Several exclamations sounded one after another。

The little girls are not amazed by the exquisite curves of Yanzi,What they marveled at;The scars all over Yanzi’s body!
“Show me clearly!Look at these scars on your senior sister。”
Qin Liang knows no matter how much,It’s better to let a few girls see it,That’s why he let Swallow take off his clothes,Show them the scary scars,Simultaneously,Those scars also represent honor and merit。
“These scars are all left by your senior sister after heroically killing the enemy on the battlefield,But after suffering so many injuries,She can still stand proudly in front of you,Do you know why this is?”
None of the four little guys answered Qin Liang’s question,They can’t answer。
“I know you can’t answer,Now i tell you;That’s your sister,Every minute on this training ground,The result of practicing all kinds of skills seriously。”
“She can survive such a severe injury every time,It depends on every hard training on the training ground,If you don’t want to die on the battlefield,Just cherish every training now。”
Qin Liang finished these words,Looked at these girls coldly。
The four girls said nothing,Even Liu Xiaoyun who is used to talking,At this moment, I looked at Yanzi’s body in awe。
“All right,Put on clothes,Dragon Soul Warrior Hua Yinyan。”
Qin Liang finished his lessons,Then I secretly looked at Yanzi’s almost naked body……This allowed the swallows to put on the military uniform again。
“I’m silly……This girl is thin and small,Can’t tell,The chest is so big……Really hell。”
Qin Liang secretly sighed,When he and Yanzi separated,The swallow is still young,The body is not fully developed yet,Although I met swallows before,,Also helped her heal,But at the time, all attention was on her injury,Have not noticed anything else,So today is the real“experience”To swallow“woman”Side of。
“All right,Today is your first time in class,I have said so much,Forget today,You can move freely,but,Did not get my approval,No going out,See the watch on your wrist, right??That is specially made,If i find you,The watch will beep,Then you must come back here immediately。Get it?”
Qin Liang actually wanted to be alone with Yanzi for a while,He has a lot to say to her,So I am not in the mood to teach my apprentice。
“What are we doing now?”