Facial Pilates saves slack skin


Facial Pilates saves slack skin

More and more people agree that the lifting and sculpting effect of Pilates movement can be used for the relaxed skin on the face and complications. I am afraid that even the most senior Pilates masters can not help.

When the skin is no longer firm, the decree lines become more prominent, and the corners of the eyes and mouth will also show drooping fatigue . Reshape the firm and youthful state A Pilates-like method, which can be a special skin care product,It can help reshape the youthful appearance of the face.

  Schematic illustration of lymphatic manipulation: Pilates on the eyebrow are mainly used to exercise core parts of the body, cooperate with breathing techniques and slow coordinated movements to make the body muscles firm.

And to do Pilates for the skin, you should target the most critical-skin collagen.

Collagen is a kind of protein, which is most closely related to skin strength and elasticity.

When the collagen level is in the ideal state, the skin is plump and plump, and if the collagen is insufficient, the skin will lose its elasticity.

Therefore, only by enhancing the skin’s ability to synthesize natural collagen, can it help maintain skin elasticity and make the obvious skin contours firm again.

  Schematic diagram of the lymphatic method: radio wave peeling of temples, botulinum acupuncture, radiofrequency skin tightening-nowadays, various high-tech beauty equipment developed by successive servants have stimulated the energy that directly stimulates the growth of collagen in the basal layer of the skin.See the beauty effect immediately.

  Schematic diagram of lymphatic manipulation: So the chin bone, is the traditional day cream, night cream, essence and manual care outdated?

Beautician tells you: NO!

Beauty skin scientists have worked day and night to develop a variety of skin beauty products with similar medical beauty effects, combined with the special care methods of the beautician, and the persistent use of skin care products and methods at home, as time stops.

  Beautiful tricks to get rid of lymphatic absorption from absorption. Many people pay attention to skin care ingredients when skin care, but often ignore the issue of whether their active ingredients can be absorbed.

In fact, if the active ingredients are not fully absorbed by the skin, or if the degree of absorption is low, it will be more effective and less effective.

  Nearly 70% of the human body belongs to water, including in or between cells, in blood or lymphatic vessels.

Lymph fluid circulates through the body, removing waste from cells and blood.

If the lymph fluid is not flowing well and the waste toxins cannot be excreted, it will cause the phenomenon of poor absorption, which is manifested as swelling of the body, looseness of the lower eyelids, dry skin and wrinkles, stains, acne and other problems.

Therefore, to solve the problem of absorption of product ingredients, we must first pump through the facial lymphatic system.

  TIPS: The beautician starts from the forehead and pumps along the skin texture to the large lymph in the armpit.

Behind the ear lobe is the Fengfeng acupoint, which is a lymph node. Multiple obstruction can excrete the aging perforation.

  Beautiful tricks: Non-cosmetic high-tech anti-aging and orthopedics are complemented by unique shaping techniques, which are energy-efficient products that can overcome the beauty of Microwave and Botox needles.

This skin care product is rich in seaweed essence, precious caviar essence and olive leaf essence.

Three-dimensional action on the skin, accelerates skin metabolism, slows down the rate of oxidation; enhances the skin’s effect of fighting back wrinkles; increases skin elasticity and provides sufficient moisture and nutrition.

  Beautiful tricks Three 80 days of continuous care remodeling fibers Just like the body “Pilates”, the “Pilates” of the facial skin must be persistent.

Professional beauty salon care once every 5 days, plus home care twice a day in the morning and evening. After 80 days, you will see the effect.

  TIPS: The whole treatment 10 times is a course of treatment, with RF radio frequency energy treatment, the effect is more obvious.

  TIPS: The main point of this set of techniques is to avoid friction between the skin of the hand of the beautician and the skin of the face of the beauty seeker, and use dark power to heat the inside of the muscle, especially after the ear (front contour) is down.Face contours will be loose.