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Feng Shaofeng, Wang Xueqi, and Shen Junyi all played him? | Ye Wen
Pictured here is Zhu Di from “Da Ming Feng Hua”.The answer is: C “Daming Palace Ci” tells the story of the Tang Dynasty.In the eighteenth year of the Yongle of Ming Dynasty (1420), in November, the palace of Beijing was completed, and the emperor Zhu Di announced the world, and received the congratulations in the Fengtian Temple on the first day of the first month of the 19th year of Yongle (February 2, 1421.Become a capital teacher.In 2020, Emperor Yongle will relocate to Beijing for 600 years.”The Big Tomorrow” is directed by Huang Zuquan, led by Shen Junyi, Yu Feihong and others.The script tells about the conspiracy of the three generations of emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, Emperor Jianwen and Emperor Yongle (decorated by Shen Junyi) of the Ming Dynasty, revealing the life and death enemies of two big tomorrow sons and the same woman.”Da Ming Feng Hua” aired in 2019, directed by Zhang Ting, starring Tang Wei, Zhu Yawen, Deng Jiajia and so on.The play is adapted from Lian Jingzhuyi’s novel “The Chronicle of the Six Dynasties”, which is called the story of Sun Ruowei and his sister Hu Shanxiang who were killed by their parents and entered the palace in the early Ming Dynasty.Among them, the protagonist Sun Ruowei (Tang Wei) experienced five dynasties and six dynasties, and Zhu Di played Wang Xueqi.Feng Shaofeng’s version of “Mountain Moonlight” Feng Di Zhu Zhu restores Ming history and plays father and son with Chen Baoguo