Teacher parents should be kind to children’s mistakes

Teacher parents should be kind to children’s mistakes

Nowadays, many parents and teachers complain about how some children are stubborn and have strong rebellious attitudes.

Some teachers also advise parents not to be polite to their children, to be rude when appropriate, and to say nothing is impossible, and the lack of patience of parents in educating their children will inevitably encourage parents to beat children.

The author once encountered such a thing: One morning, I saw Xiao Rong from the class unhappy and returned to the classroom, then lay on the table in a daze.

Seeing this fact, I walked over and inevitably asked him: “Sir Xiaorong, what are you unhappy about, can you tell the teacher?

“Who knows that his nose is sore, tears flow out, and he choked and said to me,” I did something wrong yesterday, and I was beaten by my father . “So I opened his pants and found this.There were several long red marks on the calf of the child, and the students felt sad when they saw it.

  Maybe this example is special.

But such things often happen in many families.

In fact, the way parents blame their children will affect their lives.

Improper scolding can inadvertently hurt children.

If you often see that your child’s performance is not good, parents will yell: “You are so stupid!

Pig head!

“Parents who do not control their emotions will face each other, corporal punishment, etc.

This is harmful to the child. Parents should learn to control themselves and not vent all their anger on the child.

  Every child will inevitably make such mistakes.

Children make mistakes. Parents should treat them calmly, treat the children’s mistakes, talk to the children, listen to the children’s reports, analyze the reasons together, and distinguish whether the mistake was intentional or unintentional.

This will not only help children understand their mistakes, but also help them build confidence and courage to correct mistakes. It will also enhance the relationship between parents and children, build trust, friendship and close relationships, so that children ‘s psychologyHealthy care and development.

On the contrary, if you don’t make a specific analysis, you just use the psychology of hating iron and steel, and simply scolding and rude. Although you have angered yourself, this happy way of deflation will have serious consequences.The person develops conflicting thoughts or hatred.

  People can not escape from doing wrong?

It is inevitable that children make mistakes.

You know, children grow up in the process of correcting mistakes. Parents, please take good control of your behavior.