But Jerry West,Cannot tolerate the existence of such a player。Not only the locker room cancer,This player also clashes with the style of the team’s second boss。

There is no way,Decisively just change away,The media think the Lakers trade Ceballos for Horry is a bad deal.,But West and Kobe think they have made a profit。
Use a locker room to poison the tumor,In exchange for a historical role player,If such a deal is a loss,So West is willing to suffer every day。
Horry proved his excellence with his performance on the field,As the sixth man of the Lakers,Organize offense and defense,Take off the Lakers bench,Became the league’s top bench lineup。Especially at a certain moment, it can form a desperate offensive lineup with a shark.,The efficiency of this offensive lineup has historically been the best offensive system.。
It hit the deadly key ball at the decisive moment with the Bulls.,The Lakers could lose without that key ball!
And Horry’s excellent relationship with Kobe,It also made him very happy with the players in the locker room。Although the players don’t say,But I know,This is the person Kobe asked for!
Kobe,He used his performance to gain the respect of everyone on the team。
Even if you don’t like kobe,But Kobe’s court performance is undoubtedly great,The Lakers’ victory is inseparable from Kobe。
So this Los Angeles Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns,There are so many things to watch。
Kobe arrives in Phoenix,Hurry up and join the team,They set off together to the American West Arena,Judging from the practicality of the interior decoration and facilities,This counts as the upper middle class arena in the league,The large area of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the TV screen wall are the impressive features of this arena。
Especially on the festive day of Christmas,Small objects full of Christmas elements filled the stadium,The team staff also dressed as Santa Claus,Characters in traditional styles such as elves to highlight the Christmas atmosphere。
Before opening,Kobe was stunned,Phoenix actually invited popular singer Brandy Norwood,Yes,It’s the Brandi who was refused by Kobe to join the prom.。
Speaking of this,It’s really Kobe’s not。
Set time back1996year5month,Kobe took out a youth magazine,Pointing to the photo of Brandi above:“I want to take this girl to the prom。”then,Kobe’s classmate reaction:“are you crazy!”
Then Kobe did everything possible to contact Brandi,Brandi was in1995Starred inABCTV station melodramaTheaOne of the girls became famous afterwards,Subsequently,After releasing his first album,She entered in one fell swoopR&BNo. 6 on the record chart,Her song《Baby》Successfully selected1996Grammy,Became the dazzling new star of the music scene in America at this time,Media darling。
Kobe’s invitation,Brandi agreed!
Then set the clock to1996year6month,Kobe is reborn,Then everyone knows the next thing。
See Brandi again,Kobe is unavoidably embarrassed,I really did a lot of silly things when I was young。