And from time to time, there is a complicated gaze to hope。

Pity,Curious,Prosperous trouble,Ridicule……Nothing。
The frequencies here are recognized by Jared.。
I know how he is a person.,And what kind of background。
“Brother……”So many eyes gaze,The moon feeling is uncomfortable,Increasingly。
“Ok,It seems that today is not met.。”
Summer,“Drink this glass of wine……Heap!”
Not finished,He laughed,“Come。”
Looking at the moon。
I saw the direction in the second floor.,Used down the next group of people。
As they appear,The music sound of the bar hall,Slow down。
Hustlester,Also gradually quiet。
As if leading,A gaze,A group of people walking down on the second floor。
People are watching a bald young man who is holding the moon by the stars.。
When they walk from the second floor。
The whole bar is completely quiet.。
In the eyes of everyone,A group of people came to the bar。
“Jared,You didn’t lie to me。”
Haville’s eyes hook at the moon,Gaze,At all, it does not cover the evils in it.。
This is in the eyes of everyone,Heart is not sigh:“This beautiful oriental woman,It is ruined。”
The frequencies here are clear,What kind of identity in Havel。
As long as he looks at the woman,There is absolutely no hand that can escape his.。
Havel is no longer in Spanish,Instead, he said hello.,“Beautiful lady,Don’t be nervous,Don’t be afraid。”
His color is fascinated by the moon,Exposing a self-think of charming smile,“I am not malicious,I just want to make a friend with you.。
Subsequently, look at the summer,The proud and contempt of the eyes are not hidden,“Boy,If you know,Immediately disappear from me……”Narrate。
Summer laughs。
Under lighting,His laugh is a little meaningful,“You are Haville?”
Haville frowned,Summer eyes make him very uncomfortable。
I immediately smiled,“Since you know me,Then I will go to the side.……”Not finished,Suddenly slammed。
Everyone still doesn’t know what is going on.,I saw that Haville was in the body.。
In exclaiming and angered,身 身,Suddenly fell into a gourd。