Fitness is everywhere, even in the office

Fitness is everywhere, even in the office

Faced with computer work, of course, we cannot do without a mouse, but we often hold a mouse and easily get a “mouse hand”.

What should we do?

I compiled some simple exercises for everyone, which will help eliminate muscle tension and fatigue, and slim down.

It’s very simple, let’s do it together.

  First, pat the shoulder: the combination of waist rotation and shoulder pat, right palm pat the left shoulder and waist to the left, and the other hand pat the waist and back, and vice versa.

Because there is a shoulder well acupoint on the shoulder, patting this acupoint can evacuate the breath, and activate the vitality and blood circulation.

  Second, nod: one point, feet apart, shoulder width, hands on hips, forward flexion (chin close to the body), back extension (head up and back), side flexion (ears close to the shin) and rotation movements, action requirementsSlowly, in place, at some positions, you need to stretch it a little harder, there is a soreness, the effect will be better.

Do each quarter for about a minute.

  3. Kick and kick: Step in place, swing your upper limbs, straighten your lower limbs, tighten your toes, try to align with your lower limbs, and try to kick higher, just like walking forward during exercise.The thumb is in front, the other four fingers are in the back, the crotch is to the right and left, and then it can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. The rotation should be slow and strong.

  Fifth, comb the head and pull the ear to pat the waist and leg (sorting movement): use your fingers as a comb, comb your hair with the back of your nails, comb 30-50 times forward and backward, then pull the ear, pull the tip of the ear 5 times, and then pull the earlobe 5 times.The outer ear wheel is 20-30 times.

Then use the palms of both hands to pat from the waist to the heel, stretch from the calf to the sides of the navel, and pat 2-3 times to complete.

  6. Skipping: Jumping with bare hands, hands and feet should cooperate and coordinate.

This action can activate qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, improve fatigue, and persist for about a minute.