experts giving lectures on radio and television stations, there will be high listening rates, high ratings, advertising costs will go up, and there will be economic benefits.

  The right people are the ones who should not be the right people. For today, the oldest friends are the ones who have the most influence.

how so?

One is that retired elderly suffer from a lot of time, the other is fear of getting sick and dying, and the third is that the elderly are easily fooled by the media.

Some elderly people closed their doors every day in pursuit of “Quietness and Nothingness” and meditated and practiced internal exercises; some elderly people believed that “life lies in sports” and climbed the mountain or beat their bones in the park all day long; others also enjoyed the “something old”For “joy”, there is more than playing chess or rubbing mahjong around the clock; there are also a few elderly people who listen to health care tricks and practice strange skills, yelling, clapping their hands, slap their butts, and slap the whole body with a wooden board;, Learning the changed “five birds show”, even learning dog climbing, donkey rolling and the like; there are very few elderly people are superstitious health care recipes, daily ginseng, deer antler, ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps and various “whipping wine””Do not leave your mouth, use aphrodisiac to nourish your kidneys, and prolong your life; sometimes even drink your own urine, detoxify with toxins, prevent cancer and anti-cancer; and use topical hemorrhoid ointment for skin health and beauty.

  In the face of the widely held health regimen, who should we trust?

Want to use preliminary exercises?

  The author believes that there is no one food and one medicine suitable for all people in the world, and there is no one health care method that can be suitable for all people.

There is a problem that varies from time to time, from place to place, from season to season, and due to differences in people’s constitution and age.

Ancient doctors said: “It is advisable to do what is right, and those who are not to avoid it.”

Therefore, the principle of keeping in good health in TCM has always been recognized as a result of trials, and dialectical support.

  Determining your health behavior is often difficult to understand. As far as the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign health maintenance methods mentioned above are concerned, it is hard to say that the complete method uses a person’s body, even if it is a single item, it is difficult for people to be accurate.

  Nowadays, including the author, I am already an old man in his seventies and eighties. He has a colorful and colorful life, but is it necessary to ponder and practice these regimens every day?

The Dafa of health preserving “knows” but does not have to be deep; “believes” do not need to be obsessed; “exercises” must have degrees.

Basically according to its own conditions, the law is about nature, let it be.

In a word: Regardless of what other people say, but to believe in yourself, you can do it or not, and you can do more or less, so that you can live more freely, be smart, and live with dignity, don’t suffer.