Take the bus provided by Zheyue Satellite TV on the way back to the hotel,Shen Huan began to ponder。

Zhou Pu is shooting《Water Margin》News,He has seen the news before。
This Mavericks film and television invested7000Epic TV series,Have taken about1Time of year。
This version《Water Margin》,Not comparable to90Chronology.Mom version is three years old and powerful,But this is in private film and television companies,Still one of the best。
Listen to Zhou Pu,right now《Water Margin》It’s late in production,Important things like the theme song,Naturally it’s time to step up。
Happens to be,《Hero song》Was originally another world center.Mom classic version of the theme song,And it’s the most classic of all versions。
So when Zhou Pu said that,Shen Huan felt that he should《Hero song》give him。
There is no hero song in the Water Margin,Can that be called a classic?
Must be standard!
But Tang Yuan and Meng Wusheng didn’t talk about it very well.。
Shen Huan and neither of them are familiar,But for Shen Huan’s interests,Give them two,I must be more grateful。
These two are individuals,There is a crew,Is a company,Which is easier to be thankful,Completely clear at a glance。
Especially Meng Wusheng,I have never dealt with Shen Huan before,But from his own words and conversations,From Tang Yuan’s attitude towards him,This person is definitely not a villain。