Fan Dan, Vice President of Huajing Opera Theater,I have already actively invited Shen Huan to visit their theater。

《Gift in Room 7》After the Spring Festival,The third wave of tour starts again。
Before, two groups of people went out one after another,This third tour,Is directly divided into three parts。
ABTwo teams,Has been tested for last year’s tour。
From last year10Start of the month,Starred in Huajing around the Spring Festival40FieldCteam,Is also widely praised。
Although it’s the same drama,And it was made by the same screenwriter,But the actors are different,The taste is different。
So I haven’t seen itCThe audience,During the Spring Festival。
Especially some literary young women,Watched5There is,Watched10There are also,The most exaggerated record is to watch20field。
This is true love!
Thanks to the fans too,so40The performances are full again。
If it’s not for the face,,The big guys in Beihua almost decided to sell station tickets。
Topic back。
ABCTrio,They are each responsible for 20 or 30 cities in a region,This time it sank directly into the third-tier important prefecture-level city.。