Soft and thin waist

Soft and thin waist

How to maintain body balance during the movement?

  Pilates all the exercises, the concept of the Dublin Center.

Whether it’s right, sitting or lying, the center of your body is the key to your balance.

The central part of the body includes the waist, abdomen, waist, and chest.

Use your center correctly in your practice and use its power.

For example, in order to stabilize the upper body when doing “side kick”, you can imagine a bowl of water on the statue and pelvis. All you have to do is ensure that the water will not spill.

  Soft waist practice group 1: Spin-wing saw action points: combined with the “curve forward” and twisting action.

  Action effect: special contraction and soft waist and oblique muscles.

Stretch the muscles and ligaments behind the legs, remove turbidity from the body, enhance blood circulation, and soften and control.

  Action: Sitting on the mat 90 degrees straight, keeping the upper body contracted and stable.

The waist consciously tightens the lift.

Horizontal on both sides, shoulders.

Double toe pointed ceiling.

  Inhale, keep the upper body tilted upwards, and start lateral twisting from the waist (be careful not to twist from the arms, buttocks, buttocks), and keep the cushions firmly below the waist.

  Exhale, stretch your arms from the top of your leg to the toes.

Pay attention to lifting and contracting the ribs and abdomen.

The rearward radial arm should remain unfolded.

  Tips ● Turn the outer diameter to the left and right once for 3?
5 times.

  ● When tightening your body, tighten your waist and do not lift it off the mat.

Keep your footwork.

  ● Keep at least always open throughout the exercise.

  ● Strength and sensation are concentrated in the center of the body, and the ribs and abdomen are taken in the direction of the spine to increase the center of gravity of the body.

  Action: Start on the side of the body, contract the legs, hold the head with one hand, and balance the balance of the body with the other hand on the ground in front of the body.

  Soft waist exercise group 2: side kick kick action points: After stepping on the legs, perform another side leg exercise.

  Action effect: Convergence of the waist, hips, buttocks and outside of the thighs.

At the same time challenge the balance of the body.

  Action: Lift the single leg straight and make the legs form an open scissors shape.

  ● If you feel that it is more difficult to maintain your balance, one leg on the ground can be squeezed slightly forward.

  ●Be slow when tilting your legs, and the body will feel under pressure.

  ● Keep the upper body contracted and stable.

The lower side of the waist should be consciously tightened.

  ● Bend the kick leg upwards when inhaling, and forcefully lower the leg when exhaling.

Up and down once, for 6?
8 times.

  ● Increase the leg extension according to the flexibility, and re-open the scissors.