The summer health of the elderly is suitable for Six Qing

The summer health of the elderly is suitable for “Six Qing”

Midsummer is extremely hot, and for many elderly people, it is the saddest of all seasons.
The elderly are safe for summer.
The key is to pay attention to self-psychological health.
Achieve “rest and restlessness” and “calmness and natural coolness”. At the same time, pay attention to daily life and diet.
Specifically, it is necessary to achieve the following “six clear”: First, the brain should be awake. In summer, people are prone to the phenomenon of depression and dizziness. The best way to prevent this phenomenon is to ensure adequate sleep.
As the saying goes, “Sleeping well on a hot day is better than taking elixir.”
Need to ensure 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day.
In addition, a short nap can eliminate fatigue and keep the brain awake.
Second, the diet should be light. In the summer, the summer season is heavy and wet, prone to hot and humid. Therefore, the hot summer diet should be light. The light diet can play a role in clearing heat, relieving heat, sweating, and rehydrating.
You can eat green bean porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge, preserved egg porridge and so on.
In summer, most people have a bad appetite, so they should eat less greasy and spicy food.
You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
Such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bitter gourds, winter gourds, loofahs, watermelons, etc., can not only ensure nutrition, but also prevent heat stroke.
You should also drink some refreshing beverages, such as plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, mung bean soup, etc., which will not only digest digestion, but also promote appetite.
However, the consumption of cold drinks should be moderate, not cold and cold, to prevent injury to the sun.
Can eat more vinegar, can not only Shengjin appetizers, but also inhibit the killing of germs and prevent intestinal diseases.
The third is physical depletion and clearing up. In the summer, large physical energy consumption, coupled with decreased appetite, easily weakened.
Properly increasing foods high in protein, such as chicken, duck, fish, seafood, soy products, etc., can not only improve the physique, but also improve the body’s disease resistance.
Fourth, the living room should be cool and cool. The summer home should be clean and quiet, and the layout should be elegant and cool.
If the curtains should be light green or lake blue, landscapes such as landscape or Ruixue can be posted on the walls, and a basin of hanging plants can be hung by the window.
Open and close doors and windows reasonably.
In the morning and evening, when the outdoor temperature is low, the doors and windows should be opened for ventilation. At noon, the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature. The doors and windows can be closed tightly, the curtains can be closed, the fans and air conditioners can be started.
It is advisable to keep the room temperature at 25 ~ 30 ℃. Do not make the room temperature too low or blow the electric fan for too long to prevent cold air from invading the human body and inducing disease.
When watching TV, the volume should be low, and the indoor lighting should not be too strong.
So as not to increase the feeling of irritability.
In a quiet and cool environment, slowly tasting it will make you feel at ease and reduce the feeling of heat.
Fifth, the body should be refreshed. In summer, the human body sweats a lot. Taking a bath before going to bed can not only wash away the fatigue of the whole body, but more importantly, keep the skin smooth and fresh.
It can make sweat glands unobstructed, and it is good for preventing heatstroke and sickness.
In addition, the clothing strives to be loose and comfortable.
Sixth, recreation should be quiet and quiet. Cultivate your hobbies extensively. Recreation can make people refreshed.
Early in the morning, the dawn dawned.
Cool breeze, fresh air, walking in the park, playing Tai Chi, doing exercises, etc., can make you feel refreshed; in the evening, take a walk on the shore of the riverside lake. The breeze of the breeze will also make you calm like water, bored and hotSuddenly.
In addition, ask friends to play chess in the shade of a tree, or chat with friends and enjoy themselves.
Those who like calligraphy and painting can paint with splashes of ink.
enjoying the moment.
Elegant and fun-filled entertainment.
Can eliminate loneliness and troubles.
It is natural to have a cool state of mind.